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Story of my life 😂 😂 #funny #memes #meme

Simoto 🏴‍☠️
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The real terrorist of our lives. ​:blobrainbowtrash:​

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Wait until #Robots and #ChatGPT join forces... #humour #meme #ChatGPT #GenAI

A picture of a building in construction, with the text " Hey ChatGPT, finish this building... Your skills are irreplaceable.
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When I get my life together, improve my diet, start going to the gym, gain a personality, stop sleeping in, stop taking 4 hour naps, and learn how to read, you’ll be really sorry you said those mean things 😤

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Absolute Memery 🎭
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Yes, I can tell

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2 hours ago
4 hours ago

Imma different level of disappointment.

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I Like Books
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"Female oppression is having to claim physical illness to avoid sex because men won't take a simple fucking "no" for an answer."

#Meme #Privilege #Oppression #Sex

Text only meme, a tumblr post with answers

Original post

"Female privilege is getting to claim a headache to avoid sex"

response by omgoswin:
"Female oppression is having to claim physical illness to avoid sex because men won't take a simple fucking "no" for an answer."

response by cyberneticsoul:
"Nail, head, meet hammer."
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He knows what he's talking about

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7 hours ago

After your first 72hr porn binge on the Apple Vision Pro

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Drew Durnil Memes 🎭
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only in ohio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


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Absolute Memery 🎭
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Some rules were meant to be violated

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LANdalf the Grey
8 hours ago

Another year passes and #Apple doesn’t support Vulkan natively

#meme #AppleEvent #WWDC #WWDC2023 #WWDC23 #Vulkan #gaming

Tim Cook must add support for Vulkan instead of proprietary BS or draw 25. He holds many more than 25 cards.
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Cartoon image by Gemma Correll. A person with a red and white striped shirt and black pants is laying on her face on the ground. The caption says “A Depression.” 

Below is the same image only now there is a palm tree, a drink with a small umbrella in it, and the person is wearing sunglasses and a lei. The caption says, “A Tropical Depression.”
Absolute Memery 🎭
13 hours ago

I am sensing a pattern here..

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You know,

"Loving Distant Hug, Close Hug & Smother Hugging" I.S. jst another E³ #meme but definitely SOUNDS LESS OMINOUS.


Donald Rex Jr
16 hours ago

Warrior's Workday

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Absolute Memery 🎭
19 hours ago

I am NOT alone in this!

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🙈 Cute & Funny Animals 🙉
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yes. that's pretty much how it goes

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Die Vision Pro weckt direkt Erinnerungen an Sci-Fi-Filme wie „Ready Player One“ – oder eben auch dystopische Serien wie „Black Mirror“.

Wir haben für euch die besten und lustigsten Netzreaktionen gesammelt: 👉

#apple #visionpro #wwdc23 #scifi #readyplayerone #blackmirror #meme

Apple Vision Pro (Screenshot: t3n, Apple)
Upol Ehsan
21 hours ago

Can't wait for the deluge of AR/VR/MR "experts" and their lifechanging "Here are 10 ways the #AppleVisionPro will 1000x your productivity" tweets.

Brace yourself 😅

#AR #VR #AI #Metaverse #Mastodon #AI #hype #Meme

22 hours ago

The kind of breaking #news I would like to see more often.

#Dog #Doggo #meme #humour

À picture of two cars with dogs getting out of the window, one of them with a plush bear.
The text reads "Breaking news This pit bull pulled out her teddy to show it to a dog of another car"
Absolute Memery 🎭
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Progress is progress

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Was bleibt einem übrig als dieses #meme zu posten?

Surprised Pikachu

the #austria​n socialdemocrats had to change the winner of the chairman vote after (checking notes) confounding #excel rows.

#spoe #spö #babler #doskozil #vienna #wien #österreich #meme #mamema #memes

bike ride with stick meme:
pic1: guy with austrian social democrat logo head rides bike, holds excel sheet

pic2: guy puts excel sheet in front wheel

pic3: bike has fallen over, guy lies on the side of the road in agony

so, the #austria​n socialdemocrats had to change the winner of the chairman vote after (checking notes) confounding #excel rows.

#spoe #spö #babler #doskozil #vienna #wien #österreich #meme #mamema #memes

year 2000 florida vote shambles picture of a man goggling at a vote card.

text: austrian social democrats
I Like Books
1 day ago

"Let the capitalists do their own fighting and furnish their own corpses and there will never be another war on the face of the earth."

There seems to be issues with the actual source of the quote

Part says that Eugene Debs did say it

others say that Oliver Stone said it

Whoever said it, it is a good quote

#Meme #War #AntiCapitalism #AntiCapitalistMemes #Capitalism

[Image Description] A black and white photo of an erupting volcano with what seems to be a world war two bomber in the upper right

Let the capitalists do their own fighting and furnish their own corpses and there will never be another war on the face of the earth.
Eugene Debs

attribution at bottom
Blue Street Journal
1 day ago

This might upset some people

#meme #funny #capitalism #liberals #leftists #politics

An image of a boot about to step on an artist who is painting the bottom of the shoe with a sun, blue sky, and clouds. The boot is labeled "capitalism" and the artist is labeled "liberals"
1 day ago

Interesting way to empty the nest huh #StarWars #Meme

Scene from Star Wars. Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen discussing Luke’s departure. Total reimagining of the film. 

He just saw the bodies and left.

Well, Ben can deal with him now. Time to empty the nest

Those stormtroopers were pushovers though. Pretty sure one of them shot himself.
2 days ago

This is 2023 for you... #tech #meme #humour #apple

A picture of someone wearing the Apple glasses with the text 90s: dont sit too close to the tv - 2023:
2 days ago

Someone shared this #meme with me, dying laughing 😂😂😂

Meme about autocorrect changing fuck to duck
Gabriele Svelto
3 days ago

Tonight's #Dune sietchposting #meme 25/

A picture of Frank Herbert writing on his typewriter. The caption reads: "Frank Herbert used his masterpiece Dune to warn us about the danger posed by charismatic leaders and how prescience will ruin your sex life".
3 days ago

#meme probably of me maturing

Chance of me maturing. 
Pic of a pacman. 
Black: no
Yellow: also no just in yellow to draw a pacman
His & Hearse Press
4 days ago

First of all, yes. Second, remember that these are *coffins* not *caskets*. Happy Caturday!

🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛

#HisAndHearsePress #Caturday #CaturdayEveryDay #CatLover #CatsAreGodsAndTheyKnowIt #CatsRule #Coffin #Casket #CoffinNotCasket #Funeral #Burial #Pyramids #Meme

A purple damask frame around a meme. It shows two identical brown coffins, one labeled “successful people” and the other “unsuccessful people.” A third image shows a row of pyramids in Egypt with the label (people who love cats.”
4 days ago
Adam and Eve sitting naked under an apple tree.
Eve: "The trouble didn't start after I ate the apple, the trouble started after I ate the mushroom. That's when the snake started talking."
Daniel Detlaf
5 days ago
5 days ago

I think I would not be mad either :)

#Doggo #meme #humour

À dog with a pizza in its mouth, and the words "our pizza delivery guy took more than 30 minutes but I think I can forgive him"
Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 days ago

Words mean nothing if you're not willing to actually take a REAL stand against fanatical bigotry, Joe :FaceExhaling:

#meme #memes #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+ #queer #TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #USPolitics #USPol #Pride #Pride2023 #PrideMonth #PrideMonth2023 #PrideIsAProtest

This image uses the High Five artwork by Gudim as a meme template. It shows 4 panels in a 2 by 2 grid.

Panel 1 - A hand is seen reaching out of water, requesting help. It is captioned: "LGBTQIA2S+ rights in the US."

Panel 2 - The hand has sunk more into the water. Another hand is approaching from the left, as if to help, captioned: "Joe Biden".

Panel 3 - Instead of helping, the approaching hand high-fives the sinking hand. This is captioned with a quote from a recent Whitehouse statement: "My entire administration stands proudly with the LGBTQI+ community."

Panel 4 - The other hand is now gone, having performed the high-five. The drowning hand that needed help can be seen sinking into the water forever, as its final bubbles of air float to the surface.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
6 days ago

@x1101 @axbom Feel free to circulate this #podcast == #RSS graphic #meme I did a few months ago

It's only a podcast if it comes from the RSS region of the web.
Otherwise, it's just sparkling audio. 🥂
WIST Quotations
6 days ago

A quotation from Jones, Robert Jr.:

We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #disagreement #intolerance #love #meme #oppression

Jones - We can disagree and still love each other unless disagreement rooted oppression denial humanity right exist - quote
Mandu 🥟
6 days ago

Succession may be over, but the spinoff is just getting started. #caturday #meme

Outside in enclosed patio, 4 cats are sitting in green patio chairs around a green table with a plant on it. 2 cats are brown, 1 cat is brown and white, and 1 is dark gray. caption: "Catcession Season 1 Streaming on PATIOmax"
Daniel Detlaf
6 days ago
Meme: A section of rollercoaster with the coaster starting down a sharp drop from a great height.

Caption: (at top): Harambe's Death
(down slope): Everything Since
1 week ago

Do you ever think about where the music comes from when you're put on a hold with a customer service rep? Of course you don't. You only think about yourself.

#MusicMemes #ADHDMusicians #CustomerService #HoldMusic #ElevatorMusic #Comic #Funny #Meme

Four-panel color comic. Top left panel depicts a brunette customer service representative, wearing a headset in front of a computer. The speech bubble says "Thank you for calling, please hold for a minute." The top right panel depicts the customer, a blonde person on their cell phone with music notes coming out of the pone.
The bottom left panel depicts the blonde customer pulling the phone away from their ear as the phone continues to emit music notes. The speech bubble says "This music fucking sucks." The bottom right panel reveals the brunette customer service rep playing a saxophone through tears; they are the source of the hold music.
Simoto 🏴‍☠️
1 week ago

"(Human and non-human) workers of the world unite!"

#politics #meme #thecanary #capitalism #workersoftheworldunite

Grant Denkinson
1 week ago

Please could I get some more up to date #meme knowledge: I understand that a cartoon frog known as Pepe was co-opted by the far right a while ago. If I see it being used now by someone I don’t know well, should I initially read this as a far-right dog whistle, a reclaim by a progressive, neutral or something else?

I Like Books
1 week ago

" be "feminist" in any authentic sense of the term is to want for all people, female and male, liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and oppression." - bell hooks

(the meme incorrectly capitalizes her name)

#Meme #Quote #bellhooks #Feminist

No photo this is a text only meme

Text be "feminist" in any authentic sense of the term is to want for all people, female and male, liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and oppression.

bell hooks

(the meme incorrectly capitalizes her name)
Mandu 🥟
1 week ago
woman wearing sunglasses sitting on green chair outside surrounded by 10 or so cats looking at her. caption: "When your plan to conquer the earth is coming together nicely"
Science Blue
2 weeks ago

These two are just so cute I had to make a meme of them!
#StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds #LowerDecks #meme

Meme created from a still image of Ensign Boimler and Ensign Mariner in the Strange New Worlds official second trailer. Mariner is smiling and looking at Spock, who is off-screen, while Boimler is looking at Mariner and smiling giddily.

The text says "me" superimposed on Boimler, while the text superimposed on Mariner says "literally anyone that mentions Star Trek."
2 weeks ago


Six weeks pregnant does NOT mean 6 weeks after conception.

Weird, but true.

Medically, women are considered pregnant apx 2 weeks BEFORE actual conception.

Many women don't even know they're pregnant at 6 weeks.

#Women #Pregnant #Pregnancy #RoeVWade #Abortion #AbortionBan #SouthCarolina #USA #News #Meme

Meme with text:
"Six weeks pregnant” does NOT mean six weeks after conception. 

Being “6 weeks pregnant” means the egg was actually fertilized apx 4 weeks ago, and the first missed period was less than 2 weeks ago. This is because pregnancy is measured from the first day of the last period (which is easily observable), NOT from actual conception (which is not observable). Medically, women are considered pregnant apx 2 weeks BEFORE actual conception. 

Most women ovulate (ovaries release an egg) apx 2 weeks after their period. From ovulation, there are 3 - 4 days in which a sperm can fertilize the egg, and then the fertilized egg can attach to the uterine wall (conception). 

The very earliest one can test for pregnancy is “4 weeks pregnant” (which is really 2 weeks after conception). However, because women’s menstrual cycles vary, and because the hormones that reveal pregnancy can be slower to rise in some women, it is very easy for a woman to be “6 weeks pregnant” and not know it.
Clayton Hove
2 weeks ago

Quelle Unbekannt #meme

Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 weeks ago

#scifi #Dune #MemeAtMeBro #Meme 11 herbs & the spice must flow

Gabriele Svelto
2 weeks ago

Today's #Dune sietchposting #meme

With all this talk of "fixing" Paul Atreides I'm starting to have a really bad feeling about Dune: Part Two


Three shots from both Villeneuve's movie Dune: Part Two (2021) and David Lynch's movie Dune (1984).

In the first panel the lady Jessica says: "Your father didn't believe in revenge"

In the second panel Piter de Vries says: "The duke makes no mention of Kanly and accepts your offer, it is over my lord"

In the third panel the credits roll by

Elim speaks the truth, or does he?
#StarTrek #meme

DS9 meme

Bashir: What i want to know is, which Star Treks are woke?

Garak: My dear doctor, they're all woke.

Bashir: Even the old ones?

Garak: Especially the old ones.

2 weeks ago

To my fellow inside people. I see you. 🤣😭

#inside #meme #cows

A photo of a white and gray cow lying down in a field looking content. 
Text above the photo.
My friends: You haven't left the house in days. Are you okay?
Text below the cow photo. 
Me: A healthy cow lying on her side is not immobilized; she can rise whenever she chooses.
:blobS2xenogender: they/it
3 weeks ago
A cat is reading TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. The caption says "This book has absolutely no information on killing birds!"
Mandu 🥟
3 weeks ago

TFW you follow, like, boost a celebrity on social media, and they don't reciprocate.

#Succession #meme #gif #ShivRoy #TomWambsgans #FollowFriday

Tom and Shiv are having a couples fight outside at night.

Tom: "I have given you endless approval, and it doesn't fill you up because you're broken."
(long pause)
Shiv: "I don't like you."
Laura Manach :bongoCat:
3 weeks ago

#Meme of the day :clippy: