When there's a critical mass of #cooperatives (#labor, #mining, #manufacturing, #merchandising, #educational, #health, #housing, #farming, #agricultural processing, #transportation, #construction and etc., within #green energy protocols), find ways to make cooperatives of cooperatives (#guilds perhaps, with hiring halls and #apprenticeships) and cooperative jurisdictions (local #democracies). Work up from "below."

The goal is not to extinguish bullies, we've all been taught to be that. It's to extinguish #bullying. 2/2

Mural at Growers Market, Eugene, Oregon, showing a variety of people in a variety of livelihoods, above a roofed over loading dock that has been modified with a ramp for accessibility.
Atlas Obcsura
14 hours ago

John Brown Memorial in Dailly, Scotland

The grave of a man who spent 23 days trapped underground after a mine collapse.
John Brown Memorial

London Mining Network
19 hours ago

The Heart of Our Earth Book Launch: In-person launch of Latin America Bureau's new book 'The Heart of Our Earth: Community resistance to #mining in Latin America' by Tom Gatehouse

London Mining Network
19 hours ago

Guinea, partners resume Simandou infrastructure operations #RioTinto #mining

1 day ago

#Mining #Bitcoinmining #cryptocurrency #economiccycle #greentrend Investing in Bitcoin Mining Companies: Expert Opinion: An esteemed investor, Mike Alfred, has recently shared his insights on companies engaged in the production of the world's first cryptocurrency.

According to him, in the current market scenario, such firms represent an alluring investment proposition.

Alfred is of the opinion that mining companies are endowed with "operational…

Palm Oil Detectives
2 days ago

Today is #WorldFrogDay. There are around 8,000 known species of #amphibians. An est. 3,200 are threatened with #extinction. That's 40% of all #frogs #toads! Their main threats are #deforestation for #mining, #palmoil, #soy, #meat. Plus illegal collection for the #pet trade. Help our froggy friends and be #vegan, #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife #herpetology #herps read more about amphibians threatened by palm oil here:

Today is #WorldFrogDay. There are around 8,000 known species of #amphibians. An est. 3,200 are threatened with #extinction. That's 40% of all #frogs #toads! Their main threats are #deforestation for #mining, #palmoil, #soy, #meat. Plus illegal collection for the #pet trade. Help our froggy friends and be #vegan, #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife #herpetology #herps read more about amphibians threatened by palm oil here:
CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

All #mining is destructive, and none more so than #FossilFuel production.

All #energy forms need some kind of mining.

So we need to find ways to mine that are respectful: of #biodiversity, of #indigenous communities, of everything downstream from where the mining happens. Because green #colonialism is still colonialism.

2 days ago

Residents & #HumanRights groups say that #mining boom #threatens #farmers #LandRights & #harms #environment in areas such as #Wawonii in #ResourceRich #Sulawesi region, which is home to black #macaques , #maleo #birds & #tarsier #primates .

Facing prospect of losing their land & livelihood, about a dozen Wawonii #villagers take turns #KeepingWatch from a hut surrounded by clove trees, waiting for #trespassers as machinery roars below.

#AsianMastodon #LandDefenders

CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

The message from this report:

"Governments must urgently stop subsidising the extraction and #overuse of water through misdirected agricultural #subsidies, and industries from #mining to manufacturing must be made to overhaul their wasteful practices, according to a landmark report on the economics of #water."

In so many cases, #ClimateChange is the last straw on top of long-standing mismanagement of water resources.


2 days ago

#Twitter owner #hypocrite #tyrant #liar #sociopath #fascist #racist #Elon not so
"free speech" #Musk needs free #gullible workers #developers #programmers.
Read his hypocrite #blablabla from Elon;

Our “algorithm” is overly complex & not fully understood internally. People will discover many silly things , but we’ll patch issues as soon as they’re found!
We’re developing a simplified approach to serve more compelling tweets, but it’s still a work in progress. That’ll also be "open source".
What he really means is volunteer work,
He hopes to earn your trust. Really????
Consider this;
Have you considered that you probably fired the people who understood it internally Elon "not so smart" Musk!?

#RIPtwitter #TwitterMigration #Congo #Tesla #slaves #cobalt #mining #childlabor #dictators #Neuralink #Followfriday #animalcruelty all to do with #psycho Elon Musk.

Michael Shank
3 days ago

“Governments must urgently stop subsidising the extraction and overuse of #water through misdirected #agricultural subsidies, and industries from #mining to #manufacturing must be made to overhaul their wasteful practices, according to a landmark report on the economics of water.”

London Mining Network
4 days ago

#BHP potentially faces $44 billion bill in #Brazil dam case #mining

Carbon Tracker
4 days ago

On the eve of a crucial UN 🇺🇳 water summit, experts warn Govts must urgently stop subsidising extraction & overuse of water through misdirected agricultural subsidies & industries from #mining to manufacturing must be made to overhaul wasteful practices

4 days ago

Marathon, North America’s largest #Bitcoin mining company, has announced its financial and operational results for Q4 2022. The company recorded an increase in mined Bitcoins from 3,197 BTC in 2021 to 4,144 #BTC in 2022, a 30% increase.

#Crypto #Mining #CryptoCurrency #BlockChain #CryptoNews

London Mining Network
4 days ago

Lockheed Martin sells deep-sea #mining firm to Norway's Loke

Rachel Strohm
4 days ago
4 days ago

The world is facing an #imminent #WaterCrisis w/ demand expected to outstrip the supply of #FreshWater by 40% by the end of this decade, experts have said at crucial #UN #water summit.
#Governments must urgently #stop #subsidising the #extraction & #overuse of #water through misdirected agricultural subsidies & #industries from #mining to #manufacturing must be made to #overhaul their #wasteful practices, according to a #LandmarkReport on the #economics of water.

Jonathan Wright
4 days ago


This was just before I was born.

It was an absolute tragedy. Little Health & Safety in those days.

#Wales #Aberfan #Mining #Tradegy #Accident

4 days ago

#UBC #student #activists & #academic #researchers are increasingly #SpeakingOut against the #controversial issue of #DeepSeaMining .

Deep sea mining is the process of extracting resources from the #ocean floor below two hundred metres. Supporters of deep sea #mining claim that it is one of the last measures possible to extract resources necessary for batteries & electronic infrastructure. Opponents argue that the #environmental #impacts of mining are too #destructive .

4 days ago

Reaching the #Yanomamis is a challenge, #deforestation & #illegal #mining have damaged the area over the years, making access even more difficult. In addition, according to the #Brazilian #MinistryOfHealth , #contamination by #mercury & other #HeavyMetals have affected not only the #rivers in the region, but also the #soil & #animals , directly impacting the #Indigenous #diet , which consists mainly of fish, gathered fruits & roots & agriculture.

#Brazil #Crisis

4 days ago

Trillium Gold and Pacton Gold Combine

Trillium Gold and Pacton Gold Combine to Create Dominant Strategic Land Position in Red Lake

March 16, 2023 14:30 ET | Source: Trillium Gold Mines Inc.; Pacton Gold Inc. Follow


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trillium Gold


5 days ago

Crypto mining in 2023 — Is it still worth it? Watch Market Talks - Join us as we discuss whether cryptocurrency mining is still wort... - #cloudmining #homemining #mining

Gustavo Petro says despite rescue efforts, 10 miners who had been trapped underground after an explosion have died.
Colombian mine blast death toll rises to 21, president says
London Mining Network
5 days ago

LMN Public Event – #RioTinto: Against People, Climate and Nature, 5 April 2023, 18:00 – 20:30, Amnesty International, New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EA #mining

5 days ago

#Construction is under way at the #ThackerPass #lithium #mine in northern #Nevada after a federal court denied opponents’ requests for an injunction.
#LithiumAmericas - a #mining company headquartered in #Vancouver , #Canada , said in a news release this month that workers were #drilling at the site and building infrastructure, including water #pipelines .

#Indigenous #Ecocide #CorporateGreed #GreedKills #BlameCanada #NativeLand #exploitation #crapitalism

5 days ago

#environment agency - #Ibama seized seven #Starlink terminals in #Yanomami land over the past five weeks, the agency’s press office said.

#Illegal #miners have long used #satellite #internet to #communicate and #coordinate, but until now that entailed sending a technician, usually by plane, to install a heavy, fixed antenna that cannot be carried off when #mining sites move or are raided.

#Brazil #Amazon

6 days ago

#Governments #worldwide are eager to attend #global #climate meetings to solidify their #environmental commitment. Their #political #agendas , however, rarely mirror anything near what they profess.

Whether it's #CliimateChange , #Canada ’s #international #mining , #BritishColumbia #OldGrowth #forests , #TarSands, #LaBayDuNord - outcome will be the same. There isn’t an area in this, or in most other jurisdictions, that isn’t under some form of environmental attack.

Atlas Obcsura
6 days ago
Widgiemooltha Golden Eagle Nugget in Widgiemooltha, Australia

A roadside replica of the largest single piece of gold ever found in Western Australia.
Widgiemooltha Golden Eagle Nugget
Regional governor says 100 rescue workers have been deployed to try to free 10 miners trapped underground.
Colombian coal mine explosion kills at least 11
Activists say the project threatens delicate ecosystems, while proponents say it is key to Biden's green energy agenda.
Nevada lithium mine breaks ground despite Indigenous opposition
Grimethorpe Colliery Band 🎺
2 weeks ago

Beautiful scenes here in Barnsley. It's hard to believe this nature trail over the old coal spoil heaps once looked over a black industrial landscape.

Give us your best #FrozenFriday photos... ❄️

#Mining #Coal #CoalMining #Wildlife #NatureTrail #Snow #Snowing #Winter #Cold #Frozen #Yorkshire #Landscape #Photography #Barnsley

The broad fields on the edge of Grimethorpe, covered with snow. The local area around the village is largely undeveloped, as the land was extensively mined for miles around and the ground is still not stable enough to build on. This leaves us with some beautiful views.
A view taken from old spoil heaps, which are now a rich wildlife spot. Not today though, as the ground is covered with snow and it's still snowing. The pictures looks towards the 3 giant wind turbines which now sit on the edge of the village.
Looking up the snowy hill towards newly planted trees, with a little stream weaving through the snow and lots of wild grasses growing on the hillside. When this snow melts it might become more of a river than a stream...
Jon Vernon
2 weeks ago

One of the work projects I'm involved with at the moment is setting up our mobile app to enable Exmoor rangers to carry out annual safety inspections of old mine workings within the national park.

Was a good opportunity for a field visit to this site last week, which was mined extensively for iron ore from the mid 1850s to 1911, with many much older workings in evidence nearby.

Was pushed for time on this visit but will definitely be back.

#Exmoor #Mining #History #Landscape

Entrance to main drift. The portal is surrounded by lush mosses and ferns. A sign warns of the danger of mine workings.
View out from inside a tunnel level on the north side of the site. The sides of the tunnel are crusted with moss and stone slabs lie on the floor.
Inside the portal to a mine drift, lit by torchlight. The tunnel bends off to the right and is partially flooded with clear water. The sides of the tunnels are coloured with minerals and water droplets cover the ferns and moss at the portal entrance.
Entrance to a mine tunnel in a cleft in the vertically aligned rock layers.
2 weeks ago

Hi Mastodon - what would this plane be doing over the #Pilliga ? Scanning for fires? Geological surveying? Mapping? No registration so can't see who owns it.
#Geology #Mining #CSG #Cartography

A screenshot from flightradar24 showing a plane that is flying precises north to south lines over the Pilliga in NSW Australia
Grimethorpe Colliery Band 🎺
2 weeks ago

We are really delighted to be working with the terrific Michael Bach once more as he is over from Switzerland to take us for tomorrow's performance at the Yorkshire Area competition on the Vivaldi inspired Philip Wilby composition 'Red Priest'.

Michael has been really throwing himself into the Grimethorpe lifestyle with a visit to the Mining Museum at Wakefield and a knock at the driving range!

#MiningMuseum #Museum #Coal #Mining #Golf #Wakefield #Vivaldi

Euphonium player Andy and cornet player Greg are taking a selfie with Michael as they wear yellow hard hats at the Mining Museum
Conductor Michael stands grinning at the camera as he is ready to take an almighty shot at the driving range...
Michael in action in rehearsal at the Grimethorpe bandroom, with the commemorative photo of the Colliery behind him
Mike DiGirolamo
2 weeks ago

The video team @mongabay just released a documentary detailing the 30-year-long resistance efforts to defend the Intag Valley in Ecuador from mining.

Watch here: Defending the Intag Valley:

#News #Video #Mining #Deforestation #Rainforest #HumanRights

3 weeks ago

The UK spent years lobbying for this Armenian goldmine. Now Russia is funding it.

This flagship Western investment, backed strongly by the UK, will receive funds from a bank 44% owned by Russia.

#Armenia #Mining #Russia #Finance #Environment #UK #Sanctions #ForeignPolicy #Canada

Jussi T Eronen
3 weeks ago

“This has the potential to transform the oceans, and not for the better,”

About ocean floor, biodiversity, deep sea mining, and our future... (and yes, it is long read, but good one)
#Biodiversity #Ocean #mining #ClimateChange

IMA_ Ore Mineralogy
3 weeks ago

Pyrite fun fact:
Pyrite is also know as 'Fools Gold,' but the fools don't realize that it can actually contain significant amount of 'invisible' gold!!!! Here is a image of a gold containing pyrite from Nevada, and maps showing the distribution of gold at the micrometer (bottom-left), and atomic scale (top-left)!!
(image credit: Phil Gopon;
#APT #FoolsGold #Pyrite #Carlin #Mining #IMAOreMineraloftheYear

All The Brazilian Politics
3 weeks ago

Brazil moves on illegal mines in Indigenous Yanomami territory

#politics #brazil #EnvironmentalJustice #indigenous #BrazilianPolitics #mining via @RFI_En

3 weeks ago

About Protect #ThackerPass

Why are we protesting?

Because we envision

- A world in which we prioritize the health of future generations.
- A world in which we live in harmony with the natural world, rather than relying on extraction.
- A world in which blowing up a mountain for #lithium is just as unacceptable as blowing up a mountain for #coal.

#Nevada is the driest state in the USA, yet the mine plans to use 2,600 acre-feet (850 million gallons of water) per year in phase one, and 5,200 acre-feet (1.7 billion gallons or water) per year in phase 2.

What do we want?

- We want people to understand that lithium #mining is as dirty as coal mining.
- We want to stop Lithium Americas from physically disturbing Thacker Pass.
- We want the world to know what is happening here.
- We want the current administration to rescind the Thacker Pass #LithiumMine Project permit.
- We want the September 12, 1865 Thacker Pass Massacre Site and the Thacker Pass Traditional Cultural District designated protected under the National Register of Historic Places (#NRHP).
- We want the current administration to withdraw Thacker Pass from federal mine leasing.
- We want the current administration to reduce our nation’s dependence on cars as part of an emergency shift to a “#degrowth” economic paradigm. A detailed description of our solutions is available at our website...

To donate, get involved, or find out more:

3 weeks ago

There is precedent for #ThackerPass resistance!

Navajo and Hopi tribes campaign to remain on Black Mesa lands and protect it from coal mining, United States, 1993-1996

"The land on the Big Mountain reservation has been disputed by the U.S. Government and the Navajo and Hopi tribes since 1882. This area in Black Mesa, Arizona, which was extremely rich in sulfur coal deposit, attracted mining companies and the government due to the potential profit. Mining began on the Navajo and Hopi land and started to increase greatly by the 1970s. Congress signed a relocation act in 1974, which would allow one company, Peabody Coal, to mine this area uninhibited. The reservation lands of Black Mesa were then to be used as strip mining sites for private U.S. mining companies.

"Since 1974, Navajo and Hopi peoples received a lot of pressure from the government and mining companies, Peabody Coal in particular, to relocate. The U.S. government issued laws reducing Navajo and Hopi ability to keep livestock on their land. They also offered $5000 to those who willingly gave up their homes and moved elsewhere. Despite all the government pressure, by the 1990s, there still remained about 300 Navajo and Hopi families who had refused to leave.

"Despite the government pressure, #Navajos and #Hopis, already sharing government protected land, lived amicably and struggled beside one another in order to protect the land their people shared. The struggle between the government and the #indigenous tribes continued through the '90s but escalated on 5 August 1993 when a federal judge ordered the remaining Navajo to either relocate or sign a lease that would give them squatter’s rights on the land for the next 75 years. The Navajo ignored the order and continued living on the land—neither relocating nor signing a lease.

"From 1993 to 1996, the 300 Navajo families stood their ground and occupied their land against government wishes. They also ignored the continued orders demanding that they either choose to relocate or to forfeit their rights to the land and become squatters. In response, in November of 1993, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) began daily raids of livestock in order to push out the remaining Navajo and charged increasingly large sums to release the livestock.

"In the meantime, #PeabodyCoal had #mined the area since 1968 and continued to do so as the tribes fought to stay on their land. To transport the coal, Peabody created a slurry pipeline that used natural reserves belonging to the natives. This act dried up fifty springs and #poisoned water, killing livestock and threatening the lives of the Navajo. Navajo elders took actions in order to combat the advancing mining. El Elders Pauline Whitesinger and Roberta Blackgoat, in particular, were known for their decades of resistance, for tearing down fences, for confronting the BIA, and for ignoring official demands and turning away government workers who tried to persuade them off their lands.

"In 1993, Peabody bulldozed at least four Navajo #burial grounds. The Navajo blocked bulldozers with their bodies, tore down fences, turned away government officials, wrote numerous letters and emails, lobbied for government attention, and raised awareness among the Navajo people using the internet and frequent meetings. It is unclear when several of these tactics were employed. In addition, Navajo peoples filed several lawsuits in response to unfair land use by Peabody, for water rights, and against Peabody’s violation of federal #mining laws. Peabody carried on with their normal practices despite objections. Peabody Coal cited studies backed by their own funding that indicated that their mining practices were in no way damaging the environment.

"On 11 March 1996, a federal judge ruled the activity of Peabody as an infringement on human and environmental rights of local residents. Peabody’s pipeline was found guilty of violating the National Environmental Policy Act and the Surface Ming Control Act. Thus, the judge revoked Peabody's mining permit. He found that the tribal councils, the OSMRE, and BIA were disregarding the basic rights of the people in this area for profit's sake. Peabody appealed the decision and continued fighting for reestablishing mining access after this ruling.

"When the deadline, 1 April 1996, finally arrived most of the remaining families had not complied with the courts. The Navajo remained in their original homes, though as many as fifty families had accepted the proposal by the government. The courts took no action against the remaining families.

"On 26 September 1996, the U.S Congress passed the Navajo-Hopi Settlement Act, which would require all Navajo to relocate by 2000. In 1996, a group of Hopi and Navajos travelled to the London Stockholders meeting of Hanson’s ltd. to protest Peabody Coal’s presence in Black Mesa. Lord Hanson ordered his security guards to throw out the tribe representatives. Before doing so, resistance leader, Roberta Blackgoat offered a prayer. Today, families still refuse to acknowledge the various land acts. In regard to Peabody Coal, the Department of Interior Office of Surface Mining (IOSM) granted a permit to Peabody Coal to allow the continuation of operations in Black Mesa on 22 December 2008. However, after reevaluation due to an appeal from Navajo and Hopi peoples, the Department of IOSM withdrew this permit granted to Peabody on 8 January 2010. This was a success for the tribal and environmental organizations."
#EnvironmentalRacism #CulturalGenocide #NativeAmericans

3 weeks ago

#Teacher Charged After #Crypto Mining Operation Discovered in #School Crawl Space:

A #judge issued an #arrest warrant for a teacher charged with #illegal crypto #mining at a #Massachusetts, #USA school.


3 weeks ago

Um yeah. There has to be a better solution. #Mining companies are notorious for #EnvironmentalRacism and destruction of plant and animal life. We need to recycle the #Lithium we have, and switch ASP to #CarbonDioxide and #FlowBatteries that don't involve Lithium!

US judge won't block huge lithium mine on Nevada-Oregon line

A federal judge has sided with the Biden administration and a mining company in a fight with environmentalists and tribal leaders trying to block a huge lithium mine in Nevada near the Oregon line

by Scott Sonner, February 24, 2023

"Opponents say the mine would destroy key #wildlife habitat and sacred #cultural treasures, harm #groundwater and pollute the air. They argued in their request for an emergency court order last week that without it, the developer would begin to rip up a high-desert sea of #sagebrush that holds some of the most critical habitat still intact for the dwindling sage #grouse in the West.

"Friday's ruling marks the third time in two years Du has refused to grant injunctions sought by the conservationists, #NativeAmerican tribes and a Nevada rancher who lives near the mine."
#WaterIsLife #OnlyOnePlanet

3 weeks ago
Chris Rowan
4 weeks ago

The Dystopian Underworld of South Africa’s Illegal Gold Mines: “Analysts have estimated that illegal mining accounts for around a tenth of South Africa’s annual gold production”

Warning: this is a tough read, that does not flinch away from counting the human cost of illegal mining in some of the world’s deepest tunnels.

HT @marcoscan #geology #mining

Bob Payne
1 month ago

Deep sea mining risks 'irreversible' damage to oceans and poses harm to endangered species, scientists warn | Climate News | Sky News #Biodiversity #Oceans #Mining

1 month ago

Imagining an economy for Nunavut beyond extraction
As expansion plans for a massive Baffin Island mine are frozen, communities piece together an economy that aligns survival, culture and ecological health
via The Breach
#CdnPoli #Nunavut #Inuit #Indigenous #ConservationEconomy #SelfGovernment #LandClaims #Mining

@fuchsiii @nano that's one of those PCIe Extenders that use a USB 3.0 cable to mux a single PCIe x1 lane to an extension board.

AFAIK they barely deliver PCIe x1 1.0 speeds [250 Mbit/s] so not really useful for anything but #Mining and #GPGPU tasks.

1 month ago

I installed a custom rom on an old Android tablet and started mining crypto on it, safe to say that I found a use for this thing at last lol:

#crypto #cryptocurrency #duinocoin #duco #mining #android

Grimethorpe Colliery Band 🎺
1 month ago

For #FensterFreitag this week a photo from our local church, St Luke's.

Our local community is an important part of our heritage, and we regularly perform and rehearse here. Just recently we have been recording our latest CD in this fabulous acoustic.

When it opened its doors in 1904 St Luke's was declared to be "a church built by miners for the miners". ⛏️

#WindowFriday #Window #Church #StLuke #StLukes #Church #Catholic #StainedGlass #LeadedGlass #History #Community #Acoustic #Miners #Mining

As we look up at a big dark wall at the end of the church we see light glowing in through the windows. At the bottom there are 3 arch-shaped windows, tall and thin, and above them is a large flower-shaped window pattern, with a circle in the middle and 8 petals around it. The windows are in plain leaded glass, but it is still quite striking.
Mike DiGirolamo
1 month ago

Here's my latest podcast with @mongabay speaking with Romi Castagnino about her trip to Intag Valley with Liz Kimbrough. Nestled in the most biodiverse region on the planet, it's currently under threat from a planned copper mine. Listen here:

#News #Ecuador #Rainforests #Deforestation #Mining #Conservation #Moths #TropicalForests

1 month ago

Mining itself is a human rights disaster though.

#mining #humanRights #climateChange

Extinction Rebellion Global
2 months ago

Pope Francis denounced the "poison of greed" driving conflicts in Africa as he began a visit to Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday, saying the rich world had to realise that people were more precious than the minerals in the earth beneath them.


2 months ago

In der neusten Episode von Ressourcen.FM tauchen wir ein in das Thema #DeepSeaMining. In knapp unter drei und halb Stunden erfahrt ihr alles wichtige (IMHO) zum aktuellen Stand bzgl dem Bergbau in der Tiefsee. Insbesondere werden die Themen (wirtschaftliches) Potential, Umweltprobleme, Lagerstätten und internationale Politik berücksichtigt.

Ich freue mich auf euer Feedback und Kritik!

#blueeconomy #deepseamining #tiefseebergbau #bergbau #mining

London Mining Network
2 months ago

#Mining giant 'sorry' over lost radioactive capsule in #Australia #RioTinto

A radiation alert is in force for parts of Western Australia after a tiny capsule containing Caesium-137 was lost.
Rio Tinto apologises as search for radioactive capsule continues

1. Rio Tinto should be responsible for ALL costs incurred in the search
2. An independant investigation needs to be launched and Rio Tinto should have to pay for it
3. Rio Tinto should charged and pay massive fines
4. Any injuries that may result from this incident should be fully compensated by Rio Tinto
5. Rio Tinto should have any and all licences regarding the possession of radioactive substances immediately suspended until their safe handling practices are fully reviewed by an independent assessor.
#RioTinto #mining #Australia #radiation

I'm feeling very lucky at the moment. My instance have increased us to 2000 characters.

I believe every group of living beings should have a collective noun.

Please add your thoughts as they occur and see if you can assist my #gofundme

My first thoughts are:
A #riot of #environmental #activists.
A #shitfight of #politicians.
A #vadge of female #mining #magnates.
A #destruction of #coal #miners
A #cacaphony of mall #shoppers.
A #misery of #wildlife #carers.
A #fuckup of #farmers
A #quietly of #librarians
A #fuckyou of #police #officers
A #murder of #Adelaide #Crows #Fans

Give a chance to #Australia's #kangaroos before our #environmentally #destructive #fharmers and/or #farmers kill them all.


Andrea Learned
2 months ago

Excellent piece in The Guardian today on #EVs #batteries and the #lithium #mining problem. The answer? #bike #walk #transit and much less car. I've got a post with more info/links and am hoping to start a conversation on LinkedIn if you'd care to join...? The time for a U.S. cultural shift in #transportation, especially, is NOW.

Jon Vernon
2 months ago

Finding a few splashes of colour in the otherwise monochrome landscape of Dinorwig.

A year ago - where on earth did that time go?

#Cymru #AbandonedPlaces #Eryri #Mining #Eryri #Wales

A lone fir tree on a level carved into the sides of a vast slate quarry. It's misty. The grass surrounding the tree is the only colour in an otherwise grey scene.
A mining track lined by heather, gorse and grasses leads towards the edge of a vast slate quarry, which is obscured in fog.
Remains of a fireplace in a ruined quarry "Caban" - formerly a resting place for the miners. It's mostly slate but the fireplace is surrounded by red bricks and grass grows in the ruins. Graffiti has been sprayed on the chimney breast - the word "Diolch" (Thanks) can be made out.
A silver birch tree clings to the side of a slate quarry waste heap. Behind it other vegetation somehow manages to grow in cracks in the rock.
2 months ago

Australia where we love our fossil fuels so much!

"‘Fake coal’ test: how to get away with manipulating data

It has emerged no regulator is watching over coal certification, even after one lab confessed to switching results for the multibillion-dollar export industry."

#coal #mining #lies

#Europe's largest #RareEarth deposit found in #Kiruna [Swedish] | #SVTNyheter

"The #mining company #LKAB has made the largest find in Europe of #RareEarthMetals. One million tonnes may be #mined next to LKAB's mine in Kiruna."

Nicolas ☠️ Vivant
2 months ago

🚩 Action collective contre GitHub (Microsoft) pour violation de licences Creative Commons.

En cause : l'entraînement des intelligences artificielles avec des données ouvertes, sans attribution.

#ia #ai #github #justice #licence #tdm #mining

Logo de la licence CC BY-NC.
Image d’illustration :
2 months ago

NPR had a story today about #Lithium #mining in Nevada linked below.

Our #electricbattery futures need an abundance of lithium. Where will we get it?

It made me think about my undergrad #geology class to the Harding #Pegmatite in New Mexico — #lepidolite and other lithium bearing minerals have the most beautiful hues of pinks and purples. Sharing a picture because I think they are pretty.

Some fist-sized rocks, likely bearing lepidolite, a lithium bearing mineral, from a pegmatite. The left one has wide stripes of lavender and rose. The right one is mostly a white-micaceous looking stone with deep pink veins.
Dezene Huber 🌻
3 months ago

BC suspends energy supply to crypto mining: Good!

#Cryptocurrency #mining consumes massive amounts of electricity... while creating very few jobs in the local economy. We are... (preserving) our #electricity supply for people who are switching to #electric #vehicles and #heat #pumps, and for businesses and industries that are undertaking #electrification projects that #reduce #carbon #emissions...”

(Josie Osborne, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation)

Sarah Dal
3 months ago

I knew the last pit ponies left Ellington Colliery in Northumberland when it closed in 1994, but did you know Canaries were still used until 1996?,with%20electronic%20carbon%20monoxide%20sensors.
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Alan Bucknam
3 months ago

Quick portraits of retired miners from Silverton, Colorado, who sat for interviews on what it was like growing up in a small southwestern Colorado mining town, working as a miner, practical jokes played on each other underground, and how the town has changed since mining stopped in the 1980s. They were amazing to talk to and I’ll have their interviews up online early in the new year!

Quick portraits of retired miners from Silverton, Colorado, who sat for interviews on what it was like growing up in a small southwestern Colorado mining town, working as a miner, practical jokes played on each other underground, and how the town has changed since mining stopped in the 1980s. They were amazing to talk to and I’ll have their interviews up online early in the new year!
Quick portraits of retired miners from Silverton, Colorado, who sat for interviews on what it was like growing up in a small southwestern Colorado mining town, working as a miner, practical jokes played on each other underground, and how the town has changed since mining stopped in the 1980s. They were amazing to talk to and I’ll have their interviews up online early in the new year!
David Ho
3 months ago

"Although #overfishing, global heating and #acidification are considered an existential risk to what has been called “the lungs of the planet”, so far there are only two mentions of the word “ocean” in the latest 10-page, 5,000-word working agreement at #Cop15. There are no specific demands to curtail #fishing, protect #coral reefs or stop #deep-sea #mining."

Dr. Brad Rosenheim
3 months ago

@gerrymcgovern I think this is more because of planned obsolescence and no right to repair than our individual avarice. In that sense the blame can be put more squarely on the companies that design them to become obsolete and litigate against right to repair than on individual consumers. @pluralistic writes about these issues frequently!

Luke MacNeil
3 months ago

An abandoned old truck deep in the Coronado National Forest, near the border of Mexico - in the old ghost town of Ruby, Arizona.

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A rusted out old red mining truck in front of a mountainous desert landscape.
3 months ago

NEW ANALYSIS: The approval for the #UK's new Cumbria coal mine makes little sense.

The assumption the mine will meet demand from the steel industry runs counter to leading steel firms attempts to deploy new clean production technologies.

Little of the new coal will be used by UK steelmakers, who are making it clear they want government support to transition away from coal in order to remain competitive.

If the UK government wants to maintain a domestic primary steelmaking capacity, it will need to provide financial support to the major producers to transition, undermining the rationale for the mine’s approval.

It already seems clear that little of the coal from the new #Cumbria mine will be used by the UK steel industry.

But if the government moves to support the steel sector’s transition away from coal – as #Europe is already doing – then approval for the new coal mine makes even less sense.

New from #IEEFA

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3 months ago

Good news! Constructive guidance on how to prevent an ecological catastrophe - but only if enough humans follow the scientific guidance (which they have not been doing historically)

A parable "You can lead a horse to water - but you can't make it drink".

The 'key' posts that are pinned on my home profile & my blog generally use the science of psychology & ecology, and my personal experience in regard to discussing environmental topics with adults - to detail the behavioral psychological, sociopolitical, and socioeconomic issues that are preventing humans from mitigating their ecologically degrading activities.

The epistemology to success is included in the following 'key' articles. Conversely, success means that failures must be addressed (rather than ignoring them due to cognitive dissonance).

If the 'key' general plans are not followed by a sufficient quantity of key decision-makers - climate heating will decimate our societies (it's only a matter of when not if)

1. Wannabe dictators need only apply (mentions evil agents)

2. The concerning behavioral psychology of ecocide & how to stop it.

3. psychology 101 - explained in layperson's terms.

4. (May cause denial) Health damaging behaviors. Not safe for children.

5. The unpleasant psychology of the Darkside. (Age advisory rating 15+ or with adult supervision)

6. Democracy for grownups (Justice!).

7. The nepotism of plutocracy.

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A photo of an alarm clock. On the clock face is the phrase "Window of opportunity".

The (24-hour) time on the clock is 23:56. The clock is a metaphor that represents how humanity is wasting the time that's needed to mitigate its ecologically degrading activities. The window of opportunity is closing. Time & the climate waits for no person, government, or industry.
A chart that was published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC. 2022).

The chart generally shows how human activities (e.g., polluting industries & lifestyles) are causing an adverse negative impact (damaging) on the planet's ecosystems - therefore decreasing the prospect of sustaining human civilizations. 

The chart is included in the IPPC's Climate Change 2022 report:
Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability.
3 months ago

We *can* succeed to stop the human activities that are heating up the planet's #biosphere #ClimateHeating #ClimateChange

However, success is going to take many people that are trying to succeed (obviously)

"ecocide refers to the “devastation and destruction of the environment to the detriment of life,”

The term "business as usual" (ecocide) means ecological degradation ("destruction", "pollution") that is currently associated with making money. Of course, that ecocide business model is obvious within the context of the extractive & polluting industries - such as the fossil fuel, mining, plastic, and woodfuel industries (etc, etc, etc)

In the following example, each stage emits more carbon dioxide & methane ("Greenhouse gases") into the planet's atmosphere & degrades the environment.

A summary of the ecocide 'business & lifestyles as a usual' ($) model:

1. They exploit (damage) a natural environment, for example, a forest or marine habitat, to extract fossil fuels (e.g., coal, oil, gas) or wood fuel, or some other material (e.g., lithium) = More Greenhouse gases are emitted = More climate heating.

2. They transport the fuel, using transport that burns more fuel, to be processed (e.g., oil refinery). = More Greenhouse gases are emitted = More climate heating.

3. They transport the processed fuel \ product (e.g., diesel, petrol, wood, plastic, etc) to a consumer distribution hub (e.g., "petrol station", "shops"). = More Greenhouse gases are emitted = More climate heating.

4. People purchase fuel \ products for their machines \ lifestyles and the machines burn the fuel, etc. = More Greenhouse gases are emitted = More climate heating.

5. Another ecocidal business model & lifestyle is the animal industry ("meat industry") = More Greenhouse gases are emitted = More climate heating.

Because these activities (1,2,3,4 & 5) are heating up the planet's biosphere - they are causing and will cause an ecological crisis that will last for thousands of years.

Unless that is - we change the business-as-usual ecocidal model. For example, a circular economy.

Failure to act, to stop the ecocidal business model will inevitably cause billions of people to perish. For instance, due to failures in the food systems #heatwaves #droughts, and #famine, the land is becoming more inhabitable. Species extinction rates are increasing. This means there will also be billions of climate refugees. Also, sea level rise, caused by climate heating - will displace the billions of people that live in coastal regions.

We can succeed to stop the human activities that are heating up the planet's #biosphere.

However, success is going to take many people that are trying to succeed (obviously).

Therefore, the fundamental problem is that there are many people that are ignorantly and or immorally failing to take responsibility for their ecocidal behaviors - such as fuel-burning and meat-eating activities.

But, talk about stating the obvious!

Another form of greenwash is climate virtue signaling. The adults say for example, "yes! we must do something about climate change". But, evidently, they don't seem to mean themselves (how odd? How common). Though to be fair, they do gullibly vote for the governments that greenwash them (& then carry on burning fuels and eating meat, etc)

Of course, the industries (corporations) and associated politicians are part of the ecocidal problem (why we are heading into more extreme climate events).

However, the number of people that genuinely want and are willing to do something about human-caused climate change is increasing.

Without getting into the psychology of why (ask if you want more details) - how we succeed is:

1. Tell the truth.

Governments must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.

2. Act now.

Governments must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

3. Go beyond politics.

Governments must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

We pressure governments to be part of the solution rather than being the fundamental problem (for a change). Governments, that genuinely aim to sustain ecology, can make industries change their ecocidal business models.

For that to happen, we have to replace the ecocidal governments (management) with ecologically sustainable management.

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The image shows the word "WHY". 

For example, why are politicians and industries failing to stop the ecologically degrading activities that have made them rich?
4 months ago

@BushinskiSusan I am guessing there's a new #Armageddon and this isn't about Bruce Willis #mining an #asteroid then. Maybe I will just watch that again and pretend I watched your version, it would probably be a happier experience.

Matthew Sekol
4 months ago

"The more you involve #ESG into the making of a product, the more value you can give back to the communities that have extracted this product."

If you missed this message about local impact, it was a critical one at #COP27.

Check out how we've worked with HB Antwerp to bring sustainable diamond mining and economic opportunity to Botswana through a verifiable, traceable #SupplyChain.

#MicrosoftProud to see my teammate Sana Dubarry here!
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4 months ago


Guten Abend,

ich bin ein Geologe aus Hannover. Ich bin auf der Suche nach Austausch rund um #Grundwasser , #Geowissenschaften , #Mineralogie , #Endlagerung , #Geostatistik und all den gesellschaftlichen Implikationen. Außerdem random Nerdkram.


Hi there,

I'm #newhere ; a Germany based geologist looking for news and a chat about #mining , #groundwater , computational #geoscience ( #rstats ) #hydrochemistry and the like. Ask me about soil remediation!

Tuomas Tammisto
5 months ago

Katerina Teaiwa's book (2014) "Consuming Ocean: Island Stories of People and Phosphate from Banaba" is an excellent piece of scholarship.

It discusses how Banaba was understood and seen in different ways by Banabans, mine workers and industrialists. And the Banabans themsekves displaced and their island consumed by mining.

#PacificStudies #Oceania #mining

Tuomas Tammisto
5 months ago

Beautiful and timely essay by Katerina Teaiwa on how Banaban Island was changed by phosphate mining beyond a tipping point for the benefit of industrial profits and detriment of the dispalced Banabans.

And Banaban is a microcosm of what happens on a planetary scale. As Teaiwa's elder sister Teresia noted, we must learn from Pacifuc Islanders how to 'island' (verb), i.e. live as if we lived on islands.

#Oceania #PacificStudies #mining #ClimateChange