Alan Douglas
3 hours ago

Haven't heard this for a while, great tune by a Canadian band.

#FridayFeeling #Metric #Canadian #Music

Andy P
2 days ago

I guess I listened to a lot of Metric this year

#SpotifyWrapped #metric #BrokenBells #phantogram #Warpaint #AndrewBird #Goldfrapp

Your top artists
1 Metric
2 Broken Bells
3 Phantogram 
4 Warpaint 
5 Andrew Bird
Your top songs 
1 Systemagic by Goldfrapp
2 Nightlite by Bonobo, Bajka
3 The Ghost Inside by Broken Bells
4 ‘Uummati Attanarsi... by Elisapie
5 Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron
Spaceflight 🚀
2 days ago

🇨🇳 #Tiangong could now outlive the older, larger #ISS.
“We will build a 180 (#metric) tons, six-module assembly in the future". Tiangong has a mass of about 69 metric tons, not including visiting crew and cargo vehicles. That's about one-sixth the mass of the #ISS. The #US 🇺🇸 #SpaceAgency wants to free itself from the cost of operating the #ISS in #LEO to free up money 💰 for missions to the Moon 🌙, and eventually to Mars 🔴.


4 days ago

The #marathon should be changed to 40km and American kids should be running 1500m instead of a #mile. #metric

Spaceflight 🚀
5 days ago

📆 1999 #NASA lost its $125-million #Mars #ClimateOrbiter because #spacecraft engineers failed to convert from English to #metric measurements 📏 when exchanging vital data before the craft was launched.
None of #JPL’s rigorous quality control procedures caught the error 🐞 in the nine months it took the spacecraft to make its 461-million-mile flight to #Mars 🔴. The miscalculations were enough to throw the spacecraft so far off track that it flew too deeply into the #Martian atmosphere and was destroyed 💥 when it entered its initial #orbit around Mars

Phil Thane ✅
1 week ago

@Neverfadingwood This shambles is due to an early incarnation of Euro-scepticicism in the 1980s that equated the metric system (first defined by the Royal Society in London in the 19th century) with the EU and 'Brussels'. To appease these headbangers the government abolished the Metrication Board and left us with a half-arsed system that makes no sense to anyone. It should have been a warning to us all, but now the headbangers rule... #Metrication #metric

1 week ago

#Design #Guides
Psychology of speed · A guide to perceived performance and less painful waits

#Development #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #WebDev #WebPerf #Psychology #Perception #Metric

IT News
1 week ago

A Modernized Metric Clock - Much to the chagrin of many living in North America who still need to do things li... - #frenchrevolutionarycalendar #frenchrevolution #particlephoton #clockhacks #nextion #seconds #french #metric #clock #iot

1 week ago

1l of (4°C) water weighs 1kg.
1kg (of anything) is 1000g.
1g of water is 1cm³.
Stack 1000 1cm³ blocks to get a 10m high column.
This column exerts 100kPa of pressure on its base.
To heat it by 1°C requires 1kcal.
And 1N would accelerate it by 1m/s every second.

I had to google how many inches are in 7 feet.
And I think that's stupid.

Edit: Dear Americans; I require 7 feet in fathoms.
Edit: spelling/grammar

#Imperial #ImperialUnits #Metric #MetricSystem #America

A propaganda poster picturing a man, chained to the metric system, represented as heavy weights, along with a text reading: "What has he done to deserve this?"
2 weeks ago

Does anyone else do this? #Canadian #Canada #Metric

Text image:
Understanding a Canadian:

When you ask a Canadian for directions, they will answer in time instead of distance (Km) For example:

Q: How far from Edmonton to Red Deer?

A: "Well, depends on how fast you go, about an-hour-and-a-half, two hours bud"

@22 how do I unknow non-#metric units?

Chris Adamson
2 weeks ago

I did a post on Threads ( asking the algorithm for more stuff I like. No algorithm here (good!), but maybe some hashtags will help find like-minded Mastodonians:

🏈: #Stanford, #GoHabsGo, #GoBolts
🎵: #Metric, #NewPornographers, #BendSinister, #MyChemicalRomance, #ManicStreetPreachers, #TheTubes, #AnimeMusic, #VideoGameMusic
👾: #ValkyriaChronicles, #FinalFantasy, #FireEmblem, #TheDioFieldChronicle, #SoulCalibur, #MuvLuv
📺: #KaguyaSama, #86, #MadokaMagica, #RumblingHearts

2 weeks ago

"The asteroid will pass within a hundred thousand kilometers of Earth." I wish it said "a hundred megameters." The #metric prefixes exist: use them.

kiq / キク
3 weeks ago

#Metric #DaysOfOblivion #FormenteraII” / “Metric - Days Of Oblivion (Official Lyric Video)” (1 user)

3 weeks ago

We all know that the US is stuck using US customary units. Except, in the movies, major criminals always use "kilos" or "Ks" when discussing large quantities of cocaine or heroin. It's good to know that the drug dealers are helping to bring the US towards using the metric system.

#movies #metric

Al Pacino in the titular role of Scarface (1983), sitting behind a desk covered in cocaine.
3 weeks ago

Why are they still holding on to the crappy #imperial unit system? #metric

Evan Hahn
3 weeks ago

Join the US Metric Association if you want:

#USMA #USMetricAssociation #metric #MetricSystem

Evan Hahn
3 weeks ago

I rarely think #SNL is funny, but I liked this skit because I:

- want the United States to switch to the #metric system
- want the US to better acknowledge our legacy of slavery
- think American #football is stupid

4 weeks ago

#Metric: ten, hundred, thousand, myriad, lakh, million, crore. Someone should get on those missing #prefixes. I'm thinking #myriad as ṁ (Latin small letter M with dot above), #crore as ċ (overdot c), and #lakh as ŀ (mid-dot l). Or ɫ (mid-tilde l), if the adjacent dot is confusing.

Chuck O'Rourke:verified:
1 month ago

I hear a similarity to the melody of “Black Sheep” by Metric in the “new” Beatles song.

#Beatles #TheBeatles #Metric

J. Steven York
1 month ago

I helped my son install a wall-mounted, full-motion TV mount, and being a neat-nick, he gave me the "leftovers," the unused hardware that came with the kit. It mainly consisted of several "bandoliers" of plastic bags. Inside these were a rich assortment of mostly metric machine screws and washers in various lengths and sizes. It really helped beef up the meager supply of metric in my workshop, and will save me some trips to the hardware store.
#makers #workshop #homeworkshop #hardware #metric

Workshop shelves full of hand labeled plastic jars full of screws and hardware.
Chris Offner
1 month ago

George Washington's dream of a country where men are free to choose their own system of weights and measures is alive and well. 🇺🇸🦅

#metric #imperial #metricsystem #imperialsystem #metrics #SNL #comedy

katch wreck
1 month ago

`In information geometry, Chentsov's #theorem states that the Fisher #information metric is, up to rescaling, the unique Riemannian #metric on a #statistical #manifold that is invariant under sufficient statistics. `'s_theorem


Nathan Arthur
1 month ago

It's taken three or more years but I'm finally at the point where I think in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.

I no longer try to convert a Celsius temp to Fahrenheit, to understand it. #metric

1 month ago

British problems. I'm ready to use metric metres for elevation measurements on maps, but at a bit of a loss at what kilometres mean in the real world for linear distances. #metric #ImperialMeasurements #BritishProblems

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

When I watched #Nimona today, I recognized Gold Guns Girls by Metric, even though I couldn't remember the name at the time.

#music #GoldGunsGirls #Metric

Andrew Kuchling
1 month ago

Hey, the new Metric album came out last Friday! Here's another track from it that I like, "Days of Oblivion".


Jeremy Mallin
1 month ago

I don't understand why pharmacists and doctors talk about thousands of milligrams. Isn't that just grams? Isn't that just adding unnecessary complexity? Is that an NT thing?


Thomas Panzner
2 months ago

@Gargron bin vor ein paar Monaten über deren Song Doomscroller gestolpert und mochte dann auch gleich das ganze Album. #SynthPop #Metric

Eugen Rochko
2 months ago

New #Metric album has some nice tunes on it. I like this one.

#np #nowplaying

2 months ago

Metric time is good idea. Is it a revanche of american idea

1 day = 10 hours
1 hour = 100 minutes
1 minutes = 100 secondes

1 hour = 10 000 seconds
1 day = 100 000 seconds
1 day = 1 000 minutes

#time #metric

2 months ago

Metric Time

With metric time the day is broken into 10 hours.

A metric hour is broken into 100 minutes.

A metric minute is broken into 100 seconds.

What makes metric time so cool is that would make all the mental math we have to do when adding and subtracting time so much easier—especially when it comes to different timezones. Working with base-10 numbers is so much easier than trying to think in base-60, base-12, and base-24.

In fact metric time could be decimal time

There is no AM or PM with metric time. Just 10 hours in the day. To get a good night sleep (8 standard hours) you’d sleep for 3.33 metric hours. If you go to bed at 9:50 metric time (about 10:45pm in standard time), wanting to get a good night sleep, you’d wake up at 2:75 metric time (roughly 6:45am standard time). Remember, a half hour in metric time is 50 minutes, and a full hour is 100 minutes. One metric minute before « midnight » (10:00 on the metric clock) would be 9:99 in metric time.

Time is Money

The logic you use to tell time with metric time is very similar to how you think about money (assuming US Dollars). One metric hour is like a 100-dollar bill. One metric minute is a 1 dollar bill. And each metric second is a penny. Each day (10 metric hours), has 1,000 minutes, and 100,000 seconds. It’s an interesting way to think about the time we get to spend each day.

#decimal #metric

metric time

#newmusicfriday #metric

David Megginson
2 months ago

@brian_derocher But Metric is so confusing!

When you're making a recipe you found online, instead of puzzling over "15 ml" it's much easier simply to remember that a tablespoon is 0.50 US fl oz — unless the recipe is from the UK (0.51 US fl oz), Australia (0.68 US fl oz), Canada (depends on where they bought the measuring spoon), or … 🙂

#metric #standards

Jeremy Mallin
2 months ago

I generally prefer the #metric system of weights and measures, but I do have one notable exception…

I strongly believe that #pints are the ideal measure/portion of beverages no matter what you're drinking. 🍻☕🥛🥤


2 months ago

@bufalo1973 @samhainnight @talia_christine @nesmb @pseudonym I remember 25.4mm/inch and about 3.785 litres/U.S. gal. Still have to look up kg/lbs every time though. #metric

Logick!n λ 🦅
2 months ago


Alright, let’s see what is your favourite unit of measurements:

#unit #metric #imperial #freedomunits #measurement #polls

Mike Olson
2 months ago

I've built a civil/solar metric clock for the iPhone. If that sounds intriguing and you'd like to know more, you can check out the post at

If you download and use the app, I'd love any feedback.

The source code's up on GitHub. App is in the App Store. Those links, and lots of history and explanation, in the post.

#solar #civil #metric #time #equationoftime

2 months ago

@bytebro @RickiTarr

By way of a #ScaleForReference; since #MyFirstToot on #January26, the #MastodonSpyBalloon has seen a 280%-increase in #MyFollowers compared with #SpaceKarenX's #DeadBird...

#MyAccount was #Tiny in terms of #Followers; I've never been that interested in that particular #Metric

What's #QuiteNice about #Syzito is that its #CurrentMembership each use the service #SomewhatDifferently from one another...

By way of a #PersonalTestimony


For the metrically challenged, a good approximation for rainfall is 25 mm = 1 inch (the actual conversion is 25.4 mm but for basic conversions this is close enough). #metric #weather

3 months ago

On repeat
Metric - Doomscroller
🎶 Don't give up yet, don't give up yet 🎶
#Metric #Music

smartwatermelon :jose:
3 months ago

New #Metric single: "Who Would You Be For Me”

Set aside a few minutes to emotionally recover.

smartwatermelon :jose:
3 months ago

My favorite band #Metric announced a very limited club tour, with a date in LA during my birthday week. Cool, obviously I'll go.

Fan presale: sold out in zero seconds
Artist presale: "" “”
AMEX presale: "" “”
General on-sale: "" “”
Scalper¹ market: what do you think?

Anyway I'm going. And I'll have a blast. But it's frustrating.

¹The scalper market is RUN BY THE TICKET SELLER COMPANY. I'm *sure* the ticket seller company didn't hold back tickets to resell themselves, right?

An Evening With Metric

The existence of the imperial system of measurements makes tool shopping so much more annoying.

Also, nothing more frustrating than flipping over your metric square and finding some useless 25.4mm scale on the other side, because you didn't look close enough when you bought it.

Just drop that shit already.


If you ever think it's odd to see random people making non-substantative #comments on your #posts, like, just agreeing with you or whatever, remember that pretty much every #algorithm on every #SocialMedia platform that has one treats comments as the strongest #metric for what should be #boosted, because that's #engagement.

Every time I swing by the #BirdSite to check up on stuff, I try to make comments on stuff I want to be trending there. When I come back to #Mastodon / #Fediverse, I have to stop myself from saying "Right, that's great!" on posts I like. That's even as someone who's always been more active on here than I ever was on there.

The #algorithms of #SocialNetworks condition us to follow their whims, and it can be difficult for people to break out.

Peter Cohen
3 months ago

As the knives sharpen around the #Luna25 crash I am reminded of the time #NASA crashed into Mars because the #metric system was too much for American subcontractors to deal with.

@amberage using 4th tier #deprecated units that have been normed as shitty abbreviations of the #metric system is not the kind of flex people think it is.

There's a reason only #Burma, #Liberia and the #USA have not fully metrified.

the9thdude :verified:
3 months ago

I'm sitting here doing some learning on #ebike and I'm watching a lot of international English (UK, EU) content and it made me realize how much nicer it would be if we got our act together and started to learn and use #Esperanto as the international auxiliary language (along with #metric in the US)

It would make learning things from other countries and international communication so much easier.

#globaltribe #international #language #education #language

Liam Egan
4 months ago

Some of the funniest things are the obvious ones that allow people to laugh at themselves and I think of that as a nice Canadian trait. I am enjoying your posts and will come back to your feed for more ‘feel good’ reads. Thanks for starting my day with a smile 😄


#follow #funny #metric #Canadians

4 months ago

I have feelings about the imperial measurement system, and they're not friendly ones. This explains a lot though.

#jasonRees #imperial #metric

4 months ago


Canada's like this too. (Almost) all commerce is in metric units, but we have an awful lot of products with weird non-round numbers like 454g, 335ml, 1.14l, 0.92m, 568ml that happen to be nice, round figures in Imperial or U.S. units...

Ya know, just slapping a new label on it doesn't make it #metric...

Latest instalment in “#Americans will measure with ANYTHING but the #metric system.”

From: @waldoj

@ChemicalEyeGuy @EU_Commission #DoYourPoart and refuse to buy unrepairable devices and/or using non-#metric units!

John Francis
5 months ago

@human3500 it's barely a Matinee King Size out there now, but it's going to Export A Regular overnight and maybe even a Player's Plain in the morning.

You might want to pickup a 24 of OV to wash it all down.


Alright, fuck it! I'll start using #celcius instead of imperial, but y'all have to help me.

What's your mnemonic device for remembering temperatures in #metric?

What's "too hot", "just right" and "too cold", and how do you remember them? #weather

@saramg Personally, I refuse to use non-#metric units and force people to use metric units instead.

7 months ago

@saramg I remember being confused as a kid because our bottles were labeled with US and UK ounces.

I was really confused that the ounce changed between the two countries.


8 months ago

help, i'm alive
my heart keeps beating like a hammer
hard to be soft, tough to be tender

#awaymessage #metric

9 months ago

#Development #Guides
Why you need to know your site’s performance plateau · What it is, how to measure it, and what to do with your new insights

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #WebPerformance #WebPerf #Measurement #Metric #WebVitals #LCP #RUM

Helen Czerski
9 months ago

Properly jaw-dropping moment this evening: an e-mail from my US publisher saying that "since it's a science book", they'll publish Blue Machine WITH METRIC UNITS. So I don't have to convert everything to foot pounds per square elephant. In YEARS of writing for the US, this is the first time I have ever had a hint that there is a world outside feet and inches. Progress! #Books #Metric #Science

Proof copies of the book Blue Machine
9 months ago

The imperial system makes sense... oh, wait.

#imperial #metric #interesting #til

Chart listing the confusing mess that is the imperial system compared to the metric system

Simple #metric estimations for those new to it:

1 inch = approx 25 millimeters
1 inch = approx 2.5 centimeters

Kristian Harstad
10 months ago

"Most famously in recent memory was the #Mars #Climate #Orbiter in 1999. The $125 million #space probe broke up in the #Martian #atmosphere after #engineers at #LockheedMartin, who built the instrument, used the #US #Customary System of #measurement rather than #metric measurements used by others on the #project. The #probe descended too close to the surface and was lost."


Kristian Harstad
10 months ago


10 months ago

@fro_vo it's crazy how we're still using pounds


Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
10 months ago

I love this story. #Pirates stopped the #metric system from reaching the US.

Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet from Our Flag Means Death
Erik C. Thauvin
10 months ago
10 months ago

Peak Brexit - the Anti-Metrification Unit works for Britain to be free from logical measures, one inch at a time And in America metric is, well, a science thing
#bananas #metric #imperial

ArtBear on Mastodon
10 months ago

Edgar Wright puts great unique material up on the screen.

Cornetto trilogy:
Shaun of the Dead,
Hot Fuzz,
World's End.
The way soundtrack powers narrative in Baby Driver.
Everything about Spaced.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is so uniquely Wright's stamp on director, producer, co-writer for screenplay. An unashamed slice of pop-culture magical realism.

Brie Larson's, on film, cover of:

Metric - Black Sheep

#music #Metric #BrieLarson #Indie #Rock #BearTracks #USA #10s

1 year ago

What’s new in web performance? · How web performance tools and technologies have changed in 2022

#development #roundup
#webdevelopment #webperformance #metric #browser #devtool #HTTP3