Nick Andert's new video update on Metro Los Angeles projects is must-see viewing for all Southern California transit fans and advocates. #transit #LosAngeles #SoCalTransit #MetroLosAngeles #Metrolink #Amtrak #CAHSR

The U.S. is having a rail travel renaissance, but you probably didn’t notice.

"High-speed rail is still a long way off, but vastly improved conventional rail is right around the corner."

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Every four years, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) updates Connect SoCal, Southern California’s Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy for the six-county region—as required by federal and state regulations. The Draft Connect SoCal 2024 plan is now available for public review and comment through Jan. 12, 2024.

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All Metrolink ticketholders can take any Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train between Los Angeles and Ventura, seven days a week!

Travel at no extra charge within the station pairs on your ticket.

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"Codeshare now available on all Amtrak Pacific Surfliner and Metrolink trains between Los Angeles and Ventura"
1 month ago

Anybody else super excited about the new Antelope Valley train schedule? What, no? Just me?

A ton of evening and weekend (evening there, too!) trains have been added, and the timings have been simplified - trains leave Union Station at :39 after the hour. New schedule goes into effect October 23.

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The new Monday-Friday schedule for the Antelope Valley Metrolink Line in Los Angeles, which runs between Union Station in downtown LA and Lancaster. The new schedule takes effect October 23 and includes more evening trains and simplified timing.
The new Saturday-Sunday schedule for the Antelope Valley Metrolink Line in Los Angeles, which runs between Union Station in downtown LA and Lancaster. The new schedule takes effect October 23 and includes more evening trains and simplified timing.

@RM_Transit has made a good video here. #RegionalRail is an untapped transit opportunity in the US. #Metrolink #transit

St. Louis Urbanists
2 months ago

A much needed update 🙌

Many of Metro's trains are pushing 30 years old!

A few features we noticed...

• Better accessibility. More room for mobility aids (like wheelchairs).

• LCD screens shown throughout the train displaying upcoming stations.

• More accommodation for standing passengers.

Our only real criticism is the apparent lack of bike racks.

These are still renderings, and details could change in the final design.

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2 months ago

I've now visited #LosAngeles twice without once stepping foot in a car for the entire trip, entirely #CarFree (though I'm not sure whether a shuttle bus counts as a car for the 2nd trip).

I'm still surprised to find LA #PublicTransit so usable—though the Metro doesn't go everywhere I'd like it to, the bus coverage seems to really make up for that.

First visit I flew into #LAX and my map app told me to walk along a stroad for 45 minutes to a busstop, so I think I'll stick with Burbank for my domestic travel into LA. You can even use #Metrolink to get to and from #BUR!

Which unusual transit option should I try out the next time I find myself in Los Angeles?

I'm not sold on Microtransit as the best use of scarce Metro dollars.

Who doesn't like the idea of a $1 Uber? I get why the riders who use it like it.

But with Metro paying $43 dollars a ride, and with transit operating dollars so scarce, I just cannot help but wonder.

Only 19% of its users take it to get to transit lines. Should we restrict use to get to/from Metro/Metrolink stations?

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Glad to see the Coachella Valley rail project got a few federal dollars. Daily passenger and commuter rail will be transformative for this high-growth area.
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People are waiting two hours to get into Union Station’s tour of Railroad cars and Equipment at the Train Festival.

Contrary to what the auto and oil lobby tells you, people love trains. #rail #train #Amtrak #hsr #Metrolink #MetroLosAngeles #LosAngeles

Train Festival sign that says “The wait from this point is 90 minutes”
3 months ago

I integrated gpt into my slack bot and feed it manchester metrolink API responses to get it to interpret them and give me an answer. It has an instruction to be a nob in all of its responses though, so it gives some interesting replies.

#manchester #metrolink

3 months ago

I saw this on the Manchester tram today, East Didsbury line. It put a nice helping of cheer into my day

Artwork of two robins perched on tree branches with the poem 
"These robins have been sent from the sky
To let you know that loved ones are nearby"
Signed by @cockadoodlenoodle_Erin
4 months ago

A lovely class 504 unit at Prestwich on 29 November 1984, several years before the line was converted to Metrolink. These units operated on a unique 1200V DC side contact third rail system #train #railway #prestwich #manchester #1200V #bury #metrolink

5 months ago

#LosAngeles #VenturaCounty #Metrolink extending service to Ventura County (apparently due to the X Games happening at the Fairgrounds here). #transportation #train

Kate Leach
5 months ago

@BigJackBrass They missed out #Manchester #Metrolink apparently tho.

Nick Andert has a terrific video on Commuter, Regional, and Intercity Rail in Southern California #rail #transit #socaltransit #Amtriak #Metrolink #MetroLosAngeles #LosAngeles

5 months ago

Ooooooh! Metrolink is adding service to Ventura at the weekend. And the schedule is such that you could make a nice day of it: leave DTLA in the morning and come back in late afternoon. More info: #DTLA #Metrolink #train

Metro Los Angeles' Regional Connector opens in two weeks. It has the potential to be a transformative project, allowing run-through service without needing to transfer downtown. The Link Union Station project has the potential of being similarly transformative for Metrolink, enabling run-through service as we move from the concept of "commuter rail" to "regional rail".

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Link Union Station project graphic

Trains are nice :3

This one is sporting an old EMD F59PH locomotive. It had the funky-sounding horn to prove it.
#Metrolink #trains #SantaClarita

A close-up view of a Lancaster-bound Metrolink train passing through Soledad Canyon in Santa Clarita. A small neighbourhood of single family homes lie behind the tracks. A car passes by on a parallel side road.

A Lancaster-bound train of Metrolink’s Antelope Valley line passing by Vista Canyon Park

#Metrolink #train #SantaClarita

Chris Grossack (they/them)
8 months ago

I'm becoming a #Metrolink regular, though! We love a #train 😌. And I'm learning all the tricks! For instance, the older cars have seats with tables -- perfect for redlining a friend's category theory notes.

A picture of a traincar table with some notes under a purple pen.
Simon Boyne
9 months ago
St. Louis Urbanists
9 months ago

Here's a fun little video from our colleagues at Access STL. Going from #WashU to #UnionStation and back on the #Metrolink

#STL #STLouis #train #urbanism

Another friend told me he is moving out to Palm Springs. I hope they finish the Coachella Valley - San Gorgonio Pass Rail Project soon.
#transit #rail #Metrolink #Amtrak #PalmSprings

Map of Coachella Valley - San Gorgonio Pass Rail Project

What transit agencies are on Mastodon? I have written my local, regional, state, and national agencies asking them to join and post here. #transit #publictransit #publictransport #rail #metrolosangeles #metrolink #amtrak #hsr

11 months ago

Irish Times letter-writers call for MetroLink to be built with sensible connectivity with train and tram services #MetroLink

Fifty years ago, the need for a comprehensive, co-ordinated approach to planning Dublin city resulted in a Dublin land use and transportation strategy published by the later-dumped An Foras Forbartha. That strategy offered an integrated, cross-sectoral vision that embraced the idea that transport and land use/housing are two sides of the same coin, to be planned and developed in tandem. Whatever chances such rationality may have had then, it has had none in an era of neoliberalism. Yet the issue raised in 1971 does not go away. It is only being continually postponed.
The various sectoral interests now posing as stakeholders in Dublin frequently appear to operate at variance in relation to both good planning and a co-ordinated strategic vision for the city and its region. A more joined-up approach to planning the city region is needed urgently. Is it too much to hope that the restructured planning board can insist on a more integrated approach to major infrastructure projects and to long-term planning in general? - Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.
. . . MetroLink and city transportation Stand-alone planning of costly critical infrastructure is bound to fail Tue Jan 10 2023 - 00:08 OY O Sir, - Frank McDonald’s article on the proposed Metro route makes depressing reading as it underlines the limitations of stand-alone planning of costly critical infrastructure (“MetroLink will lay waste to chunks of the city centre but won't integrate city transportation”, Opinion & Analysis, January 7th). Rather like the National Children’s Hospital, squeezed into a restricted site without much regard to its transport context, we now find another huge project being proposed, in this instance a vital transport development which appears to have been visualised with only limited regard to other transport linkages or to its impact on land use. How can this piecemeal approach be justified? Why is the Metro route not being forensically linked to the development of a wider Dart underground? And why have earlier initiatives, such as the Mater hospital underground facility, now been discarded? What is the rationale to making a terminus at Charlemont? What is the point of a possible Metro station at the east end of Stephen’s Green and a possible Dart station at the west end? And, at the Swords end, why not continue the Metro line to link with mainline rail and so facilitate access to the airport from Belfast and the northeast generally?
Sir, - When the tunnel boring machine, which is to be assembled at significant cost for the central portion of the proposed MetroLink, has arrived at St Stephen’s Green, it should direct itself towards Leeson Street, continue under the Grand Canal, under Upper Leeson Street and Morehampton Road, under Donnybrook, under the Dodder and emerge beyond Donnybrook garage, where the line can be elevated over the dual-carriageway median and continue to connect with the existing Green line at Leopardstown.

This route can both address capacity concerns on the existing Green line and provide useful tram connectivity to a portion of the city and institutions not served at present: Donnybrook stadium, RTE, St Vincent’s Hospital, UCD, and Stillorgan village.

When considering the rail network as a network, it also seems difficult to understand the logic in not connecting MetroLink to the mainline rail service near Donabate or Malahide: the termination of rail services at park-and-ride facilities can only continue our over-reliance on cars. - Is mise,



Dublin 6.
Simon Boyne
11 months ago

@SpiritAnimal Glasnevin will 'recreate' Dublin's lost terminal at Broadstone. Linking #Metrolink with 2 commuter lines and 2 new #DART lines. It will be 1/2 stops away from Hueston via the Phoenix Park Tunnel. And allow the creation of a Spencer Dock 'terminal'

Simon Boyne
11 months ago

The thing a lot of people don't seem to realise about #Metrolink is that in terms of a transport network Glasnevin is the most important stop.


Simon Boyne
11 months ago

@DublinCommuters taking Frank McDonald apart on the Twitter really makes me want to unquit.


What #transit agencies are on Mastodon?

I keep looking out for #MetroLosAngeles, #Metrolink, #Amtrak, #LADOT, #SFBART, #SFMUNI, #SoundTramsit, #TfL, among others, to join.

Dan Wentzel 🏳️‍🌈
1 year ago

Who are the #LosAngeles and Southern California #transit advocates on Mastodon? Let's connect. #Metrolink #MetroLosAngeles #publictransit #Amtrak #hsr #socaltransit

Me on a train.
Dan Wentzel 🏳️‍🌈
1 year ago

Biden-Harris Administration, USDOT Make Available One of the Largest Investments in 50 Years to Expand Intercity Passenger Rail Across America

“This is one of the two most significant investments in the past 50 years to modernize passenger train service across the country,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “Americans deserve excellent passenger rail services....”

#rail #Amtrak #hsr #Metrolink

Dan Wentzel 🏳️‍🌈
1 year ago

Nick Andert makes amazing videos detailing the progress of #MetroLosAngeles, #Metrolink, and other #SoCalTransit. Check out his new video on Commuter, Regional, and Intercity rail in SoCal. #Amtrak

Follow him at @nickandert

Dan Wentzel 🏳️‍🌈
1 year ago

Looking to connect with public transit advocates in Southern California, and all over really.

Also, want a "Second rail revolution" in America with Amtrak, regional rail, intercity rail. and high speed rail.

#transit #publictransit #publictransport #MetroLosAngeles #metrolink #amtrak #hsr

We need to lower the cost of train tickets in America to meet our climate goals.
"Why Train Tickets Cost So Much In America" - CNBC
#amtrak #metrolink

St. Louis Urbanists
1 year ago

A fun (somewhat dated) visualization of mass transit in St. Louis:

#stlouis #bus #train #Metrolink #metro #masstransit #transit