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La fuga, programas dramatizados de Radio Educación protagonizados por Rita Guerrero, en el papel de Alicia Márquez, una cantante. El programa cuenta con Rita cantando un repertorio particular:

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⚠️En #México, estamos en temporada de #CiclonesTropicales. 🌀 Conoce más de estos sistemas atmosféricos formados de nubes, tormentas y vientos giratorios sobre aguas tropicales


Universo Nintendo
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Por cuarta semana consecutiva #TheLegendofZelda #TearsoftheKingdom sigue en el primer lugar de ventas de juegos en #Mexico en la #eShop de #NintendoSwitch :3.

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Emperor Maximilian I of #Mexico arrived in Mexico for the first time OTD in 1864; he was placed in power by Napoleon III of France #travel #history

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🇪🇸 La serie de ciencia ficción "NEBULAR".
La 5ª edición de mi serie traducida al español ya está disponible como libro electrónico. Las novelas publicadas hasta ahora están disponibles en la tienda #Kindle de Amazon, en #Kobo, en #GooglePlaystore y en #AppleBooks.
¡Hasta la vista y a las estrellas!
#sciencefiction #cienciaficcion #libroelectronico #espanol #espana #argentina #chile #mexico #peru

Portada del 5º número de mi serie de ciencia ficción NEBULAR.
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Emperor Maximilian I of #Mexico arrived in Mexico for the first time OTD in 1864; he was placed in power by Napoleon III of France #travel #history

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#mexico #amlo #morena #corrupto #corrupcion #4t Exhiben a AMLO, Univisión presenta pruebas de que miente / Y otros temas en Cafecito con El Troll - Invidious

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"The crisis of fentanyl is due to the negligence of pharmaceuticals in the U.S.,” said Carlos Pérez Ricart, a professor at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics in Mexico City. “I don’t know what [the Director of National Intelligence] thinks the alternative is. Do they expect us to end our social spending and infrastructure policy to tend to a problem that belongs to the U.S.?”

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My backyard for the week!
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The Old Map Gallery
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Beautiful map for Mexico from a notable American mapmaker, Colton. But there's an interesting notation north of the border, showing the territory of Arizona as it ran east-west along the border, with New Mexico above it. #map #maps #Mexico #arizona

A hand colored map for the nation of Mexico with an inset for the cross-isthmus route connecting the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico.
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Emperor Maximilian I of #Mexico arrived in Mexico for the first time OTD in 1864; he was placed in power by Napoleon III of France #travel #history

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Hoy tocó llegar al Centro Ceremonia Otomí por la ruta más directa y con un pequeño atajo de terracería (gravel) La verdad fue lo que más me gustó. 🐎🐄Afortunadamente nos libramos de la lluvia y del granizo y regresamos casi secos 😅 Al final solo regresamos 3 rodando y terminamos como cada domingo en el café Jarocho de Coyoacán ☕️🍩 #RWGPS #Biketooter #CCOtomi #LugaresEnBici #MejorEnBici #EDOMex #Mexico

My first proper tunnel in years!
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#mexico #amlo #morena #corrupto #corrupcion #4t ¿DIVORCIO PRESIDENCIAL? ¡BEATRIZ GUTIÉRREZ MÜLLER TRAICIONA al PEJE! ¡BOMB4ZO! | Compilación #115 - Invidious

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#mexico #amlo #morena #corrupto #corrupcion #4t ¡YA ES VIRAL! ¡EL PEJE TRAICIONADO POR SUS HIJOS! ¡JOSÉ RAMÓN LO TIENE HARTO! | Compilación #114 - Invidious

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#mexico #amlo #morena #corrupto #corrupcion #4t Promesas y engaños del gobierno de Sheinbaum a los damnificados de los sismos de 2017 - Invidious

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"'The mountain-cave-mouth symbolic complex acquired a high iconographic value throughout Mesoamerica from very early times, giving rise over the millennia to increasingly complex sets of images,' according to a book written by the father-son scholarly duo Alfredo Lopez Austin and Leonardo Lopez Lujan."

Back in Mexico, 'Earth Monster' Sculpture Points to Ancient Beliefs via Reuters
Photo via Reuters
#Olmec #Olmecs #Mexico #Mesoamerica #Anthropology #Archeology

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Oh, the dangers of cosmetic surgery!
Its effects to our bodies may be varied.
The US and Mexico have both made plans
To ensure no more succumb to this dreaded fungal strain.

A health emergency we must proclaim
To make sure no more souls are harmed.
We'll combat this crisis and stay vigilant
Before it spreads any further and more are lament.

#cosmeticsurgery #fungaloutbreak #publichealthemergency #us #mexico #ode #poetry

@me that's some sarcasm...

I mean, I think even Kalashnikov Concern has mire "Corporate & Social responsibility" than U.S. drugmakers.

Pretty shure cartels are already smuggling #Insulin from #Mexico inti the #USA...

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I am currently over the moon 💕🌙💘 Today I got to meet my long distance boyfriend of over one year in person for the first time ever 💗💕💗💕 I'm so so so happy. Hugging him for the first time was the best experience of my life. This is also my first time in Mexico!! Lots of fun 🇲🇽

#Relationship #LongDistanceRelationship #Mexico #love

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I'm heading to #MexicoCity for my birthday this Summer. Tell me all the things to see and do. Already have the archaeology museum and modern art museum on the list. Non-touristy restaurant recommendations greatly appreciated. #CDMX #Travel #Mexico

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Independent Media in the Social Struggle: An Interview with @AvispaMidia

"With our contribution, our interests are strictly political. They are to strengthen processes of self-management, of anarchist, autonomous, and alternative organization emerging from below."

#Mexico #journalism #media

@c1typlann3r, MAUP+MLIS
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estudiando espacio publico con familia

#CDMX #MexicoCity #Mexico 🇲🇽

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I don't think I've ever seen football played on a sand pitch before. Maybe I'm just not watching the right games? Interesting. #Bahamas #Mexico #MastodonFC

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Texas Observer Lives!
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“I think protecting our #silk is important because it’s produced differently than in other countries.”

Published in partnership with our friends at Global Press Journal, a look at a traditional textile that's been a cornerstone of culture in this region since the 1500s:

(📸 Photo by
Ena Aguilar Pelez/Global Press Journal)
#Mexico #Oaxaca #fashion #culture #news #politics

Daysi GarcÌa, left, weaves silk on a backstrap loom while her grandmother, Margarita Flores, spins silk thread at MoisÈs MartÌnezís family workshop in San Pedro Cajonos, Mexico, on Nov. 13, 2022. Their building is a simple wooden one with big windows, and another loom is visible outside.
Chema Hernández Gil
3 days ago
One of the most frustrating things about being #Indigenous are the folkloric expectations. My family's hometown has been around longer than English settlers on this continent. Cultures and ways of being change after a few hundred years, particularly given settler-colonial pressures. Doesn't stop making us #Native though. Same thing for many (most?) people in #Mexico.
Aimee Giese
3 days ago

We’re spending our 27th anniversary in beautiful #mexico. I couldn’t ask for a better life partner than @Bugfrog - here’s to 27 more! ❤️

Woman and man standing on balcony in Mexico with the ocean behind them.
New monitoring system aims to combat deforestation in Michoacan, but locals remain sceptical about enforcement.
Can satellite imagery fight illegal logging in Mexico?
Lying between Hawaii and Mexico, the Clarion-Clipperton Zone has become the world's largest mineral exploration region.
Scientists find 5,000 new species in Pacific, warn of mining risk
Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

“In situations like this, where public funds are stolen … the question becomes, what would benefit the public the most?”

The Justice Department’s plans to return money stolen from the state of Coahuila raise questions about whom should get the money. Correspondent Jason Buch continues his important reporting into the seizure of bank accounts and real estate belonging to former Mexican officials:

#news #politics #Mexico #corruption #Texas #border #international

The Conversation U.S.
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The official 2023 hurricane season forecasts were just released, and the big question is: Will the warm waters of the Atlantic overcome the unfavorable conditions brought by the El Niño? We’ll soon know.

While the Atlantic may see an average storm season this year, a busier-than-normal season is forecast in the eastern Pacific, meaning heightened risks for #Mexico and #Hawaii.

#HurricaneSeason #Environment #Climate #News

While east of the mountain people didn’t remove their masks, to the west, they casually watched the gas and ash plume.
Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano spews more gas and ash

You’ve made it to the end! Have a FREE book: 3 short stories by Cunninghame Graham—“A Hegira”, “The Goldfish”, & “Beattock for Moffat”. Set in #Mexico, #Morocco, & #Scotland they are about journeys & frontiers, & about tenacity, loss, & death.


Book cover:




Introduction by Jenni Calder

The cover image shows a bust of a bearded man, his face turned to one side to show an aquiline profile.
Scott Campbell
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From 2012 to 2022, Mexico's detention of migrants has increased by 411%. In 2022, there were approximately 450,000 migrants in state custody.

All this stems from Mexico's steadfast adoption of the U.S.'s anti-immigrant policies and its agreement to act as an extension of the U.S. border.

#Mexico #US #immigration

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What do you think about when you see This Wulfenite specimen from #mexico
Photo Copyright ©️ Aquamarine Daydream
By #GeologyWonders
#Geology #GeologyPage #Nature #minerals #crystals #gems #Nature #NatureLovers #NaturePhotography

At #Mexico’s #gay #cowboy #conventions, #men connect with each other — and their country’s rugged past

Each spring, hundreds of men from across #Mexico and the #UnitedStates make a #pilgrimage to this colorful colonial #city for an annual gathering of #gay #vaqueros — or cowboys.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #Mexico #SexualOrientation #Sexuality #Representation #Culture

David Kaye
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NSO gets a little PR boost at the end of this #Pegasus #Mexico story. has the company prevented abuse? well, a senior exec says so! if they're told of abuse, will they shut down access? so they say! then okay!

Near the end of New York Times story on Pegasus in Mexico, the piece says NSO is looking into its abuse.
1 week ago

#Mexico Official, Alejandro Encinas, Victim of #Pegasus Spyware Attack - The New York Times

Chema Hernández Gil
1 week ago
Poster for the encuentro Zapantera Negra between the #Zapatistas and members of the #Black #Panther Party in #Chiapas in November 2012. Still one of the best I've seen.

I wasn't there myself, but I did co-host an event in the Mission a few months later with Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party and the Chiapas Support Committee.

#BlackPantherParty #EZLN #SanFrancisco #Mexico #BayArea
A split poster on the left is a Zapatista with her face covered with a red paliacate and on the right a Black man with a cap.
undergrowth-feed 🍃
1 week ago | Vigilante fears as Texas Republicans push for special unit to detain migrants |

"A new Texas bill could soon establish a taskforce using civilians that would have the authority to “arrest, apprehend or detain persons crossing the Texas-Mexico border unlawfully”, raising concerns around state-sponsored vigilantism." | #Texas #UnitedStates #Mexico #immigration #migrants #fascism

Happy #WorldBeeDay!

From our archives, take a look at Carolyn Bernhardt's feature about how Indigenous Mexicans are combining their elders' lived experience with Western ways of knowing to steward native stingless bees, featuring visuals by @alexip718:

#mexico #indigenous #bee #ecology #journalism

1 week ago

Today in Labor History May 20, 1911: Anarchist Magonistas published a proclamation calling for the peasants to take collective possession of the land in Baja California. They had already defeated government forces there. Members of the IWW traveled south to help them.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IWW #anarchism #magon #mexico #Revolution #BajaCalifornia

Brothers Ricardo (left) and Enrique Flores Magón (right) at the Los Angeles County Jail, 1917, By Unknown photographer -, Public Domain,
The administration of President López Obrador has promised to compensate the company for the rail line's use.
Mexican government sends marines to take over private rail line
Soh Kam Yung
1 week ago

"May 20, 2023
Celebrating Lake Xochimilco

Today’s interactive Doodle celebrates Lake Xochimilco, a natural lake near Mexico City that is the last remaining native habitat for axolotls in the world (cousins of the salamander)."

#GoogleDoodles #Mexico #Lakes #Axolotls

Cartoon images of the axolotl in a frame on top of the word, "Google".
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"At least five people in #Texas have been hospitalized with suspected #fungal infections in their brains and spinal cords that developed after traveling to #Mexico for cosmetic surgeries involving #epidural #anesthesia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [#CDC] warned this week."

IT News
1 week ago

Don’t get an epidural in Mexico, CDC warns—40 dead, including 1 Texan - Enlarge (credit: Getty | BSIP)

At least five people in Texas h... - #fungalmeningitis #cosmeticsurgery #medicaltourism #anesthesia #meningitis #matamoros #epidural #outbreak #science #durango #surgery #deaths #mexico #texas #cdc

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Don't get me wrong, I do love #Mexico, but most fearing the #MetPolice?
That definitely sounds like the #DF (#MexicoCity).

Poor #DisUnitedKingdom 😢

Advocates ask how Mexico will handle expulsions, increased stresses on asylum system after end of Title 42.
Calls for clarity on how Mexico will address new US border rules
Officials say more people may be found as search continues following abduction on way to US border.
Mexico: Army says 49 migrants found after kidnapping from bus
Paxton Orglot
2 weeks ago

Friday May 19, 2023: Call for solidarity with Mexican anarchist political prisoner Jorge "Yorch" Esquivel

#YorchLibre #OkupaChe #Mexico

2 weeks ago

The murder of a Canadian man in Puerto Escondido came just days after an Argentine tourist was killed with a machete on the same coast.
#mexico #News #Drugs #TOURISM

2 weeks ago

#Florida Governor #RonDeSantis announced Tuesday that he plans to send more than 1,100 #NationalGuard soldiers and law enforcement officers to #Texas to assist with border security between the #UnitedStates and #Mexico.

DeSantis he's sending 800 soldiers, 200 Florida Department of Law Enforcement officers, 101 state troopers and 20 wildlife officers. Florida will also send five planes, 17 drones, two command vehicles and 10 boats, according to a news release.

US says Mexico and Guatemala also have beefed up border agents on their southern border in wake of new asylum policy.
US returns 2,400 people to Mexico since end of Title 42: Official
Asylum seekers say they are crossing US-Mexico border irregularly after failing to get appointments through CBP One app.
‘It doesn’t work’: Migrants struggle with US immigration app
Steve Herman
2 weeks ago

A bicyling Joe Biden in #Delaware tells pool reporters the situation at the US-#Mexico border is “much better than you all expected.” Asked if he plans to visit the border: “Not in the near term no. It would just be disruptive.”

It's Going Down
2 weeks ago

US troops are at the border and across North America, governments are clamping down on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

In #Mexico, the state is dead set on using this as a pretext for attacking indigenous resistance movements for autonomy in an effort to push forward capitalist mega-projects.

On this podcast, IGD contributors in Mexico report on the cases of Indigenous political prisoners Fidencio Aldama and Miguel Peralta and how they relate to this growing conflict.

Steve Herman
3 weeks ago

US officials are warning of the ramifications at the southern border with #Mexico starting Friday after the expiration of a pandemic-era #Title42 policy that kept out many asylum-seekers. As I explain in my VOA radio report authorities are bracing for what they expect will be a tremendous strain on personnel and facilities from a surge of migrants crossing the border.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, on the White House briefing room podium just hours before the lifting of a policy that blocked migrants from entering the country during the coronavirus pandemic, made a direct appeal to those thinking of or already heading north.  
“Do not risk your life and your life savings only to be removed from the United States if and when you arrive here.”  [[:08]] 

Mayorkas added that migrant families who fail asylum screening under the new regulations will generally be removed within 30 days.  
The Biden administration faces criticism from both the political left — which says the government is now taking too harsh an approach to migration — and conservatives, who predict overwhelmed and unprepared U.S. officials will resort to a mass release of migrants.  
 ((Steve Herman, VOA News, Washington)) 
Steve Herman
3 weeks ago

“It’s going to be chaotic for a while,” replies President Biden when asked about the expected surge of migrants at the border with the end of #Title42, adding he spent nearly an hour on the phone today with the president of #Mexico.

3 weeks ago

Steps at Monte Alban (Oaxaca, Mexico, 2012)

I've always liked this photo because of the unusual view, the memory of the magical place, and all the people doing their own thing in this one shot (and they mostly seem happy).

#photography #fotografie #fotografia #photographie #architecture #monochrome #blackandwhite #streetphotography #blackandwhitephotography #bnw #oaxaca #mexico

view up a very large set of steps at the remarkable ancient city of Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico. The view shows visitors sitting, standing, coming down, going up, laughing, smiling, and generally having a good time.
3 weeks ago

El Chapo's sons say they are not in charge of the Sinaloa cartel and claim they have nothing to do with the fentanyl trade.
#News #Drugs #loschapitos #ElChapo #dea #mexico #fentanyl

Shanahan is proposing that we adopt the different, vital goals that she’s learning from experts in Chiapas: an emphasis on promoting bee health, prioritizing the preservation of a culturally important practice, and emulating the relationship-building skills that are so apparent in the lives of social insects.

Read more from Carolyn Bernhardt:

#mexico #indigenous #biodiversity #ecology #bees #journalism

Shanahan got a Fulbright Research Award to study organic honey beekeeping practices in Chiapas, Mexico, after she graduated from college. There, she encountered experts stewarding the many species of wild, stingless bees — native bees that often rely on propolis as a primary defense mechanism in lieu of a stinger. (/3)

#mexico #indigenous #biodiversity #ecology #bees #journalism

Happy #cincodemayo! Did you know that flying under the radar of the United States National Highway System is a parallel transport network of the humble honey bee?

Every February, hundreds of thousands of domesticated honey bee colonies are shuttled on flatbed trucks from the Northern Great Plains to California. After the bees pollinate key crops like almonds, they get sent back up North to access high-quality forage for the summer.

#mexico #biodiversity #ecology #bees

Vero Balderas Iglesias
3 weeks ago

No, today is Not #Mexico's Independence Day.

"For most #Mexicans, the holiday ("Cinco de Mayo") isn't a major deal. It's simply a national holiday that is observed by some. The $2 margaritas, two-for-one tacos, and wear-your-sombrero-to-work traditions will most likely only happen here (in the U.S.) on #CincodeMayo not south of the border." You can learn more here 👉🏼

Yahoo article photo
Steve Herman
4 weeks ago

CBP news release detailing the apprehension of a national of #Mexico at the border in #Arizona who subsequently died.

4 weeks ago

The girfts carried the greeting “Happy Children’s Day” from Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, El Mencho, the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.
#mexico #worlddrugs #cjng #VICENews

4 weeks ago

"Why had Orlando been kidnapped? Her husband had simply made a routine trip down to Guatemala to sell used cars from America like he had dozens of times before."

Chris Walker for #5280Magazine:

#Longreads #Transmigrantes #Truckers #Kidnapping #Guatemala #Mexico #Colorado #Nonfiction #Journalism

Flipboard News Desk
4 weeks ago

U.S. braces for border chaos with Title 42 set to expire next week.

Axios explains what's happening:

#Border #Immigration #Migrants #Mexico #USPolitics

Pierre Markuse
4 weeks ago

🟠 #Fires🔥 north of #Tapalpa, #Jalisco, #Mexico🇲🇽 (Lat: 20.123, Lng: -103.792) - 2 May 2023 #Copernicus🇪🇺 #Sentinel-2🛰️ Full-size ▶️ #RemoteSensing #SciComm #OpenData #Incendiios Image is about 31 kilometers wide @wildfirescience

Steve Herman
1 month ago

The Biden administration is sending additional troops to the border with #Mexico starting as soon as May 10th. As detailed here in my VOA News radio report the decision comes as the government ends #coronavirus-era pandemic restrictions, known as Title 42, that allowed for the rapid removal of migrants at the border.   

((TEXT)) Anticipating that the end of pandemic policies on May 11th will prompt a surge of migrants seeking to enter the United States at the southwest border, officials in Washington announced Tuesday an additional active-duty 1,500 troops will be sent to augment the 2,500 National Guard members providing border protection support.  

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says the action allows Border Patrol and Customs officers to focus on law enforcement, while the troops do administrative tasks.  
((KJP ACT))  
“They will not be performing law enforcement functions or interacting with immigrants or migrants.” [[:06]] 
((END ACT))  
The Pentagon’s spokesman, Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder, says it would take time to call up reserve forces and National Guard for this assignment, so active-duty troops will be sent for now.  
“These forces will come from the Army and the U.S. Marine Corps.” [[:03]] 
((END ACT))  
The deployment is expected to last 90 days.  
((Steve Herman, VOA News, Washington)) 
Steve Herman
1 month ago

US troops being sent to the #Mexico border won't be engaged in law enforcement, says White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Steve Herman
1 month ago

AP: The Biden administration will send 1,500 troops to the US-#Mexico border ahead of an expected migrant surge following the end of pandemic-era restrictions.

Markus Milian
1 month ago

#AlbumOfTheWeek #AlexFerreira #Tanda -- a beautiful encounter of the best Latin American songwriting and a hot Latin band with flavors of son, bolero, bachata, merengue and so much more. There must be something in the water at El Desierto, the legendary studio in Mexico City. Oh, and if your background singers are Laura Itandehui and Silvana Estrada, then it must be a work of love. #Mexico #ElDesierto #Songwriting

Album cover. Alex Ferreira in a white shirt and white pants and barefoot, jumping against the background of green jungle and mountains.
Chema Hernández Gil
1 month ago

When it comes to versions of the Mictlān, the Nahuatl/Aztec underworld, I prefer Cerveza Modelo’s over Pixar’s in Coco.

Victoria is still shit beer though and they should be ashamed to use Nezahualcoyōtl Fasting Coyote‘s song for this ad.

#Aztec #Indigenous #Nahuatl #Mexico