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3 weeks ago

@glasspusher oh yes, we couldn't belive it was her but the vet recognized her tattoo after cleaning her ears. The vet was about to call animal rescue because they thought we were treating her bad but after they saw the tattoo their face relaxed and they said that it was only happening the second time in their whole career that a cat took miles to get back home.

She's lying beside me and purring loud enjoying scratchies and pets. #Mimiko is such a gift.

Thank you :ablobcatheart:

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1 month ago

@ricardojmv when #Mimiko is outside in the sun I sometimes have the impression she's also more a dark red tabby cat. :blobcathighfive:

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1 month ago

Heya, have a nice #caturday with #Mimiko! Here she is lying lazy on a yoga mattress not doing a single asana! :blobcatthumbsup:

#caturday #catsOfMastodon #blackCat #心美子

Our cute black cat Mimiko laying on her right side on an orange yoga mattress on a beige sisal rug. She is looking in the camera's direction.
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1 month ago

We missed #caturday, but there's #WhiskersWednesday for the rescue! This is Mimi aka #Mimiko, our cute #BlackCat in our tiny sweet #garden. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

Our cute black cat Mimiko lying in our garden on the green grass enjoying the sun. The photo was taken in front of her, there's her cute face, she's not looking into the camera. Her body is out of focus.

This is #mimiko taking a nap. :ablobcatheart: #caturday #catunday #blackCat #catsOfMastodon

Our cute black cat Mimiko sleeping on a light grey blanket on our sofa covering her eyes with her front paw for better sleeping

#Mimiko enjoying a #treat this #caturday. :ablobcatheart: Sorry for blurry 2nd pic. #potatoCam

#cat #blackCat #katze #neko #catsOfMastodon

Our cute black cat Mimiko enjoying a treat, she's sitting in front of me and is licking a yummy multi vitamin paste from the tube
A rather blurry photo of Mimiko's face  reaching out for the paste, her mouth is slightly opened and she is about to lick. She has jade green eyes and the nose invites for a boop

Everyday is #caturday we heard... #Mimiko wishes you a Happy #easter! This is an old picture of her cleaning her cute little paws.
#BlackCat #Katze #Neko #CatsOfMastodon 💕

Our cute black cat Mimiko's head, she is cleaning her pass and her pink tongue is between her claws

@azzz I used to be a dog person too. #Mimiko changed that. Behind her hashtag is her story if you like to read it. 😻

We hope you celebrate #caturday accordingly! This is a closeup of our cute black #cat #mimiko's nose.

#blackcat #neko #katze #catsOfMastodon

A close-up photo of our black cat #Mimiko's snout while she's asleep

#Mimiko says #thanks to each and everyone of you for boosting her heartbreaking story! 💕🐈‍⬛

She's really very, very special but who wouldn't say that about their #cat?

#CatsOfMastodon #BlackCat #Love #Neko #Katze

@viridian Then that's quite strange. We bought a closed litterbox once and #Mimiko refused to use it. And she likes to have her usual cat litter.

#Mimiko is having a relaxed #caturday - as usual. Here she's lying on "her" sofa.

#blackCat #neko #katze

Our cute black cat Mimiko lying on a grey couch with a rolled light grey blanket on the left-hand side, there are cushions in the background. Her head is slightly tilted and she's on her back with her back paws in the air. Her nose invites for a boop.

This is a picture of #Mimiko from 2012 not quite long after she adopted us. Can you see her smile?❤️

#caturday #BlackCat #Katze #Neko

Our cute black cat Mimiko lying on her back in a Twisted banana pose with her paws in the air on a light gray blanket.

Unfortunately no #cute pic of #Mimiko because of reasons. But have a great #caturday with this passport of a 'sea cat' which were sailing on ships that time to take care of rodents. The passport was signed with the cat's paw.

#cat #catsWithJobs

A passport of a sea cat named Herman with an occupation as an  expert mouser which got issued by the captain of port Baltimore. The passport got signed with the cat's paw.

#Mimiko the #cat wishes a happy #caturday! There are such #cute brushes on her ears. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

#neko #katze #blackCat

Our black cat Mimiko looking straight into the camera with her green eyes. She's lying on a pink blanket on our couch, her right paw is in the foreground. On her ears are cute little brushes.

Have a joyful picture of #Mimiko playing with me with her feather toy she loves so much. I've ordered a #catchee yesterday and I'm curious if she likes it. I'll tell you after it got delivered!

Our cute black cat Mimiko playing with me, she was hiding under our table reaching for her toy with her front paws

Have a great #caturday, lovely #fedi people! Mimiko has a cuddly one and wishes you all the best. :blobcatkissheart:

#Mimiko #catsOfMastodon #BlackCat

Our black cat Mimiko lying on her back on our light grey sofa

@Nikkileah say hello to #Mimiko! :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

I had her in the perfect pose but eyerytime the shutter goes, she's looking away. She just won't stay on this #caturday

#Mimiko #cat #cats #catsOfMastodon #blackCat

Our cute black cat Mimiko sitting in her cat tree's little wooden cave looking downwards as I tried to snag a cute picture of her. The inside is white plushy and seems comfortable. Her view from there is the street in front of our house and our livingroom.

Somewhere still is #caturday, we've been late! This is a picture of #Mimiko #months after she returned to us. She's lying in our large flower box she used to sleep in the snow when we first adopted her. She was rather sleeping in the snow in that box than being at our neighbors house.

#cat #blackcat #mimi #catsOfMastodon

Our cute black cat Mimiko lying in  a large terracotta flower pot. She looks tired being woken up apparently.

@KydiaMusic She's like our child and our sitter knows that. We'd be stressed out too if she would escape when we're abroad. #Mimiko is an outdoor #cat and when she was younger she went away for a few days doing cat stuff. What sorrows.

This #caturday is also a #throwback day for me. Here's a picture of #Mimiko the time she was living with our that-time neighbors. As I wrote in #Mimi's heartwarming story pinned on my profile (, the neighbors treated her very badly and put her on a leash, too. I was freaking out and they removed the leash. After that she won't leave us until they took her away from us. I'm still getting mad when I see the picture.

#CatsOfMastodon #Katze #cat #blackCat

Mimiko our cute black cat as she was living with our neighbors. She's sitting in the dirt on a leash. My heart was broken.

A good purchase! Here is #Mimiko playing with her new feather toy on this #caturday. Have a great #weekend!

#cat #BlackCat #CatsOfMastodon

We play a lot with #Mimiko. Here she is looking out of her cat tunnel while playing with me on this #caturday 💕

#cat #catsOfMastodon

Our cute black cat Mimiko's green eyes looking out of the side opening of her cat tunnel while I was playing with her.

@markusl #Mimiko brings rats and mice but no birds until now furtunately. Maybe you are right, I'll watch on.

@cowboycatranch I made one for #Mimiko and she peed inside. :blobcatnotlikethis:

It's almost new year here but it's also a #caturday! Here's #Mimiko striking a pose for the #camera. 💖

We're wishing a #happyNewYear2023!

#nye #newYear #newYearSameMe

#blackCat #CatsOfMastodon

Our cute black cat Mimiko laying on her back looking at me she looks like she is posing for the camera

Even when it's #Christmas, it's also a #caturday! Here's #Mimiko laying on our new #heatpad which she just discovered. It looks like she enjoys it! What a good purchase for the whole #family it was.

#blackCat #catsOfMastodon #felidae

Our cute black cat Mimiko laying on our heat pad. She just discovered it and her eyes are almost closed, slightly looking into the camera. It seems like she enjoys it.

心美子 - #Mimiko

心 means "#heart"
美 means "#beauty"
子 means "a word that comes after a #woman's name, #child."

#心美子 #japanese #japan #name #cat #catsOfMastodon

#Firecrackers won't be banned in #germany this year unfortunately. Poor #animals suffering and hey, f..k the #environment, too! We'll be at home with #Mimiko and comfort her the best we can as she will be shaking from #fear again.

It's a "tradition" in 🇩🇪 just like blowing with 750 Km/h across the autobahns. Tradition you know?

A very #happy #caturday to all you lovely people out there, I hope your day will be as nice as mine! Here's #Mimiko, our #cute black #cat curled up on my lap. 🐈‍⬛


#blackCat #CatsOfMastodon

There's Mimiko, our cute ppitch black cat curled up on my lap, her fur shiny. One paw and one of her bright green eyes are visible

A beautiful #caturday to you! #Mimiko stayed in the bed with me cuddling instead of demanding food. Being with me is more important to her than breakfast it seems. 💖

She's a #cat who can get outside whenever she wants but we also tried to make our house as cat friendly as possible. Here she lays on her comfy windowsill catboard. She has several of them at her favorite watching spots around the house.

#catsOfMastodon #blackCat

The black cat Mimiko on her brown and comfy windowsill catbed. She likes to watch the street outside.

Here she is, purring loud and enjoying my company while letting me pet her fluffy belly. This is luck. #Mimiko

#catsOfMastodon #cat #blackcat

Mimiko the black cat laying on our grey sofa exposing her belly as a sign of trust. We put a blanket on the sofa because she scratches even having enough scratchposts around in the house. So the blanket shows clear signs of a cat at ease.

We're wishing a pleasant #caturday, lovely #fedi people! #Mimiko is enjoying our #love.

#cat #BlackCat #BlackCatSaturday #felidae #notADog

Our cute black cat Mimiko lying on her back on my wife's lap, looking into the camera

@PaulFilev That rock-hard guilt. Our #vet told us that time is a construct of humans as we asked if we could travel at all having a feline family member. She said that #cats don't know #time and when you're back, you're back. I wouldn't travel any more than max two weeks, though not that she feels abandoned. We have a loved person #playing and #caring for #Mimiko at least twice a day when we're abroad.

A sunny purrfect #caturday with #love from #Mimiko! She's on our sofa here, looking straight into the camera. Can you see the little brushes on her ears? :ablobcatheart:

#caturday #catsOfMastodon #fedicats #cat #cats #blackCats #blackCatSaturday

Our cute black cat Mimiko lying on the couch, looking directly into the camera. Her forepaws are crossed.

I'm in the homeoffice and #Mimiko purrs on my lap. How's your day going?

Have a great #caturday lovely people of the #fediverse! Here's #Mimiko on the hunt observing her prey!

#cat #cats #catsOfMastodon #BlackCatSaturday

This is a photo of Mimiko the black cat's head taken from behind in our garden watching birds. You can see the cute little brushes on her ears!

#Mimiko and I have a morning routine. She's always with me in the bathroom and demands #love and #scratchies while giving #headbutts #purring and #meowing. What a #cute #cat she is, she's such a lovely gift. When she's not with me I know something's wrong.

When I come home, #Mimiko ususally sleeps upstairs. She hears when I return and runs down the stairs, meowing on every stair tread. #Meow meow meow meeeeeow! So #cute and vocal.

Oh no! #Mimiko missed #BlackCaturday, so we make a #BlackCatunday out of it if you don't mind! #caturday #CatsOfMastodon #cat #cats

Our cute cat Mimiko playing with us, looking out of a ripped off corner of cardboard box

@thisisradinsky Just a bit and then #Mimiko will purr on my lap too. #Cats. What a nice sound it is.

Let's revive #WholesomeWednesday! Here's a picture of #Mimiko doing her #kitty steps on my belly. It's something meditative I guess. Not comfortable for me but she seems to have a urge to do it, so I'm fine. Sorry for the blurry pic.

#cat #catsOfMastodon #cute #love

Our cute back cat Mimiko doing cat stepsies on my belly

#Mimiko is wishing a happy #caturday! Cats will be #cats.

#catsOfMastodon #katze

Our black cat Mimiko sitting in a shoebox, to the right is her comfy catbed she never used.

Behold #Mimiko's paw! High five!

#cat #catsOfMastodon #caturday

Our black cat Mimiko's paw in focus

A #catunday with #Mimiko instead of a #caturday. Here she is with her cat bed! :ablobcatcry:

Our black cat Mimiko lying besides her cat bed in our livingroom. The photo was taken from the top. T+e cat bed can be used as a tiny cave which she is also not using.

Another week has passed by, yet there's another #Caturday with another lovely picture of our beautiful #cat #Mimiko from the past. I hope you have a great #weekend!

#catcontent #CatsOfMastodon

Our black cat Mimiko's cute face, her head is in total focus and turned around

It's #Caturday and what else could I toot than a picture of our cute #cat #Mimiko? Have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves!

#CatsOfMastodon #cats

Our cute black cat Mimiko lying on her side looking directly into the camera with her light green eyes.There are her tiny upper fangs, too! She is resting her bended foreleg on her chest. It looks almost like as she were leaning on a flat surface.
9 months ago

@madnuttah Oh wow, I didn't know about #Mimiko's origin story - that's amazing! 😻

It's #caturday and I'm in time today! Here's a picture of Müsli, she was one of the cats #Mimiko was struggling with that time... If you click #Mimiko's hashtag you can read her story. ❤️ In the background you can see another red one.


A striped cat looking into the camera on a roof of our neighbor's flat, there is another red one in the background enjoying the sun.

This is #Mimiko lying on a flat roof at our neighbor's house where we lived before. I guess this picture is about 10 years old. 😻

#caturday #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCat #cat

Our cute black cat Mimiko lying on a concrete patch of a flat roof, loose tiles are beides her. The wall behind her is off Focus and a little blurry.

Being on a trip and I didn't make it for #caturday in time again, so this is a #catunday toot. But #EyeryDayIsCaturday, isn't it?

This is #Mimiko on my lap cuddling. ❤️

Our black cat Mimiko on my lap in our living room

@randynose the #cat #gamander arrived and has it's place in the #garden already. At first #Mimiko was sniffing curiously just to run away from it. 🤔🤣

So, it didn't went as planned but the plant will stay of course. It attracts insects with it's flowers and it looks quite cute. Maybe the tartaric #honeysuckle will be better for her? I'll keep you informed.

Ayy, we're a bit late for #caturday but here comes another cute picture of #Mimiko. ❤️

A picture of our black cat Mimiko's cute face while napping

Another picture of our #cute #cat #Mimiko for #WholesomeWednesday, here she's playing with my SO.🐈‍⬛❤️

It's to hot for her currently, we cannot brush her enough and she flees under our bed from the heat.

Yesterday i had taken a cold pack, wrapped it in a towel and put it carefully on her belly. At first she wanted to resist, but then her face really relaxed and she enjoyed it.

Out cute black cat Mimiko sitting in a cardboard box looking at a feathered toy, playing with my significant, better other.

@randynose I just ordered a gamander and a tartar honeysuckle. I'll post news if #Mimiko likes it!

@randynose we have some #Catnip in our garden, #Mimiko likes it but not as much as Valerian. You can also buy satchets with #Valerian root especially for cats. But beware of the stink which gets really bad after they drool over! And you will attract even more #cats.

Happy #caturday with a picture from a few years ago of #Mimiko playing with her super stinky Valerian pad. Man, these things smell so bad!

Our black cat Mimiko in front of one of her scratchposts, her left leg is lying on her pad filled with Valerian root. Be glad that you can't smell it!
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1 year ago

#Mimiko hopes you have a great #caturday!

#cat #catsofmastodon

A upside down picture of our black cat Mimiko lying on her side looking directly into the camera.
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1 year ago

@nattiegoogie I'm waiting for the ordered cat gamander for #Mimiko. I have also ordered a tartaric honeysuckle for her. She likes catnip and loses everything with those badly stinky valerian bags.

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1 year ago

Say hello to #Mimiko!

She used to belong to our neighbors with 7(!) cats aready, was the tiniest&weakest, got always beaten by the others so she was almost living with us. The neighbors moved to another city and didn't want to sell her to us approx 300km away, no lie. We missed her so much. Two years later she stood on our balcony, half dead, full of wounds from mites. Our vet said #cats return to their people, so here she was. We #love her so much and she makes us so #happy.