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"Today’s announcements from the #Biden #Cancer Moonshot include...a new 'biomedical #data fabric toolbox' to advance cancer research progress. ARPA-H is partnering with the National Institutes of Health (#NIH), the National Cancer Institute (#NCI), and other agencies to develop a new Biomedical Data Fabric Toolbox for Cancer. Starting with cancer datasets, this program represents the first step toward transforming data accessibility across all medical domains..."

#Medicine #OpenData #OAintheUSA

1 hour ago

Unprecedented TB Drugs Stock-Out in India: Union Health Minister Skips UN High-Level Meet

'The Wire' spoke to several individuals across India, who are affected by the acute shortage of TB drugs in the country. The WHO has described this situation as 'worrying', while the state TB officials call it 'frustrating'.

#tuberculosis #TB #TBDrugs #UN #WHO #MansukhMandaviya #DRTB #StopTBPartnership #GlobalTBProgramme #healthcare #health #medicine #india

5 hours ago

As we move into another season of residency applications, you are going to start getting interview invitations. They will pile up, so please do yourself a favor and schedule them early!
#medicine #medicalschool #residency

6 hours ago

Legionnaires' Disease
Department of Medicine Grand Rounds presentation by Dr. Shawn Skerrett, professor of medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine


Karl Schwartz, Artist advocate
10 hours ago

Tafasitamab (cd19 mab) and lenalidomide in large B cell #lymphoma: real-world outcomes in a multicenter retrospective study (abstract only.)

How to reconcile retrospective with prospective study findings - poor versus good respectively?

Selection bias in prospective studies comes to mind -- participants younger than the median age of the afflicted patient population.

#MEDMASTODON #lymphoma #Cancer #fedscience
#ClinicalResearch #Oncology #Medicine #lymsm @majorajay

Project Gutenberg
10 hours ago

Niels Ryberg Finsen died #OTD in 1904.

Danish physician, founder of modern phototherapy (the treatment of disease by the influence of light), who received the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for the application of light in the treatment of skin diseases. via @Britannica

#science #medicine

Portrait of physician, scientist and 1903 Noble Prize leaurate Niels Ryberg Finsen (1860–1904).
From the Finsen Institute about 1900.
Jennifer Moore 😷
10 hours ago

How a top doctor drugged & molested a more junior doctor, & how he nearly got away with it:

“My [physician] friend insisted I be taken somewhere for testing ... If my friend hadn’t done that and taken me to a lab, if we waited until Monday for the urine test, the drugs would have left my system … I could not have done it without the support I had, which a lot of people don’t have.”

Respect to the two friends.

#medicine #abuse #ProfJohnKearsley

Mojo ♻️
11 hours ago

Life is about choice. What we eat, what we read, who we elect; every day we make choices that determine how we want to live. But what if these choices are just an illusion? In an era where regulations and red tape rule every industry, where #lobby groups and #corporations wield more influence than ever before, our daily choices have become increasingly limited. Focusing on key areas such as #food, #medicine #finance and #media . Freedom From Choice provides viewers with a glimpse at the myriad of ways their lives are being dictated, and tells us who stands to gain.
#capitalism #cronysim #fascism #democracy #corporategreed #lobbying

Dr. Cassone
23 hours ago

Parathyroid and Calcium Management

The parathyroid glands are hormone producing glands making them part of the endocrine system. They are located behind the left and right lobes of the thyroid gland (usually two on each side).

The primary function is regulation of blood calcium by production of a hormone called parathormone (parathyroid hormone). Parathormone is triggered from low blood calcium and acts to increase blood calcium levels by taking calcium out of the bone and putting it into the blood stream.

Abnormal Function Associated with:

  • bone degeneration
  • kidney stone formation
  • hypercalcemia/hypocalcemia
  • multiple endocrine neoplasia
  • joint pain/bone pain
  • poor immune response

Parathyroid glands are often removed when dysfunctional however, holistic strategies focus on underlying causes.


1 day ago

CM Stalin says TN will conduct funerals of organ donors with state honour

Chief Minister MK Stalin said that Tamil Nadu is “the leading state in the country in giving life to hundreds of patients through organ donation”.

#TamilNadu #TNGovt #OrganDonation #OrganDonors #MKStalin #healthcare #medicine #OrganTransplant #NOTTO #TRANSTAN #india

Wokebloke (call me Doug)
1 day ago

Today's big headline for millions in the US crippled by medical debt.
#Money #Medicine

Alan Kotok
1 day ago

Nipah virus is a rare but deadly infectious disease affecting south and southeast Asia, and since August the Kerala state in India recorded six Nipah cases leading to two deaths.

#News #Press #Science #Medicine #Nipah #Virus #Zoonotic #InfectiousDisease #ClinicalTrials #Asia #India #Kerala #Vaccine #Map #Infographic

Opinion: Scientists have become sitting ducks. We need leaders to step up and defend us
“We must find ways to preserve our achievements in biomedicine and support scientists, even if that means both the scientists and those in positions of power engage political leaders and challenge ideologues to reject their anti-science rhetoric and agenda”
#Science #Disinformation #Fascism #Scicomm #Medicine

Janne Peltonen
1 day ago

A new Medlife Crisis video is always a cause for celebration :)

#MedlifeCrisis #Overdiagnosis #Medicine

Giuseppe Michieli
1 day ago

#Multiorgan #MRI findings after #hospitalisation with #COVID19 in the #UK (C-MORE): a prospective, multicentre, observational cohort study, Lancet Resp Med.: #research #science #medicine #longcovid #SARS_CoV_2

Garry Knight
1 day ago

Long Covid: MRI scans reveal new clues to symptoms

'People living with long Covid after being admitted to hospital are more likely to show some damage to major organs, according to a new study.
MRI scans revealed patients were three times more likely to have some abnormalities in multiple organs such as the lungs, brain and kidneys'

#science #medicine #health #Covid #Covid19 #CoronaVirus #pandemic

2 days ago

This is my first post on Mastodon, and I am going to use it to promote my 7-minute video on IVC filters. What do you think about IVC filters? Do you think they are safe, or a remnant of the past?
#medicine #medical #surgery #doctor

Hannu Ikonen, MD
2 days ago

Im a doctor without my own primary care.

My doctor resigned abruptly when mask mandates were dropped. (Prescient)

His replacement is on indefinite medical leave.

Their replacement is now also on 6 weeks medical leave.

Everyone in Charge of medi$ine in the U.S. couldnt run a lemonade stand.

The cascade effect is real.

#medicine #WearAMask #COVID19 #latestagecapitalism #latestagestupidity #primarycare

Acey :neuro:
2 days ago

Although the crowdfund closed you can still donate directly to my PayPal. My bills are now overdue and I'll need to pay a % fee for each day it's late. Please help me get these bills paid ASAP! 😭

I need roughly $240 but the amount will increase each day that it's late...

Please, consider boosting as it helps tremendously. ❤️

Donate directly @ AddriannaWing1

Many Thanks!

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #Community #Medicine #Health #Chronicillness #disability #LGBTQ #Mastodon #LGBTQ

Dr. Cassone
2 days ago


A neurological movement disorder where the muscles contract uncontrollably causing repetitive movements and abnormal postures.


Dr. Cassone
2 days ago

It is my intention to inspire hope for those suffering as the miracle of life is unbridled.

#medicine #holistichealth

Bob the Traveler
2 days ago

Canadian-American physician Charles Brenton Huggins, born OTD in 1901, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1966 for his discoveries about hormones #medicine #science #history

Texas Observer Lives!
2 days ago

In a #summer of record-high temperatures, things just kept getting hotter for Maverick County and its #firefighters.

In this issue's Photo Essay, Kaylee Greenlee Beal rides along with these first-responders, where crews are stretched thin and working harder than ever:

#photography #Texas #infrastructure #health #healthcare #medicine

Garcia, left, and trainee Marco Lopez wait for team members to return to the ambulance bay.
A photo depicting Firefighter EMT Rodrigo Pineda, 30, who asks about an older woman’s medical history as she’s transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center for swelling in her legs.
Bob the Traveler
2 days ago

Sophia Brahe, born OTD in 1556, was knowledgeable in #astronomy, chemistry, and #medicine; she assisted her brother Tycho Brahe with his astronomical observations, but she should have advised him to go to the toilet #history

2 days ago

Shen et al. report on their discovery and characterization of a new #flavonoid #gene cluster responsible for the biosynthesis of #melitidin, a potential anti-#cholesterol statin #drug candidate.
#JIPB #PlantScience #medicine #pomelo

Diagram to illustrate the biosynthetic pathway responsible for the formation of melitidin in pomelo.
KrissyKat 🏳️‍⚧️
2 days ago

I just noticed my Finasteride for transitioning is manufactured by Hetero Labs. 😹😹😹

#trans #transgender #medicine

Finasteride container with manufactured by Hetero.

Finasteride is used by trans women in transitioning because it reduces testosterone. Also, by people looking to stop hair loss.
Dr. Cassone
2 days ago

I know many great medical doctors. Unfortunately, they are the outliers. Most fall prey to the Machine.


Market Designer Bot
2 days ago

Support for hepatitis C human challenge studies, in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology #EconTwitter #challenge #hepatitis #medicine #repugnance #vaccine

John Gordon
2 days ago

The healthy public is not going to mask in any numbers unless state health departments strongly recommend it.

It’s ok to be unhappy with people who complain about or discriminate against those who wear masks. It’s unhelpful to be angry at people who don’t themselves mask in the absence of state or employer advocacy.

Anger at of this kind promotes reactive anger. And endless futile anger is unhealthy for the angry.

#covid #masking #medicine #publichealth

Dr. Cassone
2 days ago
2 days ago

A good news story. Eight year old Aditi Shankar’s immune system was “reprogrammed” after a stem cell transplant and as a result her body accepted a donor kidney as its own. She is the first kidney transplant patient in the UK not to need lifelong immunosuppressive drugs and is now leading a normal life.
#TransplantSurgery #StemCellTransplant #KidneyTransplant #Medicine #NHS #KidneyFailure

3 days ago

A lot of talk about the Aware II study in the media right now.
One of the cases in the study is super interesting, but it is now buried in the materialist interpretations and comentaries on the paper.

#consciousness #nde #death #nearDeathExperience #AWAREII #science #medicine

Clayton Hove
3 days ago

“Soak a large handkerchief with our special compound and quietly sneak up behind the person with the cough…”

#vintage #antique #bottle #auction #medicine

3 days ago

Latest cannabis plants just getting started:

2x freakshow
3x lillooet black
1x big blue mother skunker
3x red raisin f5 bx
1x strawberry cheese

also planted some tobacco but not really expecting much

#marimoko #cannabis #canada #cannabisgrowers #cannabisgrowing #marijuana #medicine

Sterling Ericsson
3 days ago

Our regulatory systems, not unexpectedly, have close ties to issues of inflammation, cancer, and immune disorders.

The protein p38 also has those ties and de-regulation of it is a key research therapy, but past inhibitors used produce toxic side effects.

Now, IRB Barcelona scientists have made a non-canonical inhibitor that stops p38 autophosphorylation, but doesn't affect its normal regulatory pathway much.

#Medicine #Cancer #Biology #Immunology #Science #Scicomm

Dr. Cassone
3 days ago

Blood sugar issues, hormone imbalances, and gut issues in particular can affect mood stability.

#medicine #depression

Brittany Trang
3 days ago

Today and tomorrow, the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions is negotiating with the healthcare giant before their contract expires Sep 30.

If there's no deal, >80,000 workers may strike.


#health #healthcare #labor #union #medicine #MedMastodon #KaiserPermanente

Brittany Trang
3 days ago

Sen. Cassidy has 67 problems with the Senate primary care and workforce bill...and Bernie's fuzzy math on how to pay for it all is a big one.

@STAT's Rachel Cohrs on how today's health subcommittee went:

#health #healthcare #healthpolicy #medicine

Adamas Nemesis
3 days ago

An obscure, yet common and insidious malady, one that I myself might have fallen victim to in childhood: silent stroke.

Read more at my #blog:

This post's featured image is "The Convalescent" by John Everett Millais.

#medicine #stroke #silentstroke #ministroke #childhood #self

3 days ago

Even Doctors Who Have Scored No Marks in NEET PG Can Now Become Specialists

The health ministry on Wednesday issued a notification reducing the cut-off for NEET PG to zero percentile. The move will benefit private colleges that charge exorbitant fees, critics say.

#NEET #NEETPG #HealthMinistry #medicine #healthcare #education #merit #india

3 days ago

Article: New research implicates deactivated X chromosome in autoimmune diseases, helping explain why such illnesses are more common in women than in men. (Of interest to me because I have Hachimoto's disease--my immune system attacks my thyroid, leading to hypothyroidism.)

#Science #Medicine #AutoImmuneDisease #HachimotosDisease

Richard Ważny
3 days ago

My first hand exprience with Aboriginal curated bush medicine.
The leaves of a tree had been boiled creating an oily fragragrant brew with anti-inflamatory properties.
The leaves & the brew were then massaged gently onto my hands over some bruises and the treatment accelerated the recovery & their full disappearance.
The brewed substance although oily evaporated very quickly and left no stains whatsoever.

And what made it more memorable was that the masseur was a famous Australian Aboriginal artist (Dhopiya Yunupingu!)👍 😍 :awesome_rotate:
#photography #travel #arnhemland #humor #AboriginalArt #medicine #bushmedicine

Hands of Aboriginal lady massaging the hands of a guy with boiled leaves exuding this medicinal fluid
Catriona Gold
3 days ago

Practitioners of animal testing have been whitewashing the torture they inflict on others since the practice began.

I’m glad to see the reality of vivisection reported. Just don’t imagine this is an exception.

God bless PCRM, who know this as well as any of us.

#Medicine #ElonMusk #Musk #Neuralink

4 days ago

@erictopol Huh...Can anyone share a copy of this paper? Or screenshots of key sections?

And does anyone know of any papers looking at human patients and using beta blockers for #longCovid??

#Covid #CovidIsNotOver #medfedi #medicine

Preslav Rachev
4 days ago

🧬 A new study provides a deeper understanding of the human body, which is foundational for many scientific and medical disciplines.

"We estimate 2 trillion lymphocytes in the human body which is four times higher than prior estimates and could prove important in lymphocyte-related health and disease, such as HIV or leukemia." - via @feedle

#goodnews #positivenews #science #biology #humanity #medicine

Moby MicroDick
4 days ago

❓ Does anyone know if it's possible to inject Androtardyl subcutaneously with a mesotherapy injector? And yes, it is subcutaneous.
I'm aware that the prod is very viscous, but from some research I gather that injectors can handle viscous.

(I'm in a big mess.)

#trans #transgender
#medicine #medmastodon
#hormones #androtardyl #testosterone #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

Moby MicroDick
4 days ago

❓ Est-ce que quelqu'un-e sait si avec un injecteur de mésothérapie il est possible d'effectuer une injection sous-cutanée d'Androtardyl ? Et oui il s'agit bien de sous-cutanée.
J'ai conscience que le prod est très visqueux, mais de quelques recherches j'ai cru lire que des injecteurs peuvent gérer du visqueux.

(Je me retrouve dans une bonne galère.)

#trans #transgender
👋 @espacesantetrans
#medicine #medmastodon
#hormones #androtardyl #testosterone #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

Steven Saus [he/him]
4 days ago

From 20 Sep: An umbrella review published in The BMJ provided a breakdown of the associations between cannabis and health outcomes, highlighting the uneven potential for clinical use. - #thc #medicine #research #healthcare

It is important to ensure that patients receive proper neutrinos during in the treatment course.

I just had a momentarily baffling first encounter with an obvious spellchecker mishap: nutrition —> neutrino 🤯

#editing #Physics #medicine

Dr. Birgitta Hoffmann
4 days ago

2/2 The original stone is of black marble and was set up by her libertus/freedman. With reversed genders, we would now consider whether this is a husband/wife stone (there are a lot of cases of men purchasing women to make them their wives) but in this case, we will never know. At 45, you would have expected her to be commemorated by her child/heir, but clearly, that was not to be. RIP. #Rome #archaeology #epigraphy #women #medicine #Carthage.

Your Autistic Life
4 days ago

Medical gaslighting and misdiagnosis are real problems. I've experienced both, often at the hands of ER doctors.

I've sometimes written articles about it, like the one I link to below. (Not my article, by the way.)

Or I produce skits about it, like this skit of doctors at the ER gaslighting their patients.

#MentalHealth #PhysicalHealth #gaslighting #MedicalGaslighting #misdiagnosis #doctors #medicine

Garry Knight
5 days ago

MIT Scientists Create Device That Might Make Insulin Injections Obsolete Someday

'In a new study this week, they’ve shown that it’s possible to implant a medical device inside mice that produces its own supply of insulin for up to a month. More research will be needed before this technology would be widely available to use in humans, however'

#science #medicine #health #insulin #diabetes

Maitreya Levanchild
5 days ago

💫 Cheeriness for a rainy eve with a #storm on its way 🌞😎🥃🔜🌬️💨🌧️🌧️🌧️🌀

A long time since I said a real 'Hello' here! 👋🏽

For now, this cosy, easy (from stuff in the cabinet/fridge) preventative #plant #medicine is a love-note 💌

#Turmeric powder (here, from a spice jar)
#Ginger root fresh (sliced or just broken off)
Lemon juice (dash)
Apple juice (dash)
Hot water (boil & wait so it cools a bit)

Pour hot water over ingredients & enjoy! 🙌🏽😍🙌🏽

#photo #health #food @chronicillness @mecfs

A colour photo of a clear glass with a turmeric & ginger drink in it, that referred to in the post. The photo has a calm yet uplifted vibe.
Steven Saus [he/him]
5 days ago

From 19 Sep: A study reveals a link between low free thyroxine and fatty liver risk in type 2 diabetes patients, suggesting a gender-specific thyroid-liver interaction. - #research #medicine #thyroid #hypothyroid #liver

You probably already knew this, but Sudafed is useless:

"After spending decades on pharmacy shelves, the leading nasal decongestant in over-the-counter cold and allergy medicines has met its downfall.

Advisers for the Food and Drug Administration this week voted unanimously, 16 to 0, that oral doses of phenylephrine…are not effective at treating a stuffy nose."

#health #medicine

6 days ago

I've been experiencing the whole "shortness of breath, palpitations, pain in the left arm" thing for a few days now.
Haven't gone to the ER because it happened already and it was nothing, and I think it's nothing again (and I'm in Germany, where I was reprimanded for "overreacting" to a gas leak).

What I'd like to find, once and for all, is a way to be *sure* it's not a heart problem, but apparently anything and everything is a sign of a heart attack.
Can somebody help? #askfedi #medicine

6 days ago

Apparently work is being done on a new "inverse vaccine" that can help alleviate conditions like Crohn's, MS, and type one diabetes.

#InverseVaccine #Science #medicine

Alexander Hay
6 days ago

Something a great many #Cyberpunk authors appear to have overlooked:

"Doctors warn about the rise of people with obsolete medical #Implants

"When companies that produce medical implants shut down, the people who still have them inside their bodies are left with little support. Doctors are calling for medical regulators to take action on this growing problem..."

#News #Cybernetics #Medicine #FormatDecay #Cyber

1 week ago

“A team of scientists led by the University of Oxford has just published their preliminary results of a blood cell-based test that can distinguish between unaffected individuals and those with chronic fatigue syndrome (also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME/CFS) with 91 percent accuracy.”
#MECFS #Medicine #research

T. T. Perry
1 week ago

Life-changing cystic fibrosis treatment wins US$3-million Breakthrough Prize

* triple-drug combination Trikafta helps 90% of people w. cystic fibrosis
* inherited disorder affecting lungs, other organs
* mutations in gene that makes the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein (CFTR)
* involved in production of mucus, sweat, other fluids

#CysticFibrosis #Trikafta #disease #medicine #BreakthroughPrize #CFTR

Garry Knight
1 week ago

“Inverse vaccine” shows potential to treat multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases

'In a new study, Prof. Jeffrey Hubbell and fellow researchers describe a new “inverse vaccine” that in a lab setting can stop autoimmune reactions which attack a person’s healthy tissues, as seen in diseases multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis'

More on 'that' vaccine.

#science #medicine #health #immunology

Bob Jamieson
1 week ago

Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’
Goldman Sachs analysts attempted to address a touchy subject for biotech companies, especially those involved in the pioneering “gene therapy” treatment: cures could be bad for business in the long run.

#medicine #pharma #business

Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

@Sheril Against the "humanity is bad resignation": Humanity can protest and make pressure. Humanity can change things.
The synthetic substitute is approved in the #EuropeanUnion plus 39 in pharmacy federated countries since 2021 (!)
It works but the problem is that the powerful #US pharmacopeia rejects that! So make pressure especially in the USA! Use the European results! 1/3 #BiodiversityLoss #medicine #crabs

Garry Knight
2 weeks ago

New Vaccine Can Completely Reverse Autoimmune Diseases Like Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, and Crohn’s Disease

'Researchers at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) have developed a novel vaccine that, in laboratory tests, can completely reverse autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and Crohn’s disease — all without shutting down the rest of the immune system'

#science #medicine #health #immunology

Alexander Hay
2 weeks ago

When I was growing up, I was led to believe that the wretched old pervs hiding behind bushes, wearing nothing but for a soiled mac and wellington boots, were a rarity. A threat,yes, but rare. Now I'm beginning to wonder if they are not everywhere.

"Female #Surgeons say they are being #SexuallyHarassed, assaulted and in some cases raped by colleagues, a major analysis of #NHS staff has found..."

#News #UK #Medicine #Crime #Sexism #Misogyny

2 weeks ago

#Medicine is plagued by untrustworthy #clinicaltrials. How many studies are #faked or #flawed? Investigations suggest that, in some fields, at least one-quarter of clinical trials might be problematic or even entirely made up, warn some researchers. They urge stronger scrutiny.

Vineet Tiruvadi
2 weeks ago

Can you understand *everything* about a butterfly by only dissecting it and/or fixing it for tissue studies?

#science #neuroscience #neurodon #medicine

Alan Kotok
2 weeks ago

The number of new infections from the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV declined worldwide last year and over the past decade, with the sharpest declines in sub-Saharan Africa.

#News #Press #Science #Medicine #HIV #AIDS #Infections #UnitedNations #PEPFAR #Asia #Africa #Europe #MiddleEast #Statistics #Infographic

Gabriele Pollara
2 weeks ago

One of the things I became aware of in #COVID19 was how #wastewater #surveillance can be such a useful #publichealth tool to monitor emergence and activity of infections in the community.

Great article on this 👇
#IDMastodon #medicine #MedMastodon #AMR #viruses #infectiousdiseases #mpox

Wastewater monitoring: 'the James Webb Telescope for population health' | Exemplars in Global Health

Carolyn Barber, MD
2 weeks ago

Covid is in the air!!

A new study reports that Covid pts exhale up to 1000 copies of virus/min until day 8 of sxs, when levels plummet.
⭐️Mild/mod symptomatic pts exhaled large amounts of virus, though severely symptomatic cases generally exhaled ⬆️⬆️ levels

⭐️vax’d /unvax’d: levels similar
#COVID19 #covid #medicine

Vineet Tiruvadi
2 weeks ago

Is there a way to study neuromodulation, particularly invasive neuromodulation, outside of institutional confines? Outside of huge capital raises? Something anchored in community, in accessibility and egalitarianism?

What do you think?

#neuroscience #neurodon #dbs #bci #science #medicine

2 weeks ago

Phase I clinical trial shows treatment designed to clear senescent cells in #Alzheimers disease is safe
#science #medicine #brain

2 weeks ago

You can't talk about Post-Exertional Malaise (PEM) without mentioning ME/CFS. The term PEM was created to describe the unique manifestation occurring in people with ME/CFS.

If you separate PEM from its history and origin, you perpetuate the stigma surrounding ME/CFS. We need visibility and spread of knowledge.

#MECFS #Stigma #pwME #MedMastodon #MedEd #HistMed #HistoryOfMedicine #Medicine #PEM #PostExertionalMalaise @mecfs @historyofmedicine

IT News
2 weeks ago

Humanized Kidneys Grown Inside Pigs For the First Time - Scientists have grown humanized kidneys in pigs, raising the prospect of human org... - #medicine

Michael Reeder LCPC
2 weeks ago

Private, vetted email list for mental health professionals:
Open LEMMY instance for all mental health workers:

*TITLE: Photobiomodulation for Long COVID (Get Some Sun)

Okay all -- It's early days for figuring out how to help people with

That said, a bit of promising research is starting to surface.

I'm taking the unusual step of emailing EVERYONE because at this point
many of you with anxiety and depression symptoms may have some Long
COVID (brain fog, sleep issues, the depression or anxiety itself!).

A good write-up about what Long COVID is can be found here.  Yes, you
can had a trivial case of COVID-19 and still get Long COVID symptoms for
days, weeks, months, or years.  Some cases of it are somewhat "mild":

*The bottom-line of the video is right at the end.  For long COVID:
-- Get outside one hour per day.
-- May cover up if sensitive to sun (near UV rays will get through
clothing anyway)
-- Best if in nature (surrounded by green)
-- Do not look directly at sun (duh)
-- May wear a hat (near UV rays will get through clothing anyway)
-- Sitting in a sunny window no longer good enough (most glass now has
to be certified to block the rays we want)

He also promises to talk about how intermittent fasting may help in a
future video.
Roger Seheult, MD is the co-founder and lead professor at
He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical
Care, and Sleep Medicine and an Associate Professor at the University of
California, Riverside School of Medicine.  He is also an ER doctor.

Before the pandemic, MedCram mainly seemed to be training for doctors to
pass exams.  Since the start of COVID, Dr. Seheult has done occasional
more accessible videos for the general public on COVID-related topics.

To actually understand why something this simple may help -- and listen
to some research, please watch:

*Photobiomodulation for Long COVID (Get Some Sun)**

*Show Notes and Research Links:**
(This video was recorded on August 27th, 2023)


The NIH has poured $1 billion into long Covid research — with little to
show for it (STAT) |

Debunking the False Claim That COVID Death Counts Are Inflated
(Scientific American) |

Associations of Outdoor Temperature, Bright Sunlight, and
Cardiometabolic Traits in Two European Population-Based Cohorts (JCEM) |

Photobiomodulation Improves Serum Cytokine Response in Mild to Moderate
COVID-19: The First Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled, Pilot
Study (Frontiers) |

A case of COVID-encephalopathy imaged with fMRI and treated with near
infrared light (Brain Stimulation) |

Use of either transcranial or whole-body photobiomodulation treatments
improves COVID-19 brain fog (Journal of Biophotonics) |

Light spectrum in nanometer (ResearchGate) |

Melatonin and the Optics of the Human Body (Melatonin Research) |

Ultraviolet A radiation and COVID-19 deaths in the USAwith replication
studies in England and Italy (BJD) |

Sunlight: Optimize Health and Immunity (MedCram) |

The Case for Sunlight in COVID 19 Patients: Oxidative Stress (MedCram) |

#psychology #counseling #socialwork #psychotherapy #research
@psychotherapist @psychology @socialpsych
@socialwork #Vaccines #COVID #longcovid #science #medicine
#covid19 #coronavirus #sars-cov-2 #covidisnotover #CDC
@psychotherapists @psychiatry @psychiatrists
#depression #anxiety #sleep #brainfog
NYU Information for Practice puts out 400-500 good quality health-related research posts per week but its too much for many people, so that bot is limited to just subscribers. You can subscribe at @PsychResearchBot

Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

Scientists in China have successfully grown pig embryos with kidneys containing human cells, a breakthrough that could revolutionize organ transplants. While the experiment is promising, the researchers caution that there are still major challenges to overcome before the first recipient has surgery. Learn more about the next obstacles and ethical dilemmas.

#Science #China #Transplants #Medicine

Carolyn Barber, MD
2 weeks ago

Is your doctor wearing a mask?

Covid is surging & hosp admissions are on the upswing. Some ppl are avoiding care bc they fear that they might be another hosp-acquired covid statistic. YET, many hospitals have dropped their masking rqmt.

Our credo is, & should be, "Do no harm." With cases ⬆️, hcare providers should mask. Nice piece by JudyStone in Forbes.👇
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3 weeks ago

Please help me find a #GP or any #doctor willing to prescribe #fentanyl patches within the next 17 days in #Melbourne #Australia

Refused meds by GP who promised to prescribe until I found a new GP (he dropped me because my case is too complex). Changed his mind! Now have 17 days to find any doctor to write a script or #withdrawal agony for me & no #pain control.

Time running out fast!😫

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