3 hours ago

#Activists & #advocates gathered in downtown #Halifax Tuesday afternoon to call for an overhaul of the #JusticeSystem to improve its treatment of #IndigenousPeople & to #honour the #memories of #Indigenous people who #died in provincial custody.
The crowd marched from the Peace & Friendship Park to the #HalifaxCentralLibrary holding signs that read "Real Justice Doesn't Kill People" & "Say Their Names."

#Mikmaw #AnnapolisValley #FirstNations #SystematicRacism #Canada

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
7 hours ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Gladys Knight and the Pips - Best Thing That Ever Happened
(10 weeks in chart peaking at No. 7)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
7 hours ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Kenny - Julie Ann
(8 weeks in chart peaking at No. 10)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
7 hours ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

KC and the Sunshine Band - That's the Way (I Like It)
(10 weeks in chart peaking at No. 4)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
1 day ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Impressions - First Impressions
(10 weeks in chart peaking at No. 16)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
1 day ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing
(12 weeks in chart peaking at No. 2)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
1 day ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Mike Harding - Rochdale Cowboy
(8 weeks in chart peaking at No. 22)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Jared Cherup
1 day ago

It's my six year anniversary of buying a fidget spinner. #memories

Devorah Ostrov
2 days ago

“Where Were You In ’72?” This question was the catalyst for a #museum #exhibition I organized a few years ago. As well as inviting all the locals to share their #memories, I also asked some of my rock star friends to get involved. Here’s where Steve Harley from Cockney Rebel & singer/songwriter Alejandro Escovedo were in ’72…

So, where were you?

A horizontal piece of A3 paper features a snazzy purple border & the heading Where Were You In '72? in trippy green & purple lettering. Inside the border, Steve Harley wrote: "I was in London, forming the band - Cockney Rebel ... and dreaming, always dreaming! Still dreaming in 2010." He signed it & dated it 30/5/10.
On a questionnaire with the same border as previously, Alejandro Escovedo wrote: "Hazy marijuana summer days in Huntington Beach, Ca. Surfing, girls and rock n roll. Mott the Hoople had released "All the Young Dudes," Bowie released "Ziggy Stardust," Lou Reed released "Transformer." My world was about to make a great change & the greatest rock & roll album of all time "Exile on Main St." changed my life forever. I soon moved to Hollywood and soon after formed my first band - all else is quite hazy." He signed it & wrote "Love to all."
Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
2 days ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Justin Hayward and John Lodge - Blue Guitar
(7 weeks in chart peaking at No. 8)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
2 days ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Guys and Dolls - There's a Whole Lot of Loving
(11 weeks in chart peaking at No. 2)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
2 days ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Goodies - Funky Gibbon
(10 weeks in chart peaking at No. 4)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

2 days ago

hung from the Street Lamps,
Portraits of the KIA.
Familiar Faces.

#Haiku #Observations #SmallTown #RuralLife #KIA #Memories #DDay #Memorial #Haikoot

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
3 days ago

Today my middle turns 31 years old. It boggles my mind. The panels, clockwise from upper left:

1. Greeting baby sister upon her arrival (1994).
2. Strapped into her car safety seat and ready for adventure.
3. Naptime, clutching her lovey "baby," a doll made from parachute fabric. Thumb corked in mouth.
4. Post-cake decimation, examining her loot from her first birthday (seated in high chair).

#MomLife #HappyBirthday #daughter #kids #memories

Formatted grid photo array of my middle daughter, who turns 31 years old today. Clockwise from upper left:

1. Greeting baby sister upon her arrival (1994).
2. Strapped into her car safety seat and ready for adventure.
3. Naptime, clutching her lovey "baby," a doll made from parachute fabric. Thumb corked in mouth.
4. Post-cake decimation, examining her loot from her first birthday (seated in high chair).
Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
3 days ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Gloria Gaynor - Reach Out I'll Be There
(8 weeks in chart peaking at No. 14)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
3 days ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Fox - Imagine Me Imagine You
(8 weeks in chart peaking at No. 15)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
3 days ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Fatback Band - Yum Yum (Gimme Some)
(6 weeks in chart peaking at No. 40)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Coralie Mercier
3 days ago

Honaunau Bay, Big Island, Hawaii. December 2016.

#memories #photography #iphonePhotography #hawaii #honaunau #sunset #ocean #palmtree

Pool of still water in rocks by the ocean. The sunset casts a yellow light on the pool. The sky is teal. A palm tree frames the photo on a side.
Rubsam Photo (he/him)
4 days ago

My wife, Julie, and I were married at Ross Camp Chapel all the way back in 1996. Even though it's only about 30 minutes away, I have only revisited the chapel a couple of times over the years. I recently decided to take our son out to see it and take a couple of photos.

30 years is just around the corner! 🙂

Lens: Pentax SMC Takumar 20mm F4.5

#Memories #DigitalPhotography #SonyAlpha #VintageLens #Takumar #Darktable #WeddingChapel

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
4 days ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Andy Fairweather-Low - Wide Eyed and Legless
(10 weeks in chart peaking at No. 6)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
4 days ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Eagles - Lyin' Eyes
(7 weeks in chart peaking at No. 23)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
4 days ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

Windsor Davies and Don Estelle - Whispering Grass
(12 weeks in chart peaking at No. 1)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

5 days ago

(my past life is very similar)
Luogo e tempo sempre nella mia mente
Avrei così tanto da dire ma tu sei così lontano
Piani di ciò che riserva il nostro futuro
Stolte bugie sull'invecchiamento
Sembra che siamo così invincibili
La verità è così fredda
Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away
#mastoradio #remember #mylife #reallife #memories 🏴‍☠️

5 days ago

The weather #Today is one of those that makes me want to be that kid, again; the one I was so many years ago, riding around my neighborhood in Orange County just totally unaware of how much it would all change in my lifetime. On the days when no bullies were out, and the weight of the world had not yet been placed upon my back. #Nostalgia can be a good thing, if you can find those cul-de-sacs of faultless times where everything was fine for that moment.
#Memories #MentalHealth #InnocenceLost

5 days ago
Image: a power lifter struggling to lift an old fashioned CRT television from the last century

Caption: 90's kids moving their TV's from one room to another
5 days ago

stop kidding Yourself,
It was never really great.
foolish Nostalgia.

#Haiku #Memories #Haikoot

Brian Davis
1 week ago

Speaking of #hiking #memories @hikingdude
Here's a shot from Indian Heaven last October. The berry bushes had all turned brilliant colors and looking at the photo, I can feel the late summer sun, hear the bees buzzing and smell the tree sap.

A dusty trail winds between conifers and low brush with dry leaves.
Ross of Ottawa
1 week ago

What enjoyable flavours can you remember tasting for the first time?

#food #memories #flavor #flavour

🧸Artist: #ElisaCapdevila in City: #ElPapiol Spain 🇪🇸 - Title: "Año 95" (Year 95 / Jahr 95) - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Mural #Memories #Childhood

Streetartwall. On the wall of a two-story, building is sprayed / painted photorealistic mural of a child playing. The mural shows a long outdoor walkway. A row of children in blue and pink smocks stand against a wall of the building and look in our direction. They have black rubber tires with which you start to play.
The mural looks like an old photograph. A snapshot.
1 week ago

tired, so tired…
“Front-Leaning Rest Position!”
worst Mistake ever.

#Haiku #Haikoot #Memories #BasicTraining

1 week ago

Oh man, I loved Google Music (before they fucked it up by geolocking it 3-4 years after moving to Singapore — suddenly no longer able to use it on my Google Homes (was working fine for years) and then killing it all the way by changing it into YT Music...

#Memories #cleaningup

Google Music beta invite
2 weeks ago

🍸 🐲 🚬
Growing up in the 70s and self-discovering whether or not you like anal.

photo of 70s era, cone-shaped Astro Pop candy
2 weeks ago

Kyoto full moon, October 2019.
Walking to dinner. The moon was shining and we were just so happy.
#haiku #haikupoetry #haikuoftheday #haikupoem #micropoetry #micropoem #threelines #poetrylovers #poetrycommunity #memories #longing #wistful #lostworld #theworldthatwas

Full moon shining through tree branches and clouds
Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
2 weeks ago

Hi #mastodon folks, what aspect of your life when you were young that you took for granted, but now your kids would have no idea about? I’ll go first: card catalogs #childhood #memories

2 weeks ago

Used to watch Tomorrow's World when young (was it before or after Top of the Pops?). Inventions seemed to be presented as potentially for the benefit of all. Or that's my memory of it anyway.
If it was still on it'd probably just be a schill for tech product press releases and news of the latest ego extension project of various man-baby oligarchs. #change #TV #BBC #Memories #technology #maudlin

Danie van der Merwe
2 weeks ago

With around 180,000 people dying daily, I found more analogue ways of preserving my memories

Reading an article about this published two days back in The Technocrat, MIT Technology Review, got me thinking yet again about this topic (as you do when you are past your 40’s or 50’s) and what I’ve gravitated towards in order to preserve some memories. Too ...continues


#archiving #digitalmemories #memories #technology

2 weeks ago

With around 180,000 people dying daily, I found more analogue ways of preserving my memories Reading an article about this published two days back in The Technocrat, MIT Technology Review, got me thinking yet again about this topic (as you do when you are past your 40’s or 50’s) and […]

2 weeks ago

it’s always Something.
some People are just no fun.
Satanic Panic.

#Haiku #Observations #SatanicPanic #Memories #Haikoot

Paul H
2 weeks ago

I received a postcard from the #postcardswap! It had a lovely story about the sender being invited to a Hungarian household at Easter and having an afternoon involving large quantities of pork products and lots of traditional Hungarian fruit brandy known as pálinka. So Hungarian! It was such a lovely memory and I really appreciated reading it. And a terrific postcard as well. If I had seen this in a shop, I would have bought it for my postcard swap!

#Hungary #Memories #palinka #postcard

A postcard of a coloured line drawing showing various iconic New Zealand images such as the lighthouse at Cape Reinga, a marae, Hobbiton, the SkyTower, the Beehive, ski fields, and the Earnslaw steamship. There are words written at the bottom of the postcard on two seperate lines saying Aotearoa and New Zealand.
3 weeks ago

@Dianora I think I still have a photo album full of 110 pics- small square prints… #memories!

maxmoon 🌱
3 weeks ago

Could you delete all your old pictures/videos (memories) because you don't look at them anyway?

Let me know your option on this!

I am trying to figure out if memories in this form are even necessary or if it's enough to print a few of them or get rid of them completely?

Having a storage or even cloud for them, is wasting resources, if no one is looking at them (except of big companies).

#memories #storage #sustainability #cloud #pictures #photography #fotographie #photo #foto #bigbrother

Reymond Aguinaldo
3 weeks ago

One of my Sony Discmans from the 2000s is still working perfectly. Count me among those who still hold a preference for physical media over digital. There's just something about holding a tangible copy of a beloved album that can't be replicated digitally.

#Music #PopPunk #BoysLikeGirls #CD #Sony #Discman #Nostalgia #Memories

Reymond Aguinaldo
3 weeks ago

This album is a pop-punk masterpiece that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with infectious energy, relatable lyrics, and catchy hooks. A timeless classic that will make you feel like a carefree teenager again!

#Music #PopPunk #BoysLikeGirls #CD #Nostalgia #Memories

Reymond Aguinaldo
3 weeks ago


Indulging in a little nostalgia, I'm taking a moment to transport myself back to the year 2006 when I was 15, carefree and happy. Boys Like Girls’ eponymous debut album was the very album that first introduced me to modern pop-punk (mostly listened to classic rock and metal).

#Music #PopPunk #BoysLikeGirls #Albums #CD #Sony #Discman #Nostalgia #Memories

Bicycling Monterey
1 month ago

@jeremy_ai #BikeNite We won't dig out our childhood bike photos (or we'd never get back to our still-need-to-do today tasks)! :) We can share a snippet of some childhood memories of our first bikes: "I remember my first tricycle, and my first two-wheeler, a used bike. After Dad fixed it up, Mom painted it a shiny dark blue—a stand-out color, as in clearly not a new bicycle.
What stands out more in my mind was Dad also fixing up another bike at that time for Mike, a fourteen-year-old boy who walked many miles into town to deliver the Grit newspaper. Dad had delivered papers himself as a young boy and probably remembered that a newspaper bag got heavy. Mike was pretty darned happy when Dad surprised him with the bicycle. But that’s another story!
Later, the summer I was twelve, I was thrilled when Dad brought home for me a brand new Schwinn."

#BikeTooter #memories

Old Bumpy 📚 🎸
1 month ago

#Memories from the UK Charts for #1975

David Bowie - Golden Years
(10 weeks in chart peaking at No. 8)

#Music #MusicHistory #MusicVideo #70s #Seventies

Rafael Salazar 👨‍🎨
1 month ago

Banyan & Golden Pothos intertwined for this #ThickTrunkTuesday. Used to be my children’s tree house growing up. Years of wonderful #memories
#ayearforart #springforart #BuyIntoArt #mastoart #photography #mastophoto #rafaelsalazar #fediverse #mastodon #photo #artbooster #artmatters

Banyan & Golden Pothos intertwined with long hairy vines.  Photo by Rafael Salazar
1 month ago

Current makes eddies
Swirling memories away
River makes new ones.

#dailyhaikuprompt #river #haiku #Eddies #Memories

Black and white image of an eddy swirling in a river, eddy in the lower foreground, river flowing from left to right, banks of river on both sides, left background and right foreground, climb up and away from the river over growth-covered hills.
dan qui dam
1 month ago


What about finding an empty planet to live on… empty but with remnants of people who used to live there?

What was Left Behind

"Your scanners have determined a new place"
"balance the tasks of surviving, building a new homestead, and piecing together the stories of the undead so that they feel confident enough to move on to whatever is beyond"

Find this group journaling game in the Scifi bundle
& author

#TTRPG #memories #journaling

Cover of the game is a pictures of various people from all ages on a street, like black silhouettes or shadows without details. Title is below with a textured grunge texture as if it was dusty "What was left behind: A storytelling game about Rebuilding by Annie Disaster"

Good old Barbara. So many memories.
h/t #NoContextBrits #Memories #Bench #Hangry

A plaque on a bench with the following inscription
For Barbara
Who was awful when hungry but otherwise pretty solid.
1 month ago

A first post from my first ever trip to Japan - chasing an old @dada_drummer song, along with film and non-film photos: #BelieveInFilm #travel #memories

1 month ago

#BeardGrabber also played #Imanok's #BubbleRain, a #BustAMove / #BubbleShooter clone for the #MSX (or rather #MSX2 I think?).

Do you have an MSX #homecomputer? Emulated or real? Join us this #MaySiXth #MSXDay, and fire it up and share some pictures or videos of it using the #MaySiXth and #MSX hashtags.
Or if you can't set it up right now, maybe share some #memories of your favourite MSX game or event?

BeardGrabber, an almost five years old boy with long blond hair, seen from the back, playing Imanok's Bubble Rain, a Bust-A-Move / Bubble Shooter clone for the MSX.
He's holding a joystick, and wildly shooting bubbles.
1 month ago

Midnight traffic: a #Poem

I am fifteen walking in the early AM

The duck pond is miles from home

One day it will dry up and grass will grow

Headlights slow and hunting draw near

Window rolls down
"Do you need a lift?"
"I'm not trying to scare you."
I'm not scared
"I just want to help you
Get where you going"
I'm exactly where I need to be

Alone again... with the midnight traffic

All those miles and years

For poems no one cares for.

#poetry #writing #memories

Swede’s Photographs
1 month ago

Good morning. 🕊🕊🕊

I'm staring at a blank page this morning. I don't know what to write about. I could talk about my dogs, they're always good for entertainment. Or I could write about birds, but I try and do three postings of birds every day. Sometimes, I substitute the moon or a mammal. Sometimes, it's just hard to get started. I try to use every one of the 1000 characters in my morning toot, that includes the quote of course.

Are you old enough to remember Mr. Ed? As a child, I loved that show. I still recall Mr. Ed saying "Wiiilllburrr," Mr. Ed was Wilbur's horse. Mr. Ed was much to smart for his stable. Then there is the jingle that still sticks in my mind from time to time: "A horse is a horse, of course, of course ..." by Jay Livingston. Some memories are worth writing down.

"Writing means sharing. It's part of the human condition to want to share things - thoughts, ideas, opinions." - Paulo Coelho

#photo #photography #photographer #morning #pigeons #writing #memories

Eleven pigeons fill a pale blue sky, flying from left to right.
Amy 🌸 🌻
1 month ago

Nothing, just having a flashback to that time I spotted David Brenner emerging from a limo in front of Krass Brothers Men's Store. Peak Philly.

#Philly #Philadelphia #memories #CelebritySightings

2 months ago
Rick Gaehl
2 months ago

A trip down memory lane for my photo today. This was my first ever car and I remember it with great affection. I went all sorts of places in it, including trips to France, Italy and Scotland. I also learnt almost everything I know about mending cars from it. I even painted it myself (with a brush) in a fetching shade of maroon.
I bought it in 1972 and managed to keep it going for about 7 years, but eventually it went for scrap...

#ThrowBackThursday #Photography #ClassicCars #Memories #Cars

A small, maroon van, parked in front of a barn in the 1970s.
Coralie Mercier
2 months ago

April 2012, Vara Blanca, Heredia, Costa Rica.

Delicate hummingbird, perched and still, looking at me it seemed.

(Shot with Panasonic DMC-GH1, Lumix Vario G 100-300 mm, 234 mm, f5.2, 1/320, iso400.)

Non-cropped version available at

#memories #travel #CostaRica #birb #hummingbird #photography

Green-crowned brilliant hummingbird close up
Mrs K Husky
2 months ago

It's been 30 years since my first Siberian Husky (Gypsy) was born ❤️ She was my introduction to the breed, I've been hooked ever since. I surprise myself being able to remember her birthday 🥳
#siberianhusky #husky #dogs #dogsofmastadon #memories

Black and white Siberian husky dog curled on a living room chair. A picture taken in the 90's
2 months ago

I had another rummage through my memorabilia box and just found the "flyer" for the party:

We got a rubber stamp made and used that on old discarded linen bedsheets.

I think we even gave away a little ziploc bag full of gummy bears with them when we handed them out.

Check out the accompanying #mixtape above ⬆️ if you haven't done so yet and are that way inclined...

#rave #memories #Jungle #DnB

A rectangular piece of linen bedsheet is stamped with black ink.

It consists of a dancer with a big afro and wearing fly 70s clothing surrounded by circular writing, which reads:

Dopey Daze
Junglistic Beats
Freitag 10.Juli * Mitternacht * DJs Abstract (UK) * uggs-L * H-Flockx (residents)

NB: We stole and hand-traced the guy from a flyer I was handed in Brighton around 1995. Please don't sue us!

🥖 Things I miss most about #SanFrancisco: #Sourdough

It's trendy to start your own mother dough and bake sourdough at home, but I'm just not into that.

One can buy a baked-that-day sourdough "long" or "round" or a "batard" in most SF markets. Several bakeries have retail stores on premises. Boudin @ the Wharf is chef's-kiss, but my favorite (a batard) is made by #AcmeBreadCompany.

#bread #memories #foodie #passthebutterplease

a variety of Acme Bread-brand loaves of various shapes and sizes are displayed on a table. Each has a product card with company logo the name of the bread, ingredients and price.
Firehorseart lives!
3 months ago

is a zine by @simonrussell that I'm in.

It's cheered me up earlier this year, to write some comics fandom memories down.

When kickstarter releases the funds, Simon will be sending out backers' copies. Also a donation of £750 to Alzheimer's Research UK.

I've loved being part of this. Thanks you to everyone who's backed it and been involved!

#art #comics #zine #memories #alzheimers #scifi #history #Marvel #DC #nostalgia #WritingCommunity

A photo by Simon of the inside of an open box, with a pile of madeleine books from CPUK.
Roni Laukkarinen
3 months ago

I remember the hype, I was kind of one of those kids. I was on the Internet before most of the kids in my little town in Finland back in 1995.

"Shouldn't everybody be on the internet?"

I'd answer to that pretty differently nowadays. Back then people knew how to behave, because the Internet wasn't the norm. #Internet #90s #Memories #Retro #Nostalgic

A video from 1995, excited kids explaining why should I be on the Internet with fast paced techno music and the computers of the era in the background.

- Hey, why shold I be on the internet?
- WHyyy?
- Well by the time I'm on college, the Internet will be our telephone, television, shopping center and work place
- And it's already got more stuff you could possible imagine
- In less than an hour you can visit the planet Jupiter, take a tour to the Sistine Chapel, do a research on the rain forest, get soccer scores on a team in Italy, chat with a friend in Australia
- ...and I even found us Piper cat food cupcakes
- Is it as much part of the future as we are
- Shouldn't everybody be on the internet?
- YES!

"Ask how YOU can get on the Internet at your school or local library."
3 months ago

Tattoos sind nicht nur Bilder auf der Haut. Sie tragen Erinnerungen, erzählen Geschichten und begleiten uns durch die Welt ~ #tattoos #memories #tattooed #tattooing #tattootuesday 🤍🤩

Tattoo Strichfrauchen mit Blume in der Hand
Fotomöwe tätowiert selbst

@Raspberry_Pi gasp! That joystick! #memories

Jane 🌍
3 months ago

Trebah Gardens, Cornwall. A lovely, peaceful place to explore. #silentsunday #garden #photography #nature #memories

View down curved stones steps, surrounded by lush green, tall vegetation including varieties of palms and grasses.

[New post] Memories from my first technology job. I don't remember where I took my 1 1/2 week vacation, but I'll never forget how I felt when I returned and read the note on my desk from the company owner.

#technology #memories

Simon Russell
4 months ago

Madeleine is 224% funded but the KS runs till March 4
One article is
Structural Anxiety by Lee Christien (@LeeChristien) " The luminous glow of the newsagents was an oasis on the cold streets of Liverpool”
#comic #alzheimers #funding #zine #memories

Purple image of Charlie Brown and Lucy van Pelt from the cover of Madeleine zine on memories (fundraising for Alzheimer's charity) - currently 224% funded
Brian Ambrozy
4 months ago

I'm sitting here at Anthology Coffee, chatting about how this place is a constant in my life, and I told Nicole (my partner): "I used to come here with Kyle". (Kyle is my son that was murdered in 2019 at age 20).

Then I remembered a photo I took. The last time I was here with him. And I looked at the photo and pulled it up on my phone and it was as if he was sitting right here with us. This place, physically unchanged and yet feeling like an alternate universe. As if I was sitting between two realities: the one where I'm sitting in this place with my son, chatting about life and love, and another dark reality in which he has been ripped out of our lives.

He's here. He's not here. The two lives I live.

#grief #fatherhood #memories #coffee #detroit

A hand holding a phone with a photo on the screen. The photo on the screen is of a young man (the author's deceased son) sitting in front of a wall of plants at a coffee shop. The phone is being held up over the same wall in the present time, indicating that the young man once sat in this place in the past.
4 months ago

Stalker, our navigator, was a first-class traveling kitty. Over the years, as we toured, he got to experience many parts of the country.
#caturday #catsofmastodon #campground #RVlife #fulltimers #memories

A cat is lying on a road atlas on the dashboard of an RV. Seen through the windshield, trees in the campground are visible.
Ana Tudor 🐯
4 months ago

The first time I saw them was on this tour

In a tent, on a still pretty cold mid-March day, shortly before my birthday. And a few hours after puking blood into a bin on the street. And probably looking so straight out of Hell myself I scared the living crap out of a newspaper lady.

As much of a mess as I was before the show, I left with my facial muscles in pain from so much laughter.

#helloween #straightOutOfHell #metal #concert #memories #liveIsLife

4 months ago

20. Complete. Today I walked down to Morans Falls. Dad and I did this walk 12 months before he passed away. He requested a teaspoon of his ashes go over them, with the rest joining Mum at Burleigh Heads. So the last time I did this walk was almost 14 years ago. It is a beautiful place to rest. He loved it so. We loved him so 💜 #memories #23thingsin2023

Looking across the valley to a beautiful cascade of water plunging downs a sheer rock wall into rainforest belo
R. Natale Fine Art
4 months ago

This one is in memory of my brother who passed away 1 night without warning. He had a dream of owning a fishing charter and that passed with him. Life is short! Let's LIVE our dreams.


#ayearforart #artmatters #fishing #remembrance #memories #art #MastoArt #delawareriver #dreamy #Photography #photo

B&W photo of 2 boats fishing on the Delaware River in dense fog.
Steffani Cameron
4 months ago

That time two young boys thought I was a silly tourist overpaying them to wash my clothing (yes, with their feet). But I was overpaying them because they made me laugh and smile so much.

This was the Turkish village of Nar, just 300 km from the epicentre. I’m wondering if their families are okay today.

The trouble with travelling is places are never just place names in the news anymore — they’re memories and a part of you now. #turkey #photography #memories

Donate to the Red Cross if you can.

Two boys in Turkey, about 8, standing together in a 20”-round small tub with water and my clothes. They’re in shorts, standing arm in arm, smiling for me. They’re on the roof and it’s a hot September day. The arid town of Nar spreads out in the distance.
The same boys hamming it up. The larger one is roughhousing the smaller boy, both are laughing. The larger boy is looking straight at my camera with a gleam in his eyes.
4 months ago

This is what I paid for gas three years ago. #inflation #gas #gasprices #memories #thosewerethedays #backinmyday #sigh