the Metaverse made... $470. 🤣

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6 hours ago

If you want anymore proof that #META and #Zuckerberg are evil and complicit in the move toward fascism, here you go. Do not Federate with #Threads.

Court documents in the case revealed that Facebook’s parent company Meta supplied police with the private Facebook messages that Celeste and Jessica Burgess had sent one another. In one message, Celeste told Jessica: “Remember we burn the evidence.”

8 hours ago

unrelated: TIL mastodon doesn't support `inline code formatting`
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>The Carbon Bankroll

New research makes it possible to calculate the emissions generated by a company’s #cash and #investments (cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities). This research illuminates that this previously #HiddenEmissions source is substantial. For some of the world’s largest companies, including #Alphabet, #Meta, #Microsoft, and #Salesforce, their cash and investments are their largest source of #emissions.

#ClimateCrisis #Capitalism #Carbon


The Carbon Bankroll

The Carbon Bankroll In response to the climate crisis, the world’s most responsible companies are doubling down on their efforts to combat climate change. From utilizing 100% renewable energy to electrifying fleets to investing in carbon removal technologies, the growing toolbox of climate solutions companies employ to decarbonize their direct and supply chain emissions is becoming increasingly systemic and effective.  However, one source of corporate supply chain emissions has long existed beneath the radar because it has been difficult to analyze: the climate impact of companies’ banking practices. Even for corporations with billions of dollars in cash and investments, it has not been possible to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their corporate cash and investments.  Until now. News-Bot
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17 hours ago

»#Meta Ramps Up #MetaverseInvestments in #Vietnam: The metaverse tech giant has begun to increase its investments in the Southeast Asian nation.« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

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So your position is that you decide to ignore robots.txt (i.e. the instance owner's decision on whether the instance should be scrapped by crawlers) because of your personal or business interests?

If so, it does sound quite a lot like the #surveillancecapitalism from the likes of #Google or #Meta.

Omar Eldahan :mastodon:
1 day ago

Potentially #UnpopularOpinion, but I'm genuinely excited about #Threads federating. The biggest appeal of #Xitter was and remains not the platform itself, but the people we follow.

As much as I despise #Meta & #Facebook, being able to use Mastodon while following my favorite accounts without supporting another closed platform is incredible. In the same way, I hope that #Bluesky and AT Protocol eventually integrate somehow with #ActivityPub and the rest of the #Fediverse.


Ang Black
1 day ago

US mother sentenced to two years in prison for giving daughter #abortion pills

> Jessica Burgess pleaded guilty in July to providing an abortion after 20 weeks and tampering with human remains


Court documents in the case revealed that Facebook’s parent company Meta supplied police with the private Facebook messages that Celeste and Jessica Burgess had sent one another. In one message, Celeste told Jessica: “Remember we burn the evidence.”
1 day ago

Anybody else using #Instagram here? Their #contentmoderation is doing suspiciously targetted banning, preventing me from posting whenever I mention the words #RussellBrand, WTF?!! I've been banned and suspended TWICE from posting this week, but only when I use those #keywords. What is #Meta doing?

Doug Parker
1 day ago

Had to download #WhatsApp the other day and I'm amazed at how it effectively *requires* access to your contacts.

If you try to even send a message, it immediately asks for access to your contacts, and if you say "no" it just stops and you can't send a message. I'm not getting tricked into giving my social graph to #Meta again.

What's crazier is that a friend downloaded it at the same time but *could* send a message without giving access to contacts. Apparently their #iPhone app support this while the #Android app does not.

So my friend could initiate a conversation with me, and I can view and respond. But I can't initiate a conversation with them. (I wonder if this was a requirement of Apple's review?)

Seriously, fuck off with these privacy-invasive designs. There is no valid reason for this.

Screenshot of the WhatsApp "Chats" tab. A dialog is displayed which reads "To help you message friends and family on WhatsApp, allow WhatsApp access to your contacts. Tap Settings > Permissions, and turn Contacts on."
Android Infotech
1 day ago

How to Create Multiple Profiles on Facebook? 🌐🧑🧑‍🦱 #Facebook #Meta #Android
This comprehensive guide will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on seamlessly creating and adeptly managing multiple Facebook profiles.

EngelMichelmann 👼
1 day ago

Stelle fest: Facebook zu verlassen ist gar nicht so einfach, wenn man WhatsApp für die alten Eltern weiter nutzen möchte. 🤷🏻‍♂️
1 day ago

У Threads може з’явитися функція редагування дописів

#meta #

Dan York
1 day ago

I find it fascinating that #Meta just announced the ability of #Facebook users to have multiple accounts attached to their single Facebook account. So you can have different “personas” for interacting with different communities differently:

Now, this is nothing very new...


1 day ago

CBC Says Canada Is “Canary In The Coal Mine” As The Pubcaster Predicts Meta & Alphabet Will Block News Content In Other Countries
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1 day ago

Guns For Sale: YouTube Content Creators Are Flaunting Firearms

The gun culture is seemingly popular on social media in India. Decode tracked some pages and their creators.

#GunCulture #facebook #instagram #meta #youtube #SocialMedia #gangs #crime #hindutva #HinduNationalism #LawrenceBishnoi #delhi #punjab #UttarPradesh #india

Olhar Digital
1 day ago - GFF
1 day ago

Plattformen wie #Facebook führen bereits eine #Chatkontrolle durch. Damit verletzt #Meta nicht nur die #Privatsphäre, sondern auch das #Grundrecht, über eigene Daten zu bestimmen. Wir haben uns gegen diese rechtswidrige Praxis gewandt. @JuergenBering 📚
1 day ago

Meta’s in-development edit button for Threads might let you edit posts within five minutes of publishing them #meta #threads #edit

2 days ago

If only we had paid the annual ₹99 or $0.23, perhaps (just perhaps) #WhatsApp might not have sold out to #Meta. #Privacy #Channels @mastodonindians #india

/Description in Alt text

Screenshot of the latest addition to WhatsApp, the Channels section that's right below the Status screen.
2 days ago

Warum zum Henker joine ich eine Plattform und schreiben den Eingessessenen vor, was sie zu tun und zu lassen haben?
Geht bitte einfach wieder und opfert hier nicht rum!

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:rss: Impress Watch
2 days ago

Facebook、複数の個人プロフィールに対応 ログイン不要で切替え
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Bennett McIntosh
2 days ago

Podcast ad darling BetterHelp has ~allegedly been sharing mental health data with #Meta & #Snapchat, pointing to a huge hole in how #HIPAA protects our #health #data

by @yaelwrites

2 days ago

Metroland Papers Going Online Only After Bankruptcy is Going to be Tough

Metroland newspapers are going online only. However, with the increasing news links blocking, this is going to be rough.

Late last week, Metroland entered bankruptcy protection. In the process, they stopped

#Business #Copyright #BillC18 #Canada #Facebook #Google #Meta #Metroland #newspaper #OnlineNewsAct

David Fox 🌻🥸 🔜 Meta Connect
2 days ago

#Quest2 owners and #puzzle fans, I'm looking for a few beta testers to check out an early version of our Rube Works VR: An Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game. Here's a short video describing it (current version uses hand tracking to play):

If you're interested, please DM me the email address attached to your Oculus Quest account.
#VR #Meta #Quest #MetaQuest #puzzleGame #RubeGoldberg #Beta

▶️ Si vous êtes toujours sur Facebook et que vous en avez marre des suggestions de pages, les recommandations, etc... Vous pouvez utiliser ce script avec l'add-on GreaseMonkey pour les cacher :
À utiliser avec Firefox.

#Firefox #Facebook #Meta

In our show and newsletter today: #Meta's Mind-Boggling Display of Policy Gymnastics.

🛍️ #Amazon drops 2% fee for NOT using their shipping services

🤖 #Microsoft is launching a chatbot ad format that’s light on disclosure

🎥 Has the era of automated video spam arrived?

🐘 #Mastodon rolls out big upgrade

📸 #Instagram ad spend predicted to overtake Facebook

✅ Get all the details on our 𝗱𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘆 𝗽𝗼𝗱𝗰𝗮𝘀𝘁 or 𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝗻𝗲𝘄𝘀𝗹𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿:

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Olhar Digital
2 days ago
Steve U
2 days ago

#Netflix and #Meta are hiring for iOS roles. Perhaps the tech job market is coming back. #technews
2 days ago

»#Meta is expanding its #verification program to #businesses: $21.99/month per Facebook page or Instagram account. $34.99/per month for both.« #tech #media

2 days ago

"Meta Adopted Policy to Censor Canadian Facebook Posts About Assassinated Sikh Leader, Emails Show

Emails show Meta executives confirmed company-wide policy to take down posts mentioning assassination of Canadian Sikh leader"

#Canada #Facebook #censorship #Meta

2 days ago

»#Meta has announced it has started rolling out #HorizonWorlds on #mobile devices and #web browsers... [including] a free-for-all shooter game called #SuperRumble #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

The Japan Times
2 days ago

More than 20 tech and civil society leaders appeared at a closed-door Senate meeting on Wednesday to shape how artificial intelligence is regulated. #business #tech #ai #alphabet #microsoft #meta #openai #us

Cassey Lottman
2 days ago

I see folks at #strangeloop who are going to use Mastodon like one might have used Twitter at a conference long ago. I'm curious about what workflows or tools might help fedi do that better?

On twitter I could go to the hashtag and see anyone's reactions, even if I and no one I knew already knew them. Is there a way to get that experience for specific hashtags?

(This would realllllly help my local politics/organizing use case too!)
#FediTips #meta #FediMeta

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 days ago

"It is sort of interesting because there isn't much opposition to the bill itself," said Christian Bourque, executive vice president at Leger. "There's opposition to the fact they would not get their news whenever they want, wherever they want."

#C18 #Journalism #Canada #Meta #Google

CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

"The report looked at #Meta [#Facebook and #Instagram], #Pinterest, #YouTube, #TikTok and #Twitter for their content moderation policies and efforts to mitigate inaccurate information such as #ClimateDenialism.

Twitter received its only point in the report for [having] an easily accessible and readable #PrivacyPolicy." #Privacy is important because fossil fuel companies, like other advertisers, can use personal data to sway public opinion.

Architecture News
2 days ago

DesignBoom : all hail the ‘f’: facebook rebrands its logo with darker shade of blue #meta/facebook #logodesign #design

Coreyartus Imagery
3 days ago

Finally decided to stop sharing new pieces on my Facebook page. Too many artists lately have tried to opt out of Meta's AI machine learning and have been told "no" that I just can't ignore it anymore.

I held on as long as I could so I could share with family and friends, but it's so throttled there no one sees what I post anyway.

From now on, I'm only going to post links to my work on other sites.That's the best I can do for them. I have to draw the line.

#Meta #Facebook

Bakt El Raalis
3 days ago

Ah ben, qu'est-ce que j'avais dit ici pour le contournement du blocage par raccourcissement des URLs ?

C'est d'une bêtise ce "blocage"...

#ZuckHub, le site qui fait un pied de nez au blocage des nouvelles de Meta

#meta #polcan #polqc #numerique

Un montage photo avec une illustration de Pacman à gauche et le visage de Mark Zuckerberg sur le point d'être avalé par le pacman sur fond bleu.
3 days ago

"Daniel Motaung, un ancien modérateur de contenu de
la société locale Samasource Ltd dépose alors une
plainte [et] accuse Sama et Meta de traite d’êtres
humains, de démantèlement de syndicats et de ne pas
fournir un soutien adéquat en matière de santé

👉 Lisez l'article de sur !

📸 Alan Warburton, "Quantified Human", CC-BY-4.0 via @wikicommons

#IA #AI #numerique #web #justice #droits #santementale #meta #syndicalisme

"Forçats du numérique" :
comment une décision de justice au Kénya frailise la sous-traitance des multinationales du web.

Article à lire sur
3 days ago

Bill C-18: Why and what - ScienceUpFirst “You may have heard or already been affected by #Meta and #Google blocking #CanadianNews online in response to #BillC18.
No, that does not mean that #news is being censored in #Canada.”

Avoid the Hack! :donor:
3 days ago

FTC Warns Tax Prep Companies Against Invasive #Online #Tracking

From @themarkup

Last year The Markup revealed that tax prep companies sent sensitive personal information/tax related info/financial info to #Facebook without clear disclosure or expressed consent. This was primarily happening because of the #Meta Pixel, which collects data on websites that implement it - regardless if you have a Facebook/Meta company account.

Afterall, who files taxes and expects that information get sent straight to Facebook/Meta when using a tax prep software?

#privacy #privacymatters

JW prince of CPH
3 days ago

To the surprise of exactly nobody, #Meta has shuttered Messenger Lite & is forcing users onto the full Messenger app.

Also unsurprisingly it's full of the exact sh*t I was using Lite to get away from, like suggestions, pages & little red numbers I either can't or don't want to do anything about.

The #enshittification is strong.

Ang Black
3 days ago

#Meta #encryption plan will let child abusers ‘hide in the dark’, says UK campaign

> In in Home Office initiative, survivors urge #MarkZuckerberg to rethink changes to Messenger and #Instagram

So done with Corporate-Sponsored Social Media

Only good behavior

On Threads, Meta Platforms Inc.’s Twitter copycat, nobody talks about “marijuana.” People also don’t mention “murder,” “opioid,” or “skinny.” At least that’s what a user may think if they use the app’s search tool to seek out those terms, only to be notified there are no results.

#CorporateSponsored #SocialMedia #threads #meta #Twitter #x #marijuana #murder #skinny #mastodon

4 days ago

Combating Harmful Hype in #NaturalLanguageProcessing.
In recent yrs, large #multinational #corporations have made claims of creating “general purpose” models that can handle many different tasks w/in #NLP. Recent works from #Meta for example gives the impression that they have nearly solved #machinetranslation tasks for > #African languages. In this paper, we outline the harms speakers of non dominant languages have experienced due to these grandiose and inaccurate claims

4 days ago

🪦 Meta Is Killing Two Oculus Quest Launch Titles: Bogo & Dead And Buried II

「 Meta is killing off two first party original Oculus Quest launch titles next year.
The company sent out emails to all owners of Bogo and Dead And Buried II on Friday to inform them that these apps will "end services" and "no longer be supported" after 15 March 2024, five years after they launched 」

#Meta #OculusQuest #VR

4 days ago

Wofür steht eigentlich depol in den CWs? Hab gerade versucht danach zu suchen und bin aber nicht fündig geworden. #meta

Paris Marx
4 days ago

Yesterday Justin Trudeau revealed that agents of the Indian government murdered a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil. When Canadian Sikhs went to post about it on Facebook, the platform removed their posts as a violation of Indian law.

#tech #meta #facebook #socialmedia #cdnpoli

4 days ago

Dat #X geld wil gaan vragen voor toegang tot #Twitter lijkt me geen rare gedachte. Waarom zou alles gratis moeten zijn? En ook #Meta speelt met de gedachte om geld te vragen voor haar diensten. Veel beter businessmodel dan data te verzamelen om advertenties te kunnen verkopen!

Wordt betalen voor toegang dan toch het nieuwe normaal?

Noelle 📚
5 days ago

I finished listening to a podcast episode I started listening to yesterday and now I'm considering leaving all platforms owned by Meta. I might write a blog post about it once I calm down from the outrage I'm feeling.

#Meta #blogging #SocialMedia #podcast

David Fox 🌻🥸 🔜 Meta Connect
5 days ago

Anyone here attending #MetaConnect in person? I'll be there with my #Quest and hope to privately demo Rube Works VR: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game.

I'll also be looking for some testers soon!

This video is an early test on the Nreal Light using AR and a phone as a 3DOF pointing device. The Quest version uses full hand tracking.

#Meta #AR #gamedev #RubeWorksVR

Carlos Solís
5 days ago

Guess what, I got the exact same response. Shifting the blame to the end users to find their needles in Meta's haystack is a bit too on the nose. #GenAI #Meta #Facebook


LOLLLLLLZ, #Meta, #Facebook

Jakis czas temu "wyoptowalem sie" (korzystajac z formularza dostarczonego tutaj przez jednego z fediversowiczow) z mozliwosci wykorzystania moich danych przez #Facebook do uczenia #AI

Najpierw przyslali mi maila, ze zapoznaja sie za sprawa (zamiast od razu napisac, ze nie beda korzystac z moich danych, elo, nara), a teraz...

wyslali kolejnego maila, ze nie moga przeprocesowac mojej prosby bo musial bym im najpierw wyslac dowody, ze faktycznie uzyli moich danych w tym celu 🤣 🤣 🤣

Public Enemy Exposed
6 days ago

Is NEDBANK now sending Account Balances and other Banking Details to #Meta 's #Facebook and #Google ? Does anyone have a valid explanation for such profanity? #facebookpixel #Nedbank #SouthAfrica #MetaFacebook This appears on all pages, except the Login Page. 🤬

6 days ago

@brewsterkahle #propaganda works. always has. the far right multiverse of channels snd influencers spews out a million tons of a emotional agitprop a day. #crt #libraries #LBGTQ #transrights #immigration #hunterbiden etc etc etc. and crap filled #socialmedia platforms’ like #Facebook #YouTube #algorithms #meta injects people with the sh#t all day long. So yes it’s in #Canada.

6 days ago

Um #Volt sozial/medial im Netz folgen zu können bräuchte ich ein Konto bei #Meta um auf #facebook oder#instagram etwas sehen zu können. Im #fediverse scheint es nur einen Repost-Account @voltdeutschland zu geben welcher nicht interagiert. Auf #twitterX scheint es nur sehr alte Posts zu geben bzw es gibt Profile die ich dort auch nur mit einem Konto sehen kann. Irgendwie bin ich sehr #unzufrieden

Noelle 📚
1 week ago

Considering using my Threads account to talk about how much I love Mastodon and Pixelfed lol. I've already posted about Mastodon on there before so why not. 😆 :mastodon: 😁

#Threads #Mastodon #Meta #Pixelfed #SocialMedia

ophiocephalic 🐍
1 week ago

In a meeting held in early August, the imposition of algorithmic surveillance onto the fediverse was discussed by several participants, including a representative of IFTAS. Their organization was presented as a possible vehicle for the standardization of third-party surveillance-capitalist moderation schemes. It should be noted that there was a mention of possible disagreement within their organization on the propriety of this idea.



#FreeFediverse #FediPact #DefederateMeta #Meta #Facebook #Threads

ophiocephalic 🐍
1 week ago

Fediseer represents the kind of horizontalist, agency-distributing creative thinking the fediverse needs to solve its blocklist problems. (It should also be noted that @db0 is collaborating with The Nivenly Foundation on another project, and the reference here to their Fediseer work shouldn't be construed as forming any connection between @db0 and the critique of Nivenly in this thread).

And those problems do need to be solved. As we have noted before, Facebook and its associated operatives are coming for this network. They intend to target weaknesses in the blocklist system to claim that the only possibility for sustainable moderation on the fediverse is corporate-centralized algorithmic surveillance, complete with functionality to auto-report subversive elements to the "appropriate authorities".


#FreeFediverse #FediPact #DefederateMeta #Meta #Facebook #Threads #Blocklists #Fediseer

Aslak Raanes
1 week ago

Bluesky har nå passert 1 million brukere, men det postes/skeetes (!) fortsatt ca 500 tusen meldinger pr dag, dvs. omtrent (litt mindre?) enn da det var 200 tusen tidlig i juli.

Jeg gjetter at aktiviteten foregår i klynger, spesielt i regioner som fortsatt ikke kan bruke #Meta​s #Threads.

Dvs. BS er ikke spesielt populært på hjemmebane i USA? Ihvertfall ikke populær nok at pengene renner inn.

Skjermbilde av graf over antall poster (skeet-er!) pr dag hos BlueSky. Grafen viser at det pr i går ble postet ca 500000
Chris Trottier
1 week ago

Have you noticed how #Meta is now doing ads based on keyword targeting in response to #Mastodon searches? It seems like they're really pushing for #Threads to become the go-to app for the #Fediverse, even though Threads hasn't officially joined yet.

Funny enough, this strategy reminds me of their previous
#Metaverse initiative. They went all out and even changed their name from "Facebook" to "Meta".

Given their track record, I wouldn't be surprised if Meta eventually rebrands themselves as "Fedi".


Aujourd'hui, #RadioCanada nous demande de boycotter les services de #Meta.

Si vous n'avez pas de compte #Facebook et #Instagram, je vous suggère de plutôt leur écrire pour leur expliquer certaines choses qui semble leur échapper.

Plus de vingt liens vers Facebook/Meta sur la page « Contactez-nous » du site web de Radio-Canada.
Noelle 📚
1 week ago

#Threads is starting to bore me, there's too many celebrities and businesses on there. 😆 I prefer #Mastodon where there's small and interesting accounts. I think I just don't like commercial #SocialMedia anymore.

#Meta #Tech

Erin Kissane
1 week ago

Does everyone who wants to know about FediForum—next week, all online, unconference—actually know about it?

I'm trying to decide if I should rejigger my schedule to attend the whole thing. #meta

2 weeks ago

Nice case study by Growth.Design showing in an easy to understand way how Meta uses dark patterns to hide their shady data collection:

#meta #facebook #instagram #threads #apple #privacy #tracking #surveillance #dark #pattern #design #ux #ui

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

To share with friends who moved from #Twitter to #Threads:

"#Meta acknowledged…to The Washington Post that Threads is intentionally blocking the search terms ["covid" and "long covid"] and said that other terms are being blocked, but the company declined to provide a list of them. A search by The Post discovered that the words…“coronavirus,” “vaccines” and “vaccination” are also among blocked words."

#Covid #Pandemic #Vaccines

2 weeks ago

Meta verliert vor Gericht gegen norwegische Datenschutzbehörde - Keine verhaltensbasierte Werbung auf Instagram und Facebook ohne gültige Einwilligung

Wie schaut das aktuell in Deutschland aus? @bfdi @verbraucherzentrale

#meta #facebook…

Markus Stein
2 weeks ago

#Threads möchte also Politik aus dem Netzwerk halten und verhindert deshalb Suchen nach entsprechenden Begriffen? Das sagt sehr viel über die Denkweise von #Zuckerberg und #Meta aus. Wer Politik aus Diskussionen ausschließt, macht selbst #Politik - aber nicht zum Guten hin.

Philip N Cohen
2 weeks ago

Instead of doing the work of moderating out #disinformation, #Meta is just blocking searches for "covid," on #Threads, as I just confirmed

Emelia 👸🏻
2 weeks ago

This was an interesting flip through about #Meta's privacy practices:

Bernie The Wordsmith
2 weeks ago

Hey @pluralistic, it seems #Meta is trying to "carrepair" itself away from #interoperability regulations, like that example you mention your book, by putting the third party chats in a separate window

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 weeks ago

A Meta spokesperson acknowledged that Threads was intentionally blocking the search terms (“covid” and “long covid,”), and said that other terms were being blocked, but declined to provide a list of those. A search by The Post discovered that the words “sex,” “nude,” “gore,” “porn,” “coronavirus,” “vaccines” and “vaccination” are also among blocked words.

#Meta #Covid