16 minutes ago

I'm not sure if a #Matrix Synapse #kubernetes deployment should be a StatefulSet or just a simple Deployment

LUKi e.V.
48 minutes ago

@lug_nuernberg Vor Ort wird das @librechurch-Projekt vorgestellt. Da geht es Zentral um #Mastodon und #Matrix @csett86

Danie van der Merwe
3 hours ago

@rubinlinux I was wondering as noticed some on my #IRC channel to #Matrix bridging was playing up in the last week...

ralf warümme tauscher
11 hours ago

@gazebo_c @sparsick
fuer unsere #mastodon und #matrix server haben
@wir uns auch fuer netcup entschieden.

Gaël Reyrol
13 hours ago

From a #matrix room, #AWS #S3 egress costs are like a #ransomware 😂

1 day ago

It was a matter of days before a user joined one of the largest rooms on "Matrix HQ" from my public #server. Luckily I switched to a more powerful machine and it did a great job. I expected a bigger impact. 😆

#goodboy #matrix #matrixhq

#matrix #matrixhq
Paarth :verified:
1 day ago

Finally getting set up with all the bells and whistles #homeassistant #hacs #matrix

2 days ago

#Matrix needs to replace #IRC for one reason. You can read messages that were sent while you weren't signed in. So you can post a question and you don't have to leave the client open and camp in the channel to get an answer. If nobody is there at that time just check back later.

2 days ago
dealing with matrix has made me want to commit die

Steve Heller
2 days ago

Does anyone have any good #Matrix communities to recommend? I want to try that out and perhaps step away from Discord a bit.

#Gaming #Movies #Photography would be my main interests.

Marie :v_trans:
2 days ago

are there any pony themed #matrix instances

2 days ago

Gibt es eigentlich einen #Matrix Raum zur #RP23 @republica ?

Lasse Gismo 🖕
2 days ago

Danke für den Einblick @citizenK4te

#Matrix Rauminhalte lesen zu können ohne Matrixkonto/-login ist ...Scheisse!
Obwohl's vmtl. "öffentliche" Räume sind, geht sowas gar nicht.
Was lernen wir daraus?
Mensch kann nicht genug aufpassen und anonym unterwegs zu sein ist enorm wichtig.
Mein Vertrauen in Matrix als vertrauenswürdige Plattform zur Kommunikation hat einen kolossalen Dämpfer bekommen.

realcaseyrollins ✝️
2 days ago

@fuat2mb @ksv236 @TwistedEagle Yep! I personally do prefer #Matrix but #XMPP is good as well.

2 days ago

Did you know that #mozilla hosts its own #matrix server and you can join with your #firefox account? (i didn't, and i'm happy to have found out) There goes the quandary of "picking a server"

Sven | SIP 9369
2 days ago

Aktualisiert ma’ eure Synapsen auf Version 1.85.0 (2023-06-06). 😉

#matrix #release #update

Aber heute Abend gibt es dann auch was schönes für mich zu tun.

Hatte mir die letzten Tage eine VM mit ein bisschen Leistung (3 Kerne, 6 GB RAM und 500 GB Speicherplatz) für knapp einen Fünfer besorgt um mich an ein paar Dienste im #fediverse zu versuchen und so möglichst #Peertube #pixelfed und #matrix auf einer VM laufen zu lassen.

Bin schon mal gespannt wie sehr ich dran scheitern werde 😅

3 days ago

I don't know if I #suppressed it as a #traumatic memory and was subconsciously inspired by it, or didn't catch it when it when it made the trade news and independently thought of it, but ...

Was just re-watching a classic #RiffTrax [1] and a chain of word-association in my head ended up with "The #Matrix: The #Musical".

Looking it up now, I see it's #real.

[1] "Bounty Tracker" (1993), with Lorenzo Lamas.

#WordAssociation #why #wtf

3 days ago

wait #Matrix has public chatrooms? Do... Do i not know what Matrix is? ugh i need time.

c-x-b :verified: :verified:
3 days ago

does anyone else running #Synapse for #Matrix get a regular slowdown each week or is this just my system being completely insane

3 days ago
>it loads for 10 minutes
>5 people saying hi
>loads another 10 minutes when leaving
MacPaw 🇺🇦
3 days ago

Lana i Lilly Wachowski kind of predicted Apple Vision Pro 👓 #WWDC23 #Matrix #VR

3 days ago

Every desktop #Matrix client I've tried is in need of better image drag-and-drop / copy-paste support.

It's a super common thing to do for me and I think many others, but it's always slightly annoying to do...

3 days ago

Soooo... started using #MorphOS today... :) does anyone have a working solution to use #matrix on MorphOS? And does someone using #Amidon here?

#matrixchat #amiga #retrocomputing #macminig4

Andy Balaam
3 days ago

Writing a tiny parser for our Arnie bot:

(recording of the live stream)
#matrix #rust #coding

err head
3 days ago

Well crap, looks like I may have to keep working on the #Matrix chat plugin for #PeerTube, I was hoping the updates to #Prosody plugin were going to resolve the scaling issues.

Andy Balaam
3 days ago

Live streaming in 27 minutes! Writing a Matrix bot in Rust that simulates Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This time: writing a tiny parser to process arnie commands.

#matrix #rust #programming #live #owncast

We are happy to announce that our Research in Teams visitors Naoyuki Kanomata and Akifumi Sako published a new paper on #Finite Φ3-Φ4 #HybridMatrix Model.
Look into it if your favourite field is #HighEnergyPhysics. 🔣


Robert Riemann 🇪🇺
4 days ago

@jerry Please share how you doployed #matrix! Do you use #ansible?

Any virtual #WWDC23 keynote watch parties perhaps either on #matrix or #wavelength?

Darnell Clayton :verified:
4 days ago

@jerry @ramsey Yeah, it's a pain to setup #Matrix. In the end I just went with #Element’s managed Matrix hosting as it was faster & easier.

4 days ago

TIL : so one "social media" in the trend rn with teens around here is
the #metaverse is far from dead actually, and if ... some conditions ... #thirdroom could work adequately - as I see teens starting to use #element #matrix with ease too ... or even #minetest

(I have ideas about missing pieces ... ) #vr #ar

Yann Büchau :python:
4 days ago

@flypig @simonmic Yep and with great success. A #personalFinance desktop app was my initial motivation to learn programming some 15 years ago. I wanted to add tags to transactions. #GnuCash can't do that. Now I'm using #hledger and it's awesome. I also wrote an add-on to make fancy #Python #matplotlib plots with it:

You can join our friendly #Matrix chat:

@Suoko @freequaybuoy @aral @affe_null

That's the main reason I chose #kaios over #android when I was about to get a new phone. I instead have got a #eink #android #ebook_reader which I read #scientific papers and books on it. Of course, I have chat software like #matrix and #telegram on it too but I don't carry it everywhere and chatting on touch keyboard is not pleasing for me either so the main purpose of this device is left to reading :)

tateisu​ :force:​:r_9a:
4 days ago

参加者0人の部屋をDELETEするだけなのにpostgresのプロセスの1つが数時間以上 CPU100%に張り付いてる。残り232部屋もあるのに… #matrix

4 days ago

@sigmasternchen Da bin ich aktuell nicht auf Stand... ich dachte, die verkauft sich momentan eher so lala und wäre kein so großer Erfolg?

#ThirdRoom heisst das #Metaverse von #Matrix:

:ferris: Naughtylus :nixos:
4 days ago

#Discord is glitching out...

It's duplicating messages all over the place

A good time to dump it in favour of libre alternatives like #matrix, #xmpp, or #tox? 😉

5 days ago


the problem is that the majority of people is still #bluepilled and working as agents for the #matrix.

Blake Leonard
5 days ago

In all honesty this is how #Matrix should have been handled from the start. With the big names of Matrix and IETF involved, I hope vanilla Matrix, #XMPP providers, platforms like #Databag, and maybe even #IRC networks can more directly federate, and with that firm base, it's only up from there!
🧵 3/3

I will talk at #tedxfreiburg about @matrix

i will try to explain how #matrix is a chance to "cure" our beautiful internet from those centralised messengers. so we stay in control and are able to own our conversations.

credits go to @julectiv to convince me and to @greve set my mindset into the brave #gnu world. to @fosdem to set the stage for @matthew in 2015 ;)

@wir #TEDxFreiburg #Speaker #Digitalisierung #Internet #Gemeinschaft #Inspiration #ideasworthspreading #TEDxFreiburg2023

picture of me and the tedx logo

@chrisisgr8 ever heard of #HDMI- / #HDSDI - #Matrix & #KVM switches?

If setup correctly, you can do X computers on Y desks and instantly switch between stuff...

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
5 days ago

@gabriel @victor
Always nice to see the icon being used! :)

We never thought #Matrix was a particularly viable option for us over and above #XMPP. We are not surprised to hear that they have questionable backers, or are #MITM'd, given they seemed to do a lot via the domain — a #CloudFlare'd service.

5 days ago



protip: Remember to change the default server name from: to:

#marimoko #chat #community #matrix #federated #encrypted #element #technology #canada #cannabis

5 days ago

If you ever wanted a invite-only #Matrix server you might want to check out

Now significantly more stable. As always easy to deploy with matrix-docker-ansible-deploy

CyberFurz Custodian
5 days ago

Did you know that Cyberfurz is a registered LLC in the state of Virginia in the USA? Not only that, we host multiple #Fediverse and #Decentralized services free of charge?

FuzzySearx: A #SearXNG instance allowing you to search the major search engines without giving them your details, we proxy the requests for you.

Cyberfurz Chat: A #Matrix server that is hosted and operated by us with assistance from etke for helping us keep it patched weekly with all the latest Matrix goodies.

Cyberfurz Social: This Mastodon instance running the glitch-soc fork with Bunny as our CDN to ensure pictures and videos load nice and snappy for you no matter where you are.

@FurryFediverse: We stand by decentralized and federated ideals. We’re not asking you to join our server, we just want you to join an instance where you will feel at home. This is the site we maintain to help the #furry community find instances that align with their interests.

For more info about us, head to


Btw, for #Matrix the same applies as for #Fediverse and there should be something of a #Botiquette. I typed a #FediverseIdea for that a while ago:

Beware that #Matrix is fiddling with archiving public (world-readable) chatrooms and publishing that in a searchable manner at

This already happened, while opt-out is still being discussed. Bad.

The bot that does this is:

@ archive :


Ilkka Tengvall (fi)
6 days ago

@cos @pvahimaa Kannustan myös kokeilemaan #Matrix tuolta kotimaiselta palvelimelta. Se on ollut hyvä harrastejuttujen, työasioiden ja open source softaprojektien kommunikointiin omassa käytössä. Itse valitsen sen ykkösvaihtoehtona, suosittelen!

@stefan @box464

Nice article. Though the sad reality of the app-specificness of the #Fediverse comes to the front. #ProtocolDecay 😬

I can encourage anyone that is into #ActivityPub development to join the #SocialHub community at and also to participate in the fediverse developers #Matrix chatroom at

The latter is related to where the intention is to unify developer documentation.

It's now over a week. @element still has not reacted to multiple support requests both via their contact form and via email. I still don't have the data required to migrate off of their service and to a self-hosted setup.

By now, I must assume that #Element and the #EMS hosted #Matrix service are either on the brink of collapse, or don't give a flying fuck about paying customers when they're not cops or governments.

Folks, don't use their service. They won't let you leave.

2TonWaffle on ICH
1 week ago

Going further into the fediverse in be creating our own #Matrix server for people to check out and enjoy.

1 week ago

Does anyone use #matrix? I don't understand how to find people or how it works, nor how to share my contact info.


A Matrix client, in the terminal, for Vim addicts.

It's even written in Rust. And it's even using the Matrix Rust SDK (

#matrix #client #tui #RustLang

iamb in action
Kevin Beaumont
1 week ago

#Capita have sold Security Watchdog to #Matrix.

Max Pearl
1 week ago

OK, so is #Matrix a Discord alternative, or a next-generation IRC (or both)?

Thomas Frans 🇺🇦
1 week ago

It's OK for #Twitter and #Reddit to paywall their API. It's their service. It's OK for #Discord to forbid the use of third party clients. It's their platform. The only people we should blame are the ones who are complaining about it while still using those services and platforms. There are more than enough alternatives like #Mastodon, #Matrix, #Signal, #Pixelfed... Stop whining and sucking the 🍆 of these nightmare companies, and make the switch. It's not that hard.

Mauve 👁💜
1 week ago

Just gonna put this out here. I've got a #matrix room for #LocalFirst #Cyberspace which I've been meaning to grow a bit. It's going to focus on #VR #AR and where it overlaps with #P2P and #MeshNetworks

Laurens Hof
1 week ago

At this point I'm willing to call that #ATproto and #activitypub relate to each other as 'big room social' to 'small room social'.

trying to figure out if
#nostr and #matrix also relate to each other in a similar way like this.

(this is vibes based analysis, and only in the best case scenario is it at best only 'somewhat-correct-ish')

Sulla nostra stanza matrix @ivanoeberini segnala che è già disponibile un'app per @pixelfed sull'app store di apple:


si tratta della prima app #pixelfed che sbarca su uno store ufficiale, altro buon motivo per provare l'istanza italiana dei @devol qui:


Segnalo agli account dedicati al mondo apple: @MelaNews @melamorsicata

Per un invito alla stanza matrix basta rispondere a questo toot

#fediverso #matrix #app #apple

Fabian Schaar
2 weeks ago

Ich habe einen Blogeintrag zu meinen freien Lieblingsprogrammen geschrieben, die mich täglich durch den Alltag begleiten. Welche Software nutzt ihr Tag ein, Tag aus?

#FOSS #FLOSS #Desktop #PC #Computer #Software #Linux #GNU #KDE #Gnome #LibreOffice #Matrix #Tipp10 #Terminal #Vim #Firefox #Thunderbird #Web #EMail

David Wilson
2 weeks ago

🔴 Today on #SystemCrafters Live, we'll take a look Ement.el, a package by prolific Emacs coder Alphapapa. Ement.el is a great client for Matrix which provides rich chat experience from the comfort of Emacs.

If you're interested in joining the System Crafters Matrix rooms, definitely give this a look!

Join us on YouTube or Twitch:


🕐 in your time zone:

#gnu #emacs #matrix #freesoftware

2 weeks ago

@netzpolitik_feed #Matrix benutzen, entspannt zurücklehnen.

2 weeks ago

Our main chat rooms are on Matrix, but we've added an IRC channel on bridged to each Matrix room:


Previously, we only had the initial 3 IRC channels.

#grapheneos #privacy #security #matrix #irc #bridge

3 weeks ago

@doot @Arcaik that's very good of you, stuff like #mastodon and #matrix can be quite heavy on resources

Matt 2.0
3 weeks ago

@ChrisWere Do you think it's the protocol that makes it feel this way or the client UX?

#Matrix #Element #FluffyChat #Cinny

3 weeks ago

@thunderbird @k9mail ich kann mein Nick bei euch nicht nutzen, da mein Nick benutzt wird. Das ist richtig bei @mozilla klärt das, bitte intern. ich lege mir jetzt keinen neuen Nick für euch zu. Ich liebe so & so mein Thunderbird. Doch schade, dass es nicht mehr das Plug-in für Thunderbird gibt. was es früher unter riot #matrix gab. Mit #firefox bin ich nicht mehr wie früher zu Frieden. Vielleicht mehr auf das Kerngeschäft achten. Sonst wandern User ab.. Gerade 🇪🇺 & 🇩🇪 waren Fans von Firefox.

3 weeks ago

Welcome to #Pinetta's new home on! (maintainer of #Calckey) was kind enough to create a new instance specifically for #Fediverse software projects, so here we are. ​:pinetta:​

What's new for us? Well, we're currently planning a new round of community-building and development after an extended bout of IRL business. Goals for this summer: Establish a Trust & Safety team, finish writing up our statement of principles and code of conduct, continue building our team's capacity for
#CommunityBuilding, strengthen ties with other Fedi projects... oh, and keep poking at this Django app. 👆

Like what we're planning? Don't forget to join us on
#Matrix ( and star our #Codeberg repo (!

4 weeks ago

@al1r4d I like both, but it seems that #Matrix has more polished clients that I can introduce my family to more easily and more active development (in my perception at least), making it more likely to keep growing in good ways. Personally I'd like to see both advance and watch #Dino and #Snikket #XMPP clients with interest.

Dan York
1 month ago

Ugh... the government of India has banned Element, one of the main clients for #Matrix, as part of a ban of 14 messaging apps/clients. It doesn't seem to be clear why... except that perhaps all these messaging apps support #encryption . -

UPDATE: Apparently this ban happened back on May 1, 2023, and is because Indian intelligence agencies said these apps were being used by terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir -

Nicolas Forgerit
1 month ago

I understand your bad gut feeling about that. However, if they try introducing backdoors, I'll trust my beloved open source community to quickly figure that out.

Also, funding open source projects is sth I'd like to see our authorities doing much more than pouring shitloads of tax money into corps like Microsoft.

#matrix #element

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

Since folks are asking and replies don‘t always federate properly:

#matrix #element #privacy #acab #e2ee #messaging

Screenshot of toot:


@amatecha @matrix @liaizon gives an idea of our position. And no, there are no backdoors. Yes, we fund Matrix dev by selling encrypted messaging to governments, which includes police: if you don’t like that then please feel free to use a different app.
Aral Balkan
1 month ago

Encrypted messaging provider: “We make our money selling this to the police.”

Tech folks: This is cool and normal.

#matrix #element #privacy #acab #e2ee #messaging

They sell services, not the messages you idiots!
#Matrix #Element

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

@mdv @element Oh yeah, I’m sure the folks arrested for protesting the coronation in the UK would have been far happier if they knew the police used open source software.


#matrix #element #police #acab #privacy #messaging #humanRights

Si fas servir la #app #Element per #Matrix segurament voldràs deixar de fer-ho.
Ho diuen ells mateixos, venen els missatges xifrats als governs i a la policia.

Si fas servir la #app #Element per #Matrix segurament voldràs deixar de fer-ho.
Ho diuen ells mateixos, venen els missatges xifrats als governs i a la policia.
1 month ago

You guys know the current #Element #Matrix police drama right?

This is the worst thread I've honestly seen in a lot of time. The person behind Element's Mastodon account wasn't even rude, at all.

Meanwhile people in the thread are telling them to f### off just because they are providing encrypted communications to governments and aren't afraid to make it clear.

What has the fediverse become.

@atomicpoet Is it me, or does #ATProtocol appear unnecessarily complex‽ At least for the foundational aspect of what #BlueSky is trying to do‽ #ActivityPub might not be advanced, but it’s simple enough for the average non-tech person to understand (even if they do not understand the “how” of the #Fediverse).

Reminds me of a scene from #Matrix:

1 month ago

a rare photo of patrick alberts, cpo of the #element, of the #matrix fame, being busy at the european police congress.

an image of enormous white pig shitting itself.
Rodion Borisov
1 month ago

Excited for #Matrix Public Archive entering production stage!

🚨 🇮🇳 #India banning #OpenSource #Matrix clients like #Element is equivalent to banning your favorite web browser or email client.

🤯 Can you imagine if Firefox, Chrome, or Thunderbird were banned nationally?

🔑 Privacy is a human right.

➡️ And governments will never stop human rights abuses by denying its citizens' human rights.

:boost_love: Pass it on.

Boiling Steam
1 month ago
1 month ago

#PlasmaMobile news for April: 3 new #apps, PowerPlant, MarkNote, and OptiImage land in Plasma Mobile; Tokodon invites you to explore #Mastodon; NeoChat helps you organize events through #Matrix with #location sharing; and much, much more.

#mobile #housePlants #notes #noteTaking #phone

optimage helps you easily optimize images, making them smaller (in megabytes) while still keeping them looking good.
Screenshot of MarkNote, a new Plasma Mobile-compatible application that lets you create notes using the flexible MarkDown formatting notation.
A view of KDE's Mastodon client, Tokodon, and its new feature that allows you to explore your instance in search of new users to follow.
PowerPlant helps monitor your plants so that you know when to water them and take care of them.