Paul E Cooley
1 hour ago

New Godflesh. Oh, yeah, baby. Music to paint apocalypses by.
#metal #industrial

3 hours ago
3 hours ago

I’ve been trying to educate myself to metal (the music genre, but I’d like to unlock the welding skill too someday) thanks to my wife's favourite playlist on Sporify and it’s been mostly great 😎

What are the best groups and albums people on the fediverse are listening to? 🎸 I’m open to everything, don’t be shy!

#music #metal #metalmusic #metalheads #deathmetal #trashmetal

4 hours ago
5 hours ago

I believe the lassies at the #Rammstein gigs.
Fuck um. I don’t believe the band.
#Metal should be for everyone.

5 hours ago

🔥 Help spread the word about Graves Hollow!

We're a melodic death/doom metal band from Portland, Oregon. Our upcoming album is almost ready, so please share this post and check us out on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and more. Listen to "Within the Vines" from our EP "Before the Aftermath," an instrumental concept album exploring ancient history to the future. Thank you for your support!

#GravesHollow #MelodicDeathMetal #DoomMetal #PortlandMusic #NewAlbum #metal

5 hours ago
7 hours ago

Karavan - Unholy Mountain (2023) | Blackened Doon/Stoner Metal | (via Metal Area) #Metal

Erika Harlitz Kern
8 hours ago

Watched Iron Maiden's "Live after Death" DVD from beginning to end, and now I can't get "Hallowed Be Thy Name" out of my head. It's been lodged in there for days. Here it is for all of our enjoyment as we go into the weekend.

#metal #ironmaiden #uptheirons #weekend

How about some free BandCamp download + streaming keys for my music? HOW ABOUT IT?

Here are ten codes for my Voidtouched release, go hog wild. I just ask that if you enjoy it, leave a comment and a fav track on the BandCamp page for the album.

You can redeem at the following link at the bottom of this post.



#Metal #Indie #BandCamp

Death/black metal bands: it's totally okay to NOT record that ambient/instrumental thing you're thinking about opening the album (or making the intro within the first song) with.

Just hit me with the crushing riffs immediately, please

#metal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal

Chris Fletch
11 hours ago

#NowPlaying finishing the working week with The Final Frontier by Iron Maiden. One of my lesser played Maiden records. #Metal #HeavyMetal

Thalskarth (Pandito 🐼)
11 hours ago

Y de yapa un #Avantasia para arrancar el día con mucha energia:

#ViernesDeMúsica #Metal

Chris Fletch
11 hours ago

So that Metallica Download setlist was pretty good huh #LiveMusic #Metal #HeavyMetal

DJ Fragile Toolchains
16 hours ago

Not really sure why I like these guys so much! It's so happy and so straightforward! #metal

Get aboard the Helltrain!

Chris Fletch
16 hours ago

Believe it or not it’s #NewMusic Friday again! There’s plenty of Metal to get stuck in to so here’s a selection of some things that are out out today. I would recommend The Bleeding and Imperishable if you like your #DeathMetal. Let me know if you find anything you like #Fediverse! #Metal #HeavyMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #PowerMetal

Godflesh - industrial - UK
Imperishable - death - Sweden 
The Bleeding - death/thrash - UK
Torture Rack - death - USA
Claustrum - death - Italy
Exnun - black/death - Turkey 
The Donner Party - thrash - USA
Halls of Oblivion - melodeath - Germany
Celestial Burial - death/grind - Australia 
Conjuring - black - Switzerland 
Elvenpath - power - Germany 
Takacs - thrash - USA
Miasmes - black - France
Extreme - hard rock - USA
Johnny the Boy - Sludge - UK
Desecrate - melodeath - Italy
18 hours ago

That feeling when you're in the flow so hard that the moment you think "I'm going to put on some death metal and really focus on this bit right here" you realize you've had death metal playing full blast for the past hour already. #dev #metal #flow #focus

Jake Beamer
1 day ago

Because of course there's a metal band named Bog Body, and of *course* someone like me loves their utterly CRUSHING album 'Cryonic Crevasse Cult' from last year.

If you're into metal and haven't heard it, give it a listen.

#metal #sludge #DoomMetal #BlackMetal #DeathMetal #BogBody #SludgeMetal #CryonicCrevasseCult

Chris Fletch
1 day ago

Let’s go back in time to a Motörhead show from the early 2000s. Here’s the tour rider for every show #Metal

2 days ago

@neurothing #ThursdayFiveList #TheColors #Metal edition:

Here is a list with artist - song title and the link to the video on invidious:
Insomnium - Shades of Deep Green

Between the Buried and Me - Yellow Eyes

Dismember - Dreaming in Red

Unlucky Morpheus - Violet

Green Jelly - Orange Krunch


DJ Fragile Toolchains
2 days ago

I also picked up some new and upcoming albums from Demented Heart, Grand Cadaver, Burial Remains, and Come to Grief. Happy names one and all. :-) #metal #bandcamp

DJ Fragile Toolchains
2 days ago

Today I'm going RETRO let's go Moonchild! #metal

Mark Wyner :vm:
2 days ago

Some of y’all may know that for many years I was a full-time drummer in metal, hardcore, and punk bands. Before fatherhood, that was my entire life.

A couple of years ago a long-time fan of one of my bands who is also a record-company owner asked if he could reissue our music. 26 years after we broke up.

It’s an interesting story. I thought you might like it.

#Music #Metal #Drums #Bands

Chris Fletch
2 days ago

Any Fear Factory fans here? They have remixed and remastered both Mechanize and The Industrialist (the latter now has real drums) and both reissues are out on the 23rd June. I’m not really familiar with the originals but will give these a spin #NewMusic #Metal #HeavyMetal

@Joseph @fuchsiii

And as much as #Apple doesn't like supporting #OpenGL they seem to still do so by encapsulating it into #Metal via a driver...

@Joseph That's because #Apple chose to not implement and support #Vulkan but do their own [unnecessary & proprietary] bs called #Metal.

If they had used Vulkan they would've been able to use #DXVK for years...

Thomas :damnified:
2 days ago

#nowplaying Sylosis - Dormant Heart 🤘#metal

Damn! IDK what to say - the atmosphere, Heavy thall?! I am living for all of the new heavy music that is pushing the boundaries this year!! *Insert stank face here* Not terribly familiar with Humanity's Last Breath so I can't speak to how this falls in with their discography. Came across a reaction from MetalBirb and was hooked. Anyone more knowledgeable about them let me know what you think.


Craig Maloney ☕
3 days ago

If I ever rehydrate Open Metalcast from its slumber you'll have the latest releases from Hypnotic Dirge to thank. They're just pure fire. #metal #music

Jennifer Morency :bc:
3 days ago

#NASA reports #metal #asteroid mission is back on the menu "If the mission does launch this fall, the #spacecraft will reach asteroid #Psyche in August 2029. There, it will go into orbit for 26 months to gain insights into planetary formation, understand the interior of terrestrial planets like Earth, and examine a world that is made largely of metal. The mission is also of interest to the nascent #asteroidMining community ..."

3 days ago

Another pre-production demo in the bag for my soon to be revealed #gothic #metal studio project. This one has definite Draconian and Blackbriar vibes, but an Insomnium-esque (definitely a word) middle section.

If anyone knows any vocalists looking for a project, please send them my way? I'll be sharing the demos and lots more info soon!

4 days ago

@b3ll this is awesome! Got a basic glitch effect running in no time.

#SwiftUI #Metal #WWDC23

SwiftUI preview showing apple logo with color glitch effect
4 days ago
New video from Humanity's Last Breath being released right now:

#HumanitysLastBreath #Metal #NewReleases
4 days ago

New t-shirt day :D Hellripper and Fires in the Distance! #Metal

5 days ago

Eye Am - Dreams Always Die With The Sun
Eye Am are a doomy supergroup featuring Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative, with Kirk Windstein and Todd Strange of (and formerly of) Crowbar. #NewMusic #Metal #Doom

5 days ago

Got my Kanonenfieber shirt ☺️ #Metal