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'Continuous' #masking returning to #BCHospitals, clinics, care homes | CTV News “in preparation for the viral respiratory illness (season) this fall and winter” they will be reinstating enhanced infection prevention and control measures in hospitals, family doctors’ offices, and clinics effective Oct. 3.” #Masks #CovidIsntOver via @pennydaflos

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@pixplz @Njord That's true. Yes. Nobody is being convinced. Nothing is improving at all.

I'm just very disillusioned. We had mandatory masks for a while here, with theoretically even impressive fees, and I remember very well how that went. Also I know that 100% of political parties in parliament, plus all the bodies responsible for e.g. medical care and hospitals here want to ignore Covid. It's not about campaigning to give more weight to one group as opposed to the other when there's no group. Nobody wants to get involved with anything. There's individual doctor's offices that mask, but they don't even want to advertise that.

I'd love to do more for clean air. I started with our school and kindergarten. Originally I had the naive idea of getting the other parents who care together. Turns out, there aren't any. It's a collective action of one. It's me. (Occasionally there's a grandparent with a mask picking up a kid, but they don't want anything to do with anything else.)

I wear a mask, yes, but not as a statement, that's just a side effect. I talk to the teachers about the air in the classroom. They open windows. I check if the windows are open in the morning. I tell everybody how important clean air is. Because of cultural reasons there's a widespread belief that cold air and drafts cause disease (you catch a "cold"), so people do not want open windows in classrooms. Air cleaning machines are very suspicious and dangerous (the filters will spread disease!), whereas getting a bit sick all the time is no problem at all. So right now my campaign is stuck at the educational stage, telling everybody who listens how much I enjoy not being sick and how great clean air would be. Comparing it to water. Explaining air filters. I'm tired of it. It's not helping.

Stronger climate policies have a larger part of the population and even of the political establishment behind them. Not enough, not by far, but climate change is coming while Covid is over, haven't you heard.

Btw, I strongly believe that we have to do both, individual small actions and the large collective revolution. Don't stop biking because fossil fuels are still subsidised. Keep meeting outside, wearing masks, opening windows, and explaining airborne pathogens, even in the face of ignorance and political evil.

Thanks for bringing it up. It's not nice but we need to talk about it.

#covid #covid19 #climatecatastrophe #masks #masking #WearAMask #cleanair #climate #climatechange #collectiveaction #pandemic #AirFiltration #airfilter

Steve's Place
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No. The COVID-19 virus did not beat up the flu virus in 2020. Everyone wore masks and kept their distance. As a consequence, few got the flu. #Masks #MasksWork #COVID #influenza #GetOffMyLawn

Mary Nelson
11 hours ago

Yesterday, when I went for my RSV vaccination at a local pharmacy, more than a dozen people were waiting b/c
- pharmacy's check-out system had only 1 working payment device
- in IL pharmacists are required to ask if patients have Qs
- only 1 pharmacist was on duty

I waited for more than 40 minutes, but the wait isn't my complaint.

I was the only one masking, at a time when COVID, RSV, and flu are circulating. Sigh.

#COVID #masks

Alexey Veraksa
1 day ago

"Selective and deceptive #citation in the construction of dueling consensuses" - based on 5 mln Twitter posts of people discussing #masks. Interesting read.

networks of citations of scientific papers on mask effectiveness
Puzzled Jay Productions
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Want to have a UNIQUE time and get some WEIRD stuff?

We’ll be vending at the Plymouth Punk Rock Market in a few weeks and we hope to see you there! 🍂

Date: Sunday Oct. 15
Time: 12-5p
Location: 12 Resnik Rd. Plymouth MA
at the Mayflower Brewing Company

#PJP #original #popup #vendor #plymouth #punkrock #market #costume #masks #smallbusiness

product images including: card with skeleton on the front, sticker of byzantine madonna holding an isopod, teacup earrings, centipede with "live laugh legs" text wall banner, "skulls are cool" enamel pin, centipede with "live laugh legs" tanktop
product images including: card with skeleton on the front, sticker of byzantine madonna holding an isopod, teacup earrings, centipede with "live laugh legs" text wall banner, "skulls are cool" enamel pin, centipede with "live laugh legs" tanktop
product images including: card with skeleton on the front, sticker of byzantine madonna holding an isopod, teacup earrings, centipede with "live laugh legs" text wall banner, "skulls are cool" enamel pin, centipede with "live laugh legs" tanktop
Jennifer Moore 😷
1 day ago

Good points here about masking in healthcare!

"Perhaps rather than removing masks to improve rapport building and enhance perceived empathy, we could find ways to improve masked communication. We should also strive to avoid placing the burden of advocating for patient safety solely on our patients by enacting policies that require them to request that their providers wear a mask when they believe it is appropriate."

#masks #health #safety #PowerImbalance

1 day ago “People like Latham, along with #InfectiousDisease specialists and #BritishColumbia's #HumanRights commissioner, are now concerned about an increase in #COVID19 cases in the province — especially because it appears that many people have stopped following recommended health measures like wearing #masks and staying home when sick.”
Via @jvipondmd

1 day ago

Biobot has not updated my county's #wastewater surveillance with last week's numbers and I'm worried they have stopped monitoring my county for some reason. 😫

Meanwhile, seeing the slightest uptick in #masks in public, and still feeling like I wish I had just one local friend IRL who was on the same covid-cautious page as me...

TracingCOVID by A.J. Fish
1 day ago

Masks are so politicized, part 987: Sep 26 California workers who cut countertops are dying of an incurable disease (Los Angeles Times) - "Pale dust rose around them as they worked. Many went without masks. Some had water spurting from their machines, but others had nothing to tamp down the powder rising in the air." Silicosis "is now afflicting men in their 20s, 30s or 40s, said Dr. Jane Fazio" with many dying in their 30's. #Masks #AirPollutionPolitics #IndoorAir #OSHA

2 days ago

Masks in hospitals and nursing homes

“Infectious diseases violate the assumption of independence— what we do directly impacts those around us. A low-cost, minimally invasive intervention, like masking, is a great way to start protecting our community’s highest-risk individuals this fall and winter season.”
#Masks #Flu #COVID19 #Medicine #Science #Canada #NursingHomes #Hospitals

2 days ago

My LTE on #masking in #hospitals or lack thereof. Looking at #UPMC and #MassGenBrigham especially.
#PatientSafety #Ethics #Masks #CovidIsAirborne

LTE on #masking
4 days ago

#Covid #Masks

Mask mandates are back in the SFBA, at least in hospitals & health care facilities.

Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

@crowgirl The Donate A Mask Project Canada actually is here! @donatemask

Adding some tags for visibility

#Masks #Covid #N95 #N95Masks

Liam Egan
6 days ago


It has taken me many decades to figure out a mask is the best thing for allergies. I wear a mask outside during ragweed season and when I am congested and feel a sinus headache coming, I wear an N95 mask for 1/2 an hour and it shuts things down. Late in ragweed season I have coughing fits - a mask fixes them. The blue surgical masks work great when walking around and if I need some serious treatment it is the N95 masks. #Masks #Allergies #Ragweed #GameChanger

As Ed Mazza reports, the real reason Trump bridled at wearing a mask during the pandemic — and set an example that led to countless needless deaths — was vanity. Image. Make-up. Bronzer.

Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson reveals this in a new book.

The thought that people would lay down their lives for … that, that travesty of a human being … is simply mind-blowing.

#Trump #Covid #megalomania #masking #masks

6 days ago

1,143,192 Americans Dead From COVID 19

2023-September-22 Friday

1,410 Americans Dead Last Week

U.S. - 4.19% of the global population

Calculated 2023 Aug 07
U.S. - 16.38% of global pandemic deaths

#America #AmericanDeaths #Americans #Booster #Corona #CoronaVirus #Covid #COVID19 #CovidIsAirborn #CovidIsNotOver #Death #Deaths #Friday #LongCovid #Mask #Masks #Monday #News #Pandemic #PandemicIsNotOver #Politics #Saturday #Sunday #US #USA #USNews #USPolitics #Vaccine #Vaccines #WearAMask

@YakyuNightOwl @pezmico

Post-it notes, too.

Seriously, absolutely agreed that we need to keep expressing that COVID is not over, and #masks are (still) a valuable personal and community protective measure. 😷

Ohhhh I see now. I think.

"Biden administration announces $600M to produce COVID tests and will reopen website to order them"

Ok, you know what? I'm not going to bitch about this... not any part of it, bcuz I know you know, and it doesn't get us anywhere except perhaps more alienated.

So YAY BIDEN and YAY (the) people who listen to their president.

I don't care how you got here (taking precautions like #N95 #Masks) we're just glad you're here!!

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid #LongCovid

Ok what did the news say last night #Seattle??

I saw more #masks today then I have in a longgg time. 😯😷😁

Nowhere close to where it should be but by far I'm not the only one or two.

Even got complimented on my #FloMask and asked details about it. Always makes me happy to share.

I hope this trend continues.🤞

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid #MaskUp #N95 #LongCovid

1 week ago

#SonomaCounty #masks #covid19 "Sonoma County officials Tuesday issued a health order requiring health care workers to wear masks in patient care settings, a move triggered by rising cases of respiratory illnesses, such as COVID-19 and influenza."

Jenny Lam
1 week ago

Today I got the newly updated #COVID #booster targeting XBB.1.5 (the variant driving the current surge*) at #Walgreens! It just became available yesterday, and when I double-checked with the pharmacist to make sure I was getting the brand new #vaccine, he said that it's the only one they offer now, and that the CDC told them to no longer offer the bivalent one. 👍

*I and a couple pharmacists were the only people wearing #masks, and this isn't being widely reported, so for those who don't know:

1 week ago


Thank you for your seemingly ableist, anti mask response suggesting my #immunocompromised wife taking precautions was the only real issue here.

You may still be learning about covid, but many of us are ahead on our studies of this virus and ready to respond appropriately.

Unfortunately, you have been intentionally misinformed on the effectiveness of #masks. In fact, daily masking has been the key layer of protection in my wife and I avoiding #covid thus far.

My wife is a #bced teacher who sees students and staff constantly fall sick around her, but has avoided covid herself, as well as many other illnesses due to daily masking coupled with #cleanair from the #crbox filter that I built for her class.

We are both still healthy today because of her diligent mask use and our continued trust in science and fact over #msm and govt disinformation.

Masks truly are an incredibly important layer of defence if we are to survive this pandemic, please do a little more research to inform yourself before replying in future. Thanks.

Fran Kostella
1 week ago

I was at the hospital today getting my periodic CT scan to check my aorta. I was there for a few hours since I have to get hydration to help my kidneys clear the contrast dye. I was #masked the whole time, but only saw a few other #masks, mostly older people.

That's better than two weeks ago when I saw only ONE person masked.

I've had more friends catch it in the last month than the whole three years before. Not sure what the delay is about, I assumed half the people would be masked by now. 🤷

1 week ago

Does anyone know where I can get good #Covid stats for Amsterdam? Heading there in a week or so and thinking about #masks

1 week ago

I know #CovidIsNotOver.

And I hate this pandemic for making parenting even harder.

But I also know my teen - who is AMAZING for many reasons including having the courage and conviction to be a #LoneMasker in school - needs "typical" social experiences to help bolster her mental health. #Masks help us do that.

I am trying to keep my kids safe while also supporting their emotional growth. It is SO hard.


1 week ago

An excited fan even chatted us up in line for the bathroom without batting an eye at our #masks.

Am I nervous about having put us at risk for covid? Yep.

Am I thrilled my teen finally got to have a blast at her first concert? Yep.

Am I especially pleased that the lead singer of #HawthorneHeights offered up heartfelt words of support and encouragement for the crowd that seemed custom-made for my teen who needed to hear them? YEP.


1 week ago

Anybody else passing out KN-95's for Trick-or-Treats this year? Buy in bulk on bonafidemasks and they're less than $1 each! #Halloween and #masks go hand in hand!

1 week ago

People who engage in #hate #attacks and #vandalism while wearing #masks are the biggest #cowards on the planet. If they're so proud of themselves and their actions and their cause, why are they #hiding their #faces? It's because they know they're #scumbags, and they know what they're doing is legally, morally, and socially unacceptable. And they're terrified of having their #identity exposed for fear of the #consequences. That's a #coward.

#LGBTQ #HateSpeech #hatecrimes

Poetry News
2 weeks ago

Masks were asked for, denied
Death ended a France bus ride
Justice is sought tonight

#france #masks #justice #haiku #poetry

2 weeks ago

«“If you’re in a mass gathering, you’re likely to come in contact with someone who has #covid right now in our area,” Lockard said. “So protect yourself accordingly.” (...) Lockard acknowledges “a great reluctance” to use #masks, but he wants to remind people that they work. (...) Viruses are expected to evolve.»

Jennifer Moore 😷
2 weeks ago


Yeah, I've been saying that vaccine appointments would be a great opportunity to give out good respirator-style masks, one each, to take away - so that each person had at least one on hand in case someone in their household got infected.

Not seen anyone in power actually take up that idea yet, though!

#covid #vaccines #masks

2 weeks ago

1,141,782 Americans Dead From COVID 19

2023-September-15 Friday

1,504 Americans Dead Last Week

U.S. - 4.19% of the global population

Calculated 2023 Aug 07
U.S. - 16.38% of global pandemic deaths

#US #USA #America #Americans #COVID19 #Covid #Corona #CoronaVirus #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborn #Pandemic #PandemicIsNotOver #Mask #Masks #WearAMask #Death #Deaths #AmericanDeaths #Vaccine #Vaccines #montag #Friday #Saturday #Sunday #Monday #LongCovid #news #USNews #politics #USPolitics

2 weeks ago

We missed out on seeing family in #BC this summer due to #covid, #ableism and #exclusion.

Just days after arriving from England they all came down with covid, cancelling our imminent trip up north to see them.

The caravan then came to town a week later, led by my #ableist sister and #RightWing father fresh off #paxlovid.

My #immunocompromised wife and I were asked how we felt about spending two entire days at the PNE. My sister already knew we were opposed, this query was simply to demonstrate to visiting family how difficult we were due to our covid concerns.

We again respectfully declined, explaining this excursion was well beyond our daily risk level. We suggested a covid safe meetup outside the fair instead.

The group of 8, who had shared covid just ten days prior, then told us that this “would be difficult”.

It was explained by my sister that “unfortunately they only had 1.5 days” to spend at a crowded, wildfire smoke filled fair for what she called “A once in a lifetime experience for the kids”.

In response, she offered us a mere hour long breakfast at 8am on Sunday morning before they all returned to the fair for another 12 hours without masks.

I turned down this awkward meetup as we would have ended up driving longer than we would have seen them, and I was quite upset at being treated like we were being difficult simply because we wanted a family only visit outdoors in an unmitigated pandemic.

I suggested lunch, dinner or evening drinks on a porch; we would meet them anywhere in the city. I received no further response.

Family members I hadn’t seen in over five years chose to exclude and ignore us for their 2 days in the city due to our “paranoid” covid conscious mentality.

They came and left. No apologies or acknowledgement of what had happened, just silence and exclusion. We both felt beyond insulted and angry.

Weeks later (days ago) the phone rings. It’s my ableist right wing father who has only called me twice this whole pandemic.

He insinuates that it was disrespectful and selfish for us to miss their city visit, he’s let down that we didn’t join them at a pricey two day event with thousands of screaming strangers.

I am told that I can make it up to them by going out to the airport tomorrow morning at 8am to “spend a couple hours and see them off”.

I point out that the only reason we missed seeing everyone is because THEY all refused to put aside a moment for a covid safe visit with us.

I then explain that sitting on a covid skytrain tube for an hour to briefly meet family at an busy international airport terminal for a 2 hour long visit is once again, a risk that far exceeds my comfort level.

Dad scoffs, laughs at me and hands off the phone. “They never do anything anymore, a bunch of lazy disrespectful idiots.”

So ultimately, we the #vulnerable, not wanting to take unwarranted risks became the issue, rather than the ever-present virus itself.

All but two of the eight (including the kids who have had covid multiple times now) contracted covid on their extended vacation from reality.

My wife and I are still covid free but this time it came at a real cost. Anger, sadness, exclusion and disrespect.

We are now the black sheep of the family. Deemed selfish for not sacrificing ourselves. This is our new #covid19bc reality. Alienated, discriminated against, sacrificed and forgotten.

Can’t help but think how all this could’ve been avoided if my family had selflessly worn #masks and taken preventative measures to ensure a safe visit rather than doubling down on lies spun by #BonnieHenry and this soulless #BCndp govt.

#bcpoli #cdnpoli #COVIDisNotOver #CovidIsNotMild

2 weeks ago

AP: There’s no sign of widespread COVID-19 mandates in the US. Republicans are warning of them anyway #covid19 #fear #anxiety #doubt #politics #masks #vaccines

AP headline: There's no sign of widespread COVID-19 mandates in the US. Republicans are warning of them anyway.
2 weeks ago

On the trip described above, I didn't get catch #Covid or any summer flu. I think it's far from perfect and there was a lot of luck involved, but if anyone wants to know, here's what I did:

Packing: #FFP2 #masks, nasal spray (#enovid), and a portable air filter (#smartair qt-3 with filter sealed with tape)

The masks are the same that I wear at home. They seal tight on my face and are comfortable to wear. I wore them everywhere inside, except for in my hotel room / sleeping compartment. We ate outside on an airy terrace at the beach hotel, but the buffet was inside. So I put the mask on to go inside to get some food, took it off outside to eat, and put it on again to get more food. That felt silly on the first day, but then I got used to it. Nobody cared at all, and I felt good. I had a mask with me at the beach and pool and put it on when I went inside to go to the bathroom.

To keep things simple, I usually only differentiate between "inside" and "outside". But I also put a mask on outside when there's a crowd and the air is not moving (hello Corfu Old Town). I wear the mask inside even when there's hardly any other people there because I cannot see into the recent past or future. I don't want to fumble with putting on a mask in a hurry if a bus load of people suddenly spills into the hotel lobby or shop (That's the same as I do at home anyway).

You need large-ish #pockets to always keep masks handy. There's gender divide between those of us that get hardly any pockets, and those that get an overabundance of pockets. Consider this and maybe adapt your wardrobe.

I had brought the air #filter to put it on the table in front of me if we had to eat inside. We always ate outside except for the ferries and the trains. For the first dinner inside, I forgot the filter in our room and decided to eat without. I wore a mask, took it off to eat and put it back on as soon as I was done eating (I did not hurry). Afterwards I used the nasal spray. I stuck with this procedure for the other ferry and the Frecce trains. So I actually did not use the air filter much.

At the beach hotel, I covered my skin with sun screen every morning in our room. Then I walked down the stairs without a mask, because my face was still drying. The windows in the stair case were always open except on one day, because the cleaning staff would usually open them around that time. It was luck how many people I would meet.

On the sleeper train, the attendant sometimes knocks on the door. I opened the door without putting on the mask first. On the trip back, I hung the mask over my glasses while I slept, so I would remember to put it on.

I had wanted to get a mobile #CO²
monitor to assess the air quality in rooms/compartments. We have some at home from the early pandemic days, but they are not good. I did some research, decided that the #aranet4 is probably still the best, and completely forgot about it. The day before we left, I remembered, but there was no way to buy one so quickly. So unfortunately I cannot report on the air quality for instance on the trains. I would have loved to share this information, because I searched for it beforehand, but couldn't find it. There's lots of people posting their CO² numbers from airplanes and meeting rooms, but nothing about sleeper cars.

#wearAMask #CovidIsNotOver #covid

2 weeks ago

Actor, producer, director, and writer Will Keenan was attacked last week for wearing an N95 mask and may never regain vision in his left eye.

"For the entirety of the pandemic, I became known as the lone masker. I wore a mask all the time because through my research I believe doing so protects my infant, now toddler, daughter..." Keenan told Newsweek.

#COVID #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #COVIDisAirborne #COVIDisNOTover #mask #masks #masking #MaskUp

Oh goody. Boosters approved.

As the unmasked masses let out a collective sigh of relief, believing that vaccines/boosters alone will keep them Covid-free or with "just a *MILD* case" if they do catch it, and continue to party without #Masks.

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #Covid

2 weeks ago

LA Times: Why no one is talking about new mask rules even as COVID-19 rises in L.A. #pandemic #covid19 #masks

Despite rising coronavirus outbreaks across Los Angeles County, officials said they have no plans for new public mask mandates — a sign of how COVID-19 policies have changed in an era of plentiful vaccines, lower death rates and back-to-normal culture.

More coronavirus outbreaks have hit some workplaces and schools in recent weeks. But COVID-19 is no longer stressing hospital systems as it did more than a year and a half ago, and health officials say they are not alarmed by the spread.
3 weeks ago

My latest: Where Have All The #Masks Gone? And Why Is The #CDC Missing In Action? via @forbes w thanks to @jljcolorado @gregggonsalves and @ArthurCaplan for great interviews. #COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver

Photo of one woman in an N95 mask and an unmasked man
3 weeks ago

We ARE in a surge, we ARE seeing increases in cases and hospitalizations, prior infection does NOT prevent future infection, repeat infections=worse outcomes, and we aren't capturing near the number of actual cases: , Half our population is considered vulnerable. We matter! We CAN stop this! #MaskUp Stop telling people we are a necessary sacrifice. Stop neglecting long covid. Start calling for #n95 #masks #MasksInHealthcare

Maarten Steenhagen
4 weeks ago

Yesterday at a protest, Dutch #police ordered everyone to remove their face mask.

It was a large gathering, and several of us were wearing #masks to protect against #covid19. It's a bloody pandemic, after all!

I did not comply, but felt very uncomfortable after the order. As if a target had been painted on my forehead.

It doesn't help that anti-mask attitudes are the new norm, and that those trying to avoid covid are abandoned from all sides. And yes, lefties, this includes many of you.

4 weeks ago

@Bronwyn #Masks #Covid

I don't hate masks.

I carry one in a pants pocket and have several varieties in my car & daybag. I don't use them as often as I use to but I use them when the circumstances demand it and, fingers crossed, I haven't gotten Covid yet.

It also helps that I'm a hermit & social misfit. LOL! 😉

Julie Webgirl
4 weeks ago

Remember the "Swiss Cheese" approach to #Covid risk?

The world has gone completely non-dairy.

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #N95 #MaskUp #Masks #Covid #CovidIsAirborne

4 weeks ago
CNBC: When to wear masks as Covid cases rise
4 weeks ago

1,139,457 Americans Dead From COVID 19

2023-September-01 Friday

855 Americans Dead Last Week

U.S. - 4.19% of the global population

Calculated 2023 Aug 07
U.S. - 16.38% of global pandemic deaths

#US #USA #America #Americans #COVID19 #Covid #Corona #CoronaVirus #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborn #Pandemic #PandemicIsNotOver #Mask #Masks #WearAMask #Death #Deaths #AmericanDeaths #Vaccine #Vaccines #montag #Friday #Saturday #Sunday #Monday #LongCovid #news #USNews #politics #USPolitics

Julie Webgirl
1 month ago

Well this is a first.

I was giving a family member a ride. We both had #masks 😷 on. Windows down bcuz 🌞

Stopped at a 10 lane intersection.

I hear yelling so I look around...

"What's on your face??"

"Take it off!"

"You don't need it!"


Then I see him:

Jesus freak. Out on the street.

More yelling. LOUD!

It's a long freaking red light!!

"Silly silly!"
"Silly silly!"

☎️ "Hello Jesus I'd like to complain about one of your employees..."

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #MaskUp

Many lanes of cars at an intersection. A man in black shorts and T-shirt holding a yellow sign on the corner.
A man in a black T-shirt, black shorts and a black ball cap holding a big yellow sign with the words "Jesus is Essential" The mean is laughing and pointing at me/the camera.

I had 4 stops today while running errands.

I think I saw 3 people total wearing #masks.

A few days ago I was starting to see more. Maybe that day it was in the news and today it wasn't. I dunno.

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #Covid

1 month ago

My #AntiMask relative got on another kick now that #N95 #masks are recommended for #wildfire #smoke. While trying to demonstrate how evil #COVID mask #mandates are, he accidentally showed me a video explaining what I've told him all along: #ClothMasks are effective at reducing COVID #transmission because the COVID #virus requires the protection of a saliva droplet to be effectively transmitted. Cloth masks catch most of these droplets. That left him speechless.

Ian M. Mackay, PhD (he/him)
1 month ago

#Masks matter for more than mandates.
-given the recent study, this post may help fill in some gaps about viral load and infectious #dose. And masks.
#virus #infectiousdose #viralload #SARSCoV2 #COVID19

Jennifer Moore
1 month ago

"City of Hope [hospital] in Duarte, California, has maintained masking requirements, and this has prevented hospital-acquired COVID-19 there entirely, according to Vijay Trisal, MD, chief medical officer at City of Hope.

"“Our policies enabled us to achieve zero nosocomial infections, zero outbreaks,” Dr Trisal said. “In a cancer hospital, that is critically important. We have no imminent plans to change our current policies.”"

#masks #health #cancer #California

1 month ago


And yet no one points out that Covid has been evolving each time into increasingly better escape from immunity. Hello???

No alarms, just the usual warnings, nothing to see here, same old same old.

Same old assumption you'll get it but don't worry we have drugs. 🙄 No mention whatsoever of *mitigations*.

Why bother to warn/inform us at all? It's not as if there's any significant data left to assess risk anyway.🤥🙄

#SarsCoV2 #Covid #masks #CovidIsNotOver

1 month ago

If the press hadn't jumped on the "we need to get back to ~normal~" bandwagon, we wouldn't keep coming back to, "COVID is back! another variant! popped up! how did that happen?"

It happens because we never took the measures to stop it: increased air quality everywhere, encouraged masking for everyone. Vaccines alone can't cut it.

#COVID #AirQuality #Masks #PressIsComplicit


1 month ago

🚨 #PSA #NewYorkCity !

#Free #KN95 #masks have been added to #NYC's #PublicHealth #VendingMachines in #Brooklyn.

It is hosted & serviced by #SUS (#ServicesForTheUnderserved), & also has #naloxone (#Narcan), #hygiene kits, & #SaferSex kits.

This is tremendous news - #CovidIsNotOver, & the more people who have access to good masks to wear in public, esp indoor spaces, the safer we ALL are.

For more info, see

#MaskUp Lovely Peeps - take care of yourselves & each other.

Alexander Hay
1 month ago

One interesting fact about the #Zaouli #Dance is that it was only originated in the #1950s. New traditions are always developing, even as others fade into the night.

#IvoryCoast #WestAfrica #Africa #Masks #Gouros #African

Deborah Makarios
1 month ago

Want a reusable mask that provides good protection and doesn't martyr your ears? Want to make them for yourself (and/or your loved ones)? Here's how I've been doing it.
#masks #sewing #covid #sustainability #ITooAmASteward

I'm happily surprised that there are any universities still requiring #vaccination and handful with mask mandates. If I was going to college now this is what I would be looking for.

Rutgers will still require COVID vaccine, mask mandate

#covid #masks #CovidIsAirborn #university #Rutgers

Pratik Patel
1 month ago

In my small timeline here, I have seen at least 5 people say that they got #Covid this week. People, please wear masks no matter where you go. Especially if you're going to be inside without ventilation or small amounts with public, you should wear a mask. Covid is dangerous

#Masks #mask #Safety

aburka 🫣
1 month ago

Are these authentic #N95 #masks? The steep discount has me suspicious.

1 month ago

"It may be time to break out the masks against Covid, some experts say" #pandemic #masks #covid19

mivox :ri:
1 month ago

Like, sure, #masks aren’t super comfortable. But neither are heels, or bras, or suits & ties. Humans have been willingly making themselves uncomfortable every time they get dressed for CENTURIES. It’s not that.

I wear glasses, and have a really narrow nose bridge. Almost every mask I’ve ever tried fogged my glasses. I kept at it until I found some that worked, it can be done!

#COVIDIsNotOver #BringBackMasks #KeepMasksInHealthcare

Stephen Bannasch
1 month ago

Quote boosting a thread I made in response to someone asking about the custom masks I make that my family and some friends use. I adapt well-fitting fabric masks with high air resistance by adding 3D printed 60mm diameter filter holders holding a filter sandwich consisting of a center layer of MIRV-16 filter fabric w/a bulk static charge of -2000V and outer layers of 200 TPI stainless steel mesh. #Covid #Masks

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From: @stepheneb

A blue fabric mask on my face with the 60mm diameter 3D printed filter holders. The outer stainless steel mesh surface of the 3-layer SS mesh, MIRV-16 filter fabric, SS mesh layer is visible in both of the 60mm filter holders.
1 month ago

1,137,742 Americans Dead From COVID 19

2023-August-18 Friday

685 Americans Dead Last Week

U.S. - 16.36% of global pandemic deaths

U.S. - 4.19% of the global population

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AutisticMumTo3 She/her
1 month ago

New Covid wave has begun in UK and masks should be worn again, warn scientists | The Independent


Joanne Freeman
2 months ago

So...with the new semester on the horizon and COVID lurking, a recommendation for masks.

After trying MANY kinds, the 3M Aura 9205 and 9010 are the best. They don't fog my glasses while teaching. The straps go under my hair and hold the mask tight.

So there you go.

#COVID #COVID19 #masks #school