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#otd 576 died Germain of Paris, the 'Father of the Poor'. He was buried in the chapel of Saint Symphorian, which was rededicated in the 8th century to Saint-Germain-des-Prés Abbey. #medievaldeath #medieval

Pic: Wikipedia Commons (location of the first tomb)

The picture shows a grave slab embedded in the ground
Helen Pugh
14 hours ago

Looking forward to reading this :)


The crusade's secret by fanny garstang
GuettisKnippse :darktable:
17 hours ago

#guettisknippse wird warm...
𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞 𝐨𝐧 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐞 - Man soll das Eisen schmieden, solange es heiß ist. Aber dazu muss es erstmal heiß werden!
One should strike while the iron is hot. But first it has to get hot!
#darktable #photography #medieval

Blick in eine mittelalterliche Schmiede. Zwei in mittelalterliche Gewandung gekleidete Männer wenden dem Fotografen den Rücken zu, während sie am Feuer der Schmiede Eisen bearbeiten. Das Feuer schlägt unzählige Funken.
Martin Rundkvist
17 hours ago

Castellologists need to watch Miami Vice. It's got Donjonson.

#medieval #castles #archaeology #80s

Fornvännen Journal
1 day ago

#OpenAccess Short report in Swedish
Anton Larsson & Paula Molander: "Skalmeredshällen"
A look at two decorated #Medieval gave slabs found in a modern farmhouse in Västergötland, on top of a loom, and how they got there.

Hulda Andréasson in Skalmered at her loom in the mid 1920s. From the image archive of the Landvetter Heritage Society
The two grave slab fragments from Skalmered. Photo: Paula Molander
1 day ago

The Eze village in France. Narrow alley and medieval stone buildings linked by small arched wall with a window and lamp in historic village on French Riviera.
#Eze #EzeVillage #medieval #village #town #France #FrenchRiviera #Europe #photography #travel #mastoart #ayearforart #buyintoart

The Eze village in France. Narrow alley and medieval stone buildings linked by small arched wall with a window and lamp in historic village on French Riviera.
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#otd 1444 John Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset, died. He was buried next to his wife in the Minster of St. Cuthburga in Wimborne Minster. #medievaldeath #medieval @medievodons

Pic: Wikipedia Commons

The intricately designed tomb depicts a reclining figure of the Duke, adorned in magnificent robes and surrounded by religious symbols.
Tom Mazanec
1 day ago

My first book will be coming out with Cornell University Press next year. It's titled "Poet-Monks: The Invention of Buddhist Poetry in Late Medieval China." There's finally a webpage for it, so it feels "real" enough to announce.

#PoetMonks combines #CloseReading, #DigitalHumanities, and #Manuscript studies to re-examine the role of #Buddhism in #Medieval #Chinese #poetry and rethink #literaryhistory.

Cover art (and much more!) to come soon.


Global Museum
1 day ago

Fechtbücher Marble Coaster | Duels between Women and Men in 1400s | Stir up a little magic & serve your drinks on stylish medieval, stone coasters | 4" x 4" | Choose from marble, sandstone, travertine & limestone #zazzlemade #coasters #Medieval #giftideas #museums #globalmuseum

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Incredible seeing the range of colours that were available via natural dies. A display at #FountainsAbbey using locally available plants and dyes. A great #medieval #fantasy reference

A large display of dyed wool
A large display of dyed wool
Blue wool and it's dying instructions
Pink wool and it's dying instructions
Rabi'a Elizabeth
2 days ago

This new book sounds amazing, especially if like me you know next to nothing about the #Mongol world.

"The Mongols were not merely invaders, however, and an overemphasis on military history often conceals the rich cultural history of a nomadic society with its own religious traditions and policies of tolerance towards the diverse societies of the medieval #NearEast."

#Ottoman History Podcast | The Mongols and the #Medieval Near East

The Public Domain Review
2 days ago

When it comes to self-defence, skunks and spitting cobras have nothing on the medieval “bonnacon”. It was said to defecate with such explosive force that it could scald targets more than a football pitch away with its fire-like dung. More here:
#medieval #art #illustration #legend #myth

Manuscript illustration showing a bonnacon defecating in the direction attackers.
Manuscript illustration showing a bonnacon defecating in the direction attackers.
Manuscript illustration showing a bonnacon defecating in the direction attackers.
Manuscript illustration showing a bonnacon defecating in the direction attackers.
2 days ago

#otd 1421 died Mehmed I, Ottoman sultan. He was buried in Bursa, near the so-called Green Mosque built by him. The monument built by his son Murad II is called Green Tomb. #medievaldeath #medieval @medievodons
Pics.: Wikipedia Commons

The picture shows a magnificently designed tomb adorned with blue and turquoise tiles.
S. John Ross
2 days ago

I should also praise some of the books describing _real_ towns! I think my _very favorite_ book devoted to a medieval town is Platt's "Medieval Southampton." Platt is always a slam-dunk (I dig his work in general), and Southampton is his town (it's where he lived and taught).

A more recent great is Sarah Pearson and Helen Clarke's (et al) Sandwich: The Completest Medieval Town in England. SUPER substantial.

And lots of others, of course, but those two make me _swoony._

#TTRPG #Medieval

A snapshot of Colin Platt's book about medieval Southampton. Any Colin Platt book is gold, honestly.

What if unicorns looked like this?

Like a strange 20th century chimerical cryptid.

Would they sill have graced the covers of Lisa Frank binders?? 🤔

🎨 :

#folklore #mythology #unicorn #medieval #history #illustration #cryptid #cryptids

Illustration from an illuminated manuscript depicting a creature that has the body of a wild boar with a human face, long pointed ears, the feet of a dog or cat, and a long golden horn like a unicorn.
Atlas Obscura
3 days ago

The Bore Stane in Edinburgh, Scotland

This ordinary-looking rock may have played an important role in a 16th-century Scottish battle.
The Bore Stane

Atlas Obscura
3 days ago

Sacro Monte di Varallo Sesia in Varallo, Italy

A 15th-century park that recreates a bit of the Holy Land in Italy.
Sacro Monte di Varallo Sesia

Random Facts: Romania 🔵🟡🔴
3 days ago

During the 🗡️#Medieval era, 🇷🇴#Romania was home to a number of important castles and fortresses, including the 🏰#Bran Castle and the 🏰#CorvinCastle.

🇷🇴 #RandomFact #Facts

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Johannes, het evangelie schrijvend. Prachtig de dreiging van de duivel, de vestingen en het landelijke leven | Saint John Writing the Gospel. Wonderful the threat of the devil, fortresses and rural life.
#Depot of #Boijmans
#artmuseum @boijmans #art #exhibition #medieval #painting

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#otd 1085 Pope Gregory VII died. These illustrations show (above) the flight from Rome, (below) exile and death. #medieval #medievaldeath

Ms.: Jena, Thüringer Universitäts-Landesbibliothek: Ms. Bos. q. 6, fol. 79r

The illustrations show (above) the flight from Rome, (below) exile and death.
4 days ago

Work begins to protect medieval tomb from the Deathwatch Beetle #medieval #churches

Yvonne Seale
4 days ago

I’ve updated my online bibliography of scholarship on the #Premonstratensian Order during the Middle Ages. It now contains more than 5,000 works on the order from the late 15th century to the present day. Entries are tagged by category (community, theme, individual or region) for easier searching. Click on ‘Group by’ for sorting options.

Due to the size it does now take at least a minute to load, so please be aware of that! I'm investigating alternative means of hosting the bibliography online so that it's a bit more usable.

#medieval #histodons #religiousstudies

Screenshot of webpage showing the bibliography.
Dylan Bragg
4 days ago

The Emperor called all his best
Philosophers to try and test
The soundness of my faith with prattle,
But I was victor in that battle,
Convincing many to convert.
He tried to hit me where it hurt
And break my spirit on the Wheel,
But every wound was bound to heal.

#riddlepoems #history #medieval #art #religion #christianity #catholicism #saints #folklore #legend #poetrycommunity

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#otd 1212 died Dagmar of Bohemia, Queen of Denmark. She was buried in St. Bendts Church at Ringsted on Zealand, where this tombstone commemorates her today. #medievaldeath #medieval

Pic.: Wikipedia Commons

The picture shows the tombstone of Dagmar of Bohemia, which is embedded in the ground
Gillian Polack
4 days ago

Today's #phisher got my title wrong, I corrected them. They told me I was speaking to a Visa and MasterCard Department. I asked them why they needed to speak to a #Medieval #historian They hung up.
One day I'll have time to say "Good, I'm a narrative expert. I have questions." Because I do. I'd love them to explain their #scripts. I don't want to research this. I want to talk to a phisher about it... when the want to talk to me about something else.

"In recent decades, researchers have begun peering beneath book covers using noninvasive techniques to find medieval binding fragments and read what’s written on them." #Books #Medieval #Science #bookstodon @bookstodon


Should Be Writing
5 days ago

Today #amwritinghistory about a certain hagiographer’s compilation process, and it’s kind of fun to see the places where he clearly went, “Ugh, ok, what do I do with this . . .”

#medieval #medievalstudies

5 days ago

#otd 1125 Emperor Henry V died in Utrecht. His entrails were buried there, his bones in Speyer (Pic.). #medievaldeath #medieval

Pic: Wikipedia Commons

The picture shows a stone coffin from the side
C. E. M. Henderson
5 days ago

This time it's cursed marginalia rather than a cursed watermark. This little guy (??) lives in the bottom margin of MS Add 27329.

#marginalia #medieval

An ink drawing from the margin of a medieval manuscript. It appears to have a face, maybe?
6 days ago

'Black and White Edinburgh Castle' for today's #MonochromeMonday

I've only been once to Edinburgh for a day, but it was so lovely there - the city has a nice medieval flair with the castle sitting high on top of a hill. Maybe I'll be back one day for a longer trip.

prints and more:

#AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #MarvelousMay #edinburgh #EdinburghCastle #medieval #photography #FediGiftShop #prints #Scotland #castle #bw #monochrome #blackandwhite #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A black and white photograph of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, zoomed in view from the Princes Street Gardens.
1 week ago

#otd 1388 died Kuno II of Falkenstein, archbishop and elector of Trier. He was buried in the St. Kastor Church in Koblenz. #medievaldeath #medieval

Pic.: Wikipedia Commons

The image depicts a brightly painted tomb with a recumbent figure dressed in the ornate attire of a bishop.

"They focus on the application of metrical study to literary criticism and manuscript studies, engaging with current debate and offering new perspectives on the crucial role of metre to Old English scholarship." #OpenAccess #OA #Book #Medieval #bookstodon @bookstodon


Cassidy Percoco
1 week ago

Another excellent @AskHistorians answer, this one by MariusMules:

"Some modern historians say the Dark Ages weren't that dark. Petrarch begs to differ. Was he wrong about what he described (IE, societal, artistic, legal, and Political collapse)? Was he just being overly dramatic?"

@histodons #medieval

1 week ago

#otd 1277 Pope John XXI died and was buried in the cathedral of Viterbo. His tomb was redesigned in the 19th century. #medievaldeath #medieval

Pic: Wikipedia Commons

The picture shows a tomb with a reclining figure made of stone.
Laura E. Hall
1 week ago

1) The shipwreck of the 1495 medieval Danish warship Gribshunden turned out to have incredibly well-preserved plant remains, including expensive spices like saffron, peppercorns, ginger, and almond.

It's a “substantially complete royal medieval pantry” and is "[one of] the most fabulous discoveries of spices in any archaeological context, on land or sea"

View the paper here:

#Medieval #Gribshunden #Shipwreck #Archaeology #MaritimeArchaeology #Viking #Vikings #Histodons

A diagram showing strands of orange saffron recovered from a shipwreck
An illustration of a medieval sailing ship
Pam Smart Studio
1 week ago
Haddon Hall stone mullion window and leaded lights with cascading pink and white roses. Acrylic painting on small canvas.
Old English Wordhord
1 week ago

#OldEnglish #WOTD: bōc-cynn, n.n: a kind of book. (BOAK-KUEN / ˈboːk-ˌkyn)
Today I’m excited to announce my next bōc… THE DEORHORD: AN OLD ENGLISH BESTIARY. Coming this November!
#NewBook #words #medieval #animals #bestiary

A book, “The Deorhord: An Old English Bestiary”, by Hana Videen, author of “The Wordhord”, against a red background with a gold border, with a griffin in the bottom left corner and a dove in the upper right. Profile Books logo is at the bottom right. The title and author’s name are written inside an arched window shape, surrounded by wood-cut style illustrations in green and gold, each in its own compartment but overlapping slightly: a wolf, a whale, a dove, a crocodile-like creature, a dog-headed person holding a cross, a deer, a four-legged creature with three horns on its forehead, a phoenix in a burning nest, a medieval woman writing, a snake, and a griffin.
Andrew Knighton
2 weeks ago

There's a whole valuable lesson in this about checking historical sources, but mostly I'm sharing it because those sources are medieval cats, many of them acting out, as a good cat should.

#Catstodon #Medieval

Kendra Preston Leonard
2 weeks ago

On cats – Going Medieval

includes cute #medieval manuscript art of #cats.

Carin Ruff
2 weeks ago

Paleographic tooters, does anybody know what happened to the free paleographic fonts that used to be available at ? Or who made them? I installed a lot of them but not all several years ago, the site is defunct, and I didn't save any other details.

#medieval #medievaldons #paleography #manuscripts

Medieval (Scottish) Gaelic literature: the case of Finn mac Cumaill
23 May, 5–6:30pm BST (6–7:30 CET), free online

Introducing the corpus of #medieval works centred on the legendary hero Finn mac Cumaill. The earliest texts are #Irish – yet, outwith the #Gaelic tradition, Finn is often seen as a #Scottish literary creation, not least because of James Macpherson’s imagining of him as Fingal in the #18thcentury

#literature #CelticStudies

2 weeks ago

Thou shalt fight any sprout of intolerance
80x74 pixels - 4 colors
hope you'll like it :-)
#pixelart #medieval

Roger Ward
2 weeks ago

From the Classic Art memes group in another place. Made I laugh. :-)

I usually follow back boosters and those that are in similar brain spaces.

#Meme #Medieval #Classical #Tapestry #Lettering #Joke

Classic art meme joke about the really weird design of a medieval capital 'E'
Oliver Schafeld
3 weeks ago

I may have found an idea for a new hobby. DIY suit of armour.

I've always wanted a bespoke suit... 😂

#medieval #crafts #history

History of Art
4 weeks ago

Together with a scene of the Creation and Expulsion from Paradise, this picture formed the base (predella) of an altarpiece formerly in the church of San Domenico, Siena (Galleria Degli Uffizi, Florence). Painted in 1445, the two paintings rank among the finest works by Giovanni di Paolo. Groups of saints and angels embrace in a rich, tapestry-like garden of Paradise.

#art #arthistory #medieval #MastoArt #Paradise #vintage #saints #1400s

Painting of Paradise by medieval Italian artist Giovanni di Paolo.
1 month ago

Historians before the 19th century are as shameless about paraphrasing sources without credit as journalists or vlogers today. For the battle of Benevento in 1266, a Latin account and a French account use almost exactly the same words, probably borrowed from the lost Latin chronicle of Primat of St-Denis #philology #latin #medieval #Medievodons @medievodons

1 month ago

"You should hire me because of my unrivalled multitasking skills"

Illustration from Le Pèlerinage de l'âme, 14th century

#medieval #meme

A person/creature with multiple arms holding various types of equipment looking at another person standing nearby.
Claire Barnes
1 month ago

So that's how #beehives are made! All those in this shape? or are other materials used too?
Can't resist adding one of my favourite #medieval #manuscript depictions of #bees - would these hives be made of #liana?
#BritishLibrary @natureworks

A bear resembling Winnie the Pooh is attacked by bees as he reaches out to their hives... illumination from 'Flore de virtu e de costumi' (Flowers of Virtue and of Custom), painted in Italy in the 2nd quarter of the 15th century.
The Public Domain Review
1 month ago

Medieval marijuana, from a 12th-century medical and herbal collection:

The Latin at the bottom reads: "Grows but in waste places, and at roadsides, and along hedges. The very best medicine for healing."

#Happy420 #fourtwenty #420day #medieval #weed

Detail from a manuscript page, against a geometric background in a red frame, an illustration of a cannabis plant.
The Public Domain Review
1 month ago

NEW ESSAY — “Troubled Waters: Reading Urine in Medieval Medicine”, in which
Katherine Harvey examines the complex practices of uroscopy: how physicians could divine sexual history, disease, and impending death by studying the body's liquid excretions — #urine #history #histodon #histsci #medicine #medieval

Medieval illustration of a wheel of variously coloured urine flasks, and in the middle a picture of a doctor holding up a a flask in front of a patient.
2 months ago

I just want y'all to appreciate this gorgeous profile artwork again from Jerry Bennett. He spent hours looking at my big dumb face for reference and transformed this tired potato into a romantic #medieval maiden. I still cannot get over the little rose finch perched on my shoulder. :blobaww:

He also told me he genuinely loves the song, which is also super encouraging!

#IndieArt #Art #HolyGrail #NewMusic #BandcampFriday #ArtPop #BaroquePop #RoseFinch #PortraitArt #Music #SingerSongwriter

Art by Jerry Bennett of the right side of a woman's face, shaded in pink colors. She wears a medieval dress w/an embroidered collar, & a thin circlet on her head. A rose finch perches on her shoulder. Her long hair is strewn w/flowers.
Mignon Fogarty
2 months ago

Listen to the Grammar Girl podcast this weekend while you garden, cook, or walk the dog!

This week, we're talking about:

🎧 Strange killer bunnies that appear in medieval manuscripts.

🎧 Why it sounds weird to say "a dozen OF eggs."



#podcast #Easter #grammar #medieval

The Public Domain Review
2 months ago

A few of the 28 spectacular "pattern poems" produced by the Frankish Benedictine monk Rabanus Maurus in his 9th-century work De laudibus sanctae crucis (In Praise of the Holy Cross). More examples, and an explanation of how they work, here: #religion #christianity #poem #patterns #design #art #medieval

Grid of letters overlaid with a pattern of yellow bottle like shapes in a petal-like arrangement.
Grid of letters overlaid with a pattern of four red crosses.
Grid of letters overlaid with a pattern of yellow lines, a bit like crows feet meeting in the middle.
Grid of letters overlaid with a pattern of yellow triangle shapes in a petal-like arrangement.
Roger Ward
2 months ago

Westminster Hall is the oldest surviving part of the medieval Palace of Westminster, now part of the UK parliament buildings. Built in 1097 under King William II, for a time it was the largest hall in Europe.
From 1393 on, the original, probably pillar supported roof, was replaced by a hammerbeam roof designed by the royal carpenter Hugh Herland.

I usually follow back, & really appreciate/often fb boosters.

#medieval #roof #architecture #history #Westminister #Parliament #HousesOfParliament

Interior of Westminster Hall. The largest clearspan medieval roof in England, Westminster Hall's roof measures 20.7 by 73.2 metres (68 by 240 ft)

This roof was commissioned in 1393 under the reign of Richard 11.  It's an amazing structure for its age, & well worth a visit.
James Baillie
2 months ago

I'm doing some work on modern reception of medieval topics, and I'd like to find volunteers for a one-question survey (won't take much of your time!)

I'm looking for people who are actively creating or using any loosely medieval or medieval-inspired setting for any purpose. Also I need people who do *not* have any degree or better training in history.

If that's you and you'd be willing to give me ca 5 mins tops of your time, please shout! If not, please boost!

@medievodons #medieval #history

A sketch of a monastery from an early medieval inspired fantasy setting. The core buildig has a square tower and a timbered cloister, with two outbuildings and some fences and trees around.
2 months ago

"Here lies the worst of kings and the most wretched of men". According to Walter Bower, Robert III of Scotland wished this inscription on his tomb. He died #otd 1406. This tomb in Paisley Abbey was donated by Queen Victoria in 1888. #medievaldeath #medieval

Pic.: Wiki. C.

The picture shows a grave embedded in the ground
Ideas Roadshow
2 months ago

Chess was wildly popular in the Middle Ages: chess vocabulary & imagery was used extensively for commentaries on war, politics, love, & the social order.

#chess #history #histodons @histodons #archaeology #art #politics #war #academic #documentary #medieval

History of Art
2 months ago

"The Creation of the World and the Expulsion from Paradise"
This medieval masterpiece was created by Italian painter Giovanni di Paolo in 1445.
The painting presents a vision of Paradise reminiscent of that described by the great Florentine poet Dante in "The Divine Comedy."

#art #arthistory #medieval #MastoArt #Paradise #Dante #poetry #writing

The universe is shown as a celestial globe, with the earth at the center surrounded by a series of concentric circles representing first the four elements, the known planets (including the sun, in accordance with medieval and Renaissance cosmology), and finally the constellations of the zodiac. Presiding over the scene of Creation is God the Father, bathed in a glowing celestial light as he is borne aloft by seraphim. Beside the "mappamondo" (map of the world) is the garden of Paradise, its four rivers issuing from the ground at the lower right. The garden's effulgent flora symbolize the pure and sinless state of man before the Fall. A diminutive Adam and Eve are expelled from the garden by a lithe angel whose unusual nakedness and human form may symbolize his deep compassion for the corrupted state of humankind after the fall from grace.
Erotic Mythology (comms open)
2 months ago

It's #FannyFriday, @antiquidons, @histodons & @medievodons, a day all about the #vulva in art & history 👌
Toot vulva #artefacts & #art, vulva #funfacts, or teach us some vulva #history!

Do you have a #FannyFriday offering today, @rogueclassicist @phistorians @Chapps @vagina_museum @roob @emmaaum?
#medieval #ancientRome #ancientGreece #GreekRomanArt
Banner by @Ayhaidebil1

A drawing of Queen Cunt on horseback with a golden crown and a golden flail holding a crossbow. In the background a red banner with the hashtag #FannyFriday in golden letters announces that it is indeed Fanny Friday today. A drawing of Baubo exposing her sex and holding up her legs is in the foreground on the right.
2 months ago

Could any scholars of Old English recommend a translation of The Wanderer from the Exeter Book ?

Grateful for any boosts.

#medieval #oldenglish #poetry

History of Art
2 months ago

Hevajra appears on this 15th-century thangka in his three-headed and four-armed form. This manifestation is drawn from the Hevajra Tantra, a text revered by the Sakya order of Tibetan Buddhism, who likely commissioned this painting from a Newari artist from Nepal.

#buddhism #buddhist #meditation #mandala #ancient #medieval #old

Ancient 15th-century Buddhist mandala.
2 months ago

Customer: So we want a portrait of Francis of Mayrone and decorative words
Scribe: How decorative
C: Use your best judgement
S: !!!!!!!!!
<a few days later>
C: I ... should have been more specific
(#Vatican f,1r)
#Medieval #Medievodons

A portrait of Francis of Mayrone in the letter C
Stories and Folklore
2 months ago

It's time for #OldEnglish #WordOfTheDay and also the #AngloSaxon unattested #Saint of the month.

gomel-ferhþ [ ᚷᚩᛗᛖᛚᚠᛖᚱᚻᚦ ]: old sprit / old soul / wise heart or mind

gomel: Advanced in age, aged, old, ancient

ferhþ: 1. life 2. heart ; spirit ; mind

This is sometimes associated with people of great and deep magic. People of great wisdom and compassion.

An unattested #AngloSaxon saint from northern #Kent, Ædgingra (Blessed Vassal / Disciple), was said to be a gomel-ferhþ. He was known as a local healer and one who was very skilful in the arts of healing magics.

One story goes he was visiting the Kentish village of Hartlip, where when to pray under a tree and passed away peacefully.

After several days the villagers approached him and realised he had died. However, this body had not attached any flies and did not smell. In stead of disturbing him, they brought earth to where the rain kneeled and buried him. This became the spot there St Michael and All Angels Church was built.

They say, that during the rebuilding process in the early 1500s, as they dug down into the foundations, the body of the local saint was found, still in perfect condition.


(Artwork by me)

#histodons #linguistcs #medieval #medievodons #storytelling #storytellingart #folklore


A drawing of the saint in his raggedy robes and holing a tree branch as a staff as he walks through the Kentish countryside