Timothy Andrew
48 minutes ago

I'd like to thank #PatRobertson for inspiring me to do a "snow covered grave in hell" edit of this photo I took forever ago.

Elmwood Cemetery, #Detroit, #Michigan, January 5, 2004

#ThrowBackThursday #TBT
#MastroArt #Photography #FujiFilm #FujiFilmS2Pro

Landscape color photo that is heavy tinted red. A large, cross-shaped grave stone dominates the left frame. There are patches of black, leafless trees on the fringes lower bottom and right frame. The red sky has ominous dark clouds.
3 hours ago

[Tom Pelissero] The #Vikings and four-time Pro Bowl RB Dalvin Cook are parting ways, per source. One of the NFL’s most dynamic playmakers, Cook is coming off a fourth straight 1,000-yard season and has 52 career TDs. Now he’ll be a free agent at age 27 and will have multiple suitors.

#Detroit #DetroitLions #Football #Lions #Michigan #NationalFootballConference #NationalFootballConferenceNorthDivision #NationalFootballLeague #NFL

[Tom Pelissero] The #Vikings and four-time Pro Bowl RB Dalvin Cook are parting ways, per source. One of the NFL’s most dynamic playmakers, Cook is coming off a fourth straight 1,000-yard season and has 52 career TDs. Now he’ll be a free agent at age 27 and will have multiple suitors.

Yikes. I think I’ll keep the house closed up today. Stay healthy, everyone! 😷

#AirQuality #CanadaFires #AnnArbor #Michigan

A screenshot from the EPA app displaying the current air quality index for Ann Arbor, MI of a high 185
Adam Cook
7 hours ago
Babs E. Blue
7 hours ago

"I heard a shaman say once, the Ancestors want our souls to be like the blue sky."

- Shannon Hale,
Book of a Thousand Days

Photography by me
"Morning Sky"
South Haven, MI, 2020

#photography #LakeMichigan #Michigan #morning #water #lake #sky #beach #bluesky #clouds #light

Blue sky at sunrise over a Lake Michigan shoreline in South Haven, Michigan.  The sky is almost the same as the water....the quote is "I once knew a shaman who said the ancestors wanted our souls to be like the blue sky" by Shannon Hale in Book of a Thousand Days
Lorraine Lee
17 hours ago
Nat Zorach: "I don’t know that many people who would turn down a 10-30% raise. Infrastructure investment can serve as the equivalent of this by removing the de facto necessity of car ownership."… #michigan #mipol #carbrain
17 hours ago

Late Tuesday night smoky Moon. The pictures are great. The reasons are terrible.

June 7, 2023, 1:28 am. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

#Moon #astronomy #astrophotography #naturephotography #michigan #puremichigan #fire #fires #wildfire #wildfires #smoke #canadianfires

A large reddish waning Moon with the upper left side receding.
Doug Jonas
19 hours ago

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Sunset over a lake with dramatic clouds
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
22 hours ago

#3GoodThings #Michigan

1. Walked to the local farm shop and got some local milk and local asparagus.

2. Then walked to the local creamery and got some amazing, full fat, delicious ice cream (chocolate covered cherries for my husband, and orange cream for me)

3. Just bought tickets for me and a girlfriend to see Ann Patchett at the Michigan Theater on August 9th. And her new book, "Tom Pane" set in Northern Michigan, is thrown in as a bonus. Excited!!

"In the 48 years they've been keeping weather data at stations throughout Michigan, Department Natural Resources officials have seen extreme wildfire conditions like this only once or twice before — and perhaps never this bad."

Nearly all of Michigan faces 'extreme' fire danger.


1 day ago

Michael Luchies on Twitter: @JeffRisdon’s understanding of the Jameson Williams betting incident is that he bet on a college football game from an app while in a hotel room in another state. Since it was a “team hotel,” it wasn’t allowed. How many players actually knew this wasn’t allowed? 10%?

#Detroit #DetroitLions #Football #Lions #Michigan #NationalFootballConference #NationalFootballConferenceNorthDivision #NationalFootballLeague #NFL

Michael Luchies on Twitter: @JeffRisdon’s understanding of the Jameson Williams betting incident is that he bet on a college football game from an app while in a hotel room in another state. Since it was a “team hotel,” it wasn’t allowed. How many players actually knew this wasn’t allowed? 10%?
Timothy Andrew
1 day ago

Photo I got of Tahquamenon Falls

Paradise, #Michigan, September 4, 2016

#WaterfallWednesday #MeerMittwoch
#MastoArt #Waterfall #Photography

The rather large waterfall flows in from the right until the gold and white water tumbles down mid frame. The falls around surrounded by the green trees of the forest.
1 day ago

Tigers are batting .123 (19-for-155) as a team thru 5 games in June. According to research on baseball-reference, it’s Detroit’s lowest batting average over any 5-game stretch within a season since the 2003 Tigers batted .109 (16-for-147) over their first 5 games that year.

#Baseball #Detroit #DetroitTigers #MajorLeagueBaseball #Michigan #MLB #MLBAmericanLeague #MLBAmericanLeagueCentral #Tigers

Tigers are batting .123 (19-for-155) as a team thru 5 games in June. According to research on baseball-reference, it’s Detroit’s lowest batting average over any 5-game stretch within a season since the 2003 Tigers batted .109 (16-for-147) over their first 5 games that year.
Timothy Andrew
1 day ago

Photo I took of the beautiful rock shoreline of #LakeSuperior

Near Grand Marais, #Michigan
Labor Day weekend 2016

#MeerMittwoch #SeaWednesday
#MastoArt #Photography

landscape orientation color photo of the rocky shoreline leading into lake superior. Lower right frame, a massive redish brown and golden orange rockshore with tan swirls is barely above water but then slopes down into the water. Top frame is the bluish green lake water.
1 day ago

#EastpointeHighSchool Update:

#Eastpointe HS is on lockdown after a #threat was made on #SocialMedia.

"Local and regional police departments are currently at the school and have decided to go classroom to classroom to search all students and classrooms," said Eastpointe Community Schools in a statement early Wednesday afternoon. "Students are currently safely locked down in the building. There is no threat to any other district schools."

#MacombCounty #Michigan

MIRA ESTE TORTA! EN #michigan !?

A “torta cubana” next to fries.  It is fucking fantastic.  It has jamon, fried steak, an egg of hard and ducking hot dogs!?  It’s amazing!
1 day ago

Heavy police presence at #EastpointeHighSchool

Roughly a dozen police officers from multiple depts across #MacombCounty #Michigan are at #Eastpointe HS.

The incident started around 12:30PM EDT Wed. The school is at 15501 Couzens Ave. At one point, two police officers were posted at one of the school's entrance w/their weapons drawn.

Eastpointe PD declined to provide details. Officers from Eastpointe, Warren & St. Clair Shores are on scene.

Marty E.
1 day ago

Canadian company Highland Copper wants to build a copper sulfide mine which will extract minerals directly beneath Porcupine Mountains State Park, the largest old growth forest in the midwest, and risk contaminating the Presque Isle River and Lake Superior with acid mine drainage

#UpperPeninsula #Michigan #LakeSuperior #GreatLakes

1 day ago

Air quality info for Detroit and Hamtramck as of 10am as the wildfire smoke is hanging around.

Most of the media coverage of this around here has just observed that it is making things hazy. But this air is *bad for you to breathe,* and there are recommended precautions to take to avoid being harmed by it. I'd add, you probably want to wear your respirator or mask if you're outdoors while it's like this

#Detroit #Michigan

Screenshot of a graphic showing air quality levels with an arrow pointing about a third of the way into the "Unhealthy" level. Below that, text: "Current Air Quality 10AM EDR Jun 7 / 173 NowCast AQI / PM2.5"
Screenshot of text:

People with heart or lung disease, older adults, children and teens – take any of these steps to reduce your exposure:

Avoid strenuous outdoor activities.
Keep outdoor activities short.
Consider moving physical activities indoors or rescheduling them.
Everyone else – take any of these steps to reduce your exposure:

Choose less strenuous activities (like walking instead of running) so you don’t breathe as hard.
Shorten the amount of time you are active outdoors.
Be active outdoors when air quality is better.
1 day ago

Michigan House Elections Committee advances national popular vote legislation

Michigan’s Democratic-led House Elections Committee voted 6-2 along party lines Tuesday to advance legislation that would commit the state to awarding its electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote.

#USPol #Politics #Michigan #Elections #ElectoralCollege #NationalPopularVote #Vote #Voting #News

Bonnie (she/her)
1 day ago

There is a #trilobite exhibit at a local #science museum! Well I'm just all excited this morning. If you live in SE #Michigan you should check it out! The Cranbrook Institute of Science is a treasure all on its own.

Deborah Edwards-Oñoro
1 day ago

Staying inside today with the air filter on.

According to the Air Quality Index map at , southeast Michigan air is rated unhealthy.

#AirQualityWarning #AirQuality #Detroit #Michigan

Doug Jonas
1 day ago

sunrise silhouette

2 days ago

The air quality was 134 earlier. Now it’s 76. Out of? I guess 500? Anyhow, blue sky, white puffy clouds, and mild temperatures. I suppose it’s all about wind direction now. Unless the lower peninsula also bursts into flames. Had a red card alert, which was a first for me, had to look it up. #AirQuality #Michigan #today

D. Elisabeth Glassco
2 days ago

Elijah McCoy passed away on October 10, 1929, in Detroit, Michigan. He left behind a legacy of innovation and numerous patents. Despite facing challenges and financial constraints, Elijah’s contributions to engineering and invention have been recognized and continue to inspire others to this day.


#History #Michigan

Elijah McCoy add a as an elderly man in a black-and-white photograph.
D. Elisabeth Glassco
2 days ago

A prolific inventor, Elijah held nearly 60 patents, mostly for lubrication systems. His genius extended to diverse areas, including an ironing board, a lawn sprinkler, and other machines. Despite recognition, his name rarely adorned his creations, as he sold patent rights due to limited funds for large-scale production.


#history #Michigan

Schematic for McCoy i lawn  sprinkler.
Schematic for automatic lubricator invented by Elijah McCoy.
Schematic for ironing board, invented by Elijah McCoy.

#MotorCity #Pride kicks off this weekend.

The event dates back to June 1972 — over half a century — when the first #march was held downtown, calling for #LGBTQ #rights and #equality

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Michigan #Pride #PrideMonth #Representation #Culture

Hubbub World
2 days ago

#Michigan #COVID19 Weekly Forecast 6/6

👀 Detroit has moderate Local Prevalence maxing at 14 /area and declining 📉

🤞Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Flint are moderate at under 10 /area and stable

Real time updates & FAQ at:

2 days ago

Today in Labor History June 6, 1937: A general strike by 12,000 autoworkers and others in Lansing, MI shuts down the city for a month in what was to become known as the city’s “Labor Holiday.” A judge had recently imposed an injunction on workers, making it illegal for them to picket, blockade or interfere in the operations of Capital city Wrecking Company. The workers ignored the injunction were arrested, including the wife of the auto workers local union president, leaving their three children at home unattended. In response, they called a General Strike. Flying squadrons of out-town workers came in solidarity to support the General Strike. They were successful in forcing negotiations that got all the prisoners released. However, the strike continued in East Lansing, where anti-labor university students battled with workers, dumping some of their cars into the river.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #strike #union #sabotage #GeneralStrike #prison #solidarity #autoworkers #michigan

Image shows strikers blockading the streets with automobiles.
2 days ago

Newburgh Lake, Livonia, Michigan. May 2023

#Photography #NightPhotography #Michigan

Color photograph looking out across a lake at late dusk, the view dominated by the foreground of three globular park lights shining down over some paved paths and railings and benches, lighting up the bottom branches of some trees, the tops of which are silhouetted against the dim dusky sky. You can barely make out the reflection of the dim sky in the lake beyond the trees
2 days ago

Snow peas and lettuce survived with watering 2x/day, morning & night in the early heat wave in #Michigan when we hovered in the low 90s the last days of May into June. My small urban garden is an 'accidental' microclimate--the birds planted a crabapple in the corner which gives some nice natural shade for the plants that need it. Still, this heat was extreme (we don't see a stretch of 90s until July typically) and plants have barely had a chance to get established. #ClimateCrisis #foodsecurity

One of the many flowers at our public library pollinator garden.

Not sure what flower it is.

#BloomScrolling ##SpringFlowers #PollinatorGarden #Michigan

Smaller plant, less than eight inches tall. Clusters of deep pink flowers rise from a rosette of green leaves.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
3 days ago

#3GoodThings #AnnArbor #Michigan

1. Had brunch with my husband this morning at an Ann Arbor institution—Angelo’s Restaurant. Hurry if you’re nearby, they’re closing in December 2023 after nearly 70 years. There’s even a song about Angelo’s written and performed by the wonderful Dick Siegel. Check it out:

2. Perfect weather for weeding. So, I did.

3. Leftover sticky coconut rice and chicken with sauteed mushrooms on the side for dinner. Super yummy.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

Directly to the east on Bagley, we have the #Michigan Building (Michigan Theatre Building).

Believe it or not, the once-beautiful theatre floor and main seating areas had been torn away and replaced with an indoor, multi-level parking garage in 1977 - which is how it functions today.

This property is owned by notorious #Detroit slumlord, Dennis Kefallinos.

The office part of the building is likely a wreck and how the city has not sued Kefallinos for the state of this property is beyond me.

A picture of the south side of the Michigan Building.

The building consists of two parts - an office building part which is shown in front and a massive theatre part that is integrated with the building on its north side.

The building is 13 stories tall and unusually wide - spanning almost two city blocks.

This building features a French Renaissance and contains a unique feature - an arched window spanning 40 feet high on the left part of its southern wall. The window has a curved back wall with over 50 mirrors that used to reflect the light from a chandelier out to the street to draw people into the theatre. That feature remains intact.

The retail part on the street level are vacant and several windows on the office part are boarded up.

#Pridefest Was An Overwhelming #Success.

#KeweenawQueers, a small local #LGBTQ+ #group put together a #familyfriendly #Pridefest.



Plans chug along to boost rail service in west Michigan, Kalamazoo to Pontiac.


3 days ago

Canton, Michigan, May 2023

#Photography #Michigan

Color photograph of a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire with flower bloom decorations (pink and turquoise) facing you from the fence. In the near foreground in front of the fence you can see some stands with starter plants in them. Behind the fence is some green grass and another fence with a Warning sign stuck to it reading "NO TRESPASSING VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED / DETROIT WATER & SEWAGE DEPT." And beyond that, more green grass with what looks like a stone path or small stream running horizontally across it, and beyond that, the broad rectangular side of a concrete building
Timothy Andrew
3 days ago

Photo I took of the Beer Depot Liquor store downtown #AnnArbor, #Michigan in July 2016.

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag
#MastoArt #Americana #Photography

landscape color photo of the Beer Depot Liquor store I took from on top of the parking garage across the street. It's a one story, red brick building. The store sign is white font on red with a yellow outline. There are various other signs like a red neon open sign, and a rusty coca cola sign. Another says "Here since 1941.
Timothy Andrew
4 days ago

What a great sign for a local bookstore. Saturn Booksellers was the name.

I'm glad I took a picture because the sign is now gone.

Downtown Gaylord, #Michigan, 2017.

#SilentSunday #MastoArt #Photography #Americana @bookstodon

The sign hangs from a white building right frame. A sharpen yellow pencil arm is horizontally bolted to the wall. Hanging from the pencil is a steaming cup of coffee on a saucer. Below that, a blue book hangs. The cover has the planet Saturn in white and reads "I read daily" in white font.
Ukraine War Bulletins and News
4 days ago
⚡️🇺🇦Everyday War in Ukraine: Unveiling the Human Side of War | Interview with Dr. Greta Uehling, Ph.D., Univ.
Of Michigan (UATV News VIDEO) #Ukraine #Michigan #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

Now is a good time to check out the strawberry moon in southeast Michigan.

I went to our local grade school playfield a few minutes ago to see the moon in the southeast sky. Amazing to see moon details with binoculars.

#StrawberryMoon #FullMoon #astronomy #Michigan

Adam Cook
5 days ago


Look, I am not trying to be ageist here, but we need fresh ideas in this state like yesterday.

And while seasoned political experience is valuable in backing this thing, it should have far younger leadership pulled from long-neglected communities.

There are just different perspectives there and we need those on the top of the table.

That's the reality.

#Michigan #Detroit

A Tweet by Sam Robinson, reporter at Axios, written on June 2, 2023 that states:

The co-chairs of the commission to grow Michigan, a state already an older than the average state and is getting older, are 74 and 75.

That Tweet is re-retweeting an earlier Tweet by Sam Robinson that states:

Whitmer announced her plan yesterday to grow Michigan, one of the oldest and slowest growing states: A 28 member commission to develop a growth strategy.

Yes, but: The governor’s office says the council will include just one appointee under 25.
Adam Cook
5 days ago

If you live in #Michigan or #Detroit, please consider sending a pre-written letter to key state representatives in support of increased #transit funding here:

Also, if you are able, consider donating:

It is absolutely vital that local and regional transit improves significantly and it is downright perplexing that the leaders of this state have yet to realize how it kills the attractiveness of this state.

michael fulgenzi
5 days ago

@adamjcook @davehogg

Threads like this make me think about how the lack of public transportation in #Michigan, secured over a century by the auto industry, has made it so difficult for the state to draw new investment and new industry.

And that includes tourism.

Adam Cook
6 days ago

I can see, right now from the Transit app, that tomorrow's bus service will have similar issues.

I hope that the powers that be at the #Mackinac Policy Conference put regional transit in their Thinking Caps because if you want to talk about a top population and economic vibrancy killer... this is it.

Bus service **needs** to be complemented by intracity and regional #rail for a population center this size (and one in which we hope to grow).

No other way to do it.

#Michigan #CivicDET

I’m out here at #pride in #ypsilanti. Enjoying the vibes. This is a pretty decently sized event for a town this small.

#pridemonth #michigan

Timothy Andrew
6 days ago

Photo I took through a shop window where some #pride was on display :)

Main Street, #AnnArbor, #Michigan

Best wishes for #PrideMonth my friends.


#WindowFriday #FensterFreitag
#MastoArt #Photography #LGBTQIA

Landscape color photo through shop window that had a bunch of rounded, briefcase size handbags lined up and leaning on each other. Each is a different color. From left to right: Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Light green, green and black. It forms a rainbow of sorts.
maeve harris
1 week ago

Bill in the #Michigan legislature would require schools to teach 'Christian Foundations of the United States' in history and civics classes. It is unlikely to move forward over the issue of religious coercion, which the courts have already forbidden. Polluting history instruction with fairy tales serves no legitimate interest of government

Adam Cook
1 week ago

Apparently, the report cited above is private… presumably only for the eyes of the #Mackinac Policy Conference attendees.

What the hell is that about?

We going to get serious here by putting all hands on deck, or are we going to continue to construct narrow-sighted policy amongst the few behind closed doors?


Adam Cook
1 week ago

I am going to be really disappointed if everyone at this #Mackinac Policy Conference left without recognizing the need to aggressively diversify #Michigan’s economic base away from #automotive #manufacturing.

A screenshot from the linked article which states:

The announcement of the group comes as studies released before and during the Mackinac Policy Conference painted an increasingly concerning picture of Michigan's ability to retain population, especially among recent graduates with skills needed to shift the state's automotive industry toward an electronic and autonomous vehicle focus.
George Hotelling
1 week ago

A new bill in the #Michigan senate to make #DTE restore net metering for #solar and lift the 1% cap. This would be a huge win for residential solar customers.

Ben Waber
1 week ago

Next was a great talk by Stephan Lemmer on #robot learning from poor human instruction at the University of #Michigan. This is an important problem, as people naturally make mistakes when trying to give feedback, and Lemmer presents some promising approaches for dealing with it here (6/8) #robotics

1 week ago

Checked out the bookstore in the Soo today before heading to the farmer's market. Going to start this tonight. Should be some good local reading. It took me a long time to pick just one book.


#local #ShopLocal #bookstore #books #Michigan

White and grey book sitting on white desk. Book says Women and the Lakes: Untold Great Lakes Maritime Tales by Frederick Stonehouse in real letters. Pictures of three women and a ship on cover.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
1 week ago

#Flowers #Peonies #Michigan #AnnArbor

This morning at University of Michigan Nichols Arboretum Peonies Garden. Peonies are popping!

Peony flower with bright pink petals surrounding a cluster of smaller light pink and white petals in the center.
A peonies bush with a lot of flowers with pink petals surrounding a cluster of white petals.
A peonies bush with a lot of flowers with white petals surround a bright yellow center that look like sea anemone.
A peonies bush with a lot of flowers with bright pink petals surrounding a bright yellow center that looks like sea anemone.
Timothy Andrew
1 week ago

Someone down the block is having Maple Tree issues. Too much sun on the trunk I think. The photo looks nice, though :)


#ThickTrunkTuesday #DogWalkPhotos
#MastoArt #Monochrome #Photography
#Suburbia #Ypsilanti #Michigan

Vertical black and white of the base of a thick
Maple tree trunk in partial shade and sun. The bark has split and the raw wood is exposed and sandwiched between the bark that otherwise wraps around the tree. The background is a curb and paved street that’s covered in the shadows of branches.

I am very happy to say that I moved to Michigan by choice. Detroit’s revitalization continues to impress me. But, there is more work to be done. | Detroit’s population slide challenges vision of revitalization - BridgeDetroit #Detroit #Michigan

Memorial Day remembers and honors American military personnel who died in service of our country.

For the past few years, one of our nearby businesses commemorates the day with a flag display in front of their building.

#MemorialDay #Michigan

A white bordered black sign "Remembering those who have fallen" stands in the shade between two maple trees. In front of the sign are dozens of small American flags waving in the green grass. More trees and blue sky in the background.

Air quality alert on Tuesday, May 30 for southeast Michigan counties, including Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, Livingston, Monroe, St. Clair, and Washtenaw.

All counties are expected to have elevated ozone levels.

#Michigan #AirQualityAlert

Adam Cook
1 week ago

For the millionth time… editors, the #media and #journalists… a #Tesla vehicle is, **at no time**, capable of “self-driving”.

There is no “self-driving mode”.

Publishing these terms and descriptions only serve to advance Tesla’s and #Musk’s lies and are an immense public safety hazard.

#Michigan #FSDBeta #Journalism

Unsalted Counter-Info
2 weeks ago

Drag Event Defended from Proud Boys in Portage, MI

"Debating love-based approaches to handling bigots is best done when not immediately physically defending a queer event from bigots who don’t tolerate queer existence."

"... a scuffle broke out, with proud boys throwing the first punches, but being handily dealt with in return. ... one of the proud boys was cuffed and taken away. No antifascists were detained or arrested"

#Michigan #Antifa #Antifascism #LGBTQ #DragDefense

A single Proud Boy getting handcuffed by police in Portage, Michigan

Good on the Peter White Public Library Board of Trustees and their supporters in Marquette, Michigan.


Mike Elston
2 weeks ago

Looks like conservative christian’s, forcing their beliefs on everyone, are finding out the hard way that the constitution, that gives them rights also gives satanists and all other religions the same rights. Satanists 🤣 #michigan #politics #satanists #Constitution

Cathy YesCT
2 weeks ago

One of the gorgeous Japanese tree peonies in bloom at Nichols Arboretum peony garden in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Only a few herbaceous peonies are blooming. I suspect next week's hotter weather will bring more blooms.

#BloomScrolling #SpringFlowers #PeonyGarden #Michigan

Large (bigger than your hand) deep red multi-layered flower stands out against the light green leaves.