Denis - The COVID info guy -
4 hours ago

COVID case surge in NSW prompts hospitals to request mask-wearing.

@NSWHealth @RyanPark_Keira @ChrisMinnsMP #MaskUp 😷 @auscovid19


Still COVIDing Canada
9 hours ago

Inside long COVID’s war on the body: Researchers are trying to find out whether the virus has the potential to cause cancer

November 23, 2023
By Carolyn Barbe

“[...] some researchers are warily watching for the worst: a potential connection to cancer.”

#BringBackMasks #cancer #COVID #COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #OncogenicViruses #SARSCoV2

10 hours ago

There is so much we can do, so much we can offer to each other, to the planet, to our children, to our families, if we just all chose to. As a person still coviding, I see the potential--if we used the preventatives-- for so much good: health and wellness added, life years added, spiritual things like empathy and humanity, safety, value, love, even helping the planet by reducing travel and commutes-- That's the side I want to be on. #MaskUp #cleantheair #RemoteWork #LetItBeginWithMe

10 hours ago

Bon ben c'est au tour de Belette on dirait...
#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #AutodefenseSanitaire

Cassette d'un test COVID antigénique faiblement positif posé sur une table en bois.

Jetzt schreibt die Landesregierung ;-)

Das Kultusministerium #BadenWuerttemberg hält die Genehmigungspflicht für Masken an #Schulen nicht für verfassungswidrig.

#FediLZ #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

Die Querdenken-Bewegung scheint nicht zufällig in Baden-Württemberg gestartet zu sein.

Screenshot X-Post LReg BW: „Aus Sicht des @KM_BW ist das Gesetz nicht verfassungswidrig. Die mit dem sog. #Verhüllungsverbot einhergehenden Eingriffe in #Grundrechte sind gerechtfertigt, um Beeinträchtigungen des Erziehungs- und Bildungsauftrags der #Schule zu vermeiden. Schüler*innen dürfen selbstverständlich aus gesundheitlichen Gründen #Maske tragen. Das #Schulgesetz deckt dieses pragmatische Vorgehen. Für eine Anpassung des Schulgesetzes besteht derzeit keine Veranlassung.“

Oh! And kudos to #Costco who used to sell boxes of surgical masks but now I just discovered the ONLY #mask they sell on their website is a black #KN95. 👏👏

#MaskUP #Covid
#CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne

Just so you know...

You do NOT have to just wait for your number to come up for the inevitable!! 🤷

#MaskUP anytime you leave your home or car. 😷🏠🚗

• Don't remove it to eat out at a restaurant. #Covid doesn't take a break so you can socially eat or drink. 😷🍽️🍔🍨🍸🍺

• Don't remove it because nobody else is in the room & it seems safe. #CovidIsAirborne & aerosols can stay in the air for well over AN HOUR after infected people have left the building.😷 🪑🪑🪑

Do you have any questions?

Stay Safe!!

50% in 4 weeks and we've only JUST entered
The Gathering Season™

Stay home
Stay Safe!!

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #Covid

Working short-staffed this week. People go out recklessly while unwell, infect healthcare staff in the community. Fewer of us left to care for you.

#COVID19 wastewater levels haven’t gone down in #Ottawa since they peaked last April. Not good.

Please #MaskUp, test, isolate, boost.

Well, so, the #Moldex 3408 is a great fit.

It's also quite the not-very-subtle statement to wear ... I approve.

#MaskUp #MaskenSchuetzen #DieMaskeBleibtAuf #CovidIsNotOver #Covid19 #AllVirusesAreBastards

Portrait shot of me wearing the Moldex 3408.
21 hours ago

Ich kann das hoffentlich schreiben, ohne meine Pseudonymisierung zu zerstören, aber ich will meiner Enttäuschung Luft machen.

Wir waren am Dienstag bei der Verleihung des Heinz-Oberhummer-Awards der Science Busters an die "Sendung mit der Maus" im Stadtsaal die einzigen mit Maske. Viele habe ich eh nicht erwartet; aber gar keine anderen? Da sind ja in der U-Bahn mehr.

Eineinhalb Stunden Show im dicht besetzten Saal, dann noch eine Stunde Gedränge, Fotos, Autogramme, Gespräche. Alles vorhersehbar indoor, Ende November, Abwasserdatenkurve, Covid, Influenza, überlastetes Gesundheitswesen, Long Covid, Post Covid, und dann feiern die Leute die Wissenschaftskommunikation, distanzieren sich rhetorisch von den ignoranten Querdenkern, wir sind ja die Guten und Gscheiten, aber im Sitzen im Dunklen eine Maske aufzusetzen wäre schon zu viel gewesen?

Die, die (noch immer) krank sind, kranke Angehörige betreuen oder Überstunden für ihre kranken Kollegys machen, waren am Dienstag ja nicht oder vielleicht per Stream dabei. Und die, die da waren, waren jung, ewig fit und sicher nicht ansteckend.

Den Kindern hat es übrigens auch sehr gut gefallen. Sie haben tatsächlich auch mit Maske viel gelacht, die große Maus gestreichelt, mit den "Stars" geredet und sich Autogramme geholt.

ps. Ich höre, dass es eine andere Person gab, die sich bei unserem Anblick nach der Show eine Maske aufgesetzt hat.

#enttäuschung #heuchelei #sendungMitDerMaus #ScienceBusters #Stadtsaal #wien #maskenSchützen #maske #masken #maskeAuf #MaskeBleibtAuf #MaskUp #HeinzOberhummerAward #Oberhummer #covid19at #influenza #orf #tuwien #tugraz #Wissenschaftskommunikation #wissenschaftlicheCommunity


1 day ago

Mails auf.

K1: Bin im Home Office mit Erkältung.

K2: Bin im Home Office, allerdings mit Corona.

Typhus-Gaby: Bin im Home Office, will mein Auto nicht schrotten.

Obermotz: denkt an die Zusagen für die Weihnachtsfeier.

Mails zu.


In der Arztpraxis ist besetzt. Aber immerhin ist mein heimischer Test weiterhin negativ.

#FuckOffice #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

1 day ago

Was ich aus dem Umgang mit der #Covid19 #Pandemie gelernt habe:

Wer nicht auf sein Konto schaut, ist auch nicht arm!
(Und wundert sich trotzdem über die Mahnungen...) 🤪




Rat Can't Read (she/her)
1 day ago

I'm encouraged that the Biden administration is sending #covid19 rapid tests to schools this winter, but it's also frustrating how much more we can and should do to contain the #pandemic and protect everyone's health.

Rapid tests aren't very good at detecting the new #covid variants, and while a positive rapid test is still accurate, they give a lot of false negatives, so kids are likely to still come to school with covid and spread it to classmates, teachers, and other staff. Plus, unless we #BringBackMasks, install proper air filtration and ventilation in schools, and give everyone in the US #PaidSickLeave, testing alone doesn't do much. We should be doing all we can to prevent covid infections and give people to tools they need to isolate when they're sick rather than just catching infections after the fact.

In some ways, this is just the latest reminder that we could get covid under control. We just choose not to.

Anyway, I recommend folks #MaskUp because we know this is going to be an awful winter.

Carolyn Barber, MD
1 day ago

2. For Dec 25, what's the risk of COVID?

8-10 people (small gathering) = 25% chance someone is infectious

20 people (visiting two families) = 47% chance

100 people (flight, restaurant, etc.) = 96% chance

Limit gatherings, #MaskUp, #VaxUp, Test/Isolate, #CleanTheAir

'Wednesday's Pandemic Update: NYS Covid Rapidly Rising And Is The Mystery Virus Now In Dc?'

#COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #Pandemic #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp #N95 #KeepMasksInHealthcare

1 day ago

There are so many people out sick today that my boss told the team we can WFH the rest of the week. I always mask up and follow best practices, so for me this is a win-win. But, like, how much longer until leadership realizes the tax breaks from RTO aren't worth the loss of productivity when over half the office gets sick after each major holiday.

#OfficeLife #MaskUp

2 days ago

#Maskup ist das Mittel der Wahl in Öffis, Läden, Arztpraxen, Hospitälern, etc. und bitte, laßt Euch impfen.

2 days ago

And yet another day where people think it’s perfectly fine to get on a packed train coughing like there’s no tomorrow and NOT wearing an effing mask! How hard can it be to have a little respect for other people’s health? I am so tired of this. Moved seats…
#COVIDisNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp

Moby MicroDick
2 days ago

Depuis le début Gaëtan Gracia évoque son atteinte violente d'un #CovidLong, sans misérabilisme, sans œillères non plus. Avec des analyses politisées percutantes. C'est aussi un militant qui a pris le temps d'apprendre de nombreux-ses personnes malades chroniques et handies avant lui, le tout avec humilité.

Ne passant plus sur Twitter, j'apprends avec une certaine émotion qu'il lui devient difficile de tenir la marche :



Jim Bliss
2 days ago

Spent last weekend in London which meant a lot of time on public transport.

Aside from myself and my wife, in all the hours we spent on tube, train and bus, I could count on one hand the number of people I saw wearing masks.

Blows my mind. Such a simple precaution to take, and yet apparently nobody cares enough about the people around them to bother.

Hard not to be a misanthrope these days, it really is.

(and yes, I have a stinker of a cold now).

#CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #MaskUp

2 days ago

@Brad The “mystery” respiratory illness is just post-COVID tanking immune function, making everyone who has had it at least once more susceptible for everything- RAV, Influenza, mycoplasma pneumoniae, etc. The WHO and others have been following and reporting on this. Mask up. Make your kids wear masks. Indoors and out, anytime other people have been in the area. Airborne, people! #MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne


By "efficacy" you mean helps keep you out of the hospital, isn't that why there is constantly new boosters?

By "efficacy" you mean stops infection and transmission, there is yet to be one more than ~30%.

#MaskUP #Ventilate #CovidIsNotOver

Matt Pritchett 📷♿️
2 days ago

Not mysterious, they relaxed the rules because Covid went down a little, just like here.
#MaskUp #MaskingIsntJustForCovid and I can’t believe that I have to keep saying things like this. 😷🤧🤒🤦🏻‍♂️

A mysterious pneumonia outbreak is sweeping China. Here’s how it compares to COVID

2 days ago

We went to grocery store today and some woman was coughing her lungs out NO #mask on!!! And the line to the cash register was long. We just put our stuff back and left. Who wants to be exposed to #CovidIsAirborn .. People please 🙏 #maskup if you are sick and have to go food shopping… don’t infect others with your #cutties - many people can’t afford to be sick with #covid

I will #AlsoAlsoAdd...

#Congratulations; you all get a #Free #ContentWarning in the #MastodonSpyBalloon...

Also... #CollapsedToots are #QuiteCool; #StillQuiteCool...

#HaveABalloon...! And, #DontForget... #MaskUp... #RedBeanBearSaysSo

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#SalvadorDalí in #TheStyle of Salvador Dalí
#RedBeanBear says: "Have a balloon...!"
TrangAston :verified:
2 days ago

#IDMastodon #Immunology #CovidIsNotOver #Getboosted & #MaskUp 😷 #Publichealth Although the end of #COVID19 remains uncertain, its continuous development poses a significant global health threat. However, the development of vaccines has instilled hope worldwide. Currently, vaccination stands as the most effective measure against #COVID19

Lorraine C.
2 days ago

Heads up on this rapid test sale. 5 for $5.

Takes #usa orders also.

Excellent price‼️


#covid #covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #maskup #bc #alberta #ontario #yukon #yellowknife #saskatoon #Manitoba #inuktitut #MedMastodon #deals
#canada #montreal #quebec

Lars Marowsky-Brée 😷
2 days ago

I'm going to try switching to the #Moldex 3408 from the 3200. The 3408 is officially reusable with a disinfectable lid!

(I hope it fits, I couldn't find a shop that sold less than 5.)

Yes, it's got an air vent, but I don't think *I* am the source risk.

And honestly, people who aren't properly masking themselves have made their choice.

#Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #DieMaskeBleibtAuf

Still COVIDing Canada
2 days ago

Can You Catch Covid Outside? Yes, You Can.

OK Doomer
November 28, 2023
By Jessica Wildfire

“You wouldn’t attend an outdoor party where measles or smallpox was present. Covid is no different, especially now.”

#BringBackMasks #COVID #COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #FirstPersonStories #MaskUp #OutdoorTransmission #SARSCoV2


Why, you might ask?

Pay attention next time they slide the window open.

Feel that BURST of air rushing out (with all the yummy smells of the food or coffee)?

How many people do you think have been in the inside dining area in the last HOUR & a HALF?

Their potential, (likely at this point) infectious aerosols are still floating around suspended in the air..

Waiting to exit in that rush of air into your face, into your car.

Stay safe!

#CovidIsAirborne #MaskUP

3 days ago

If people are there, the virus is there, indoors and outdoors.
The virus is contagious from other PEOPLE, not buildings. Outside isn’t magically sterile. Of course you catch COVID outside too, WTF?!

Why did anyone ever believe this nonsense?

Kids get it, transmit it, are disabled by it, and killed by it. Of course they are. Why would anyone believe for a single moment that schools and daycares magically became not the Petri dishes they are and always have been?!

If there are people there, the virus is there. Jesus fuck the mental gymnastics people will go through to justify not wearing clothes around other people. Mask up! Cover your obscene faceholes and stop disabling and killing other people!
#COVIDisNotOver #MaskUp

ANY of the following can be the case:

• Mask wearers are immunocompromised.
• Mask wearers are sick.
• Mask wearers are caregivers of high risk people.
• Mask wearers know that #CovidVax is not enough to stop transmission.
• Mask wearers are healthy and want to STAY that way.

You, if you're smart.

#MaskUp #ButNotSurgicalMasks #N95 #Respirator #Elastomeric #CovidIsAirborne #Covid #CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid


3 days ago

Es macht traurig und wütend, zu lesen, wie Kinder und Jugendliche wider besseren Wissens gezwungen werden, sich zu infizieren, weil sie keine Masken tragen dürfen.
#BildungaberSicher #Maskup #CovidIsNotOver

3 days ago

Der Luftreiniger und das CO2-Messgerät meinen jetzt, die Luft sei jetzt rein. Aber meine Finger sind noch nicht blau, deswegen mache ich erst mal alle weiteren Fenster auf.

Hinter der Maske riecht es immer noch nach Rauch.

Und damit zurück in die Sendeanstalt.

Bleibt gesund, tretet für Euer Recht auf Schutz ein, lasst Euch nicht beirren 😷✊️

#BaufirmaDesGrauens #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #MaskUp #CleanAir

Panda Cab
3 days ago

Even if you minimise the dangers of getting Covid, even if you refuse to vaccinate yourself, even if you don't test yourself and isolate (which is admittedly more and more of a privilege), there are NO negatives (and plenty of benefits) in wearing your mask.

Protect yourself, your loved ones and your community and #maskup.

3 days ago

Chinese students with pneumonia doing schoolwork while being hooked up to drips.

2023 is the year when humanity capitulated and began ‘learning to live with Covid’. I suppose this photo sums up the year and the chosen direction.

What’s your photo of 2023?

#CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #KeepMasksInHealthCare #covid #covid19 #maskup #WearAMask #SARS2 #pneumonia @novid

Chinese students in a classroom, doing schoolwork.  Some are wearing masks.  Some are hooked up to drips.

And so it begins...

Bad stomach bug (dunno if it's a new #Covid variant or something else...) (as in can't leave the bathroom) going around in the #Seattle area. A small local healthcare office had 10 cancellations today alone, all from #gastro issues. 😳

#MaskUP and STAY SAFE!!

4 days ago

Natürlich geht keiner ans Telefon, bevor man aus der Leitung geworfen wird, weil alle busy sind. Anrufbeantworter sind für Loser!

Ich muss also ernsthaft persönlich hin, um mir eine fucking VO für meine Dauermedikation abzuholen, von der man auch nicht weiß, ob sie lieferbar ist.

Weil E-Mails auch nicht beantwortet werden (seit über einer Woche)

Gesundheit ist unser höchstes Gut. Ihr maskenloses komplett dysfunktionales Gesundheitssystem 🤡

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp

4 days ago

@mcnado @stevehill Exactly! 😷😷 "When you know better, do better" seems very apt these days. I wish more people were humble enough to admit it and act on it every day.

#covid #LongCovid #MaskUp

4 days ago

So I just flew a round trip, and took commuter rail to and from the airports. I one of very few people who wore respiratory protection, an #N95.

Not masking is a judgment call. I'm not upset at the people who disagree with me. What does bother me is the people wearing "surgical" (really procedure) masks. If you're going to mask, why not a mask that provides at least twice the protection? The #3M Aura can be found for under $1 (

#Mask #MaskUp

Zweistein2Stein 📌👇🏻
6 days ago

@tagesschau Er verstehe, dass die Menschen Corona "am liebsten vergessen würden". Die Realität sei aber, dass immer noch viele Menschen mit Covid ins Krankenhaus müssten, mehr als bei Grippe. Es gebe immer noch schwere Verläufe, auch nach drei Jahren Pandemie…. #MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver

Lorraine C.
6 days ago

#mustread via @thetyee

🔺The great cholera outbreaks of the 19th century didn’t diminish until industrial elites built clean water and sewage works for the working class. COVID, an airborne virus, will likely dog us as long as we tolerate dirty air in poorly ventilated homes, hospitals, workplaces, schools and public transport.🔺


#cleanairisapublicgood 🔽

#covid19 #maskup #canada

#pandemics #medmastodon

I'm really feeling Jessica today.

I'm exhausted from people attacking me for having an opinion on my other account.

Sentinel Intelligence.

Scene Gist.



*exhales slowly* Yes. This.

You're Not a Fearmonger. You Have Sentinel Intelligence.

#CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid #MaskUP #Covid #NobodyIsOK

1 week ago

I've been following covid-caused immune damage in kids as once last years severe rsv season and how it could lead to more severe outbreaks from other viral and bacterial diseases, so when I see what's happening in China ... it's not surprising to me. But it's sad. #MaskUp #n95 #LongCovidKids

Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
1 week ago

Popping in to say that patients are testing positive for #COVID19 in clinic.

So many. Sore throat, headache, cough, fever.

Don’t be the cause of a newborn, toddler, senior, pregnant person, essential worker, HCW, others ending up sick.

#MaskUp, test, isolate, get your booster.

Jay Baker
1 week ago

@TheBird This is spot on. And some of us are still fighting to make this point clearer - as evidenced by A Letter To Our Anarchist, Socialist and Radical Leftist Comrades: #CovidIsNotOver #Covid19 #LongCovid #WearAMask #MaskUp #ableism

1 week ago

Yet another reason to continue to #MaskUp. This sounds awful; hopefully this is a COVID variant that we can develop a vaccine for quickly.


Rat Can't Read (she/her)
1 week ago

I know the #holidays can be difficult for #CovidCautious folks, whether we're declining invitations to unmasked parties, showing up at events as the only person bothering to #MaskUp, hearing about how everyone's lives have gone back to normal and seem to be moving forward while ours are still stalled, getting holiday newsletters detailing our relatives' and friends' accomplishments while we feel inadequate.

I want to remind you all that you are the #FinalGirl. You survived this year, and that's enough. That's more than enough, that's awesome! You're holding on to the truth that #covid is still a #pandemic when the world has bought into the delusion that a deadly and disabling virus is no longer a problem. You're protecting yourself and those who are vulnerable. You're creating a new, kinder, more compassionate world.

You're more badass than all of those fuckers!

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
1 week ago

Similarly, today who are still #CovidCautious are often framed as weak. We're told we're "living in fear," we have " #covid anxiety," or that we're "missing out on life" when we #MaskUp and avoid gatherings and crowds. We're dismissed as unnecessarily fearful. But here's the thing: we're the #survivors. We're the #FinalGirl. We're the ones who see the threat for what it is and are acting appropriately while everyone else is still to distracted by the party to notice the lurking monsters. We're the ones who will be left standing, not because we're bigger or stronger but because we notice things that others don't. We will get through this because the values we're cultivating—kindness, compassion, collectivism, anti-consumerism—are counter to everything that got our world into its current mess.

We're the fucking badasses.

While making my breakfast I just heard an NPR "feel-good" story about how gathering with family for the Thanksgiving holiday will be freer from previous years' COVID constraints.

NPR interviewed a few folks about whether *or not* they would rapid-test prior to gathering, how the presence of high-risk family members would affect their plans, etc.

The overall consensus of the interviewees was a more positive outlook and a "return to normal."

NPR then mentioned that COVID cases will most likely peak next month, while failing to explicitly connect holiday gatherings to prior years' COVID surges.

NPR did not interview anyone with long COVID for the story, which could have added some valuable balance by reminding the audience of the long-term risks.

Feel-good stories such as this are designed to tell us what we want to hear but will leave a lot tragedy in their wake.

Please be careful out there, y'all. Gathering with family and friends is important, but don't give (or receive) the gift of long COVID this holiday season.

@novid #COVIDIsNotOver #MaskUp #COVID19 #Holidays #Thanksgiving #Christmas #Healthcare

2 weeks ago

Just went to another universe via #LinkedIn
It´s like time travel into a world without #COVID19 or #ClimateBreakdown
a world where people post happy pictures of financial gains, product sales and worldwide business travel.

If I am here, it is #ClimateDiary #MaskUp and people losing their job for not wanting to fly.

but for my mental health, I´d rather prep for community here, than live in pretend buisnessland - I just dont have any energy left to act like I would care for companies profits


It ain't over till it's over.
And sadly, it'll never be over

#covid #MaskUp

2 weeks ago

Need to vent. 😠

If you feel sick & have symptoms & haven't tested, it might be covid.

If you've only rapid tested & haven't gotten a PCR test, it might still be covid, especially if symptoms get worse.

Yes, even after 10 days of improving symptoms, it could still be covid.

No, being 10 days from 1st day of symptoms doesn't mean you're not contagious.

I know PCR tests can be hard to get these days, but mostly, if you have symptoms, PLEASE #MaskUp 😷 or just STAY HOME!!!


I'm struck by the sizable proportion of people I see wearing masks at demonstrations calling for peace. More than I've seen in any place they weren't mandated in a while.

These are people who understand solidarity :solidarity:

We keep us safe.

#MaskUp #CeasefireNow

Jonathan Arnold
2 weeks ago

oh boy. 3(!) guys (so far!) from my morning twice weekly hockey, have just reported they are COVID positive. Luckily, not from my lockerroom but still...

#CovidIsNotOver #maskUp

2 weeks ago

hallo #TeamVorsicht,

hat irgendwer ne möglichkeit masken von vogmask nach deutschland zu bestellen?

gäbe es falls sich ne möglichkeit auftut interesse an ner sammelbestellung?

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #vogmask

Courtney Cantrell
2 weeks ago

#CovidBooster in the HOUSE

And by house I mean my body.

If anyone needs me, I'll be languishing waifishly and bingeing Netflix for the next couple of days. 😫


Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
2 weeks ago

Here for one day to share exciting news: Breaking Canadians, our fabulous book on #COVID19 in Canada, has gone to press! Will hold book launches this spring.

Preview and preorder here:

Please share.

Take care, and #MaskUp

Jo Jitsu
2 weeks ago

The Three Little Pigs is a parable about best practices. From how we handle #COVID, (everything really) it's clear we learned nothing.

The house of Straw is not masking or vaxxing. Insufficient to protect you from the Big Bad Wolf's huffing & puffing. The house of Sticks, is vax only. Still insufficient to protect from the wolf blowing you down. The one they all must run to, to be saved, is the house of bricks which is utilizing all known best practices:
#MaskUp, #vaccine, air filtration.