Puka 👻:knife_nb:
10 hours ago

Hice este gif haciéndole cosplay a Trece que no puedo subir a Pixelfed :B

cw for eye contact, I guess?

#Makeup #ArtisticMakeup

Animated gif of me staring at the camera with void black eyes, long purple hair with frizz, bang and two buns on top, and a gray face with black freckles. I'm Trece, my OC. The gif has some filters to look like it's found footage or something weird in low resolution.
15 hours ago

ColourPop & Sailor Moon Just Dropped an Out-of-This-World Collaboration: Where to Shop

Check it out! 👇

#Makeup #Beauty #ProductRecommendations #Culture

Blue 💙 #makeup

Selfie ✨

I wear :
• a blue vest ;
• blue eyeshadows with black eyeliner and some yellow details ;
• golden jewelry (piercings + ear tunnels).
Lola sofia xx
1 day ago
2 days ago
2 days ago
In this picture i am looking into the camera i have my thumb on my lip my makeup is done and my hair is curled
In this picture i am looking into the camera my necklace is visible you can see my white acrylic nails my hand is placed right below my shoulder
In this picture i am still looking into the camera my pointer finger on my lip you can see the rings on my hand and the bracelet on my wrist
In this picture i am still looking into the camera but my head is tilted i have my pointer finger on my lip and im smiling my white acrylic nails are visible again and so is my jewelry
Brian Tatosky
2 days ago

It's hard for me to suspend my disbelief for young people in old people makeup.

I feel like I see it a mile away and can't unsee it. Even if it's really good. I gotta get over it.

#movies #streaming #makeup

3 days ago

ColourPop & Sailor Moon Are Dropping Another Out-of-This-World Collaboration: Where to Shop

Check it out! 👇

#Makeup #Beauty #ProductRecommendations #Culture

Ryan Makes, Dreamscaper
3 days ago

Anyone in Toronto have access to one of these eyebrow printers?

I'd like to have it serve as a Monday tech demo.
Ideas on leads?

#toronto #eyebrows #cosmetology ? #makeup #cosmetics ? #digitalcosmetics ?


This article feels like my entire childhood, puberty and teenage years. I wear make up now because I kind of enjoy painting on my face and my eyebrows are so blond I'm a bit of a ghost, but I still always feel like I'm in drag.
I really wish I could sit down with my small self and discuss why it felt like I should just smash the mirror all the time.

#dysphoria #nonBinary #makeUp #eggyGoodness

4 days ago

The Urban Decay Naked Metal Mania Eyeshadow Palette is a new, limited edition 12-pan palette featuring a combination of shimmers and mattes in predominantly neutral tones with a burst of purple and silver
#beauty #makeup #eyeshadow

Anyone got links to any good, relatively simple (& hopefully cheap) tutorials on feminising #Makeup for guys? I've been wanting to step up my #Cosplay game a bit, but don't really know where to start.

Mostly I just slap on some foundation, bronzer and mascara and leave it at that.

Veera Laukkarinen
6 days ago

Hämmentävää. Minusta on aika erikoista et meikittömyyttä pyydetään anteeksi.

Mun on vaikea samaistua tohon ja aihe on itsestään täysin vieras itselleni. Mulla ei ole kokemusta meikkaamisesta eli en ole koskaan meikannut ja enkä koe, että se ois mun juttu ja eikä tarvitsekaan olla.

#makeup #meikkaus

1 week ago

ColourPop‘s Welcome Foolish Mortals 15-Pan Shadow Palette is a new, limited edition 15-pan palette with a variety of more muted, grey, and even cooler-toned tones.
#beauty #makeup

Niall O'Riordan FX
1 week ago

Follow Niall O’Riordan on Medium, a professional #SFX #Makeup artist
#Blog #NiallORiordanFX

1 week ago

1930s=bored out of her mind
1940s=was that thunder? Or is it an invasion?
1950s=God, I need a martini. And where did that mole come from?
#vintagestyle #makeup

Today was a purple day 💜 #makeup

Selfie tiiime 📸

I wear :
• a purple t-shirt ;
• purple eyeshadows with black eyeliner ;
• golden jewelry (piercings + ear tunnels).
2 weeks ago

Eyebrows have been a canvas for fashion innovation throughout the ages. From the slender arches of the 1950s to the lush, softly-arched brows of the 1970s and the brushed-up brows of the 2020s, our eyebrows have embarked on an enchanting journey of beauty narratives, self-expression, and style statements.
#beauty #beautytrend #eyebrows #makeup

2 weeks ago

Peaches the dog explains why she chooses to wear makeup! It would be a good indicator of whose cock she's already sucked if those men didn't keep wiping the makeup off and getting back in line. I don't think she'll figure it out either, but hey, girls like Peaches weren't bred for their smarts. She's cute, she's got that going for her! 🐶💄

#female #male #disembodiedpenis #penis #horse #canine #pig #dog #equine #suina #lipstick #makeup #lispstickmark #kissmark #pussy #multinipples #breasts #collar #misogyny #sexism

Antonella T.
2 weeks ago


The purpose of (female) #makeup is not to apply makeup, but to subtly emphasize the combination of natural features and #personality.

This Asian soft contouring technique reminded me a lot of Marilyn Monroe's eye makeup to elongate and widen her fresh, dramatic yet childish look: (I appreciate how the video is so didascalic since the vlogger treats it not as a technique but as a philosophy.)

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

Currently fighting my #bodyImage issues as I try to film my daily Tiktok/Instagram/YouTube shorts despite having a fking #acne breakout, yet feeling the fierce need to reject #sexist #misogynist #patriarchy #doubleStandards that dictate a woman should have a full face of #makeup (but look "natural") to be allowed to show her face online and in public 🙃

#feminism #genderEquality #equalRights #bodyPositivity

Queer Lit Cats
2 weeks ago

Pink News: Revolution Beauty release Emily in Paris collection: how to buy, prices and more #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #EmilyinParis #shopping #beauty #makeup #News

2 weeks ago

D'ailleurs, je serais preneuse de conseils pour des marques de maquillages vegan/bio/pas agressives.

Ou des astuces qui m'éviteraient de devoir me ruiner en produits que je risque de jeter après 2 utilisations tellement ils conviendront pas.

#makeup #maquillage #vieillepeau

2 weeks ago

Chanel Parure Imperiale (308) Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow is a new limited edition quad that has four glittery tones (varying in strength from satin to sparkle) in orange-gold, deep coral, red, and dazzling beige.
#beauty #makeup #chanel #eyeshadow

2 weeks ago

Quick! Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Ends This Weekend: Snag 50% Off Tula, Smashbox & More

Check it out! 👇

#Skincare #Makeup #Beauty #ProductRecommendations #Culture

Jo Mendacium
2 weeks ago

Oh my, she’s stinking cute :blobcataww:
#barbie #makeup

Unboxed NYX Barbie mini palette
Same palette but opened, revealing pink, gold and brown glittery eyeshadows
Hanan - GoblinHellion
2 weeks ago

I don't know how to be femme and comfortable, so I'm practicing doing my hair and makeup!! Living that Arcane Librarian aesthetic :>

Why did I take my glasses off so weirdly? I don't know either!!

#hair #makeup #red #RedHair #orange #OrangeHair

A video of me essentially preening, removing my glasses to show my eye make up (and the rest of my make up).  Followed by me floofing my attempt at styling my hair.
2 weeks ago

Cardi B, Nicki Minaj & More Celebs Dazzle in Pat McGrath Makeup for the VMAs: Shop Here

Check it out! 👇

#Makeup #Beauty #ProductRecommendations #Culture

2 weeks ago

Ariana Grande Says She Used to Get a ‘Ton’ of Filler & Botox Because She ‘Felt Like Hiding’

Check it out! 👇

#Pop #Makeup #Beauty #MusicNews #Music

Vancouver-Girl (She/Her)
2 weeks ago

Not my best selfie, but that’s cause I was power walking backwards in heels while taking it to make sure I got to the show on time. 😅😂 1/2

#Goblins #GoblinMacbeth #GoblinMode #GoblinEmpire #BardOnTheBeach #Shakespeare #GoblinMacbethCosplay #ShakespeareCosplay #MacbethCosplay #Macbeth #Makeup #MakeupProsthetics #GoblinTheatricalUniverse

Jil wears dark green and silver goblin scales on her face along with a badass looking dark red lipstick. Her head is centred in front of the Bard On The Beach gate.
Bloggo e sto
2 weeks ago

Esplora le ultime #tendenze #makeup del #2023 e lasciati ispirare dai #look incredibili e innovativi che stanno dominando la scena #beauty.
Chi è pronta a osare nel #maquillage in maniera creativa ed elegante? È il momento di spaziare fra i #colori.

Queer Lit Cats
2 weeks ago

Pink News: Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skin is releasing more of the sold-out Strawberry Glaze Lip Treat #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Recommended #Shopping #shopping #beauty #makeup #tiktok

Anna Anthro
3 weeks ago

« The pastel makeup and modest clothing that are the hallmark of “good for marriage” style are based on Brilliant Girls, a 2021 #cdrama that centres around a woman who wants to get married as quickly as possible.

Promotional social media posts by one of its stars, Yi Song, which offered “good for marriage” styling suggestions drew some controversy. » #china #makeup

3 weeks ago

Bueno, hoy va mi tercer intento de maquillaje masc para mi cosp de Rin

#cosplay #rinokumura #blueexorcist #crossplay #makeup #cosplayer

3 weeks ago

Autumn sunset vibes #makeup #mua

A white trans woman with short brown hair. She has bold purple, orange, and shimmer yellow eyeshadow and pink lipstick.
Johan :tux:
3 weeks ago

#live streaming attempt 3 at #makeup (to prepare for an upcoming renn faire) at

Vancouver-Girl (She/Her)
3 weeks ago

Update: Already finished sculpting my scales, I’m really excited to see how this turns out! So much work ahead though. 😅

#GoblinMacbeth #Macbeth #GoblinEmpire #Goblin #Goblins #BardOnTheBeach #Shakespeare #Theatre #SFXMakeup #Makeup

3 weeks ago

Late summer vibes with a Morphe palette #makeup #TransJoy

A white trans woman with bold black, purple, and orange eyeshadow. She has a slight eyeliner wing, rosy red blush and a nude pink lipstick.
FunHouse Radio
4 weeks ago ←TUNE IN
Featuring: Planet Kronos, Females on Film, Wild Sons of Moog, Save a Prayer for Kahless, The Union of The Houses, I Don't Want Your QamuSha'!, and more!
#startrek #worf #makeup #tv #classic #scifi #duranduran

4 weeks ago

A very berry Sunday. #makeup #TransJoy

A white trans woman with short brown hair and a bold berry purple makeup look with purple lipstick and eyeshadow.
A white trans woman with short brown hair and a bold berry purple makeup look with purple lipstick and eyeshadow. She is wearing glasses.
A white trans woman with short brown hair and a bold berry purple makeup look with purple lipstick and eyeshadow. She is wearing glasses and the camera is pulled back to see the top of a black dress
1 month ago

Makeup tip: use your lipstick as your blush as well. #mua #makeup

A white trans woman with glasses and short brown hair looks at the camera at an angle. She has a bold purple lipstick and purple blush on her cheeks, which puff out with her smile.
Johan :tux:
1 month ago

pics from #makeup attempt 2 on #live stream

Selfie of me with makeup: eyeliner with wings on the outside and inside, purple lipstick
Selfie showing more of the outfit, flowery top+jacket and triangle pattern handbag
Mirror selfie showing the whole outfit, flower skirt, top, jacket, black nails with indigo, and handbag
Johan :tux:
1 month ago

pics from the #live stream of trying #makeup for the first time

Closeup at an angle of me with makeup
Mirror selfie showing the makeup and the fit
Mirror selfie: "before" picture of me with a beard, wearing a black shirt and jeans
Up angle selfie showing the fit: tank top with buttons that look like gears, skirt, and boots. Supplies scattered haphazardly in the background

The all-conquering #realityTV format; competitors do tasks each week, one wins (happy face), one leaves the show (sad face);

from the new wedding planning show, to the established #pottery throw-down, from the now (I think cancelled) dog grooming to the frankly weird #makeup series; from the long established Aprentice, to any number of #baking & #cooking shows.... and the great woodworking one.

my only Q. is: is there *any* professional (or amateur) activity the format cannot be applied to?

2 months ago

I'm new here, so here's a little info about me & this account, in case you’re wondering whether to follow or not.

I like creating & posting my #DigitalArt, (usually in the form of desktop & mobile wallpapers) & graphics. I also like to #crochet.

I post about #MentalIllness because I struggle with #OCD & #depression.

I’m #disabled & #ChronicallyIll (#PanHypoPituitarism, #AdrenalInsufficiency, #hypothyroidism, #GERD, #HipDysplasia, #arthritis, #osteoporosis, pituitary #dwarfism, #HoH), a #trekkie, #geek, #introvert, & a girly girl who loves playing with #makeup.

Feel free to follow & interact, but don’t be a jerk please. Thanks. 😊

#introduction #ActuallyOCD

Rita Portela (parody)
2 months ago

Let's love ourselves the way we are - makeup or no makeup.

Let's be who we are, & express ourselves the way we want, with love & pride & joy.

ALSO: To those men who say I'm so beautiful I don't need makeup then say I look sick/weird when I appear w/out it, they can go to hell.

#Makeup #NoMakeup #SelfLove #Affirmations

Four squares with photos of a blond/auburn-haired woman, with various types of makeup or no makeup in one square. The makeup ranges from heavy and clown-like, to light, to none. She is smiling and appears Caucasian in some, and Asian in some photos.

Wording reads:
Makeup vs. No Makeup
What men think "heavy makeup" is.

What "heavy makeup" actually is.

What men think "no makeup" is.

What "no makeup" actually is.
TQ ✨
3 months ago

Makeup: done!
(Selfie, no eye contact)

White person looking to the left. They wear a bronze makeup look and vivid blue on the lower lashline. Lipstick is a sheer rosewood color. Studs are a round disc in rainbow colors!
3 months ago

I guess my first post should be an #introduction post.

I work at a small cyber security company as a graphic /ux / video designer amongst other things involving malware analysis. Don't ask I only know what I need to know to get my job done. I'm also a licensed esthetician.

Pansexual with the golden retriever gamer bf, it's a meme because it's true.

I'll likely post sketches over finished artwork because mine are cringe.

other interests
- #cosmere #brandonsanderson

- #esthetics #skincare #makeup

- #gaming #pcgaming

- #graphicdesign #motiondesign

Spanish is my first language, but I learned it at home from immigrants who didn't graduate high school. And I then learned English in kindergarten and all my peers were other children whose English was their second language. And now, I stutter when speaking both and heavily rely on autocorrect.

i suppose i'll do a small #introduction post!

you can call me Astral or Casey! i'm 30 years old, #AuDHD, #pansexual, and i've recently come out as #transgender

i enjoy making #music, #art, #3dprinting, #cooking, #linux, #coding, #selfhosting, #gaming, #computers, #retrocomputing, collecting #vinyl #cassettes & #VHS, #homegardening, #thrifting, #makeup & #skincare

i'm big into music, my favorite genres are #hyperpop #breakcore #grindcore #midwestemo & #screamo
i'm also obsessed with 100 gecs 🦎

excited to be here, hoping i've finally found an instance to call home!

mare lamentorum
3 months ago

Here we go on another #introduction !

I'm Meowry, a Brazilian queer software engineer, focused mostly in #FrontEnd development.

Out of work my interests include #makeup, #goth and #cyber subculture, heavy music -- mostly #metal and its subgenres but also eletronic music and #jrock (can you guess what my handle is referencing btw? hehe).

I'm a sociologist at heart and almost got a degree on that field but that's a long story. I'm passionate about academic studies about #gender and #queer #sexuality.

I am #nonmonogamous for more than a decade now and you'll definitely see me talking about it here. I love and support many #erotica and #nsfw art and eventually I'll boost them -- always with CW and image sensitivity filter on by default!

There's a lot more to talk about so feel free to follow! I'll toot mostly in Portuguese-BR but also English.

Thanks for having me! :ablobcatbongo: :BoostOK:

Céleste (Squelette cool)
3 months ago

🇬🇧 If I started streaming makeup again on twitch, what would you prefer as a dominant/default language? Please note that my streams try to be bilingual so I interact in both languages, but choose a default language to speak in for each stream. I also have generated closed captions.

🇫🇷 Si je restreamais du maquillage sur Twitch, qu’est-ce que tu préférerais comme langue dominante/par défaut ? Notez que mes streams essayent d’être bilingues donc j’interagis dans les deux langues, mais que j’en choisis une par stream dans laquelle je parle par défaut. J’ai également des sous-titres générés

#makeup #streaming

4 months ago

Who should I add for #FollowFriday?

Some interests of mine:
#art / #crafts
#Nerd stuff like #mtg and #marvel and #doctorwho
All things #lgbtq #queer

Thanks friends, both old and new!

5 months ago

How do we feel about this #lipstick? Cute or too dark? #makeup

[CW: eye contact]

Selfie of a girl with blue hair and dark lipstick
5 months ago

Thinking of cleaning out my #makeup station since I have so much I’ve barely/never used but am an unapologetic makeup hoarder. 💄 💅 ♥️

Assuming everything was sterilized and/or brand new would any of my #trans friends just starting their makeup collection be interested in some goodies? #transgender

⏣ Prof. Oliver Jones
6 months ago

Have you ever heard of #Parabens and wondered what they are and why so many products are advertised as 'paraben-free' these days? Find out the answers and more in my latest article for @theconversationau

Thanks to Sunanda Creagh for being such a great editor.

#science #ozchem #chemistry #scicomm #makeup

A cartoon style molecular structure of methyl paraben
7 months ago

So one of my year goals this year is learning how to apply my own makeup, it’s something that should seem fairly easy but applying everything, getting tones right, contouring, it’s a lot (at least for me). Anyway, I think after 3 months I’m finally starting to get used to applying foundation #makeup evenly and not sparingly.

So I’ve bought myself some blush that I looked into and matched with my tone and foundation tone and looking forward to practicing using blusher along with it. 🤞🏻

I like this. Using mic jammers to screw with Alexa and Siri, and using clothing and makeup to outsmart facial recognition technology:

#micjammers #micjamming #alexa #siri #clothing #makeup #facialrecognition #tech #privacy #future

David Chartier
7 months ago

TIL the only rule in #makeup… which makes me think there’s an untapped market here.

Picture: You’re out and about, you look fantastic, you’re hungry but don’t have time to stop somewhere.

Bam! Edible makeup. 😄

Screenshot of a trans woman posting a selfie to the Makeup Addiction subreddit asking: “Is it alright to wear a full face without foundation? -Sincerely, a confused Trans woman.” A commenter replies “the only rule in makeup is don’t eat it. You look great!”

Removing my nail polish today because my husband says he doesn’t like it (I think he’s embarrassed about family seeing it)

Any tips for a first-timer removing gel polish?? #nailpolish #makeup

7 months ago
JW prince of CPH
7 months ago

A #Tested video from 7 years ago I completely forgot about, featuring the legendary - and extremely charming - Rick Baker talking about a bunch of his amazing work 👉

Reminds me of what almost felt like a 1-degree-of-separation experience at the time, when he posted this image to the CGforums and we all went completely apesh*t that a living legend had suddenly plopped down in our midst... 😂

#movies #sfx #makeup #creatures #monsters #rickbaker

7 months ago

If anyone out there has some sweet eyebrow #makeup tips, lay them on me. I didn't realize it's a thing that you start losing eyebrows in your forties but mine are practically invisible.

I've started wearing contacts again for the moment and I'm very self conscious about my lack of eyebrows!

7 months ago

Vibrant makeup mirrors sweet frozen treats in Max Siedentopf’s ‘Pleasure Portraits.’ #makeup #portraits #photography

A diptych of two photographs. On the left: a watermelon popsicle against a white background. On the right: an individual wearing red and green makeup across the eyes and cheeks, reminiscent of the watermelon popsicle.
Sonia Leong
7 months ago

Another Makeup Maiden drawing I did recently, artsy experiments to use up old makeup! This time I was playing with an eyeshadow duo pencil, two lip liners and eyeliner.

Portrait of a girl with long wavy hair, drawn with makeup pencils in purples and pinks
Close up of drawing showing the eyes, drawn with waxy eye pencil on textured paper