Anne Ominous
16 hours ago

is an emotional affair worse, the same or not as bad as a physical affair?

asking for a person who is CERTAINLY dealing w a spouse who has had at least one emotional affair. physical too? no evidence yet.

would love boosts for reach!

#marriage #polls #relationships #cheating #adultery

BC Info Bot
1 day ago
Michael T Babcock
1 day ago

Everyone wants to be a little happier right? Well, spoilers: have good relationships with people and get more exercise.
Kudos again to Veritasium for great content, if only he were on Mastodon.
#happiness #marriage #lifeExpectancy #health #longevity #friendship #exercize

3 days ago

#Thailand's Cabinet recently approved a bill to amend the Civil & Commercial Code, redefining #marriage as between any two “individuals” and ensuring #EqualRights for #SameSex couples.

About the bill: The amendment, which was approved on Nov. 21, aims to recognize the right to form families for same-sex couples, with plans to extend #recognition in #pension fund laws as well.

#GoodNews #LGBTQ #AsianMastodon #TootSEA #Equality #Inclusion #TootSEA #LGBTQrights #Thai

Japanned Steve McCarty
3 days ago

This time Ms. Ishikawa suggested the excursion, to check out the new Kyōto annex of her Ōsaka employer, the department store chain Takashimaya. There was even a store in the annex of theme items by Nintendō (任天堂), one of the few big companies based in Kyōto (last photo!).

It is ironic in terms of official Japan's reputation that Japanese women must take their husband's surname, except if they marry a foreigner. Then they do not have to, and my wife kept her maiden name. It is not well known, so sometimes the mailmen have wondered if we are related or what.

Although I thoroughly enjoy the tawny brownish red autumn leaves, leave it to World Heritage temple Kiyomizudera (清水寺) to display the full splendor of red maple leaves.

#Japan #Kyoto #Takashimaya #Nintendo #Kiyomizudera #temple #Buddhism #autumn #maple #marriage #travel #nature

Pagoda area of Kiyomizudera behind maple trees
A commanding view either of or from the pagoda.
The Ōsaka highrise skyline and the mountains around Kyōto are all visible on a clear day from the Kiyomizudera ridge at the east-central corner of the city. On this day the weather showed some caprice, as often happens with mountains all around, with sun, cold, wind, rain, and a flash of light rays as a reassuring omen.
Fellow countryman and paisano Super Mario (I'm half Italian).
4 days ago

Much to my wife’s exasperation, I’ve been asked to do a TEDx talk.

TBF, she’s mostly infuriated by the thought that I’m going to be saying, “thanks for coming to my TED talk” at every opportunity, which I am definitely going to be doing. This is a woman who jumped out of a plane with me, not because she wanted to skydive, but because she couldn’t bear the thought of me going on about it once I got back.

#love #marriage

4 days ago
Poetry News
4 days ago

I had a habit of drinking away
Whiskey and wine every single day
My wife, she would foght
When I made a show
Of myself at gatherings, it was a huge display

#drinking #alcohol #marriage #embarrassment #limerick #poetry

Philip N Cohen
5 days ago

It took me three pokes to turn Google #Bard on to marriage promotion policy, but #ChatGPT stuck to its noncommittal, relativist guns
#marriage #ai

6 days ago

For as a long as there have been couples there have been words with double meanings.

I say let the double meanings out. Get them out of your system. End the relationship sooner rather than later. You will be happier for it.

#relationships #marriage

red_rooster :coolified:
1 week ago

Question for all persons in a #partnership, #relationship, #marriage or who regularly share a bed for other reasons.
Who sleeps on which side of the bed? 🛏️
(View from the foot side to the head side)

Sean and Ruchika
1 week ago

#silentsunday with #samosas and #chai to honor the #snowfall in Chicago 😄

It was a slightly rough start to the day with a little bit of disagreement between us. But what matters is not that we disagree with each other in any relationship, but that we make effort to understand each other and own our part afterwards! :))

Happy Sunday!
📍Moti Restaurant, Chicago
#couple #couplethings #marriage #chicago #indiansnacks #sunday #joyful #weekend #vibes #food #foodporn

Samosas and chai
True Quotation
1 week ago

A good businessman never makes a contract unless he's sure he can carry it through, yet every fool on earth is perfectly willing to sign a marriage contract without considering whether he can live up to it or not.
— Kellan Lutz
#quote #marriage

Philip N Cohen
1 week ago

Why don't our students just marry each other, and other questions about #marriage and #family

Macleod Sawyer
1 week ago

Thailand's Cabinet approves a marriage equality bill to grant same-sex couples equal rights

[ # ] :: #lgbtq #queer #humanrights #marriage #news #thailand #equality

Participants hold a massive rainbow flag during a Pride Parade in Bangkok, Thailand, on
June 4, 2023.
ABC Feeds
1 week ago

Why four couples got married at the same venue on the same afternoon
By Lillian Watkins

A wedding celebrant has hatched a one-of-a-kind fundraiser — marrying four couples in one afternoon, with a hair, make up and photography package for the budget price of less than $1,000.

#Marriage #Charities #Babies #People #LillianWatkins

ABC Feeds
1 week ago

Why four couples got married at the same venue on the same afternoon
By Lillian Watkins

Two years after standing vigil and praying for her newborn son's survival, a wedding celebrant has hatched a one-of-a-kind fundraiser — marrying four couples in one afternoon.

#Marriage #Charities #Babies #People #LillianWatkins

#Lincoln wrote a #poem that described a marriage between two men, which included the lines:

For Reuben and Charles have married two girls,
But Billy has married a boy.
The girls he had tried on every side,
But none he could get to agree;
All was in vain, he went home again,
And since that he's married to Natty
source wiki

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

Three years ago Sharon and I committed to traveling the rest of our time together, sharing our space (and everything else) in blissful #marriage. Her sister Jenny gifted us this wonderful custom #DoctorWho #TARDIS poster to commemorate the occasion, which Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) and Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) graciously autographed at recent #DragonCon appearances.

Happy #anniversary sweetie. Next stop Barcelona? (the city, not the planet)

autographed poster of the TARDIS from Doctor Who that says “Companions traveling through time and space… Sharon & Mark, 11.21.2020"
WIST Quotations
2 weeks ago

A quotation from Baudelaire, Charles:

Being unable to abolish Love, the Church has desired at least to disinfect it, and has invented marriage.

[Ne pouvant supprimer l’amour, l’Église a voulu au moins le désinfecter, et elle a fait le mariage.]

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #church #love #marriage #religion

Paranoid Factoid
2 weeks ago

From The Intellectualist at the hellsite, here's Senator Mike Braun [R-IN] saying he's open to SCOTUS changing settled law and depriving people of equal protection in** mixed racial marriages.**

Thus allowing states to reimplement old miscegenation laws, or banning so-called mixed ethnic marriages, requiring SCOTUS overturn *Loving v Virginia* in 1967.

These are confederate radicals.

#miscegenation #racism #marriage #politics #USpol #GOP #Republicans #Indiana #confederacy #civilrights

Senator Mike Braud from Indianna on supporting the right of states to ban mixed marriages, or ethnically mixed relationships.
Martin Rundkvist
2 weeks ago

"Partner", "spouse", "husband", "wife" are all such conventional terms. Next time, introduce your significant other as your:

* Parole officer
* Fluffer
* Official mascot


Nell Greenfieldboyce
2 weeks ago

The novel DAYSWORK is a beautiful and unusual exploration of writing and creativity and marriage. It really conveys what marriage *feels* like, or at least collaborative marriages, so l was very interested to read these married authors sharing how they jointly created it.

#books #writing #literature #melville #poetry #marriage #collaboration

Pete Orrall
2 weeks ago

Twenty years ago today, #massachusetts became the first state in nation to legalize #samesex #marriage. .

Below is a fascinating interview with Hillary Goodridge (she and her then fiancee were plaintiffs for this case) reflecting on the past 20 years.

It was a landmark decision by the state's supreme court. Massachusetts then-governor, Mitt Romney, declared it a "blow to the family" and called for a state constitutional amendment to define a marriage as between a man and woman. Former president George W. Bush, during a State of the Union speech, similarly advocated for a constitutional amendment.

From the article:

"And as today, we were used as political fodder — which continues now, especially with young trans kids, with people of color, with immigrants. Politicians will use us for whatever end — and forgetting, as Mitt Romney did back then, we are your constituents. We are the people you are here to serve."

#rights #history #change #historic

My Actual Brain
2 weeks ago

I was in the car on the way to get my drivers license yesterday. On the way there, I heard a radio announcement that an 80s musical artist my wife likes is playing in our city. I was really excited and bought tickets right away.

I am way more excited to see my wife’s smile when I present her with the tickets than I am to go see the concert. We will see Daryl Hall.

#music #marriage #happiness

The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

Japanese figure skating icon Yuzuru Hanyu has announced his divorce — only three months after his marriage was publicized — saying the couple had been troubled by slander, stalking and overheated media reporting. #moresports #yuzuruhanyu #marriage

I'm guessing I have more than one female relative feeling this? 😉

#Men #Marriage #Maturity

Photo of a woman in sweatshirt and jeans, holding a cup of Starbucks coffee. Her sweatshirt is captioned: "Raising my husband is exhausting".
The Long Victorian
2 weeks ago

A Country Wedding by Charles Thomas Burt (English artist, lived 1823-1902).

#Victorian #VictorianEra #Marriage #Wedding #Church #Rural #Celebration #Crowd #ThomasHardy

A large crowd outside a church wedding sunshine and trees in a Victorian painting
Carl Johnson
2 weeks ago

Still recovering from an incredible outpouring of love from friends and family celebrating our 40th anniversary last weekend. So touched and honored to have people I've known longer than that come to town to celebrate, as well as our newer friends who really laid on the love. If you can throw a party where people come and say nice things about you, I highly recommend it. Four days of wonderful togetherness. (Pics on the way – didn't take a single one, myself.)

#anniversary #marriage

3 weeks ago

Bride comes before a fall
#marriage #relationships #divorce

Poetry News
3 weeks ago

Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage
Put their marriage on center stage
After just half a year
They've decided it's clear
That their love, alas, could not engage

#chrisappleton #lukasgage #divorce #marriage #limerick #poetry

3 weeks ago

Fertility treatments are on the rise in #SouthKorea, driven by delayed #marriage and government support to combat the declining birthrate, with a 47.6% increase in treatment seekers in 2022 compared to 2018.

OTD a quarter of a century ago (it was a Friday) a young-ish woman and a young-ish enby (who in those days was assumed to be a man) who knew each other only a few months said to each other: "Yes, I do!"

Within the next 4-5 months they'd have divorced if the woman hadn't fought hard for her partner.

Then they lived through the ups and downs of their life together in Munich until they moved to Hamburg (2006-2009) just to move to NYC (2009-2013) and again nearly divorced, had, this time, not the enby fought hard for their partner.

Then, by 2014/15 they decided to settle down - in Munich.

During all those 25 years they struggled with each other, with life, the universe, everything; went through heaven and hell; questioned themselves, their life, their sexuality, their job, their ... everything.

But they kept together through all that hardship until, one fateful day in December 2021 the enby finally realized that they are, in fact, a trans non-binary person and came out their partner a week later - anxious, fearful, full of angst...

... but their partner surprised them, because you know what? She loved them - always! And then she said something beautiful: "I can't tell you how it will be and I can't tell you where this will take us - but it will take us there together! *That* I can tell you and promise you..."

Since then the two people have struggled through the ups and downs of their new relationship (with a lot more ups than downs now), made wonderful new friends, learned to enjoy the benefits of their beautiful relationship and vowed to continue staying together until their love for each other ends - or eternity - whichever comes first...

I am thankful to the universe who brought us together and I am immensely thankful to this amazing woman I will continue calling #LoveOfMyLife, my BFF, my island in a stormy sea, my partner, my equal, my missing half, ...

Here is to another 25 years 🥂

#Trans #TransJoy #Enby #EnbyJoy #Silver #Marriage #NonBinary #Love #NonBinaryJoy #QueerLove

When we renewed our vows, we also celebrated 20 years of our right to marry | CBC Radio #2SLGBTQ #EqualRights #RighttoMarry #Marriage #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

Oh, er... yeah... I didn't make a fuss about it, but it has been a bit over one year since I separated from my ex-wife.

It was on November 1st 2022 that I moved out.

#marriage #separation #divorce

Auschwitz Memorial
1 month ago

28 October 1874 | Jewish man, Moses Katz, was born in Kaunas (today Lithuania). He emigrated to Norway in 1898 with his wife Sara.

He arrived at Auschwitz on 1 December 1942 and was murdered in a gas chamber after arrival selection.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts #Norway #Kaunas #marriage

A mature man and woman in a portrait photo. They are wearing festive clothes. The man wears a hat, glasses and has a beard - spread on left and right.
Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo
1 month ago

FORDA TOK: Sang-ayon ka ba na gawing legal ang divorce sa Pilipinas? #FordaTok #Divorce #Marriage #bmpm #bayanmoipatrolmo #bayanpatroller #abscbn #newsph #news #balita

1 month ago

My wife went to a party with her girlfriends last night and was the designated driver for 3 women. She got so drunk that they had to Uber back to our house, and I had to drive her this morning to pick up her car.
So, we drive twenty-five minutes out to Sand Key, and as I pull into the parking lot, she says, "Oh no! I forgot to bring my keys!"
Then she made me buy lunch at a Greek place that had vegan options, because, also, "I forgot my purse!"
I feel used.

Priest from the princess bride saying mawwaige is what bwings us togethew today....
1 month ago

#StoryTime (for new readers)

Some background posts that lead into the story. BACKGROUND

But, in this #thread, I want to talk about my wife, who isn't here, online.

You hear little bits in posts, and all about what I am doing, what about the woman that works silently behind the scenes in my life?

READ ON, #History #Marriage #Wife #Homebody #CountryGirl

Part of this overlaps with my personal story linked above.

... /2

Auschwitz Memorial
2 months ago

16 October 1910 | Dutch Jew, Louis Lena van Emden, was born in Rotterdam. 

He was deported to Auschwitz from Westerbork with his wife Marika in August 1942. Marika was murdered in a gas chamber after arrival selection. Louis perished in the camp on 30 September 1942.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts #Rotterdam #marriage #couple #Netherlands

A husband and wife studio picture. She is sitting with legs folded, he is sitting behind her.

This week I've been mainly reading, no. 99.

Rachel Ingalls' short(ish) Binstead’s Safari (1983/2013) is a focussed tale of male stupidity & self-deception and the positive effect of leaving one's country and finding yourself (the wife's story). It focusses on miss communication in #marriage & salvation through becoming someone different when circumstances allow. While having a rather downbeat (but logical) end, it is an acute exploration of how male self-obsession wrecks lives.


Sharon Cummings Art (Official)
2 months ago

life would be dreary
without a someone to love
I am feeling blessed...

*Shout out to my Hubby of 22 years!! Sometimes that someone is a friend, a sibling, a neighbor or a pet. And don't forget to LOVE yourself!

#MastoPrompt - dreary


#love #loveart #loveislove #lovers #romance #romantic #art #artwork #mastoart #fediart #fedigiftshop #wedding #marriage #relationships #poetry #poet #writing #writingcommunity #feather #feathers

Two colorful feathers with a poem about love and companionship by artist and poet Sharon Cummings.
Tucker Teague
2 months ago

It’s been thirty two years since this picture was taken and quite a journey since then. The short version is we’re still together and still love each other. And I’m a better person because she loves me. In fact, that she chose and still chooses to love me is the greatest gift I’ve ever received; a gift I’ve never deserved.

#wedding #anniversary #wedding #marriage #blessings

A young couple stands before their wedding cake on their wedding day.
2 months ago

It was a beautiful, perfect day. 💛💍 #wedding #marriage #elopement

Men, if you could do it over, would you wait longer before having sex in your current or most recent relationship?

★ For the slightly longer questions (& chance to win a free 45-minute coaching session with me or a colleague please see

#menshealth #mentalhealth #marriage #sex #men #relationships #marriage #sexualhealth

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
2 months ago

Morning school commute: Shelly and I are listening to Oprah Winfrey’s 2017 [PODCAST] interview with “President Jimmy Carter: His Prayers from Inside the White House”

#service #love #marriage #faith #relationship #wisdom

2 months ago

24 years. Golly!
#Marriage #shelfie

Alan Boucek and Wendy Boucek sitting at the kitchen table with book shelf behind.
Your Autistic Life
2 months ago

Today, I decided to pay a visit to the neighborhood in which I grew up as a kid. On my way there, I was reflecting on my childhood. Hong Kong by Gorillaz came on YouTube Music. (Yes, I play YouTube Music in my car.)

That's when it hit me.

What an eventful life I've lived! Who could have predicted it? I had a heart attack, and cancer. I've moved from Canada to the US to be with a lady for 26 years, though we're now divorced. I've been to India, Taiwan, and yes, Hong Kong, too. I have a bachelor's, a master's and a Ph.D. I've discovered late that I'm autistic. I've reasserted my true identity as pansexual and polyamorous, a little prior to discovering my autism.


Maybe my epitaph will read:

"If nothing else, this man has definitely led an eventful life."


#HongKong #Gorillaz #CrazyLIfe #HeartAttack #cancer #marriage #divorce #ActuallyAutistic #autism #autistic #pansexual #polyamory

"For those who have money, marriage is likely to help them to have even more of it; for those who find a good match, there are many emotional and societal rewards of partnership. But you need stability first; you need the money, jobs, housing, and health care first. And these are the things that the American government, particularly the American right, does not want to offer its people."

#culture #economics #marriage #civilrights

Philip N Cohen
2 months ago

Now in the form of a formal blog post and a little paper: "Partner prospects and the marriage promotion fallacy."
#marriage #familysociology #demography #paa

Philip N Cohen
2 months ago

What if elites really practiced what they preach - marrying poor people? I found 1.2 million poor never-married mothers to match up with the richest never-married men.
#marriage #poverty #family

Chuck Taggart, Private Eye
2 months ago

Husband Unit made a meme! 😆 #StarTrek #marriage (Also #Spirk)

Top half shows Ilia from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” after she’s been turned into a V’Ger drone, saying “It is illogical for the Husband Unit not to comply.”

Bottom half shows Spock from TOS raising his eyebrow and saying, “Girl you have no idea.”
2 months ago

Had essential repair in our home this AM. Worker wore #KN95 over beardybeard, sigh. We wore #N95 & ran #CorsiRosenthalBox in his space, had window open, & vented with fan after he left. Yes I am truly exhausted/frustrated from doing #CovidPrecautions but better than having #LongCovid or complications. Husband swears while he sets up filtration but does it. Just like I swear when I put HIS dishes in the dishwasher! #Marriage #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver

mike mahaffie
3 months ago

How it started: Mimosas in a farm field in #Switzerland (Sept. 1988).

How it's going: Mimosas at the #TylerPlace Inn, Highgate Springs, #Vermont (Sept. 2023)

Cheers to 35 years of #marriage!

A bottle of champagne and a collection of wine glasses on a small table, with a red checkered table cloth in a field.
A man and woman toast each other with mimosas in front of a fireplace.
Philip N Cohen
3 months ago

79% of currently married US women have their husband's last name. Keeping own (ie, father's) name more common among young, liberal, Hispanic, and more educated women.
#marriage #family #sociology

Figure 2
From the post
Milcom Miasma
3 months ago

Today is my wedding anniversary. 9/1/91 (We did that so I only had to remember two numbers.)

I told Mrs. Miasma I wished we could take a digital photo of us as we are now, and send it back through time to the "us" that got married 32 years ago.

Mrs. Miasma said she believes her younger self would've thought "Well, it either went really well or *really* badly."


Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
3 months ago

Two women held a symbolic wedding in Kharkiv on Aug. 25 to protest the lack of #marriage equality for same-sex partners in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian state does not recognize same-sex marriages or civil unions.

Alina Shevchenko, a member of Ukraine's armed forces since 2015, married her partner Stanislava Petlytsia, an #LGBTQ+ activist, as part of a performance for Kharkiv #Pride.

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine
#СлаваУкраїні! #StandWithUkraine

The 2 brides dressed in tradition white wedding dresses pose on steps holding white bouquets with 6 bridesmaids dressed in pink

Alina Shevchenko and Stanislava Petlytsia's symbolic wedding as part of Kharkiv Pride, on Aug. 25, 2023. (Photo: Kharkiv Pride / Facebook)

We’re working on a couples retreat in the Rockies that we think will appeal to some Edmonton & Calgary folks. Couples who want more than mediocre. If you’re curious (& want to be on the wait list for “super earlybird” pricing)…

#coupleswork #sacredsexuality #marriage #tantra #yoga #happiness #love #retreats #canada #edmonton #yeg #calgary #ycc

5 months ago


Fat forward 40 years and hopefully it will be s porch swing with the two of you holding hands, drinking iced tea, watching the grass grow.

Best wishes 🖖

#tallship #family #couples #marriage


Yesterday, my partner and I shared a beautiful moment. It had been a stressful day of travel, both drained and overwhelmed. We'd taken a shower, I sat at his lap and we rocked slowly. I thought about wanting to marry him. Suddenly, he said:
"Ugh! Should we just get married? Let's just do it?"
"Yes, let's just do it!"

We knew how irrational it would be, considering we have been together for less than a year. But feeling and expressing those feelings is great, I think.
#marriage #t4tcouple

#AfricanArt #marriage #painting #oilpainting or #artprint
Painting of the Day. Twin II
> >

*This beautiful oil painting by African artist Angu Walters depicts a happy couple holding hands. Original and print available from Boise, Idaho, USA.

A happy couple holding hands.

Sometimes on my personal website, I will receive messages from total strangers about how my late husband impacted their lives.

These messages invariably make me cry, make me miss him none, and realize how much there is to know about a person.

#Marriage #Love

Philip N Cohen
5 months ago

If you have ever been married, did you or your spouse change your name - and how did that go? Here's a short, anonymous #survey to share your experience. Thanks! (Please pass it on in your networks, too!) (US residents only for now.)
#marriage #names #sociology

QR code, link:
Transplanted Tarheel
6 months ago

The late Mr. Tarheel's been gone almost 9 years. But if he'd lived, this coming Saturday would have been our 44th #WeddingAnniversary and it's got me thinking about the miracle of #BeingLoved so much that someone would promise before God and your families and community and sign a legal contract to spend the rest of their life with you -- and then do it.

In other news, I think I'm allergic to #Goats.

#Love #Marriage

👉👉Why We Should Ditch Marital Privilege, Eschew Relationship-Status Discrimination, and Embrace Non-marital History👈👈

A World Without Marriage | Psychology Today

#marriage #monogamy #nonmonogamy #relationships

@zoomar the husband of one of my old coworkers used to ask to borrow his friend's car whenever he went on a first date.

You're probably thinking he wanted to drive a better car to impress his date. Actually, it was the opposite. He didn't want anyone dating him because he drove a nice car so he intentionally borrowed his friend's beat-up oldster when meeting someone new.

His date (my coworker) didn't care. They ended up getting married.

#dating #marriage #relationships

We had a perfectly fine #rice #steamer for decades.

I broke it.

She bought a cheap one. It is garbage and we hate it.

What features do I even want in a rice steamer? At the very least, it should be easy to use, have a visible timer and not form a rice crust at the bottom of the cooking vessel.

#marriage #cooking

8 months ago

Misso just accused me of cooking too much bacon.
Seeking expressions of interest to be my next wife
#Bacon #Marriage

I've learned a lot more about cooking in the past few years, not only because the pandemic (although the it gave me a push), but just from a logistical standpoint. I'm work from home, and wifey has to drive over an hour to Phoenix every day (🙄).

I think that she likes that I'm now able to cook better and more often. As soon as I'm off work here at home, I start thinking of/making dinner. That's another big advantage of wfh. I can't imagine her driving over an hour to get home then having to make dinner. It doesn't make sense. Even though she is a GREAT cook. She taught me a lot. Like what things go together, etc. She's vegetarian now and we try to eat semi healthy (cutting sugar and fat just when we can), so I try to work all that in. Using odd leftover ingredients sometimes, experimenting- it's pretty cool, actually. Sometimes you feel like a mad scientist. 🤣

The most important thing probably to all of it is figuring out what ingredients you always need to have around, finding them at the best prices, and making sure you use them fast enough before they go bad- which is always tricky, especially with fruits and veggies.

I used to hate cooking (all I did before was eggs or microwaved stuff, really) and I think I kinda still do hate the process and effort (I'm not one of those people who gets a lot of gratification from stuff I've cooked, I barely like food 🤣🤣) but I gather up the energy required, and I enjoy knowing that

Having an air fryer has really helped, and I can't stress this enough. If you're on the fence, just get one. I use it literally daily. You can air fry all KINDS of things-- veggies, meat, it's incredible. Probably best not to totally cheap out on it though, as we've been through a few. Ours is a Ninja.

I also set up a Trello board with a bunch of meal ideas, after people on here gave me great advice- if you want to see that, it's here!

We do a little meal planning, as I also make her breakfast and pack her a lunch, as she puts on makeup/does hair in the morning, and again, it just makes sense. I don't need to look any certain way, I rarely leave the house!

This one got a little long. Maybe I'll throw it on Substack eventually? I'm not super active there (yet).

#cooking #food #MealPlanning #Trello #WorkFromHome #WFH #WFHBenefits #AirFryers #marriage #LearningToCook #breakfast #lunch #dinner #Substack #pandemic #PandemicSkills #COVID #vegetarian #VegetarianCooking #veggies #FruitsAndVeggies #HealthyEating #HealthyMeals #vegetarians

A screenshot of my healthy eating meal and snack idea Trello board that is public and linked in this post.

#AfricanArt #paintingoftheday #marriage #wedding #couple #romance #painting #acrylicpainting or #artprint
Painting of the Day. Couple
> >
*The painting is full of rich colors and textures, and it captures the warmth and joy of the wedding day."

The artist has used a variety of brushstrokes to create a sense of movement and energy, and the overall effect is one of life and vitality.
Philip N Cohen
8 months ago

Chance of divorce within the first 10 years, by age at first marriage: US, 2021.

I was doing this kind of wrong in previous editions. You'll be glad to know I fixed it. (Results are about the same, but it's the labor that counts.)

#marriage #divorce #demography #sociology

ErosBlog Bacchus
8 months ago

I ended up cross-posting day-before-yesterday's tiny rant onto ErosBlog, where a commenter's question led me to expand on it, just a bit:

"I don’t mind saying that LOYALTY is pretty near the first duty of any spouse. If you aren’t first and foremost on their side, and they on yours, that’s bad. Causing your spouse pain may be inevitable — anybody can fuck up — but putting it on social media postured as funny? That’s NOT loyal enough."

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