Marcia Nelson Pedde
9 hours ago

moving day
each sweet memory gently
wrapped in her heart

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21 hours ago

Our imaginations 👑🪽 are like surfing A sub-conscious wave 🌊 while stitching 🪡 two starlight 🌞 projections of relative past and present DNA 🧬 into A third weaving with wheels on the ground 🛞.

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1 day ago

#science #memory #brain #neuroscience #saturatedfat #diet #dha A new study suggests that a high-fat diet may impair memory by causing inflammatory effects and issues in cell-signaling management in the brain cells, especially as people age, but the omega-3 fatty acid DHA may help mitigate these effects.

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
2 days ago

what happens in your brain when you change your mind?

The Neurobiology Of Changing Priorities In A Songbird | study out of Columbia & Cornell | published by Nature

by @GrrlScientist via Forbes Science / Forbes

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3 days ago

Raus aus dem Haus, ab auf's #Fahrrad, oder zu #Fuß wandernd durch die #Landschaft, die #Natur genießen. Eindrücke sammeln und den mentalen #Speicher auffüllen! Dabei entstehen #Bilder, werden #Erinnerungen auf Vorrat produziert. Wie dieses #Foto für den heutigen #Fensterfreitag.

Get out of the house, get on your
#bike or go for a #walk through the #countryside, enjoy #nature. Collect impressions and fill up your mental #memory. In the process, #images are created, #memories are produced in store. Like this #photo for today's #WindowFriday!

#fotografie #photography

DE: Eingangsbereich und Vorgarten von einem alten, mit Holz verkleidetem Haus. Die 2-flügeligen und 3-fach unterteilten weißen Fensterrahmen sind bis ins Obergeschoß umgeben von großen Rankpflanzen, eine Steintreppe führt durch den Garten zur mit roten Dachpfannen überdachten, ebenfalls berankten weißen Eingangstür, in deren obere Hälfte ein Fenster eingelassen ist, welches durch ein Fensterkreuz in vier Quadrate geteilt ist. Auf den Treppenstufen stehen Pflanztöpfe, an der Hauswand lehnt ein altes Wagenrad. Am rechten Bildrand der dicke Stamm einer alten Lärche, deren Äste das mit roten Pfannen gedeckte Dach mit dem Dachfenster am oberen Bildrand verdecken. Ländliche Idylle!
EN: Entrance area and front garden of an old house clad in wood. The 2-winged and 3-divided white window frames are surrounded by large climbing plants up to the upper floor, a stone staircase leads through the garden to the white entrance door, which is covered with red roof tiles and is also covered with a roof, in the upper half of which a window is let in, which is divided into four squares by a window cross. There are plant pots on the steps, and an old wagon wheel leans against the wall of the house. At the right edge of the picture the thick trunk of an old larch tree, whose branches cover the red-tiled roof with the skylight at the upper edge of the picture. Rural idyll!
4 days ago

"The most ordinary soundscapes soothe me, a memory of how the world sounded when the pedal broke off my bicycle and I had to walk everywhere, how walking from my neighborhood to the new-ish mixed use area on the way to the commissary felt uncanny, so many sounds, so many changes in terrain from day to day due to construction and unloading vehicles. I still see it in my mind as many places at once, places that all exist now like map overlays ..."
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a photo of a grackle next to a sign that says "Look for Trains" 
Text reads "buhhhhhhhhraingfoggly notions: ordinary sounds, commutes, the bruncheoisie, and squeezing a big giant book into a budget tighter than an ant fart" The strange word is brainfog, creatively spelled to reflect my exhaustion.

Diana Butler Bass notes that, as nationalists bemoan the removal of statues honoring a shameful past, they ignore the following:

"Movements of malignant nostalgia ignore the more important questions: What has already been buried and forgotten? Whose history has been paved over by the powerful? What lies underfoot? Are there memories we must excavate to be know the truth and be set free?"

#history #education #nationalism #WhiteChristianNationalism #memory #remembrance

Swede’s Photographs
6 days ago

Good morning. 🌥️🌤️🌞

26 September 2023

Just a few minutes ago, i thought of what to write about this morning. I should have written it down, because the thought vanished into thin air.

Isn't it weird how you can be thinking about something and be sure that you won't forget and forget anyway. You still know there was a thought but can't recall the thought. Maybe it just morning brain.

Anyway, there is a technician coming this morning to repair one of our garage doors. A cable came loose and I'm hesitant about messing with the big spring myself, though I've done it in the past. I decided to hire a pro this time. I went through Angi, so I'll see how that goes.

“If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

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There is a bird flying low over calm water.  Water splashes up towards the bird, Its reflection flies below.  I think the bird is an Osprey.

Breathing through the nose can boost memory recall, a new study shows. This is because nasal breathing synchronizes brain waves in the olfactory and memory regions. Nasal breathing could be a simple way to enhance cognitive performance and well-being.

#Breathing #Memory #Nose

PC Gamer
6 days ago

Samsung's new low power, high performance memory range could be a serious boon for compact gaming laptops

Check it out! 👇

#Lpddr5x #Ddr5 #Camm #Lpcamm #Samsung #Memory #Hardware

Angelika Wienert
6 days ago

Requiem by Chris Ofili unveiled at #Tate Britain

#artist Khadija Saye

tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire

#art #memory #London

6 days ago

'An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Pre-training in Lifelong Learning', by Sanket Vaibhav Mehta, Darshan Patil, Sarath Chandar, Emma Strubell.

#forgetting #lifelong #memory

#Question: You have said that #memory represents an #experience that has not been understood. Does that mean that our experiences are of no value to us? And why does a fully understood experience leave no memory?

#Krishnamurti: I am afraid that most of the experiences that one has are of no value. You are repeating the same thing over and over again, whereas to me an experience really understood frees the mind from all search for experience. You confront an incident from which you hope, to learn, from which you hope to profit, and you multiply experiences, one after another. With that idea of sensation, of learning, of gaining, you meet various experiences; you meet them with a prejudiced mind. Thus you are using the experiences that confront you merely as a means to get something else - to get rich emotionally or mentally, to enjoy. You think that these experiences have no inherent value; you look to them only to get something else through them.

Where there is want there must be memory, which creates time. And most minds, being caught in time, meet life with that limitation. That is, bound by this limitation they try to understand something that has no limit. Therefore there is conflict. In other words, the experiences from which we try to learn are born of reaction. There is no such thing as learning from experience or through experience.

The questioner wants to know why a fully understood experience leaves no memory. We are lonely, empty; being conscious of that emptiness, that loneliness, we turn to experience to fill it. We say, "I shall learn from experience; let me fill my mind with experience which destroys loneliness." Experience does destroy loneliness, but it makes us very superficial. That is what we are always doing; but if we realize that this very want creates loneliness, then loneliness will disappear.

David Bloomberg
6 days ago

I liked the first episode of #TheIrrational. This was enhanced by the way the main character (played by Jesse Martin) was actually informative about scientific facts like the malleability & fallibility of memory. I’ll be interested to see what’s next.

#TV #TVShow #Entertainment #Science #Memory 📚
1 week ago

Google is introducing a new Performance Panel to Chrome that will allow users to track sleeping tabs, tab performance and memory usage. #google #chrome #performance #memory

1 week ago

Some Sunday reading:
New Discoveries for Brain Health, Memory, and Learning
The amazing benefits of a compound in coffee, learning strategies, and does suppressing negative thoughts really help?
#mentalhealth #memory #brain #learning

1 week ago

Some Sunday reading:
New Discoveries for Brain Health, Memory, and Learning

The amazing benefits of a compound in coffee, learning strategies, and does suppressing negative thoughts really help?
#mentalhealth #memory #brain #learning

Eka A.
1 week ago

Having #holes in one's #memory is #devastating. #amnesia

1 week ago

#memory #wasps #childhood

Ireland, 1974.

I'm six years old, and in shorts. I don't like short trousers any more, but since my mother does and she's the one that buys my clothes, I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It's warm, the sun is shining, and I'm terrified because I have to Do The Bins.


Hundreds of wasps aloft over treetops at a safe distance

Institutional Memory: What institutions (like schools) like to remember, and what they would prefer to forget.

#memory #history #traditions

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
1 week ago

11 Simple Ways to Improve Your #Memory
Long-term, immediate, and #habitual methods for keeping your #memories fresh and clear.

Schachjugend NRW
1 week ago

Der #Go Verband ist übrigens auch auf der #Spiel23 - in Halle 3, gegenüber von uns. #Memory wird zudem als Deutsche Meisterschaft in der Galerie gespielt. #SchlaueSpiele #SchachRockt

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 week ago

From 21 Sep: Silence Is Consent? … Not Now, It Isn’t - The Atlantic’s Megan Garber wrote brilliantly of the word we use to indicate something quite the op... #alcohol #behavior #consent #culture #megan-garber #memory #russell-brand #sexual-assault #women

1 week ago

🧵 2/3 We've also just released #Radeon #Memory Visualizer (RMV) 1.7!

🏁 Improved support for aliased resources
🏁 Radeon GPU Detective (RGD) crash dump loading
🏁 Enhanced system memory info

2 weeks ago

Spent a lot of yesterday continually logging into the mesh router to adjust settings and today I can't even remember the password. Welcome to the rest of my life #PostCovid #Memory #Age

#Question: The other day you spoke of #memory as a hindrance to true understanding. I have recently had the misfortune of losing my brother. Should I try to forget that loss?

#Krishnamurti: I explained the other day what I mean by memory. I shall try to explain it again.

After you have seen a beautiful sunset, you return to your home or office and begin again to live in that sunset, as your home or office is not as you would have it, it is not beautiful; so to escape from that ugliness you return in memory to that sunset. Thus you create in your mind a distinction between your home, which does not give you joy, and the thing that gives you great delight, the sunset. So, when you are confronted by circumstances which are not pleasant, you turn to the memory of that which is joyous. But if, instead of turning to a dead memory, you would try to alter the circumstances that are unpleasant, then you would be living intensely in the present and not in the dead past. So when one loses someone whom one loves greatly, why is there this constant looking back, this constant holding on to that which gave us pleasure, this longing to have that person back again? This is what everyone goes through when he experiences such a loss. He escapes from the sorrow of that loss by turning to the remembrance of the person who is gone, by living in a future, or by belief in the hereafter - which is also a kind of memory. It is because our minds are perverted through escape, because they are incapable of meeting suffering openly, freshly, that we have to revert to memory, and thus the past encroaches upon the present.

So the question is not whether you should or should not remember your brother or your husband, your wife or your children; rather, it is a matter of living completely, wholly, in the present, though that does not imply that you are indifferent to those who are about you. When you live completely, wholly, there is in that intensity, the flame of living, which is not the mere imprint of an incident.

How is one to live completely in the present, so that mind is not perverted with past memories and future longings - which are also memory? Again, the question is not how you should live completely, but what prevents you from living completely. For when you ask how, you are looking for a method, a means, and to me, a method destroys understanding. If you know what prevents you from living completely, then out of yourself, out of your own awareness and understanding, you will free yourself from that hindrance. What prevents you from freeing yourself is your search for certainty, your continual longing for gain, for accumulation, for achievement. But do not ask, "How am I to conquer these hindrances?" for all conquering is but a process of further gain, further accumulation. If this loss is really creating suffering in you, if it is really giving you intense - not superficial - sorrow, then you will not ask how; then you will see immediately the futility of looking back or forward for consolation.

When most people say that they suffer, their suffering is but superficial. They suffer, but at the same time they want other things: they want comfort, they are afraid, they search out ways and means of escape. Superficial sorrow is always accompanied by the desire for comfort. Superficial suffering is like shallow ploughing of the soil; it achieves nothing. Only when you till the soil deeply, to the full depth of the ploughshare, is there richness. In the state of complete suffering there is complete under- standing, in which hindrances as memories both of the present and of the future cease to exist. Then you are living in the eternal present.

You know, to understand a thought or an idea does not mean merely to agree with it intellectually.

There are various kinds of memories: there is the memory that forces itself upon you in the present, the memory to which you turn actively, and the memory of looking forward to the future. All these prevent your living completely. But do not begin to analyze your memories. Do not ask, "Which memory is preventing my complete living?" When you question in that way, you do not act; you merely examine memory intellectually, and such an examination has no value because it deals with a dead thing. From a dead thing there is no understanding. But if you are truly aware in the present, in the moment of action, then all these memories come into activity. Then you need not go through the process of analyzing them.

Jeffrey Yost
2 weeks ago

CBI Image of the Day:

The IBM EA-6B, used for the Navy's EA-6B Prowler, an electronic warfare aircraft. This marked the first time a micro-programmed logic control, implemented with read-only storage, was used in aerospace applications, ca 1960s.

#tech #technology #computer #ibm #memory #history

Black and white image of a man pointing to  the storage units within a computer.
CJ Stevens - Metaphysiology
2 weeks ago

The content of our #consciousness depends crucially upon inhibitory processes through which selection and elimination can occur. More and more research (some of my own included) shows that physiological age-related #memory decline is not so much an issue of increasing but in fact *decreasing* forgetting (i.e. inhibitory "elimination"). Without directed inhibition, discrete memories have difficulty arriving to "consciousness" due to excess noise from overlap with other memories. ⬇️


2 weeks ago

"In the library, maps fade and crumble but some memory persists, with rice starch and micro-thin tangles of mulberry tissue maybe I can knit them together, redraw faded forests, dry rivers, eroded coastlines …" #memory #longcovidstories

library of congress card catalog room, early 1900's. black and white photo of a room with with tables covered with boxes full of cards, and a few people in their own worlds searching through them.

Humans have a unique sense of order that allows them to remember the sequence of information, such as words, numbers, or events. This ability is essential for language, culture, and cognition, but it is not shared by other animals or our closest relatives, the bonobos. Humans have evolved a special brain mechanism for sequential memory, and that this mechanism could explain some of the differences between human and animal intelligence.

#Order #Memory #Human

2 weeks ago

17 September 1928 | Polish Jewish boy, Chaim Grosbard, was born in Lublin. He emigrated to France.

He was deported to #Auschwitz from Beaune la Rolande on 5 August 1942. He did not survive.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

Never forget…

Auschwitz Memorial
2 weeks ago

17 September 1928 | Polish Jewish boy, Chaim Grosbard, was born in Lublin. He emigrated to France.

He was deported to #Auschwitz from Beaune la Rolande on 5 August 1942. He did not survive.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

A photo of Chaim Grosbard - a smiling boy in a turtleneck and a jacket.
Knowledge Zone
2 weeks ago

#Memory #Games can go a long way in helping out with your cognitive functions. Memory games have been proven to help out in several ways, such as stimulating your memory and have fun in the process.

Here is a simple memory game of matching letters.

Jan :rust: :ferris:
2 weeks ago

@appelgriebsch Hey Andreas,
you might want to check out one of these (⚠️I haven't used any of them yet⚠️)

dhat-rs | Heap profiling and ad hoc #profiling for #Rust programs:

allocscope - a memory tracking tool:

parca | Continuous profiling for analysis of #CPU and memory usage, down to the line number and throughout time:

heaptrack | A heap #memory #profiler for Linux:

#RustLang #Benchmark

2 weeks ago

Jessica Chastain’s ‘Memory’ Director Was Warned She’d Be a ‘Nightmare and a Diva’ After Oscar Win; People Told Him, ‘She Is Going to Leave Your Film’
#Variety #News #JessicaChastain #Memory

Gregory B Sadler
3 weeks ago

Here's a short piece reflecting on experiences and emotions from a recent hike. Originally published in The Stoic, it opens up the question what a Stoic sense of joy can include
#Stoicism #Joy #Hiking #Emotion #Happiness #Sadness #Memory #Life #Nature

Sybil Ehrensberger
3 weeks ago

#TIL that a bug in Docker Desktop for Mac can cause my remote server to run out of memory 🙈

Be careful if you're using Docker contexts and docker compose. Details here:

#docker #memory #devops

How do you know what's true?

My philosophy, if it can be called such, is that of Pyrrho – the Truth cannot be known, therefore suspend judgement and Believe nothing.

Sheila Marie Orfano discusses a version of this in this Ted-Ed 5-minute video.

#Memory #Truth #Philosophy #Religion #Atheist

Alwin de Rooij
3 weeks ago

Traveling and Creativity ☀️ 🏖️

This study from the future by Hu & Wan - it's already published in 2024 - shows how recalling holiday memories can boost your creativity. 💡 🎨 ✍️

Another reason to plan that new vacation, if you needed one.

#Creativity #Innovation #Holidays #Vacation #Memory #Psychology

Auschwitz Memorial
3 weeks ago

8 September 1932 | A Czech Jewish girl, Edita Weiszová, was born in Prague (in the pic at the age of 2)

She was deported to Auschwitz from Theresienstadt ghetto on 28 October 1944. She was murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

2 year old girl  Edita Weiszova sitting in a white blouse and some toy in her hands.
Eva Amsen
3 weeks ago

To celebrate that September will always kind of feel like the start of a new school year to me, I wrote about a recent study that used an art heist-themed game to show that curiosity-driven exploration helps you retain information better. #science #memory #studytips #WroteThis

Swede’s Photographs
4 weeks ago

Good morning. 🌄🌄🌄

6 September 2023

Yesterday, I had on my mind something that I could write about today. But today, I can't remember what it was. It's like that sometimes.

Have you ever been approached by somebody who knows you, and you recognize, but can't remember their name? It used to happen to me a lot and it was awkward. But now I stay boarded up at home, so problem solved. :) Except when we go to my wife's hometown in Georgia. There, I remember almost nobody outside the immediate family. My wife always introduces people to me by saying, "you remember" and the person's name. It's always an awkward moment because I don't have any idea, but I smile and nod. I don't hear well anyway, so smiling and nodding is something I do well.

“If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.” - Edgar Allan Poe

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #memory #foliage #stairs

This is a photograph of a cement or stone stairway that goes up a hill next to a stone wall.  The wall is on the left and dense forest is on the right.  Over the stairway extending diagonally from the atop the wall down to the forest are vines. The stair way path up the hill passes under the vines like going through a tunnel. 

I took this photograph in Roatan, Honduras.
Gidon Frischkorn
4 weeks ago

Starting in January 2024, there is an open PostDoc position in the Cognition lab at UZH (PI: Klaus Oberauer). Please forward to anyone potentially interested in joining an international and highly collaborative team doing research related to memory, executive control, and capacity limits of cognition! Application deadline is October, 15th, 2023.

#academicjobs #psychology #cognitionjobs #memory

Auschwitz Memorial
4 weeks ago

Volunteer Academy 2023 - online project of the Auschwitz Memorial - call for participants

🗓️ 13 Oct - 23 Nov

We invite everyone interested in the history of Auschwitz & volunteering at our Archives. All meetings will be conducted online & in English.

Registration & details:,1639.html

#Auschwitz #education #volunteering #memory #CfP

A prisoner personal card of Jeno Hoffmann from Buchenwald camp.
1 month ago

#Design #Explorations
Design tool memory usage · Testing Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Affinity Designer

#UiDesign #WebDesign #DesignTools #AffinityDesigner #Figma #Illustrator #Photoshop #Sketch #Mac #Memory

Auschwitz Memorial
1 month ago

4 September 1943 | A transport of 1,000 Jews deported from Drancy in German-occupied France arrived at #Auschwitz. After the selection 232 men and 106 women were registered in the camp. The remaining 662 people were murdered in a gas chamber.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

Jody Still Writes
1 month ago

I visited Acoma with my mother and stepfather in 2007; this poster for a past exhibit was in the trash, and I received permission to keep it. It's been up on my wall ever since. My mother's been on my mind because Aug. 31 would've been her 90th birthday. She would've liked this chance reflection of the window. #photograph #memory #NewMexico

Poster from Haaku Museum at Akoma Pueblo, 2007 exhibit "Key Ingredients: America by Food." Reflection of trees through window appears on earthen oven in which woman is placing bread.
Auschwitz Memorial
1 month ago

3 September 1927 | French Jewish girl, Suzanne Buch, was born in Paris.

She was deported to Auschwitz from Pithiviers on 7 August 1942. She did not survive.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

A young girl with long dark hair in a coat photographed with some trees in the background.
CJ Stevens - Metaphysiology
1 month ago

A question for the #pragmatists:

Anyone know of work that traces the evolution of #Dewey's understanding of #memory as a #cognitive function?

I ask this as I re-read Reconstruction in Philosophy and take full measure of just how empirically incorrect almost everything in the first few pages is with respect to what we know about memory qua vital function. It seems to me that by Logic his view is quite different, so I'm curious if someone has tracked this point. Thanks!


Damon Outlaw
1 month ago

It is in her memory that I am building #Memory she loved writing and connecting with others. She advocated for those that couldn’t do so for themselves.
I know not everyone gets to have good parents let alone one good parent. I recognise the blessing that I had.

1 month ago

Have you noticed that your Vivaldi browser is much faster now, especially when you open a new window? 🤩

We launched new version on #desktop – Vivaldi 6.2 - yesterday! 🎉 And by rendering browser windows through React portals, we’ve unlocked new possibilities, reduced #memory usage, and significantly improved overall #performance.

We observed a 37% improvement in the opening of new windows compared to the previous version ‼️

Read more 👇

Auschwitz Memorial
1 month ago

30 August 1888 | Austrian Jewish woman, Hermine Hupka-Brüll, was born in Vienna. She emigrated to the Netherlands.

In April 1944 she was deported from Westerbork to Theresienstadt. On 9 October 1944 she was deported to Auschwitz & murdered in a gas chamber after selection.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

A photo of a mature woman in dark blouse.
1 month ago

Enjoy a faster Vivaldi after a massive #code refactoring 🎉

Our new version on #desktop is now faster, especially when you open a new window⚡️

By rendering browser windows through React portals, we’ve reduced #memory usage, and significantly improved overall #performance.

Whether you use #Shortcuts, Menus, or Quick Commands, the portal-aware functionality ensures a noticeable increase in #speed when opening a new window 🏃

More about Vivaldi 6.2 👇


Enjoy a faster Vivaldi after a massive code refactoring
Flipboard Science Desk
1 month ago

Short naps can improve memory, increase productivity, reduce stress and promote a healthier heart.

A Texas A&M professor explains how @TheConversationUS

#Sleep #Memory #Brain #Research #Health

Auschwitz Memorial
1 month ago

26 August 1943 | A transport of 1,001 Jews arrived at Auschwitz from Westerbork in the German-occupied Netherlands.

After the selection made by SS doctors 188 men & 44 women were registered in the camp. The women were then transferred to the experimental sterilization station of Dr. Carl Claubeg at Auschwitz I.

The remaining 721 people were murdered in gas chambers.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #memory #otd #facts

Auschwitz Memorial
1 month ago

26 August 1923 | A German Jewish woman, Ilse Kahn, was born in Wermelskirchen. She emigrated to the Netherlands.

In November 1942, she was deported from Westerbork to Auschwitz. She perished in the camp on 28 February 1943.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

A photo of a smiling young woman.
J. Steven York
1 month ago

Found some doodles tonight that I'd made on while at a writer's workshop a couple years back. (They were done on the back of pages from a Golden Nugget Casino message pad). This one I like. Doesn't look so great blown up, but at the original size (a couple inches tall) it almost looks like somebody with ability did it.
The sketch was done from memory of a favorite toy I had when I was a small child. It was a set of tiny, plastic, alien figures, molded in various colors and poses, and each about an inch tall. Small as they were, I lost them, one by one, or maybe in bunches as I left them some place. I was very sad when they were gone. But I never forget them. And mind you, I'm pretty old. I remembered them for almost SIXTY years at this point.
All things considered, pretty good likeness. The suits are less robotic, the antenna more like TV rabbit ears, there are rivets around the eyes, there's no real chest pack, and I completely forgot those jug-handle ears!
I finally tracked down what they were. "Giant aliens," "Giant" in this case being the name of the plastic company that made them, not the size. The photo is cribbed from an EBay listing. I'd love to have at least one of these guys, but apparently a lot of other people are obsessed with them too (and there aren't many left). They seem to go for around $25 on the collector's market. The photo listing is for a lot of nine figures, and the asking price was $250! That's over $330 a foot! Too rich for my blood.
But I have my drawing, and now I'm thinking about expanding my Blender skills and taking this as a project to design one (probably based on my drawing, not the original) in 3D, so maybe I can print my own.
(Edited to correct wrong version of the photo being uploaded, and to add alt-text to the pictures).

#aliens #popculture #toys #toyfigurines #giantaliens #nostalgia #memory #blender #3dprinting #arttoys #ufos

Ink drawing of a large headed space alien with antennas, a gas-mask face (with hose and big glass eyes), holding up a round thing with a handle. Memory of a childhood plastic toy.
Phone of three "Giant Aliens," actually toys about in inch tall, made in the early 1960s. Similar to the alien in the drawing except for details discussed in the text. Each of these three (gold, green, pink) carry a ray-gun rifle.
1 month ago

I have very bad #memory in general, but good memory for #places. It’s interesting how I clearly remember where I was when I was reading certain #books, even many years later.

The Lord of the Rings: trips by coach between Granada and Seville, 2005–2006.
Dracula: commuting by bus between Madrid and Alcobendas, 2011 or 2012.
What Do You Care What Other People Think?: beaches of Malta.
Don Quixote: Tokyo, 2014–2016. On Liberty ,too; I remember reading that at one of those popular cafes near Omotesando.
Swann’s Way: bus commutes in Madrid, 2019 or 2020.

And so on.

Mariam Aly
1 month ago

How do we balance paying attention to the external world vs our internal thoughts?

The basal forebrain & dorsal attention network dynamically interact with the hippocampus to balance external and internal attention.

Super proud of grad student and first author Craig Poskanzer for his tenacity in leading this project!

#neuroscience #psychology #memory

1 month ago

John Warnock, the CEO and founder of Adobe passed away. I wish his family well and hope that their memories are full of joy.
I had the sheer luck of being tapped to work on Acrobat after two and change years of working on PostScript printers. Acrobat was very much John's brainchild and even though it had its own management structure, John was very much interested in what was going on and shaped changes in the application. Some of the Mac engineers had a routine of going to the cafeteria together: me, Nathan Graham, Mike Pell, and Alan Wootton. Sometimes we had Mike Diamond who was on the Windows team.
From time to time, as we were finishing up, John would come to our table and keep someone behind for a one-on-one. This happened often enough that we called get it "getting Warnocked". Usually John had seen something in the app that got him excited and wanted it to be better and would do an end run around the actual process to get what he wanted. Often his instincts were good, but engineering suffered as a result. But, hey, you don't say no to the CEO.
I was formally brought onto the team to work on full-text search, but was immediately grabbed by the main Acrobat team to work on the product and fix bugs.
At one point, I had an awful medical incident that cost me a 3 week hospitalization. Afterwards, I was home for a month recovering and working part time. At this point, I was getting search working on the Mac and tried to catch up with Carla Orthlieb who had a big head start on the product. While I was recovering, I was messing around with molding and casting as a hobby and had an idea to make "comedy lobotomy scars". Jeremy Weiss, a friend from college who was in med school, sent me suture kits and detailed instructions for tying sutures. I made the scars from clay, made plaster molds, and cast the prosthetics in latex and tied in sutures. Karin Jurcevich, our administrative assistant, used to work at a makeup counter at Nordstrom's and brought in a makeup kit and we worked to apply the scars and make them look realistic. On company time.
This was of course the day that John had been trying out the early Mac search release and came by my cube to Warnock me. As we were talking I was watching his eyes. They kept flicking from from my eyes to my forehead to my eyes to my forehead. I ignored him, and waited for the awkwardness to reach its apex and I interrupted him and pointed to the scars and said, "John, they're not real. It's a joke. Since I was away for a couple months, I thought it would be hilarious to come back with lobotomy scars." John took out his glasses and looked closer and started laughing. "I thought it was plastic surgery!" John had a good sense of humor and didn't mind when his employees were weird as long as they produced results.
Farewell, John. #Acrobat #pdf #adobe #memory

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A Mainframe Computer for the Modern Age - The era of mainframe computers and directly programming machines with switches is ... - #directprogramming #retrocomputing #minimainframe #mainframe #registers #hardware #memory #panel #retro

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Neuroscientists successfully test theory that forgetting is actually a form of learning

Adaptive expression of engrams by retroactive interference

• Retroactive interference causes forgetting by the competition of two memory engrams
• Forgotten engrams can be expressed or updated by reexposure to training cues
• Artificial reactivation of engram cells rescues interference-induced forgetting
• Interference is an active process that requires the activation of the suppressed engram

these findings indicate that retroactive interference modules engram expression in a manner that is both reversible and updatable. Inference may constitute a form of adaptive forgetting where, in everyday life, new perceptual and environmental inputs modulate the natural forgetting process.

#memory #engram #neuroscience #cognition

Going through Samsung Notes to ensure I transfer the correct weird bits and blurbs of ideas I've frantically typed throughout the last months/years for potential development into WordPress posts via the excellent Jetpack app for Android.

(I know I *could* write these blurbs directly in Jetpack, but the thing is, not all my notes would necessarily be turned into blog posts, as some are just random notes to myself).

Anyway, the reason for my semi-obsessive note taking is a creativity-related concept I've been grappling with for 30 years now.

Throughout the years, I've found that no matter HOW great and memorable your idea is, you will NOT remember it later. There are exactly two paths. You need to 1) write it down AS SOON AS YOU THINK OF IT, so you can remember it and enjoy it or scrap it later, or, 2) get used to a 'zen' kind of acceptance thing for ideas, to just let them go when you can't remember them later.

The price of remembering an idea is writing it down immediately, wherever you are. Somewhere you can find it.

Or maybe your thing is voice notes, if you remember to check them. I don't like voice stuff. I'm old. I write! 🤣

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Auschwitz Memorial
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19 August 1942 | A transport of 997 Jews deported from Drancy arrived at Auschwitz. After the selection 897 of them were immediately murdered in gas chambers.

One of them was Fanny Brauch from Paris.
She was 15 years old.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

A portrait photo of a girl with blond curly hair.
Auschwitz Memorial
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19 August 1883 | Czech Jew, Oskar Ofer, was born in Prague.

He was deported to Auschwitz from Theresienstadt ghetto on 23 October 1944. He was murdered in a gas chamber after arrival selection.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

A portrait photo of a man with mustache wearing glasses and a suit.
Auschwitz Memorial
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18 August 1920 | Polish Jewish woman, Nina Seewald, was born in Klasno near Krakow. She emigrated to Belgium.

In 1942 she was deported to #Auschwitz from Mechelen / Malines. She did not survive.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

A portrait photo of a smiling young women with dark hair.
Auschwitz Memorial
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18 August 1942 | A transport of 506 Jewish men, women and children deported from Westerbork in German-occupied Netherlands arrived at Auschwitz.

SS doctors selected 319 men & 40 women to be registered in the camp. The remaining 147 people were murdered in a gas chamber.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

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@DrOinFLA it’s weird how I can see it in my mind as there now and I can picture what’s really there now. Memory as a superposition of states. #quantum #memory

Tommy Williams
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If you practice #yoga or #meditation, you probably already know this:

How you breathe affects how you memorize things:

#breathe #memory #learning

Auschwitz Memorial
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16 August 1942 | The Germans deported about 2,000 Jews from Sosnowiec to Auschwitz - among them many elderly people who had no employment in the ghetto. They were all murdered in gas chambers on the same day.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

Damon Outlaw
2 months ago Yeah, there are some uglier parts for sure and some ugly parts of the culture, but there are improvement abounds. I am so excited for both the near term and long term future. There are also many projects that I didn't list and or don't even know about.
#Sup a #Fedi WhatsApp alternative, there's a Pinterest styled platform being worked on, #Goldfish is like Snapchat/Tiktok, #Fediview allows users to view an multiple options of a #Mastodon algorithmic view, my platform #Memory etc It is truly an exciting time!

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30 musicians on the album that changed their life as a kid
Members of Kiss, Black Sabbath, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Rage Against The Machine and more reveal the albums that set them on the path to rock stardom


Auschwitz Memorial
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13 August 1925 | Polish Jewish girl, Chana Golczer, was born in Biała. Her family emigrated to France.

She was deported from Pithiviers to Auschwitz on 31 July 1942. She was murdered in a gas chamber after the arrival selection.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

A young girl photographed in gorgeous dress and pearls.
Auschwitz Memorial
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11 August 1936 | Dutch Jewish boy, Benjamin Wolff, was born in Sittard.

In September 1943 he was deported from Westerbork to Auschwitz. He was murdered in a gas chamber after arrival selection.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

A boy sitting on a stool. He has large buttons at his short. His mother stands next to him and put her arm around him.