Gachiakuta Tome 04 Edition Limitée est en préco. pour 13,90 €.

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Contient le tome 4 avec Jaquette réversible et un one-shot de Shikidô.

Infos :
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Buenos días
Good morning

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7 hours ago

SZ [€]: Warum wir Manga lieben

Von ihrem Kulturpass-Budget kaufen Jugendliche vor allem Manga. Völlig zu Recht, findet Alexander Braun.
Warum wir Manga lieben

8 hours ago

Freu mich sehr auf das Oktoberprogramm von #CarlsenManga! :blob_bongo:

Der finale Band von #Vigilante erscheint und die beiden Sonderbände von #TheGenderOfMonaLisa auch.
Zusätzlich geht die Perfect Edition von #NeonGenesisEvangelion weiter und auch das #MyHeroAcademia Spin Off #TeamUpMission bekommt den nächsten Band. :blob_bongo: :blob_bongo:

#Manga #amWarten

In #Hetalia Japan's dog Pochi-kun canonically is immortal because "it spends a lot of time with Japan", according to the mangaka.

Similarly, Canada's Polar bear's growth is slowed by contact with Canada.

France keeps naming his subsequent birds Pierre i.e.. Pierre 2.

So Hetalia birds aren't given immortality? #SaveTheBirds

#anime #manga

The Nerdy Neko🍥🐾
12 hours ago

I finally finished the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run #manga today. It was a bittersweet ending. Just want Johnny to be able to chill. Precious anxious boyo with murderous tendencies. TwT #jjba #sbr

The Fandom Post
13 hours ago

Raised Under the Same Roof #Hentai #Manga Review

Buenas noches
Good night

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14 hours ago

Heute einige tolle Gespräche auf dem #FediNerds #Server gehabt.

Falls ihr euch auch für #Gaming #Filme #Bücher #Manga #Animes oder sonstigen #Nerd kram begeistern könnt dann schaut doch gerne mal auf dem #Discord vorbei.

Dort findet ihr bereits über 40 gleich gesinnte Personen.

Vielleicht bis bald.

Habt eine tolle Nacht.

#GNOME 45 is finally out, and as promise, a new release of #Komikku is available (1.25.0).

What's new:
- [UX] Refined visuals taking advantage of the new capabilities of GNOME 45
- [Explorer] Global search: Improved speed
- [Servers] Added Perf Scan [FR]
- [Servers] Added Reaper Scans [pt_BR]
- [Servers] Golden Mangás: Update
- [L10n] Updated French translation

Happy readings

#GTK #libadwaita #manga #comics

Yeah for the foriegn fans of ILTV.

And thanks to Sensei for giving us credit.

#IFTV #ILTV #IAmInLoveWithTheVillieness #Yuri #Anime #Manga #LightNovel #InoriSensei

15 hours ago

Just got DRCL Midnight Children by the amazing Sakamoto Shinichi. The art and storytelling is out of this world. I believe this is his first work to be officially published in English.
#manga #horror

A photo of the cover of DRCL Midnight Children.
A photo of an interior page of DRCL Midnight Children.
A photo of an interior page of DRCL Midnight Children.
16 hours ago

Which of the 7 ToAru Franchise Protagonists was the best character post 2/2 Junko Hokaze from A Certain Scientific Astral Buddy, Kakine Teitoku from A Certain Scientific Dark Matter, Misaki Shokuhou from A Certain Scientific Mental Out, or Mugino Shizuri from A Certain Dark Side ITEM #Anime #Manga #LightNovel #ToAru

16 hours ago

Which of the 7 ToAru Franchise Protagonists was the best character post 1/2 Touma Kamijou from A Certain Magical Index, Mikoto Misaka from A Certain Scientific Railgun, Accelerator from A Certain Scientific Accelerator #Anime #Manga #LightNovel #ToAru

Midnight Eye
17 hours ago

Jo Shishido as Blackjack in The Visitor in the Eye (1977)
Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi
#Cinemastodon #Japanese #Cinema #Manga #Anime #Tezuka

The Fandom Post
20 hours ago

Seven Seas Acquires ‘My Girlfriend’s Not Here Today’ Yuri #Manga

Dibujico con mi estilo pero no mi tema habitual: Ippo Makunoichi. Me ventilé el anime entero en menos de un mes, algo tenía que hacer. 😂
Si os gusta dadle amor. 💕
#MastoArt #CreativeToots #AmiMercuryArt #FanArt #anime #manga

Dibujo tradicional hecho con rotuladores de colores. Es un fan-art del protagonista de Hajime no Ippo. Se trata de un boxeador muy musculoso, moreno de piel con el pelo castaño oscuro corto y despeinado. Está en posición de combate, con los guantes de boxeo puestos y la guardia alta. Mira amenazante a un supuesto oponente y le brillan los ojos. Su calzón es blanco y celeste, y lleva bordadas trece estrellas en la parte derecha, que coinciden con su número de victorias en el ring.
The Fandom Post
21 hours ago

Scholastic Announces First #Manga With ‘#Unico’ Remake

Tintas y Acuarelas
1 day ago

Les invito cordialmente a conocer el acabado final de esta miniatura realizada con #acuarelas y pinceles para uñas acrílicas

Espero que les guste.

#miniatura #watercolor #illustration #acuarelas #aves #pintura #ilustración #miniatura #miniature #painting #anime #manga

Carbon Costume
1 day ago
1 day ago

Ayer terminé este dibujo.
Nunca pido nada, pero no tengo prácticamente ningún alcance en redes sociales, así que agradecería mucho que lo compartieseis a ver si consigo llegar a alguna gente más porque desmotiva mucho sentir que eres invisible.
Gracias, de verdad, de corazón.

#art #drawing #anime #manga #digitalart #digitaldrawing

Dibujo de una chica con el pelo recogido en una coleta y el flequillo sobre la cara, está mirando al espectador y va vestida con ropas de pícara, una capa, top y un brazo vendado, un cinturón con varias cápsulas y una bolsita, en la cara lleva una tirita.
Deja claro que es un personaje de acción.

¡Hey que pasa! Hoy es un buen día para sumergirse en el mundo de las viñetas y los superhéroes 🦸‍♂️📚. Estoy feliz porque finalmente tengo en mis manos una edición especial de uno de mis cómics favoritos. La portada es una obra maestra.

Mi plan ahora va a ser simple: leer, leer y leer XD. Voy a sumergirme en las páginas de esta joya y dejarme llevar por la historia... ya os contaré. A veces, es genial desconectar del mundo real y adentrarse en un universo lleno de aventuras y poderes extraordinarios.

Por cierto, tengo el código canjeable Z3DF-85E8-PW para conseguir unas cartitas en TKZ.One. Si lo vas a usar, recuerda escribirme en los comentarios algo y hablemos de comics. 📖💥

Espero que tengáis un día muy interesante. ¿Estáis leyendo algún cómic o manga? ¡Contádmelo! 😉 #Comics #Manga

Jakub Erebos
1 day ago

Právě dočteno.
Komiksy a mangu moc nečtu. Je jen pár autorů, kteří mě dokážou zaujmout, ale Džundži Itó je prostě magor (v dobrém slova smyslu). Tomie je jeho další uchylárna plná bazarností a ujetých nápadů (jak tomu u Japonců bývá). Z jeho tvorby u mě stále vede Spirála, ale tohle je taky slušnej úlet.

#JunjiIto #tomie #manga #japan #comics #horor #komiks #horror #junjiitomaniac

2 days ago

Oshi no Ko new chapter after the loooong summer break... that ending... :AAAAAA: :AAAAAA: :AAAAAA:
I need more :AAAAAA:

#manga #OshiNoKo

chikorita157 🐰:unverified:
2 days ago

What I found interesting is that after the teacher catches Tsumugu dozing off as she believes that she might be changing the future that the teacher catches her and forces her to read a several poems that is in all Kanji (from looking at it, it looks like a Chinese poem written by Su Shi called 寒食帖 .(かんじきじょう)). Apparently, it's Itsuki's favorite poem.

It's obvious that China has influences on Japanese culture, especially given that the Japanese eventually incorporated Kanji (Japanese version of Chinese Characters, which is known as Hanzi), which eventually led to the development of Kana. Also, Japanese Kanji used to use Traditional Chinese characters until after World War II, when a good amount of characters were simplified, known as the 新字体 (Shinjitai, new character form).

Also, it seems that Tsumugu's harem is growing as Hachisuka Hatsuno, whom Tsumugu runs into develops a strong affection for Tsumugu since.. Well of that incident when Tsumugu had at a food stall and wearing a sailor fuku. Funny how Asahi wants to use Hatsuno to divert Tsumugu's attention away for Itsuki so she can have her to herself. Will it work, well...

#紡ぐ乙女と大正の月 #manga

Spin D'Accord
2 days ago

I have read from multiple sources that #manga artists (particularly from Japan) love Kuretake inks and nibs to draw with.

But, it's a lot easier to just use the alternative choice of fineliner pens, you know? No fuss, no mess, no cleaning. Well, unless your Sakura Pigma starts to randomly leak.

And I understand the appeal to retro technical pens, but honestly, you have the same inconvenience of fuss and cleaning but with the added frustration of worn tips.

#Gender in #Manga: A #Brief #History.

You know the difference between 内 and 僕 and 私, but how much do you know about the history of gender in manga? Here’s a brief #overview from a #nonbinary #writer and #CertifiedWeeb.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Entertainment #TheArts #Literature #Books #Manga #Comics #Reading #Representation #Culture

Cedric :ivory_logo:
2 days ago
2 days ago

Our Shop will be opening Monday, Sept 25th at 12PM ET!

Kicking things off w/our 1st collection, The Basics, featuring our adorable mascot, Hachi!

Products including shirts, hoodies, mugs, hats, & stickers!

Sizing up to 5XL & various color options (dark & pastel).


#shop #smallbusiness #anime #manga

A person wearing a bright pink hoodie with Hachi winking. 

Text: Shop (dot) Yatta-Tachi. The Basic Collection Launching: Monday, September 25th 12PM Eastern Time
2 days ago

Figured I'd post some #manga and #lightnovels I've gotten in over the past month.

So for Manga I got the first 4 volumes of Komi Can't Communicate (boxset from Goodwill) and Reincarnated as a GIRL in Another World! Volume 8.

For light novels. I got in latest volumes of My Unique Skill, Kuma Bear, Loner Life, and I'm the Evil Lord. Also the 4th collection of Slayers. I filled in some gaps in series of Berserk of Gluttony, and Broke Mercenary. As for A Certain Magical Index, I got all 19 volumes via a ShopGoodwill auction lot.

#LightNovel @lightnovel @manga

Image shows manga and Light novels stacked on a shelf. 

They include a boxset of Komi Can't Communicate Volumes 1-4, This Is Screwed up, but I Was Reincarnated as a GIRL in Another World! Volume 8, Berserk of Gluttony Volumes 2, 6, and 7, The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary volumes 6-8, A Certain magical Index volumes 1-19, Slayers hardcover volume 4, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear volume 15, Loner Life In Another World volume 6, My Unique Skill Makes Me OP even at Level 1 volume 3, and I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! volume 5
2 days ago

A Video on Nintendo Manga
I'm working on something big for you all, but it'll take some time to get ready. So to free up time for working on that, here's something I've been saving, a Youtube video exploring manga based on Nintendo characters, from the account of S Class Anime. Enjoy!

Exploring the
#niche #donkeykong #kirby #manga #mario #niche #nintendo #sclassanime #video #youtube #zelda

2 days ago

Je serai à la #MadeInAsia à Bruxelles ce week-end. Si vous voulez parler de #manga et d' #accessibilité, allez au stand Mangomics Access.

2 days ago

I'll be at #MadeInAsia at Brussels this week-end. If you want to talk about #manga and #accessibility, go to Mangomics Access stand.

2 days ago

Lunchbreak, #manga & chill with Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou vol 3 😊😊

Photo of the front cover of the manga showing a woman in a spaghetti top and long pants with slippers sitting relaxed and with a smile on some wide steps next to the ocean
2 days ago

Pos aquí estoy, terminando el dibujico de ayer por la tarde.
#art #animeart #mangaart #anime #manga #digitaldrawing #digitalsketch #digitalart

Jon Juarez
2 days ago

Some of the covers I did at the beginning of my career, with a slightly more punk drawing style.

#mastoart #manga #anime #bd #illustration #art #music #conceptart #punk #jonjuarez #mastodon #fediverse #harriorrihar #book

the first illustrations I made more than a decade ago
the first illustrations I made more than a decade ago
Mai 🌙
2 days ago

New Oshi no Ko chapter dropping today :ablobcatbongo: #manga

chikorita157 🐰:unverified:
3 days ago

I only read three chapters so far, and interesting. Our heroine, Tsmugu gets sent back to the 1920s after looking at an old album and discovering this strange photograph that looks cloudy, which causes an earthquake. That is an interesting way to go back in time. At least it makes sense compared to something like, well Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Tsumugu is basically a fish out of water as she finds out her modern Yen coin won't work in this time period and she gets mistaken as a kidnapper, due to her wearing a sailor school uniform, which causes a police officer attempting to arrest her. That is until Itsuki, a rich young lady come to save her and takes her in. Apparently she gains an interest in her. The funny thing, Tsumugu goes to the same school, but in a different time period.

The funny thing is besides Asahi, who has a huge crush on Itsuki and becomes jealous after seeing Itsuki walking with Tsumugu. The funny thing is Tsumugu’s classmates mention the whole Class S thing, which is part of the yuri genre as Asahi pairing with Itsuki looks like they are sisters. Now, it’s basically a love triangle.

This manga probably has a bit more Yuri than Hoshikuzu Telepath, which describes itself as Yuri meets Space, the girls are close, but that is pretty much it but that is from what I read haven't gone that far. With this one, with Asahi having a crush on Itsuki and the girls mentioning “S” (for sister of course), this is probably the most yuri I seen in a Kirara title, at least I read so far.

(Note: Manga is only in Japanese)

#紡ぐ乙女と大正の月 #manga

Classmates talking about Class S relationship regarding Itsuki and Asahi.
3 days ago

Oh Twitter. I guess let's do this again:

Are you looking for a Mastodon server with those tasty animemes? Perhaps you've gone searching but found some...unsavory stuff... :INTSLAquapanic:

We created as a safe, cozy, English-first home for happy weebs and all of our varied interests :remspin:

URUSAI! Social: All the otaku content. None of the toxicity.

Come join us in our mission to be wholesome :KaitoCheer:

Transferring servers is a simple 2-step process and all your stuff comes with you, even your followers! :HoloParty:

#anime #manga #mastodon #instance #server #otaku #nerds #geek

Boosts appreciated! #BoostMe

Angry Tea Lady
3 days ago

Yui in K-On ! is definitely #neurodivergent coded. No wonder I loved her so much as a teen! #anime #manga #kyotoanimation #kyoani

I'm not the audience for Shonen manga so I don't judge it too harshly, but I've found most of what I've read to be juvenile and annoying. Clock Striker is a rare exception — entertaining and energetic, like an old Saturday morning cartoon S.T.E.A.M.punk take on Witch Hat Atelier, with clear Shonen DNA.

I'm a fan of Saturday AM's mission of publishing diverse manga, and this was my favorite so far. 👍🏽

#comics #manga #bookstodon

Clock Striker by Issaka Galadima with Frederick L. Jones
vanlau :tialove:
5 days ago

Birthdaypresent for a dear artist friend 💗

#digital #oc #lootbuns #comic #oc #manga #digitalart #mastoart #fediart

Lootbun Moongodess with purple hair, flower crown and glowy stars
Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
5 days ago

After enjoying reading The History of Hentai Manga by Kimi Rito SO much, I've wondered if there is any interest in someone analyzing #hentai like people do other #anime / #manga.

We have in depth reviews and discussions, essays on historical pieces, all of that for the less than lewd side of things. Why isn't hentai allowed to be taken as seriously for the fascinating subject that it is?

I know many folks just wanna be hornt up (me included sometimes) so maybe it's just not something that'd catch people's interest. Still, I would love to work on essays and the like about hentai if people read them...

6 days ago

Erfolg der Manga: Wie japanische Comics den Buchmarkt erobern

Zwei von drei verkauften Comics in Deutschland sind inzwischen Manga. Sie sprechen vor allem ein jüngeres Publikum an und haben enorme Zuwachsraten. Der Buchhandel hat den Trend längst für sich entdeckt. Von Alex Jakubowski.


#Manga #Comics #Buchbranche #Verlage

6 days ago

OMG! I just found out that there is a manga called "STEVES" that literally follows the early years of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the co-founders of Apple!

Woz looks so happy

#Apple #Anime #Manga

The front cover to the first manga of "STEVES".

It has Steve Jobs on the right and Steve Wozniak on the left
LibraryPass & Comics Plus
1 week ago

Our "Hispanic Heritage, Latinx Voices" collection features a variety of titles for every age range across numerous genres. Find your next favorite read on Comics Plus!

#ReadAllTheComics #libcomix #comics #manga #FridayReads #HispanicHeritageMonth

Six comics covers in a Comics Plus-branded grid.

Kind of like Doonesbury, but a manga explainer about Japanese cuisine; entertaining and educational. One of several manga discovered via Mangasplaining.

#Bookstodon #FridayReads #manga #podcast

Oishinbo: Japanese Cuisine: a la Carte by Tetsu Kariya & Akira Hanasaki

100th version of #Komikku! 🎉

This is an opportunity to give some figures:
- 63,000 installations (Flatpak)
- Translations into 17 languages
- ~60 contributors (including translators)
- 2400 commits
- Almost 5 years of development

Another version will be published (next week?) for the release of #GNOME 45.

Happy reading
#GTK #libadwaita #manga #comics

Chloe Tse :BlobhajSadReach:
1 week ago

I'm on a #junjiIto #horror #manga binge now. I can't keep track of what I have read, but I am open to suggestions of anyone's favourites! Obviously I already read #uzumaki. Not really into Soichi because he's just more annoying than scary.

1 week ago

Hello Mastodon : ) !
During one week (from now to the 18th of September) I do some sales on some of my commissions ! : ) Do not hesitate to share around !

I'm still open to any other commission here :

#commissionsopen #anime #manga #videogame #OC

Chart list for commissions
1 week ago
Comic, there's two characters:
Mizukashi (🐉) is a tall, humanoid dragon. He has blue skin, with long straight blue hair on a ponytail and eyes with black sclera and blue iris. He has horns in his head, and ears that resembles fins. He also has a long tail with darker blue spots on it.
Maverick (🌊) is a human, with tanned skin and red hair stylised at one side, and green eyes. He is wearing a neoprene suit but it's open and down of his torso.

Mizukashi is resting on a rock while Maverick is close to him and rubbing the dragon's groin with a mischievous smile.
🐉: You're visiting me a lot, human.
🌊: You can't complain.
🐉: I won't. I like your visits.
🌊: So cute~

They share a kiss while the dragon's genitalia rises.
🌊: Y'know, I've always wondered... how does a dragon taste?
🐉: Oh, curious?
🌊: Of course! It's so smooth...

Maverick keeps rubbing the dragon's dick.

🐉: Then, be my guest, human.
🌊: It's been some time since I did this... I'll try not to bite...
🐉: You better not.

Maverick starts kneeling in front of the dragon.
Maverick stares at Mizukashi's penis with a smile and anticipation, licks the staff and kisses the top.
Mizukashi's pupils dilates with delight
Maverick puts his mouth to work not taking it fully, though.
Mizukashi smirks, with blissful eyes, and letting out a small groan.
Maverick feels how the dragon grabs his head, confused at first, and surprised when Mizukashi starts pushing himself deeper in his mouth.
1 week ago

Maaaa, there's a Berserk reference in my Doom mod

#doom #gzdoom #anime #manga #DoomInfinite

A passive item from the gzdoom mod "Doom Infinity". 

It reads:


it's not pretty

Small, egg-like stone on a leather strap. Apparently useless. Upon closer inspection you can make out some face-like features on it, all grossly misplaced.

Does not stack.

Are you only carrying it... or is it truly yours?
TapTap 🎮
2 weeks ago

I will not buy any anime, video game, or manga with This Guy in it.

No I don't mean just the SAO guy. This Guy is in >50% of anime. I will not buy anything with This Guy. Remove This Guy.

Hot harem of well-designed babes? Remove This Guy. Instantly a better story. Any story with This Guy: Remove him. Better story. Every time. 100%.

Neptunia, Senran Kagura, Valkyrie Overdrive prove This Guy is unneeded.

Never ever ever put This Guy in anything except a vat of acid.

#anime #manga #writing

generic male teenager failson with black or brown hair
Julien Pirou / Empyreal
2 weeks ago

Une autre légende du #manga qui s'en va. L'auteur de Space Adventure #Cobra, #TerasawaBuichi, est décédé à l'âge de 68 ans (on le savait très malade). Décidément, les pirates de l'espace sont en deuil cette année :(

Keeper of the orb
2 weeks ago

he did it, kyo came up with the worst thing to say.

hi res & full archives on my site
print versions for sale there too

please consider tossing me a few dollars some way if you enjoy my work, times are tough!

#inhuman #comic #comics #webcomic #webcomics #alien #aliens #manga

promo panel crop for my webcomic. the comic itself isnt screenreader adapted yet sry

a pair of yellow aliens are talking in a hospital room. they have long ears, and humanoid faces. one (male) is lying abed and holding up his hands like "what's the problem?" while speaking. his sister the hospital staffer is rigid and bristling with rage at whatever he's said to her. 

the text on the image reads
Inhuman epilogue pg 10
2 weeks ago

Hi, posting a short #introduction ... after moving instances.
I am Kazahana. My interests are: #TheUntamed #WordOfHonor #Hualian #WenZhou #Kdrama #Dorama #Thaidrama #Bldrama #Cdrama #Kpop #Tgcf #Anime #Manga #Movies #Cats #Rain #Stargazing #Botany #gardening
Hope to find like-minded people🥰

A little late, but here is my #MonthlySummary for August, with the media I interacted with this month! Day 56 of #100DaysToOffload

#manga #anime #gaming #podcasts

🌸Artist: #FINDAC / #FinbarrDac in City: #Berlin #Kreuzberg Köpenicker Str. 9 Germany 🇩🇪 - Title: "Engeika" (Model: #YukiMatsumura ) - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Mural #Geisha #Manga #Artwork 👘

Streetartwall. On the narrow, outer wall of a two-story house in Berlin is sprayed / painted a beautiful mural of a geisha. The background is light blue on a red brick wall. The portrait shows her in a long red silk kimono with pebble pattern, yellow collar and blue-purple belt cloth. She wears her black hair in a typical elaborate knot. Her face is made up in white, but the eye area is rimmed with a blue mask that runs down one side. One hand is placed over a real window, above which two flower pots are painted. Her gaze is directed directly at the viewer.
3 weeks ago

#Bales2023FilmChallenge Aug 30: grief on #NationalGriefAwarenessDay

Nyatta is not ready to have Jizō take away his big sister Nyāko to the land of the dead. They set off to retrieve her soul.

Adult #anime ねこぢる草 [Cat Soup] (#TatsuoSatô, 2001) is based on works by #Nekojiru whose crudely drawn cats caused a ripple in #Japan's underground #manga circuit (=‐ω‐=)

#animation #film #CineMastodon @film @art_film

Nyāko taken away by Jizō with little brother Nyatta telling Nyāko to come back home.
wolf of the wisp
3 weeks ago

@ADHDefy @juergen_hubert strong female characters are the backbones of several favourite manga/anime series : Kagome (Inuyasha), Tokine (Kekkaishi), Suzu (Ayakashi Triangle), etc #anime #manga

A bit o' early 90's anime fandom nostalgia - Anime Day 0092 'Con in the Pocket'

Gundam, Lodoss War, Appleseed, Samurai Pizza Cats- very much of-their-time faces of anime fandom.

I first got into fanzines, early cons and meetups, and anime clubs a few years later and often think of those days fondly, even as I go through an anime collecting and watching renaissance these days.

#Anime #90s #manga #uk

A flyer for the Anime Day 0092 con, held at the Rutland Hotel, Sheffield, in 1992.
George Penney
4 weeks ago

Today's Wordcount So Far

10 mins dealing with mouse bits in kitchen

20 mins drinking tea, lecturing cats about psychopathic tendencies

1 hour breakfast, debating outcome of the slime from "That time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" eating another equally powered slime. Rift in multiverse? Endless storage?

#anime #manga #writing

This is a Japanese poster for the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. It features those words in English, in blue to the left, surrounded by circular blue arrows with a little cute blue blob at the bottom with closed smiley eyes, which is the slime. To the right, you see the cast of the show which is a ridiculous number of characters but just know there are zany antics going on, the typical anime boobage on show, orgs being silly, flappy magical girls for some reason and the slime once again on show this time as an androgenous figure, who has a huge number of female characters admiring them because the anime harem genre is strong with this one.

Hello I'm kitty
I'm a 18 year old
#CIS #Female
I'm #short 147cm
And very #petite 24AAA-21-23
I often dress in school girl uniforms and lean into my #Lolita size and look
I'm into:

A cute loli in a black dress

Today I finished #OneOuts, a fantastic #sports #manga about #baseball, of all things, and also kinda #gambling, since Tokuchi Toua, the protagonist, makes a bet with the owner, who only accepted him due to the request of their star player Kojima, the only one who managed to beat Tokuchi in his gambling career and got him to play for his team. +5 million for every out, -50 million for every run, he has everything to lose, but will he?

This manga goes places, very fun read.

Tokuchi strikes out two consecutive players
Sarah Sammis
1 month ago

Five stars: The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again, Today, Volume 2 by Hitsuji Yamada (2019) continues to explore the relationship between Saku and her oversized cat, Yukichi. The two also spend more time with Saku's boss's niece, Yume-chan.

#manga @bookstodon

Cover art
1 month ago

Got this today at @legendscomicssales - this is a classic manga about Hiroshima atomic bomb. A masterpiece. I’ve been meaning to have the whole set in Japanese but today I saw this at Legends and picked it up. This is my first time reading it in English but it’s so nostalgic to read it again after all these years.
Obviously it’s not a happy story, and some parts are quite graphic and scary but at the same time it’s quite moving and inspiring. Highly recommended.

Cover of Barefoot Gen English version manga
1 month ago

@harriorrihar This is pretty cool! Thanks so much for sharing this special memory with the world.

I see you have the #manga hashtag on this post. Is it part of a series?

1 month ago

So, a cool idea from @CliffWade is to post 3-5 hashtags that you regularly use when you post things.

Here are mine:

Please #boost so others across the #Fedierse can find more folks who share their interests!

Jon Juarez
1 month ago

I was a wild child, and I couldn't imagine a future where I wasn't a child who climbed rocks and slept in caves. At school, a sentence, a word, or a comma was enough to shoot me to some remote place, a landscape to explore, full of life and details. I rarely finished reading their books, and then there would be a test I couldn't complete. They never asked me about those second places, about all the places I escaped to. 20 years have passed, and I'm still there.

#art #manga #comic #BD #climb

This is a drawn version of a photograph that was taken of me when I was 16 years old.
Hieronymous Smash
1 month ago

The computer nerds said I'd regret having so many physical #books ...they were wrong.

The book nerds said I'd regret getting so many #ebooks, files and digital #manga ... also wrong.

Modernists said I'd regret spending so much time on the #classics...nope.

Classicists said I was wasting my time on #zines and counterculture and the bubbly edge of new shit...not at all.

It's getting to the point where when I need good brainfuel, I look for what I'm being told is useless. :D

1 month ago

Is 242 posts in too late to do an #introduction? Fuck it.

Hi, I'm Chris Merkel. Some may call me "Merk". Some may call me "Mark" (though those people would be wrong). I make #mashup songs (check my YouTube channel in my bio), write containment fiction (#confic, SCP-inspired, #DepartmentOfAnomalies), host a monthly #JoJosBizarreAdventure #manga #podcast (The #Locacacast), and am just generally interested in a list of other stuff that would be too long to fully post here.


#Vagabond is one of the first #manga I started, and it felt like something beyond the rest. Somehow I lost interest last year, some flashier stuff took over (as you may see on my #MonthlySummary blogposts) and I kinda forgot. However I recently picked it up again, and it is seriously so good. Up there with the greats among the medium. Miyamoto Musashi's journey, a must read. There's still a 100 or so chapters for me to read, maybe it will stop being on hiatus after decades once I'm done? (Pls)

Full sized panel with Mushashi's face and a thought bubble with the following sentence: "I no longer understand you"
2 months ago

Here’s my #introduction!

- I am here for #fandom, #anime, #manga, #webtoons, #danmei, #fantasy novels, #genshin
- I write fanfic sometimes! It is very much fueled by #fanart , meta analysis, lore, and fic challenges.
- You can find me at AO3 on
- I am extremely multi-fandom. Some of my fandoms are #TowerOfGod 🌰❄️, #orv 📚🌟,#durarara 🔪🚏, #myheroacadema 🍀💥, #bluelock, #tgcf, #mdzs,#2ha,#svsss 🌸, genshin 🍅, and #arcane 👊

It’s nice to meet you!