Alors ? Elle vient sur #Masto Anne Hidalgo ?

Benjamin Allocco Is Writing
2 weeks ago

Can we just celebrate for a moment that there is no manipulative artificial algorithm on this platform?

#mastodon #socialmedia #masto #algorithm

3 weeks ago

@ArchivesOrleans Merci de votre indulgence, c'est pas comme si je ne connaissais pas la différence 😳

A #Lyon, la confusion est constante entre les #Archives municipales de Lyon et, depuis 2015, les #Archives du département du Rhône (jusque-là ça va) et de la Métropole de... Lyon 🤪

En tout cas, bravo pour votre reportage aux AD du #Loiret, qui ont un bien beau bâtiment ! Et merci d'être sur #masto 😍

ITX Mike
3 weeks ago

Have used #Chrome for years, but #Google is starting to get a bit too aggressive. The recent 3 toggle tracking popup is just shady as hell.

#Firefox is obvious first choice, but seemed to have CPU usage issues (with #Masto, go figure) Have played with #Brave some - it's alright. Playing around with #WaterFox now. I like the simplicity. Though it choked on one of my #GMail apps. But I'm fine sticking with Chrome or Brave for my business stuff. We'll see...

3 weeks ago

#Masto , my 11yo is getting really interested in #graphicdesign . Is there a beginner type iPad app or something similar to help understand some fundamentals and do some beginner projects?

Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
3 weeks ago

How do I fix #dlvrit so only #Facebook #posts I originally created are shared to #Mastodon? I don’t want posts I share that others created to be shared to #Masto, especially if its gonna copy their pictures over.

ernaux 📚🎙️
1 month ago

🍁🍄Dimanche #soupe . Le blender à fond !! 🥄 #masto #cuisine Bon app 😋

ernaux 📚🎙️
1 month ago

🎬Je viens de tester "Voleuses" de Mélanie Laurent #masto #cine .🎥 Pas convaincue du tout . Dialogues balourds 😞. #feminisme maladroit . Enfin selon moi . A regarder sur #netflix .

Julie Webgirl
1 month ago

Drumroll please .......

Hey fellow #music peeps, #drummers, #bands, fans of #EltonJohn, #PaulMcCartney, #TinaTurner, #Wham! #KateBush, #HansZimmer #DavidArnold, #Orleans, #RichardMarx, etc. etc...

Give a follow to Charlie Morgan @manicdrums
who is in his ***50th year*** as a professional drummer.

He was blogging ( from the road before it was called blogging. Help me convince him that #masto is the social place to be! #Nashville

1 month ago

The new 'Followed Hashtags' tab in the official Mastodon app is a great addition and makes it much less cumbersome to manage my followed hashtags. Also it makes it so easy to change to other feeds.

I would constantly hop between Tusky and the official app on Android, but the need for doing so is getting narrower and narrower.

BIG thanks and keep up the excellent work masto app devs!

#Mastodon #Masto #Fedi #Fediverse #Dev #Devs #IDontKnowWhatOtherTagsAreRelvant

Juan Bauty
2 months ago

#Masto #consejos :
Para no sobrecargar el servidor con mis posts e imágenes, en las preferencias tengo marcado que mis posts se BORREN automáticamente una vez transcurridos 6 meses desde su creación.
Tengo seleccionadas algunas excepciones, pero la mayoría de mis posts desaparecerán a los 6 meses.
Si queréis hacer lo mismo, la ruta es la siguiente:

Eliminación automática de publicaciones en Mastodon
2 months ago

On running a #fediverse instance, "If the community has not already forged and formed itself such that they will self-support, then it's time to let go.

While I don't see #masto as particularly harmful, it and the #fediverse as it currently stands is not proving to be one of the ways to solve actual problems.

Social _media_ is useless to most people, in much the same way as news _media_.

We need social _discussion_, or social _cooperation_, social _news facts_ ? and social _tools_ to #GetShitDone" #openweb #4opens #OGB

David Camus
2 months ago

@MRDoubleVie @LilianPCB beaucoup d’amis auteurs et traducteurs me disaient de venir sur FB et Twitter, mais j’ai toujours hésité. Mastodon me suffit. Il correspond à ce que je recherchais - quelque chose de simple et de discret, où l’on parle de tout et de rien en bonne compagnie, et dans la bonne humeur.

#masto #rs

2 months ago

Bonjour les #masto ! Moi je commence la journée après m’être fait copieusement insulter par une conductrice… qui s’est justifié justement de son comportement par « Je suis une femme »… moi même étant au volant de ma voiture après avoir déposé ma fille au collège…. Bref, une bonne journée.

Ps: elle était en tort, j’avais mis mon clignotant pour signaler que j’allais tourner à gauche mais a qd même continué d’accélérer dans ma direction…

2 months ago

Question about #masto : can you follow an emoji? Like I just want to see posts where someone used the 💯 emoji?

Not a problem if not — certainly don’t build a damn feature to do it — was just curious.

2 months ago

Il y avait le bouton #placebo pour #piétons , maintenant à #lille on a le bouton placebo pour #vélo #cycliste .
Sérieusement, les #masto vous pensez que ce genre de boutons sont vraiment branchés?

#partagedelaroute #sécurité #codelaroute #signalisation #psychologie

Un feu de signalisation pour piétons et #cyclistes avec un bouton d'appel

@Globuline Top ! Merci ! Mais comment alors amener les ex-twittos vers son compte #Masto ? Le crosspostage n'est plus possible ? Merci

Tiens ? @chrislambrt est sur #Masto (je la cherchais plutôt sur #Bluesky). Mais elle ne publie pas ☹️

Neka - Open Comms!
2 months ago

Are you feeling small? And maaaaaaaybe a little snacky? Well... you are right.

🐱​ I need to pay for some studies for my cute Andromeda, one of my cats. ​🐱​
🌟​So price is lower!🌟​

$20 USD
✨ Hand custom painted.
✨ Simple shadows
✨ Complex designs will cost extra.

Added 2 as examples!

I'm taking commissions!
Dm me here to claim a slot or

#MastoArt #FediArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #Art #Illustration #FurryArtist #furry #drawing #kink #maw #paws #tail #nsfw #spooktober #micro #macro #masto #MutualAidRequest

2 months ago

#inktober day 10 still life of green glass bottle. Conclusion, glass is hard. Learning to use drawing tools in Fresco. Started on vector and switched to colouring pencil when I realised I couldn’t really blend properly

#art #sketch #glass

Sketch of green glass bottle and reflections of light on neck of bottle

Aethy tips!

(Authors note: I'll be making many changes and small fixes to this post frequently, knowing myself. I suggest that you turn off post-editing notifications in your notifications tab :,) Please forgive me!!)

Basic lingo: TL (Timeline), Fedi (Federation, Other mastodon instances, etc..), Fediverse (Large network or sites and instances), Retoots/Boosts are our reblogs/retweets. (idk what else to add here, suggest stuff!)

New to Mastodon? is super useful in my opinion! Asking the community directly is also OK! Many are willing to help! Some features aren't on Aethy, but if you want them here, you can suggest them to @/staff! (They often look at Aethys Matrix chat, if you want to do it there!) Pick a mastodon app you prefer, Tusky is a popular choice (I could be wrong)

Aethys look. There are currently two themes: Default/Ruffy and Glitch/Mastodon theme. Taullo, the admin is currently working on the Ruffy theme, so features on it might change! Take your time to mess with the settings.

New to Aethy? Welcome! What to do now? You can make a full introduction post with: Your other social medias, hobbies, and fandoms (be sure to use hashtags for them so other people can find their fellow fandom people as Aethy doesn't have full-text search right now, only hashtags are searchable), you can also add what you will be posting and the possible trigger/content warnings. Hastags like #/Intro, #/Introduction, #/NewToAethy. It's good to also add your personal hashtag!
Many are sus of users with default profile pic, so I suggest getting one at least!
You can turn your follower count private, you can choose only accept followers, and there are many settings to look at, don't be afraid to ask for help.

Posts, privacy settings and such

Post formats: Plain text, is just what you see you get! No tricks there. HTML and Markdown both work, and have plenty of articles online to help you (I, Sini, don't know how to do this). As of right now, images only show up at the bottom of the post, so there is no way to use images as dividers.

Post privacy options:

  • Local only, feature opts out of fedi timelines, and it makes the post visible to logged-in users only! In case you do not want lurkers or don't want to privatize your entire account,
  • Private/Followers, only posts are just that, only visible for followers! Aethy does warn that anyone can see it after following IF you do not have
  • Unlisted, Replying option, not a mandatory thing, but many replies are unlisted to not spam Aethys TL. The only downside is posts do not appear in search or under hashtags. It can be used to write longer threads, to again, not spam TLs! (Besides followers home TLs)
  • Private mentions (PMs), Conversations, the only way to "DM" someone on here. You can @/mention multiple people and everyone mentioned will be able to see the post.
  • You can delete and rewrite a post to change privacy settings if you mess up! Doing so will reset your interactions and break message chains, but that's ok!

Edit logs are public for everyone, so if you post something you don't want others to see, delete and rewrite! There is no queue feature on the browser or official Mastodon app, but Tusky app does have one. There is no draft feature either, but many apps do have it! My hack is to create a "draft" by @/ myself, with the posts privacy settings turned to mentioned people only. Then I can work on it, and once done, delete and rewrite/redraft (whichever your app uses)

About looking up stuff: Hastags, use them. My old hashtag suggestion post has plenty of pointers (at the bottom of this post), I might make a larger idea collection post if there is interest in it! :D
Create your own hashtag! Hastags are not case sensitive, but for easier reading, I suggest capitalization for longer hashtags! Don't be afraid to spam your posts with tags, as it's the only way to find things here at the moment! Tag your name/personal hashtag, fandom, type of content/art, and some "for reach" tags like #/MastoArt or #/WritersofAethy. Using symbols besides underscore ( _ ) breaks the hashtag, so tags such as #F/Oimagine will not work.

ALT-text, accessibility, inclusivity.

Use the right language option for your post, we have DeepL here and it makes reading posts in other languages easy, if you have the right option that is. In many mastodon instances, it's curtesy to use ALT-text! There are many sites, articles ect. online to help. Here's one: . ALT-text also is helpful to everyone who has images autofiltered, as when you hover over the image, you can read what the image is before showing it. Neat!
It can be stressful to come up with good descriptors on the spot, so I personally suggest writing all handwritten text into the description, along with translations if needed. Generally what one is looking at, here's an example: A drawing of an anime character from a series called this on a pale green background. The character is yelling "This is an example! Follow my lead!". Viewers should feel secondhand embarrassment for the character.
Some people use screen-readers (me included), and most screenreaders have varying abilities to read emojis, alternative symbols (for example: ⋆, ︾, Ⅻ) and ALT-text, so I cannot give a full guide, but WIN10s SR at least reads posts normally unless you mistype all the words and use typing quirks! If you think your post isn't screen-reader-friendly, you should put that in the CW!

Filtering out stuff. DO NOT CENSOR WORDS, ever! Censoring words break the filter system, and since we don't have term-based search, you don't need to censor (this includes, meme writings of names, using / or *, leaving out letters) Filters are kinda wonky, here is one guide to them here ! Basically, it takes a lot of time to get your filters to work properly (depending on what you want to filter out!) And the cause of this, I cannot emphasize enough adding words to your posts! Even if it's just art, nothing else, especially if you are not going to CW the post! You can filter post-by-post as well, but it's just THAT post you filter. There is no AI/algorithm that picks up on that post and filters the next ones according to it. Content warnings are explained well on Aethys about page!

Aethy posting culture.

Aethy is a chill place, we talk about many things here, no matter your fandom, background, and posting habits. Rant about IRL happenings, post art memes, go wild with thirst, and link your fanfics! If you don't see a type of post, doesn't mean you can't post it! Many people are here for fandom reasons, sure, but variety is nice!
Posting stuff: We have a culture of using CW warnings to summarize what a post is about! For example: "Fangirling over F/O", "IRL happenings in my personal life", "All caps yelling!!". "Long post"'s here are like 500+ letters (looks long on mobile) But not super needed, but I heavily suggest putting a warning for 1k long posts! There is a setting that auto-collapses posts that are long, but the collapsing function isn't the best since it counts the post by PIXEL, not word count.
Do not be afraid to interact with others! Boosting cool stuff, commission info, raffles, etc. is all good! Boosting your own posts is completely normal, and encouraged since posts tend to get lost (especially if no hashtags were used)! Boosts show up on your profile and your follower's home TL! Favorites are used like on other social media, liking a reply is a "I saw this!", faves are only visible to you under your favorites tab, it's not good to use it to find stuff later, use bookmarks instead! Bookmarking is a private tab, the poster won't get notified of their post being bookmarked. There is no search function in bookmarks unfortunately, hashtag is still the only way (I'm really honing it in haha)
I'm a chatty person, and I often comment stuff. I hope you feel comfortable talking to other people here too. I get that big social media has left people anxious to reach out to others, especially in fandoms with hostile people/antis. But we should be okay here! Even a small comment goes a long way. Without a community Aethy will feel cold and lonely (like those big social media I'm referencing) so let's be social! :D Take your time, feel it out, I believe in us! I'm willing to help and encourage you personally, don't be scared to PM me :3

(my brain is running out, and dyslexia is kicking in, please let me know if there is anything I should add or rewrite!)

OG links:

#Aethy #AethyTips #Masto #Help #Guide #Saippuatxt #NewtoAethy #WelcomeToAethy

Sco :progress: :flag_mm:
2 months ago

I realized I havnt really been on #birdsite in at least a month. My account is still there, but I have not grazed it in a while. I still have RSS feeds from there, but now I only get them if they get enough likes.

I have been getting my #SocialMedia fix from #Masto and #RSS (as well as youtube). It's not the same as a year ago. But I've made an equivalent experience. And I doubt it would be the same if I did go back. But I think I'm keeping up. 🧵
#Mastodon #Twitter

House Panther :verified:
2 months ago

@Linux_Is_Best Looks like I hit a window of availability where I can spin up a second Oracle Always Free VM. The only Debian-like option is unfortunately Ubuntu so I'll spin it up and see where I go. If it works, perhaps I can move my #masto instance to the cloud.

2 months ago

And a follow-up poll: for people who rely on alt text, which one do you prefer?

#poll #Mastodon #MastodonPoll #MastoPoll #Masto #AltText #Accessibility

2 months ago

How do you do your alt texts when there is text on the image?

(what I meant by 'description' is other elements within the image, e.g. the text is in a dialogue box, or a website, or there is a pen beside the book, etc)

Boost for larger sample size.

#poll #Mastodon #MastodonPoll #MastoPoll #Masto #AltText #Accessibility

2 months ago

Niemand braucht mehr #Twitter, X steht für exit. #blsky ist der neue heisse Shize, ich muss nicht jedem Trend hinterherlaufen. Ich bleibe jetzt hier bei #Masto. Vielleicht wechsel ich mal die #Instanz, aber mir gefällt es hier.

On my mind today:

In practice, "Posting to your Own Site, Syndicating Elsewhere" aka #POSSE is extremely difficult

Lately I've finished a lot of big projects that took weeks to complete. My mental place is that I'm so tired & very happy & I take pics of it & I want all the serotonin from likes, comments, questions, awesome interactions, etc.

We all know: I can do that - share RLY quickly with mobile apps - #insta #masto and #tusky #discord #reddit & now #bluesky🧵1/?

2 months ago


Por aquí también te pueden bloquear. Eso sí, se supone que nadie te bloqueará si respetas los principios de la instancia en cuestión. Pero no por decir verdades y decirlas con libertad....



#masto #mastodon #fediverso

Haha, a few days ago, @tobi the #Turtle 🐢 and I 🐉 decided to play #Starcraft ....wellllllllll after downloading, setting up, preparing, we were tired and went to bed 🤣🤣

#fun #game #mastogaming #masto

Screenshot of the Starcraft game intro

Random picture 😅
A walk through the city late in the evening..
an #free mind, in a #crowded city!
#masto #mastodon #mastography #mastophotography #hello

Old church building with green and red lights
2 months ago

Una #excepción a lo anterior es en que no se si es por tener aplicado el #tema #Bid-ui #o por una #personalización de su administrador @rober

#Mastodon #versión #4.2.0

Josef Davies-Coates
2 months ago

📢 Calling all #opensource #selfhosting #greenhosting #hosting boffins on the #fediverse!

I'm running various instances of #mastodon 4.2 (all using @cloudron which makes doing such things easy)

I'd like to connect at least one of them (the biggest most public one) to an instance of #ElasticSearch to take advantage of the new #fulltextsearch feature featured in #masto 4.2.

Where is the best place to get a reliable affordable and #renewable energy powered one-click install of Elastic Search? 🙏

2 months ago

Bonjour à toots,
#masto, les #dunes.
Les dunes, masto.
Vous êtes deux systèmes auto-organisés et ouverts à tous. Bon ok, les dunes vous avez de l'avance sur certains points comme : 100% #recyclable, 100% #compatible avec les systèmes connexes (la mer, les mouettes, les nuages, tout ça), 100% #libre (comme dans l'intention du #libreencommuns), bref 100% #nature et j'en passe. Quoi qu'il en soit, vous avez sûrement plein de choses à vous dire...

Un point de vue sur une baie marine. Au premier plan, sable et un peu d'eau visibles à marée basse. Au second plan, immense étendue d'aster maritime, de salicorne, de statice commun, etc. A l'horizon, la côte maritime. Le ciel est nuageux de gris clair à très foncé.
Au premier plan une dune de sable parsemée de végétation basse. Au second plan d'autres dunes jusqu'à l'horizon où l'on voit la mer. Le ciel est bleu zébré de long nuages blancs effilochés.
Au premier plan le sable d'une immense plage à marée basse. Au second plan, des goélands au sol faisant face au vent. A l'horizon on voit la mer et l'écume des vagues à marée montante. Le ciel est bleu zébré de long nuages blancs effilochés.
3 months ago
Gute Idee!
Ich vermisse im FediVerse (tiefergehende) theologische Gedanken und Austausch dazu.

Wobei natürlich zu fragen wäre, ob ein Kurznachrichtendienst und Tiefergehendes zusammengehen können?

#Fedi und #Masto...Vielleicht könnte man den Blick weiten.

Mastodon mag der wichtigste und größte Teil des gegenwärtigen FediVerse sein, aber es ist ja trotzdem nicht alles. Mit Fedi statt Masto spricht man eventuell mehr Menschen an...siehe auch

Since getting #reported for that one post on #masto #social once..

I think I will not return to #public #instances ...

I had deleted the post in question (which was just a theroetical anyways)
And still got notified about some "we decided to delete your post, despite it being already deleted"

Maybe #socialmedia isn't for me.


3 months ago

Huh - got a notification on my phone that someone replied to a post, but no notifications on Metatext nor the browser, and the phone notification is gone.

Is that because that person deleted their reply, or is it a thing with my instance blocking theirs or what?


3 months ago

I love that there's an #instance called

#fedi #fediverse #masto #mastodon


Good ol #masto #api.

Writing a TL #renderer was actually fun.

chris actually
3 months ago

@harcel + using vivaldi you can sign up to their #masto instance and have a client built right into the browser!

Julien Benedetti
3 months ago

Hello #masto vous auriez des références de lecture sur des alternatives à tous les metrics (like, visiteurs uniques, nb de pages vues, nombres de followers) ? cc @louisderrac ?

mastodon uno admin :mastodon:
3 months ago

#Mastodon spesso incappa in gaffe come per "toot" dismesso ufficialmente perchè in inglese indica anche una sniffata o un piccolo peto.

Anche per questo stiamo cercando di cambiare il suffisso #Masto degli hashtag in #Uno.

Masto ha un significato anatomico ben preciso:

quindi chiedere "Masto Aiuto" suona come un aiuto medico/chirurgico:

Meglio usare #UnoAiuto e il più semplice #Aiuto

grazie! 🙏

#M1Tutorial #UnoAcademy #MastodonUno

Social Network e Fediverso
4 months ago

@edo78 @unoacademy @ctbk @steek_hutzee in realtà #masto* non ha mai tirato tantissimo perchè non tutte le istanze sono #mastodon e anzi pareva discriminatorio per chi usa altre piattaforme, noi possiamo aggiungere #Uno* per raggruppare i nostri pensieri d'istanza, è una alternativa slow alla frenesia social per chi vuole mantenere una dimensione più intima. Ma si possono aggiungere #hashtag senza prefisso se si vuole diffonderlo il più possibile in tutte le istanze, anche quelle non mastodon!

Christy S
4 months ago

I'm so confused. I set up a new #instance on, and I'm trying to get it to #federate with other servers. But my user on the new server can't see several instances at all, and others like this one it will show me posts from my account here that's following it, but it doesn't see anything else in the federated timeline. I try following my own accounts on some other servers though, and it fails. Does anyone know what might be going on?

#Masto has me muted. Convinced of it now. 😂

5 months ago

@eniko Fully agree. I'm always a little confused about people complaining about this. I have far more and higher quality interactions on #masto than any other platform and I haven't even been here for two full months. Maybe has a bit to do with instance, but probably mostly the user's choice to engage. The learning curve is not that steep.

Patrick 🌎
5 months ago

Good morning #Masto logging on

A vintage with a girl and her mom using a computer
Niamh (LeedsBookClub)
5 months ago

Am so glad to be following @lisamelton - a random #Masto suggestion that has proven so fruitful!

I’m a natural lurker with varying interests and my gosh - she SERVES!

Lisa if you ever see this - the range that you toot is fantastic! I’m loving all the awesome that you’re sending my way.

5 months ago

Hey fedipeeps,

Looking for advice.

I'm going to create a #masto account for my weekly #communityradio show focusing on hip #newmusic, adjacent to mainstream. Been on the air for 10 years. #genre varies from #experimentalelectronicmusic to full-bore #metal and #punk to #soul to weird stuff... We call it "top of mind radio".


Can you recommend a good instance for this?

Key is announcing it on radio, so spelling out "m-s-t-d-n", for example, is not ideal.

Thanks in advance.

#radio #music #indiemusic

To all you lovely folks coming onto #Mastodon can you all do me a wee itty-bitty favour perchance? Fill out your #Profile's info as soon as possible before asking to follow others. Blank profiles are a bit of a red flag I'm afraid and you'll get more interaction with a filled in profile. Don't forget to drop in some personalised hashtags too so other folk can find likeminded souls.

#Newbies #WelcomeAboard #Masto #TwitterMigration #Photography #BelieveInFilm

5 months ago

Hi, I'm Dr O in FLA, and I have spent a lifetime in music / performance, study of religion & philosophy, literature, pop culture, and human nature.
If you would share insights on these topics, I think we'd be good Follows.
🍸 🐲 🚬
#Masto #Intro

photo of Dr. O in Kona, Hawai'i (Big Island) , enjoying a fruit-laden Mai Tai and wearing a Panama hat, white linen jacket, Aloha shirt, and sunglasses.

Just gone through my #Following and #Followers lists here and the majority have stopped posting on #Mastodon, that's really sad..... this is an awesome community platform.

#Photography #BelieveInFilm #Masto #Engagement #MastodonEngagement

Omar Moore
5 months ago

EPILOGUE: (OR….maybe the reason few object to the content of video I posted from last night’s NBA Draft is…because they like this too when it is done to them personally…??? Who knows?)

#HittingNerves(?) #Mastodon #Masto-done #BlackMastodon

People will be divided between interoperability with #Meta and alternative clients. They will like the no ads stuff on #Masto, but at first the ads on #P92 will be promoted posts and will actually be useful. It will be reliable. Small servers on #Mastodon will collapse because of rapid growth, difficulty in moderation, attacks by right-wing trolls. People will want reliability and move to the meta thing, because it's just easier.


Ross of Ottawa
6 months ago

Wasn't there a #masto account you could follow that would nag you if you forgot the ALT text on an image? That would be a handy feature if it doesn't exist already.

(Also, feel free to ping me if you notice I've shared a pic with no descriptive text)

#altText #accessibility

6 months ago

So I have found that following a ueser on #kbin here on #Mastodon is as easy as copying their user name (including instance) and searching for it here. Just like following a #masto user.

Still haven't found how to follow a magazine or a thread or a microblog (and still not clear on the diff between each on kbin.

And FWIW, this is the only Guide to kbin that's been shared with me so far.


Which category of books do you prefer? Cast your vote below! 👇

#books #bookstodon #fiction #biography #poll #mastodon #masto

6 months ago

@habibcham @Pjol @MonaApp @devondundee BTW, this is how you do a #Masto icon!

6 months ago

sHWMAE pAWB....I knoiw it's been asked a milliwn time before, but any good (preferably open-source) app to look at #Masto on an #iphone
Diolch :)

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
7 months ago

While I would love to open my #masto instance up to the public, the simple fact is that I would not be able to make any guarantees of stability and that just wouldn't be fair to a user base. Instead, I need to teach people how they can do it themselves.

The Streets of Melbourne
7 months ago

I’ve recently discovered a deck of ‘Flower Magic Oracle Cards’ which feature flowers and their meanings (with a rhyme and additional, insightful information), as interpreted by the authors, for each flower.

There are 48 flowers beautifully printed on a gilded card, for each.

These are awesome. I’ve been taking a sticky-beak and thought I’d share my thoughts, given the love of #flora is so prevalent here at #Masto.

Sooo, today I’m going to feature the #Clematis, which, in this deck signifies #motivation.

Here is a summary of the symbolism, with a rhyme for this card… it’s real powerful stuff!


Clematis - #Intuition;

You just need a little push or shove,
perhaps some motivation from above.

Get up, get out, don’t procrastinate,
the time is now, don’t leave it too late.

Respond to the crack of the whip, don’t delay.

While the sun is shining, get out, make hay.

Clematis Revealed;

Depending on the variety, some of the common names found include ‘traveller’s joy’, ‘virgin’s bower’, ‘leather flower’, ‘vase vine’ and ‘old man’s beard’.

The name is from ancient Greek and
translates literally as ‘climbing or vine-like plant’. In Victorian flower language, clematis represents art, mental beauty and poverty.

For more info (sources), see👇

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#Altext, first image.

Pictured is a divination card, bordered in black. in portrait around 150mm (6 inch) by 100mm (4 inch). Out of shot we would see curved-card edges and shiny gold-foiled gilded edging. 

The card has one major section, displayed in light green and black etching; the main feature a large circle, with small top views of shrubs on top and viney-leaves on the bottom section of the circle. 

Bottom right pictures an expressionless middle-aged woman with long flowing blonde hair, wearing some kind of stout bowler hat, thick black glasses and a dark skull pendant hanging from her neck. Adorned with a dark long-sleeve top and a purple-blue type of corset. Wearing deep purple lipstick. Looks almost gothic. 

Within the circle, a bunch of bright clematis flowers are displayed. 
They have pinky-purple petals; I’d suggest most would say this flower is pink. They’re flanked by dozens of light and dark shiny broad leaves, of differing sizes. 

The main (larger) flower is a star-like bloom with elongated pink petals; eight in total. It’s most likely around 4-5 inches (100 -125mm) in diameter.

Each petal is a slender, long structure with streaks of white. Each petal is edged in shimmering white, bleeding into the main pink colour. 

The centre of the flower shows an abundance of hairy filaments; a mixture of white and yellow, with the centre most part (pistil), coloured pink. 

The bottom reads in white capitals; CLEMATIS and underneath is typed; ‘Motivation’, in pink text.
Josh, or whatever
7 months ago

@glennf I don’t get it. I’m so happy here I just bought a #masto server. I’d rather spend that money to get my own feed than an $8 blue lemming #checkmark.

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
7 months ago

Here's a question for all of my #masto folks: Do I allow commenting on my blog or not?

Starry Starry Knight
7 months ago

@OhNoSheTwitnt Nah thanks... all good here on #Masto... 🤩

Like, why can't I just... do this? lol ... am I a genius? Or an idiot?

#Masto #Feditips @trumpet

Aziz Poonawalla
9 months ago

This is HUGE news for the #fediverse - #wordpress has acquired the #activitypub plugin and hired the developer @pfefferle

This means all hosted blogs, as well as self-hosted blogs (like my blog are now #Automattic -ally #mastodon servers! (Actually fedivetse servers, not just #Masto)

Is there a good list management interface for masto? I’m kinda new to the whole lets-make-the-most-of-lists game #help #masto

Princess Serena Star
10 months ago

#fediverse question: Does #instance size matter? I know I have to #migrate from #MastodonLol and plan to but I'm pretty stuck up on where to go. There are some smaller instances that I really like but I'm afraid that I might struggle for interactions due to the small size. There are also bigger instances I'm also looking at but I really like #calckey over #mastodon and the big ones are typically #masto. Any #advice is appreciated! :_gaysparkle: :blobcattrans:
#findaninstance #mastomigrate

Blake Patterson
10 months ago

Bloggers, "WP REST Cache" plugin had a recent update that caches the oembed link in most Word Press posts that can cause such a massive load hit upon sharing on Mastodon. Every instance out there hits that link. Now it's automatically cached.

So, if you are a Word Press blogger and post to Mastodon, get this plug-in. It makes a big difference.

(For general page caching I use "WP Super Cache," which is also very helpful. There are other such caches out there.)

#WordPress #blog #Mastodon #DDOS #performance #webdev #blogs #WP #Masto

Hervé Boinnard
10 months ago

@liezah @gaetan cela devrait (re)lancer la participation d' @EdwyPlenel sur #masto...

Abonnez vous @Mediapart
Et suivez Edwy pour le motiver 😊

Tim Chambers
10 months ago


Reviewing server data from - which is
one of the most comprehensive Mastodon datasets - about our #IndiewebSocial server.

While remaining a "mid-level sized server," with just over 10,600 people here, our community size ranks 103rd out of all 18,800+ #masto servers it tracks.

Also: we had 96.791% server uptime thus far.

We are constantly working to improve, and thank you all for what we have built together.

#Admin #IndiewbSocial

10 months ago

Do you like working on #FreeSoftware? Is #Mastodon your favorite #SocialMedia platform? Do you want to help build the next generation of the world's fastest-growing #Federated #FOSS #Social #Media platform?

Well, you're in luck! The #Masto team is #NowHiring!

Qualified candidates are needed to work on #FOSS #Software as a #ProductDesigner, a #SoftwareEngineer, or a #DevOps #Engineer!

Interested applicants can take their #career to the next level today by applying at

Karl Pineau
11 months ago

Ca dit notamment que pour les journalistes, l'alternative la plus probable qui se dessine face à #Twitter n'est pas #Masto (10%) mais #LinkedIn (42%) 😬

Multiverse Mike
11 months ago


Agreed! Once you get going, #Masto is amazing... but the nuances of #centralized vs #decentralized requires a bit of tuning (and a serviceable app) to get the switches and levers ya need.

The #Mastodon native app is sorely lacking ina lot of areas... I'm hoping once it gets tweaked and some onboarding and user searching UX features get addressed Masto will finally hit a really nice "main-stream adoption" stride.

Multiverse Mike
11 months ago


..#android guy so I am on #Tusky.

Once I needed up my follows, changed my default tabs, added a litany of hashtags, and created a favorite list it's been an actual replacement for my #socialmedia experience.

That said - it still has a lot of room for improvement, but I honestly enjoy this better than my pre-#Masto choices even with the UI/UX flaws

Blake Patterson
11 months ago

Surely I can't be the only one seeing a huge performance impact upon my WordPress blog immediately after sharing a link, here, on Mastodon.

Oembeds need to be cached on the WP blog.

I go into detail,

#Mastodon #WordPress #performance #caching #oembed #blogs #webdev #Masto