Jeff Haluska
4 hours ago

Air quality index where I am was so bad I slept in a mask last night.

#wildfire #mask #smoke

Mr Huffle
8 hours ago

Ich frage mich, welche Rechte man denen jetzt weggenommen hat... zumal Masken ja eh nichts bringen.

Quelle: Reddit

#NewYork #2023 #smoke #wildfire #mask

New York Straßenszene: Von Rauch verdunkelter Straßenzug mit Passenten, die Maske tragen
12 hours ago

I winder how many North American 'covid anti-maskers' will now be masking up because they can see or taste the smoke from the Canadian wildfires?
#Wildire #AirQuality #Mask #Covid #AntiMask

20 hours ago

I guess that answers my question about masks and wildfire smoke among the Red Hat crowd. Fine, suck up the smoke, suckers. Thankfully, your refusal to wear a #mask has zero impact on the rest of us this time.

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro calls it “insanity” to wear a mask to protect yourself from wildfire smoke
Pirro: “Democrats are pumping up climate hysteria and bringing back, you guessed it, mask insanity”

Canadians and North American East Coasters, we here in the West (California, Oregon, Washington) know exactly what you're going through and we sympathize. Until the winds shift and move the toxic air away from your areas:

1) Keep all windows, doors, and vents closed.

2) Run indoor air filters especially near the young, old and people with breathing complications.

3) Avoid going outside but if you must, wear N95 masks. They trap the dangerous particulate that's floating in your air.

4) Please keep your pets indoors until the air clears. They're just as vulnerable to toxic air as we are.

#fire #smoke #pollution #mask #Canada #EastCoast #toxic #breathing #air

Photo of the sky from our backyard Spring 2020 (no edits or filters.)

Stéphanie Pageau
1 day ago

If people won't wear a #mask when they can see and smell the danger... No wonder we're doomed when it comes to invisible dangers.

1 day ago

Hewwo! I tried to cosplay as Kobeni, but I didn't have the right shirt, and honestly I look bad in these clothes. One of the pictures makes me look like a movie killer.

#chainsawman #cosplay #femboy #kobeni #kobenihigashiyama #knife #hairclip #mask #classy #murderer #scared

2 days ago

"With wildfire smoke in the forecast for Toronto, is it time to bring back masks?" TracingCOVID says: how is this a question? Smoke inhalation first disorients, then kills. Smoke particles irritate the lower bronchial tubes within the lungs, which constricts airflow and obstructs oxygen from reaching the brain. To keep a clear head, wear a good mask, ideally N95 or KN95, but a mouth+nose covering at the very least. Block those particles! #wildfire #mask #besafe

Wildfire particulates can get into the lungs and inflame the lower bronchial tubes, thereby restricting oxygen flow to the brain. Block wildfire particulates by wearing a mask outdoors. Run an airfilter indoors.
2 days ago

Hello I'll be going to the #opera tonight in #SanFrancisco. Even though their #Covid protocol has relaxed I'ma wear my #mask because #Covid isn't over!

Still gonna #MaskUp in public, yo!

Kyle Memoir
2 days ago

Another 75 km today and another outstanding ride. My first in a #KN95 #mask (against #wildfire #smoke). Times have changed for sure. Back to the Ellis Swamp area this aft, and north of it for a few km on the #Goderich to #Guelph #Rail #Trail - not a whole pint, sadly, but a nice sip.

I don’t often get up that way owing to prevailing winds. This year is a novel situation, completely different.

#Stratford #Ontario #gravelbike #ellisswamp #cycling #Canada #climate

An old rail trail, the tracks lifted years ago and the bed laid for hikers and cyclists with crushed limestone. Only a tunnel of light appears at the horizon where the trail disappears - everywhere else, the green vegetation of a summer forest floor with a few tree trunks supporting the canopy.
An old rail trail, the tracks lifted years ago, the bed laid for hikers and cyclists with crushed limestone. The view is from the handlebars, with a lightning detector, bell, bicycle computer and light all fastened in place. The disappears into the greenery up ahead.
An Ontario highway on a warm early June day. Flat plateau, pale robin’s egg sky, green fields and a few telephone poles remind a little of Montana.
A country gravel crossroads with tall green trees and a lonely telephone pole. The sky above is cloudless, tinted with far away wildfire smoke. An illegible green road sign is posted below the telephone pole, telling us where we are: the middle of nowhere.
Emmanuel Veneau 📸
2 days ago

Sulky panda. Child with a panda mask, during a youth literature meeting, École Marie Skłodowska-Curie, quartier du Garros, Auch, France, June 2022.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #AsTheDaysGoBy
#photography #mask #panda #childhood #BlackAndWhite
👤 #ParMontsEtParMots

Pupil in a school with a panda mask
Hoe Chin 🦋
2 days ago

I was actually harassed yesterday in public transport because I'm wearing face mask 🤦‍♀️ 😠

Some creep was coughing ostentatiously my way and saying something like: "Careful lady, I will infect you".

I ignored him and only turned away (no much space to move), fortunately he got off on the next stop but I'm still annoyed by this.

I really wish for people like this to get sick and taste their own medicine.
If that makes me bad person so be it.

#covid #COVID19 #harassment #mask

2 days ago

Masked Dadaist
By Meister Jeder 6/23
#dada #dadaism #dadaismus #photography #collage #mask

Catherine Morris
3 days ago

I’ve been continuing to wear a N95 #mask on planes and in airports while travelling. Also at concerts. I’m feeling affirmed in this decision by the Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist, who is now in Tanzania with her family. They all wore masks on the plane. After three years escaping #COVID19, one of her family members tested positive for Covid the day they arrived — so he was already contagious while on the plane (although symptomless until after arriving at destination).

C.H. Romatowski
4 days ago

The #TourDeFrance has instituted a #mask policy, barred autographs and dining out for riders, and instituted other #Covid mitigation measures, after the leader in the recent Giro d’Italia dropped out with Covid.

Wish the public received similarly responsible guidance from health agencies instead of being left to try to read the vibes.


Vivienne Dunstan
4 days ago

Just pushed my Spring #Booster (7th #Covid #vaccine) appointment back a week. I am still recovering from a #cold that I picked up at the dental hygienist two weeks ago, and that has affected severely #immunosuppressed me really badly. Not only would I still be #infectious, but I would also be very uncomfortable going there, and in my #mask to protect me and others. So pushed back a week. Got to be sensible. #dentist #NHS

6 days ago

1,130,593 Americans Dead From COVID 19

2023-June-01 Friday

755 Americans Dead Last Week

U.S. - 16.29% of global pandemic deaths

U.S. - 4.20% of the global population

#US #USA #America #Americans #COVID19 #Covid #Corona #CoronaVirus #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborn #Pandemic #PandemicIsNotOver #Mask #Masks #WearAMask #Death #Deaths #AmericanDeaths #Vaccine #Vaccines #silentsunday #montag #sunday #Friday #SilentSunday #Monday #LongCovid #news #USNews #politics #USPolitics

Julie Webgirl
1 week ago

I think this is a record for me even for the redneck town I'm in right now (big clue in the attached selfie) Not sure if it's my #ElectromericRespirator #Mask or my #Pride bandana, or the combination of the two but...

I got 2 guys looking at me then each other trying to keep straight faces... A chick who looked me up and down and smirking so bad I actually laughed as she passed, and another woman who couldn't contain her smirk... In the span of 20 minutes!

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid

Me in white tank top, my Flomask and my hair up with a rainbow stripe banana headband. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and there is an American flag hanging from a lights behind and above my left shoulder.

Bought the Flo Mask for my teen! Thank you Fedi for helping to keep my family safe! <33

And someone bought a set of filters for the 3M Secure Click respirator! So now I just need the rest of the #mask funded!!
59% funded so far

#DisabilityCrowdfund #CovidIsNotOver #TransCrowdfund #MutualAid #WearAMask #chronicIllness

Emmanuel Veneau 📸
1 week ago

Laughing snake. Child with a snake mask, during a youth literature meeting, École Marie Skłodowska-Curie, quartier du Garros, Auch, France, June 2022.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #AsTheDaysGoBy
#photography #mask #snake #childhood #BlackAndWhite
👤 #ParMontsEtParMots

a child with a snake mask in a playground
Luke MacNeil
1 week ago

We don't only travel to beautiful places. We meet beautiful people.

#People #Photography #mask #portrait #SelectiveColor

A blonde woman with blue eyes and a jewel studded black lace mask.

I'll be frank. I need more people reading me on #Medium and more people subscribing on ko-fi.

I'm #disabled from my #cancer, but also from the fact that my #cancer caused me to lose my ability to #mask my #autism. Maybe I'll be able to find myself in place in the workplace, but right now I'm not seeing it.

#Subscriptions on ko-fi start as low as one dollar a month. At that level you're supporting me and you get to direct message me if you want to.


1 week ago

Why am I still masking in enclosed public spaces?

"Overall, 181 or (13 percent of the total survey takers) reported testing positive for COVID-19, and 52 percent of the COVID-positive responders indicated it was their first known bout of COVID-19. Nearly all of the survey takers, 1,435 (99.4 percent), reported having received at least one COVID-19 vaccine. But 70 percent of the survey takers reported going unmasked during the gathering."

#mask #Covid

1 week ago

Laid in the sun Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday. Great long weekend. Happy "Monday" !
#happy #monday on #tuesday #first #day #back #long #holiday #weekend #commute #NYC #subway #straphanger #mask #wearer & #face #shield #too #COVIDisNOTover #maskup #NewYork

C.H. Romatowski
1 week ago

Wow: duckbill N95s for 10¢ each. They’re in 50-packs, not individually wrapped, but can’t beat that price.

#Covid #Mask #CovidIsntOver

1 week ago

In the early days of the pandemic I realised I'd be doing a lot of mask wearing so I invested in a GVS Elipse P3 mask. Comfortable, cheap ($/hour of use), and very effective the only drawback are all the strange looks I get in public but those have never bothered me.

Sharing a small unit with COVID positive family members it's been a godsend. 14+ hours of wear each day (I can even nap in it) and I'm still testing negative a week later.

#covid #mask #WearAMask

2 weeks ago

People have truly shown who they are over the last few years and I don't have it in me to keep dealing with it. I haven't been able to do much, like go to the dentist, doctors, hairdressers, restaurants, stores, ect, because "masks are so hard to wear and covid is over".
I wouldn't mind if it just killed me, but it doesn't, it keeps making my stroke and other problems worse. #COVID #Mask #Disabled #LongCovid

NZ Government promotion of mask use for this winter.

Will it be effective?

#COVID19 #PublicHealth #npi #mask

Winter's on.
Masks on.
Go well.

(new poster for Aotearoa New Zealand's promotion of mask use to reduce COVID transmission over winter)
2 weeks ago

So, I follow the #Mask hashtag, because I'm interested in respiratory protection. Today, that brought up video of a man masturbating in a pig mask. Mind you, he correctly marked the content as adult so it would be hidden from the sensitive. (I'm not.) I'm just saying, it was a surprise.

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
2 weeks ago

How to Ask a Seatmate to #Mask: The New #Etiquette for #Maskless Flights
Strategies for staying calm and polite while asking people to take #Coronavirus precautions on a #maskless #flight.

2 weeks ago

@DoubleTreble That looks like a William Morris design. Love a china mug and that one is gorgeous, and a nice size too.
Meanwhile I have to meet with people over this weekend, so this is my vibe. #mask

Mug with an inscription.

I have a #Mask recommendation!

My kid hated vogmasks, but wore them anyway b/c they're a sensible teenager. So we had them try on a 3M 6000 and a 3M 6500 respirator, and they really liked both of them! In fact the 6500 one they just left on for like a half hour for no reason (we're in our home atm)

They're cheap too. They do have an exhalation valve but that could be a selling point for ya. Makes ya sound like a robot too

#WearAMask #CovidIsNotOver #actuallyAutistic :BIPOC_Autistic_Pride:

2 weeks ago

1,129,838 Americans Dead From COVID 19

2023-May-26 Friday

935 Americans Dead Last Week

U.S. - 16.29% of global pandemic deaths

U.S. - 4.20% of the global population

#US #USA #America #Americans #COVID19 #Covid #Corona #CoronaVirus #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborn #Pandemic #PandemicIsNotOver #Mask #Masks #WearAMask #Death #Deaths #AmericanDeaths #Vaccine #Vaccines #silentsunday #montag #sunday #Friday #SilentSunday #Monday #LongCovid #news #USNews #politics #USPolitics

2 weeks ago

@Ozmopolitan #mask when in crowds, on public transport every time.

2 weeks ago

Are you still wearing a #mask, and have you gotten #covid?


2 weeks ago

The first time I wore the forfun latex hood

I saw it in the mirror
And I felt "this is me"

I am faceblind. My face is a stranger's
but I saw that and that is how I dreamt myself.

Well, not exactly but it is close
Tears of joy for it

it is a treasure.

#latex #rubber #face #masking #mask

Heldenchaos 🦸‍♂️
2 weeks ago

Hört sich auch heute noch prima wech: Die aktuelle #Heldenchaos-#Podcast-Folge. 📻 ❤️
Thema: Die #Spielzeug-Serie #MASK aus den 80-ern.
Jetzt reinhören auf 👉, #ApplePodcasts, #Spotify, #AmazonMusic, #Deezer und in jedem #Podcatcher.

2 weeks ago

@kdawson I got it once, and that was in hospital being treated for a broken ankle. Thankfully they set up IV paracetamol or I probably wouldn’t have been fit to type this response otherwise. Fully vaccinated and still wearing a #mask if in any public place.

Chris Hall
2 weeks ago

Is it strange that I'm the only staff member wearing a mask in this building? A couple of my students do, most don't. But no other staff member in this building? BTW I'm not part of public health school, I just teach media theory in one of their classrooms. Maybe they know something I don't?

#COVID19 #COVIDisAirborne #mask #pandemic

Me with N95 respirator on pointing at sign for School of Public Health
Poster of epidemiology

@luckytran And yet hospitals is where you get a higher concentration of vulnerable and at-risk patients. Even catching a common cold from someone in a crowded waiting room can trigger serious problems in people with #asthma, #cancer, transplant recipients, etc. There must be data out there showing a drop in #nosocomial infections during #mask wearing during mandates?
Not just hospitals, any healthcare setting where vulnerable people and sick people are likely to mix -- including their FP's clinic.
#COVID #IDmastodon #MedMastodon

3 weeks ago

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.
Close up portrait in black and white of the model Christine concealed behind a mask.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #model #mask

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.
Close up portrait in black and white of the model Christine concealed behind a mask.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #model #mask
3 weeks ago

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.
Close up portrait in colour of the model Christine concealed behind a mask.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #model #mask

Check out this photograph / digital artwork that would look great framed and hanging on your wall in your home or office or produced on a variety of products.
Close up portrait in colour of the model Christine concealed behind a mask.

#BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #model #mask
Julia Janiszewski
3 weeks ago

Had a doctor’s appointment today. Went in with a #mask because it’s a healthcare environment, and the doctor asked if I was feeling sick given I had a mask on. I replied that I was just being responsible and that the clinic’s own pre-appointment form had a stipulation that patients were required to wear masks. The doctor was perplexed and assured me I could take it off. I didn’t.

On another note, I love looking for new GPs.
#COVIDisnotover #maskup #wearamask #COVID

Greek composer and musician #Vangelis [known for scoring the films Chariots of Fire (1981) and Blade Runner (1982), among other works] passed away from heart failure on May 17, 2022, one year ago today.

He was reported to have "died of COVID-19 complications".

More context:

#COVIDisAirborne #COVIDisNOTover #COVID #COVID19 #LongCOVID #MaskUP #Mask #masks #masking #WearMask #PutOnFittingMask #AllYourBreathAreBelongToUs #pandemic

The album cover for the remastered version of Vangelis' 1985 album "Mask" has been modified so the text "VANGELIS: MASK" is "WEAR MASK", and the text "REMASTERED BY VANGELIS" is "PUT ON FITTING MASK". The original album cover features a photograph of an artifact made of metal (possibly copper, and presumed to be a mask given the album title) with images of smaller faces pressed into the metal; in this image, well-fitting, effective masks have been superimposed upon the faces pressed into the metal mask.
colorblind cowboy 😷
3 weeks ago

New #mask day! This is by Airigami. It is not yet NIOSH or FDA approved but has passed independent tests and won many awards.

Pros: Super comfortable, lightweight, doesn’t push up your glasses (or fog them), choice of many colors as well as ear loops or head strap, reusable, washable & heat sterilizable

Cons: Not an elastomeric, so I need to be clean shaven, may be warmer than other masks

Conclusion: Glad to have this stylish and light alternative.


A person in brown mask that’s patterned with white dots. Mask has a folded honeycomb appearance and behind-the-head-straps. Person is also wearing a cowboy hat, brown butterfly collar jacket, blue western shirt, and jackelope bolo tie.
Matthias Ernst Ring
3 weeks ago

Woman from #eBay with a fear #mask in front of a glass vitrine


Despite being vocal about how important it is to advocate for yourself (in the form of asking people to wear a #mask or #respirator in your personal space), actually doing so in real time can be intimidating. Especially when they’re both a stranger and a cisgender man 🥹

Luckily, there are still people who seem not to give a fuck and will do as you ask.

#CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #CovidDispatch
#UpgradeYourMask #Covid19 #COVID #ThisIsOurPolio @novid

A screenshot of a text conversation containing two messages.

The sender’s message reads: “Good morning. Just wanted to make you aware that we ask all visitors to wear a mask or respirator when they come into the house; I have a spare N95 if you're in need of one. Thank you!”

The recipient’s reply reads: “Good morning. Okay”
Chris Hall
1 month ago

"the trauma of the pandemic highlighted bureaucratic inefficiencies, inadequacies in the public health services, medical shortcomings, and many social evils of the time, particularly among the poor." (p. 73)

Book published in 2007.

#cappuccino #Pandemic #Influenza #NSW #Australia #coffee #outbreak #Mask #PublicHealth #AustralianHistory

Photo of a cappuccino in a ceramic cup on a black cafe courtyard table. Behind the coffee there is a book leaning against the white concrete wall that the table is butted up against. On the saucer of the coffee there is a "freckles" chocolate.
Dr. Brad Rosenheim
1 month ago

It's unfortunate. It marks an ethos that would not allow the most effective vaccines to succeed. Yes, given the variants, COVID 19 vaccines did not do a great job against transmission. Yet, this skepticism against capitalism, against the distribution of these vaccines helped diminish their efficacy by both changing the willingness of people to get vaccinated to help others and not just themselves and to change behaviors such as #mask wearing.

Rita Portela (parody)
1 month ago

Opinion: Ca health care providers’ retreat from COVID masking is shameful

In what universe is it ethically appropriate for physicians & hospitals to infect their own patients with COVID?


Decisions to unmask aren't data driven or supported by experiential evidence. That is why hospital-issued statements fail to cite science for their policy changes. Instead, faceless committees issue platitudes about being in a “new phase”

#MasksInHealthcare #mask

1 month ago

1,131,819 Americans Dead From COVID 19

2023-May-05 Friday

1,157 Americans Dead Last Week

U.S. - 16.35% of global pandemic deaths

U.S. - 4.20% of the global population

#US #USA #America #Americans #COVID19 #Covid #Corona #CoronaVirus #CovidIsNotOver #Pandemic #PandemicIsNotOver #Mask #Masks #WearAMask #Death #Deaths #AmericanDeaths #Vaccine #Vaccines #silentsunday #montag #sunday #Friday #SilentSunday #Monday #LongCovid #LongCoivdAwarenessDay #news #USNews #politics #USPolitics

1 month ago

Guess who’s the only one at the airport in a damn #mask - it’s your girl! #covid #CovidIsNotOver

Photo = eye contact

Selfie of a girl with brown eyes in a black mask
1 month ago

@luckytran not sure people today are on a mask because of #covid or any germs.. or simply they are caught up with life they never had. I witness #mask wearing effect just few months before 2020, I was in Taiwan mid 2019. I was amazed how many people were in mask there... they are in mask for the last 10 years, they unable to let it go and that effect is post 6 months shocks.. it is 2 years shocks now. use common sense, you have everything to protect yourself without nothing and don't lost that.

#COVID19 #Hospitalizations in the #UnitedStates

>60 yr old & immunocompromised Have a good look at @CDCgov info on #Boosters!

#Ventilate Indoor spaces

Sick? --> Wear a good quality #Mask!

Hospital Tracker (by States, by age group):


RS, Author, Novelist
1 month ago

The WHO can only advise. They do so, and whilst governments may not head their advise (or their medical community), we personally can.

I do.

I wear a mask so I neither easily become a breeding ground for mutation nor, if I fail, circulate the virus "pretty much unchecked."

Do I get bonus points for neither having had a cold nor the flu since 2019 because of wearing a mask? That's weeks of misery not experienced by me, and by not spreading years of misery not shared in the population. 😷​


#mask #maskup #masking #covid #COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #flu #writingcommunity #writersofmastodon

C.H. Romatowski
1 month ago

An all-time high on the “we’re all trying to find the guy who did this” leaderboard.

“CDC opens probe after 35 test positive for covid following CDC conference”

#Covid #Mask #CDC

C.H. Romatowski
1 month ago

👀 #JournoRequest

Simon Spichak is writing for the Daily Beast on the Stanford #LongCovid trial where patients walked out when researchers stopped masking. He’d like to talk to those patients: hello (at) simonspichak (dot) com

#Covid #Mask

Reddit screenshot:

u/stopmotionskeleton • 8h
FYI: Stanford research staff have stopped masking in the middle of the long-Covid
We just walked out and quit the study today. Stanford medical dropped all masking requirements and the researchers running the long-Covid paxlovid study have stopped masking while tending to long covid participants. It's frankly abhorrent, selfish behavior, and not only does it demonstrate a complete lack of regard and understanding for the illness in question, in my opinion it calls into question the legitimacy of the entire study. We've been traveling hundreds of miles for months in order to try to participate in their study and provide THEM with data about the illness, and this is what they think of us. Just want to make everyone aware in case you also have the misfortune of being a participant.
EDIT: Aside from the obvious lack of regard for the safety and well being of their patients/subjects, I should point out that this is also just a terrible choice for the study. Want to know how to get consistent study results? I'II give you a hint: it doesn't involve dramatically changing the study conditions 3/4 of the way through. Not only are they callously risking people's health, they risk invalidating the entire project and its data by suddenly increasing the odds of reinfecting their participants and negatively changing the course of their health.
Jeff Gilchrist
1 month ago

Fit Testing to ensure a good seal on your mask [Part 1]

This thread explains what #mask #fit #testing is (#qualitative and #quantitative), why it is important, and my testing experience with some real-world results of various types of masks including NIOSH #N95 and ear loop. 🧵 1/

The one page easier to share version of this thread can be found at:

Photo showing the difference between quantitative (measuring particles inside and outside the mask) and qualitative (someone trying to taste bitter/sweet aerosols leaking into the mask). Photo from:

#COVID19 #Hospitalizations in the #UnitedStates

>60 yr old & immunocompromised Have a good look at @CDCgov info on #Boosters!

#Ventilate Indoor spaces

Sick? --> Wear a good quality #Mask!

Hospital Tracker (by States, by age group):


Erika Autumn
2 months ago

It's gonna be pretty obvious when I actually go anywhere, but I still wear my #n95 #mask every time I leave the house. #CovidIsNotOver

So I'd like to make it known that I'm looking to #collab with other #Musicians and #Producers more this year... 👩‍💻

I'm a #SingerSongwriter & #Producer with a modest #HomeStudio - I make #IndieAlternative and #Acoustic + #Experimental and #Rap I'm flexible with genre.

#IndieMusicians #IndependentMusicians #Collaboration #Musician #MusicProducer

2 months ago

@doggle @actuallyautistic hang in there. Fine to wear a #mask. I only eased up 2 weeks ago here. Curious to see how the shops do on the returns. Also, email customer service of the manufacturers. Let the shops know you did. Take a copy with you. This helps them with future returns.

Ed Suominen
2 months ago

Are you walking around stores without an #N95 #respirator #mask during what still is very much an ongoing #pandemic? Going to restaurants, concerts, etc. and inhaling the invisible microscopic water-balls called #aerosols that may well have #SARSCov2 #virus hitching a ride on them as they float around for hours?

Well, then, congratulations! You may get to experience this too! See the original post by @bhawthorne for details, at

Personally, I don’t want #LongCovid, ever.

How Long Covid Has Affected My Self-Image

I was always an active person. My jobs (paid and volunteer) involved a fair amount of physical effort (walking in the woods, climbing mountains, putting out fires, lifting patients, etc.) as well as cognitive effort (spreadsheets, models, GIS, research, reports, meetings, etc.). I was healthy and in good shape, and my planning horizon was to work to 65, then retire for 30+ years before shuffling off this mortal coil.

I’ve been struggling with Long Covid now since getting infected in October 2022, and everything about my life has changed.  I am on an intermittent leave from work through FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), with the leave paid at least until I burn through the sick leave I have accrued over 20 years. I am able to work about half time, as even thinking hard for more than a couple of hours leaves me completely exhausted.

A strenuous workout for me is now walking 0.5 km in 10 minutes. I can’t do field work safely. I haven’t walked in the woods behind my house since last fall. I am now essentially sedentary, with all the short- and long-term health effects that brings with it (weight gain, future cardiovascular disease, increased likelihood of diabetes, etc.).
3 months ago

Obligatory intro post from a new instance: I'm Daywalking Redhead - if you've seen the South Park episode, you'll get the joke. I'm in the US.

I have a standard poodle, Samwise, who was meant to be my #ServiceDog until he had a grand Mal seizure. He's enjoying being a retired pupper, playing with his Wubba and our Covid bubble mates' black lab puppy. My daughter's dog is medicated for extreme anxiety, and I can't get another puppy to train while he's with us. Such is life - he's an adorable tiny menace. Expect photos.

I #garden. Started in 2020, as a way to keep my sanity, and loved it. I'm working on removing all the invasives, and replacing them with a #NativeFoodForest. Expect photos.

I'm #disabled, working on unpacking my internalized #ableism. Probably neurospicy, but not officially dxd. My doctor is the one who just assumes I am.

I'm aware of my cis and white privilege, and working on being anti-racist and anti-transphobic.

I don't mind Christians, as long as they keep that lifestyle choice to themselves. Given that I live in a state that's been taken over by cristofascists who mean to kill me and mine, and given that other christians aren't standing up and fighting them on it, I'm shifting swiftly toward actively hostile to the entire mess. I absolutely think we should #TaxAllChurches, regardless of religion, and dissolve those who are active in politics. Separation of church and state is a demand, not a polite suggestion.


I'm #VaccinatedAF. I #mask 100% of the time in public, as does the rest of my household and the other two households in our #CovidBubble.

Interests include and are not limited to: sci-fi/fantasy, urban fantasy, mystery, superheroes, comics/graphic novels, movies, art, photography, music - many genres, Star Wars/Trek, video games, PokemonGo, weather nerdery, ASMR, and whatever other random thing catches my fancy in any moment.

Janet Dane
3 months ago

A mask hack. A perfect fit for the face, but the earpieces hurt so I'm using around-the-head elastics from masks that don't fit as well. #covid #sewing #mask

A white mask sits on a wooden surface an elastic sits beside it
3 months ago

Update on the #mask situation in #Tokyo since the change in government advice.

Everyone in the department store where I shopped this morning, including all staff and customers, was wearing a mask.

I saw a few people in the street without but that’s been the case for a while now.


#Japan 🇯🇵 government to citizens: You do not have to wear the #COVID #mask anymore.

🗾 Citizens to government: Yeah, but we want to protect those with weakened immune systems, so we will continue to #MaskUp. 😷


Tony Pennino
3 months ago

Props to #jessicachastain for being the only one in the room to wear a #mask
#oscars #academyawards

Ana Tudor 🐯
3 months ago

And the most random assortment of buttons to summon Satan

Fun fact: first made this for a conference talk. Upon arriving there, discovered the venue was a church. One of the paintings there crashed with a loud noise during my talk.

Requires support for registering custom properties via @ property.

#CSS #JS #CodePen #webDev #button #buttons #control #controls #coding #webDevelopment #mask #svg #satan

Animated gif. Clicking the Summon Satan button brings up a Lucipurr character and a control panel with a melting pot of styles for the controls there. These controls can make Lucipurr's horns and forehead pentagram start glowing, can make his whiskers start moving, can make his fangs and claws come out, can adjust the length of his pitchfork or his eye colour.
Ana Tudor 🐯
3 months ago


✨ an old download button

✨ an animated version (Chromium only) of the candy ghost buttons I wrote about a few years back on CSS-Tricks:

#CSS #JS #CodePen #webDev #button #buttons #control #controls #coding #webDevelopment #mask #pastel

Animated gif. Shows a mesh-textured download button whose border, once clicked, starts filling up with a neon blue from left (0%) to right (100%, download complete).
Screenshot. Shows the 50% done state of the download button.
Animated gif. Shows the pastel ghost buttons filling up from the bottom to the top on hover and this fill XOR-ing the button text and icon.
Screenshot. Shows various fill levels for the candy ghost buttons.
Timothy Caulfield
3 months ago

Wow. Cochrane revises THAT mask study.

Reality: "....the results were inconclusive."

"...scientific evidence is never immune to misinterpretation, we take responsibility for not making the wording clearer..."

"...we apologize.”

#mask #masks #publichealth #science #scicomm

After a short lull, seeing sudden uptick in #Covid cases again in my patient population. But sure, let’s abandon a #mask mandate in the #healthcare setting starting next month. What could go wrong…


Vicki :rainbow_flag:
3 months ago

That stranger who is also putting on their #mask as the bus or trolley approaches feels like *solidarity, assuring me that I'm not the only one, and solidarity in that we're trying to protect each other as well as ourselves.

#CovidIsNotOver #masking

3 months ago


I'm trying to get people to sign up to #TwitterCommunityNotes #BirdWatch so we can correct the #mask misinformation currently going wild on #twitter

There's a waiting period and then you have to taste a lot of notes before it let's you wire them. But the sooner the better, and while you're waiting you can help suggest tweets that need notes, or sources for people who can write notes, via the hashtags that I'm trying to get started here.

#CommunityNotesRequests #CommunityNotes

Anita Y Cheng
3 months ago

Re: the #mask review uproar, turns out mask mandates don’t work when you nicely tell people to wear masks *and they don’t.* 😜 Ofc #MasksWork yeesh. Dr. Griffin says we’ve been wasting our time arguing between droplet and airborne, when the binary needs to be between contact and respiratory transmission.


🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #IsaacCordal in - City: #LaPalma Spain 🇪🇸 2022 - Title : "Siesta" - #Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Nap #Mask #Installation #Sculpture #Photography #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream🌟

Urbanart. On the street is a blue medical mask on which rests a small male figure with bald head.
Sculpture by Spanish street artist Isaac Cordal.  The tiny concrete figures are arranged in grim scenes of urban decay.
4 months ago

I tried a basic, at home, #mask #FitnessTest. I bought some sweet n low. Diluted a whole box of about 800 grams in a quarter cup of boiling water. I tried putting it in a spray bottle and tasting it. It didn't work well so I put the solution in an ultrasonic humidifier. That worked really well. My GVS elipse P100 and Dräger X-plore 2100 both fail when I smile. I'll have to be more serious in public. The Vitacore CAN99 did well. The KF94s that I bought in Korea instantly failed

A Muji ultrasonic humidifier, measuring glass, spray bottle and box of Sweet'n Low on a stove.
Will LaFrance
4 months ago

I'm so exhausted of the #COVID conversation. I'm well aware it's still a risk, as are many many things in life. Getting into an accident on a motorcycle is 21 times more likely to kill you than in a car. If that scares you, we won't talk about general aviation.

Just because you see me hanging out with 10 friends without a #mask doesn't mean I need a lecture. I just cancelled plans tonight because I was #exposed to someone who was #exposed to someone who was #exposed to COVID.