16 hours ago
Hab eine "Einladung" (also Link zur Bezahlseite) für den Frankfurt #Marathon bekommen, war zuerst sehr angetan,kurz überlegt und hab dann bemerkt: überhaupt kein bock mehr auf solche Mega-Veranstaltungen.
Also, vielen Dank aber ich werde nicht dabei sein.
23 hours ago

Zum #Weltfahrradtag heute ein Rad auf #Marathon, FL, ausgeliehn.

Ein weisses Fahrrad mit roten Reifen steht am Gehweg. Links im Hintergrund eine Reihe von Palmen und geparkte Autos. Rechts ist ein kurz geschnittener Rasen, ganz hinten ein zweistöckiges Gebäude.
3 days ago

Why yes, I HAVE indeed been in a perpetual state of absolutely freaking out over the past several days for the new #Marathon. All of my friends who have dealt with my Marathon raving and tirades over my life finally get to witness beautiful gaming ecstasy

#games #gaming #bungie

Terry Wallwork
3 days ago

100 miles around Mount Fuji on 'Asia's most important' race | The Japan Times

>The Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji ultramarathon isn't just Japan's most prestigious trail running competition — it might one day be the world's biggest.

#Japan #JapaneseCulture #Fuji #MtFuji #FujiSan #富士山 #Marathon

3 days ago

Second marathon complete! 6 min faster than last year, at 4:13. Planning to do Marquette in the fall. #marathon #running #bayshore

4 days ago

Who is running #AmsterdamMarathon in October? Just signed up to discover that it's so popular that they've now introduced a second start point outside the stadium #running #marathon

5 days ago

I'm a bit late to the party on this but #SummerGamesDoneQuick has been up and rolling for a couple days already raising money for #DoctorsWithoutBorders and has already raised nearly half a million US dollars for the charity. If you're even casually interested in video games, it's a really fun event to watch and a great cause to which to donate if you have the money available. They're about to run through #Halo3 from stem to stern in about an hour and a half.

#Charity #Speedrun #Marathon #MSF #MédecinsSansFrontières #Twitch #Streaming

IGN Italia
6 days ago

Bungie: lo studio di Destiny sembra essere al lavoro su un nuovo gioco live service, oltre a Marathon

Scopri di più! 👇

#Notizie #Marathon

Ken Applebaum
6 days ago

I am by no means anything that anyone ought to call "a gamer." THAT SAID, I played the FUCK out of this game almost 30 years ago, before HALO was a thing, and to see Bungie finally go back to this story decades later has me all kinds of hyped. #Marathon

1 week ago
Was soll ich sagen, läuft bei mir :-)
Oneway vom Schwiegerpapa nach Hause.

22,29 km Dauerlauf in 1:49:40 (4:55/km) - Haan -> Ddorf

#laufen #running #shammasandals #warriorsmaximus  #runalyze #coros #apexpro

 Oliver schrieb den folgenden Beitrag Sun, 28 May 2023 18:36:23 +0200 Einfach mal austesten was eine Woche nach einem #Marathon so geht. Schöne Strecke, tolles Wetter, gute Laune, keine Hektik, einfach #laufen.

#running #nature

Komin á mál 🏃🇫🇴🥳😎Brúkti minni enn 4 tímar - sum ætlað. Tíðin var 3t50min - og persónligt met 😜 Men tærnar eru í knúsi 😵‍💫 #emf #marathon #renning #Bragdið

Running the last meters of the Edinburgh Marathon 2023
1 week ago

#madtown #marathon Thank you to everyone on the sidelines who cheered me on despite how slow I am. You are appreciated 💛 ❤️!

Trenton Matthews
1 week ago

For those into ‘The Fibber McGee and Molly Show’, there is a #marathon going on #OldTimeRadioUSA, from now and throughout the day:

Der Mensch läuft
1 week ago

In der letzten Woche war ich zusammen mit einigen anderen #Parkrun-Läufern beim Nachtmarathon in Luxemburg am Start. Im Vorfeld erzählten sie mir von einer festlichen Stimmung und vielen begeisterten Zuschauern, die an der Strecke stehen und die Läufer anfeuern würden. Welche Erfahrungen ich beim Nachtmarathon in Luxemburg machte, könnt ihr in meinem Laufbericht nachlesen:

#laufen #marathon #luxemburgmarathon #running #sport #mastodonlauftreff

Paul Chernoff
1 week ago

@shoogle Had both #Marathon trilogy and a PowerCenter clone which served me well until I replaced it with a PowerMac G4 tower. Got me a better processor than an Apple Mac at around the same price (actually a bit cheaper than the Mac). Though I had to replace the power supply twice.

Alin Walker
1 week ago

I saw the Marathon trailer, and then I saw the anticipated release date. Fuck you, Bungie. Now, I'm in a constant state of yearning, and I hate it. 😒​

Edited to include the trailer, because misery loves company.

#gaming #marathon #bungie #why

1 week ago

The transition of #Marathon from a metaphysical commentary on sentience to a narcissistic rat race for achieving fame and glory has a massively tone deaf ick-factor.

Really disappointed with #Bungie. The corporate culture they grew during Destiny’s dev-cycle has destroyed a lot of what made me love the studio.

1 week ago

In the mid-90s I had a LOT of fun playing #Marathon and its sequel. I had a #Mac, and those had precious few cool games back then. Not sure why they'd resurrect it in this form, but whatever.

Side note: I actually had a Mac *clone*. Anyone remember those? For a few years there, #Apple was allowing other companies to sell PCs which ran their OS (System 7?) for a fraction of the cost of a Mac. Mine was a PowerCenter Pro. It was kind of a crazy time for Mac folks!

1 week ago

Futzed around with some graphic design yesterday trying to mimic the cool aesthetics on display in that new #marathon trailer.

Feels like my #graphicdesign skills are getting better? At least I’m getting the confidence to fuck around and find out.

Screenshot of a 2 page spread. The text is all place holder. The left page is black on yellow with a colourful burst of white and cyan. The right page has a few dark geometric shaped around the header with a simple white background.
Screenshot from the new Marathon video game teaser. A sci-fi person bleeds bright blue into a shallow sea of white after getting shot.
Another screenshot from the Marathon teaser. This time a different colourful sci-fi person holding a rifle made of clean geometric shapes.
The Japan Times
1 week ago

“UTMF is a unique race in that it requires you to be really well rounded. You have to have speed and strength. The trails here are as challenging as it gets.” #life #lifestyle #mountfuji #marathon #race #running #japan

The one thing announced at the Sony event that caught my attention. The colors are phenomenal, and I'm excited to see whats coming ahead for Marathon :)

#Marathon #Bungie #Sony #ButPCTho

Hamish Rickerby
1 week ago

Week 3/16 of #marathon #training

40km total for the week.
- 6km easy run
- 8km interval training
- 8km tempo run
- 18km long run (up at 5am today to smash this out before taking kids to sport)

Good week. The interval and tempo were easier than expected, although I was tried for the tempo. Needed to rearrange the #running days as I can’t do long run tomorrow.

Really wanting to play the 90s #Marathon games, especially after the discovery of the #OpenSource project Aleph One:

I knew these games existed, but as a relatively recent Mac convert, I didn't ever look into playing them. I didn't realize there was a project to make them playable on every platform!

But I mustn't. Not yet. The #HarlanPlaysZelda mountain still remains to be conquered...

Ron's Computer Videos🖥️📼
1 week ago

This game is terrible, I don't know why people are so excited about it /s #Marathon #MarathonTheGame

Already thinking of a Runner-sona 👀

This is going to be fun. The Marathon of the 90s was fun (I hesitate to say Doom but better?) and Bungie's come a looooong way since then!


Joseph Kohlmann
1 week ago

Really fascinating to hear from people who are disappointed by #Bungie’s new game #Marathon being a multiplayer extraction shooter. I get it, but as someone who never played the #Halo games, it has been such a joy to experience Bungie’s craft through #Destiny2.

Anyway, I for one am looking forward to the new game, though I understand the other perspective.

1 week ago

Checklist for later:

- Myhouse.wad
- Unreal: Steele Dawn
- Marathon Red

#retrogaming #doom #unreal #marathon

Angus McIntyre
1 week ago

I play (and get hooked on) about one videogame per decade.

Looks like it might be Marathon’s turn again.

#marathon #videogames

Chris 👾
1 week ago

The new #Bungie #Marathon merch looks pretty cool, but 77$ for a t-shirt seems a bit out of touch. That being said, some #Destiny shirts are on sale for less than 30$. And there is a fishing hat 😂

Black T-Shirt with cryptic logo print for Bungie's upcoming game Marathon
Blue T-Shirt with white limited numbered back print for Bungie's upcoming game Marathon
Black T-Shirt with cryptic glowing green dots print for Bungie's upcoming game Marathon
Black fishing hat with Destiny 2 logo front/center.
1 week ago

Is the track from the #Marathon teaser available somewhere? I’d love to listen to the full thing if it exists.

@sidequesting Will #Bungie make #Marathon release first on #Apple #macOS as well?

Cuz #ARM64 #ARMv8 aka. #AppleSilicon has the #GPU power equivalent to a #1070Ti even in the smallest #M1 & #A14X chips...

1 week ago
Nicolas Ward
1 week ago

The Doctor is [IN] — Siracusa holds forth on why #Marathon looms large in the memories of Mac gamers like myself.

Morgan Archer
1 week ago

Sorry, I’m still stuck on this #Marathon reboot

1 week ago

So #Bungie is rebooting #Marathon, eh? I hope they kept the soundtrack... because I have vivid memories of booting up the game and hearing "MARATHON-THON-THON"

1 week ago

Oh well now that my hopes for a #Marathon revival have been destroyed by Bungie themselves...

#retrogaming #retropcgaming

Official photos dropped, and ... I've looked a lot worse mid-race, tbh

- Starting line in downtown Ojai at 6:00am
- Somewhere about mile 6, I think? Early enough I could mug for the camera
- Crossing the finish line, repping my running club (#LosAngeles Frontrunners) and @ASNAmNat

#running #marathon #LosAngeles #gay

A crowd of runners dashing through a small town main street in dim early-morning light
A man in a red sleeveless t-shirt, ball cap, and short tights dashes down a road, holding up two hands in the V sign
A man in a sleeveless t-shirt reading "Los Angeles Frontrunners", a ball cap reading "The American Naturalist", and short tights dashes across a race finish line
Ivan Rodriguez ♠
1 week ago

I just saw a #Youtube #ad for #Marathon

cc: @neatchee

1 week ago

Everything about the #Marathon Trailer is perfect. The Music though really whips the Llamas ass... so good.

Uli Kusterer
1 week ago

Thinking about #Marathon some more: #Halo was basically already how Marathon's single-player would have developed. You had the story focus, you had the rampant AI friends (don’t tell me #Cortana isn't basically #Leela).

#Destiny was basically #Bungie trying to do something Halo-like but different and deeper and more MMO-like, and without pissing off MS who still own Halo.

So the only thing Bungie hasn't remade is the Marathon multiplayer. Guessing that's what the new Marathon will be.


The S’pht Compiler as shown in the trailer for the new Marathon. Basically the only thing reminiscent of the original trilogy in the trailer that isn’t a text screen.
2 weeks ago

The Bungie development team talks about the vision powering its new sci-fi extraction shooter: #Marathon

2 weeks ago

Wow. #Marathon is being resurrected. Not sure how the lineage of this is going to work: the original was a Mac-only masterpiece decades ago and then Microsoft bought them and eventually turned it into Halo for the XBox launch. Now it’s going to PlayStation, but still from Bungie? Weird, but ok. I’m still interested.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

@siracusa The new #Marathon sounds nothing like the original, despite appeals to belonging “in the same universe”:

And I agree with @gruber that it’s downright criminal not to have it on an #Apple platform. Maybe you can make a market share argument against #macOS, but what about #iOS?

2 weeks ago

In light of the new Teaser for Bungie's Marathon reboot you might be interested in checking out the originals.

#videogames #bungie #marathon

2 weeks ago

Bungie announces extraction shooter Marathon, brings back Nathan Fillion for Destiny 2’s The Final Shape #Destiny2 #Marathon #Bungie

2 weeks ago

I'm torn between excitement over a new #Marathon game... (I played the heck out of that series as a child, growing up as a Mac user, it was my Doom) 😮

... and disappointment that the new game isn't available for Mac, nor does it seem to offer a single-player experience

Weirdly mixed feelings about this one.

Uli Kusterer
2 weeks ago

Reminder: The Aleph One open source project got the art assets and level maps from #Bungie, so you can just download and play the original #Marathon #games right now:

Cass :noverified:
2 weeks ago

That #Destiny2 #theFinalShape teaser was niiiice. Also lines up with many leaks we've seen, and exciting ones at that!

Also very nice to finally see #Marathon even as a "vibe teaser". Will defo be keeping an eye on that.

Esi Jóhannes G.
2 weeks ago

My 90's childhood game IP seems to be getting a revive. Marathon were the games that made me into a game developer. The tools that were shipped with the Marathon trilogy kickstarted my love for making games. Loving this new art style #Marathon

My thirteenth #marathon turns out to be the lucky one: Boston qualified at #Mountains2Beach 2023, with a chip time of 3:09:29.

I really pushed myself training, and conditions were perfect — a nice cool May Gray morning on the coast.

#running #California #gay

A 3D landscape map of a 26.2 mile running route from Ojai, California, down to the coast at Ventura
A blurry image of runners on a bike trail sheltered by arching live oaks
A man in a sleeveless t-shirt and short tights poses in front of a banner reading “Mountains 2 Beach”, holding up a marathon finisher medal
Tom Servo
2 weeks ago

I will be going live on #Twitch at 12:30 will be checking out #Marathon by #Bungie this game originally came out for the #Macintosh but thankfully there is a PC version available to play now I'm a #Smallstreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.

#SmallstreamersConnect #SmallstreamersUnite #SupportSmallStreamers #RetroGaming #RetroGames #FirstPersonShooter

brad m
3 weeks ago

“lack of water and medical personnel available for #runners, and a finish line that was, at best, disorganized, and at worst unsafe for volunteers and participants alike”

#Toronto #Marathon has been criticized for cars driving through the race course and medals being stolen at the finish line. The director of the race, which took place last weekend, said he has never been more disgusted with how some participants behaved #running #torontomarathon #safety #behavior #wtf

Christian Saris
3 weeks ago

Habt ihr Lektüretipps für mich?

Ich, begeisterter Hobby-Ausdauersportler, ernähre mich seit mehr als 22 Jahren #vegetarisch und stelle immer mehr in Richtung #vegan um, ohne mich jedoch einmal ernsthaft mit den Grundlagen der veganen #Ernährung befasst zu haben. Das würde ich gerne ändern. Schön wäre es, neben Grundlagen insbesondere auch einen Blick auf die Aspekte, die für das Training (#Marathon, #Triathlon) wichtig sind zu bekommen. Für jeden Tipp dankbar. #laufen #rennrad #ernaehrung

Mr. Wilson
1 month ago

Tell me you know nothing about #marathon running without saying that you know nothing about marathon running.

A screenshot of a paragraph from a news article. It reads: "A 37-year-old Lincoln Marathon record fell Sunday on a warm, pleasant day for runners in the annual race around the Capital City." The words "on a warm, pleasant day for runners" are highlighted.
1 month ago

The #Pittsburgh #marathon must be like Christmas to the tow truck drivers and tow lots here.


HG ✅
1 month ago

Damit das ein für alle Mal klar ist! #Heilbronn #Trollinger #Marathon

Eine aufblasbare Streckenmerkierung beim Marathon mit der Aufschrift "Kaufland - Wir können alles. Außer stillstehen."
1 month ago

More on Victor Rosario, freed after three decades after being wrongfully convicted. (He's been #running #marathon s since he's been out!)

1 month ago

🇵🇱 Dzisiaj zacząłem 18-tygodniowy cykl treningowy do wrześniowego maratonu!

🇬🇧 Today I started 18-weeks training plan for a marathon in September!

#bieganie #marathon #maraton #running

Daniel Stucke
1 month ago

…There's longer training runs to come over the next month too. I'm raising money for three charities close to my heart. If you'd like to contribute that would be hugely appreciated. The charities, and my legs, will be forever in your debt. 🙏 #training #charity #marathon #ultramarathon

Daniel Stucke
1 month ago

A moorland training Marathon - seems apt today with everyone doing that simple flat course in London 😉. 1200m of climbing and bog hopping on my version. Defo tired now though! #ultrarunning #marathon #training #trailrunning

An unusual stone stile in the Peaks. Just some stones sticking out of a 6ft high dry stone wall to make steps that allow you to climb over. With map of run overlaid.
Joshua Hürzeler :verified:
1 month ago

#AufZumMarathon - Ich habe es geschafft. 5:35:00 brauchte ich für die ganze Strecke. Ab Kilometer 21 ginge nur noch bergab.

Bin froh es geschafft zu haben und gönne mir Zuhause nun ein warmes Bad.

#Marathon #Zürich #Finisher

Ich mit Medallie

Rang 2773, in meiner altersklasse 820/873

Zeit 5:35:00
Laufstrecke Marathon Apple Watch
Joan Mastodon
1 month ago

Wiener City #Marathon. Der einzige Tag im Jahr, wo die Luft in #Wien gut ist.

CelloMom On Cars
1 month ago

"[Extinction Rebellion] will be uniquely asking all their participants to help guard the London Marathon. To do something that is quite unique in their history — to protect what is one of the crown jewels of British sport," Mr Brasher said.
"We acknowledge that the charities and campaigns groups that runners are supporting are unequivocally in favour of acting against #climate collapse," the group said in a statement.

#London #marathon #XR #ExtinctionRebellion #TheBigOne

Scottish Lass
1 month ago

#EilishMcColgan out of the #LondonMarathon due to injury.
Shame but you've got to put your health first. Get fighting fit and try and beat yer mum's time later 🏃‍♀️
#Sport #Marathon #Athletics

Aaron Ouellette
2 months ago

Time for an updated intro post.
Hi, I'm Aaron,
I've lived in #NewEngland my whole life. I like #Running #Marathon s and some times #Biking. I try to build some stuff with wood, #woodworking. I like #Computers. I'm a troubleshooter by nature and career. I work in SAAS/DB software performance. I like to keep busy, it's my happy place, I drink #coffee and #cook.
I nearly forgot, I love #AudioBooks

2 months ago


Susannah Scaroni wins the womens' wheelchair division at the #BostonMarathon.

Live updates: #boston #running #marathon

A woman in a racing wheelchair wearing a teal helmet breaks the tape at the Boston Marathon
2 months ago

Bobbi Gibb ran the #BostonMarathon before women were allowed to do so:

"Well, at first, the men didn’t realize I was a woman. I said, “I’m afraid if I take off this shirt, they’ll see I’m a woman and throw me out.” These guys said, “We won’t let them throw you out. It’s a free road.” #boston #running #marathon

2 months ago

TODAY IS THE DAY! Yes, it's Marathon Monday!

Our live updates from the #BostonMarathon are right here:

#running #Boston #Marathon

A field of runners. Text on screen reads GBH News 2023 Boston Marathon News and Updates
2 months ago

#manchestermarathon today. Happy to run a PB of 3:47 for the 42.2km. Great crowds, great course. #Manchester #running #marathon

2 months ago

Hey #fedifriends: I'll be working tomorrow as our newsroom covers the #Boston Marathon.

You'll see everything we've got here -- there will be a liveblog starting tomorrow: #running #marathon #BostonMarathon

An image of runners. Text on screen reads GBH News 2023 Boston Marathon News And Updates
2 months ago

@themarkup @gbhnews' @craiglemoult is here in the #Fediverse and you're not going to miss his coverage of a topic so fun and quirky: it's about the cyclists who do a midnight ride along the #Boston #Marathon course:

(also pls follow @craiglemoult and give him a warm welcome to the #fediverse !!)

📷 The outside wall of a convenience store where the propane tank cage, Redbox vending machine and bagged ice machine stood before it was abandoned.

#streetphotograhy #photo #Photography #Marathon #Fensterfreitag #fotographie #fotografía #photographie #thesouth #appalachia #FediversalPictures

horizontal color inverted edited abstract shot. Two horizontal sections of on outside wall are painted and patched color blocks. in the foreground, at the far left and right, two light blue cement bollards rise with red piping rise just about the lower band of color blocks into the one above. the bottom of the image is sidewalk and paved area in shades of dark blue with white and yellow stripes. I shot the image through a rainy windshield and large drops reflect the various shades of the wall and roof panel along the top.

📷 Outside wall where the propane tank cage, Redbox vending machine and bagged ice machine stood before the convenience store was abandoned.

#streetphotograhy #photo #Photography #Marathon #Fensterfreitag #fotographie #fotografía #photographie #thesouth #appalachia #FediversalPictures

horizontal color abstract shot in tones of cream, tan, light brown, dark brown and firetruck red. blocks of color light, medium and dark. Two horizontal sections of on outside wall are painted and patched in blocks in the cream/brown family. in the forground, at the far left and right, two red cement bollards rise just about the lower band of color blocks into the one above. I shot the image through a rainy windshield and large drops reflect the various shades of the blocks and unseen red roof.
Bob Merckel
4 months ago

Hi #running Mastodon

Let's talk about cadence

🏃🏻‍♀️ Is 180 spm optimal? Why? why not?
🏃🏻‍♀️ Do you worry about cadence in the majority of your training?
🏃🏻‍♀️ Better to hit a specific SPM for short drills or focus on it for longer stretches?
🏃🏻‍♀️ Is it overrated?

#marathon #cadence #fitness #Training #runforrestrun

brad m
4 months ago

🏃‍♀️ most #athletes are considered independent contractors, and many have to pay for their own #healthcare, body work, and travel
🏃‍♂️ For track #athletes and #marathon runners, a change of shoe #brands is often a more involved change … often means changing #training groups and coaches
🏃 most road and track runners have agents to help smooth out those transitions, whereas most trail runners do not #running #trailrunning #sponsorship