Gabriele Pollara
5 hours ago

Nice work here - sticking to 6 weeks of cefiderocol monotherapy vs XDR Pseudomonas ... and winning! 👏
#microbiology #antibiotics #infectiousdiseases #IDMastodon @JACAMR

Kote Isaev
6 hours ago

Humanity invented electric motor few decades ago, essentially. Nature used electric motors for billion years. At bacteria scale, so they are even fascinating than you could imagine!
PS: all this I learned as sorta "aside information" from this video about visualization of proteins in the Blender.
#science #biology #microbiology #structural_biology

Domino Joyce
8 hours ago

Two PIs pretending they remember how to do science (only a couple of sarcastic comments from the @EvoHull PhD students, very restrained). Fun #Microbiology practical lined up for tomorrow’s first years.

Two middle aged women (no offence Lori) in lab coats trying to do molecular biology
TrangAston :verified:
18 hours ago

#IDMastodon #Microbiology #publichealth The expansion and intensification of livestock production is predicted to promote the emergence of pathogens. As pathogens sometimes jump between species, this can affect the health of humans as well as livestock .

(A) The first components of principal component analyses of the presence/absence of accessory genes and SNPs in core genes plotted against one another for all 3,070 isolates in our collection (other components and their eigenvalues are shown in SI Appendix, Figs. S3 and S4). Points represent individual isolates and different shapes/colours represent categories of lineages. Isolates in the dashed box fall within the central population of S. suis. (B) A core genome phylogeny of the central population of S. suis (excluding divergent isolates). Branches in the pathogenic clade are coloured red and branches outside of this clade are coloured black. Colours in the outer ring indicate the 10 most common lineages . Lineage 1 largely corresponds to ST1, which is associated with most cases of zoonotic disease in humans. (C) The frequency of disease-associated isolates in each of the 10 pathogenic lineages (1 to 10), in other lineages within the pathogenic clade (P, coloured red in B), in the central population outside of the pathogenic clade (C, coloured black in B), and in divergent lineages (D, green addition signs in A). Bars 1 to 10 are coloured to match the outer ring in B with the lower part of the bar (deeper colour) representing the frequency of systemic disease isolates and the upper part of the bar (paler colour) representing the frequency of respiratory disease isolates. (D) The frequency of disease-associated serotypes in the same groups as shown in C.
TrangAston :verified:
1 day ago

#IDMaston #PedsICU #Microbiology New perspective The Scientists expected a surge in respiratory disease, but what is happening in 🇨🇳 is unusual. In a 23 Nov statement, @WHO said that 🇨🇳 ’s health authorities have attributed the rise in hospitalizations since October to known pathogens, such as adenoviruses, influenza virus, #SARSCoV2 & #RSV, which tends to cause only mild, cold-like symptoms.

Drea and Team
2 days ago

Finding an end to plastic separation anxiety in recycling and answering the question
if waste plastics can be used as a carbon source for biomanufacturing.

#science #education #ecosystems #environment #matrials #microbiology #circularEconomy #fediScience #scienceMastodon #health #sustainability

Drawing of an individual wearing white cap, long sleeved yellow shirt and red pants, holds up a lidded plastic cup with a straw in it. There are three tall recycle bins and small piles of plastic on either side of them.
2 days ago

Do you remember our community survey a few weeks ago? We are about to send the incentives that were raffled among participants to their new 'hosts'! Which #microorganism would you like to get when you participate in our next community survey? #RDM #microbiology #NFDIrocks

Small Things Considered
2 days ago

Kool & The Gang − Celebration
by Christoph
Other than the title Kool & The Gang − Cele­bra­tion sug­gests, this post is not about the R&B band of past glories and their big­gest hit, but in­stead ce­le­brates the true "cool kids", mush­rooms − bio­lo­gi­cal­ly cor­rect fun­gi − and their "hy­po­ther­mic nature", stu­died by Cor­de­ro et al. (2023).
Read more >

(D) A. brunnescens. [source]
Thiago Carvalho
2 days ago

Just when I'd finally found good kimchi in Lisbon!!

"The antibiotic resistome was further illustrated in traditionally fermented food samples, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria were isolated from approximately 90% of the retail kimchi and all artisan cheeses assessed in this pilot screening."
#Preprint #Microbiology #antibioticresistance

2 days ago

A #researcher at #VancouverIslandUniversity is #investigating how #microbes could protect spotted #frogs from a deadly disease & breed improved disease resistance into the Pacific #oyster.

The work is being carried out by #VIU #microbiology professor Andrew Loudon, whose research focuses on the relationship between animals & microbes and how #bacteria affect an animal’s ability to fight #disease or deal with #environmental challenges caused by #climateChange.


3 days ago

Everything You Need to Know About China’s Child Pneumonia Outbreak
By Bloomberg News
November 24, 2023 at 2:15 AM EST

"China’s health-care system is once again in the spotlight as a wave of pneumonia cases sweeps through the country, hitting kids particularly hard. The sudden increase in sick children, and a report suggesting widespread clusters of undiagnosed respiratory illnesses, prompted the World Health Organization to ask for more details in order to allay concerns that a novel pathogen — something like Covid-19 — was the source of the outbreaks. So far, Chinese officials say, it’s simply a laundry list of known germs that’s causing the problem.

"Doctors have been warning for weeks that a common bacterial infection would likely cause a spike in walking pneumonia”' cases. In response to the WHO’s request for more data, Chinese health authorities said the uptick in outpatient visits and hospitalizations has been due to the spread of mycoplasma pneumoniae, RSV, adenovirus and influenza. Importantly, they say they haven’t detected any new pathogens. In turn, the WHO said that while the level of illness is unusually high for this time of year, it’s not unusual for winter to bring respiratory diseases. The group advised people to take basic precautions to reduce their risk — wear masks, stay home when sick, wash their hands regularly — and said there’s no need for any travel restrictions based on the current situation."


In the wake of #Covid19

Gleb Ebert
5 days ago

Plan B in case this science thing doesn't work out: Running a zoo of contaminants. I call them wrinkly coral, liquid mango and forbidden flan respectively

@ContamClub #microbiology

A microbial colony on a yellowish agar plate inside of a plastic Petri dish. The colony is about 2 cm across, of coral color and has a wrinkly surface
A microbial colony on a yellowish agar plate inside of a plastic Petri dish. The colony is about 2 cm across, of an intense yellow color and is so shiny it reflects light
A microbial colony on a yellowish agar plate inside of a plastic Petri dish. The colony is about 2 cm across, of a yellowish to beige color and has a smooth surface with a slightly wrinkly edge
TrangAston :verified:
5 days ago

#IDMastodon #Viralimmunology #Immunology #Microbiology @eLife #SARSCoV2 proteins have constantly been evolving. These variants assist the virus to survive, adapt and evade the host immune responses. While the main focus has been on structural proteins like Spike, there is very limited structural and functional information on the effects of emerging mutations on other essential non-structural viral proteins

Ellis Crawford
5 days ago

Speaking of neat papers, this was one of the coolest papers I read back in 2021.

It is such a nice piece of microbial chemistry, linking into sustainability and the circular economy, and shown in such a clear way too.

It should be free to read, so enjoy!

#Chemistry #Microbiology #Sustainability #GreenChemistry

César Sánchez
5 days ago

"Five women got eye syphilis from the same man—raising questions"

"The cluster of rare cases suggests a new strain of #syphilis may have spread"

#microbiology #bacteria

5 days ago
Schema of the soft robotic hand.
Jean Cury
6 days ago

💡 So, can we predict phage-bacteria from their genomic data ? Yes, to a certain extent !

There is much more work to be done to improve these predictions, but our study demonstrates feasibility. We anticipate similar approaches could be applied to many bacterial species.

👏 Congrats to the leading authors Baptiste Gaborieau, Hugo Vaysset, and Florian Tesson and to all the great team.


#phage #bacteriophage #bacteria #microbiology #virus #phagotherapy

Jean Cury
6 days ago

🎉 New preprint from the (MDM) lab:


❓ How accurately can we predict diverse #bacteriophage bacteria-interactions from their #genomes only ?

🦠 We created a matrix of >38k #phage-#bacteria interactions to find out (=> AUROC 86%) & used our predictions to recommend tailored phage cocktails.

Predicting which phages infect which specific strains would allow to better fight bacterial infections and understand #microbial ecology.


#microbiology #virus #phagotherapy

Preston MacDougall
6 days ago

TIL about the annual Pumphandle Lecture of the #JohnSnow Society celebrating use of #epidemiology and #microbiology 🦠#science to #shutdown the 1854 #cholera outbreak in the Soho district of #London. 👉

John Snow used #PublicHealth data to convince officials to remove the handle of the Broad Street pump above a well that was later found to be contaminated with infected fecal matter.

#ScienceDeniers were ignored then, and should be ignored now. ✅

Small Things Considered
6 days ago

A Whiff of Taxonomy – Among Vampires
by Christoph
Elio wrote A table for Two many years ago, about the sur­pris­ing ob­ser­va­tion that the Gram‑ne­ga­tive bac­terium Vib­rio vul­ni­fi­cus can be preyed upon si­mul­tan­eous­ly by a bac­terio­phage and a "bac­terio­vor­ous" bac­ter­ium. He could not have figured that the single image in his piece is a per­fect vig­net­te for the great­ly in­creased in­terest...
Read more >

Electron micrographs showing predatory at­tach­ment of Bdellovibrio to Escherichia coli prey [source:]
6 days ago
Nell Greenfieldboyce
6 days ago

Microbes can directly interact with nerve cells in the skin to create an itchy sensation….it’s a discovery that suggests new treatments for itchy conditions like eczema…and raises the interesting possibility that maybe some bacteria *want* us to scratch….

#microbiology #skin #medicine #bacteria #biology #itch

Michael Warhurst
6 days ago

Is this bacteria able to create itchy skin in order to get into the body through a broken skin barrier I wonder?

“Scientists raise hopes of cure for eczema itchiness with study of skin bacteria”

#Eczema #science #microbiology

PLOS Biology
1 week ago

Fantastic new resource for #microbiology and #protist enthusiasts from @pjkeelinglab

This #PLOSBiology Essay has freely available technical diagrams, thumbnails and an illustrated tree to highlight the diversity of microbial life.

A collage of cell diagrams showing overall protist diversity
Michele Banks
1 week ago

2 for 1 science ties! Virus dots in blue and petri dishes in blue and green, 100% silk, grab an amazing deal while they last. #art #sciart #microbiology #science #shopsmall

blue and green science ties
Infrapink (he/his/him)
1 week ago

Did you know that #bacteria can efficiently extract #RareEarthElements from pulverised rocks? Because bacteria can efficiently extract rare earth elements form pulverised rocks.

#science #engineering #microbiology #lanthanides

Small Things Considered
1 week ago

Le bal des vampires
by Christoph
To­day for a change a mo­vie re­view : The re­make of the 1967 clas­sic Le bal des vam­pires by Ro­man Po­lanski. ... They had cast­ed Caulo­bac­ter cres­centus as the inn­keeper's pretty daugh­ter Sarah, and as the vil­lain Count von Kro­lock none other than Bdello­vibrio exo­vorus (no, not the better known Bdello­vibrio bac­terio­vorus).
Read more >

Representative cryo-EM image of B. exovorus attached to the wild-type C. cres­cen­tus CB15N cell surface. Dashed double-arrow highlights the fixed-size junction between the predator and prey outer membranes. This image shows the early prey inner membrane disruption (Early infect­ion). Scale bar, 0.2 μm. []
Michele Banks
1 week ago

#Sciart fans: I'm having a 2-for-1 special on some of my ties! Get a blue and green pair of silk neckties with viruses and petri dishes for just $45 and free US shipping #science #microbiology #holiday

science neckties in blue and green patterns
Resolviendo la incógnita
1 week ago

Corte transversal del nemátodo Ascaris lumbricoides macho que "sonríe" con sus intestinos y ojos con esperma. 📷 Massimo Brizzi #microbiologia #microbiology #parasitos #parasites

Sección de gusano que parece una cara sonriente.
1 week ago

Something I noticed while using gunc ( ) to look at some contigs; latest version will likely fault out due to using a deprecated pandas call.

If you have issues, change line 114 of file to:
"for bucket_size, contig_count in contribution.items():"

If you're using conda installation (with a separate environment for gunc, like you should), the file's likely located in /miniconda3/envs/gunc/lib/python3.12/site-packages/gunc/

#bioinformatics #microbiology

Lukas VF Novak
2 weeks ago

Rediscovery of rare marine #amoeba Rhabdamoeba marina

#Rhabdamoeba marina is a heterotrophic relative of chlorarachnid algae

"The study highlights the importance of observing environmental samples for the rediscovery of #unicellular organisms such as R. marina that lack genetic data. Such efforts are indispensable for understanding #MicrobialDiversity."

#protists #microbes #amoebas #microorganisms #protistology #microbiology #algae #biodiversity

microscopic photo of the amoeba - a shapeshifting microbe with multiple lobes

Mark Martin is a professor at UPS in Tacoma. WA #UPS #Microbiology

Roey Angel
2 weeks ago

Really enjoyed reading this attempt to bring cutting-edge science from the field of environmental microbiology into policy-making on climate change.

Plus, it makes a great teaching companion that'll go into my course

#microbiology #CH4 #climatechange

2 weeks ago

New #research from our lab. Out now in Frontiers in #microbiology Photoautotrophic bacteria-algae #biofilms on #microplastic in freshwater and their influence on grazers

Small Things Considered
2 weeks ago

Contamination in Microbiology
by Mechas
Anyone who has worked in a microbiology lab can empathize with the anguish of having a contaminant ruin your experiment. In many cases, such as in clinical laboratories or in the food industry, contaminants can prove devastating and challenging to control. When dealing with environmental samples, on the other hand, contaminants are the norm.
Read more >
#microbiology @ContamClub

Colorful colonies. Photo credit: Scott Chimileski and Roberto Kolter

Sadly, SCOBY are the only pets we are allowed to bring to work at UAntwerpen: water kefir, kombucha, milk kefir and yoghurt.
Microbiology students Will have plenty of play mates though.
#highered #university #microbiology #fermentation

Alan Kotok
2 weeks ago

Start-Up Developing Precision Antibiotics for Resistant Bacteria

A company formed earlier this year is developing precision treatments for bacteria resistant to conventional antibiotics, and raising £4.3 million ($US 5.4 million) in seed funds.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Biotechnology #Chemistry #Microbiology #GramNegative #Bacteria #AntiMicrobialResistance #Finance #SeedFunds

Christophe Dessimoz
2 weeks ago

🧬 New in #OMAUpdate2024: We've significantly expanded our coverage of bacteria and archaea, including Asgardarchaeota, for a deeper understanding of microbial genome evolution. #Genomics #Microbiology

Bill Minarik
2 weeks ago

Erin Gibbons in the field at Kverkfjöll, north of Vatnajökull. There she sampled water and sediments to characterize microbial communities and biomarkers in this extreme environment.
#Iceland #Vatnajökull #Microbiology #Biomarkers #McGillUniversity

Erin Gibbons sampling waters and sediment from a sub-glacial lake, north of Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland.
Small Things Considered
2 weeks ago

Phages Unleashed: The Heist of CRISPR Repeats
by Sarah Camara-Wilpert and David Mayo-Muñoz
Bacteria, just like humans, are frequently infected by viruses (bacteriophages or phages). Phages replicate at the expense of their hosts, killing them and the process releases hundreds of progeny into the environment to complete their life cycle. The end of bacteria? Not so fast!
Read more >

The heist of CRISPR repeats. While CRISPR repeats help clear the phage infection while encoded in the CRISPR-Cas locus (left), RacrIF1 encoded on phage (right) screws over the CRISPR-Cas immune response, allowing the phage to replicate. Source:
Gabriele Pollara
2 weeks ago

Better than brain tumours, but 37% unfavourable outcome at 6 months is not great for brain abscess originating from oral cavity. Early surgery good! #IDMastodon #infectiousdiseases #microbiology #antibiotics #surgery #medicine

Scientific Frontline
3 weeks ago

The spread of antibiotic-resistant #bacteria is an enormous challenge for the #healthcare system. It is almost impossible to stop the development of #antimicrobial resistance, and there are almost no new kinds of #antibiotics being developed that can be used against drug-resistant bacteria.
#Microbiology #sflorg

Frank Ashwood
3 weeks ago

*Slime mould appreciation post*

Slime moulds usually live as single celled organisms, but will occasionally perform an astonishing feat of cooperation - gathering together as a collective ‘organism’ to form structures such as fruiting bodies. They may resemble fungi, but are really a unique group of amoebozoa.

#Macrophotography #microbiology #slimemould #soilbiodiversity

A photograph of a collection of brown lollypop-shaped slime mould fruiting bodies.
A photograph of an orange lollypop-shaped slime mould fruiting body
A photograph of a pair of white lollypop-shaped slime mould fruiting bodies.
A photograph of a collection of black lollypop-shaped slime mould fruiting bodies.
4 weeks ago

first-ever observation of a virus attaching to another virus

Results suggest many more similar systems exist to discover #science #viruses #microbiology #ecology

TrangAston :verified:
4 weeks ago

#IDMastodon #microbiology @cidrap
Treating some pneumonia patients with the #antibiotic #doxycycline instead of the more commonly prescribed #azithromycin can reduce the risk of #ClostridioidesDifficile infection by up to 45%
Alternative antibiotic selection can reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections for patients with pneumonia

4 weeks ago

The November issue of The Lancet Microbe is now online:

The journal is #OpenAccess 🔓, so you are free to explore all of its content, but these hashtags offer a flavour: #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #influenza #tuberculosis #TB #Mycobacterium #polio #AMR #microbiome #Klebsiella

#OA #InfectiousDiseases #IDMastodon #microbiology

Cover of the November issue with an image of poliovirus.
Scientific Frontline
4 weeks ago

A research team has discovered #antibodies that could lead to a new approach to treating acute and chronic #infections with the #bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
#Microbiology #Medical #sflorg

1 month ago

The complicated ecology of pit latrines

"A new study sheds light on the complex microbial ecosystems found in pit latrines, which are used by billions of people around the world."

#ecology #microbiology #sanitation #greenhousegases

So consider this a sort of re-#introduction (timed with's #upgrade to 4.2.1!) to our #microbiology journal club. We haven't agreed on a final format yet, but we do agree that: we want to keep doing a #livestream, focus on producing more #graphics, have both a deep dive and a news overview, add a more general #review, produce in smaller batches that have a #theme tying shows together, and explore new #platforms.

I haven't posted about the #journal #articles I've been #reading and honestly I've been reading less since our break. I hope at least our boosts are helpful in connecting you to cool #microbiology on the #fediverse. We got together last week to check-in and see what we wanted to do about #microbiojc. To our mutual delight we're still both interested in keeping it going, but we want to change up the format giving us something new to explore

Thiago Carvalho
1 month ago

A new episode of the EMBO podcast is out. I spoke with Hsiao-Han Chang, Gytis Dudas, and Hedvig Tamman about viruses, hosts, spillovers, public health... And also starting a new lab, the challenges of mobility, mentorship, and Die Hard Dracula.

#EMBOPodcast #scicomm #SciencePodcast #Virology #Evolution #Microbiology

Ele Willoughby, PhD
1 month ago

Happy birthday to Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632 – 1723), the Dutch scientist & progenitor of #microbiology known for his improvements to microscope tech. He was a draper in Delft, then a politician with an interest in lensmaking. Using his handmade #microscopes, he was 1st to observe microorganisms, which he called tiny animals, or "animalcules". He also made pioneering microscopic observations on muscle fibres, bacteria, coffee & … 🧵1/n

#linocut #printmaking #sciart #histstm#MastoArt

My linocut portrait of van Leeuwenhoek in burgundy wearing a wig, narrow moustache, loose robe and neck scarf, holding his invention, a microscope. He’s surrounded by his microscopic observations, “animacules”, blood vessels and more, in gold, orange, green and yellow.
Scientific Frontline
1 month ago

For the first time, researchers have found that #Alzheimer’s symptoms can be transferred to a healthy young organism via the #gut microbiota, confirming its role in the disease.
#Neuroscience #Microbiology #sflorg

Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

For the Tiniest #Archaea, A Genomic Switch of Friend or Foe

A predicted #CRISPR-mediated #symbiosis between uncultivated archaea: Sarah Esser et al.

"Meta-#omics datasets show that CRISPR-Cas systems determine mutualism or parasitism between some archaeal hosts and their hitchhikers."

#microbes #microorganisms #microbiology #genomics

electron microscopy picture of Altiarchaea, a microbe in the same genus as the host studied here.
1 month ago
a clusted of round influenza virions in red ona fuzzy blue background
2 months ago

Some Vikings settled down in England because of fertile land and warmer #climate. What is fertile land? Humans uses expensive chemical fertilizers that are bi-products of fossil fuels. Nature uses soil microorganisms instead.

“Essentially, all life depends upon the soil. There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together”, Charles E. Kellogg, 1938

This is a free ebook in #soil #microbiology If you like it, buy it. #permaculture


Scientific Frontline
2 months ago

New research suggests that the #virus responsible for #COVID-19 was a more common and deadly cause of #sepsis early in the #pandemic than previously assumed — accounting for about one in six cases of sepsis from March 2020 to November 2022.
#Virology #Microbiology #Medical #sflorg

2 months ago

The October issue of The Lancet Microbe is now online:

The journal is #OpenAccess 🔓, so you are free to explore all of its content, but these hashtags offer a flavour: #syphilis #Treponema #STI #gonorrhoea #gonorrhea #Neisseria #AMR #mpox #MPXV #tuberculosis #TB #Mycobacterium #SARSCoV2 #COVID19

#OA #InfectiousDiseases #IDMastodon #IDTooter #microbiology

Cover of the October issue with an image of Treponema pallidum.
Richard Hull
2 months ago

Why do I keep thinking about that very first episode of #Doomwatch, the wonderful early 1970s #ScienceFiction series. The 1st episode is called 'The Plastic Eaters' in which an airplane crashes after plastic-eating microbes are accidentally released ....

Gabriele Pollara
2 months ago

If you need & can take #penicillin based #antibiotics, do so.

They are usually better, so it's in everyone's interest to not be labelled allergic to penicillin incorrectly.

#AMR #IDMastodon #infectiousdiseases #allergy #microbiology

2 months ago

Found this one on another channel. Crossing geology with microbiology sounds downright exciting.

#microbiology #geology #textbook

"Microbiology for Earth Scientists" by Matthew F. Kirk

Michele Banks
2 months ago

Wake up your walls with original #SciArt! One of a kind ink and #watercolor #paintings inspired by #microbiology, #neuroscience and cell biology

ink painting of neuron with text about memory
watercolor grid of microbes in blue
abstract watercolor based on plant vessels in blue, purple, pink
Nonia Pariente
2 months ago

We are looking for a new colleague to lead the microbiology & immunology section of @PLOSBiology!!

Do you have micro/immuno expertise (including virology of course) & a passion for science away from the bench? This could be for you

Get in touch w/ any Qs!

Associate or Senior level

Applications will be assessed upon receipt

Boosts greatly appreciated!

#editing #careersinscience #microbiology #virology #immmunology

Ele Willoughby, PhD
3 months ago

There’s a German term used in biology for today’s #SciArtSeptember prompt “overgrowth”: aufwuchs. 🐡🧪🌿It means the collection of small plants & animals that adhere to surfaces. At sea, in my field, we geophysicists tend to call the algae etc. that grows on equipment “biofouling.” In freshwater you get algae, insect larvae, rotifers & tardigrades, like this one.

Tardigrades have short, plump legs & …

#aufwuchs #tardigrade #sciart #printmaking #microbiology #mossPiglet #waterBear

My linocut print of a tardigrade in a gradient of purple (at the bottom) to bronze (at the top) on cream coloured Japanese paper with little confetti- like inclusions of tiny squares of coloured paper.
GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
3 months ago

The Good Virus: The Untold Story Of Phages By Tom Ireland — Review, published by HodderBooks, 2023

by @GrrlScientist via ForbesScience / Forbes

An engaging book about the viruses that prey on bacteria, packed with inspirational stories of eccentric scientists, medical miracles and interwoven with how science and history affect each other

#books #BookReview #microbiology #ecology #viruses

Andrew Kuchling
3 months ago

Recent reading: THE INVISIBLE SIEGE: THE RISE OF CORONAVIRUSES AND THE SEARCH FOR A CURE, by Dan Werb, is a deep-dive into the basic #science of coronaviruses that occasionally has the pace and urgency of a thriller.

The pivotal figure is Ralph Baric, a professor of microbiology at UNC who's spent his whole career on coronaviruses, which were a scientific backwater before 2003: coronaviruses were interesting, but didn't cause any significant human diseases. (Though the book notes that the 1890s Russian flu and the 11th-century plagues of China's Song dynasty might have been the emergence of those coronavirus strains that are now minor.) (1/3)

#covid #medicine #microbiology #books #bookstodon

Book cover of "The Invisible Siege: The Rise of Coronaviruses and the Search for a Cure", by Dan Werb.
Project Gutenberg
3 months ago

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek died #OTD in 1723.

A largely self-taught man in science, he is commonly known as "the Father of Microbiology", and one of the first microscopists and microbiologists. Van Leeuwenhoek is best known for his pioneering work in microscopy and for his contributions toward the establishment of microbiology as a scientific discipline. via @wikipedia

Books by Antoni van Leeuwenhoek at PG:

#books #science #microbiology

Portrait of Anthony van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723), physicist in Delft. Knee piece, seated at a writing table on which lies a certificate of his appointment as a member of the Royal Society of Physicians in London by Charles II. Also, a globe and an inkstand; he holds a compass in his hand.
Illustration of critique of Observationes microscopicae Antonii Levvenhoeck... published in Acta Eruditorum, 1682.
Mya Breitbart
4 months ago

Check out episode #2 of Mark Martin’s “Matters Microbial” podcast on microbe tv featuring examples of shock-and-awe microbiology for grabbing students’ attention and an interview with me :)
#USFCMS #microbiology #micro #virology #phage #virus

Mya Breitbart
4 months ago

My good friend and colleague Mark Martin just started a new #microbiology #podcast. If you’re microbe-curious, check it out, you’ll get hooked! First episode features an interview with Vincent Racaniello - and although that’s a tough act to follow, tune in to next week’s podcast where I was lucky enough to be a guest. #science #micro #virology #phage

Nonia Pariente
4 months ago

Hi again #Mastodon!
I joined the fediverse when a lot of my community had not migrated from the bird site, so could only partially reconstruct it here using automated tools. If I followed you there and don’t here, say hi and let’s reconnect!

For those who don’t know me, I am a #virologist by training with almost 20 years of experience as a #science #editor, a passion for #microbiology and all science really, #OpenScience #openaccess & people

Have a lovely day everyone

#introduction #fediverse

Mattick, J., & Amaral, P. (2022). RNA, the Epicenter of Genetic Information (1st ed.). CRC Press. #OpenAccess #OA #Science #STEM #Biology #Bioscience #Microbiology #RNA #Book #Books #Ebook #Ebooks #Bookstodon (5)

El Duvelle
4 months ago

@mick I don’t know… but do you mean #Microbiology? Or #MicrobioEcology?

Mike Blazanin
4 months ago

Do you use #Zotero to manage your academic reading?

Are you interested in participating in a crowdsourced paper recommendation service?

ZoteroRecommender is a new service that recommends papers based on what other participants are reading.

If you'd like to learn more or are interested in participating, visit the link below:

#Ecology #Evolution #EvolutionaryBiology #Microbiology #Academia #AcademicMastodon #AcademicChatter

Mya Breitbart
5 months ago

Hoping to see some new #science folks exploring Mastodon so figured it’s time for another #introduction - I’m Mya, a professor at the University of South Florida College of Marine Science. Our lab studies #microbes (bacteria, viruses, protists) in the oceans and other environments and also works on #fish egg identification. I also post about my cute dog and cat a lot! #USFCMS #ocean #marine #oceanography #microbiology #virology #research #seagrass #urchin #academia

A photo of me (45 year old woman) smiling at the camera in an aquarium facility. I’m wearing gloves and holding a black long-spined sea urchin in my hands
Kathy Reid
5 months ago

Hi folx! It's been a minute since I did one of my #ConnectionList #Introduction #TwitterMigration posts, where I hand-pick accounts that you might like to follow, using my reach to more richly connect the #Fediverse :fediverse:

Dr @josephguillaume is a #researcher at the @ANUFennerSchool where he specialises in #model-based #science and #decision support. Joseph was a key contributor to the @AlgFuturesLab series of workshops 👋 🇦🇺

@ANUResearch is a new arrival to #Mastodon - great to see #ANU have an official presence here! This account posts about #research and #TechnologyTransfer and #ResearchTranslation 👋 🇦🇺

Dr @michealaxelsen is a Senior Lecturer in #InformationSystems at UQ #UniQueensland 👋 🇦🇺

Prof Janet Vertesi @cyberlyra is a #professor of #sociology at #Princeton @princeton specialising in #STS 👋 🇺🇸

@erici is a #soil #science student in #Naarm / #Melbourne, who is interested in #Microbiology and #BioInformatics 👋 🇦🇺

Professor Anne Pasek @Aepasek is a Professor at #TrentUniversity where she specialises in #ClimateChange, #DigitalInfrastructure and #EnergyPolitics 👋 🇨🇦

Dr @katrinagrant is an #ArtHistorian and #DigitalHumanities #researcher at #ANU, interested in #maps, #GLAM, #landscapes, #gardens and #museums 👋 🇦🇺

@datasociety is the non-profit #research institute that studies the social implications of #data-centric technologies and #automation #STS 👋

That's all for today!

Michele Banks
5 months ago

Kind of in love with this new one: Deep Blue Bacteria in #Watercolor #art #painting #sciart #microbiology

watercolor painting of grid of 12 bacteria in blue and white
5 months ago

@mastodonmigration @loshmi


Structure, immune system, and circulatory system are elements of an ecosystem. There are other parts.

A non-extractive #SocialEcosystem is powered by #attention, #labor, and #currency.

The roles of #FreeLoaders and #Suckers in an ecosystem play a part in a sustainable ecosystem. I don't want to be a Sucker. I'm way out of date to be able to provide labor. Don't need to #monetize my attention. Trying to figure out how much currency helps enough but doesn't make me a sucker such that if I leave too much of a currency hole is left, weakening the ecosystem. This same analysis has to be happening with those whose major contribution to powering the ecosystem is their uncompensated labor.

#Microbiology research is exploring how microbial ecosystems operate. The language they use includes FreeLoader and Sucker. Nothing derogatory intended. Open to alternative names for agents who take advantage of others' generosity without giving anything in return.