Jocelyn Etienne
2 days ago

I was about to write my #review for a 30-page equation-rich revision in #JMPS edited by #elsevier. It was "overdue" by 2 work days (although, well, is Elsevier my employer to give me assignments?)

So I looked up the emails to find the link to their review thingy.

Surprise: I find in an unopened email dated 11 Sep, which I had thought was a reminder, the note:

"Thank you for reviewing the above referenced #manuscript. With your help, I have reached an accept decision"


3 days ago

A quiet #Vatican #Manuscript week with only 33 digitized
Includes a early work on Polyphony, a copy of Pliny made for Ferdinand and Isabella's son, some more 19th C Russian liturgy, and the triumphal return of Henry Stevenson, Jr.
@medievodons @bookhistodons #Medieval #Medievodons

a page of gothic script and polyphonic notation from, f.46r
A page of humanist text that starts with a large initial N. There are borders on all four sides. From, f.1r

I have no stream/creek to write about during the last several days - sad😥

But our manuscript got accepted, a bit of happy moment which does not last long…🤔

I also know that spending time (fishing etc…) in a creek provides me a happy moment, but it also does not last long…like a Chinese saying: if you want to be happy for a day, go fishing…🤔

BUT…although it is impossible to get my manuscript accepted every day, it is feasible to fish every day🤩

#Manuscript #Creek #Happiness #Chinese #Fishing

Yann Büchau :nixos:
2 weeks ago

😮‍💨 sigh... Reviewer of my #manuscript wants me to cite a specific article. From 1988. Journal doesn't exist anymore. The PDF is absolutely unfindable. No DOI of course. Searching the title only yields a handful articles citing that paper. Authors are unfindable. Meh...


metkcom 🏹
2 weeks ago

Na een halve week nadenken het schrijfwerk weer opgepakt. #schrijven #manuscript

Brick Cave Media
2 weeks ago

Brick Cave is open to submissions! Read our guidelines and see if we might be a good fit for your Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel:
#manuscript #writing #authors

Daniel Prindii
3 weeks ago

Weekend mood.
via BLMedieval Harley MS 4425 f. 12v

#medieval #manuscript

medieval illustration with people in a garden with trees, a fountain and alleys.
Marco Radi
3 weeks ago

Submitted a #manuscript to an #Elsevier journal that brags 4 weeks of reviewing time: no feedback after three months, no replies to author's query email or from customer support and no possibility to unsubmit the manuscript.
Anyone with a similar experience?

3 weeks ago

An endearing #snail holding place in the border of the #LambethPalaceLibrary #manuscript
MS 3561


A snail with yellow/brown coloured shell against a background of ochre.
3 weeks ago

A charming #owl holding place in the upper corner of a #LambethPalaceLibrary #manuscript


A small black owl with yellow/gold eyes surrounded by floral details including two blue flowers.
metkcom 🏹
4 weeks ago

Opnieuw beginnen met schrijven. Het vergt nogal wat. #mijNmering #manuscript

1 month ago

PSA: I am proud to announce that I am almost finished rewriting/editing my manuscript for republishing!

It is a romance poetry book titled Tranquility.

I will be posting separately for the synopsis and all the other details (such as when it will be published)!

Take care and happy reading! :)

#write #writingcommunity #publishing #author #manuscript

David Haskiya
1 month ago

Among some of the Swedish National Archives recently digitised documents is this Life of St Elizabeth of Hungary.

It begins with "Dyt is dat leuent det hilghen vrouwen sunte elseben van erer eddelen gebord..."

Sounds very Dutch to me!?

Link to the full #manuscript

#Archives #Medieval #Hagiography

A book-spread with handwriting on the right-hand page. The writing has an Anfang in red ink but is otherwise in black ink.
Erika Harlitz Kern
1 month ago

This week on The Boomerang. Enjoy!

"In The Manuscripts Club, Christopher de Hamel introduces us to a group of people who dedicated their lives to collecting medieval manuscripts. In other words, nerds."

@histodons @histodon @bookstodon #histodons #histodon #history #medieval #manuscript #middleages #nerd #nerds

Book cover of Christopher de Hamel's book The Manuscript Club.
Kai Ash
1 month ago

A picture is worth a thousand words.

a tha Am Faclair Beag ag eadar-theangachadh gu "Is luach mìle facal dealbh."

#illustration #marginalia #drawing #manuscript #phoenix #dragon #ainneamhag #dràgon #Gàidhlig

A white man wearing armour and a leather kilt rides a dragon and holds a spiked club. The dragon is breathing fire, from which a phoenix flies. Behind this trio, a white naked woman stands, her hand strategically placed over her non-existent vulva. She has long blond hair and, in her other hand, holds a pitcher of red wine.
Piia Bartos
1 month ago

What have I done wrong that I am punished to review manuscripts with figures like this?

#plot #science #review #manuscript #publishing

Predicted and experimental values plotted and a fitted line shows correlation. The plot is full of values and thus the correlation is just random noise.
Jim Wald
1 month ago

Good Wood: Using Beech to Rebind a #Medieval #Manuscript, Part 3 | Guardians of Memory

detailed explanation of meticulous #conservation work at Library of Congress. Parts 1 and 2 were posted earlier. Part 4 will follow

@bookstodon @bookhistodons #BookHistory #libraries

Happiness for a #SelfEmployed #MedicalEditor: Just before my family's camping vacation, I find out that a favorite physician-researcher from Japan will have a #journal #manuscript for me to #edit when I return. See you after a refreshing trip to the mountains! #Bookstodon

Justine Breton
1 month ago

Petite pensée pour tous les agrégatifs - toutes disciplines confondues, mais je pense surtout à celles et ceux qui préparent l'agrégation d'anglais, pour qui je travaille activement ces jours-ci.
Nous tâchons de vous préparer des outils intéressants et efficaces (et bientôt disponibles !) pour étudier comme il se doit Sir Gawain and the Green Knight et le film de David Lowery.
Bon courage, et enjoy!
#agregation #agregationanglais #TheGreenKnight #Gawain #medieval #manuscript

metkcom 🏹
1 month ago

Vandaag een opzetje maken voor volgende week. Het is de bedoeling om dan voor een deel te herschrijven. #manuscript #boek Wel op een terrasje met een stevige bak leut. (Heul stevig....)

Dr Matt سپهر Mahmoudi
1 month ago

I'm reaching the end of the road on submitting a full draft... Any advice on last minute do's and don'ts from fellow travellers? 🙏🏽 #Academia #Publishing #Manuscript #CriticalRace #Migration #RacialCapitalism

Haelus Novak
1 month ago

I got to see a #perseids #meteor streak the other night. Then promptly passed out. I'll try to check again tonight. Gotta work a half day tomorrow.

Turned a #manuscript draft into a colleague today for review. I am proud of it, but it's probably not up to par or something. It's hard to be excited when one constantly hears the old "Reviewer # 2" joke. 😵‍💫

Caro Stamm-Reusch
2 months ago


Some things never change... like your cat walking all over your desktop completely unfazed while you're trying to write down important things.

15th century #manuscript from Dubrovnik, Croatia, with inky #cat #paw prints. Photo courtesy of the scholar who found it in 2013, Emir O. Filipóvic.

#medieval @medievodons

A photograph of an open book: a 15th century manuscript with inky cat prints all over the written pages.
Dan Carkner🎻
2 months ago

Came across this in a folder on my computer and was chuckling about it again... this was doodling someone did in a big manuscript of pre-WWI #klezmer music collected by Zusman Kiselhof on the An-Sky expedition ... in my mind it was some kind of bored assistant in his office but who knows!
I came across it in 2021 while digitizing the music manuscripts for this project:
#doodles #PlusCaChange #manuscript

photo of a stack of rough, yellowed paper bound together in a stack, on the top piece of paper someone has doodled several artsy faces in pencil and scribbled something in Russian
2 months ago

One of the best things about running a small lab is submitting a #manuscript, even in the summer, when no one will be around to review it 🤓

Claire Barnes
2 months ago

@HMinchin "Guide dogs in medieval art & writing": thanks for the link! Here's another image, from the #MacclesfieldPsalter made in #EastAnglia c.1330s.

#GuideDog #pilgrim #MedievalArt #14thCentury #manuscript #FitzwilliamMuseum #medieval #medievodons @medievodons @histodons

Guide dog on a long lead, looking back at his human who is walking purposefully with closed eyes and staff. The dog looks cheerful and enthusiastic, resembling a labrador puppy? The human looks confident, striding forward barefoot; he wears a short red hooded cape over a knee-length tunic. Detail of illumination from the Macclesfield Psalter, f.85r; dated to 1330s.
3 months ago

An illuminated calligrapher’s diploma (ijazeh), Turkey, Ottoman, dated 1286 AH/1869 AD. Source: #Calligraphy #Turkey #Ottoman #mastoart #manuscript #ijazeh #history

An illuminated calligrapher’s diploma (ijazeh), Turkey, Ottoman, dated 1286 AH/1869 AD

Lloyd Strickland, How Leibniz tried to tell the world he had squared the circle, Historia Mathematica, Volume 62, 2023, Pages 19-39, ISSN 0315-0860, #OpenAccess #OA #History #Maths #Math #Mathematics #Leibniz #Manuscript #Huygens #RoyalAcademy #Research #Article #STEM @histodon @histodons @science

Daniel Bellingradt :mastodon:
3 months ago

What's under the umbrella? Well, #newshistory, journalism from handwritten to printed to digital news, #maphistory, visual mapmaking by humans on whatever material, global #printinghistory, #manuscript usages, a trade focus on book flows, a reading history, and much more about communication flows and infrastructure usages with "books" of all formats and materials. Basically, #bookhistory is an overextension of many fields and approaches dealing with past communication flows and artifacts.


Scotland’s 16th-century Sappho

8 July, Edinburgh – pay what you can

The #16thCentury Maitland #manuscript is a remarkable collection of #Scots #poetry, & includes one of the earliest surviving instances of #lesbian #love poetry in any European language since #Sappho of Lesbos.

Ashley Douglas discusses her research into the female-authored poetry in the Maitland manuscript & Scotland’s Sappho: Marie Maitland.

#Scottish #literature

Anna Dorofeeva
3 months ago

The cover for my book is finally here! No DH in this - I wrote it before I moved into digital humanities - but lots of #palaeography and #medieval #manuscript analysis. Due out later this year.

Cover for a book by Anna Dorofeeva, titled “Reading Nature in the Early Middle Ages. Writing, Language, and Creation in the Latin Physiologus, ca. 700-1000.” The publisher is Arc Humanities Pres. The cover is grey, with red and yellow bands, the text is white. At the top is an image from a medieval manuscript, of a sad horned devil in a bath.
Yvonne Seale
3 months ago

Along with @hgwacha, I'm a guest on the latest episode of @leoba' fabulous "Inside My Favorite #Manuscript" podcast!

"Dot and Lindsey sit down with Yvonne Seale and Heather Wacha to talk about Soissons, Bibliothèque municipale, 0007, aka the #Cartulary of Prémontré. Prémontré was the parent house of the #Premonstratensian Order, an the cartulary contains legal documents related to the house and its holdings. In our conversation we talked about the house itself, people and events mentioned in the documents, and how the cartulary was written (and how it was changed later)."

#histodons #medieval #bookhistory

3 months ago

In 2018 #SantaClara County gave a local politician's wife a million dollars to write the history of the "#SiliconValley" county in a no bid contract, and instead of hiring #historians, she delivered a #manuscript 2 yrs overdue with large portions cut & pasted off #wikipedia etc. The county has since dropped all legal proceedings, and has said she can now just keep the money? #WTF ? #Govt #Grifters #CaliforniaCorruption

Luca Visentin
4 months ago

I've pooled together a lot of notes on how to nicely format papers in latex, and wrote a template for an author manuscript, without any obscure latex class and plenty of comments.

There is no branding, so it's suitable for publishing on #openscience platforms too!

If you want to not start from scratch when you write papers or reports you might like it:

#latex #template #manuscript

Anna Dorofeeva
4 months ago

Some sailors encounter a #whale in a #medieval #manuscript. The artist had never seen a whale in their life.

Bibliothèque municipale de Valenciennes, MS 320 (Liber de natura rerum), f. 118r.

Sea scene from a medieval manuscript. A mermaid is on the left, with arms hidden inside the front of her tail, as if it's a costume; two sailors are in a boat on the right.

"The Heege Manuscript which ‘pokes fun at everyone, high and low’ is among the earliest evidence of the life and work of a real minstrel". #History #Manuscript #Medieval #histodon #histodons #medievodons @histodon @histodons @medievodons

metkcom 🏹
4 months ago

ik geloof dat ik klaar ben met mijn manuscript. dan gaat het voor de tweede keer naar een redacteur. daarna eens zien... #boek #manuscript

Jenny Mathiasson
4 months ago

Here's something I hope the #GLAM crowd appreciates as much as I do: #WashiTape weekdays in the style of #medieval #manuscript writing. 😍

You can buy it here (and probably elsewhere too):

A product photo of a small notebook with grid paper and Japanese characters. It lies on top of some crinkly brown paper. There's a beautiful pair of golden scissors shaped like a bird on top of the open notebook. On the page are strips of washi tape with days of the week printed on them, looking like illuminated letters from a medieval manuscript. It's basically stationery porn.
Anna Dorofeeva
4 months ago

This is the reason why libraries put massive stamps on gorgeous initials in #medieval books.

This initial L, with its accompanying letter i, has been cut out of an 8th-century #manuscript - probably by a collector or a thief looking to re-sell it.

Medieval manuscript page with a large hole in place of the letters LI in the starting word Liber, "book".
Marco Raaphorst
4 months ago

Muzikantendag 2023

Het stikt van de jonge muzikanten die veelal op een rockacademie zitten of er net vanaf zijn. Er is veel aandacht voor die jonge muzikanten en opvallend weinig aandacht voor oudere muzikanten zoals ikzelf.

#manuscript #muziek #muziekindustrie #muzikantendag

Tom Mazanec
4 months ago

My first book will be coming out with Cornell University Press next year. It's titled "Poet-Monks: The Invention of Buddhist Poetry in Late Medieval China." There's finally a webpage for it, so it feels "real" enough to announce.

#PoetMonks combines #CloseReading, #DigitalHumanities, and #Manuscript studies to re-examine the role of #Buddhism in #Medieval #Chinese #poetry and rethink #literaryhistory.

Cover art (and much more!) to come soon.


4 months ago

It's always lovely to get an email from a #PhysicianResearcher saying that after I edited their #manuscript, it was accepted for publication in a #MedicalJournal. The #author of today's email attached a PDF of the article, which included acknowledgment of my #editing. 😃 #editor #Bookstodon

Save the Date: Handschriftentagung Freiburg i. Br., 9.-11. Oktober 2023! Ein Treffen der #Manuscript Community, das die Grenzen zwischen Wissenschaft und Gedächtnisinstitutionen programmatisch überschreitet: @unifreiburg @mediaevisten @hsprtl @HLaehnemann #MedievalMastodon

5 months ago

Our next #CrossAsiaTalk will take place on May 25 from 6pm by Prof. P. #Unschuld (#Charité Berlin) @stabi_berlin. He will present a selection from his extensive #manuscript collection on #Chinese #medicine to open a window on the reality of professional and lay #healthcare care in pre-modern #China. All information can be found here:

CrossAsia Talks Poster with title of presentation and example image of a historical Chinese manuscript on gynecology
Katie Leavens
5 months ago

For all you #history nerds out there…my inspiration was the Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta

It was a fun challenge to update the style for its purpose & scale. My piece is about 30x18 inches.

#Renaissance #manuscript #histodons

Claire Barnes
5 months ago
A pensive St Luke, seated, with a book (presumably his Gospel), under an arch with a winged bull, with side panels depicting scenes from his ministry. Augustine Gospels, f.129v.
12 scenes from the Passion of Christ, Augustine Gospels, f.125r.
Claire Barnes
5 months ago

An image which beautifully captures the extraordinary scene of the #AugustineGospels being carried across the #CosmatiPavement at #WestminsterAbbey as King & Queen look on...
"the Gospel book given by Pope S Gregory the Great to S Augustine to bring to England on the mission in AD 597..."
(M/T Luke Miller)...
& in half a day Twitter reports 11 views. Let's see if more interest on the Fediverse?
#6thCentury #medieval #manuscript #bookstodon #medievodons @bookstodon @medievodons @histodons

Scene from the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, who look on as the Augustine Gospels are carried by the Master of Corpus Christi College, resplendent in his academic robes.
Claire Barnes
5 months ago

The #ParkerLibrary has a new page on the #AugustineGospels, to celebrate entry into the #UNESCO UK #MemoryOfTheWorld Register. This extraordinary illustrated manuscript was owned by #StAugustine, sent to him by #PopeGregoryTheGreat to help in his mission to convert the Anglo-Saxons of England to Christianity.
The whole book may be viewed online at

#6thCentury #manuscript #medieval #OpenAccess #bookstodon #medievodons @medievodons @histodons

Claire Barnes
5 months ago

This is a wonderful story 🙏 bot @ERC_Research - analysing the waste from the special conservationists' erasers to learn more about medieval manuscripts & their production:
#Beasts2Craft #B2C 🤣
Project led by @MatthewCollins - project website

#medieval #manuscript #DNA #parchment #conservation #NoWaste #ManuscriptConservation #BioCodicology #histodons #medievodons @medievodons @histodons

Claire Barnes
5 months ago

So that's how #beehives are made! All those in this shape? or are other materials used too?
Can't resist adding one of my favourite #medieval #manuscript depictions of #bees - would these hives be made of #liana?
#BritishLibrary @natureworks

A bear resembling Winnie the Pooh is attacked by bees as he reaches out to their hives... illumination from 'Flore de virtu e de costumi' (Flowers of Virtue and of Custom), painted in Italy in the 2nd quarter of the 15th century.
The Public Domain Review
5 months ago

#OnThisDay in 1561, as the sun rose over Nuremberg, the residents described seeing an aerial battle take place in its glare — the erratic dance of orbs, crosses, cylinders and a crash-landing beyond the city. An early sighting of alien #UFO? #OTD #ufo #sun #weather #mystery #manuscript #histodon #nuremberg

Illustration showing sun in centre with lots of lines and circles and crosses in blue and red and one big black arrow-head. Below is a city.
6 months ago

#manuscript : written with or by the hand

- French: manuscrit

- German: das Manuskript

- Italian: manoscritto

- Portuguese: manuscrito

- Spanish: manuscrito


See previous words @

Claire Barnes
6 months ago

Vivid narrative imagery from the Holkham Bible Picture Book, made in England c.1327-35, in a new BL post 'Picturing the Crucifixion':

#BritishLibrary #HolkhamBible #medieval #manuscript #crucifixion #OpenAccess #medievodons @medievodons

3 scenes over 2 pages. (1) Christ is nailed to the Cross. (2) His garments are divided among the Roman soldiers, while the governor Pontius Pilate writes the sign to be displayed above Christ’s head. (3) The Crucifixion, with explanatory comments in scrolls issuing from the mouths of the different figures. At the foot of the Cross, a cluster of bones and skulls have been painted, reflecting the name Golgotha (literally ‘Skull’ in Aramaic), the site of the Crucifixion in ancient Jerusalem.
The Public Domain Review
6 months ago

Jesus on the cross, from a stunning 14th-century manuscript known as the Holkham Bible Picture Book. Explore more of its glorious depictions of bible scenes here: #goodfriday #jesus #crucifixion #art #manuscript #bible

6 months ago

Text in the shape of a swan from a 9th Century French manuscript of Marcus Tullius Cicero's "Aratea, with extracts from Hyginus’s Astronomica in the constellation figures" #manuscript #mastoart

Claire Barnes
7 months ago
A white elephant with red saddlecloth follows a fakir to be presented to a king - from a 14th century manuscript of an 8th century Arabic text, Kalila wa Dimna by Abdu llah ibn al-Mugaffa.
Credit: The Master and Fellows of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, from the Parker Library on the Web, CC BY-NC 4.0.
7 months ago
7 months ago

"Centuries-old books, manuscripts and printing plates often contain invisible etchings, mysterious letters – and even doodles. A new technology that maps the surface of these objects is bringing them to light."

#archaeology #manuscript

The Public Domain Review
7 months ago

Illustrations from the beguiling Clavis Artis, a German alchemical manuscript which claims to hail from the 13th century and have pages made from dragon skin: #art #illustration #occult #alchemy #manuscript

Be-crowned 3 headed figure with snake lower half, human upper, holding sun in one hand and and moon in other.
3 interlinked alchemy jars to the left with birds inside, to the right a fire breathing dragon
Fire breathing dragon with a woman stood on its back holding a crescent moon.
Woman standing on crescent moon which is on a dragon/snake creature with sun between them.
8 months ago

Good advice for anyone dealing with the #rejection of a #manuscript.

"Five lessons to be learned from rejected manuscripts…: (1) rejections teach journal scope, (2) rejections teach process, (3) rejection should lead to resubmission, (4) rejections reflect writing effort, and (5) rejections happen to papers, not authors."

“The manuscript also contains Stevenson’s edits, in some places quite extensive […] Stevenson complicates the distinction between the two poles that Jekyll and Hyde are supposed to represent, emphasizing the difficulty of telling one from another, or keeping them apart.”

—New York’s Morgan Library has placed the scanned handwritten #manuscript of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde online

Letterform Archive
9 months ago

T. Hodgson, Specimen of Penmanship, manuscript, 1864. Writing books from the 17–19th centuries are among the 1,000+ items added to our Online Archive in 2022. See them all:

#Calligraphy #WritingBook #Manuscript #Typography #1800s

“TWILIGHT” hand lettered with surrounding flourishes.
The full page on which “TWILIGHT” appears, along with a poem written in calligraphy.
Detail of title page, highlighting “SPECIMENS” and “PENMAN” each lettered in an ornamental style.
The full title page: “Specimens of Penmanship by Mastr. T. Hodgson. / 1864.”
Jim Wald
9 months ago

Visiting #Fellowships and Travel #Grants | Lewis Walpole #Library

Deadline for applications: January 9, 2023.

4-week visiting fellowships, 2-week travel grants: for research in the collections of materials from the #British long #EighteenthCentury

Recipients also have access to Sterling Memorial Library, Beinecke #RareBook & #Manuscript Library, Yale Center for British Art.

#Histodons #BookHistodons

Lex Starwalker
10 months ago

Attention #writers and #novelists I created this tutorial on setting up your #novel #manuscript in MS Word. This method allows you to quickly & easily change formats to the specifications of various agents/acquisitions editors. It will save you loads of time in the long run, and it also makes your manuscript much easier to navigate. I hope you find it helpful!

#WritingCommunity #AmWriting #AmWritingSciFi #novelist #AmWritingFiction #Word

Katie Leavens
10 months ago

Redirected account here, so I thought I would re-share a few things I made this year:
- #brushtrajans for the Friends of Calligraphy thank you cards
- A fun bird #illustration and #script with #flourish interactions
- #engrossersScript alphabet sample
- #illumination D copied from #medieval #manuscript MS Hunter 229

Engrosser's script alphabet sample in black in on white paper by Katie Leavens
Illuminated D in raised 23k gold leaf, red and
blue with back outline and white highlights.
Copied from medieval manuscript hunter 229
by Katie Leavens
Blind debossed letterpress thank you card with
teal logo for Friends of Calligraphy. Set on record player with album of same color as logo.
Gouache painted finch in browns, pale blue and
coral with calligraphic script name "Alessandra"
curved around it. Name ends in a tornado-like
flourish that wraps around birds left wing. Artist:
Katie Leavens
Dr Caitlin Green
10 months ago

Unloading camels in the fascinating Ashburnham Pentateuch, perhaps made in late 6th-/early 7th-century Rome: #Camels #Roman #History #Manuscript

People unloading amphorae and other goods from pack camels; the manuscript shows people undertaking the task, whilst the camels sit and allow themselves to be unloaded. The colouring is rich, with a blue background.
Lex Starwalker 🚀
10 months ago

I wrote a tutorial on formatting your novel #manuscript in Word. This is especially useful if you're submitting to agents/editors as it allows you to quickly reformat the entire document to their specifications. Once you set this up, you can use it over and over with every novel you write.

#WritingCommunity #AmWriting #NaNoWriMo #novelist


I'm a freelance #editor, #translator, and #humanities scholar, specializing in #TTRPGs, #esotericism, and practical #magic.

My personal research is largely concerned with reconstructing the worldviews and practices of historical magicians, alchemists, astrologers, and other occultists, based upon the study of their #manuscript writings and other primary source documents.

Links to all of my work can be found on my profile!


Daniel Bellingradt :mastodon:
11 months ago

All this and more is #bookhistory nowadays: #newshistory, journalism from handwritten to printed to digital news transmission, #maphistory, visual mapmaking by humans on whatever material, #printinghistory, using global printing technologies, #manuscript usages ...(and more). Too much, isn't it? Remember the riot reference?