Prof Felipe Gusmao
15 hours ago

#Australia abandons efforts to eradicate deadly #parasite #varroa #mite after 15 months

>Resources will be reallocated to slowing the spread of the #pest
>Non-compliance from #beekeepers and illegal #hive movement was a major factor in the failed eradication effort
>#Government and #industry groups made the unanimous decision to move to a #management approach

#bees #bee #Conservation #Sustainability #EnvironmentalEthics #ethics

verroa mite on a bee
Curtis "Ovid" Poe
1 day ago

Someone shared with me a sign they used to keep by their desk. Said it helped them quite a bit when dealing with management.

#refactoring #software #management

A hand is holding a printout of one of my tweets from 2018. The tweet reads:

Upper management doesn't care about code quality. They care about revenue and costs. As a result, "refactor” has become a dirty word because it's about improving quality. Instead, I talk to clients about "restructuring” to "reduce maintenance costs".

Problem solved.
Ben Waber
1 day ago

Next was a fantastic conversation on CEO turnover data with Richard Gentry, Tim Quigley, and Steven Boivie. Not only did these folks put together a heroic open dataset on CEO succession, but they also published an article on it in a top #management journal. This gives me hope that management, like computer science, medicine, and other fields, can start rewarding scholars who put together massive datasets that others can build on. Highly recommend (6/10)

2 days ago

Useless middle managers have to defend being useless: "As more companies enforce their office mandates, some workers are choosing to quit instead of complying and returning to the office. Even companies at the forefront of remote work during the pandemic such as Facebook parent Meta, Google, Amazon and Zoom are getting stricter about office returns." #Management #WFH #HumanResources #productivity #labor

Brian Jackson
2 days ago

The amount of time I spend as a manager looking at my calendar to resolve conflicts is too damn high. Google/Microsoft, get on that please. Give us a company-wide solver that organizes it all, and when it's intractable raises that to humans: ex. "due to existing constraints and higher-priority meetings, this meeting cannot be scheduled with all participants." #corporate #calendar #planning #management

Marc-Aurèle Brothier
2 days ago

This what I enjoy currently with my job, having a diverse team and opinions which creates enough challenges to live real situations to exercise and be better at « kindness » as express by #EvanSmith in . Recommended read for anyone. #kindness #engineering #management #people

Alaska Native News
2 days ago

In Bizarre Twist, Feds Sue Alaska for Managing its Own River
[the_ad id="30587"]

When someone else tries to take over your property, it’s up to you to legally defend your ownership rights. Imagine your neighbor comes over and starts determining who can park on your property, or worse, comes onto your property and bars a friend of yours from entering...
#kuskokwim #subsistence #lawsuit #management

Carol Quinn
3 days ago

Under-performing employees are so damaging because they keep asking us to settle for less & suggest if we don't... we are the problem. Living to our full potential is NEVER the problem. It's only a problem when we don't. #hr #management #hiring

3 days ago

WK Entertainment Founder & CEO Walter Kolm Wins Billboard Latin Power Players’ Choice Award

Check it out! 👇

#WkEntertainment #WalterKolm #Magazine #LatinPowerPlayers #Latin #Management #Business

3 days ago

La implementación de un sistema ISO 22301 de gestión de la continuidad del negocio puede fortalecer significativamente una organización, tanto en términos de su capacidad para resistir eventos disruptivos como en su capacidad para adaptarse y recuperarse rápidamente de ellos.

#management #business #iso22301 #thursday

Business continuity plan
John Hunter
3 days ago

Jim Womack

" Question: For a firm seeking to improve — what comes first? #Six_Sigma #quality or #lean implementation?

James Womack: Agh! These are all the same thing. You need to start with the value stream for every product, draw a map of its current state, and ask about each step: Is it valuable? Is it capable? Is it available? Is it adequate? Is it flexible? Then ask whether each step flows smoothly to the next but only at the pull..."


John Hunter
4 days ago

The Economist on Peter Drucker

"The biggest problem with evaluating Mr Drucker’s influence is that so many of his ideas have passed into conventional wisdom ... may sound a little banal today."

I look forward to his ideas on overpaid executives reaching that point

"In the late 1990s he turned into one of America’s leading critics of soaring executive pay"

Since the 1990s the problem is massively worse.

#management #leadership #overpaid_executives

Agile Learning Labs
4 days ago

Organizing sprints and #agile campaigns can feel complex. With our free dashboard, we make it easy for you!

With this PDF version, you can keep it digital or print it out and share it with the entire team! Download yours now:

#management #businessresources

Pyrzout :vrfd:
4 days ago

I wonder if the main driver of #software #engineer s into #management is carpal tunnel

Carol Quinn
4 days ago

Keeping a bad hire is unwise even if it's hard to let them go. It's better to adjust to them being gone than lowering your standards by letting them stay. #management #hr #hiring

4 days ago

Le Monde/Miguel Benasayag, philosophe et psychanalyste
Halte aux méthodes du néomanagement !
Ces agents de la tristesse opèrent dans des domaines de plus en plus étendus, mais il en est certains où leurs méfaits sont assez récents et particulièrement choquants : l'éducation et la santé en font partie.
Ils se présentent en général comme des "managers"
Nos petits soldats du management se méfient, eux, du vivant, de la complexité, de l'insaisissable.

5 days ago

NEW RELEASE! S'adapter ou périr : Comment l'agilité change la vie #books #Agile #business #management

In the 7 years between my first and second engineering management roles, I invested in growing my leadership and people management skills

The TLDR of what I recommend:
1. Therapy & introspection & emotion regulation (know yourself, know your weakness, know your failure modes)
2. Choose the right manager who will support you (ask the spicy questions!)
3. Build your personal support network both inside *and* outside of your organization (of folks who have similar and different backgrounds, and at least some with management experience)
4. Start by NOT doing any of the "bad" management practices you've seen or heard of. Damaging trust or psychological safety is one of the hardest mistakes to recover from. Avoiding "bad" mistakes is far more important than doing "good" practices.
5. Invest in your communication skills in *every* way you can, particularly 1:1. Invest in understanding communication across neurotypes, and the diversity of mental health experiences (e.g., anxiety, PTSD
6. Invest in growing your inclusive leadership skills, and invest (continuously!) in growing your understanding of the experiences of people who ARE NOT like you (race, gender, ability, neurodiversity, culture, religion, class, etc)
6. Read "Making of a Manager" for first time managers to see the raw experiences said out loud:

Additional Management Books:
Manager's Path, Resilient Management, Managing Humans

Non-management books:
- Crucial Conversations
- Burnout, by Emily & Amelia Nagoski
- (choose your own path among communication & inclusion resources)

Bigger list of eng management resources (books, blogs, articles):

#NewManager #PeopleManagement #Management


5 days ago

Just amazing.

Yesterday’s #BradCast episode has the best and most nuanced overview of the #workers and #management’s positions at the #autoindustry #labor negotiations I’ve heard.

@TheBradBlog’s and @GreenNewsReport’s highly contextual and detailed description in Brad’s explanatory monologue prior to the interview with labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein is incredibly informative and helpful.

#union #laborunions #uaw #strike #big3 #gm #ford

Steph Skillz MUFC
5 days ago

In conclusion, the meeting aimed to address staff concerns, reaffirm the club's values, and express confidence in the current management and recruitment strategies. [@TeleFootball]
#MUFC #ClubValues #Management #RecruitmentStrategies

John Hunter
5 days ago

I am not a fan of #management practices packed as proprietary secrets.

Open Source Management

"So often we seem to focus on proprietary solutions. Instead it seems to me, most often what is needed is to do a good job of applying the ideas that have been known for decades. Deming ideas, design of experiments, lean thinking, experimentation, etc. are not secrets. There is a long history of how to apply these ideas to improve organizational performance."

Marc Rothera
5 days ago

Are you a #UK based employer that needs a cost effective way to #train staff to a high level, I can help with a full range of generously funded #Degree #Apprenticeship #courses covering everything from #Management and #Marketing to #LabScience and #CivilEngineering, get in touch if you want to know more!

! Quite Interesting
5 days ago

Word of the Day: WAIT-GLEED - one who sits lazily watching the trash-fire that is his employer’s latest transformational change project.

#WordOfTheDay #words #dictionary #change #transformational #projects #business #management #QI #notQI

6 days ago
Gestión del cambio - #monday
6 days ago

Marc Anthony’s Magnus Talent Agency Acquires Industria Works Booking and Management Division

Check it out! 👇

#Magnus #Latin #IndustriaWorks #Management #Business

John Hunter
6 days ago

Superior Customer Experiences

"Oakley found that there is a direct link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, and between customer satisfaction and improved financial performance."

Managing organizations is a complex endeavor. Employee satisfaction is one factor in an interdependent system that a manager must consider. The challenge is managing the interactions.

#management #psychology #customer_focus #respect_for_people

Joseph Meyer
6 days ago

When I learn that someone I know to be a supervisor admires a public figure with a heavy-handed style, I think to myself, "What is their management style? How do they try to motivate their employees? Do they use fear, intimidation, or insults?"

Those are ineffective strategies for interacting with friends and they are no better with employees. Having endured insecure bosses that operated in such a fashion, it took me a while to overcome the bad examples they set in my early days as a new supervisor. After I did, I enjoyed a far smoother path to a happy and successful career.

So treat your employees with trust and respect; show genuine interest in their lives; give them the credit for doing great work which will reflect positively on you; address performance problems in private while seeking cooperative solutions that are practical and avoid value judgements; encourage professional development; take your employees out to lunch often and talk about topics other than the workplace. It may take a while to build mutual trust. But if you do such things, your employees will want to do a great job for you and your role as supervisor will get much easier.


Dr Robert N. Winter
1 week ago

In a recent column, I penned some thoughts on 'A Psychological Safety Primer'. This week I go beyond those basics and outline some of the essentials for managers to engender not only a safer, but also a higher-performing work environment.

#Leadership #Management #OrganisationalBehaviour #CapabilityDevelopment #TransformationJourney #PsychologicalSafety

Alien 👽 Max | 🇺🇦 gamedev
1 week ago

I have an idea for planning and executing tasks that I will try in the next project

Make categories of tasks not only by priority, but by mood

The tasks of a higher priority and difficult tasks are put under the most kind and positive mood.

If the mood is bad, then during this time do boring and routine tasks

🤪 Cheerful and inspired
🙂 Positive
🙄 Sad or apathetic
😠 Negative

#gamedev #indiedev #gamedevelopment #programming #gaming #developer #management

salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
1 week ago

The humble friends-and-enemies #list in #management. Early #career edition.

A new general had taken over a few days ago. I was summoned, sat in the secretary's office waiting. The sound proofed (padded) door to the general's office was not tightly shut.

I hear his aide say "Salix* is excellent but very independent."

The aide comes out, sees me, turns a velvety crimson red, silently nods, and leaves.

[*Not my real name but same first letter, 😉 ]

#organization #mishap

1 week ago

🎙️ « Il y a de plus en plus d’entreprises qui partent vers les modèles symbiotiques ou, plus généralement, régénératifs. (…) D’autres acteurs du régénératif ont donné d’autres visions. On a besoin de cette diversité de visions pour convaincre un tas d’acteurs. (…) On a aussi besoin d’exemples inspirants. » Isabelle Delannoy, Présidente de L'ENTREPRISE SYMBIOTIQUE

#management #BusinessModel #EconomieSymbiotique #EconomieRegeneratrice #veille #sindup #NextGenSummit23 📚
1 week ago

Google is developing a new "Organize Tabs" feature for Chrome, aiming to help users manage the chaos of multiple open tabs. #google #chrome #tab #management

Christian Tietze
1 week ago

"The Zettelkasten Method is not a method for idea bureaucracy."

From 👉 Upgrade Atomic Thinking to Holistic Thinking

The Zettelkasten Method is a *thinking* environment, not an idea bureaucracy to merely file things. Dive deep into your thoughts.

#zettelkasten #pim #management #ideation

Koen Hufkens, PhD
1 week ago

There are lots of commonalities between running a small lab and a sailboat.

"The shipwreck series" will explore some of them.


#academia #openscience #management #AcademicMastodon #AcademicChatter

A shipwreck as a title slide to the thread: The Shipwreck series
Bob McWhirter
2 weeks ago

I just said “no” to additional headcount. That’s okay, yeah? #management

Ondine B.
2 weeks ago

'The root cause of manager incompetence: everyone in an organization keeps on getting promoted until they reach their level of incompetence. At that point they stop being promoted.

So given enough time and enough promotion levels, every position in a firm will be occupied by someone who can’t do the job"
#management #competence #promotion #job #boss #leader

@cobalt @futurebird

yes, we're certainly on the same page... you might be interested in this I wrote for @NWBylines on #management a month ago (albeit with a slightly different focus).

This is so absolutely true! 🤣
#Management #Work

Comic view on management hierarchies.
Le Bottin des Jeux Linux
2 weeks ago
An example of an amusement park with Russian mountains

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2: Triple Thrill Pack, aka RCT2) is a construction and management simulation game that simulates the management of an amusement park. The player must try to make profits and maintain the good reputation of the park, while keeping its customers satisfied. OpenRCT2 is a free, multi-platform project that brings new features, including an engine compatible with a more powerful AI and a cooperative multiplayer mode, a new interface, editing tools, scenario and Sandbox modes.
Jan D
2 weeks ago

Is there a (oral) history of agile development (particularly scrum)? There are many interesting assumptions in the concept and methods, and I am curious what shaped them

#agile #management #development

Sam Minnée
2 weeks ago

New post up: my issues with the phrase "human capital" and a better way of thinking about how you invest in your team. #leadership #management

Lenz Grimmer
2 weeks ago

Leadership Book Recommendations

Sharing a list of management/leadership books that I found helpful and that influenced me.

#books #leadership #management #productivity

2 weeks ago

His fixation grew Mon, when #Musk threatened to sue the group — initially for $4B, & subsequently up to $22B — claiming the org’s criticism of his #management of #X has led to a 60% drop in #advertising #revenue. In 1 post, he said the #ADL was “trying to kill this platform.”

It all began in Nov when the ADL called on #advertisers to pause their #spending on the site “until it becomes clear whether #Twitter remains committed to being a safe place for advertisers as well as #society overall.”

Can it be any surprise that after a decade of stagnant real #wages, the dire state of UK #management practice, the continued media focus on celebrity culture (where the talentless but 'entertaining' are rewarded) & a #Tory government that has made it its #business to shove money to its mates, that a significant minority of young people increasingly do not see a clear link between hard work and a 'better life'.

The only Q. is how fast is this feeling spreading?

3 weeks ago

A valuable practice for leaders is to set aside time for strategic thinking. Here are the questions I interrogate myself with: 

Subscribe to receive posts like this every week. Engineering Leadership Weekly
#leadership #management

Harold Jarche
3 weeks ago

Creative people are at all levels of an organization, including the janitor, and are not ‘human resources’ but individuals who have the capability of gaining wisdom. What are often referred to as ‘soft skills’ are becoming more important than traditional hard skills. Why is this? First of all, work in networks requires different skills than in controlled hierarchies. Information and #knowledge flow faster and new connections are constantly being made.

Hard skills are temporary.
Soft skills are permanent.
Image: painting of motor manufacturing workers c. 1930s
3 weeks ago

- walks into the conference room and cues up -

"Okay y'all, let do a quick breathing exercise and then begin to ideate how we'd like to shape Q4 in this universe"

#OKR #management

I'm not to the point of firing That One Guy, but definitely to the point where I don't want him on my project

He's causing more work than he's doing. Checking in without pushing the submodule it depends on is a rookie mistake

Letting me fix it and then walking right back to your office and doing it *again* is just too much on top of everything else

Not sure I actually can get rid of him, so I've told him flat out to be more careful and maybe take a class.

#software #engineering #management

3 weeks ago

Driving alignment at terminal velocity.


3 weeks ago

Yesterday my boss’s boss’s boss and my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss were both fired (sorry, “they left the company for personal reasons”).

Boss and boss’s boss said we could go for a little walk to process the news if we needed. As if. 😂 To this day I’m still in awe of how out of touch people become when they become bosses.


Daniel Schier 🐧🍪
4 weeks ago

What to change? - What to change to? - How to change?

Have you ever heard of these questions? Not? Then it is time for another book on your shelf. If you know „The Phoenix Project“, you might like the format of „The goal“ from Eliyahu M. Goldratt.

It’s a super interesting novel about a plant that is in trouble and how it avoids to get closed.

#lean #management #kanban #flow #book #audiobook #devops #industry @bookstodon

[nate@social0 ~]$ :idle:
4 weeks ago

If anyone's interested, I'll be streaming live with Mr. John Spinks later today. We're covering Compliance with Insights.

This is part of a mini-series about Insights. If you haven't looked at insights in a while, its worth a watch!

#redhat #insights #compliance #sysadmin #management

4 weeks ago

Gantt charts and PERT charts are a torture that many sadistic managers indulge in. I describe how these popular and visual appealing project management approaches can cause great havoc. (from Engineering Leadership Weekly) #projectmanagement #management #leadership

4 weeks ago

Join Shane Hastie in a captivating conversation with Pia Nilsson from #Spotify!

🎧 Listen to the #InfoQ #podcast and learn what it takes to create a great #DeveloperExperience.

#Leadership #StaffPlus #Agile #Culture #Management

Ben Waber
1 month ago

Next was an insightful talk by Vishal Gupta on geographical dissimilarities, team member influence, and emotion at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. Through two studies Gupta shows that for teams to access the benefits of having team members with geographically diverse backgrounds, team dynamics and influence have to be carefully managed. I especially liked how Gupta distinguishes between initial and long-term effects here (8/9) #teams #management

Johanna Rothman
1 month ago
Christoph Hornung
1 month ago

#OpenAccess – noch lange kein Standard.

Weshalb dies insbes. für die #Geisteswissenschaften gilt, habe ich für die #DUZ #Wissenschaft & #Management aufgeschrieben.


Hier meine Thesen: 👇👇👇

Day 23 managing a new team
🤯 I carry near zero cognitive load for the tasks and responsibilities I've delegated over the last couple weeks

While I led CDN security as a non-manager responsible for developing and executing on strategy via influence without authority, I carried immense cognitive load — the security posture, security guidance, threat model, roadmap, investments in flight, accountability, etc — from the big picture down to all the details.

Now it's just the big picture of the roadmap, posture, and accountability.

Because I had to borrow bits of roadmap from various people and teams, I had to carry more of the security context, roadmap context, and accountability context, and couldn't always rely on stakeholders to drive work. Whereas my reports own and drive their work on behalf of our team because…it's a single, coherent team rather than a network of several dozen people responsible for various pieces of an enormously complex cross-functional puzzle.

What a wild evolution.


Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
1 month ago

"Corporate threw a big staff party last weekend... but they won't let Marg in Customer Service take the afternoon off to attend her aunt's funeral."

Is a company culture problem and all the art, foosball tables & cubicle arranging in the world won't solve it or make staff care about work.

#business #HR #management

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
1 month ago

Overheard 2 businessmen discussing corporate office changes so that employees "won't feel like just a cog in a machine."

They came up with these 'great' strategies:

- Rearrange the cubicles
- Art on the walls
- Seat managers closer to employees
- More team fun events

Notably not discussed:

- More pay
- Profit sharing
- More ownership of decisions & input
- Recognition of employee successes
- More PTO and/or work-life flexibility
- WFH options

Good luck guys! 😆

#business #management #HR

I've got two recent grads in my group under my de facto...mentorship? Command?

They are both very smart. One is very confident he can do things but is less effective, one is less confident and more effective.

I'm very unused to constructive criticism and other #leadership skills so I'm not sure how to turn down the confidence and turn up the effectiveness.

I mean, I know what to do. "Test. Be skeptical of your own work/ideas."

I don't know how to say that.

#softwareengineering #management

2 months ago

Sometimes I may rant a little too much for many people's liking on #LinkedIn - But if you are interested in #MentalHealth at #Work and #HR and #Law or are a commercial #Lawyer and also interested in #Wellness and #Wellbeing then you may like this.

#PTSD #TrustAndSafety #Management #Safety and #Security

Ira F. Cummings
2 months ago

Even if you're joking, diminishing someone's (difficult) role in a project years after completion still means you're a shitty fuckin leader

#leadership #management #ShittyLeaders

2 months ago

If you want high-performing teams who share your drive and passion, help your employees outgrow you. Give them the opportunity to develop their personal brand and provide input and advice on freelancing, job hunting or portfolio building.

#Leadership #Management



With so much real estate, the easiest smartest way to raise more funds for #Mastodon dev is: Zoom out & discuss the ethical implementation of a #TRENDING section unlike #Twitter-style #Algorithm manipulation — with #iTHiNKLabs' guidance🔴

#Brand #Differentiation #Fediverse #SocialMedia #Tech #Social #UX #Strategy #Twitter #Threads #Bluesky #ElonMusk #TwitterX #Technology #Branding #Business #Innovation #Management
#Security #Leadership #OpenMindedness

Zef Hemel
2 months ago

Amazing read on why performance reviews are fundamentally flawed #management

A report by Be The Business (a Govt. supported charity) reported in the FT, interestingly puts a large part of the blame for the UK's stagnated #productivity growth, not at the feet of #workers, but rather as a direct consequence of complacent management with a miss-placed confidence in its abilities.

This chimes well with my recent conclusions on the problem with #managers in a piece for @NWBylines

UK has a #management problem that needs urgently addressing/solving!

I've been thinking about who is really to blame for the current malaise in the UK;

sure the #Tories take a big slice of that, but I also think we need to be clear that #management for the most part in the UK is not up to the job...

from accidental managers to bullies & narcissists, we have a management problem in this country....

2 months ago

Frauenanteil in Chefetagen kommunaler Firmen steigt kaum

Der Anteil weiblicher Führungskräfte ist in den privaten DAX-Konzernen höher als in Unternehmen, die der öffentlichen Hand gehören. In den kommunalen Firmen wächst der Anteil auch nur sehr langsam, wie eine Studie zeigt.


#Frauenquote #Frauenanteil #kommunaleUnternehmen #DaxKonzerne #Management

Eric Vitiello
3 months ago

Introduction to antipatterns for retrospectives, and how to refactor your situation for the better

#Retrospectives #Leadership #Management