Tim O'Connell
1 hour ago

#Arkansas #bird peeps: Y'all coming to hear me at the 2023 #FallConvention of the #ArkansasAudubonSociety in #Fayetteville?

Imma do my best to talk about optimism in the face of #BirdWindowCollisions.

#ornithology #birding #meeting

Ich frage mich immer wieder, was für ein „Reiz“ darin liegt, mit einem gemieteten (!) Supercar (Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.) an #Autotreffen zu gehen.
Finde das so etwas von oberpeinlich…

Gibt es irgendeine Bezeichnung für diese Krankheit?

#cars #supercar #meeting #leased #Mietauto #treffen #peinlich

7 hours ago

Was ist schlimmer als an einem Brückentag zu arbeiten? Richtig! An einem brückentag auch noch ein #Meeting zu haben 🙄

Le 35e RAP prêt pour les 150 ans : Répétition générale vendredi après-midi pour les militaires du 35e RAP avant la présentation de samedi de 15h à 17h pour fêter les 150 ans du régiment tarbais.... Suite sur @35erap #35erap @laloubereaerodromedetarbeslaloubere #laloubereaerodromedetarbeslaloubere #laloubere #meeting #aero #militaires #armeedeterre #tarbes <img src="" alt="Le 35e RAP prêt pour les 150 ans">
# bigorre vig

4 days ago

Samedi 21 octobre, venez à Socialisme 2023 à Montélimar ! Journée de débats et d’échanges
Venez discuter avec la Gauche Révolutionnaire sud-est ! Socialisme 2023 Journée de discussions et de débats Au programme : Où la journée a-t-elle lieu ? À l’espace St-Martin, 7 rue [... lire la suite]
#Politique #ActuDeLOrga #Evènements #Affiche #Débat #Meeting #Montélimar #Rencontre #RéunionPublique #SudEst

4 days ago

Ich habe um 11.30 Uhr ein #Meeting. Da lohnt es sich doch jetzt eigentlich gar nicht mit was anderem anzufangen, oder?

Had a #meeting with the boss and he mentioned that Big Boss was asking about Project being Used For Real

Us: Yes it's definitely being Used For Real

Except one guy, who was 100% convinced it was only 2/3 of the time

I definitely would have heard about this and I know he's wrong, but he's confident and *should* know

Went to actual Operations and got the real story. That guy was wrong

Now I need to write an email to everyone and set the record straight


#software #engineering

6 days ago

Hey everybody! This saturday we got something really special lined up! Coming all the way from Oslo with their boxes we have Roastfish & Cornbread Sound System. This was originally planned for march 2020 but something came in the way ...
Also this is a meeting between free spaces as our guests resides in #Hausmania in Olso which we think of as the @bolsjefabrikken of Oslo 🙂
You should not allow yourself to miss this one!
#RoastfishAndCornbread #SoundSystem #Copenhagen #Oslo #Dub #Meeting #MoreFreeSpaces #Dubfabrikken

People who send #outlook #meeting invites without honoring the blocked out times in your schedule are why we can't have nice things.

1 week ago

Die Teilnahme an einem #Business #Meeting ist heutzutage auch für die "erforderlichen Teilnehmer*innen" ja eher was Optionales.


Pesky Remote Meetings Take 2

There is a funny article called "I'm OK; The Bull Is Dead" I want to use as incipit for this post.

The Last week I went in a meeting about flipping a BUY/SELL direction involving three services A -> B -> C. The initial B spec was right, but it was supposed to be wrong, someone (A) asked a change, and then it raised a complain on C. The entire meeting was a circula discussion on how we

#meeting #RemoteWorking

Jacob Chromy (er/ihm)
1 week ago

Wenn ihr in einem #Meeting (Weekly, Jourfix etc.) oder einer Veranstaltung mit Keynote oder Vortrag (Townhall, Kongress, Barcamp) sitzt, was sind Gründe, warum ihr während oder am Ende des Vortrags KEINE Fragen in der (großen) Runde stellt?

Also wenn die vortragende Person dann sagt: Gibt es Fragen? Hat wer Fragen?


1 week ago

Mein beweglichstes Körperteil sind übrigens meine Augen!

*Augen rollend aus einem #Meeting gesendet*

October 2023 Meeting

October 2023 Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday,  October 11th, at 6:30 p.m.

It will be held at the Maury County Senior Center
at 1020 Maury County Park Dr. in Columbia.

Please bring Halloween candy for the
Haunting in the District Trunk or Treat!

Zoom registration link:


#meeting #october

Jan Helms
2 weeks ago

Die schönsten Tage sind doch die, an denen man so spät aus dem letzten #Meeting kommt, dass es sich nicht lohnt, vor dem #Elternabend noch nach hause zu fahren... 😣

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
2 weeks ago

@markmccaughrean If I were you, I would not promote on social network that you are burning ~800 kg CO2eq. to attend a video game #meeting. 😉

Please, no more airplane pictures but more #bike and #train pics !

#StayGrounded @StayGrounded_net #FlyingLess

2 weeks ago


"Der kleine @marquito möchte bitte aus dem aktuellen #Meeting abgeholt werden!
Bitte den kleinen @marquito zeitnah abholen. Danke!"

2 weeks ago

Frau macht gerade auf Grund von #corona ein #Meeting mit #Studenten per Videokonferenz. Wie es sich gehört, klassisch im Kinderzimmer auf dem Bett. Direkt neben meinem Platz. Darf heute also nicht rülpsen. #Homeoffice

Aber erstmal die Radden aus dem Kindergarten fischen.

Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
2 weeks ago

Phew, that 2h30 #meeting should have been a 30mn one 🙄
And be cursed the organiser who thought starting at 6pm on a rainy day would a good idea #DeadlyRoads
I'm done for the day!

Rauf Rahman
2 weeks ago

As part of Bangladesh Cultural Organization (BCO), Trondheim, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mehdi Hasan, the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Sweden.

I would like to thank him for his visit and for the engaging discussion. I would also like to thank our Honourary Consul, Håkon Knudsen, for organizing this.

#Ambassador #Bangladesh #Trondheim #Norway #Sweden #Diplomat #Meeting

Adrian Segar
2 weeks ago

There's a lot to be said for incorporating ground rules into your events. Here's an example from the Lost Levels conference.

#meeting #GroundRules #agreements #gamedev #lostlevels #conference #eventprofs #assnchat

A brightly-colored ground rules wall poster at the lost levels conference. It says: "FRIENDLY REMINDERS MAKE SPACE FOR OTHERS. WATCH OUT FOR BLOCKING VIEWS BE AN ACTIVE LISTENER ALSO YOU ARE AMAZING!"
rdfhrn a.k.a bmblmnn
3 weeks ago

#Applaus im #Meeting weil jemand #Elter wurde.
Applaus weil man bumsen kann?
Ein #Säugetier das kann was Säugetiere können müssen um die Art zu erhalten.
Wow, wenn das keinen Applaus verdient.

Tim Magee
3 weeks ago

I tell you this: #technology can not save us until we set aside our petty prejudices.

I say this because the #audio pickups our #office #meeting rooms have awful #AGC which crops, or altogether eliminates, the first word after a second or so of silence. This ruins conversations.

Shockingly, my suggestion to hire a #bagpiper for each meeting room to prevent dangerous silences quickly fell on stony ground.

3 weeks ago

⭐ NEW⭐
On Wednesday, Sept. 20, starting at 6:30 p.m., MCDOT will hold an in-person public meeting at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center, Wisconsin Room, located at 4805 Edgemoor Lane in Bethesda to discuss and gather community feedback on possible long-term improvements to the Norfolk Ave. Streetery area.

#montgomerycountymd #maryland #bethesadamd #streetery #meeting #feedback #study #pedestriansafety #traffic #commerce

3 weeks ago

Alright, upgrade is completed & cursory testing's looking good! Pocket protector firmly in place, working on the weekend to test in the live system all the things I can't test in lab environment, here we are, happy I.T. folks ("Information Services" at my firm). No, I'm not a lawyer & I don't even play one on T.V.
#law #firm #7WTC #WorldTradeCenter #information #services #technology #geek #pocket #protector #lab #environment #production #testing #email #calendar #meeting #attendance #reports

Sybren Stüvel
3 weeks ago

UsdSkel, bone collections, and graph editor performance boost. Yesterday's Animation & Rigging module meeting was a blast again!

#animation #rigging #USD #pipeline #meeting #devfund #b3d #Blender3D

4 weeks ago

haha... you'd think that after all these years of #WFH you'd get used to being in a #meeting with a #headset.

Not me. A fly just landed on my head and I just wiped my hand through my hair to move it on and knocked the headset right onto the floor. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

Oh, I'm on cam too 😳

September 2023 Meeting

September 2023 Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday,  September 13th, at 6:30 p.m.

It will be held at the Maury County Senior Center
at 1020 Maury County Park Dr. in Columbia.

We have invited Brandi Cothron to speak about voting changes for 2024.

Zoom registration link:

Join Zoom Meet


Anti Satan
4 weeks ago

@evan If you don't mind I would like to tell about an open source #meeting website called Mobilizon.

Kleiner Kalender
1 month ago
1 month ago

But not just any Monday, for this is the first weekday of a brand new month to leap forward into with joy and with abandon - and not, as I have been guilty of doing, kvetching about troubles long ago, and undeserving of still binding me prisoner to my past.
Instead, tonight, allow me to remember that it was on this day, exactly one year ago, that I so bravely tapped on my keyboard, illuminated of my tiny light, and reached out to make first contact...

#Monday #Meeting #Hope #Future

1 month ago

I am the person in meetings who waits until the end of the #meeting #summarizes what has been said, and then asks the ugly question that everyone has danced around or ignored.

I am also the person that execs rely on to make #recommendations.

not always listened to, but when they act on my recommendations, $ flows in

I also hate meetings. 😆

1 month ago

remote-#meeting-etikette don'ts:

essgeräusche direkt auf die ohren.

(→ instant quit)

1 month ago

🚍 NEW🚍
On Thursday, September 28 at 6:30 p.m., MCDOT is hosting a virtual open house to share an overview of recommended proposed changes to the bus route network in Montgomery County, answer questions, and receive feedback from residents.

For more details and to register, please click here▶️
#transit #transitTooter #virtualmeeting #maryland #openhouse #September #montgomerycountymd #MCDOTNow #RideOnBus #commuter #MDCommuter #meeting

Eleven West African nations have agreed to commit troops to a military deployment to Niger, aimed at restoring the ousted president. Defence chiefs from the ...
ECOWAS meeting: Group standing by for armed intervention
Defence chiefs from the West African bloc ECOWAS say constitutional order will be restored in Niger by all means available. They are in Ghana to discuss mili...
Warning to junta: ECOWAS 'ready' to intervene militarily
2 months ago

Good morning to all of you amazing folks around the #Fediverse today!

For the daily #MorningMoments let me hear what you have planned and what you hope to accomplish for the day today.

For me, it's work stuff as always, then a meeting from 2pm - 3pm EST, and then watch some TV and catch up on some shows from the past week.

#GoodMorning #HappyTuesday #Work #Meeting

An image that says good morning. The word good is in a turquoise colored font and the word morning is in a pink colored font.
2 months ago

Bellingen - Tuckers Nob proposed logging/ clear felling Information Meeting

To the community of Tuckers Nob State Forest and any residents concerned by proposed Industrial Logging of Compartments 26/27 you are invited to a meeting by Friends of Tuckers Nob at

Gleniffer Hall
Thursday 17 of August at 6 pm

#biodiversity #climate #FossilFuels #fire #risks #water #Bellingen #catchment #RosesRd #GlenifferRd #trucks #traffic #noise #dust #Gleniffer #meeting #Gumbaynggirr #MidNorthCoast #logging #BellingenLogging #TuckersNobSF #woodchips #GKNP #ClearFelling #koala

Bellingen, Tuckers Nob SF proposed logging/ clear felling map
Sybren Stüvel
2 months ago

Yesterday's Animation & Rigging meeting was very nice again. Among other things, we've gone over a whole bunch of operators ported from Animaide.

#Animation #Rigging #Blender3D #b3d #devtalk #meeting

Dr. Alexandre Santerne 🌍
2 months ago

Hey #train experts, I just got the announcement of a #meeting in #Canatia early next year. I would like to attend it, only if I can travel by train, from #marseille

#Rome2Rio suggested me a #nighttrain Genova -> Catania (INI1947):

Any experience to report with that italian train ? 🚄

#StayGrounded ⏬ cc @StayGrounded_net

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Und plötzlich ist es wieder da, das Schreckgespenst #corona
Es war freilich nie ganz weg.

Aber jetzt sagt der Kollege _NACH_ dem #Meeting im Meetingraum sein Sohn hätte Corona.

Warum. zum. Fick. komm. er. ins. #Büro!?

Tim Scott's #Dark #Money operation:

According to F.E.C. filings last week, the Tim #Scott #campaign made $4.3 million in payments from April 1 to June 30 to a company called #Meeting #Street #Services L.L.C.

The money included $2.8 million for “placed media” and more for digital fund-raising, strategy and video production.

Meeting Street Services has no online presence, and has not been paid by any other campaign, records show. Its listed #address, in North Charleston, S.C., is a #Staples store. Records show that the company was set up in Delaware in August 2022, and its incorporation documents list only one name — #Barry M. #Benjamin — as an authorized representative.

According to business records in South Carolina, the company is managed by #AMZ #Holdings L.L.C., a company set up in May 2021 and based at the same Staples store in North Charleston.

AMZ’s Delaware incorporation documents were also signed by Mr. Benjamin.

Mr. Scott’s campaign did not provide information about Mr. Benjamin or further details about the companies. Efforts to independently determine Mr. Benjamin’s identity were unsuccessful.

There are several notable #absences in the campaign’s second-quarter campaign finance disclosure filing, including #Targeted #Victory, a major political fund-raising firm that has said it works for the campaign, and #FP1 #Strategies, a political advertising firm, which was also reportedly brought on by the campaign.

Several people from the two firms who are working for the campaign also do not appear in the disclosure.

Mr. Scott’s use of Meeting Street Services L.L.C. predates his entry into the presidential race. In the last four months of 2022, his Senate campaign paid the company more than $4.5 million, filings show, for television ads, digital fund-raising and other consulting.

And his presidential campaign reported an additional $1 million spent with Meeting Street Services in the first quarter of this year, even though his campaign had not officially begun.

The Scott campaign also made more than $940,000 in payments last quarter to #Advanced #Planning and #Logistics, a limited liability company set up in December 2022 — again, by Mr. #Benjamin — and whose listed address is a Staples store in Fairfax, Va.

The company received multiple payments for air travel and event production. Again, Mr. Scott’s campaign was the only campaign that paid the company

Eva Amsen
2 months ago

If you think you might ever need to set up a #Zoom #meeting with people in #China, let me save you the 15 minutes I just spent figuring this out: People in China can only accept meetings from paid Zoom accounts. From free accounts they get an error code 13215. My interview guest sent me the #error code which helped me figure out that I just needed to find my credit card and pay Zoom to be able to call her, but that took a big chunk out of our meeting time.

2 months ago

3000 Anarchisten treffen sich im Berner Jura:
Im Berner Jura zelebrieren Tausende die antiautoritäre Bewegung. Eine neue Autonomen-Generation gibt den Ton an.


#schweiz #anarchie #anarchy #jura #bern #autonom #europa #international #treffen #anarcho #meeting #swiss #radio

2 months ago

Onderweg naar huis een oldtimer met reclame voor ons. Die even gevolgd en op een kleinschalig event terecht gekomen. #oldtimers #meeting

BMW sportwagens
Saab Oldtimer
Gele Ford Mustang
The war in Ukraine is one of the issues being discussed at the Aspen Security Forum in the United States.Attendees include ambassadors, defence officials and...
Aspen Security Forum: Top officials discuss Ukraine war

It is a fact of life that cats take every chance they can to video bomb you during an important meeting. Let's just say #ApriCat video bombs on another level.

#Meeting #Cat #CatsOfMastodon #Cat

An orange and white cat drapes herself across the shoulder of the poster.

Small Steps Toward A Much Better World

The Canadian e-commerce company Shopify has rolled out a #calculator embedded in employees’ calendar app that #estimates the #cost of any #meeting with three or more people.

The tool uses average compensation data across roles and disciplines, along with meeting length and attendee count, to put a price tag on the event. A typical 30 minute endeavor with three employees can run from $700 up to $1,600. Adding an executive — like Chief Operating Officer Kaz Nejatian, who built the program during a company-wide hack day — can shoot the cost above $2,000.

Kai Klostermann
3 months ago

I recently thought about this a lot. Amazon's two pizza rule states that a meeting should not have more people than two big pizzas can feed.

I don't get it. Let's say the rule takes into account how much the individual eats. How does that even make sense? Why would it matter?
If it doesn't take that into account, however, why is the pizza-abstraction needed? Why can't it then be a definite number of people?

#AskFeddi #Amazon #pizza #meeting #rules

State Dept. cancels Facebook meetings after judge’s ‘censorship’ ruling

One day after a Louisiana federal judge set limits on the Biden administration’s communications with tech firms, the State Department #canceled its #regular #meeting Wednesday with #Facebook officials to discuss 2024 #election #preparations and #hacking #threats.

Inspired by the great @jsnell I organized a public meeting today in draft format to efficiently cover 33 complicated items in 120 minutes with each public servant drafting one item for discussion. I am pleased to say it went well and I recommend this to other public servants. #zoningreform #meeting #facilitation

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked key Biden administration agencies and officials from #meeting and #communicating with #social #media companies about “protected speech,” in an #extraordinary #injunction in an ongoing case that could have profound effects on the #First #Amendment.

The injunction came in response to a lawsuit brought by Republican attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri, who allege that government officials went too far in their efforts to encourage social media companies to address posts that they worried could contribute to vaccine hesitancy during the pandemic or upend elections.

The Trump-appointed judge’s move could upend years of efforts to enhance coordination between the government and social media companies.

The Louisiana-Missouri lawsuit marks a new twist in Republicans’ years-long complaints that tech companies are silencing their views. Instead of targeting the tech companies, which say they have a First Amendment right to decide what appears on their sites, the lawsuit targeted the federal government’s role in that process in the most successful legal effort to date to counter tech company #moderation efforts.

The Biden administration has disputed the Republicans’ claims. Justice Department lawyers warned that an injunction could undermine national security efforts, since the Republicans’ lawsuit critiques multiple programs that were established to respond to evidence that Russian actors exploited American social networks to sow disinformation in the fallout of the 2016 election

#Minneapolis #Parks started the current continual wave of #mass #displacement of #unhoused people when the board betrayed their pledge of #sanctuary in 2020 and loosed their #police on every #houseless person on park property.

If they choose to pursue, to persecute, people not on #parkland, they need to be reminded enough violence has already been done at their behest.

Keep calling 612-230-6443 and 612-230-6404 et al.

And at their #public #meeting on July 5 we can be even harder to ignore.

Franz Graf
3 months ago

I realize that my attention span in meetings comes down to seconds as soon as there is no info but just bla-bla

Daniel Williams
4 months ago

The goal of every meeting should be to never need to have another meeting ever again.
#work #meeting #drawing #humor

4 months ago

Good morning and happy Tuesday to all of you amazing individuals around the #Fediverse

Let's do our #MorningMoments and find out what the day ahead has in store for each of us.

For me, it's work stuff, then a work meeting at 2pm - 3pm, and then not sure after that.

I might mow the 5 yards I need to mow here in a couple of hours before it gets too hot, but might do them tomorrow. Not quite sure yet.

#GoodMorning #HappyTuesday #LawnMowing #YardWork #Meetings #Meeting

An animated image where the words good morning animate into the image. Have a wonderful day is below that as well. You can see a couple of cups of coffee with some coffee beans around them and a red heart.
Kolokoko Bird!
4 months ago

Say you want to ask a group of people when they’re available for a meeting. Is there a meeting-scheduler thing on the web you would use for that? You know, each person specifies which days and times would work so that the organizer knows which day and time would best for the meeting.

If you use such a thing, what is it?

I prefer things that are open-source and non-obnoxious.

#scheduling #meeting

6 months ago

In 2018 I met the #dalailama with 3 other #survivors of abuses inside other Tibetan Buddhism centers.

We gave him this book, with 12 stories of #abuses inside Tibetan Buddhism.

At the end of the End of the #meeting, which I'll spare you the difficulty, he said that "you gave me #ammunitions to act"

We're in 2023, at the end of 2018 the promised meeting on abuses was indefinitely postponed, we never heard back on 4 #promises he said yes and that I have #audio #recording

#Buddhism #okcinfo

Booklet cover

Hey #Agile and #Conference folks: Looking for someone who has experience using #CatchBox throwable microphone, especially with regards to echo cancelling. My idea is to have a #Meeting Owl as speaker & cam, and CatchBox as Mic. Will it work? Is there someone who has a similar setup?

#hybrid #work #remote

6 months ago

@gn I used to do that as well but just recently switched over to Apple Notes & Reminders for everything. I use hashtags (#InProgress, #Waiting, etc) & smart lists in Reminders to keep track of tasks. I use hashtags (#Decision, #Meeting, etc) & to-dos in Notes to keep track of meetings & client feedback. The ability to create a note with all the client’s feedback on it, then drag that note directly into Reminders to create a task with the same name & direct link is pretty sweet.

6 months ago

I tested to create #meeting notes from an audio recording using #OpenAI #Whisper and #ChatGPT.

The result feels like 80% correct. Not good enough.

The workflow is not great and can be improved.

See all details including suggestions for better workflow at

7 months ago

“There are two types of designers. The one that complains about not having a seat at the table. The one that doesn’t want to join the meetings. And it’s both the same designer.” — Haraldur Thorleifsson

#Design #ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Meeting #Empowerment #Participation #Quote

7 months ago

Google Calendar, but it shows the cost of the #meeting

Google Calendar, but it shows the cost of the meeting

#Meeting pro-tip: Put whoever's most addicted to nicotine in charge of your meetings.

You'll never have a 30min+ meeting ever again.

Chris Hallbeck
8 months ago
[A boss, and some employees are having a meeting at a conference table.]

Boss: “Okay, our top selling microwave oven is in need of some new features. Any ideas?”
Employee: “You know how it has a built-in clock? What if when it’s between midnight and 6 AM all the peeps are three times as loud?”

[Everyone expectantly looks at the boss.]

Boss: “That’s fantastic. People will love that.”

here’s your reminder that if a meeting ends early, you dont have to use that time to do other work. take that time for yourself.

you assessed what you would be able to accomplish that day based on your calendar and had come to terms with that already.

go take a walk. pet your animals. read. catch up with a friend. do something that brings you joy during those few minutes.

#WorkLifeBalance #Work #RemoteWork #SelfCare #TakeCareOfYourself #Meeting

Kriszta Satori
9 months ago

The #US has warned #China not to start supplying #weapons to #Russia. The State Department said it was monitoring China's activity closely and was concerned that #Beijing was still investing in ties to #Moscow. The comments follow a video #meeting between the #Russian and #Chinese leaders at which Vladimir #Putin called for greater military co-operation.

Was in den großen Filmstudios hinter verschlossenen Türen passiert.
#filme #kino #sequel #prequel #spinoff #Reboot #meeting