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And the cool thing is that we can extract it while producing #geothermal energy, no #mining required!

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🚀Embark on a thrilling journey with $VEIL! 🌐With 300M total coins, a fair 50/50 split between #mining and #Staking , and our unwavering commitment since 2019 – we're pioneering a new narrative. Join us in exploring a future where privacy meets possibility. 💎💫#PrivacyMatters #crypto #privacy #FridayFeeling #Blockchain #tgif #cryptocurrency #riseup

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The cab of the Ace Of Spades walking dragline excavator at Stobswood Opencast, just prior to it's dismantling to be shipped to Kentucky, where it died.
#WindowFriday #FensterFreitag #Opencast #Coal #Mining #Northumberland

Inside the cab of a huge dragline excavator, looking at the back of the operators seat and out past the huge jib and onto the opencast pit.

Here ago with the #mining industry calling the mining industry "#miners", a term that should be reserved for the actual men and women who do the mining.

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Top Miners Spend $1.2 Billion In Pre-Halving Machine Shopping Spree + More News - Source: AdobeStock / arinahabich
Get your daily, bite-sized digest of crypto and b... - #altcoinnews #investment #thailand #bitcoin #bitmain #halving #trading #bitkub #canaan #market #mining #tether #bingx #usdt #usa #uk

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Bitcoin Halving Is Poised to Unleash Darwinism on Miners - Strong miners might be about to eat the weak ones as the reward for mining BTC gets cut i... - #mergersandacquisitions #bitcoinmining #features #finance #halving #mining

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UAE Bitcoin Miner Signs Order Worth Over $380 Million With Microbt - United Arab Emirates-based bitcoin miner Phoenix Group PLC has signed an order wor... - #initialpublicoffering #cryptocurrency #bitcoinmining #cryptomining #whatsminer #miningrig #microbt #mining

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#sapol #Mining #Australia

Murray Zircon has temporarily stopped work on a mineral sands mine in South Australia's Mallee following a state government direction after farmers complained of environmental breaches to their lease agreement.

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#Mining #billionaire #oligarch #AndrewForrest in scathing attack on #oil and #gas industry.
Australian magnate-turned-green-evangelist says companies that don’t stop burning #fossilfuels will have ‘blood on their hands’

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Phoenix seals $380M deal with WhatsMiner for green Bitcoin mining - Phoenix Group is acquiring hydro cooling mining equipment from WhatsMine... - #bitcoinmining #mining #uae

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Stop Norwegian sea floor mining before it begins. Avaaz petition here:
#Ocean #Mining #Biodiversity

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Bitcoin Wallet Provider Throws Censorship Allegations Against Ocean Mining Pool - A recent dispute has erupted within the Bitcoin community, highlighting the intricacies b... - #bitcoin #mining

As the mineral-rich DR Congo prepares to vote for a new president this December, opponents are already crying foul.#AfricanUnion #Elections #Mining #Africa #DemocraticRepublicoftheCongo
Conflict-weary DR Congo votes on December 20: A guide to the election
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Early Bitcoin Miner Apparently Sent 1,000 ‘Satoshi Era’ BTC to Trading Desks This Week - These bitcoin were mined at the very early stages of the network for an estimated $100, a... - #markets #bitcoin #mining #news

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Battle of #LithiumMining at #Paiute Massacre Site Links Struggles Against #Greenwashing Around the World

By Brenda Norrell, #CensoredNews
December 6, 2023

"The struggle to protect #PeeheeMuhuh, #ThackerPass, from lithium mine links the #global struggles of uncontacted #Indonesians battling #nickel mining, child slaves in #Congo's #cobalt mines, and the peoples' battles against lithium mining in #Serbia and #Argentina. They are all battling the greenwashing of the false solution of #electricvehicles for #ClimateChange.

"The desecration of the sacred Paiute Massacre site by #LithiumAmericas of Canada is proceeding because federal laws do not protect massacre sites. Further, a man camp of lithium miners threatens the rural communities of #FortMcDermitt Paiute #Shoshone Nation, and the town of #Winnemucca with crime, specifically sex trafficking.

"Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, #RenoSparks Indian Colony Chairman Arlan Melendez called for a new mobilization of #PeacefulProtests that will bring awareness to the public about the ongoing desecration to the sacred place and the damage to the #environment. He called for support from #SouthDakota and elsewhere to bring this desecration to the forefront.

"'We lost the lawsuit because the law favors #mining, especially in this state,' Chaimrnan Melendez said.
'Without water, there is no life,' said Dean Barlese, #PyramidLakePaiute, who offered the opening traditional prayer honoring all created things, all sacred creation. 'We're teaching our young people these prayer songs.'

"'Our songs are still out there on the land.'

"Chairman Melendez said they are concerned about the crime that the mine will bring to Fort McDermitt region, in a rural area, including man camps, especially with the concern for missing and murdered women.
The lithium boom is like the gold rush, the whole state has lithium deposits, and #Nevada's 28 bands and tribes are sure to be affected. Already, sacred sites are being desecrated by lithium mining.
Chairman Melendez said the strategy is to mobilize tribes to speak with a louder voice so that the people will understand the devastation."

Read more:

#MMIW #EnvironmentalRacism #CorporateColonialism #WaterIsLife #Mining #OpenPitMining #StopThackerPass

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Bitcoin Miner DMG Acquires 4,550 T21 Antminers for $12.1 Million - DMG Blockchain Solutions, a bitcoin miner and cryptocurrency technology company, a... - #digitalcurrencies #cryptocurrency #bitcoinmining #bitcoin(btc) #miningbtc #bitcoin #mining #crypto

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Today in Labor History December 6, 1907: A coal mine explosion in Monongah, West Virginia, killed 362 workers. It was the worst mining disaster in U.S. history. 171 of them Italian migrants. Others killed in the disaster included Russians, Greeks, and immigrant workers from Austria-Hungary. 216 women were widowed, and the miners left behind 475 children, with a further 31 born after the disaster.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #coal #mining #disaster #WorkplaceSafety #italy #westvirginia #russia #greece

Monongah Heroine: The Monongah Heroine statue, which makes up part of the memorial to the victims of the Monongah Mine Disaster at the corner of Main Avenue and Bridge Street in downtown Monongah, West Virginia, as seen in May 2020. By Andre Carrotflower - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Zambian authorities have said the yet to be identified survivor is being treated in hospital.#Mining #Africa #Zambia
First survivor pulled out of Zambia landslide as rescue mission continues
4 days ago

"More than 15,000 artefacts have been found in test pit excavations of the site near the 1818 massacre of six Aboriginal people camped by the Minnamurra River. Indigenous elder says government pressured her over opposition to Boral sand mine expansion."
#CulturalHeritage #ATSIHP #heritage #sand #mining #expansion #Minnamurra #river #IndigenousRights

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Crypto Miner Phoenix Group's Shares Surge 35% in Abu Dhabi Stock Market Debut - The UAE-based company said its initial public offering (IPO) in November was 33-times ove... - #publiclisting #abudhabi #markets #mining #news #uae #ipo

Future Natures
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Film: MINERIA - mining, energy transitions & justice

A new animation on conflicts over mining and land in Latin America, in response to climate crisis and growing demands for minerals to supply 'energy transitions'.

#COP28 #commons #mining #climatechange #COP28UAE

Rettet den Regenwald
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#GoodNews: #Protest wirkt! In #Panama haben die Menschen einen wichtigen juristischen Sieg gegen die Bergbauindustrie und die Korruption erreicht. Der Höchste Gerichtshof hat die Genehmigung der größten Kupfertagebaumine in Mittelamerika für verfassungswidrig erklärt! Die Proteste gehen weiter bis zur Rücknahme aller Bergbauprojekte im Land!
Bitte unterstützt und teilt die #Petition - unten im Artikel verlinkt:

#Regenwald #rainforest #nature #bergbau #mining

An unknown number of miners still remain trapped in the Zambian town of Chingola.#Mining #Africa #Zambia
Rescue mission continues in Zambia for miners buried in mudslide
The Japan Times
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Western startups are looking to break China's grip on rare earths by devising alternatives to solvent extraction, an expensive and dirty process of refining the minerals that Beijing has spent the past three decades mastering. #business #companies #startups #china #rareearths #mining #us #canada

"Blue Lake", in Mt Gambier, South Australia is a window into the local water table. It shows the water that is normally hidden under the ground, seeping through the limestone layers.

When we talk about fracking and mining poisoning the water table, this is the water we are talking about.

#Environment #EnvironmentalVandalism #Mining #Fracking #Water #Australia #SouthAustralia #MtGambier

A beautiful blue lake rests in a volcano crater surrounded by an ash wall covered in vegetation. Above is a blue sky with light clouds.
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Bitcoin Miner Riot Secures 66,560 Microbt ASIC Miners to Boost Hashrate by 18 EH/s - The bitcoin mining corporation Riot Platforms, a publicly traded firm within the i... - #cryptocurrency #bitcoinmining #riotplatforms #cryptomining #btcmining #microbt #mining #crypto #texas

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Core Scientific explains its latest bankruptcy plan ahead of court date - If approved, this third version of the plan will go into effect on Jan. ... - #bitcoinmining #bitcoinprice #bankruptcy #mining

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Start-up tech firms are racing to transform the way rare earths are refined for the clean energy transition. Rare earths magnets turn power into motion and are the essential components in an electric vehicle's motor. Technical complexities, partnership strains and pollution concerns are hampering companies' ability to wrest market share away from China.
#technology #rareearthminerals #mining #electricvehicles #rareearthmagnets #pollution

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Bitcoin Miners’ November Revenue Peaks at $1.16 Billion, Setting 2023 Record - November marked a significant milestone in the 2023 revenue generated by bitcoin m... - #novemberminingrevenue #cryptocurrency #bitcoinmining #bitcoin(btc) #btcmining #mining #crypto

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There was a drug store in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania that plays prominently in my novel, ANYWHERE BUT SCHUYLKILL. It was run by a Polish immigrant known as Doc Luks. He was sympathetic to the miners and would often provide medicine and treatment for free during strikes, when the workers had no money to pay him.

His son, George Luks, became a successful artist, of the Ashcan School, a politically rebellious art movement that was influenced by Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass,” and which portrayed the everyday lives of working class people and immigrants. Luks’s art, in particular, was influenced by the poverty and oppression suffered by the miners he grew up with.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #AnywhereButSchuylkill #fiction #novel #author #writer #historicalfiction #books #bookstadon #childlabor #union #strike #police #coal #mining #addiction #solidarity @bookstadon

Luks' 1899 cartoon "The menace of the Hour" about "The Traction Monster" following the awarding of a no bid subway franchise contract by New York City's Tammany Hall. By George Luks - The Verdict (magazine), 1899-01-30., Public Domain,
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Tell Congress to update our outdated hardrock mining laws to support clean energy and communities, not the mining industry! #environment #energy #renewables #mining

Arawak Spike
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Kudos to the #FrickInstitute (@thecrick) for its policy on #OpenAccess and #OpenScience,

In addition to supporting #preprints, content #mining, and #DORA #assessment reforms, it applies #CCBY licenses to all research carried out at the institute.

h/t @sallyrumsey

@academicchatter @openscience

David Mayhood
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Canada's Province of Alberta is currently considering re-allowing mountaintop mining on the East Slopes of the Rocky Mountains, home to one endangered & 2 threatened trout species. Is it worth it? Here's what can happen:

#Coal #Mining #FossilFuels #abpoli #Alberta #WestVirginia #Pollution #Restoration #Land-Use #Liability

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The Miners

Solarpunk Prompts - S02E05

Rare earth metals are essential for our modern life, whether in EV motors, cell phones, or in electronics in general. Mining these metals is notoriously difficult and dirty. How might a Solarpunk future address this issue? How might we get there from where we are today? Through this prompt we explore the realities of rare earth mining today and a few ways it might evolve into a sustainable future.

#solarpunk #writing #rareearth #mining #hope #activism

For weeks, Panama was shaken by its largest protest movement in decades as residents decried a mining contract.#Economy #Features #BusinessandEconomy #Independence #IndigenousRights #Mining #Unemployment #LatinAmerica #Panama
Panama celebrates court order to cancel mine even as business is hit
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Today in Labor History November 30, 1930: Mother Jones died, age 100, in Silver Spring, Maryland. She was an organizer or "walking delegate" for the United Mine Workers (UMW), famous for her bravado. When she and 3,000 women were released by a militia after being held all night in McAdoo, Pennsylvania, they marched straight to the hotel housing the soldiers and ate their breakfast. Even well into her 90s, she still roamed through the hills of West Virginia, encouraging miners to organize.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #MotherJones #union #strike #solidarity #FreeSpeech #prison #coal #mining #WestVirginia

Mother Jones with the quote: If they want to hang me, let them. And on the scaffold I will shout  "Freedom for the working class!"

@landley Eeyupp, but sinxe that doesn't happen in the backyards of #EcopHipster|s, they'll not give a damn about the filthy process of #Lithium "#mining" and ignore it like all #ConflictMinerals and #UnfairTrade esp. re: #RareEarthElements...

Sean Boyer
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With any luck, every single one of those blood-thirsty mines will be filled in and rewilded!

#canadian #mining companies belong in #prison.

Do yourself a favour and read up on some of #canada's worst offenders - like #Barrick and #firstQuantum.

#noBillionairs #noOligarchs #noMines #noOil #noGas #noColonialism #resist #vote

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Canadian copper mining deal in Panama ruled unconstitutional by that country's Supreme Court. Major ruling seen as a victory for environment defenders.

#environment #panama #mining

Panama Supreme Court rules Canadian firm's mining contract is unconstitutional | CBC News #Panama #Courts #RuleOfLaw #Mining #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

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Regulatory Capture

"A “captured agency” refers to a regulatory agency or government body that has been unduly influenced or controlled by the very industries or entities it is supposed to regulate. In such a situation, the agency no longer acts in the best interest of the public but instead serves the interests of the industries it is supposed to oversee."
#regulation #industry #governance #RegulatoryCapture #PublicInterest #law #trust #logging #mining #environment #conservation

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Group outraged as controversial mining project breaks ground on site of massacre: ‘[We] were not consulted’

Rick Kazmer
Sun, November 19, 2023

"A lithium mine is being constructed on #Nevada land that’s culturally important to #NativeAmericans. The project by #LithiumAmericas is at #ThackerPass, where on Sept. 12, 1865, United States soldiers massacred Native Americans, killing up to 50 people, according to the Guardian.

"Now, 158 years later, the Thacker Pass area has been identified as having the country’s largest #lithium lode. But members of tribal communities who consider the land sacred told the Guardian that they have been left out of the discussion as the operation moves forward, a point contested by the company on its website.

“'All the people here on the reservation were not consulted when this mine was approved,' Dorece Sam, a descendant of one of three survivors of the massacre, told the newspaper.
Why is lithium important?

"Lithium is a key part of #batteries that power electric vehicles #EVs and other tech. Much of it is refined on the other side of the world, with Australia and China among the leaders. The U.S., however, is among the global leaders in underground lithium reserves, with more than 13 million tons, according to Visual Capitalist, an online data collector.

"Proponents of mining the untapped U.S. reserve cite the need to gain independence from China for lithium and other metals, a goal marked at the highest level of our government.

"LithiumMining, however, can be invasive. Native Americans interviewed by the Guardian said that since it’s happening on sacred land, it’s an invasion of the highest order.

"'You can’t blow up a mountain and call it green,' Max Wilbert of Protect Thacker Pass said in a press release quoted on the Sacred Land Film Project website.

What’s the impact?

"Mining at Thacker Pass is projected to use about 1.7 billion gallons of #water, producing more than 66,000 tons of lithium a year, per the Guardian.

"Company officials claim on their website that the project has been planned for a decade with input from tribal leaders. They plan to permanently employ 500 people for at least 40 years, generating $8 billion in tax payments during the mine’s lifetime.

"At least two tribes have lawsuits filed against the project. However, tribal historic preservation officer Michon Eben told the Guardian that activity on the land is already disturbing.

"'So, if any tribes or anybody wanted to mitigate that destruction, what are we going to mitigate?' Eben said to the newspaper, noting frustration with the court system.
What’s being done to help?

"#Noninvasive lithium mining, or alternatives to the metal for use in batteries, is in the works in labs worldwide. The right solution could eliminate the need for #mining, or lithium, altogether.

"To help Native Americans protect Thacker Pass, you can research their story. The #SacredLandFilmProject has several ways to help, including #fundraising, calling #media and #officials, and sharing the story on #SocialMedia to highlight the cause."

Article source:

Link to Sacred Land film project:

Take action:

#StopThackerPass #CulturalGenocide #OpenPitMining #ProtectPeeheeMuhuh #LithiumNevada #NativeAmericanHistory

2 weeks ago

#Mining company hunts for precious #minerals under #Aberdeenshire #farms

By John Sleigh
9th September 2022

"A North East mining company is searching for cobalt, nickel and copper under Aberdeenshire farmland.

“Starting this weekend, Aberdeen Minerals will be flying a helicopter in the area between Maud in the north down to Belhelvie in the south and from the coast to Insch in the west. Using a machine which produces an electronic pulse, the helicopter will produce data to map the geology of the area with the daily flights taking a month to complete the 3700km survey. The aircraft will travel in strips at 200metre intervals at a height of 100m off the ground, moving at the relatively slow speed of 50mph in a bid to discover the precious minerals.

“The project is being led by a group of #investors who set up a company in 2018 after working in mineral exploration across the globe. They picked Aberdeenshire as previous surveys have suggested that there are deposits of #cobalt, #nickel and #copper. The minerals are in high demand for making #LithiumBatteries which are increasingly important as the economy phases out #FossilFuels. The nickel price is currently sitting at around $21,000 per ton which has nearly doubled since March 2020.

“The focus on the search is around the #Arthath area which is 6km north of Ellon. Currently the company has agreements with around 20 farms for access and exploration. Most of the farms own their mineral rights – however in some cases the original owning estates have retained the rights [through #ManorialRights ], which has resulted in a three-party split on the agreement.

“CEO of Aberdeen Minerals, Fraser Gardiner, said: 'We are looking at where the demand will be in five to ten years and all the indications are that cobalt, nickel and copper will be needed and we don’t produce any in the UK. There was a lot of work done in the area in the 1970s and again in 2006 which all indicates there is deposits under the ground in Aberdeenshire. At the time when the original research was conducted the price environment was different and the technology was not as advanced so little was done to bring it to extraction.

“'But the mineral potential is there, it is even recognised by the local authority planning authority,' noted Mr Gardiner. 'The historic data and the research we have done since has been sufficient encouragement for our investors to progress with an aerial survey.'

“The particular type of rock which the company is searching for is gabbro – coarse-grained igneous rock, similar to granite. The rock type is common across the North East of Scotland but rare in the rest of the country and can hold copper, cobalt and nickel.

“Mr Gardiner explained: 'The rock often holds small but rich enough deposits of the precious minerals to make extraction financially viable. We are at a very early stage, as we don’t know where the deposits are and if they even exist.'

“Typically in other areas with similar geology, these types of deposits are 300 to 400 meters below the surface and in concentrations which suit underground mining. Some of the initial public reaction has been mixed to the prospect of mining, with many locals nervous about the enterprise. However, Mr Gardner is keen to stress that they are staying away entirely from an open cast mining system.

“If the helicopter survey indicates that cobalt, nickel and copper are in the ground then further agreements will be needed with some land owners for investigations to take place.

“Mr Fraser explained: 'If the helicopter survey shows further investigation is worthy then it would be between three and five years of work to get to a position where we needed to decide if a mine is to be developed. To put this into context, prospects like here have a one in 100 chance of coming to fruition. There are so many technical, economic and environmental factors at play. But having said that, all the indications so far make it worthy of further investigation.

“Currently all three minerals which are being searched for are imported to the #UK. However the UK Government publish a #Mineral Strategy which is encouraging more domestic production. At the moment the nearest copper mines to the UK are in #Spain, #Poland and #Scandinavia. Nickel and cobalt are also mined in Scandinavia. But globally the biggest producers of coppers are in #SouthAmerica, #cobalt from the #Congo and Nickel from #Russia and #Indonesia."

#AbolishTheMonarchy #ExtractiveMining #Scotland #environment

2 weeks ago

Will #ClimateBill lead to more #mining in #Virginia?

Four of the five 'critical minerals' for electric vehicle #EV batteries have been mined in the state in the past. Will their economics now change?

by Dwayne Yancey August 18, 2022

"The key to electric vehicle #batteries are five so-called 'critical minerals' – #lithium, #nickel, #cobalt, #manganese and #graphite. Four of these five minerals have been mined in Virginia in the past; the fifth (lithium) is suspected in Virginia but has yet to be proven. Will increased demand for these minerals make these deposits economically viable again?

"To some extent, this is unknowable because we don’t know what that demand – and those future prices – will be. In theory, if a single fleck of something is worth a billion dollars, then some company could spend a half billion to dig it out and still make a fortune. We also don’t know whether mining for these minerals will be allowed in Virginia. There’s a large deposit of #uranium in Virginia that’s never been mined and probably won’t be.

"In 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court #SCOTUS upheld Virginia’s moratorium on #UraniumMining. There’s a #gold vein in Virginia, too, that’s been mined in the past. There’s also a state study underway over whether to allow or ban gold mining in the future. Even just the potential of gold mining has stirred controversy in Buckingham County. All the minerals we’ll deal with today occur outside the traditional coal-mining country of Southwest Virginia, so who knows what the state or local reaction will be if and when someone proposes to open a mine somewhere else?

"So let’s look at what we do know.

"Electric vehicles may be #EnvironmentallyFriendly in the sense that they’re not spewing #carbon into the atmosphere, but they do require six times more #minerals than conventional vehicles, according to the International Energy Administration – so a lot more #mining will be needed to support electric vehicles than the ones we have now. Mining is generally not considered an environmentally friendly thing to do so here’s a classic trade-off: A green-friendly climate bill is actually going to promote more mining somewhere, if not in the #UnitedStates then somewhere on the planet."

#ExtractiveMining #OpenPitMining #WaterIsLife #Greenwashing

2 weeks ago

#ChurchOfEngland claims #Mineral rights under North-East countryside

LANDOWNERS across the region are being notified of a Church of England bid to register ownership of mineral rights under their property.

By Joe Willis
14th August 2013

"The Land Registry has served notices on scores of owners following a change in the law that requires holders of mineral rights to register them by October this year - or risk losing them.

"Much of the land affected may once have been owned by the Church, which retained the mineral rights when the land was sold – in some cases centuries ago.

"It is understood the letters have come as a shock to some landowners who feared the Church may want to exercise their rights and begin #mining for minerals.

“However, Church of England bosses have stressed that the letters are just part of an administration exercise.

“A Church spokeswoman said: 'We are simply registering our mineral interests in land with the Land Registry requirements, as any responsible landowner is doing before the end of October deadline.

'“The Church Commissioners began a programme of registering all of their rural holdings following the introduction of the Land Registration Act 2002.

“'This does not create any new interests or rights and is confined to properly registering what the commissioners have in most cases owned for many years, and in some cases for centuries.'

“Barbara Smith, who farms near Toft Hill, County Durham, said the letter from the Land Registry had caused them concern.

“'It came out of the blue. We looked on the internet and spoke to other farmers in the area who had also received one.

“'In the end we took the decision just to ignore it.'

“James Copeland, environment and land use adviser for the NFU North-East, said it had provided advice to several members who were concerned after receiving letters.

“He added: 'If people are getting these letters and there is concern, the first thing is to check with your solicitor to ascertain who owns the mineral rights.'

“Owners can challenge an application if they think the Church’s claim is unfounded.

“The Church is not claiming rights to coal or petroleum, which were nationalised, nor gold and silver, which belong to the Crown.

“It also denied the registering of mineral rights was linked to the controversial extraction of gas and oil by fracking.“

#ManorialRights #ExtractiveMining #UK

2 weeks ago

#Nevada rancher cites ‘shroud of #secrecy’ at #LithiumMine

By Scott Sonner, Associated Press
Published Friday, Oct. 29, 2021

RENO — “A Nevada rancher suing to block construction of the largest lithium mine in the U.S. says the government’s #environmental assessment of the project relies on a baseline set by a consultant for the #mining company with a conflict of interest that trivializes potential harm to water resources and #wildlife near the #Oregon line.

“Bartell Ranch LLC wants a U.S. judge to order the Bureau of Land Management to provide documents, contracts and internal communications with all third-party consultants the agency used to reach its conclusion that #LithiumNevada Corp.’s mine won’t affect threatened species or significant scientific, cultural or historic resources.

“The ranch filed a lawsuit in February challenging plans for the #ThackerPass mine it says would rob the ranch of its precious water rights.

“The case has been consolidated with lawsuits subsequently filed in U.S. District Court in Reno by conservation groups and tribes alleging the mine would destroy critical #SageGrouse habitat and damage sacred tribal lands that were the site of a massacre in the 1860s.

“The bureau hired its own independent consultant, ICF International Inc., to prepare the scientific foundation for a 2,700-page environmental impact statement required under the National Environmental Policy Act.

“‘But it includes 1,300 pages of studies on groundwater pumping that established the models and baseline created by Tyler Cluff, a hydrogeologist in Reno for Canada-based Piteau Associates, according to the motion the ranch’s lawyers filed last week.

“They say Cluff currently is serving as an expert for Lithium Nevada in a separate water right protest proceeding in which he’s relying on much of the same data and work he did for the mine’s final environmental impact statement.

“’This unusual relationship between a third-party contractor for the NEPA analysis, Piteau, and LNC suggests that Piteau was not working for BLM on the FEIS in a neutral and independent capacity, but rather, was working directly for #LNC,' the motion states.

“Piteau didn’t respond to emails and phone messages seeking comment.

“The ranch’s lawyers say they’re seeking an order to obtain the documents because the bureau and Piteau have refused their requests to collect data at Piteau’s test wells and monitoring locations or turn over field data. They say it’s created a 'shroud of secrecy' over the basis for the mine’s approval.

“'The entirety of the water resources analysis appears to have been entrusted to Piteau Associates, who appears to have worked mostly, if not exclusively, at the direction of LNC,' the motion said. It said the bureau didn’t verify Piteau’s field work and 'simply assumed it was reliable.'

“Bartell’s own hydrogeologist strongly disputes the baseline water quantity and quality, and forage conditions.

“'Piteau could have inputted faulty data into the models to generate a particular baseline and model outcomes to benefit their employer LNC,' it said. 'BLM’s decision to trust the NEPA process to parties like Piteau who may have a financial stake in the approval of the (mine) raises the specter of bad faith.'

“The new filing seeks to add the field studies and samples to the court’s administrative record, which currently contains Piteau’s final reports and analysis 'but excludes nearly all drafts and communications from Piteau.'

“'The environmental baseline is so insufficient that actual baseline conditions are hidden.'

“The bureau has until Nov. 5 to respond to the latest filing.

“A Justice Department lawyer representing the agency said in an email to the ranch’s lawyer last month the bureau wasn’t provided any field reports and 'relied on those contractors’ baseline reports, which are included in the EIS.'

“'BLM has the expectation that contractors with appropriately credentialed staff will provide accurate data and conclusions in a professional manner,' Leilani Doktor wrote in the email attached as an exhibit to the ranch’s motion.

“Lithium Nevada said in its latest filing last week that 'BLM fully analyzed and ensured compliance with water quality standards and appropriately adopted adaptive management.' It said earlier that the bureau conducted a comprehensive review based on its 'experience and expertise,' public comment and 'extensive data collected ... over years in coordination with state and federal environmental agencies.'

“Doktor said the bureau considers the documents sought by the ranch 'internal and deliberative' material exempt from the administrative record. Third-party contracts are exempt because they 'are not materials considered during the decision-making process.'

#WaterIsLife #ConflictOfInterest #CulturalGenocide #EnvironmentalRacism #CorporateColonialism

2 weeks ago

#Mining Critical to #Renewable Energy Tied to Hundreds of Alleged #HumanRights Abuses

A report released Wednesday faults the #US and other nations for providing incentives for the mining of rare metals like #lithium and #cobalt without enacting adequate #labor and #environmental safeguards.

By Katie Surma
June 7, 2023

"Over the past dozen years, hundreds of alleged human rights abuses have been committed by over 90 #corporations mining minerals critical to the production of #CleanEnergy, a U.K.-based human rights organization said in a report released on Wednesday.

"The Business and Human Rights Resource Center said the alleged abuses involve global mining for #copper, lithium, cobalt, #manganese, #nickel and #zinc, all used in critical renewable technologies like #SolarPanels, vehicle (#EV) batteries and #windmills.

"The abuses, the report concluded, stem from the failure of the #UnitedStates and other nations to develop appropriate labor and environmental safeguards for resource extraction critical to the green energy transition, a key aim of the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act.

"Beyond alleged incidents of assaults, child labor, arbitrary arrests and detentions, the report’s database of 510 alleged violations includes #environmental crimes involving the #pollution of drinking #water and other natural resources, and violations of communities’ rights to be consulted about projects that affect them."

#EnvironmentalRacism #WaterIsLife #ExtractiveMining #LithiumMining #LaxRegulations #NoConsent #CorporateColonialism

2 weeks ago

I just came across a piece about #LithiumMining in #Arkansas using a method touted to be "greener". Like I'm always saying, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true. Also, #ExxonLied then -- who's to say they aren't now?!

Some questions about the plan to mine lithium in south Arkansas

By Sam Watson
November 14, 2023

"What are the environmental impacts here? This question is difficult to answer at this point. Normal lithium extraction is quite #environmentally damaging; it often involves treating brine containing lithium with sulfuric acid and letting the liquid evaporate in open pools, leaving lithium behind. #Exxon stated that they’d use something called 'direct lithium extraction.' There are several versions of this process, but we don’t yet know what Exxon will use. All of them have different environmental impacts, some more severe than others. The key here will be regulation and monitoring, but we have serious concerns here. The Division of Environmental Quality may not have capacity for this kind of continuous monitoring and the state’s friendliness to #OilAndGas makes us worried that upfront regulations to protect the #environment and people of south Arkansas will be lacking at best."

#OilAndGasCorporations #LaxRegulations #EnvironmentalImpact #BigOilAndGas #DirectLithiumExtraction #Mining #SouthernArkansas

2 weeks ago

Dirty Water and Dead Rice: The Cost of the #CleanEnergy Transition in Rural #Minnesota

#Mining the critical minerals needed for electric vehicle (#EV) #batteries could threaten local water supply and #IndigenousCulture.

By Karina Atkins
November 21, 2023

"More than 250 years ago, the #Ojibwe people, one of the largest Indigenous populations in North America, received a prophecy to migrate westward until they reached the land where food grows on water. 
When the #MilleLacsBand of Ojibwe encountered wild rice in north-central Minnesota, they knew they found their new home. Rice harvesting has been a cornerstone of Ojibwe culture ever since. 

"Today, mining exploration company #TalonMetals, also has its sights set on Minnesota. Some of the world’s richest high-grade #nickel and #copper deposits are thousands of feet below the state colloquially known as 'the land of 10,000 lakes.'

"Talon seeks to construct a mine in the rural town of Tamarack, which it says will be integral to building the nation’s domestic supply of materials necessary for a clean energy transition. 

"Nickel and copper are key components of rechargeable #lithium ion (#LION) batteries that are widely used for low-emission technologies like electric vehicles (EVs). The company already has an agreement to supply #Tesla with nickel from its proposed mine, potentially bringing hundreds of unionized mining jobs to this rural area.

"The federal government has also recognized nickel and copper as 'essential to national defense,' adding them to the U.S. critical minerals list in 2022 and 2023, respectively. And, this September, the Department of Defense awarded Talon a $20.1 million matching grant to continue searching for deposits throughout the #LakeSuperior region. 

"However, #SulfideMining, the type that would happen at Tamarack, has a poor #environmental track record. The Mille Lacs Band and local #environmentalists warn that it could #contaminate nearby #lakes, #streams and #wetlands, threatening the vitality of wild rice and local water supply down the #MississippiRiver.

"As the U.S. strives to be a leader in clean energy transition, the #TamarackProject encapsulates both the promise and challenges that lie ahead. 

"The Dangers of Sulfide Mining

"Kelly Applegate, the commissioner of natural resources for the Mille Lacs Band, was shocked when he first saw deep earth imaging of nickel-copper deposits beneath his tribal land in the late 1990s.

A study from the U.S. Geological Survey suggested that the Lake Superior region could have deposits as lucrative as high-yield mines in Canada and Russia. 
'Oh my gosh, look at these mineral deposits that may one day be sought out,' he recalls thinking to himself. 

"Two decades later, Talon Metals, a mining company founded by former Canadian venture #capitalists and based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), applied for a permit with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to create the Tamarack Project just over a mile away from the closest Mille Lacs Band community. "

#WaterIsLife #WildRice #Greenwashing #FirstNations
#EnvironmentalRacism #CorporateColonialism

2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 23, 1903: Army troops were sent to Cripple Creek, Colorado to put down a rebellion by striking coal miners. 600 union members were thrown into a military bullpen, and held for weeks without charges. When a lawyer arrived with a writ of habeas corpus, General Bell, who led the repression, responded "Habeas corpus, hell! We'll give 'em post mortems!” The strike was led by Big Bill Haywood and the Western Federation of Miners, which, at the time, was the most militant union in the country, calling for revolution and abolition of the wage system.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #mining #coal #union #strike #FreeSpeech #FreePress #revolution #prison #police #PoliceBrutality #rebellion #colorado #CrippleCreek

Famous Western Federation of Miners poster entitled "Is Colorado in America?" Shows American flag, with the stripes filled with phrases like: Martial law declared in Colorado; Habeas corpus suspended; Free Press throttled; Free Speech denied. By Western Federation of Miners - Political Posters, Labadie Collection, University of Michigan, Public Domain,
LM Little
2 weeks ago

Dealing with the #toxic legacy of the Giant Mine is challenging but this research offers a sliver of hope.

#mining sub #Arctic #NWT #arsenicTrioxide

"The project, as proposed, would sit among the top 100 greenhouse gas emission sources in Australia," the notice said.

"Based on Queensland's 2019 total greenhouse gas emissions, the project would increase Queensland's emissions output by approximately 5.73 per cent.

"The project is expected to impede Queensland's achievement of its renewable energy targets of 50 per cent by 2030 and 70 per cent by 2032, and the national and Queensland commitments to achieve net zero emissions by 2050."

This is the kind of thinking we need, both here in Australia and worldwide.

We need to stop thinking about short-term financial gain and start thinking about the long-term effects of fossil fuel extraction and use.

Well done on this decision. Now the Planning Minister needs to back it and refuse to overturn it, and the Land and Environment Court needs to uphold it.

Queensland are heading in the right direction. Now, if only the Federal Government would make similar decisions.

#Australia #Queensland #Mining #FossilFuels #Coal #Environment #ClimateChange

Edit: Typo

Steve Maclellan
2 weeks ago

Environmental concerns loom over Glencore takeover of Teck coal mines

Environmental concerns loom over Glencore takeover of Teck coal mines

Apropos people shot in Panama recently because protests for a mining contract for a Canadian company, and environmental (and political) problems in Costa Rica because another Canadian mining company.

When you visit Canada
When Canada visits you

#Canada #mining

When you visit Canada: a nice natural environment 
When Canada visits you: a desolated lifeless mine
3 weeks ago

What Is The Ogallala Aquifer And Why Is It Running Out Of Water?
-- <-- shared media article
"Millions of years ago, sediment from the Rocky Mountains was deposited in the High Plains. Over thousands of years, water dripped below the surface creating an underground water deposit called the Ogallala Aquifer. The water — which spans from South Dakota to Texas and was once the size of Lake Huron — at one point accounted for 30% of the crop and animal production in the U.S…
Although the water source stretches across several states it moves very very slowly. As a result, no interstate compact exists to manage the water in the Ogallala. Instead, neighbors have to band together if they want to restrict pumping…”
#GIS #spatial #mapping #hydrogeology #waterresources #watermanagement #modeling #ogallala #OgallalaAquifer #water #hydrology #watersecurity #pumping #mining #irrigation #farming #agriculture #midwest #aquifer #overpumping

map - model - groundwater aquifer depletion - Kansas
graphics - maps - cross-section - groundwater / aquifer depletion over time - SouthWest Kansas
photo - aerial view - irrigation circles - midwest - groundwater pumping
graphic - cross section - schematic - Ogallala Aquifer  with groundwater & pumping wells & map of depletion
3 weeks ago

A dizzying bird’s-eye view of #Alberta’s #oilsands.

It’s the largest #bitumen deposit in the world. #Mining there is visible from space. And for many #Canadians, the oilsands are still completely unseen.

This is the oilsands — the home of billions of barrels of tarry #CrudeOil that lies under 142,000 square kilometres of northern Alberta, driving the local economy and bolstering provincial budgets.

#ABpoli #CDNpoli #CanPoli #Environment #Climate #Ecocide #DirtyOil

Robson Fletcher
3 weeks ago

This lone mountain man is taking on a company owned by the richest Australian in a new Alberta coal battle:

#alberta #ableg #cdnpoli #canada #Rockies #coal #mining #Australia

> Well the Devil put the coal in the ground, Devil put the coal in the ground, said I double-dog dare you to follow me down, Devil put the coal in the ground.


#lyrics #country #music #countryMusic #climateChange #coal #mining #capitalism @countrymusic

1 month ago

Today in Labor History November 9, 1963: At Miike coal mine, Miike, Japan, an explosion killed 458, and hospitalized 839 with severe carbon monoxide poisoning. Most of the survivors suffered permanent brain damage as a result. The miners’ exposure to the toxic gas was exacerbated by the mine’s ventilation system, which helped to spread the toxic gas, and by managers who wouldn’t let workers leave the mine. Just three years earlier, Miike miners had engaged in the largest labor-management dispute in Japanese history.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #union #strike #japahn #coal #mining #disaster #WorkerDeaths #WorkerSafety

Police with helmets and batons clash with striking coal miners at the Miike mine, May 12, 1960. By Unknown author - Japanese book &quot;Album: The 25 Years of the Postwar Era&quot; published by Asahi Shimbun Company., Public Domain,
Squirrel News
1 month ago

On the #arctic archipelago of #Svalbard, the Norwegian government has just completed the largest re-wilding project in its history. #Polarbears, #reindeer, #Arcticfox & many sea birds are now moving back into the long abandoned Sveagruva #mining town.🐻‍❄️🦊🦌🕊️

I get paid fifty cents a day to run my heater (read: mine #Monero on my GPU)

#crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptomining #mining #web3

Gernot Wagner
1 month ago

Title says it all.

Graphs say more.

"Energy transition will require substantially less mining than the current fossil system"

And all that's 'just' the mining, not even including the pumping of oil & gas, nor the dumping of CO₂:
#climate #energy #mining

Figure 1. Comparison of ore extraction in IEA NZE scenario and sensitivity of substantially improved recycling and potential ore grade decline
Crash Course
1 month ago

Again and again...

The 2nd Congo War.

"In 2008, the International Rescue Committee estimated that the war and its aftermath had caused 5.4 million deaths, principally through disease and malnutrition,[11] making the Second Congo War the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II.[12] Another 2 million were displaced from their homes or sought asylum in neighboring countries.[9] Conflict minerals were a major source of funding for the war, and for subsequent fighting.["

Let me repeat that:

Conflict minerals were a major source of funding for the war, and for subsequent fighting!!!

#mining #war #Congo #minerals #Cobalt #CrashCourse

2 months ago

A new report from Monitoring of the Amazon Project (MAAP) compiles some of the most up-to-date and extensive analysis of mining in the Amazon.

The map show 58 instances of illegal mining in virtually every Amazonian country (Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana), 49 of them illegal.

By Maxwell Radwin

#News #Conservation #Environment #Amazon #Mining #SatelliteImages

Palm Oil Detectives
2 months ago

#News: People on the #Amazon's rivers are without food or filtered water. Dozens of river dolphins died - all due to unprecedented #drought - driven by gold #mining #meat and #palmoil #deforestation. Story @AP #BoycottGold #BoycottMeat #Boycottpalmoil and be #vegan

#News: People on the #Amazon's rivers are without food or filtered water. Dozens of river dolphins died - all due to unprecedented #drought - driven by gold #mining #meat and #palmoil #deforestation. Story @AP #BoycottGold #BoycottMeat #Boycottpalmoil and be #vegan
Palm Oil Detectives
2 months ago

#GiantOtters are the agile, graceful guardians of Amazonian rivers in #SouthAmerica. #Endangered by #gold #mining, #palmoil #soy and cattle ranches. Help them in the supermarket, go #vegan and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife via @palmoildetect

#GiantOtters are the agile, graceful guardians of Amazonian rivers in #SouthAmerica. #Endangered by #gold #mining, #palmoil #soy and cattle ranches. Help them in the supermarket, go #vegan and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife via @palmoildetect
2 months ago

Today in Labor History October 13, 1902: Teddy Roosevelt threatened to send in federal troops as strikebreakers to crush a coal strike. The strike by anthracite coal miners in eastern Pennsylvania was led by the United Mineworkers of America (UMWA). The region had had dozens of previous strikes led by earlier and now defunct unions like the WBA. The UMWA was created 12 years prior, when the Knights of Labor Assembly #35 merged with the National Progressive Miners Union. Over 100,000 miners participated in the strike, threatening to cut off heating fuel for most of the country. It was also the first strike settled by federal arbitration. The miners won a 9-hour work day (down from 10) and a 10% wage increase.

This was the same region where, in 1877, 20 Irish union activists were hanged on false charges of Molly Maguire terrorism to crush the WBA, brought on by the shenanigans of agent provocateur James McParland, working for the Pinkertons. That struggle is depicted in my novel, Anywhere But Schuylkill, which you can purchase here:

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #coal #mining #union #strike #pennsylvania #AnywhereButSchuylkill #fiction #HistoricalFiction #books #novel #writer #author @bookstadon

John Mitchell, President of the UMWA, arriving in Shenandoah by horse and buggy, surrounded by a crowd of breaker boys. By Unknown author - Library of Congress, Public Domain,

I know absolutely nobody is asking me but I think that #Bitcoin's #halvening cycle is disruptively abrupt.

We need a #crypto that reduces mining rewards on a more consistent basis.

#cryptocurrency #btc #mining #cryptomining #bitcoinmining

Palm Oil Detectives
2 months ago

#GiantOtters are the agile, graceful guardians of Amazonian rivers in #SouthAmerica. #Endangered by #gold #mining, #palmoil #soy and cattle ranches. Help them in the supermarket, go #vegan and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife via

#GiantOtters are the agile, graceful guardians of Amazonian rivers in #SouthAmerica. #Endangered by #gold #mining, #palmoil #soy and cattle ranches. Help them in the supermarket, go #vegan and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife via 
Chris Lamke
2 months ago

A short video showing how a carbide lamp works, with Sixteen Tons as the soundtrack.

#science #mining

Carbide lamp. Imgur

Jürgen Hubert
2 months ago

A question for scholars of the #history of #Italy :

Do you know of any good sources on the history of the mining concerns of #Venice in the Renaissance and Early Modern periods, in particular how they acquired the rare minerals for their famous glass production?

It's okay if the sources are in #Italian - I am trying to learn the language.

#Renaissance #Mining #Minerals #Glass

Palm Oil Detectives
2 months ago

What is causing the latest #Ebola outbreak in #Uganda? Zoonotic spillover occurs when humans get too close/eat #wild animals. #Pandemics are strongly linked to #palmoil #deforestation, along with #meat #soy and #mining deforestation, be #vegan and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife via

What is causing the latest #Ebola outbreak in #Uganda? Zoonotic spillover occurs when humans get too close/eat #wild animals. #Pandemics are strongly linked to #palmoil #deforestation, along with #meat #soy and #mining deforestation, be #vegan and  #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife via
What is causing the latest #Ebola outbreak in #Uganda? Zoonotic spillover occurs when humans get too close/eat #wild animals. #Pandemics are strongly linked to #palmoil #deforestation, along with #meat #soy and #mining deforestation, be #vegan and  #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife via
What is causing the latest #Ebola outbreak in #Uganda? Zoonotic spillover occurs when humans get too close/eat #wild animals. #Pandemics are strongly linked to #palmoil #deforestation, along with #meat #soy and #mining deforestation, be #vegan and  #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife via
berserk du soleil
2 months ago

new from me: emerging research suggests the largest single lithium deposit in the world is beneath the western u.s., formed in a natural bowl where mineral clay was contained and ravaged by the elements for millions of years. lithium is unusual in the universe for being a product both of the big bang and of naturally occurring star events since then. but there is not very much of it around.

#mastosci #newfromme #mining #lithium
2 months ago

Current regime “simply wrong.”

A court has given British Columbia 18 months to change its mineral staking regime to ensure that consultation with Indigenous nations is done prior to transferring away their rights to minerals to a third party, as the process is now.

A lawyer with one First Nation says the ruling has national implications.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #mining #fpic #BC #consultation #minerals #staking =#courts #law #legal

Two photos: One of a woman and one of a man.
2 months ago

Available Now: Anywhere But Schuylkill, a working-class historical novel by Michael Dunn, from Historium Press and all the usual online retailers.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #union #strike #coal #mining #police #PoliceBrutality #children #ChildLabor #immigration #racism #books #fiction #HistoricalFiction #novel #author #writer @bookstadon

Book cover of Anywhere but Schuylkill, by Michael Dunn, with Lewis Hine's photo of breakerboys against a blue background. Reads: In 1877, twenty Irish coal miners hanged for a terrorist conspiracy that never occurred. Anywhere but Schuylkill is the story of one who escaped, Mike Doyle, a teenager trying to keep his family alive during the worst depression the nation has ever faced. Banks and railroads are going under. children are dying of hunger. the Reading Railroad has slashed wages and hired Pinkerton spies to infiltrate the miners' union. and there is a sectarian war between rival gangs. But none of this compares with the threat at home.
3 months ago

Today in Labor History September 21, 1913: Mother Jones led a march of miners' children through the streets of Charleston. Between 1912 and 1913, there were frequent violent conflicts during the Paint Creek-Cabin Creek strike in West Virginia. At least 50 people died from violence during the strike, plus unknown numbers from starvation. Most of the violence was provoked by the Baldwin-Felts detectives that the mine owner brought in to bust the strike. During one incident, the sheriff and private detectives attacked a miners’ camp with an armored train, equipped with machine guns and high-powered rifles. After the attack, Ma Blizzard led a group of women who destroyed the tracks, setting the precedent for Central American Solidarity activists who, in the 1990s, destroyed tracks after a munitions trains ran over and dismembered Brian Willson’s legs.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #MotherJones #coal #mining #WestVirginia #strike #PoliceBrutality #PoliceMurder

Image: Miners, including a boy, hold their rifles in Eskdale. By Unknown author - The Register-Herald Reporter Dec. 5, 2014, Public Domain,
3 months ago

Hugely interesting podcast series from @gerrymcgovern 'After the Goldrush'. I had no idea that #ireland is quietly transitioning to an extractive (mining) economy, with the usual disastrous effects on the environment.
#environment #climatechange #climateemergency #mining

"A Western Australian Traditional Custodian has been granted an urgent injunction to prevent Woodside Energy conducting seismic blasting."

This fight is important for two reasons:

Woodside we're quite prepared, like other corporations before them, to ignore and override the concerns of First Nations people in the pursuit of money. They just don't see traditional owners as relevant in any way, and

The process is so damaging to large marine mammal that it might as well be murder. Then there are the other forms of marine life in the area being bombarded with sound. Sound travels 4 times faster in water than in air and the energy imparted when it impacts is correspondingly higher.

#Woodside #Mining #MarineEnvironment #EnvironmentalVandalism #Murder

Also #Bitcoin :bitcoin: #Mining has been unprofitable for over a decade at this point due to #ASIC's and even then people shifted gears to #Dogecoin :cmx_doge: :doge: and finally #Monero :monero: when #ApartheidEmeraldBoy made the former one moon and they cashed out by selling to #BiggerFools...

3 months ago

Today in Labor History September 10, 1897: A sheriff and deputies killed 19 striking miners and wounded 40 others in Lattimer mine, near Hazelton, Pennsylvania during a peaceful mining protest. Many of those killed were originally brought in as strikebreakers, but then later organized and joined the strike. The miners were mostly Polish, Lithuanian, Slovak and German. The massacre was a turning point for the UMW. Working and safety conditions were terrible. 32,000 miners had died from 1870-1897, just in the northeastern coalfields of Pennsylvania. Wages had dropped 17% since the mid-1890s.

The strike began in mid-August, when teenage mule drivers walked off the job to protest the consolidation of stables, which had forced them to walk much further just to get to work. After a scuffle between drivers and supervisors, two thousand men walked out, as well. Soon, all the mines in the region had joined the strike. Most of the men who weren’t already members of the UMW quickly joined the union. Up to 10,000 miners were now on strike. The mine owners’ private police, known as the Coal & Iron Police (miners called them Cossacks, for their brutality), was too small to quash the strike, so they called on the sheriff to intervene. He mustered a posse of 100 Irish and English immigrants, who confronted the miners as they marched toward Latimer, on Sep 10. Along the way, they joked about how many miners they were going to kill.

The massacre provoked a near uprising. The sheriff called for the deployment of the National Guard, which sent 2,500 troops to quell the unrest. 10 days later, a group of Slavic women, armed with fire pokers and rolling pins, led 150 men and boys to shut down the McAdoo coal works, but were stopped by the National Guards. The sheriff, and 73 deputized vigilantes, were put on trial. However, despite evidence clearly showing that most of the miners had been shot in the back, and none had been armed, they were all acquitted.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #coal #mining #union #strike #latimer #massacre #police #PoliceBrutality #PoliceMurder #immigration

Retreating striking miners being shot in their backs by deputized posse, September 10, 1897. By Unknown author - The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 12, 1897, Public Domain,
3 months ago

Canadian businesses seek extension on 2024 rules targeting slavery in #supplychains. “The act…passed in May [2023], seeks to push corporations to provide greater transparency about their supply chains in order to avoid abetting…#ModernSlavery. The new measure takes effect on Jan. 1, 2024. …lobby groups, including #mining companies & #apparel manufacturers, are warning… [about] perceived lack of clarity about the rules… | CBC See Bill S-211: 1/3

3 months ago

Canadian businesses seek extension on 2024 rules targeting slavery in #supplychains. “The act, which passed in May [2023], seeks to push corporations to provide greater transparency about their supply chains in order to avoid abetting…#ModernSlavery. The new measure takes effect on Jan. 1, 2024. …lobby groups, including #mining companies & #apparel manufacturers, are warning… [about] perceived lack of clarity about the rules… | CBC See Bill S-211:

3 months ago

#ToxicAir Resulted in #Cancer for #Navajo, #Apache and #WesternShoshone

#Copper and Gold #Mining, and #Coal-Fired Power Plants, Resulted in Cancer for Navajo, Apache, and Western #Shoshone

By Brenda Norrell, Censored News, September 4, 2023

"A copper smelter poisoning the air of Apaches, the coal-fired power plants on the #NavajoNation, and gold mining on Western Shoshone land, are among the top causes of cancer from #AirPollution in the United States, according to a new report, Poison in the Air, by #ProPublica.

"The #FreeportMcMoran copper smelter in #MiamiArizona -- located between the #SanCarlos #ApacheNation, and Apaches Sacred #OakFlat -- is the third in the United States for producing toxic air pollution causing cancer. The poison air means the central Arizona community of Miami has ten times the EPA's acceptable risk of cancer. Apaches are now in federal court battling both the mining industry, and the #BidenAdministration to stop another #CopperMine nearby at Oak Flat which would destroy their ceremonial place."

Read more:

#EnvironmentalRacism #ToxicAir #Mining #IndigenousNews #SaveOakFlat #NativeAmericanNews

Image of a barren landscape that has been strip-mined. The remains of the mountains are bare and gray. Dirt roads branch out from a toxic center, with black pits of toxic waste.

Caption: "This is what Barrick Gold did to Western Shoshone's sacred Bald Mountain. Western Shoshone Carrie Dann said, 'This is where the seasons of the year were named, in the time before people were here.' Now, the Nevada gold mines, a join operation of Barrick and Newmont gold mines, are a leading cause of cancer from air pollution in the U.S., ProPublic reveals with new data."
3 months ago

“In the tradition of Upton Sinclair and Jack London, Michael Dunn gives us a gritty portrait of working-class life and activism during one of the most violent eras in U.S. labor history. Anywhere but Schuylkill is a social novel built out of passion and the textures of historical research. It is both a tale of 1870s labor unrest and a tale for the inequalities and injustices of the twenty-first century.”

-Russ Castronovo, author of Beautiful Democracy and Propaganda 1776.

Available on Sep 19, 2023, from all the usual online distributors, or direct from my publisher:

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #HistoricalFiction #ficiton #novel #coal #mining #author #writer @bookstadon

Book cover for Anywhere  But Schuylkill, by Michael Dunn, with image of young breaker boys. Caption reads: In 1877, twenty Irish coal miners hanged for a terrorist conspiracy that never occurred. Anywhere But Schuylkill is the story of one who escaped, Mike Doyle, a teenager trying to keep his family alive during the worst depression the nation has ever faced. Banks and railroads are going under. Children are dying of hunger. The Reading Railroad has slashed wages and hired Pinkerton spies to infiltrate the miners’ union. And there is a sectarian war between rival gangs. But none of this compares with the threat at home.

#Bitcoin #mining aided #Texas's #electrical grid, when the #bitcoinMining company #RiotPlatforms reduced its power usage amid the summer heatwave.

> only a handful of business operations can effectively implement significant demand response systems, and #cryptoMining might be the most optimal at shedding load.

#crypto #btc #cryptocurrency #electricity @crypto @bitcoin

3 months ago

Why DRC 🇨🇩 is heading towards an environmental and human rights catastrophe. #climatechange #cobalt #drc #environment #mining

Infographic showing that DRC is the biggest producer of Cobalt. Which will lead to huge environmental issues in the region.
Jack of all trades
3 months ago

Europe accounted for more than 50% of global mineral production in 1900, but this share had fallen to under 5% by 2018. EU’s mineral production is accounted for by a handful of Member States. Poland accounts for 56% of EU’s copper production, Sweden accounts for 90% of iron ore production and Greece and Finland each account for near one half of nickel production. Sweden accounts for 43% and Ireland for 32% of EU lead and zinc production, respectively.


Chart: Locus of world mining 1850-2030
3 months ago

Generally, over the last few decades, there has been a public "debate" of the environmental #science vs. industries & their #political associations. The industries don't "play" fair, greenwashing consumers for example & have kept getting their way - which means more ecological destruction & #AirPollution

Drilled: The #Climate Impacts of Deep-Sea #Mining

Episode webpage:

Media file: