3 hours ago

I've thoroughly gotten distracted with this #Javascript / #Markdown #CMS... Though it is straying away from the concept of "completely client sided" with the expansion of #Python scripts for some CGI actions.

Work today is for - a feature to not _need_ to rely on index pages. This allowed my simple site with 35 pages to drop from 52 requests down to just 12. :)

Thus far I'm pretty excited with where this is heading.

Axel Rauschmayer
13 hours ago

I really like Pandoc’s Markdown dialect. Especially its attributes for spans, images, Markdown div blocks and headings:

![](dog.jpg){width=100 height=300}

# Markdown {#markdown}

::: warning
Div block
<!-- Equivalent: -->
::: {.warning}
Div block

Felix Bartels
16 hours ago

I recently came across and created a small #blog post about it. Enjoy!
#devops #readme #runbook #markdown

19 hours ago

Somehow using "X." prefix after list item rendered different on different host.
For example, given these #markdown

* 16. Sections
* 16.1. Titles

On my local,

* 16. Sections (the spaces is intentional)
o 16.1. Titles

On github [1],

* xvi. Sections
o 16.1. Titles

On SourceHut [2],

* 1. Sections
o 16.1. Titles

On [3],

o i. Sections
o 16.1. Titles


[2] N/A

Mark Crocker
1 day ago

@adamghill whew, for a split second, when I saw a link rather than a recommendation for something like #PanDoc or #Kramdown, I feared you were suggesting that a sane person would use some third party web site or service to generate HTML from #Markdown source. Then after a few more milliseconds my brain recognized the Github domain and I calmed down enough to browse the link and verify that is a Python library and regained my composure 😏

1 day ago

Started writing some #regex to parse #markdown into #html before I caught myself and just used like a sane person.

1 day ago

@binaryphile Thanks, I use ciigo [1] right now to preview and render the both .md and .adoc files in local.

There are some format that cannot be converted to #markdown, like generating ToC, comments, list description; which makes me create above post.

I also use asciidoc to convert README to man page, which is not possible if I convert it to #markdown.


1 day ago

Re-converting all my README back to #markdown because some public host does not support #asciidoc make me questioning how come #markdown become defacto standard is beyond my knowledge.

1 day ago

Tutorial básico para escribir en Markdown #markdown

Herbert Hertramph
1 day ago

Danke an alle, die sich an der Umfrage beteiligt haben! Ich selbst verwende oft XMind, da es aus der Mindmap eine Gliederung erzeugt <-> und umgekehrt und sogar in Markdown speichern kann.
Da hätte ich noch einen weitere Tool-Tipp für Euch: "Markmap" - online oder als Plugin für VSCode: Man schreibt seine Liste in MD, ein Mindmap wird erzeugt, Export in SVG oder interaktive HTML möglich.

#Mindmap #Markdown #XMind #Markmap #Notizen #Brainstorming

Screencast von Markmap
Alex Nedelcu ☕️
2 days ago

#Scala CLI has experimental #Markdown support 🙀

Can be useful for validating documents with Scala snippets or for "literate" #programming.

3 days ago

the more i use #ruby's `redcarpet` gem on a daily basis the more frustrated i am with it NOT being the same behavior as github's #markdown renderer, which admittedly is not canonical, but it is GOOD.

3 days ago

The inventor of #Markdown has something to say about #Discord adding Markdown support and them adding underlining support:

3 days ago

Buenos días, otro #viernesdeescritorio para mostrar nuestros entornos #Linux. Por aquí, seguimos con la maravillosa #Fedora 38 y #GNOME 44.1, esta vez con un fondo de pantalla "maquero".
Hoy os muestro el estupendo editor de #markdown #Apostrophe, que es una pasada de herramienta para redactar en este formato y que se integra a la perfección en este #desktop.

Cyril I. 🧮📐👨‍💻
3 days ago

Un nouveau billet ✍️ où je partage le modèle de supports 📄 et donc leurs archives 🗂️ modifiables :

#LaTeX #Markdown #HTML #PeerTube #CodiMD #A4 #MD2HTML

J'explique également comment je construis ma séquence 🧑‍🏫 et quels outils 🧰 j'utilise pour partager ces contenus à mes élèves. 😉

EDIT : Argh ! J'ai oublié de compléter la section "fiches d'exercices"... Bon, j'essaie de m'en occuper dans la journée. 🙃

Copie d'écran du billet. Le titre est "la correction (PDF et HTML)". Il y a une zone de texte ainsi qu'une image d'un ordinateur et un téléphone qui affiche la même page internet de correction.
Partie du billet concernant le partage de vidéos explicatives.
Partie du billet concernant la fiche leçon
Adrian Lopez
3 days ago

I just finished coding a #neovim #plugin to visualize your #Markdown as #mindmaps.

Stefan :veritrek:
3 days ago

#Simplex even supports text formatting 🤩 #markdown

Don’t know whether I would use it.. but I could ☺️

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
4 days ago

Writing documentation for a client to explain layering in software applications. Because I've been trialing #github #copilot, it keeps trying to autocomplete my documentation.

It's doing a far better job than I would expect, even when I have a single document open, it's pure #markdown, and I don't have any code loaded in my editor.

A diagram showing simplistic functional and structural layering of an application. On the horizontal axis, we see three "functiona" layer for product search, shopping cart, and payment.

On the vertical axis, we see the structural component of view, controller, and model.
André Claaßen
4 days ago

Das scheint für mich das Tool des Jahres zu werden. Meine Güte, iA Presenter von IA Writer rockt total. Präsentationen für Leute, die Story-Building lieben! Ich habe schon GooseBumps!

#Markdown #Presentations #StoryBuilding

4 days ago

I've been seeing people raving about the note-taking app, #Obsidian, almost like a cult, and it got me curious. Then after some light digging and seeing why people liked it, most of it is really just what you'd normally find with #Markdown editors... some of which I think looks better and is more intuitive to use.

#Notable is my go-to for years now, and is available on Linux, macOS and Windows. Another popular one I normally see (but have never tried) is #Joplin which is open source and available on all platforms including mobile.

What I take away from this is... Markdown editors are awesome, and makes it
super easy to get your ideas/thoughts out in a really organised way. I've primarily used them for all sorts of notes, work documents, tutorials, manuals, etc. and there's no going back from that.

4 days ago

Estoy dale y jode.

Aún no encuentro un buen editor de #Markdown para windows. Uno decente y funcional para mi.
Si hubiera cliente de #Ulysses, con soporte de archivos, no lo pensaría mucho y lo adquiriría.

Me las apaño con #VSCode, pero se me complica copiar con formato y pegarlo en otra aplicación.

Bajé unos 10 editores, estoy probando #Obsidian y #Zettlr y no me convencen.

Thomas Arildsen
4 days ago

@dginev I had not even heard of Typst until I saw you post this. It sounds like a really promising alternative to LaTeX to check out.
I have not been using LaTeX much (directly) for the past few years and have been getting by with #markdown and Pandoc.
Typst sounds like it could be a stronger alternative to Markdown, but as you mention I am also a bit skeptical if it cannot do HTML yet.

Steven Harman
4 days ago

TIL: GitHub Markdown supports "Note" and "Warning” highlights in blockquotes. This is a great little improvement. #GitHub #Markdown

Example of GitHub Markdown show the markup and rendered result of highlighting a block of text as “Note” or “Warning,” including a little visual symbol.
C. Pimentel :tardis:
5 days ago

Leo esto que ha compartido en Twitter @undivaga y lo único que puedo decir es ¿Dónde hay que firmar?

Justo hoy que he incluido audio y video en un post de #WriteFreely, creo que sería muy útil que la opción de incrustar audio y video estuviste soportada de manera nativa en #Markdown.

Hibbitts Design
5 days ago

Have you used my open source project to display #Markdown files as simple Web pages? If so, I'd appreciate you taking a minute or two to complete this brief survey Thank you 🙏🏼

5 days ago

Os dejo un mini tutorial para las personas que estén empezando a escribir en Markdown ya que estén comenzando a utilizar blogs en Writefreely, Mataroa o utilicen Joplin: #markdown #tutorial

Cédric Eyssette
6 days ago

ViteUnDiapo : j'ai intégré les diagrammes Mermaid à mon outil de création rapide d'un diaporama.

Après avoir testé une première version avec un ancien Mermaid, j'ai pu ajouter finalement la dernière version qui permet de gérer tous les types de diagrammes que permet Mermaid.

Merci @ERUN pour l'idée !


Cyril I. 🧮📐👨‍💻
6 days ago

Un nouveau billet ! 📰

#Markdown pour l’#enseignant 🧑‍🏫 : présentation d’outils pour exploiter Markdown dans ses #supports #enseignements 🏫

#VSCode #VSCodium


Ce billet sera mis à jour au cours de la journée en mettant à disposition mes ressources personnelles dediées/issues de ces différents outils.

Capture d'écran d'une partie du billet, en particulier celle qui concerne "Vite Un Diapo".
Bryan Lawrence
1 week ago

I’ve just invested in updating a lot of my talks and teaching into widescreen #beamer (using the Hannover scheme). My next “upgrade” might be to leave latex and go to #markdown, but there are two issues I don’t want to solve myself:
1. I use tikzpictures for overlaying images, and
2. I really like the Hannover scheme navigation.

Anyone made that journey already and addressed these in markdown and css?

#TeXLaTeX #latex

Alexander Zeitler
1 week ago

TIL about hads (Hey it's Another Documentation Server!).

It allows to serve #markdown files directly from a directory.

You can also create, edit and search markdown files using the UI. And it has mermaid diagramming support.

I think it could be handy for ADRs

Cyril I. 🧮📐👨‍💻
1 week ago

Deux ressources pour apprendre à écrire en #Markdown ⤵️

Et bonne nuit 🌃

Ingo Stützle
1 week ago

Bei #nextcloud können Notizen angelegt werden, mit #markdown - der Speicherort ist wählbar, etwa ein Ordner, in dem die #obsidian-Dateien liegen. Man könnte also mobil Notizen erstellen, die dann automatisch im #Zettelkasten landen. Hat das schon wer ausprobiert?

Cyril I. 🧮📐👨‍💻
1 week ago

Je viens de remarquer que l'outil s'adapte super bien au format #téléphone ! 😱
Gé-ni-al ! 😉👍

EDIT 1 : Testé sur #VivaldiBrowser (sur un #chromium)
EDIT 2 : Pour que le texte s'affiche plus gros je l'ai mis en `> citation`

#ViteUnDiapo #Markdown

Copie d'écran sur téléphone d'une diapositive portant sur le théorème de Thalès réalisée avec l'outil "Vite un diapo".
1 week ago

supp little markdown test (poll)

Same as post above (posting #markdown formatted text on Mastodon glitch w input default set for markdown)
but this time posting using #MonaApp for #iPhone

Q: How does this post appear to you on your device/app/platform?

(Boosts appreciated!)

1 week ago

a little markdown test (poll)

I’m posting on an instance running Mastodon glitch-soc (which I love)
Default input format is set for #markdown formatting
This post uses some very basic markdown formatting

Q: How does this post appear to you on your device/app/platform? Fully rendered w boldface, italics, bullets? Or plain text?

If you see rich text, plz comment w **app you’re using* and what fediverse platform your account is on*

Boosts appreciated! Thx

1 week ago

There are four ways to add #metadata to a document: in ascending order of precedence, with latter options overriding earlier options, these are:

• dedicated metadata YAML file passed via `--metadata-file`,
• metadata in the input document (e.g., #YAML blocks in #Markdown),
• entries below the `metadata` field in a defaults file, and
• values given via the command line (`--metadata` or `-M`).

Also, if a value is defined more than once in an input doc, then the last one wins.

Sam Wilson
1 week ago

A thing I like about #Markdown with Yaml frontmatter is putting structured citation info in the frontmatter and using it with e.g. `{cite foo2023}` in the text to make a footnote. Much more powerful than straight Mardown footnotes.

Thomas Krause
1 week ago

installed #markdown table #vscode extension yesterday, and working with tables is fun and productive again.

Use #Neovim's #treesitter and #lua APIs to script a function that toggles between #HTML and #markdown image synax (

Cédric Eyssette
1 week ago

Vite un diapo : un outil pour créer rapidement et sans compte un diaporama simple en Markdown.


Juan Luis
1 week ago

Just prepared a lightning talk for #PyConLT in 1 minute: 3 + 1 tips to enjoy writing documentation!

0️⃣ Love @readthedocs
1️⃣ Follow the Diàtaxis framework (and never mix explanations and tutorials!)
2️⃣ You can use the second person, it's fine
3️⃣ You don't need reStructuredText anymore, write Markdown in Sphinx using MyST


#python #documentation #sphinx #myst #markdown

Quadrant: Top-left Tutorials, Top-right How-to Guides, Bottom-right Reference, Bottom-left Explanation
El Duvelle
1 week ago

Dear @IceCubesApp,
I really like your app and thank you for making it! 🙏
A small problem I’m having is that it doesn’t do #Markdown formatting, but instead does weird formatting 🤔
See left screenshot from my browser vs right from #IceCubes, of the same post:

(Link to post in screenshot:

Screenshot showing a post about using introduction posts, it has a first sentence then a list of things to do, nicely formatted with bullet points.
Screenshot of the same post, but viewed in the IceCubes app. It has the same first sentence as the other post, but then instead of bullet points the different parts of the list are just one after the other with no separator or even line break.
Christof Schöch
1 week ago

@CLSinfra – For those interested not just in the topic, but also in how this survey was written and published collaboratively, there's a post-scriptum about exactly that: #wiki #quarto #zotero #markdown #html #pdf #zenodo #pandoc #yaml #BibTeX #CSL #CSS

Cédric Eyssette
2 weeks ago

Utiliser le Markdown pour tout faire. Une carte mentale que j'ai utilisée dans le cadre d'une formation entre collègues IAN.

Il faut cliquer sur les cercles pleins pour afficher la suite.


Carte mentale

Titre principal : utiliser le markdown pour tout faire.

Deux branches : Pourquoi et Pour faire quoi ?
2 weeks ago

I'm seeing people doing some crazy fun stuff with the animated text capabilities from my Calckey account. #Calckey #MFM #markdown


2 weeks ago

Naive question, how do #screenreaders handle formatting in #restructuredText and #markdown files?

In particular, #rst relies on long equal or dash lines so I do hope it's handled as a title rather than two separate lines where they would read a long list of punctuation markers...

#a11y #accessibility #fediQuestion

Hibbitts Design
2 weeks ago

Coming up in the next release of, some additional refinements in how an optional Coverpage is displayed when automatic dark mode theme switching is enabled - both for the standard theme and custom colors👇🏼

Docsify-This instantly turns online #Markdown files into standalone web pages… try it out at🚀

Docsify-This default coverpage.
Docsify-This default dark-mode coverpage.
Docsify-This custom colors coverpage.
Docsify-This custom colors dark-mode coverpage.

My notes are #PlainText first, #Markdown second. They're highly portable between platforms, apps, and devices. #macos and #ios are my weapons of choice, but they'd look and work the same on #android and #Windows.

They aren't #Obsidian notes, or #Logseq / #iaWriter / #tangent / #TextEdit / #Nota / #AnyType / #Taio / #TaskPaper / #vsCode notes, though I can use any of those apps as a lens to view and work with them.

They're wild, and free. This is their theme song:

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
2 weeks ago

There are 7 libraries that try to run unit tests in code blocks in markdown.

There are 2 libraries that deserialize markdown to python (as json-like objects, not as a DOM)

There are more than I can count that serialize every table-like data structure from python to markdown tables.

There are 0 original ideas left in the world.

#python #markdown

Rui Carmo
2 weeks ago

Hey @gruber, a quick tease: do you realize that #Markdown is right up there with JSON as an input/output formal for ChatGPT and other LLMs? Right now I’m 200% sure our AI overlords (which I have no choice but to welcome) are going to issue their proclamations using it.

(I’m also pretty sure they are going to quibble about footnotes, but that’s another matter)

Hibbitts Design
2 weeks ago

🎉 v1.6.4 is now available.🎉 This release contains several page rendering improvements, especially with multiple page sites using a Git Repository URL for all ‘Edit this Page’ links. Handling of light/dark theme mode switching has also been improved.

Docsify-This instantly turns online #Markdown files into standalone web pages… try it out and see for yourself🚀 #opensource #OER

Joe Lanman
2 weeks ago

wondering if this is possible or has been done before:

extending markdown to render accessible form fields, like

[____] for text
[ ] for checkboxes
( ) for radios

#accessibility #markdown #frontend

@ike Death to #Gmail! Down with #Google! Their #privacy policy is *horrid*. Nought but coal in their stocking this year and every year until that changes.

I've been happy with @fastmail for several years now, and they're only getting better. Not free, not #FOSS, but I can't see anything that's both of those being secure and around in the long term.

No #Markdown in Fastmail, but I've set my compose to be plain text by default, so I *could* write Markdown if I wanted to.

3 weeks ago


Yes. Here’s a detailed how-to:

Use an instance that supports #Markdown posts


DansLeRuSH ᴱᶰ
3 weeks ago

#Obsidian : #Markdown editor that turns into a Coda or Notion type DB (a "knowledge base"), without hosting, directly on your computer (or mobile) ›

3 weeks ago

#introduction Hey everyone~ I'm Sam, I write code for a living. Started when I was 11, self taught, and never stopped learning or working since! I'm 28 now, and wow does that feels weird to say.

Been trying out different
#fediverse things ever since the #birdsite went up in 🔥s. Trying to find a new home online, and thought this place looked rather interesting.

I love to play
#games, so a big #gamer. I #stream sometimes, but a tad #shy so trying to get over that. Actually do #gamedev as a hobby. If I find something interesting enough, I usually start contributing towards never sure what I'll be up to next.

Hopefully this place becomes my new home. Thanks for reading and maybe following if I'm interesting enough for ya~

Gotta say, first impressions of
#calckey are pretty good. Love the length of posts, and how I can mark them up. I'm a #markdown fanboy so yay. Hit me up & let's chat about something fun, woo~ funny how #mastodon won't let me post #markdown but it will render #calckey posts that use it. It even kinda renders the #quoteToot yeah, I just #qt my #mastodon account with my #calckey account just so I could use #markdown to properly hyperlink. $[sparkle DEAL WITH IT!]

Ulrich Junker
4 weeks ago

@SibylleBerg wann hatte ich nochmal MS Word benutzt? Ach ja, 1989 war das. Für mathematische Texte war das furchtbar und seitdem benutzen wir alle #Latex und mittlerweile auch #markdown. So sind zumindest die mathematischen Formeln sicher vorm Verwursteln.

Don Watkins
4 weeks ago

Generate web pages from Markdown with Docsify-This | #Markdown #DocSify

Fabio Manganiello
4 weeks ago

I've got my own little Mastodon branch with #Markdown posts support that I'm eventually planning to rollout.

However, after some days using #Elk as my daily driver, I'm feeling less the urge of implementing Markdown support on the backend.

Elk does a quite good job rendering Markdown elements in posts, regardless of what the backend does.

Do you folks use Elk, or another alternative frontend that renders Markdown posts? Or maybe Pleroma or another service that natively supports Markdown content? I'm considering whether I should really invest more time implementing this on the Mastodon backend...

Peter Kaminski
1 month ago

I've posted a pull request to Chatbot UI that adds #Markdown export of conversations:

Chatbot UI is a tweaked and improved clone of the regular #ChatGPT web interface that uses your own OpenAI API key.

My PR adds an "Export Markdown" button to the ChatBot UI interface. The export is a zip file of Markdown files.

You can run your own instance of Chatbot UI with this added PR from my repo. LMK if you'd like to pitch in on a shared instance instead of running your own.

1 month ago

お、#Vivaldi のノートに #Markdown で書いたチェックリスト、パネル上だとチェックボックスを ON/OFF してもノートのの内容には反映されないけど、ノートをタブで開いてビジュアルモードで同じことするとちゃんとチェックボックスの状態が #Markdown にも反映されるんだ! :tony_smiling:

1 month ago

#Frogmouth könnte wieder etwas für die CLI-Sammlung von @leyrer sein.

#markdown #CLI

1 month ago

Resumen desafío "30 días de posts por la birra", para probar que podés
escribir regularmente antes de pensar en la herramienta de blog

#Blog #Desafío #Markdown #OrgMode #Post #StaticGenerator #Wordpress

🍺🍺🍺 30 días de posts por la birra!
1 month ago

Hi @pandoc!

I am writing my thesis in #Markdown, obviously using #Pandoc, but without using any template because I want to keep things as simple as possible.

I simply run the command pandoc -s -C -o thesis.pdf (details in this page).

I have one problem, though: all #HTML tags used inside Markdown (such as <u>, <q>, and <cite>) are not rendered, and they disappear in the final PDF (therefore, if I underlined something with <u>, in the PDF it is not underlined).

Do you have any suggestions about how I can fix this?

Thank you so much!

1 month ago

a new version of my website is now online. i switched from the kirby cms (which is super nice nonetheless) to a static file system based on #jekyll. this approach currently feels more in tune with what i do with the #obsidian app: #write simple and universal #markdown text files. the transition, though, was rather difficult for me #obsidianmd #writingcommunity

Anyone with experience in convert #markdown tables to arrays in #PHP? Our system gets 2 column markdown tables which we want to turn into associative arrays. #Laravel is our framework.

Peter Kaminski
1 month ago

Lots of apps will have #ChatGPT interfaces. Generic like OpenAI's web ui; or verticalized, specialized, or hidden inside other applications. is an open source clone of OpenAI's ChatGPT web ui.

- use your own API key
- folders for conversations
- saved prompts, with variables (e.g., `Write a story about {{type-of-animal}}.`)
- data export (JSON only, not yet #Markdown like ChatGPT Exporter)

It's easy to run your own Docker or Vercel instance.

To everyone trying out Calckey, don't forget to hashtag #Calckey in your #introduction post. ^_^

Here are some of the features, I think, worth mentioning

* Add users in list without following them first.
* Follow the public ‘local’ timeline of other instances/servers.
* Filter by keywords, not only by hashtags (more powerful).
#Misskey Flavoured #Markdown (MFM for short) - check this page:
* If you are in, the character limit is 3,000
* Cat ears.
* A better Deck UI (see attached screenshot)
* You can install your own
* Groups
* Pages
* Reactions
* Migrate your Mastodon profile into Calckey.
* Import your Mastodon content/posts into your new Calckey account.
* Customisable notification sounds
* You can add more than 4 links in your profile.
* Quote-replies! And if it's done and viewed within Calckey, the quote-reply is displayed within the original thread, too! Great way to keep context!
* Better polls
* You can attach more than 4 images (but only the first 4 will appear in mainline Mastodon, that is a well-known limitation of mainline Mastodon for years).

If you are looking for an
#Android app supporting many, if not all, of Calckey / Misskey features, look for: #Milktea in the Play Store. Or, click here:

Last, but definitely not the least, friendly developers!

File feature suggestions and bugs here:

Enjoy and welcome aboard!

A screenshot of my Calckey Deck UI showing different cards and a custom theme. (All content in the screenshot were public when a screengrab was saved.)