Struggling to investigate performance issues in your #microservices architecture?
Distributed Tracing can prove a valuable tool.
Check out my talk earlier this month at #WTFisSRE conference in London, where I explained about that and about #Jaeger #opensource project by the #cncf. You'll also see a live demo of how to do it in practice (and my elegant fall off stage 💃 ).
#DistributedTracing #DevOps

Unni P
16 hours ago

Quick refresher on Kubernetes basics!
Thank you Udesh Udayakumar for this course.

Topics covered,
✅ Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes
✅ Kubernetes installation
✅ Kubernetes concepts
✅ Networking in Kubernetes
✅ Kubernetes services
✅ Deploying a Microservices application
✅ Kubernetes on cloud
#kubernetes #containers #microservices #cloud

heise Developer
4 days ago Christoph Iserlohn erklärt wie Zero Trust funktioniert

Heise präsentiert Lisa Moritz diskutiert mit Christoph Iserlohn darüber, was sich hinter dem Thema "Zero Trust" verbirgt.

#CloudComputing #Microservices #SoftwareArchitekTOUR #Softwarearchitektur #Softwareentwicklung #news

SATOUR-TV-Podcast: Zero Trust mit Christoph Iserlohn
Knowledge Zone
4 days ago

#ITByte: What are the common #Design #Patterns used in #Microservices Architecture to support Distributed Transactions?

Ihor Kalnytskyi
5 days ago

I have no clue how I missed that, but #Amazon #Prime #Video just published in their tech blog how they ditched #microservices and switched to a #monolith. Why? Because it's slow, non-scalable and very expensive!

Turns out that moving everything into a single process, putting into a container and running on EC2 instances is 90% cheaper and solves their scalability challenges.

Wenn ihr wissen wollt, wann und vor allem wie ihr und euer Team eure Lösungsansätze in Microservices-Architekturen reflektieren könnt, dann hört euch heute den Vortrag von @StefanZoerner auf der Online-Konferenz Mastering #Microservices von @heiseonline an. Mehr Informationen über seinen Vortrag erhaltet ihr hier 👉

Fabrizio Montesi ⬣
1 week ago

📖 I'm delighted to announce the publication of my book 'Introduction to Choreographies' with Cambridge University Press!

Concurrency, distribution, and decentralised coordination plans.

I want to send a HUGE thank you to the people who read drafts and gave suggestions. Especially from the communities of choreographic programming, #microservices , and multiparty session types. I'm so grateful!

#computerscience #math

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 week ago

Recruiter asked me to share: OO #Perl w/ #PostgreSQL & #Bootstrap.js remote #job w/ creating an end‐to‐end management perspective to ensure compliance & oversight of #GIbill programs

US citizenship/Green Card
5 yrs analyzing customer needs & developing overall concept & design objectives
Engineering or related scientific/tech bachelor’s
Preferred: #SpringBoot, #microservices

Contact Jeff Moore @ 201-645-3370 or for immediate interview

Jon Fazzaro
1 week ago

"Replacing method calls and module separations with network invocations and service partitioning within a single, coherent team and application is madness in almost all cases." #microservices #engineering #architecture

Jon Fazzaro
1 week ago

"Replacing method calls and module separations with network invocations and service partitioning within a single, coherent team and application is madness in almost all cases." #microservices #engineering #architecture

Eberhard Wolff
1 week ago

HEUTE 12:00 #SoftwareArchitektur im #Stream: Amazon: Von #Microservices zurück zu #Monolithen? Mehr Informationen und Möglichkeit für Fragen:

heise Developer
1 week ago

CloudLand 2023: Ein Festivalticket – zahlreiche interaktive Workshops

Beim Cloud Native Festival erwartet Teilnehmende eine große Auswahl interaktiver Programmpunkte – von Hands-on über offene Diskussionen bis zu Tutorials.

#ContinuousIntegration #CloudComputing #CloudNativeComputing #Containerisierung #DevOps #Kubernetes #Microservices #news

heise Developer
2 weeks ago Amazon – Von Microservices zurück zu Monolithen?

Heise präsentiert Aus aktuellem Anlass widmet sich Wolff in dieser Folge der Frage, ob Amazon zu monolithischer Software zurückkehrt.

#CloudComputing #Microservices #Podcast #Softwarearchitektur #Softwareentwicklung #news

SATOUR-TV-Podcast: "Vom Wissensgefälle zur Selbstorganisation – mit Melanie Schäfer"
Eberhard Wolff
2 weeks ago

MORGEN 12:00 #SoftwareArchitektur im #Stream: Amazon: Von #Microservices zurück zu #Monolithen?
Mehr Informationen und Möglichkeit für Fragen:

2 weeks ago

What would you think about #cloud native #microservices architecture: has it disrupted the isomorphic idea of #fsharp on both back and front ends? Is that now regarded as an old fashioned #monolith?

heise Developer
2 weeks ago

Onlinekonferenz: Jetzt für die Mastering Microservices am 23. Mai registrieren

Dank der Onlinekonferenz können Softwarearchitekten und Entwickler die Herausforderungen beim Einsatz von Microservices-Architekturen meistern.

#Microservices #Softwarearchitektur #Softwareentwicklung #news

2 weeks ago

In our quest to simplify our development process and enhance the development experience, we're currently exploring the implementation of an internal development platform. Dive into @sselzer's article for the technical scoop!

#DevOps #microservices

Nicolas Fränkel
3 weeks ago

Scaling up the Prime Video audio/video monitoring service and reducing costs by 90%. The move from a distributed #microservices #architecture to a #monolith application helped achieve higher scale, resilience, and reduce costs

Wow, who would have thought that microservices were not the pinnacle of system design and that you had to apply common sense? Kudos to the team for their refreshing honesty.

3 weeks ago

#CaseStudy - Suhail Patel shares some practical lessons they learned while constructing their architecture at #Monzo. He delves into both successful endeavors & unfortunate mishaps.

Read the #InfoQ article for more insights:

#SoftwareArchitecture #Microservices #Cassandra #Kubernetes #Database #CloudAdoption

3 weeks ago

#Actors was invented as a mathematical model that solves a problem of multithreaded a parallel computation complexity. Somehow it is a post-effect of Smalltalk objects.
Actor models have a lot of implementations and interesting properties.
Modern actor systems allow you to scale and create distributed and remote actors and a cluster of machines.
Actors are another alternative to #microservices but could be a base for #nanoservice future.
#arhitecture #actors #scalability

heise Developer
3 weeks ago

Amazons neuer Modulith – Services neu zuschneiden macht noch keinen Monolithen

Ein Blogpost des Amazon-Prime-Video-Entwicklerteams stiftet Verwirrung: Kehrt AWS Microservices den Rücken zu? Kris Köhntopp klärt das Missverständnis auf.

#Amazon #AmazonPrimeVideo #AmazonWebServices #Microservices #Softwarearchitektur #news

IT News
3 weeks ago

Kubernetes cost management for the real world - Microsoft’s decision to make Kubernetes a foundational service in Azure is paying off,... - #softwaredevelopment #microsoftazure #cloudcomputing #microservices #cloud-native #kubernetes #containers

Gerard Braad
3 weeks ago

#microservices and #monoliths

This discussion had been ongoing since ever...

#dhh #aws #lambda

Read this article while it’s still up 🍿:

“Scaling Up The Prime Video Audio/Video Monitoring Service And Reducing Costs By 90%”, Amazon Prime Video Tech (

On HN:

#Amazon #PrimeVideo #AWS #Cloud #Serverless #Microservices #S3

Don’t Build a Distributed Monolith

by Jonathan "J." Tower
at NDC London 2023

#SoftwareDevelopment #EnterpriseArchitecture #microservices #monolith

Eberhard Wolff
3 weeks ago

On my way to #jaxcon . Microservices workshop tomorrow, advanced #microservices workshop Friday, talk about #SoftwareArchitecture for humans and another about how to (not) fail with #domaindrivendesign .

Alessandro Diaferia
3 weeks ago

I know everyone is focused on the battle between #microservices and #monolith after the article by the #PrimeVideo team but the only thing I can focus on is that they took a splendid agile approach:

leverage the fluidity of a PaaS to build fast and go to market and then rebuild as a sustainable and cost-effective architecture once they knew what to optimise for.

Just splendid 👌

Alex Granford
3 weeks ago
Jesus M. Castagnetto🇵🇪💉x5
3 weeks ago

"Prime Video service dumps #microservices, cuts #AWS bill 90%"

'... Amazon Prime Video dumped a distributed microservices approach for a single ECS task to save 90% on one key video quality feature ...'

3 weeks ago

10/n The gist of the story is to know your tech design principles and localise, adapt, and evolve accordingly.

#serverless #microservices #architecture

Nicolas Fränkel
3 weeks ago

Let's (not) break up the #monolith or why #microservices will not solve your problems - part 2


Adrian Cockcroft
3 weeks ago

@PlaneSailingGames @HalvarFlake Maybe people forgot to read Sam Newman’s book? This was part of the original discussion and motivation that I shared as well, along with James Lewis, Fred George, @stilkov and others. I think it’s possible that as vendors built tooling for #microservices they over-sold it to a broader user base, and lost the nuances of domain driven design and architectural and team/org fit.

3 weeks ago
João Antunes
3 weeks ago

The way folks oversimplify takeaways is just... 🤦‍♂️
All the chat about the Prime Video thing, then "serverless bad", "microservices bad", "monolith good", ... 🤡

It's not a matter of one being bad and the other good. All are valid approaches, be it a monolith, a microservice or something in between, depends on each situation.

#DistributedSystems #Microservices #Monoliths

3 weeks ago

🛞 Prime Video Swaps Microservices for Monolith: 90% Cost Reduction
— Hussein Nasser

#Monolith #Microservices #Streaming

Nicolas Fränkel
3 weeks ago

Let's (not) break up the #monolith or why #microservices will not solve your problems - part 1


Alejandro Baez
3 weeks ago

You know the trend is reversing to #monoliths instead of #microservices or #serverless when even #aws is converting their stuff. 😅

For me I swayed a long time ago. 😎 Just too much pain from building those distributed services for companies. 🫠

Rémi Ferrand
3 weeks ago

Amazon #PrimeVideo move from a distributed #microservices architecture to a #monolith application helped achieve higher scale, resilience, and reduce costs

Hrefna (DHC)
3 weeks ago

Despite being high level this is actually a fairly useful list: it gives you a language and framework to talk about security issues that can be shared between upper management and rank-and-file members.

It's useful… until marketing and sales groups get their hands on it.

Then, as with #SOA, #microservices, #NoSQL, #containers, and so many other things… you start to get a lot of "this miracle product will protect you from the OWASP API Top 10 Threats!!!!! Just pay us monies!"

Max Jonas Werner
4 weeks ago

I'm a huge proponent of #microservices but they just don't make sense in every scenario as exemplified very well in this article:

There, the network basically was the bottleneck and the main cost driver. Using the cloud helped that team make good decisions because low efficiency resulted in immediate cost so the only thing they had to do was check their cloud bills regularly.

4 weeks ago
Esther Schindler
4 weeks ago

So, you’ve concluded that adopting #microservices will improve overall application performance and scalability. Great. What comes next? In this article, we outline baseline considerations for microservices design and implementation.

Nicolas Fränkel
4 weeks ago

RT jcon_conference: See @\nicolas_frankel at #JCON2023 in Cologne talks about 'Practical Introduction to #OpenTelemetry Tracing'

Tracking a request’s flow across different components in distributed systems is…

Get your free #JUG Ticket:

#JVM #DevOps #Microservices"

heise Developer
1 month ago

betterCode()Spring: Besser, schneller und sicherer – zeitgemäße Java-Entwicklung

Die Heise-Onlinekonferenz betterCode() Spring 2023 vermittelt am 28. Juni Konzepte und praktisches Know-how zu moderner Java-Entwicklung mit Spring.

#Java #Microservices #ReactiveProgramming #Security #Spring #news

Dan Jacob
1 month ago

I wonder if #microservices as well as SPAs, will be seen in retrospect as another unnecessarily complicated technology that could only arise in an era of low interest rates.


this is a great example of design with future mods/repairs in mind. the implementation is more involved than a simple pole. but the result is a less complex, likely cheaper and safer lifetime for the device.

#microservices #api260 #design

Michal Bryxí 🌱
2 months ago

*clears throat
📢 I like working on #monolith apps better than #microservices

2 months ago

@allenholub This is ok if you don't care about time and costs of development and you don't mind about maintenance complexity because you are already embarked upon in a vast #kubernetes #agile #microservices #devops investment that hopefully will be justified by your product or you are ok with failure

Caoilte O'Connor
2 months ago

Thoughts after @adrianco #qcon keynote...
1) retirement is looking good on him!
2) a race through the last ten years of his talks on #microservices is making me feel old!
3) In retrospect it's amazing how quickly cloud changed the world of IT (and how long ago that was now).
4) Trying to replicate the success of a unicorn like Netflix somewhere else is a minefield of cultural differences.
5) If another company is currently pioneering the next great transition I probably wouldn't recognise it.

Holly Cummins
2 months ago

Fab quote about the challenges of modern software development from @jessitron:

"Let's put everything into #microservices so we can keep them simple and have all the complexity be in between them and invisible!"


Matt Roberts
2 months ago

I’m #hiring software engineers in Dublin. Join me at DocuSign to build Smarter, Easier, Trusted Agreements

#nodejs #typescript #docker #kubernetes #azure #devops #microservices #observability #opensource #jobs

Know anyone who might be interested?

Backend Engineer.

Platform Engineer.

heise online
2 months ago

Online-Konferenz: Jetzt Frühbucherrabatt für Mastering Microservices sichern!

Mit der am 23. Mai ausgerichteten Onlinekonferenz meistern Softwarearchitekten und Developer die Herausforderungen beim Einsatz von Microservices-Architekturen.

#Microservices #Softwarearchitektur #news

Esther Schindler
3 months ago

5 Microservices Misconceptions

#Microservices is today’s victim of corporate mythology, where software assumptions create barriers to sensible adoption and usage. It’s time to clear the air with the help of technologists who have hands-on experience.

So I hired a couple of #frontend developers this week and they're getting stuck into things. Now I'm interviewing for a #backend dev, and boy, did the first one not go well. Fortunately it was short enough that I can fit the whole thing in one toot.

Backend Dev: I can't agree with the #sqlite and monolith choice
Me: what would you suggest doing instead?
BD: things in the industry are done with #microservices
Me: and why is that?
BD: if you want to learn about this, you should Google
Me: I don't want to know about *how* that's done, I want to know *why*
BD: look, I'm a paid expert...
Me: I know the answers, BD, what I need to find out is if you do
BD: when you go to a dentist, you don't interview them first
Me: I'm not coming to you to clean my teeth, I'm talking to you to find out if you are the dentist whom I want to clean my teeth
BD: ...
Me: look, let's save ourselves some time. We aren't going to work together well. Best of luck with your next job.

Dealing with an over-microserviced mess... now considering diving into Postgres' Foreign Tables to simplify search accross silos... any experiences? #PostgreSQL #ForeignTables #microservices

Esther Schindler
4 months ago

Hive mind for developers: What are the biggest misconceptions you've encountered related to #microservices?

I have a writer working on an article on the topic and would love your input.

(This isn't an opportunity for "microservices suck" or "...are perfect." Rather, giving a newbie a heads-up to tech adoption, and preventing wrong assumptions.)

Was ist die Sydney-Oper der Softwarearchitektur? Welchen Systemen haben wir Architekturstile wie z.B. #Microservices zu "verdanken"? In seinem Vortrag "Architekturikonen in Software. Wegweisende Lösungen im Porträt" von @StefanZoerner auf der @oop diskutiert er die Lösungsstrategien einiger prominenter Softwarelösungen. Mehr Infos unter Seid ihr dabei?
#OOP #oopkonferenz

Our latest #AddDot podcast is about our book, "Strategic Monoliths and Microservices." This is where @techleadjournal interviewed me:

Next up, soon: I interview two industry luminaries on their experience, insights, and what's going on now.

#microservices #microservicesarchitecture #monolith #dddesign #ddd