Adrian Segar
15 hours ago

The old meeting industry normal is long over, and many event professionals are still hoping and waiting for a new normal…

#meetings #NewNormal #COVID #AirQuality #masking #vaccination #eventprofs

An animated graphic of a red "Hello, my name is" stick-on meeting badge with the name "New Normal" appearing and disappearing

Stevenson Memorial Hospital increases masking across entire facility | CTV News #COVIDOntario #AllistonON #Masking #COVID19 #StevensonMemorial #Coronavirus #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

@nwchapman #Fauci is not a pronoun. They are pro vaccine. So am I. #Masking

David Wahl
2 weeks ago

How much of ourselves should we hide to make other people comfortable?

I think it's a more nuanced argument than some present. I don't want every disappointment to turn into a shouting match, so I want people to tamp their aggression down in public. I don't want to hear every stupid opinion someone has.

But, I also don't want someone to not be themselves just because it makes someone else uncomfortable.


Vicki :rainbow_flag:
2 weeks ago

I have started a new round of physical therapy, this time for #balance. Today's appointment was mostly evaluation, but the therapist gave me two exercises to do at home every day.

The therapist asked me a bunch of questions, and asked me to do things (like standing still with my feet together) while she observed me.

Unlike some PT, this wasn't painful or difficult.

The therapist was masked, but the receptionists weren't.

#PhysicalTherapy #CovidIsNotOver #masking

Howard Smith MD, AM
2 weeks ago

Politics Blunts Cancer Patients’ Trust In Medical Science

Those with conservative political beliefs were 31% less likely than political moderates and 74% less likely than progressives to believe and follow cancer research and therapeutic strategies authenticated by federal health agencies including the CDC and the FDA.

#misinformation #cancer #publichealth #government #fda #cdc #vaccination #masking #quarantines

So my 24 year old coworker has called in sick again, it's basically every couple of weeks. He's been wearing a mask and social distancing, besides coming to work, since March 2020.

Is it possible that he has wrecked his immune system by wearing a mask basically 24/7 for close to 4 years now? I'm serious, I can't find any data one way or the other but no one else I know is as sick as frequently as this 24 yr old guy.

#masking #COVID #officelife

3 weeks ago

Happy #Sunday from the #Northland!

I'm back at the station, but #masking up while I recover from the last of this #COVID bout.

Meanwhile, the last of the #rain #showers are passing through the region from west to east, with #clearing #skies already taking place west of Highway 53.

Get ready for a #warm and #dry #weather pattern the next few days. Plenty of us will see the 50s.

#wxtooter #wx #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

The satellite and radar over the Northland at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 12, 2023.  It shows a scattering of light showers over the eastern half of the region.  To the west, clearing skies are already taking place for locations such as Grand Rapids, Aitkin, and just starting into Hibbing.
Temperatures in the Northland around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 12, 2023, range from 37 degrees near the Canadian border, to 51 degrees in the I-35 corridor.  Temperatures warm as one travels from north to south across the region.
Compared to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 11, 2023, temperatures in the Northland are 4 to 14 degrees warmer.
Wind speeds in the Northland around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 12, 2023 range from 5 to 16 mph.  Wind direction is from the south and southwest.
Jeremy Mallin
3 weeks ago

@autism101 @actuallyautistic

A big one that isn't on the graphic is feigning ignorance/dumbing myself down to fit in.

#ActuallyAutistic #Masking #AutisticMasking

3 weeks ago

do i hate people or do i hate #masking around people? #autism #antisocial

Brain Pilgrim
3 weeks ago

There really isn't anything wrong with me. 🤣 It was Midwestern etiquette rules that said I shouldn't be noticed, and my stimming had to go invisible. In the Deep South, I couldn't be honest, so I stayed shy.

I strive to be polite, restrain my guided missile for the truth, and simply stop trying to distort myself to serve their prejudices. As a result some people like me more and some like me less.

I get to decide I like it that way.🖖

#Masking #Burnout #BurnoutRecovery #AuDHD

4 weeks ago

Monthly blood test and shot. Two receptionists, one nurse, one doctor, two other patients, nary a #mask. Mildly surprised at the doctor, since he was #masking last time. #CovidIsNotOver #WearAMask

El Duvelle
4 weeks ago

Have you caught Covid in situations where you were wearing a N95 mask?

(Difficult to know for sure, please just answer to the best of your knowledge)

Feel free to boost away!

#Covid19 #Masking

4 weeks ago


RE: formal fit testing.

I have found this recommendation/insistence from all and sundry of the public on fit testing off-putting. I put on my N95 and fit it to my face as best I can. And yet I worry, because people out there are implying that otherwise what's the point? It's not good enough. Not perfect.

I think that that martinet's insistence is dispiriting to the general public as if wearing an N95/respirator is not enough. So, though I wear one and don't 'fit test', I still fret a bit.

Better to wear any mask than none. Better to wear a formally unfitted N95 or KN94/95 than cloth, surgical or *nothing*. Anyone going to those lengths already will try their best for a tight fit anyway.

This fit testing insistence is burdensome and discouraging and very poor messaging. It can become overwhelming when there are so many bits of mitigation to take on.

Just wear a damn mask. It should be a casual norm, not this fussy overkill.

#masks #masking #N95 #covid #wearamask

1 month ago

Fühl ich sehr. Es tut so gut, zu hören, dass es noch andere gibt.
Comedian Moritz Neumeier über #Autismus #Depression #selbstwert #masking und Vater sein
#Humor ist wenn die anderen lachen
Gibt's auch als Video

Julie Webgirl
1 month ago

@DrFerrous @Larhanya
I only give and receive kudos for #Masking with an #Elastomeric or #N95. Vaxxing does not protect the community like good masks do, in fact it appears to make people complacent by not masking. I'm not "anti-vax" but we were safer before they came out with them. Be well also!
#FalseSenseOfSecurity #MaskUp

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 month ago

I feel very, very called out by the latest ADHD_love video on ADHD masking 😅

& this is coming from someone who's AuDHD, rather than solely ADHD :NeurodiversitySymbol:

#ADHD #AuDHD #neurodivergent #masking

1 month ago


#Perth #PerthWA #Australia #Covid #MaskPrevalence #MaskUp #PublicHealth

In the supermarkets today and yesterday, #Masking is at less than 1%.

My pharmacist tells me that we're in an upswing.

The infection figures for every state in Australia are rising.

And my very rough guessstimate, from a Queensland path lab's figures, is that one in every six respiratory infections is Covid.
Which is a doubling in proportion over the last ~6 weeks.

@Shanmonster I hve never broken quarantine. i have 2 friends on organ waiting lists. The top but not only reasons #masking is never abandoned here in Hermitville.

Feeling Abundance
Every time Desert Rains
Just before the frost
#haiku #SecondTrimester #Autumn #Harvest #Gratitude #Masking Every Breath You Take is a risk now. #OverSixty Sell me more useless insurance. I'd rather have clean air, water, and land. How about you?

🦠Toxic Flange🔬⚱️🌚
1 month ago

Getting a flu and Covid booster vaccine and the amount of people not #masking .. is that irony ??

J.J. Tindall
1 month ago

Just Asking: Ozymandias was once overlord in the Levant & beyond.

Who's the real Pharoah there now and will they remove the mask?!

A clip from my music video "Ozymandias @ Damascus (Giza to Gaza)."

#gaza #beirut #damascus #ozymandias #masking

1 month ago

This is about the #normalisation of #covid #sickness, #death & largely unknown #future #health consequences of the #virus.
When we were only allowed outside for #exercise in #2020, I #walked everyday. People gave each other space, they #SociallyDistanced. #Masking wasn't odd. People bought #dogs as well as #ToiletRolls.
Here we are in #2023 & I don't #walk for #exercise anymore. #Masks are rare. Nobody #distances. Dogs are uncontrolled. I stay #home
#Disability #Ageing #SARS_COV_2

Jan Höglund
1 month ago

“Cochrane has made this mistake before. In 2016 a flurry of media reports declared that flossing your teeth was a waste of time.” #cochrane #flossing #masking

Caramelized Shallots
1 month ago


This article is full of hopium about the virus becoming less virulent. But if one factors in #LongCovid, which didn't even get a mention, then it is certainly not getting less virulent and this article is just one of the examples of #misinformation it criticizes. It goes all-in on vaccines without mentioning #masking or #AirFiltration.

Clare Harris 🍁
1 month ago

@SCZoomers @jessicawildfire

Thanks, great article, stubborn, short sighted-government and all I can say is that I’m so happy I’m retired.

My “job” is now to keep people apprised of the science and facts backing up #masking, #filtration and #ventilation.

And omg, it’s cold and flu season too. Keep #washing your hands too!

#covid #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp 😷

TRICK OR TREAT! The kids are gonna LOVE 😍 what we're handing out for #Halloween 🎃
#Covid #Masking

Big bag of surgical mask 10 packs
2 months ago

There’s plenty of masking going on, but not the kind that prevents infection. The government is #masking its failure to get to grips with this virus. It’s masking the fact that, thanks to three years of such failures, #Covid19 is now a constantly evolving #endemic infection likely to kill or disable many thousands every winter.”

Rabi'a Elizabeth
2 months ago

I'm in #France for another couple of hours and conversation here is SO sing-songy, especially among women. Guess who's chiming in in spite of herself.

Hearing others do it is charming at times and irritating at others. The line between performance for performance's sake and established, time-honored cultural practice is invisible at times. #Speech

For this #Autistic woman, it's easy to see how the #Masking began, especially since I was a very unaware child when I (probably) started.


SomersetWhovian 🇺🇦💙
2 months ago

Terrific article from @georgemonbiot calling out the #ableism and sheer blindness inherent in the catastrophic decision to end #masking in hospitals. While the anti-mask brigade seem to have won, surely healthcare settings are one area where even most of them can see the validity of taking this most basic of precautions? With this govt, it appears not.
#CEV #WearAMask

2 months ago

Masking at AHS Sites | Alberta Health Services has adopted an enhanced #masking directive that supports zone and site leadership to determine where enhanced masking is necessary in acute care facilities.”

So AHS says to hospitals “Mask if you think necessary”.

Did this have to be announced?

I'm not rebreathing
Your exhaustion exhausts me
A vicious cycle
#Haiku #Masking #COVID 86 social distance 86 medical prevention 86 elderly 86 all due precautions Did I miss much?

Really enjoyed going to #FleetWeek in #SanFrancisco this weekend. Got cooked a bit, as we spent over three hours in a line in 86F. A big win was that our son was able to tolerate such a wait. It’s fun to see him learn to build his #coping skills without #masking.

I got seriously #dehydrated without realizing it and came close to blacking out by the time we got to have lunch. Guzzled nearly 40oz of fluid! Yikes.

#ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD #ParentingWhileAutistic #AutisticParenting

My son and I at SF Fleet Week 2023
USS John P. Murtha (LPD 26) at SF Fleet Week 2023

Excerpt from

Neil Gaiman didn’t just get COVID-19.

Someone INFECTED Neil Gaiman with COVID-19.

And many someones in overlapping layers of responsibility ENABLED this infection.

This linguistic shift from the passive to active voice might seem irrelevant but, instead of just echoing the framing we see in the headlines — that Neil Gaiman got COVID-19— it’s time to own that somebody has infected Neil.

The passive voice has served a macabre purpose in this pandemic. The passive voice, by erasing the subject of the sentence, neatly obscures accountability, and with it our own role in unmitigated infections. Moreover, it has prevented us from identifying the layers of responsibility in enabling infections on a mass scale. This mental block is the first obstacle to advocating for effective mitigations and constructive solutions. It stops us from preventing infections. But that is changing now.

It is time to own the damage that we are causing by infecting others with COVID-19. I believe that we all know, deep inside, that we are causing harm. And many of us are suffering from the cognitive dissonance of pretending that we aren’t. Because, in a pandemic, this is serious and large-scale harm.

This harm that, according to estimates, has killed over 25 million people and disabled at least 65 million and counting. The sooner we face the harm we are causing by infecting other people, the less damage we will cause to ourselves, to our loved ones, to our community, to strangers on the other side of the world. And to people who entertain and inspire us, like speculative fiction author and TV creator Neil Gaiman. And inspiration is necessary when we are facing so many challenges. It’s that simple.

#COVID #COVIDisNOTover #COVIDisAirborne #COVIDisOngoing #MaskUp #masks #masking #mask #SARSCoV2 #pandemic #airquality #NeilGaiman #DavidTennant

Cracked Shamrock
2 months ago

Another good thing about #masking: most people won't even look at me when I have it on. After seeing what most people are like during this ongoing #COVID plague, I don't want to have anything to do with other people.

A question for some folks for a crowdsource thing.

What excuses do you get from #conferences, when you ask about a #masking or public health policy due to #Covid?

I need some answers for..... Reasons.


Jennifer Moore 😷
2 months ago

Re-run of 1-hour free online workshop on the theme of #masking!

Monday 9 Oct 2023

11.30-12.30 UK time

Led by Dr Caitlin Walker, plus some organisation by me :-)

“To ‘mask’ or to ‘camouflage’ means to hide or disguise parts of oneself in order to better fit in with those around you.  It is an unconscious strategy all humans develop whilst growing up in order to connect with those around us.”
- Dr Hannah Belcher

To book, go here & click the RSVP:


"Neurodiversity, Masking & Me"
Free 1-hour workshop
Ms. Mac 🌱📚
2 months ago

I was so dumb. I hesitated to restart #masking, waiting for *anyone* of authority in public health to tell us it was time. Then I tried for weeks to get a #booster appointment at CVS, where I’ve gotten my pfizers, but no luck. I didn’t get proactive enough. And guess what? Now I’m down with #covid. After years of being careful, I blew it. Do what I say not what I do, kids. #MaskUp

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
2 months ago

COVID and flu shots to be offered in British Columbia starting Oct. 10; masking in hospitals returns next week

“We need and we want everyone, when they’re invited to do so, to get vaccinated,” said Health Minister Adrian Dix. “It’s important for influenza. It’s important for COVID-19.”

#covid19 #flu #vaccination #masking #fall #winter

WHO recommends dropping component of many flu vaccines

#COVID19 #WHO #Flu #Masking #Quarrantine #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
2 months ago

Mandatory masking rules reinstated at hospitals in Kingston, Ontario

>>> Masking works. So does air purification with hepa filters, vaccinations and favouring the outdoors. Be safe.

#masking #covid19 #Kingston #onpoli

2 months ago

@pixplz @Njord That's true. Yes. Nobody is being convinced. Nothing is improving at all.

I'm just very disillusioned. We had mandatory masks for a while here, with theoretically even impressive fees, and I remember very well how that went. Also I know that 100% of political parties in parliament, plus all the bodies responsible for e.g. medical care and hospitals here want to ignore Covid. It's not about campaigning to give more weight to one group as opposed to the other when there's no group. Nobody wants to get involved with anything. There's individual doctor's offices that mask, but they don't even want to advertise that.

I'd love to do more for clean air. I started with our school and kindergarten. Originally I had the naive idea of getting the other parents who care together. Turns out, there aren't any. It's a collective action of one. It's me. (Occasionally there's a grandparent with a mask picking up a kid, but they don't want anything to do with anything else.)

I wear a mask, yes, but not as a statement, that's just a side effect. I talk to the teachers about the air in the classroom. They open windows. I check if the windows are open in the morning. I tell everybody how important clean air is. Because of cultural reasons there's a widespread belief that cold air and drafts cause disease (you catch a "cold"), so people do not want open windows in classrooms. Air cleaning machines are very suspicious and dangerous (the filters will spread disease!), whereas getting a bit sick all the time is no problem at all. So right now my campaign is stuck at the educational stage, telling everybody who listens how much I enjoy not being sick and how great clean air would be. Comparing it to water. Explaining air filters. I'm tired of it. It's not helping.

Stronger climate policies have a larger part of the population and even of the political establishment behind them. Not enough, not by far, but climate change is coming while Covid is over, haven't you heard.

Btw, I strongly believe that we have to do both, individual small actions and the large collective revolution. Don't stop biking because fossil fuels are still subsidised. Keep meeting outside, wearing masks, opening windows, and explaining airborne pathogens, even in the face of ignorance and political evil.

Thanks for bringing it up. It's not nice but we need to talk about it.

#covid #covid19 #climatecatastrophe #masks #masking #WearAMask #cleanair #climate #climatechange #collectiveaction #pandemic #AirFiltration #airfilter

2 months ago

#Masking isn't required and children can continue to attend school if someone in their household is sick — guidelines that Latham says "are not robust enough."

Dr. Laura Sauve, a Vancouver #pediatric #InfectiousDisease specialist, said she's seen more children coming to school with coughs and runny noses again.

"I think it's really important to think of all the ways we keep from getting sick," she said, adding that masking in schools when you're ill is a good idea.”

2 months ago

I went to the dermatologist last week and I was the only one masked. (Did I mention that I live in Utah?) After being taken to an exam room, the nurse asked if I’d like her and the P.A. to mask. I said yes. I asked during the appointment if they’d seen evidence of Covid rising. They said yes simultaneously, and seemed very concerned. They lamented the politics. It also seemed that the mostly elderly patients I saw envied my mask and seemed worried. But politics. 🤦‍♀️ #Covid #Masking

#Masking returns to largest LTC/Seniors facility in NS. But when almost 25% of the population is #seniors maybe masking in more places should be returned.

#nspoli #COVID #CovidIsNotOver

John Gordon
2 months ago

The healthy public is not going to mask in any numbers unless state health departments strongly recommend it.

It’s ok to be unhappy with people who complain about or discriminate against those who wear masks. It’s unhelpful to be angry at people who don’t themselves mask in the absence of state or employer advocacy.

Anger at of this kind promotes reactive anger. And endless futile anger is unhealthy for the angry.

#covid #masking #medicine #publichealth

As Ed Mazza reports, the real reason Trump bridled at wearing a mask during the pandemic — and set an example that led to countless needless deaths — was vanity. Image. Make-up. Bronzer.

Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson reveals this in a new book.

The thought that people would lay down their lives for … that, that travesty of a human being … is simply mind-blowing.

#Trump #Covid #megalomania #masking #masks

Your Autistic Life
2 months ago

I have cut my hair again.

"Wait? Didn't you cut it like Saturday?"

Yes, I did. I also trimmed my beard that day, but today I decided to shorten my beard dramatically.

"Did you shave it off?"

Nah... I used a #1 attachment on the clipper. I admit that it is a little shorter than I'd like, but it'll grow back.

"But why? :why: "

I want the N95 mask to fit better. I know the recommendation is to shave it completely off. I disagree with this. No, I don't have data to back it up.

I don't know where that recommendation originates. Yes, if you are going into biochemical warfare, and you want to survive you need a perfect seal with your cheeks, but that's not what we're talking about here.

I'll remind you that most of my cancer happened during the very height of the pandemic. I started having symptoms a little before the pandemic. I was diagnosed in Nov 2020. I had chemo immediately. I had my stem cell transplant in June/July 2021.

For most of that time, I was not fully shaved, except for a short period during the stem cell transplant.

I never got COVID.

"Pfft! How do you know you never got COVID?"

I was tested every time I was admitted to the hospital, well over 20 times. Now, I test myself with home tests if I feel off, but I've never had a test come back positive.

"Why did you shave yourself completely during the stem cell transplant?"

The doctors said that my hair would fall off, and I wanted to avoid picking up hairs all over the place. They were half-right. I did have some hair fall off, but it mostly stopped growing for a bit.

"What did you look like?"

My head looked like an egg with a little chicken fuzz over it. It was weird.



#COVID19 #COVID19Testing #hospital #masking #hair #beard

Jennifer Moore 😷
2 months ago

Flip chart page from our event today!

"Neurodiversity, Masking & Me".

#neurodiversity #masking

Flip chart page, with handwritten topics:
Welcome, background, overview.
Clean & Open Q's.
When you're masking, you're like what?
Freedom, belonging, safety.
Neurodiversity, masking & me!  

(That last line is the title of the event, even though it's down at the bottom of the flip chart page.  And where it says "Q's", the Q is questions.)

@hellomiakoda THAT!! I read Asimov’s robot series with an appreciation for what it is to be alien in this world. And yes, I connect with their experience in a way I’ve never fully appreciated that of most humans around me.

As a child I often expressed feeling more connected with machines than people. The I learned that made them feel awkward and just said it to myself.

#masking #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD

Q. is the #Pirola variant of #Coronavirus likely to offer the #Tories another chance to mishandle a #pandemic?

The Pirola variant is spreading, covid monitoring & data gathering has been stripped back, #vaccination *is* getting under way but is limited by capacity & demographic(s)... no social measures (#masking, #socialdistancing) are as yet being publicised.

Could this be about to be a very difficult #winter? The trouble is as yet we have no good way of knowing until well down that road!

Jennifer Moore 😷
3 months ago

By the way, you don't have to be "officially neurodivergent" to come along! As I said in the blog post, "If you’ve been alive long enough to ever have needed to fit in with other humans somewhere, there’ll probably be some relatable stuff" :-)

#masking #neurodiversity

"Neurodiversity, Masking & Me"
Free 1-hour workshop
Jennifer Moore 😷
3 months ago

“To ‘mask’ or to ‘camouflage’ means to hide or disguise parts of oneself in order to better fit in with those around you. It is an unconscious strategy all humans develop whilst growing up in order to connect with those around us.”
- Dr Hannah Belcher, author of Taking off the Mask

Masking is our theme at this 1-hour free online workshop!

Monday 18 Sept 2023

11.30-12.30am UK time

Led by Dr Caitlin Walker, with Zoom-wrangling by me :-)

#masking #neurodiversity

"Neurodiversity, Masking & Me"
Free 1-hour workshop
Amadi Lovelace
3 months ago

Last week I asked about #masking policies at #synagogues for the upcoming high holidays.

Yesterday I found out that one my own rabbis won’t be leading #RoshHashanah services because she has COVID. She’s already dealing with long COVID, as well.

If you’re attending services this weekend, regardless of policy, wear a #mask. We’re in a surge, and we cannot allow these most holy days to become super spreader events.

3 months ago

Actor, producer, director, and writer Will Keenan was attacked last week for wearing an N95 mask and may never regain vision in his left eye.

"For the entirety of the pandemic, I became known as the lone masker. I wore a mask all the time because through my research I believe doing so protects my infant, now toddler, daughter..." Keenan told Newsweek.

#COVID #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #COVIDisAirborne #COVIDisNOTover #mask #masks #masking #MaskUp

@Cosmic_owls As I allow myself to sidestep the #masking and proudly express my needs an #ActuallyAutistic and #AuDHD person, I’m finding it increasingly easier to express those needs more clearly and directly. It takes time after #masking for so long. @actuallyautistic

3 months ago

Day 2 of the new #school year and covid in #wastewater is predictably rising. 😩

Among a myriad of back-to-school emails, the school district has not mentioned covid even once. This year's policy is no policy at all. 😠

My kids report about 1-2% #masking rate (about 1-3 kids per grade).

I hate this timeline.

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

Source of wastewater data in Greater #Boston area:

A green dot plot (with green error bars) of covid detected in wastewater vs. time for Boston and cities/towns north of Boston. A black line graph through the green dots shows the 7-day average.

Recent data shows an increase in covid in the wastewater, with the last update being >1000 copies/mL, which was last seen around February 2023.
An orange dot plot (with orange error bars) of covid detected in wastewater vs. time for cities/towns south of Boston. A black line graph through the orange dots shows the 7-day average.

Recent data shows an increase in covid in the wastewater, with the last update being ~800 copies/mL, which was last seen around February 2023.
W_Dräger 🦉
3 months ago

Trying to talk to someone about something that is obviously bothering you when you’re #masking poorly is the worst. Expressing myself when I am stressing about unrelated things adds layers of complications. If I could only just articulate So #frustrated with myself. :meow_sadreach:

#autism #actuallyautistic @actuallyautistic

@adelinej I made the move to self-identify the moment I became aware. I’ve been through coming out as #LGBTQ and #BDSM, so I have no interest in further enduring the self-harm of the #closet or #masking.

#ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD #autistim @actuallyautistic

I keep reading posts about masking here and it's not immediately apparent whether they're about covid or autism.

Post about covid:
Masking is good, you should mask!

Me, an autistic:
Umm.. 😕

Post about autism:
Masking is harmful. You should unmask.

Me, a disabled:
Umm... 😕

#audhd #autism #adhd #disability #neurodiverse #covid #masking

Stan Carey
3 months ago

Obviously there are other factors: decrease in acute cases, inept official messaging, etc. But the need to fit in can feel overwhelming for people

I'm lucky not to feel this pressure much (always had a non-conformist streak) and these days am usually the only masked person in a crowd, e.g. at a large, packed theatre recently. Meanwhile, Covid keeps spreading, causing suffering, and disabling people

#Covid #Covid19 #pandemic #masking #CovidIsNotOver

Stan Carey
3 months ago

I've been wondering what (if anything) the Asch conformity experiments might tell us about Covid-era mask-wearing

A few people have told me they decided to stop wearing masks, even in busy indoor spaces, not based on assessing the risk to themselves or others but because they felt stupid or weird being such an outlier

Summary of those experiments on @wikipedia:

#Covid #Covid19 #pandemic #masking #psychology #CovidIsNotOver

@alexisbushnell this reasonates with me. The feelings I’m having while beginning to #unmask feel a lot like #ComingOut. We’re increasingly become aware of all the ways #masking inhibits/ed us and stumbling through how to express ourselves now that we know we just can’t live that way any more. Learning how to clarify our needs with people who mostly never realized how their behavior affected us. #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD @actuallyautistic

3 months ago

Be Safe!

“We are concerned whenever we see additional hospitalizations and serious illness due to #COVID19 in #NewMexico. We continue to remind our community that the best protection is to stay up to date on #vaccinations. It is also important to test if you have #symptoms and stay home from work or school if you are ill. Individuals who are higher risk, such as people who are #immunocompromised, may want to consider #masking or avoiding crowded places . . . ”

4 months ago

If you’re in the #Halifax area, and you’re still #masking, and you want to meet a friend for a coffee ☕️ but it’s not patio weather: Glitter Bean Café on Spring Garden Road. Masked staff, space between tables inside (and a patio) and The Has Bin consignment shop upstairs for a browse afterwards. If you know another café with a mask policy in HRM, let me know! I gotta get out more.

4 months ago

@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic

We know the answer? What is it?

One thing that nearly all #autists have in common is a deep commitment to #honesty! It shows in different ways. Maybe the main way is that we won't and don't lie. If we do (e.g. #masking) it makes us uncomfortable and stressed...

"I can't lie" — #GretaThunberg

4 months ago

During the #Omicron wave, approximately 20% of those infected got #LongCOVID severe enough that they had to stop working/stop going to school.

We now have enough data to estimate that if we contract Covid once every year, by the year 2025 80% of the population will have Long COVID. This is a mass disabling event

If you lower the infection rates to only 3% chance of contracting Long COVID, then by 2030 40% of our population, including children, we'll have long covid

With every #vaccine dose, every #booster, you reduce your chances of contracting Long #COVID. #Masking can help reduce that risk even further

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
4 months ago

Health group wants schools to prepare for fall ‘tripledemic’

Group urges BC schools to improve ventilation and bring back masks

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Early- and mid-pandemic, prior COVID infections gave a mild protective effect. This waned post-Omicron, and prior infections now tend toward more severe (second) infections, or a loss of protection altogether. ANOTHER STUDY SHOWS: AVOID MULTIPLE COVID INFECTIONS
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4 months ago

‘We may be the last maskers’: #California #COVID cases are rising. Here’s why health experts are masking indoors

13% increase in #hospitalizations reported in three weeks

"While much of the world has moved on from the #COVID-19 pandemic, Santa Clara County Public Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody and her colleagues still wear protective masks to work and in other crowded indoor settings. And if you’ve noticed a lot of people you know coming down with COVID lately, you’ll understand why.

Thrust into the national spotlight three years ago as an early voice of caution and protective orders as the then-deadly COVID pandemic took hold, Cody admits she and her public health colleagues stand out now among the mostly unmasked masses. But with cases rising again, and her own recent bout with the disease still in mind, she urges others to consider #masking indoors."

Photo of Dr Sarah Cody, Santa Clara County public Health director. Dr Cody was the first health director to order a masking requirement and countywide shutdown to prevent COVID spread
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I’m really wondering how much I mask my ADHD/possible autism. Like, do I even know who I am?
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I recently took an indoor training course in which I was the only one #masked. That didn’t bother me as it’s not the first time and I’ve grown quite accustomed to people’s strange looks.

What truly affected me was the sad fact that when we partnered up at the start, I was last to be picked due to my #mask.

It was clear everyone felt that if they partnered with me they’d have to mask up as well. I told the last unfortunate fellow who was forced to sit with me that was not the case, he was relieved.

Over the 2 day course I found out my new partner had already taken the same course a month previous and barely retained anything.

I was shocked by his inability to remember numbers or follow basic instructions in a timely matter. Despite this, I continuously helped him along, explaining things thoroughly through my mask. At the end he gratefully thanked me for helping him so much through the course.

Upon leaving on the last day, I overheard my former partner admitting to the teacher that since he’s had #covid (multiple times) he now has difficulty remembering things, which is affecting his studies.

So, next time you need to partner in a course don’t assume the only person masked is an incompetent fool, when it’s most probably quite the opposite.

My wife and I have managed to avoid #covid19bc thus far through maintained #masking and social #distancing. Life changed and we’ve adjusted. Masking shows our strength and resilience not our weakness.

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