Frankwatching ☑
2 hours ago

Google rolt chatbot Bard naar steeds meer landen uit. Hoe positioneert Bard zich tegenover ChatGPT?

#Google #Marketing

Lori Brown
8 hours ago

@pixeline Very interesting! I love this! Ol' Socrates and that timeless wisdom. Seems it might work in almost any situation where people collaborate or gather. #Marketing #socialmedia #school #relationships #law ... I can't think of any industry where this method would not be a great tool. Oh and of course #parenting! 😎

Rand Fishkin
11 hours ago

Phenomenal post on #Tiktok #Marketing from Steph H at Inflexion Games:

Incredible how they not only drove awareness, but actions (Steam wishlists) for their upcoming game.

Sophia ☑️
11 hours ago

"Pay for our product. It doesn't work. It doesn't make sense. You will not even want to have it.
But: It will all change. In the ✨ future ✨
You will not give us your money in the future. You will give us your money now.
Our product however is a ✨ future product ✨
Really. What a trailblazer you are, for believing in us."

Kristin Ides 🧁
11 hours ago

Fresh content is on the cooling rack at Marketing Cake! 🍰

Get the complete recipe to align your Google Ads account to your B2B SaaS growth goals.

#saas #marketing #b2b #googleads #ppc #demandgen #marketingcake

Promotional image for a Substack blog with an image of a piece of cake and text saying "Marketing Recipe: Google Ads
Structure your Google Ads account to 10x your ROAS. Deliver predictable pipeline that generates SALs—without giving all your money to Google."
11 hours ago

#Marketing for #Virtual vs In-Person Events premiers May 31! Diving into differences in vending experiences; also relevant for panelists/DJs/staff.

Debuted live @ @vancoufur as Community Spotlight & debuted digital version @ @CozyConOnline

Set a reminder for the premier at & be ready to take notes! Comment questions on the video page & I'll aim to do follow ups since 100% coverage is impossible!

Shares appreciated!

#Educational #ArtistAlley #DealersDen #VendorHall

Kristin Ides 🧁
12 hours ago

🔥 Hot Take 🌶️

Complaining about enterprise B2B SaaS companies that don't list pricing on their website only demonstrates that the complainer doesn't work in enterprise sales.

#marketing #saas #enterprise

Alan Pringle
18 hours ago

Hilariously bad translation of #marketing for curtains on Amazon: I was unaware curtain panels have souls.

Curtain is not only
The curtain is only a semi
finished product.
Only through matching can
the curtains have its soul.
18 hours ago

Raia Drogasil impulsiona inclusão digital de Baby Boomers e aumenta uso do e-commerce

Confira! 👇


Tim H
1 day ago

Fediverse question alert 📢
One reason I love the fediverse is because I object to the paid attention-harvesting of commercial social and advertising networks. But marketing is important, and I used to love the adverts eg in old computer magazines. What's a good, ethical and effective way of marketing and advertising today, especially locally, that doesn't feed Google and Facebook?
#askfediverse #advertising #marketing #question

Kristin Ides 🧁
1 day ago

Made a few little tweaks to the #website

+ Fresh content is on the cooling rack 🧁

#marketing #saas #carrd

Social share image for Marketing Cake, recipes for tastier marketing.
Karthik S
1 day ago

4/4 This is sampling done wonderfully right, by BigBasket. The product they sent as a sample was appropriate for what we ordered, and the product was excellent too, luckily for them. I'll definitely buy more from Chutnefy - have my mind already set on the peanut chutney and the mint chutney :)

#productsampling #sample #sampling #ecommerce #marketing #freebie

1 day ago

Are your strategies ready to take off? Remember that every effort and strategy counts. So, we only focus one thing: leads that take off.
Let's talk business. Visit #marsdigitalnz #marketing #socialmedia

2 days ago
Jessica Quillin
2 days ago

Watching the Monaco Grand Prix and once again amazed at the spectacle of #luxury brand #marketing.

Also, it’s so cool that I was just there.

#f1 #random

Matthias Bohlen
2 days ago

Hey solopreneurs, what is your trick to stay consistent with your marketing, e.g. doing it weekly or even daily? #solopreneur #marketing #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur

2 days ago

Em 2008 eu considerava que o #Marketing era a principal ferramenta para transformar a Internet em mais um domínio do #consumismo.

Agora, em 2023, me parece que já há meia década, o marketing foi colocado de lado e #desinformação se tornou o pilar da distorção da realidade.

As agências de #checagem como Lupa e Pública precisam da nossa atenção.

Gabriele Pollara
2 days ago

This is not surprising. Like everything in life, academia is also about marketing. A conference talk is essentially an advert for your work. And advertising gets into people's heads! #academia #academicchatter conference #marketing #advertising #science

Seth Goldstein
3 days ago

Such a great episode of Endless Coffee Cup. Ian Truscott and Matt Bailey discuss marketing and how to make the right team and managing those teams.

#marketingpodcast #marketing #podcast #IanTruscott #MattBailey #MarketingPodcastNetwork #MPN

IT News
3 days ago

Integrating Cross-Functional Teams into Your Growth Marketing Strategy - A one-size fits all approach is, to say the least, outdated, and so are teams that... - #entrepreneurs #marketing #culture #hack

3 days ago

Happy Saturday! Here’s a #fliptip for today. Once you created that magazine who sees it? Here a are a few tips for sharing your magazine on social media to get more reach and engagement.
Learning #Flipboard: How to share your Magazines on social media #socialmedia #marketing #magazine #reading #learning

3 days ago

I recently learned someone I know is very supportive of these products. I am surprised that they are seemingly unaware of the social implications of buying this expensive, branded #dogwhistle #marketing #racism #rightwing #language

3 days ago

If you ever wondered who was trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty, it sounds like it was probably these guys.

#robocalls #marketing #spam #PhoneSpam #lawsuits

Just updated my Substack About page with this sentence:

“I welcome serial subscribers/unsubscribers, because I am one. I know what it’s like to have an overwhelming inbox so please feel free to pop in and out as it suits your cognitive load.”
🧵1 of 2

#email #newsletter #marketing #zen

Heh, art lovers! I could use your help. Did you know that clicking on the links in my profile going to my galleries can show great support? This is how google finds my works and indexes them. The more visitors an artist get, the better chances they are found and inicially make sales. I so would appreciate your help. Thank you, Danke, mercy, Gracie

#ArtistonMastodon #MastoArt #Art #Fediart #ArtBooster #AYearForArt #mastoart #Artist #ArtMatters #mastoart #ArtistLife #ArtLovers #marketing

Luke MacNeil
4 days ago

If it looks cool, it is cool.
... and Southern Utah sure looks cool.

#Utah #friday #showcase #grandstaircasenationalmonument #Marketing

A video of Utah desert photos.
Arimathéia Otto
4 days ago

Fiquei meio preocupado com a captação de conteúdo ao brincar com preenchimento generativo num beta de aplicativo de tratamento de imagens com #IA.

Pedi para gerar um fundo com uma bela uma imagem do skyline de #Curitiba e os resultados ficaram nitidamente um mix de fotos da cidade mesmo somadas com #SaoPaulo e #BeloHorizonte.

Ainda é muito cedo e arriscado para uso profissional no #marketing.

4 days ago

This article is completely unreadable because of the extremely hostile, in your face, permanent playing ad dead center. Good gods. #Marketing #Nightmare

Mariya Delano
4 days ago

I got early access to Google's new #AI powered search experience, and I wrote about my first impressions here:

Main thoughts:
I'm impressed. Google created a refreshing implementation of generative AI to search.

SGE never made me feel like it was trying to be more than a search engine, or force a clunky chatbot dynamic on me.

I don't know how practical it will be, but I am pleasantly surprised so far

#Google #SGE #SEO #LLM #marketing

Andrew Glisson
4 days ago

Other name changes in the works:

#netflix will just be called "Net"
#disneyplus will just be called "Plus"
#paramountplus will also be called "Plus"
#amazonprime will be called "Video"
#appleplus will be called "Lisa"
#peacock will be called "ABC"

#hbomax #max #marketing

Open Source JobHub
4 days ago
Open Source JobHub logo with background of map with pushpins and lines
Raccoon stuck in a Playdate
5 days ago

Okay so, I am going to be starting to do a larger #marketing push for my #gamedev stuff. I just made a Reddit and plan on making a TikTok and more Youtube videos.

I really think if i try hard enough I might have a chance at being somewhat successful.

It's just like a BIG push outside of my comfort zone, my comfort zone is to be quiet about my games and only share them to the people close to me.

Most of my success so far has come from and mastodon, so doing more is like 😱

Collin Stewart
5 days ago

Align #sales and #marketing efforts with prospect behavior insights and join our exclusive #webinar on TOMORROW at 10 am PT to learn how to construct a system based on relevance signals.

Register now and receive complimentary copies of our Field Guide for SDRs and The Predictable Revenue Methodology.

Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity!

Sign up HERE:

Don Watkins
5 days ago
Tim Fullerton
5 days ago

Two months into running Fullerton Strategies, one thing is clear. There is a very strong market for Fractional CMOs. My first clients both were looking for this type of support.

But what is a fractional CMO exactly?

I wrote down my thoughts on what a Fractional CMO can bring to organizations big and small. #marketing

Mariya Delano
5 days ago

Great report by Chili Piper and Navattic on #B2B buyer experience for #SaaS

Absolutely insane how much companies drop the ball on responding to demo requests from prospective customers!

35% of companies never even responded. I can't believe how much money is getting left on the table for no particular reason

#business #report #demo #software #marketing

Image titled "Average response time for a  demo request" 

Shows a bar graph with the following distribution:
0-1 days response time - 44%
2-5 days - 16%
6+ days - 5%
No response - 35%
5 days ago
heise online
5 days ago

Künstliche Intelligenz: Shopware will mit "AI Copilot" mehr Effizienz erreichen

Shopware hat einen "AI Copilot" für seine Plattformen vorgestellt, der einige lästige Aufgaben übernehmen kann und für mehr Kundenzufriedenheit sorgen soll.

#Coronavirus #eCommerce #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Marketing #news

Mariya Delano
5 days ago

“[B2B tech brands] don’t often have stories. They’re unable to talk about themselves outside of product features and benefits. There’s zero or very little value based messaging. And too many PR firms will take them on as clients” - very interesting interview on the current state of PR… a lot of it applies to #marketing in general in how I’ve experienced it

Ron Franke
5 days ago

A letter to Target on their decision to remove LGBTQ+ merchandise from stores.

Emailed to:

"As a Target customer, I'm very disappointed with Target's decision to remove "some items from its stores and making other changes to its LGBTQ+ merchandise nationwide ahead of Pride month", per an Associated Press article,

As stated in an article by TheHill, "Roughly 80 percent of Americans say they favored laws that would protect LGBTQ+ people against discrimination in employment, public accommodations and housing. Around 41 percent of Americans say they strongly support nondiscrimination protections.",

So, for a hate filled 20% of the population, you've damaged your brand to potentially 80% of the country that supports LGBTQ+ rights. Not a smart marketing move on Target's part.

As a friend of many in the LGBTQ+ community, I strongly suggest that you reverse your decision."

#Target #LGBTQ+ #business #marketing #branding

"The future of event marketing is accessible and inclusive of different learning styles. Here's why a one-size-fits-all event experience doesn't work for today's events."

#Events #Marketing #Inclusion

Delia Christina
6 days ago

My team needs...HALP.

Anyone out there in the Fediverse (specifically in the SF area) who can hold our hand and volunteer 1 hour to help us get some very basic questions answered in #Pardot, the most frustrating email #marketing tool I have ever encountered??

I will buy you lunch and be forever grateful.

Miss Pardot is basically the MTG of email. Boldly uncooperative, recalcitrant, and UNHELPFUL. A strategic time suck. We're stuck with her for 1 more year and I can't wait to boot her to the curb.

If Miss Pardot was a real person, she'd be canceled.

1 week ago

We are just greyhounds on the track, endlessly chasing a mechanical rabbit that we will never catch.

#economics #consumerism #capitalism #government #advertising #marketing #labor

Freddy Tran Nager
1 week ago

Who needs AI when #B2B copywriters already sound like bots? Conversely, who needs human copywriters if they insist on sounding like bots?

I came across this ad (attached) for a "creative publisher." Curious, I actually clicked it. But thanks to the buzzword gumbo on the landing page (also attached), I have no idea what this company does, and I definitely don't want to "partner" with anyone that thinks this is "creative."

#creativity #advertising #jargon #copywriting #marketing

Suz Korbel
1 week ago

@cypnk today I was working with a #marketing team planning a big restaurant milestone, and a millennial asked #chatgpt to make the slogan & tag line into a poem and it was horrible and inaccurate, but she loved it and fought for it. This is the future: #AI is embraced by some and they won’t see the difference between art & crap.

Mariya Delano
1 week ago

I teamed up with my friend Carina Rampelt over at another #marketing agency to make a comprehensive guide on HOW exactly you or any other non-technical marketers can write about technical topics, especially for a #developer audience.

Here's the link:

#content #writing #developers #developermarketing


Mariya Delano
1 week ago

Here's a problem that I've seen a lot:

Too many marketers think that they can't write for developers and other technical audiences because they can't code.

Worse yet, developers think that only people with technical experience can create good content for them.

I don't buy it!


#marketing #developermarketing #writing

Open Source JobHub
2 weeks ago

Are you looking for the right job with an open source company? Sign up for job alerts on #OSJobHub to see new positions when they are posted #OpenSource #jobs #career #Linux #SoftwareDevelopment #DevOps #sales #marketing #security #TechWriter

(image of a rocket taking off from a laptop) Looking for your place in open source? Set up job alerts and get started today on Open Source JobHub
Mariya Delano
2 weeks ago

Marketing is not one size fits all.

Stop acting like certain tactics, channels, or approaches will work for everyone.

Stop copying others just because it’s “what everyone does”.

Your audience, your product, your business, your customers - all of those are unique and will influence what kinds of marketing WILL work for you.

#marketing #contentmarketing #promotion #business

2 weeks ago

Anyone help me with this one? I don't know if a tick means I'll get spam or I'll not get spam!
#DarkPattern #ui #marketing #gdpr

Pwn Toney 🎹🎤
2 weeks ago

I'm 100% positive it's my old Gen X bones, but marketing incoming AND outgoing exhausts my very soul...

*posts beats on a social media account that is ONLY used for posting beats for sale*

Marketing inbox message:

Me: ...

MIM: "You do music?"

For f**k's sake, just hock your wares and spare me the feigned engagement activity. I've been on this planet a while...I'm tired.

#Marketing #SocialMedia

Karthik S
2 weeks ago

4/4 He tells others that on his planet, horses are predators and know their strength, unlike on Earth where they are being used by humans for their service! I don't recall this part being in the book, as far as I remember (I read the book long ago).

Imagine the vibrant imagination in sci-fi that frames horses, that we are so used to seeing as being controlled by humans, as a predatory species!

#advertising #marketing #creativity #creative #horse

David Turner
2 weeks ago

Insurance against rain-soaked #holidays was a thing?

Eagle Star #insurance offered such policies and in 1939 the #LondonandNorthEasternRailway, as part of its "Meet the #Sun on the East Coast" #marketing campaign, arranged for a 10% premium reduction for customers visiting the East Coast.

Alessa Giampaolo Keener
2 weeks ago

Wow, that's some #marketing genius, spending minimal $$ to create a stir within #Baltimore with people wanting a free #tattoo so they can unwittingly provide a lifetime of brand visibility to the spice company.

Picture of a bicep tattoo featuring a Maryland blue crab in the colors of a the Maryland flag and the words "Old Bay" written across the body of the crab. Text from a facebook post: Free Old Bay tattoos at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum tomorrow. BALTIMORE (WBFF) — To celebrate Preakness Week, Old Bay is offering its biggest fans a chance to make their love permanent with a unique Old Bay tattoo on May 16 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. “The brand has partnered with the acclaimed Baltimore Tattoo Museum and is offering free tattoos on a limited availability, first- come, first-serve basis.” FOXBALTIMORE.COM Old Bay to offer free custom tattoos, chance to win Preakness tickets
JW prince of CPH
2 weeks ago

I know they say video is so, SO important on social platforms, but honestly? if I'm going to click on a video & take the time to watch it, you'd better give me a damn good idea that it'll be worth it - and no, the "first 8 seconds" or whatever won't catch me either; I ALWAYS disable autoplay. Because it fucking sucks.

This is just personal preference, I know - but on the other hand, I don't flatter myself that I'm particularly unique...

#marketing #communication #SocialMedia

Mariya Delano
2 weeks ago

Quick video thinking about my recent ER trip and #marketing because yes I never stop thinking about my work 😂

When you're trying to solve a problem for somebody, you have to listen to what their problem is first. Respect them enough to listen and pay attention to what they say is important.

How else are you ever going to "diagnose" them and provide the right solution?

#content #contentmarketing #video

Aliette de Bodard
2 weeks ago

Them: thank you for subscribing to this mailing list. We will not inundate you with emails:...
Me: oh good
Them: at most 2-3 per week
Me: you and I have drastically ideas of inundation. You're lucky I like your stuff #adventuresinmailinglists #marketing #mailinglist

Karthik S
2 weeks ago

Smart work by the agencies DAVID (Madrid) and INGO (Hamburg), for Al-Futtaim IKEA, where the idea frames the client as only (and proudly!) the 'second best', but that's why it scores in terms of emotional appeal because the 'first best' choice is a hands-on act by the parents themselves!

#advertising #marketing #creative #creativity

2 weeks ago

@Alonealastalovedalongthe a big part of Segway's currency is that they stand as a shorthand for fat, stupid, and part of the establishment. They're a punchline.

You probably don't want ebikes to end up with that kind of branding.

#marketing #segway #transportation

Image from Gboard Clipboard

"Every company is now all-in on AI and nobody seems to be paying any attention to user research, interface design, or product quality in their quest to force AI into everything, everywhere." @baldur

I'm currently just an interested observer of the "AI" gold rush, but marketing is definitely being impacted and I'm grappling with a lot of similar concerns as Baldur thoughtfully gets into here.

#AI #technology #marketing

Dah DJM (open to jobs)
3 weeks ago

I've been in the Fediverse for quite some time (am a Google+ refugee!). Here's a quick

#Africa living in Benin, WestAfrica
#Freelance consultant (remote!)
#Writer (blogs)
#Jazz and #AfricanMusic

Did a lot more: Intellectual Property, music producing & publishing, sound & music design etc.

#reading, #TVseries, #Cooking (bread...)

3 weeks ago

I am honored and delighted to be a @Flipboard contributor!! Here’s my first article. Marketing Agency Reveals Why It Turned to Flipboard Ads for Their Clients' Success - Flipboard #flipboard #advertising #marketing #business #friday

Mariya Delano
3 weeks ago

This is the best #marketing story of the month if not the year.

A random anime fan account on Twitter enthusiastically and sincerely recommended a #book they liked, “This is How You Lose the Time War” and now the book’s gone viral, it’s #3 on the Amazon book chart (general chart of ALL books) and the sales are going through the roof

Word of mouth and fan-based marketing on a silver platter wrapped in a silly viral package 😂

#books #ReadingCommunity

'Bigolas Dickolas' is more powerful than the Pulitzer Prize
Amanda Silberling
@asilbwrites / 9:41 am PDT • May 11, 2023
Image of the book cover with the following text: 
This Is How You Lose the Time War
Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch
Mariya Delano
3 weeks ago

The video of my talk from March is out now, so if any of you are interested in seeing me talk about being a fangirl for software and how you can turn fans like me #marketing channel for your business, here you go:

Or you can watch it if you want to enjoy me being extremely nervous and doing a dramatic hair flip + making constant jokes at my own expense. That’s fun too 😅

Thanks to FounderPath for the opportunity!

#Video #tech #SaaS #ContentMarketing #business

3 weeks ago

Does anyone post here about #running #tech or #marketing

3 weeks ago

#Business #Evolutions
10 years of email marketing rules · What has changed in the past decade, and what can we expect in the future?

#Marketing #EmailMarketing #Newsletter #AI #ML #ChannelOrchestration #ModularArchitecture #InteractiveEmails #RichContent #Content #Devices #Privacy #DarkMode

Roxane Nadeau
3 weeks ago

Les titres d’emplois hot de l’heure qui ne voudront rien dire (ou rien de bon) une fois la mode passée. #emploi #marketing #bd #humour

heise online
3 weeks ago

OMR Festival: Mit Kai Pflaume, Sascha Lobo und den Hipstern Zukunft gestalten

Schöne, bunte Welt beim OMR 2023: Zwischen KI-Dystopie und neuen Marketing-Strategien diskutiert und informiert sich die Hipster-Elite.

#KünstlicheIntelligenz #Marketing #news

3 weeks ago

@supernovae @davidslifka @damonoutlaw @mekkaokereke @atomicpoet I see toots about this kind of stuff all the time as well, but you're right about the way people think about it too. It's all too fragmented, like dozens of shiny objects floating around that one just can't quite grasp.

I feel like a companion site to (something like fedi.progress?) would be a way to coalesce everything that is happening in one place.

Written in non-technical, non-lengthy terms that can categorize and quickly define how the #Fediverse is growing and what is being done to make it grow and be more friendly.

It wouldn't be difficult to put a link preview to it right in the various Apps that connect us to the Fediverse either.

The Fediverse is really good at preventing #Marketing but really bad at Marketing itself.

Mariya Delano
3 weeks ago

A friend of a friend asked me for advice on #marketing their #art.

I figure this might be helpful to others here on Mastodon, so this is what I told them.

Please keep in mind that while I am a professional marketer, I don’t work with artists or consumer projects. This advice is based on general marketing principles + my own experience as a hobbyist artist and art-lover

#artist #promotion #advice #MastoArt #Artists


Thanks for sending that over!
Okay I have a few thoughts seeing these:
- There are so many different styles that you've got in your work. It will confuse anybody following you if you're switching between them too much. I think having one account for personal and one for commissions could work but you have to pick only one style for commissions then. I think the cute animals are your strongest work, and easiest to sell too.
- if you do run two accounts you might want to start only with the commissions style. It's hard to grow two accounts at once, and I wouldn't really recommend it. I'm a marketing professional and I do this for a living yet I still get confused and
overwhelmed sometimes with my own accounts. It's even harder when you don't live and breathe marketing
- also if you are choosing to post mostly commission work / having an external- or commercial-facing account that doesn't mean you should only post commissions! You can do personal-ish work on there too as long as it's consistent in terms of style and quality. You want to show regular activity, you can also post works in progress, but make sure it's all the exact same level of quality (for final pieces) as what you'd sell
- for whatever accounts you choose, watch out for staying consistent too. I see in your personal works HUGE variation in terms of how polished or complex the work is. That's fine, I do the same with my drawings it's part of learning and practicing. But when you're trying to establish yourself as someone worth paying for - hide the less polished work.
- Your account is not your sketchbook.
Even if you are posting WiPs they have to be very aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking
- Really good artists can post casual sketches because their sketches look better than what you or I of most even advanced artists can draw in hours, you know. So don't measure yourself against that
Make sure when you're posting your work that you crop the images in the best way, maybe edit them up to make them brighter and pop more, etc.
- Each piece should look good enough to put in an application for an art school or a gallery or something. It's still your best work, presenting you in the best possible light
Mariya Delano
3 weeks ago

Alright, here’s my entry for the worst (to the point of being funny) cold message I’ve ever gotten:

#emails #business #spam #marketing

*fingers crossed*
Hi Mariya,
Nice to 'meet' you. I have a weird skill: I can book meetings for marketing agency owners and guarantee them 5 new clients!
If you're at all curious, click 'accept. :)
If not, send me your most cutting insult. :(
Fingers crossed,
The Conversation U.S.
3 weeks ago

The film ‘Air’, which tells the story of Nike’s signing of Michael Jordan, isn’t actually about the great basketball player at all.

In fact, viewers never see a Jordan face and they only hear three words from the character.

In this way, “Air” becomes the story of how a struggling company created one of the most successful brands in the world on the back of a Black body, a tale as old as the nation itself.

#BlackMastodon #Sports #Movies #Marketing

Rand Fishkin
3 weeks ago

Here's the full discussion:

The founders and team at HotBed asked a lot of great questions -- might be valuable to folks in the #startup, #marketing, and #indiefounder worlds.

@raccoon 🥥 The thing that late-stage capitalism is absolutely unparalleled at: Influencing people to vote with their dollars against their own well-being. Or in simpler terms: #Marketing. 🥥

4 weeks ago

Hmm, what magic is this? Walked into Target and then received this text (did not provide a phone number or sign in to anything, but did use a credit card.) #privacy #marketing (Update: this is probably Bluetooth beaconing in the Target. I normally have Bluetooth turned off --and often, Wi-Fi--but had turned it on to pair to a car the other day and didn't turn it off!)

Targeted text from Target