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Some 3.5% of the US population, @TheGuardian

So that is not even most Trumpers, whom are around 20%.

But you can help Trump out by calling his intentional theft of military intel "mishandling"...

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12m Americans believe violence is justified to restore Trump to power

Anthony Dean
1 hour ago

I have a Ko-fi page as a "tip jar" for my blog, if interested in financially supporting my writing efforts. Thanks!

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"included a writer, a publisher and two members of his staff, none of whom had a security clearance. This was only one episode of gross mishandling of hundreds of pages"

Trump also had no clearance @washingtonpost.

"Mishandling" is watering down the theft of military intel. Do you know who Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were?

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2 hours ago

"No one should celebrate Thursday’s indictment of Donald Trump in a case involving classified documents improperly stored at his Mar-a-Lago estate."

So according to the @washingtonpost editorial board, Americans are supposed to watch Trump get sworn in after losing the 2016 election, ban Muslims, cage immigrant children like dogs, try to end Obamacare, pass massive tax cuts for wealthiest, appoint extremist judges and deny Covid 19 was a problem - and not cheer justice.


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Selena Gomez Is Single, Shakira & Lewis Hamilton Dating?, New Music From BTS & More | Billboard News

Check it out! 👇

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Jim Parsons
4 hours ago

Ev Willian runs to nearest #media Laundromat in feeble attempt to wash away permanent stains to his reputation as a #democracy destroying enabler.

#Twitter is working *perfectly* for Billionaire cabin-boy #ElonMusk and his sovereign immune Trillionaire business partner captain MBS / Hows of S’aud.

Obfuscation is core to ALL #BigTech BizModels and Ev is just carrying water for his #SiliconValley #VC oligarch buddies. Pathetic.


Miguel Afonso Caetano
5 hours ago

#AI #GenerativeAI #ChatGPT #Journalism #News #Media: "We should study and test this technology in our field. We should learn about what it can and cannot do with experience, rather than misrepresenting its capabilities or perils in our reporting. But we must not have it do our work for us.

Besides, the world already has more than enough content. The last thing we need is a machine that spits out yet more. What the world needs from journalism is research, reporting, service, solutions, accountability, empathy, context, history, humanity. I dare tell my journalism students who are learning to write stories that writing stories is not their job; it is merely a useful skill. Their job as journalists is to serve communities and that begins with listening and speaking with people, not machines."

Kriszta Satori
5 hours ago

Just a few hours to go and #TheGlobalJigsaw #Ukraine episode is dropping tomorrow: Is there space for #critical reporting during wartime? We explore the dramatic changes in #Ukrainian #media following #Russia ’s #invasion and what society thinks of them

And you can catch up so far on #Masculinity with #Chinese Cahracteristics; viral street debates in #Turkey; #Tiktokking for God and Power in #LAtAm; #Wagner in the #CAR and #Mali here:

Kapka Karla Čapka
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...čtu-li někdy ty nebo ony noviny, cítím proti vlastním zásadám, že tohle či onohle by se přece jen nemělo pouštět na světlo denní, ne proto, že je to příliš statečné, ale proto, že je to příliš pitomé.

Volnost slova, ano! volnost pro každou velkou, a třeba divou, a třeba drtivou myšlenku; ale co nás přitom ochrání před volnou a surovou hloupostí?

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6 hours ago
7 hours ago

Behind the Scenes of Kaytranada’s Billboard Cover Shoot | Billboard Cover

Check it out! 👇

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Zampedigallina Comics
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Non è bello ciò che è bello... #umorismo #aforismi #vignette #media

Flipboard News Desk
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Looking for more news? Here are some great journalists to follow on Mastodon:








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"OMG among these documents included information about "defense and weapon capabilities; the nuclear program, and vulnerabilities."

As progs have been suggesting for a year - that's what he would have stolen. It goes to Rosenberg territory if sold, and #News #Media Inc is afraid to mention that.

7 hours ago

CNN fails on it also ;

"investigation into the mishandling of classified documents"

#media #HelpTrump #news
7 hours ago

Also would not be surprised. Hopefully DOJ knows if he sold intel. And #Media Inc won't come close to mentioning the Rosenberg case either. That would put Trump in the loop of capital punishment .


8 hours ago

4 Hindus held for Bulandshahr temple vandalism; videos viral with misleading communal claims

During the wee hours of June 1, almost a dozen of idols of Hindu deities in four temples in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, were vandalized by some miscreants. Several users on social media shared a video of the vandalized condition of the idols calling it an attack on Hindus and claiming that this could be an act of the Muslim community. Some news media channels also implied the same.

#UttarPradesh #bulandshahr #baral #temples #vandalism #hindutva #AajTak #SudhirChaudhuri #misinformation #media #SocialMedia #twitter #BJP #india

Hal Brown
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#writer #writers #writingcommunity #blog #blogging #publishing #media #journalism #politics I checked to see who replied to a tweet I posted. I didn't know who Mike Hunt, the name she used saying "I love Mike Hunt" was, thought it was a real person, so I looked it up here:

The strategy shift from Disney, which some analysts say is 'desperate', comes as rivalry with JioCinema heats up.
Disney bets on free mobile cricket streaming in India
9 hours ago

"I celebrate him being called to account for his treasonous behavior. I think we have NO IDEA the extent of his actions."

Many months to sell intel he stole, the obvious motive which #News #Media Inc looks the other way about. Instead, Trump "mishandled" documents.
10 hours ago

"Convicted of espionage in 1951, they were executed by the federal government of the United States in 1953"

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, which apparently is #news to #Media Inc

10 hours ago

Kaytranada Shares What’s on His Playlist | Billboard Cover

Check it out! 👇

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"Trump repeatedly has advocated for imprisonment for those who commit a crime like the one with which he was just charged: improper handling of classified documents."

Yes but #Media Inc keeps diluting the crime with the phrase "handling of classified documents."

Like somebody handed them to Trump and he wasn't up on protocol...

Trump stole many boxes of intel when he left the White House as his clearance was expiring. The motive is not hard to figure out.

#Trumpism #news

Thinking Card I made that I believe is about the need to get a whole lot more deliberate about what I'm allowing to seep into my field of attention, watch out for that parade of random scrolling ickiness for no reason

If that or something else comes up for you, that's totally groovy, I do not know what I am doing

#tarot #oracle #thinking #intention #media #attention #less #newsfeed #doomscroll #addiction #algorithm #art #mastoart #fediart

Illustration in ink and pencil of a book with the word "less" resting on clouds in the sky, the drawing is sitting on top of some colored pencils
NU Journalism
11 hours ago

School of Journalism professors Mike Beaudet and @dankennedy_nu spoke with Tanner Stening of #Northeastern Global News about the end of the Chris Licht regime and what's next for CNN. #media

Myall Creek: Newspaper makes historic apology for Aboriginal massacre reports - BBC News


12 hours ago

What the heck is going on with Headline journalism?! Misspelling, lousy grammar, statements that MAKE NO SENSE.!!!!

When I was a Journalism student, headlines had to be perfect.

The sloppiness in modern society is disgusting.

#media #journalism #writing #news

Alexander Hay
12 hours ago

Whether #Meta will carry out its threat to launch a #Twitter clone or not, there are better names than 'Threads' - y'know, the BBC nuclear war drama we all claim to have been horribly traumatised by.

Unless there is, of course, an option to 'Nuke' a 'Thread', or just give birth to #EdSheeran at the end.

#Media #SocialMedia #News #SiliconValley

Robert Roy Britt
13 hours ago

When one of my #writers asked how to write fast and produce more stories, I initially bristled at the notion. But then I let my mind run and soon my fingers were doing the thinking, as often happens, and a response emerged.

No hot tips or quick tricks, just a ton of curiosity, early training in newspaper deadlines, learning the rules and guidelines of a given genre or pub, and a slew of other factors that I explain here:

#writing #writingtips #journalism #media

The Spinoff
13 hours ago
Dan Kennedy
13 hours ago

My #Northeastern journalism colleague Mike Beaudet and I spoke with Tanner Stening of Northeastern Global News about the end of the Chris Licht regime and what's next for CNN. #media

I wonder if anyone in our media will question the ethics of the AFP leaking private text messages?

No I don’t.

They won’t.


Sohan Dsouza
17 hours ago

〝These websites typically have generic names, such as iBusiness Day, Ireland Top News, and Daily Time Update, which to a consumer appear to be established news sites. This obscures that the sites operate with little to no human oversight and publish articles written largely or entirely by bots […]〞

#generativeAI #AI #news #media

JW prince of CPH
20 hours ago

Hey, tech writers & bloggers, who I'm sure are flattered by Apple's attention? You would do all of us a favor if you'd be so kind as to refrain from making "review"-style videos & articles about things until you can, you know, actually review them.

At this point all of y'all are just parroting #Apple's promo material, and that's not helping anyone. All it does is hypercharge their already supercharged bullshit firehose.


#tech #press #media

Julian Assange coraz bliżej ekstradycji do Stanów Zjednoczonych, gdzie grozi mu 175 lat więzienia:

#Assange jest ścigany z powodu publikacji tajnych dokumentów, które pokazywały rzeczywisty obraz wojny w Iraku oraz inne niewygodne fakty dla rządów Stanów Zjednoczonych. Został oskarżony m. in. o szpiegostwo.

#Wikileaks #dziennikarstwo #media #prześladowania #WielkaBrytania #USA #StanyZjednoczone #ekstradycja #JulianAssange #prawaCzłowieka

Anthony Dean
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Tomorrow's blog post is now live for Patreon subscribers!

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Kapka Karla Čapka
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Kus naší politické a veřejné mizérie je v tom, že tolik lidí sbírá své názory a zkušenosti ušima a ne očima. Trochu míň slyšet a trochu víc vědět: to by posloužilo nejlíp našemu veřejnému mínění.

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1 day ago

#CNN‘s ratings are evidence that there is little audience for #journalism that treats right-wing lies respectfully while not fully buying into them—and little enthusiasm from the journalists being asked to perform that act.


Sam Mendez (they/them)
1 day ago

I launched my #partysOver blog and video series today, with the Boston Congress of #publichealth It's a reimagining of public health communication for the pandemic era, amid a changing relationship to information and digital media. The first post looks at ways to make #healthcommunication safer, taking lessons from the story of Rebecca Black:

#communication #media #scicomm

Party's Over episode 1. By Samuel R Mendez, 2023 BCPH Thought Leadership Fellow. Cover image is a man working calmly at a desktop computer that's on fire. A cartoon doge sits on the lower left  side of the picture frame.
Jim Parsons
1 day ago

#AI just doin’ its job for those promoting most aggressively…

#Media #Attention

Warner Crocker
1 day ago

The difference between platforming and journalism laid out quite well by @markjacob

#politics #media #journalism

Joshua Holland
1 day ago

I wish I were kidding when I say that #Fox "News" is telling its geriatric audience that it's woke to not like breathing in orange smoke-tinged air.

#wingnuts #media #smoke

"Kiss that goodbye, you’re going to kiss goodbye to a lot of publishers. You could think that would mean inflation for ad prices, only again CPMs go in one direction." Brian Morrissey

I don't usually go for the doom and gloom perspective on media in general, but Morrissey's crystal ball is more tuned in than most and he zeroes in on several compelling and depressing points.

#media #publishing #disruption

Warner Crocker
1 day ago

Great read on the TV/Streaming miasma.

Quote from Steven Soderbergh:

“It’s absolutely conceivable that the streaming subscription model is the crypto of the entertainment business.”

The Binge Purge
#media #streaming #tv #entertainment

Joshua Holland
2 days ago

This piece says that extremism isn't really bipartisan at all, and then cites polling which shows that voters think it is.

Maybe headlines like this have something to do with that.

Our media are so deeply broken.

#media #bothsideism #extremism

Headline in The Hill reading, "Mellman: Extremism is more bipartisan than Democrats want to believe"
Eric Blair
2 days ago

The whole CNN/Licht fiasco, run by Zaslav and John Malone, is at root a problem of monopoly.

We let our news companies be bought up by huge entertainment or Wall Street conglomerates run by business types, not journalists.
And then—surprise!—our news puts profit over journalism.

Media antitrust now.
#USpol #media #monopoly #competition #BreakEmUp

Tech giants say a Canadian bill that would push companies to pay news publishers for content will hurt their business.
Canada’s Trudeau pans Google and Meta for ‘bullying’ to stop bill

I see there is a #heat warning in place for #London and the southern half of the UK over the weekend... so, we can expect lots of onion paper to feature extensive stories about how the UK is surviving the great heat-up... even as we up North have normal weather; my guess is if you reversed the polarity of the weather (hot up North), it would be related to the inside pages.

But, hey, we'll see, perhaps I'm unduly cyclical about the south-centricity of the #media....

I'm not though, am I?

Marius Fortuna_3
2 days ago

"Just because we said we wanted more balance doesn't mean we wanted a prime-time Trump/Maga wacko infomercial gong show!" "You're fired!"
#CNN #Licht #Media #US #Trump #Maga

Ben Werdmuller
2 days ago

“If the primary source of local news (for many people) is local television, it’s not a shock that less than a third of people would say they think local news is holding public officials accountable.” #Media

2 days ago

Licht sacked, good riddance.
Let's hope they don't install something even worse, but it doesn't feel like the CNN board thought there was an editorial problem, more like they thought the editorial mission wasn't executed seamlessly. On the plus side, "rebellion" as described by CNBC sounds like something healthy.

#CNN #Journalism #media

2 days ago


“Treating truth and lies as worthy of equal consideration makes the media complicit in MAGA [sub Russian] deception."
(See Mastodon thread of article:

In this case, treating reliable sources and known liars as worthy of equal consideration makes the media complicit in Russian deception.

(Image source:

#Journalism #News #Media
#Ukraine #Russia

Text from article:
2.  Russian spokespersons claiming that Ukraine did something (in this case, blow a dam) is not part of a story of an actual event in the real world.  It is part of different story: one about all the outrageous claims Russia has made about Ukraine since the first invasion, in 2014.  If Russian claims about Ukrainian actions are to be mentioned, it has to be in that context.

3.  Citing Russian claims next to Ukrainian claims is unfair to the Ukrainians.  In this war, what Russian spokespersons have said has almost always been untrue, whereas what Ukrainian spokespersons have said has largely been reliable.  The juxtaposition suggests an equality that makes it impossible for the reader to understand that important difference.

4.  If a Russian spokesman (e.g. Dmitri Peskov) must be cited, it must be mentioned that this specific figure has lied about every aspect of this war since it began.  This is context.  Readers picking up the story in the middle need to know such background.
Kai Arzheimer
2 days ago

This is so accurate that it actually hurts #media

Elan Hasson
2 days ago

Kid is going to kindergarten in #florida and I got an email from the school about #textbook adoption.

I admit I haven't been paying as close attention to anything other than the news articles-- but as we know the real stuff is in the #statutes, not the #media.

Can those familiar with how these are being implemented/enforced please help me with responding to this the email from the school.
cc: #blackmastodon #queer #boost #DeSantis #school #equality #transrights #queerrights #gayrights

(1) A person should dthat he o she.m aguish, or other forms of psychological distress for actio d'no part, committed in the past by ¢ f

the same race or sex. Instructional personnel may facilitate discussions and use curricula to address,in"ahage-appropriate manner how the freedoms of persons have been infringed by sexism, slavery, raial oppression, racial segregation;-and racial discrimination, including topics relating to the enactment and enforcement of laws resulting in sexism, racial oppression, racial segregation, and racial discrimination, including how recognition of these freedoms have overturned these unjust laws. Howeve oom instruction and. curriculum may not be used to indoctrinate or persuade students to-a-paricular point of view inconsistent with the principles of this subsection or state academic standards.

(4) The state Board of Education shall develop or adopt a curriculum to inspire future generations through motivating stories of American history that demonstrate important life skills and the principles of individual freedom that enabled persons to prosper even in the most difficult circumstances. This curriculum shall be known as “Stories of Inspiration” and made available to schools to implement the requirements of subsection (3).

(5) Any student whose parent makes written request to the school principal shall be exempted from the teaching of reproductive health or any disease, including HIV/AIDS,
Social Studies Textbook Adoption - Stakeholder Input

The textbook adoption committee met, reviewed materials, and received publisher presentations in order to select social studies textbooks that meet the needs of our students in grades K-8. The team of teachers, administrators, content specialists, and parents participated in the Library Media Training provided by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). The training ensures that committee participants follow the policies and procedures adopted by the FLDOE in November. Please visit the ELDOE website to find more information about instructional materials, adoption cycles, and FDOE policies

The committee selected the following state-adopted textbooks for implementation during the 23-24 school year. To review, just click on the appropriate link.

Grades K-5 Social Studies

Teachers Curriculum Institute (TCI), Studies Alive! - Florida Edition

https://www teachtci com/k-5-social-studies-alive-for-floridal

Grades 6-8 Social Studies

Cengage, National Geographic - Florida Edition


If you have any objection to the social studies curricular material based on ES_1006.28 please respond to this brief survey by July 1, 2023. Due to the late approval process from the FDOE, the adoption of the social studies curriculum was not shared previously with our School Advisory Body. That meeting will occur in August.
. o) A ‘ Social Studies Alive! Me and My World Flip Through the Materials — Review Benchmark Alignment —
Licht, who replaced CEO Jeff Zucker last year, had a brief tumultuous tenure at the media company.
CNN’s embattled CEO Chris Licht is out
Dan Kennedy
2 days ago

After #cnn fired Jeff Zucker, I offered some ideas for @gbhnews about how to reinvent the network. With Chris Licht now gone, I'm dusting them off and offering them again. #media

"1. Avoid the temptation to begin the story of this manmade humanitarian and ecological catastrophe by bothsidesing it. That's not journalism."

#Russia #Ukraine #ecology #disaster #NovaKakhovka #media #BothSidesism

"Another consequence is ecological mayhem, among other things the loss of wetland and other habitats. A third is the destruction of Ukrainian farmland and other elements of the Ukrainian economy. So much is happening at once that the story is hard to follow. Here are a few thoughts about writing responsibly about the event."

#Russia #Ukraine #ecology #disaster #NovaKakhovka #media

"The Nova Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, controlled by Russia, has been destroyed. One consequence is a humanitarian disaster that, had it not taken place within a war zone, would already have drawn enormous international assistance. Thousands of houses are flooded and tens of thousands of people are in flight or waiting for rescue."

~ Timothy Snyder

#Russia #Ukraine #ecology #disaster #NovaKakhovka #media

Donald Roy
2 days ago

Breaking News!

#telegraph, #sundaytelegraph and #spectator are to be put up for sale.

Interesting to see who is interested in buying any of them. - and government reaction in terms of #media #ownership and #plurality issues

Matt Green
3 days ago

New video:

Prince Harry appears in Court!

But how will the media respond?

#comedy #satire #PrinceHarry #media #press #funny

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
3 days ago

"Mr. Licht’s departure represents a dramatic fall not long after he departed as an executive producer of Stephen Colbert’s top-rated late night show and vowed to bring a middle-of-the-road balance to CNN’s journalism. When Mr. Licht took the job, he told friends it was a “calling.” The job would prove much more difficult."

#Media #Journalism

Dan Kennedy
3 days ago

Chris Licht is out at #CNN. He couldn't have possibly survived that brutal profile in The Atlantic. #media

John Tedesco
3 days ago

The Houston Landing aims to be one of the largest nonprofit newsrooms in the U.S. that focuses on local news. Today we hit a new milestone and launched our full website:

Our journalism isn't hidden behind paywalls. Read our latest investigations, news stories and guides, and let us know how we can do better! #journalism #houston #texas #media #nonprofit #news

Bitty Wright dances with family and friends at Bitty & Beau’s Coffee in Houston. Her photo appeared in the Houston Landing, a nonprofit news site in Texas.
Warner Crocker
3 days ago
3 days ago

"4 - Push candidates to justify their positions.

#Republicans who hide out in right-wing media have grown accustomed to seeing their absurd positions go unchallenged. That’s not acceptable in mainstream media coverage...

It’s the mainstream media’s job not simply to recite candidates’ positions but to expose #hypocrisy, #lies and leaps of logic."

#Journalism#News #Media #Politics #USpolitics #USA

Text from article:
4 - Push candidates to justify their positions.

Republicans who hide out in right-wing media have grown accustomed to seeing their absurd positions go unchallenged. That’s not acceptable in mainstream media coverage.

For example, starving the Internal Revenue Service of funds to go after rich tax cheats (those making more than $400,000) widens the deficit and allows theft of taxpayer money. It literally makes no sense unless you are propagating the myth that IRS agents are storm troopers. Why do they stand with tax cheats instead of honest taxpayers?

It’s the mainstream media’s job not simply to recite candidates’ positions but to expose hypocrisy, lies and leaps of logic.
3 days ago

2 - Pressure Trump’s opponents to state their objections.

The non-Trump candidates have generally been wary of contradicting him...

If candidates won’t admit real disagreements with Trump, there’s no cogent argument for why Republicans should pick someone else. It’s up to reporters to help voters decide if Trump’s opponents are alternatives or simply Trump imitators...

[get] his opponents to explain why they are running and what they truly stand for."

#News #Media

Text from article:
Pressure Trump’s opponents to state their objections.
Return to menu
The non-Trump candidates have generally been wary of contradicting him, whether on factual assertions (e.g., the wall wasn’t completed) or on policy (e.g., their own robust support for NATO vs. Trump’s Russia-coddling). If candidates won’t admit real disagreements with Trump, there’s no cogent argument for why Republicans should pick someone else. It’s up to reporters to help voters decide if Trump’s opponents are alternatives or simply Trump imitators.
3 days ago
4 days ago

Ok, an adjective akin to the national emergency of daily mass shootings.

To follow up @WashingtonMonthly, report on how USA became flooded with the guns bringing about that nightmare.

Gun maker ~ $ ~ NRA ~ Republicans.

Your peers will not touch the story, and that amounts to assisting those responsible. Looking the other way on what is making public spaces unsafe.

#media #HelpGOP #news
The Myth of the Responsible Gun Owner: An American Nightmare

Dan Kennedy
4 days ago

New at Media Nation: Chris Licht understood what was wrong with #cnn but had no idea of how to fix it. #media

5 days ago

wow, i was totally blown away by this excellent video analysing the myth of heroic masculine purpose:

this is feminist praxis for real. it's a man talking to fellow men about the ways that they are shaped by culture, and looking at whether these stories actually serve them.

the video didn't get into it, but if you take a purely materialist analysis ("who benefits and who pays from x idea being in someone's head"), then the myth of masculine purpose benefits the army, the corporation, the state, the powerful.

the army very much benefits if a man "commits himself to a purpose and pushes himself beyond his limits in pursuit of that purpose." that's a dream soldier, is what that is. that's making a person into a literal tool.

anyway, i can go on and on about this, especially since this isn't a heroic fantasy that i grew up with. when i was little, i'd see these kinds of superhero stories and like, i knew that i would probably never be super strong or tough or could fight people physically, so the stories were sort of irrelevent to me. although i do know women who find superhero stories resonant, i just didn't see what it had to do with me. i'm not a fighter, i'm a lover! 😆​

there was a certain moment when i realized that for many little boys, they probably imagine *themselves* in the shoes of the superhero or whatever. then when i saw elon wearing an iron man suit, i realized that this fantasy still very much lives within many, many men. it gave me a shudder. so i'm glad that there's high quality media being put out that helps men understand this fantasy.

while i never idolized a superhero, there were action characters from pop culture that i idolized & looked up to. probably the most notable one for me was sarah conner from terminator 2, specifically. man, i thought she was cool. she was small, but she had used her time in captivity to become strong in her own way. the way they showed her escaping prison, it was something that i could imagine myself doing, not like the stuff that superheroes do. she's also so haunted and is wound a little tight...because some messed up stuff has happened to her! so yea, i identified with all that lol. even as a kid.

#culture #media #CulturalAnthropology #stories #narrative #tropes #masculinity #feminism #CulturalAnalysis #CulturalStudies #MediaStudies #VisualCulture

5 days ago

💥 👉🏼Chuck Todd to leave #NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’; Welker will become host

The transition will happen in September, a major change at one of broadcast television oldest institutions #MTP #media

Joshua Holland
6 days ago

A concise definition of "wokeness" is "having an awareness of how historical and structural inequities lead to disparate outcomes in a society with equal protection under the law."

Just plug that into every iteration you see and everything that's going on in this country becomes a lot clearer.

#fascism #woke #uspol #media

Simon Tisdall rehearses 2 old (but still problematic) Q.s for the #left:

Is the Left more interested in fighting with its allies (& itself) over the vanity of small differences, opening the door for the #Right to win #elections?

Is a move to the right (centre) merely validating the very rightest positions that the left should be fighting against?

What Tisdall, perhaps, downplays is the issue of #media ownership & its sharing of the political agenda.


6 days ago

The most hated brands in America:

1. Trump
2. FTX
3. Fox
4. Twitter
5. Meta (FB, IG, WhatsApp)
6. Spirit Airlines
7. TikTok

#Brands #Twitter #Meta #TikTok #Apps #Companies #Media #Lists #DataPrivacy #Cybersecurity

6 days ago

"Have you ever noticed how when you look at any mainstream newspaper, broadcast or news website, you never see views from those who oppose the existence of the U.S.-centralized empire? Or those who want to close all foreign U.S. military bases? Or those who want to dismantle capitalism? Or those who want a thorough rollback of the creeping authoritarianism our civilization is being subjected to? "

-- Caitlin Johnstone

#propaganda #imperialism #media #authoritarianism #news #military

"Everyone (myself included) who is still on Twitter has some hard questions to ask themselves. There is no pretending any more that Twitter is anything other than a far-right social network headed by a CEO who revels in chaos and is platforming extremism. So why are news organisations still on it? Why is anyone who considers themselves to have liberal values still on it?"

~ Arwa Mahdawi

#Twitter #Musk #journalists #media

Francois Heinderyckx
1 week ago


12 Print Evolves: Until 1800
13 Aesthetics of Print
14 Steam and the Mechanization of Print
15 Electricity and the Industrialization of Media
16 The Meaning of It All

PART III: Leaving the Parenthesis
17 Conversation vs. Content
18 Death of the Mass
19 Creativity and Control
20 Institutional Revolutions

#Journalism #Media #History #commodon @communicationscholars

Cover of the book "The Gutenberg Parenthesis" by Jeff Jarvis.

We deceive ourselves if we imagine New York Times and other mainstream media outlets don't know better, as they employ the deceptive both-sides nonsense.

They know better. They just do not intend to do better.

This rhetoric allows them to comfort their many deep-pocketed Republican owners, managers, readers who want to pretend that in voting Republican, they're not colluding with something malodorous, to get their tax cuts.

#media #BothSides #NewYorkTimes

He and more than 100 other high-profile figures have brought a lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers.
Prince Harry expected to give evidence in a London court
Jennifer Moore
1 week ago

If you're interested in how the media treats AI hype, you might enjoy this:

"... the hidden object is not a technology, but a bid for power. This is a plot twist familiar from Greek myths, cautionary tales and superhero stories, and it’s extremely compelling for journalists because most technology news is boring as hell."
- @rachelcoldicutt, "On Understanding Power and Technology"

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Peter Butler
1 week ago

"West Virginia leads the nation in drug deaths, with more than three times the per capita rate of California; why is there no media drumbeat against Gov. Jim Justice?”

Broke-Ass Stuart shoots fish in a barrel, with loads of receipts. This is an excellent compendium of recent sources for SF media coverage vs. reality

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Metin Seven
1 week ago

Almost forgot that I've got a BlueSky account. In case you're there as well, my account is

Don't know if I'll use it a lot though, as there's no desktop / Web client yet, and I love Mastodon. ❤️

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Bradford Pilcher
1 week ago

As I ponder why streaming sucks as a user experience, I am struck by just how limited the UI is, for all of them. The only use case is not “open app, pick algorithm-recommended show.” There’s value in old school, linear, channel surfing. It’s not either/or. These apps could do both.

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Transgender tee shirts for toddlers? What could go wrong with scaring people with the idea that that's something.

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Yahia Lababidi
1 week ago

There is a concept in #psychology called the "finite pool of worry" ...

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2 weeks ago

Via @emptywheel:

How did we decide to call the targeting of vulnerable people by the far right "the Culture Wars"?

No one is calling up Target and making physical threats bc they sell shirts with crosses on them.

How did the #media come to give sustained attention to a bunch of far right wingers yelling "woke! woke! woke!" rather than the fact that their only policy proposals are to beat up Disney and undermine sound health guidelines? #fascism #Republicans

Adam Cook
2 weeks ago

For the millionth time… editors, the #media and #journalists… a #Tesla vehicle is, **at no time**, capable of “self-driving”.

There is no “self-driving mode”.

Publishing these terms and descriptions only serve to advance Tesla’s and #Musk’s lies and are an immense public safety hazard.

#Michigan #FSDBeta #Journalism

"Because 'white' is still widely seen as normal, as the norm: as what really counts and defines the nation. Think of the way angry white reactionaries who storm school board meetings are described as 'concerned parents' – but Black parents are special interest groups and progressive educators or 'activists.'”

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As Thomas Zimmer notes, CNN's claim that it's just offering balance to media coverage of US politics that has long excluded the perspectives of "real" (i.e., MAGA) Americans depends on hidden assumptions about who's real and who's not:

“'Parents,' 'working class,' 'Christians' – whenever such categories are used without any qualifier, they basically come with a silent 'white.'"

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Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Next was a fantastic panel at #UPenn on emerging issues in #tech, #IP, and #entertainment and #media #law w/Gideon Parchomovsky, Jennifer Rothman, & Christopher Yoo. This is a fascinating look at a lot of the issues that are still vitally important today (the panel is from the fall, & does seem to correctly call most of the cases that have been decided since then), and I particularly liked the discussion on rights of applying #AI to dead people. Highly recommend (4/6)

edgeoforever 🍎
2 weeks ago

'It absolutely can': Dem dismantles Chuck Todd for claiming Congress can't regulate Supreme Court - Raw Story - Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism Sheldon Whitehouse knows his stuff #uspolitics #media

Steve Herman
2 weeks ago

Here's something I wrote for @JURISTnews about the fraught historic relationship between the #WhiteHouse and its press corps -- a topic I'll explore in greater depth in a book to be published next year. #journalism #media #presidency