2 hours ago

AS Sudan has claimed to have impacted #Microsoft Office for several hours.

According to down detector around 18,000 has issues using the service for over 2 hours.

#cybersecurity #infosec #Sudan #USA #Russia #Ukraine️ #MicrosoftDown

2 hours ago

Been awhile since I looked at Duckduckgo search engine, I noticed they changed their privacy policy abit.
They use to store your search quiries, now it appears like they don't do that anymore. They still don't log your ip address. and ads that appear on Duckduckgo, still don't track you.

Or do they?(talking about the ad tracking)

I found one line in the privacy policy of #duckduckgo that seems fishy, now the ads don't track you, but the ads are deleivered through Microsoft. They claim that Microsoft has commited to not associate you with any profiles, and to not share that information *"other than for accounting purposes."*

What does that even mean? It sounds like #Microsoft gets some kind of a free pass to share some kind of information in the #Duckduckgo privacy policy. I include some screenshots, of the privacy policy.

Final comments.
Now adays Duckduckgo is still a good search engine when it comes to your ip address, and search term history, but it appears their ties with Microsoft is still looking sketchy. Infact they seem to improved on their search term policy and no longer store them. But the ads.. idk if their really private or not the way that privacy policy is writen, you can't trust what a random service tells you upfront, that privacy policy is more important to consider reading through.

Discount Robotnik
2 hours ago

So today's #Apple presentation is the #Microsoft Hololens?

#Microsoft was charged with collecting personal information from children who signed up to its Xbox gaming system in the United States. #press

Travis Romany
3 hours ago

#Microsoft’s #Hololens is still my preferred version of Augmented Reality compared to #Apple’s #VisionPro.

I think it’ll feel better to have digital elements superimposed over our natural vision (with real depth and light) (HoloLens) vs. being fully inside a digitally reproduced, unnatural world (Apple).

P.S. 4 years ago Microsoft said “There’s no competition for the next two or three years that can come close this level of fidelity”. I guess they were right there.

3 hours ago

不再由 Microsoft Edge 獨佔 Bing Chat 將登陸第三方瀏覽器
自從人工智能聊天功能 Bing Chat 發佈,並且在 Microsoft Edge 上推出,由於擁有 ChatGPT 和 Bard 所沒有的獨特機能,吸引了不少網民使用 Microsoft Edge。如今 Microsoft 表示 Edge 瀏覽器的獨佔期將會完結,Bing Chat 亦計劃開放予第三方瀏覽器使用。
The post 不再由 Microsoft Edge 獨佔 Bing Chat 將登陸第三方瀏覽器 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#PC App #Bing Chat #chrome #microsoft edge

3 hours ago

The FTC says Microsoft violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act by illegally collecting personal info from children on its Xbox service without their parent's permission. #Microsoft #Xbox

@marcan I know...

Sadly #Apple isn't donating their Hardware to the @AsahiLinux project...

But unlike #Microsoft with their #Surface Devices they don't actively prevent people from being able to install another OS...

I really hope a lot of people chip in...

Konni Winkler :pika:
5 hours ago

Stell dir vor du bist ein Multimillionen-Konzern und kriegst es in deiner Teams-Software nicht hin, dass Share-Funktionen auch ordentlich beschriftet sind. #microsoft

Ole Dirty Rice :jeb:
5 hours ago

Everyone has big jokes bashing tech companies for making pricey XR headsets with no clear market but you won’t be laughing when your local police department orders 1000 of the “Special Law Enforcement Edition” models for $35,000 a piece so officers can sic their robot dog on you without ever leaving the MRAP.
#AppleVisionPro #Apple #Microsoft #HoloLens #HTCSomethingOrOther #BadDogBadCopRoutine

Steve Herman
5 hours ago

#Microsoft has experienced a global recurrence of the intermittent issue with #Outlook, according to IT professionals.

Po 20 minutach walki, w koncu udalo mi sie skonfigutowac #Passkey dla kont #Microsoft.u... niegdys #Windows, niedawno #Edge, teraz widze, ze #MicrosoftAuthenticator ida ta sama sciezka - ta firma nigdy sie nie nauczy 😆 #software #CyberBezpieczenstwo

7 hours ago

I would like to raise my hand and say here that Microsoft email is down for me also. Work and personal accounts both having issues all day.

Anyone know what's going on?

#microsoft #outlook #hotmail #office365

MZiegler (DerCube)
7 hours ago

No word about AI in iOS or macOS … just another year with stupid Siri. Maybe Apple falls a second time behind Microsoft?

#WWDC #Microsoft #Apple #artificialintelligence #AI #macOS #iOS17

Preston Maness ☭
7 hours ago

@kristian Echoing others:

Why not to use #Brave:

1. Brave is based on Chrome. Contributing to Google's hegemony across the web is, in my opinion, a Bad Thing.
2. Brave have associated themselves with various cryptocurrency projects/schemes/shenanigans, which, in my opinion, is another Bad Thing.

Why to use #Firefox:

1. The only non-Chrome browser left standing in the way of total Google hegemony, which is, in my opinion, a Good Thing.
2. Makes greater efforts to respect users' privacy. E.g., none of the v3 manifest shenanigans, far less phone-home activity, DNS over HTTPS / #DoH (yes, I know some folks really don't like this) support.
3. Managed by a non-profit, Mozilla. They're hardly perfect -- being a part of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex -- but I'd rather struggle with them than Google.

Firefox (and #Mozilla) aren't perfect. And so long as they are dependent upon a massive conglomerate like #Google or #Microsoft or #Yahoo to underwrite their efforts, they won't be. But that, in my opinion, is really up to us to work to fix. If there's any software that people would pay for, and *have* paid for in the past, it's:

1. Their operating systems
2. Their web browsers

Guilherme Dea
7 hours ago

Somebody said Apple is releasing Windows Vista and I'm not going to lie, I would love to have Vista again without the hardware problems and software bugs. It was peak mid-00's glass and gradient design, a genuine piece of art. #wwdc23 #windows #apple #microsoft #vista

Travis Romany
7 hours ago

@otherdog must be the same feeling at BlackBerry in January 2007.

But I also think they’ll be happening at #Microsoft. Where does Windows fit in this world?

8 hours ago

Apple showed off versions of Microsoft's Word, Excel and Teams apps running as apps on the company's newly revealed augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, that's coming in early 2024. #Microsoft #AppleVisionPro

8 hours ago

@MicrosoftEdge Nah! The fact a small account like me got to you is hilarious. (^.~) #Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #FireFox #GoogleChrome #DuckDuckGo

#microsoft apps on #visionpro looks like Microsoft’s ads! Transparent windows! First on Apple. 🥸 #WWDC

AURonline 🏡
9 hours ago

RIP HoloLens #Microsoft #WWDC

9 hours ago

Looks like #microsoft just took down my copy of #eaglercraft, I will get one up soon, but I will just have it as a link so the lawyers will not come after me. Fuck you Microsoft

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
10 hours ago

@cstross @pdcawley To be fair, #Apple isn’t unique in this. #Microsoft #WindowsVista introduced a widget sidebar and #Windows 7 let you move widgets to the desktop. It was killed in #Windows8 in favor of Live Tiles on the Start menu.

10 hours ago

Who really really controls the #internet

No it's not #Microsoft. Microsoft mostly makes products like #Xbox, #microsoftword, they don't really do much to control the internet as a whole despite being the owner of the largest computer os on the market and owning Bing. You can mostly say that #Google is the main ruler of what goes on the internet and what doesn't. They own #Youtube and Google do you know anyone else that's any bigger then that and has more then just one app dominating everyone else. (looking at just #Tiktok.)

Define internet: the transfer of data over the lines or something like that.
Define data: could be apps, images, games, videos, text, code, web pages.. stuff like that.

Besides the internet provider, who do you have to go through first to get the data transfered to you?

1. The search engine. As it doesn't usally tend to matter what web browser you generally use it doesn't determine what websites you can access. (javascript issues of said website on the browser is a different story.)

define search engine: searching on the web for web pages, indexing the sites pages in a easier way to access then having to rememeber the sites ip address.

2. The #appstore If you want an app that's not preinstalled, better hope #Apple will carry it, or/and the Google Play Store.

3. Video streaming. Want to download a video clip, or stream something. That streaming app or website might not always be able to provide that whether it be for their own choices, #copyright better hope that platform has your interests.

4. Games. It use to be gaming wasn't really too big on the internet with company's like Nintendo ignoring it originally. Now adays you can get the game from app stores, or video game console marketplaces, or pirate websites, or legit websites. If you want a specific title, best to hope the store fronts will offer it and continue to offer it. (Looking at Nintendo *and* Sony. Microsoft actually does pretty good on this.)

10 hours ago
10 hours ago

Ein Mitarbeiter von #Microsoft hat bei einem Routinejob einen mehr als zehnstündigen Ausfall von Microsofts #Azure-Cloud-Angebot ausgelöst.,136635.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

10 hours ago

Ik lees de volkskrant niet zo vaak, dus vroeg ik me af of je column al eens over sharepoint ging. Het is me een raadsel hoe die ontwerpers van Microsoft dit kunnen verzinnen. En nog een groter raadsel waarom iedereen het gebruikt.

Net weer een hoop ergernis gehad op de sharepoint van een opdrachtgever. Files in Teams, sharepoint en one-drive zijn samen garantie voor een complete chaos en onvindbare documenten.

#microsoft #teams #sharepoint #onedrive

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
11 hours ago

We'll hold you to it, Microsoft!

Microsoft Promises No Full CG Trailers for Xbox Showcase First-Party Games - IGN

#Microsoft #CG #Trailers #Xbox #FirstParty #GamingNews

The Xbox logo
The Hindu :press:
11 hours ago

#Microsoft Corp's product suite that includes Word and Excel was down for more than 15,000 users on Monday, according to outage tracking website #press

Aida Akl
11 hours ago

#Microsoft Makes a Swipe at Sony, Promises No Completely Fake Trailers At #Xbox Showcase @Kotaku

11 hours ago

Microsoft confirmed that Microsoft 365 services like Exchange Online, Outlook on the Web, Teams, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online, are down. The company is currently offering a mitigation. #Microsoft #Outlook #Outage

Steve Herman
11 hours ago

#Microsoft confirms a widespread Outlook outage. 📚
12 hours ago

Before you tie all your logins with the likes of #Google, #Apple, and #Microsoft, take some time to consider the trade-offs.

Put your school's email on our servers, they said. What could go wrong, they said. @#$%. #Outlook #Microsoft 📚
13 hours ago

#Microsoft’s #Bing AI #chatbot is about to appear in all major web #browsers according to a new report.

Tech news from Canada
14 hours ago

Ars Technica: Sony chief warns technical problems persist for cloud gaming #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #PlayStation #microsoft #streaming #Gaming #Sony #XBox

Aida Akl
14 hours ago

#Sony knew this before the UK CMA blocked the #Microsoft #ActivisionBlizzard deal.

Sony chief warns technical problems persist for cloud gaming @arstechnica @FT

heise online
15 hours ago

Windows Subsystem für Android: Direkter Dateizugriff aufs Windows-Dateisystem

Microsoft hat dem Windows Subsystem für Android den Dateiaustausch per Drag-and-Drop beigebracht. Dazu kommt der Zugriff aufs Windows-Dateisystem.

#Microsoft #news

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #22/2023 is out! It includes, but not only:

➝ 🇺🇸 🪖 Air Force denies running simulation where AI drone “killed” its operator
➝ 🇺🇸 🏂 #Burton Snowboards discloses #databreach after February attack
➝ 🇺🇸 🧪 Enzo Biochem #Ransomware Attack Exposes Information of 2.5M Individuals
➝ 🧠 🤖 Introducing Charlotte AI, #CrowdStrike’s Generative AI Security Analyst
➝ 🐍 🦠 Malicious #PyPI Packages Using Compiled #Python Code to Bypass Detection
➝ 🇰🇵 🎠 N. Korean ScarCruft Hackers Exploit LNK Files to Spread #RokRAT
➝ 🦠 📱 New Zero-Click Hack Targets #iOS Users with Stealthy Root-Privilege #Malware
➝ 🇷🇺 🇺🇸 #Russia says U.S. accessed thousands of #Apple phones in spy plot
➝ 🇯🇵 🚗 #Toyota Discloses New Data Breach Involving Vehicle, Customer Information
➝ ☁️ 👻 Organizations Warned of #Salesforce ‘Ghost Sites’ Exposing Sensitive Information
➝ 🔐 👀 #Amazon faces $30 million fine over Ring, Alexa #privacy violations
➝ 🔐 🧱 Active Mirai Botnet Variant Exploiting #Zyxel Devices for #DDoS Attacks
➝ 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Russia’s ‘Silicon Valley’ hit by cyberattack; Ukrainian group claims deep access
➝ 🦠 🤖 #Spyware Found in #GooglePlay Apps With Over 420 Million Downloads
➝ 🦠 🚪 #RomCom malware spread via Google Ads for #ChatGPT, GIMP, more
➝ 👛 Southeast Asian hacking crew racks up victims, rapidly expands criminal campaign
➝ 🍏 #Microsoft finds #macOS bug that lets hackers bypass SIP root restrictions
➝ 🦠 🚪 #Barracuda zero-day abused since 2022 to drop new malware, steal data
➝ 🇬🇷 Worst cyberattack in #Greece disrupts high school exams, causes political spat
➝ 🇮🇳 🎠 Sneaky DogeRAT Trojan Poses as Popular Apps, Targets Indian #Android Users
➝ 🇺🇸 U.S. Department of Defense releases 2023 Cyber Strategy
➝ 📱☝🏻 New BrutePrint Attack Lets Attackers Unlock Smartphones with Fingerprint Brute-Force
➝ 🇯🇵 🎠 New GobRAT Remote Access #Trojan Targeting #Linux Routers in #Japan
➝ 🦠 📂 Clever ‘File Archiver In The Browser’ phishing trick uses #ZIP domains

#cyberattack #ai #security #google #cyber

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Fancy Bear Goes Phishing: The Dark History of the Information Age, in Five Extraordinary Hacks" by Scott J. Shapiro

Subscribe to the #newsletter to have it piping hot in your inbox every Sunday ⬇️

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 day ago
A split thumbnail featuring the promotional art for Redfall on the left and the MajorLinux on the right.
Ricardo Harvin
1 day ago

@carnage4life I was shocked when I learned in the 00's that #Microsoft developed #AJAX.

To my knowledge, it was their first original contribution to the web (not #EmbraceAndExtend) and shared freely with no restrictions.

@GossiTheDog Well, #Microsoft does operate in the "P.R." #China, and #Google doesn't [anymore]...

heise online
2 days ago

Sony-Chef warnt: Cloud-Gaming ist technisch noch "sehr schwierig"

Cloud-Gaming sei technisch "sehr schwierig" umzusetzen, warnt der Sony-Chef. Zukünftig könnte KI eingesetzt werden, um das Spielerlebnis zu verbessern.

#CloudComputing #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #Playstation #Sony #Xbox #news

Paul Chambers
2 days ago

'30 year old code killed! Microsoft rewrites Windows kernel with 180,000 lines of Rust'

The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview release is the first to include the programming language Rust.

#rust #Windows #Microsoft

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 days ago

Looks like it takes a bit more than 30 minutes to really get a feel for a game.

MajorShort: Redfall

#ArkaneAustin #Bethesda #GamePass #Gaming #Microsoft #PC #Twitch #YouTube #BlackMastodon #Blerd

A split thumbnail with a screenshot of Layla from Redfall barely there on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
2 days ago

If #ChatGPT Plus and GitHub #Copilot Chat (for #VisualStudio) were 2 boxers, Copilot Chat would go K.O. in the first second of the first round.

I can't work with Copilot Chat just yet. #Microsoft

Photo of Muhammad Ali
heise online
3 days ago

Microsoft wirft Cortana-App aus Windows – KI-Tool Copilot übernimmt

Unter Android und iOS ist die Cortana-App längst stillgelegt, nun zieht Microsoft auch bei Windows den Stecker. Das KI-Tool Copilot soll Cortana ersetzen.

#Apps #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Microsoft #Sprachverarbeitung #Windows #Windows #Windows #news

heise online
3 days ago

Microsoft Powertoys 0.70.1 behebt zahlreiche Fehler

Rund anderthalb Wochen nach der Veröffentlichung von Version 0.70 legt Microsoft Powertoys 0.70.1 nach. Die neue Version räumt mit diversen Problemen auf.

#Microsoft #news

Pratik Patel
3 days ago

Cortana? What's that?

#Microsoft plans to pull support for #Cortana on Windows 10 and Windows 11 later this year, as it touts its #AI efforts as suitable replacements for the assistant.

Claire Giordano ✨
3 days ago

Today's #CitusCon video 📺 of the day is from the amazing PostgreSQL hacker (on the team at Microsoft) Melanie Plageman.

In this talk, you'll learn about IO observability & the new pg_stat_io feature for Postgres that Melanie contributed to PG16.

Melanie is a great explainer, trust me you'll like this talk!

#PostgreSQL #Postgres #CitusCon #observability #Microsoft #OpenSource #database

As much as #Microsoft fails to get any foot in the #Console market in #Japan, they own the #Desktop market there...

Still, they make custom ads for that as well...

Like when they started their #Azure datacenters in #Tokyo and #Osaka...

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 days ago

I guess I should get familiar with Ghostrunner.

Free Play Days – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Farming Simulator 22: Platinum Edition, and Ghostrunner - Xbox Wire

#FreePlayDays #TomClancy #RainbowSixSiege #FarmingSimulator #Ghostrunner #Xbox #GamingNews #Microsoft

An Xbox Free Play Days advert showcasing Rainbow Six: Siege, Farming Simulator 22, and Ghostrunner.
Thomas Krause
4 days ago

everyday frustration about the #win11 start menu.

pressing WIN, then starting to type, then moving the up/down arrows to select an entry. afterwards it changes the selection by itself, resulting in opening the wrong process.

happens almost always between @obsidian and @OBSProject.

#microsoft is a global player, working on this since 40 years. what does it tell us about the state of #userexperience #ux in these companies?

Clayton Tyger
4 days ago

It’s Read-Only Friday, have any #PowerShell script/module documentation that needs updating? If not, why not jump on to #github and help someone else out. #Microsoft is always looking for help for their documentation too 😀

有中国大陆用户注意到自己的 Windows 设备被静默安装了微软电脑管家(之前也有被静默安装 Office Plus 的报道)。分析表明此静默安装来自 Microsoft Edge 的更新。


#Microsoft #Windows #MicrosoftEdge #PCManager

Telegram 原文

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

As usual, update your shit!

PSA: If You Run Windows, Make Sure to Update iTunes to Fix Security Vulnerability

#Windows #Microsoft #iTunes #Apple #Security #Vulnerabilities #InfoSec #TechNews

A screenshot of iTunes running on Windows.

@gaycookie no, it doesn't feel worse.

What feels worse is that not only does #Microsoft refuse to comply with #BDSG & #GDPR, but that the state itself violates said laws.

I really hope @maxschrems 's @noybeu will finally get rid of that #Govware for good!!!

Bill Seitz
4 days ago

"The addition of "extinguish" in the phrase "embrace, extend and extinguish" was first introduced in the United States v. #Microsoft Corp. antitrust trial when then vice president of Intel, Steven McGeady, used the phrase[11] to explain Microsoft vice president #PaulMaritz's statement in a 1995 meeting with Intel that described Microsoft's strategy to "kill HTML by extending it"",_extend,_and_extinguish

@gaycookie I can accept that if that was not only feasible but also legal and enforceable.

Using #Windows in any currently supported version is legally impossible in my juristiction because #Microsoft refuses to comply with #GDPR & #BDSG.

And I've also had to decline job offers because some clownish morons think that it's okay to force Linux admins to work on a Windows machine for not reason but "We sez so!"...

So yeah, unless it's someone's personal home rig, that isn't feasible!

Claire Giordano ✨
5 days ago

It's the last day of May and today's #CitusCon video of the day is by @cyberdemn of Microsoft, who is the lead of the Patroni project for PostgreSQL...

If you want to learn about the key to scalable (horizontally scalable) & fault-tolerant PostgreSQL, watch this talk (and demo) about Citus and Patroni.

#PostgreSQL #Citus #databases #Patroni #Microsoft #OpenSource #HighAvailability

Panayotis Yannakas
5 days ago

🤔 Did you like the Preview Version of "One Outlook"?

📢 Personally, I am disappointed with the new Outlook for Windows (Outlook Pre). It feels like a consumer program rather than a professional one. Missing features like choosing email save location and easy account switching. I hope Microsoft is listen the users!

#Microsoft #Outlook #NewOutlook

PenguinTech :ve:
5 days ago

@thelinuxEXP saying they ( #microsoft & #apple ) need Personal Identifiable information ( Aka Telemetry ) to fix their OS, is like saying I need to know where you went with your vehicle? who was riding with you? what did you guys/girls talk about ? what are you carrying inside your trunk ? in order for me to fix the Engine 🤷‍♂️ 📚
6 days ago

#BingAI should soon be usable in other #browsers besides #Edge, so the army of #Chrome users out there can get a piece of #Microsoft’s #chatbot if they so wish.

Sammy is a :fox_dance:
6 days ago

Any followers work for Microsoft/know someone who works for #Microsoft?
If so, I'd love contact details of someone I can repeatedly bother ask about getting relicensed as BY-SA instead of BY-NC-SA...

@dekkzz76 @shelenn @deadbeef I fully agree. My predictions:

Twitter will stay the dominant media-fed and media-driven social platform at least in the US.
Bluesky won't make it. Investors will soon realize that it is a scam, nothing else.
The Fediverse will grow slowly and organically. More from Europe than other parts of the world.
#Mastodon will blow up because all its major instances will be hit by a simultaneous multi-day spam bot attack leading to Amazon #AWS blocking all traffic to&from Mastodon instances and there is nothing they can do about it because Eugen was busy implementing #Twitter UX into Mastodon Mobile Apps
The instance will move to a self-developed #CommonLisp fork of Mastodon (with a Non-Mastodon logo due to a trademark feud) that employs AI algorithms from the PAIP book, get's rid of all #JavaScript (because it is non-free) and is mainly used by users of the #mastodonEL #Emacs package
Its operator will launch a second donations page begging for money to be able to buy two expensive #LispWorks HobbyistDV licenses because lispm from Reddit told him that this unparalleled, magical Lisp productivity is only gained with a superior IDE
There will be heated discussions between factions of the Common Lisp and the Emacs Elisp community about their Lisp being the better, faster and "most free" one
@amszmidt will chime in and do another "Emacs Lisp is not a Lisp - Bite me" post which generates so much traffic that the instance will blow up in flames and its operator will eventually convert to a #Microsoft fanboy running an ancient fork of #FidoNet written in Omicron Pascal (but converted to #Delphi), hosted on a WinXP machine with IIS and #SQLServer2008.

End of story.

David Burns🌹
1 week ago

#AI generated images are showing up constantly in MSN and #Microsoft AdChoices and they're all largely scams. If you have a parent, elder, or less tech savvy person, you might want to work on installing adblockers or even a pi-hole because these ads are just going to drain their bank accounts or worse.

Topher 🌱🐧💚
1 week ago

User hostility awards. Most user-hostile takes the prize.

Who wins?


(you know who I really *want* to vote for but unfortunately Apple still gets my nomination by a tiny hair)

#ux #ui #apple #macos #ios #iphone #google #chrome #gnome #microsoft #windows

Jae 🐧 ☕
1 week ago

I've sung my praises about #Linux and dissed #Windows and #Microsoft lots already, but... this goes without saying:

DO NOT SHIT ON PEOPLE FOR THEIR OS CHOICE. Yes, you can talk about your interests and explain why you think it's better.

If you shit on someone, though, for being "lesser" for using an OS, you need to grow up.

Let people be while being yourself. It can be done!

2 weeks ago

@ZDF @ArneBab @Gleisplan @HugeGameArtGD Der Verein @digitalcourage berät euch bei der nächsten Umfrage bestimmt gerne zum Thema Datenschutz und warum #Microsoft solch ein Problem ist.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :mastodoncertified:
2 weeks ago

2001 : le PDG de @Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, a déclaré que "#Linux est un cancer"🤔
2023 : #Microsoft sort sa propre distro #Linux (Azure Linux) 😂🤣

#Linux #OpenSource #Fedora #Microsoft

c't Magazin
2 weeks ago

Microsoft Teams: Push-to-talk nutzen

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, dass mein Mikrofon in Videokonferenzen mit Microsoft Teams nur aktiv ist, während ich eine Taste festhalte?

#Microsoft #MicrosoftTeams #Videokonferenz #news

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 weeks ago

As long as Metal Gear Solid Delta is on that list, I'm good to go!

Microsoft cheekily highlights how many PlayStation Showcase games will also be on Xbox

#Microsoft #Sony #PlayStation #Xbox #GamingNews

An Xbox advert showing games announced at the PlayStation Showcase coming to Xbox: Immortals of Aveum, Ghost Runner 2, Marathon, Metal Gear Solid Delta, Dragons Dogma, Alan Wake 2, The Plucky Squire, Teardown, Assassin's Creed Mirage, Neva, Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean, and The Talos Principle 2
Jonathan Mosen
2 weeks ago

Yesterday, I posted here my gratitude that #Microsoft rapidly fixed a regression in the Windows Start Menu in both 10 and 11, which caused all screen readers to say the words “Best match” before you heard the name of the application you would launch if you were to press Enter.
Most, like me, were relieved and pleasantly surprised by how quickly this was address. But a small number of people expressed regret, saying they like the additional message.
While #UI preferences are usually subjective, I want to discuss why this now reversed change was so detrimental. I didn’t do it yesterday because I think most people just get it. But it’s important.
The change provided no new relevant information whatsoever. We already knew that Windows was presenting the “best match” for what we were typing. If it were not the best match, Windows wouldn’t be offering the option as the first suggestion.
All this message did was introduce another verbal barrier between what you were typing and the vital information that helped you know if you were launching the application you wanted. Any unnecessary verbosity is a hindrance to your productivity. Particularly with something as regularly used as launching an app by typing in its partial name, those productivity hits add up very quickly.
Unnecessary verbosity that slows us down is actually one form of accessibility barrier. It’s important that we understand this given how many mainstream companies are now taking an interest in accessibility. They want to do the right thing, but they don’t always know what the right thing is the first time because insufficient #blind people are involved in the development or quality assurance processes.
So please, let’s not tolerate the slowing down of our access to information by simply accepting the insertion of new verbiage that adds absolutely no value at all.

2 weeks ago

So, if you're running #microsoft #edge and you've been wondering why all of a sudden web links you paste into slack are broken as all get out, this is why:

Thank god you can turn it off in settings.

Andrew Stroehlein
2 weeks ago

Here's an awful idea: #Microsoft is planning to invest in a new cloud data center in #Saudi Arabia.

Read or listen to the story in my newsletter today:

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the Royal Court, in Riyadh, on January 14, 2019.
Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago

@arstechnica @benjedwards

• #AI wasn’t an “onset" or “launch" or “introduction" or a "release"

• it was an “injection" by #PeterThiel + #ElonMusk backers of #OpenAI #ChatGPT
(#SamAltman now on a 17 city 🌍 tour dropping metaphorical #AI bombs)

• it was “Lightning" like a #TechnoFascist Blitzkreig on #Democracy is

• #BigTech incumbents (#Microsoft, #Salesforce) are willing & complicit distributors

#AI = savage & lawless land, perfect for #VC’s


2 weeks ago

#Microsoft found that a Chinese government group had installed malicious code in U.S. telecommunications systems. The code appeared to be part of an espionage campaign, but could be used for destructive attacks #China