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Happy (slightly belated for most) feast day of Saint Eligius / St Eloi! Known as the patron saint of Numismatists, he holds a special place in the hearts and prayers of coin collectors. We particularly remember him on the 1st of December (or the 2nd if you are a little behind, like me this week!). More info on him:

#SaturdayNightCoinShow #Numismatics #PatronSaint #SaintEligius #SaintEloi #CoinCollecting #Coins #Mint #History

An Octagonal medal with all details in a recessed circule. "Sanctus Eligius" (Saint Eligius, in Latin) around the edge, the saint himself sitting at a desk looking at coins. The desk has a representation of the Cross atop Mount Calvary similar to that depicted on Byzantine coins of the time of Saint Eligius.
Ange des ténèbres 🐈
1 day ago

Et sur mon autre PC, un autre fond d'écran mais également assorti !

#DailyDesktop #ShareYourDesktop #Linux #cinnamon #LinuxMint #mint #wlop

1 day ago

Linux Mint- How to re-enable Auto-suggestions on terminal? #commandline #mint #autocompletion #fish

Agenda du Libre
2 days ago

Ramonville Saint-Agne: Les ateliers du CULTe, Le samedi 2 décembre 2023 de 14h00 à 18h00. #linux #gnu::Linux #debian #opensuse #mint #ubuntu #logicielsLibres #culte #ateliers #maisonDesAssociations

Medienzentrum Heidelberg
2 days ago

Kostenlose Abgabe von DVD-Medien
#DVD-#Medien, die wir nicht mehr im physischen Verleih führen, stehen für Lehrkräfte und Referendare*innen, die aktuell in Schulen in #Heidelberg und dem Rhein-Neckar-Kreis unterrichten, kostenlos zur Abholung bereit!
Eine Übersicht und die Möglichkeit zur Reservierung, steht Interessierten unter zur Verfügung. #Filme #Schule #Unterricht #Lernen #Geschichte #Politik #MINT #Wirtschaft #Geographie #Erdkunde #Biologie #Religion #Technik

Ein Regal mit DVD Hüllen. Davor steht ein Ledersessel.

40 Jahre Ham Radio: Schüler sprechen mit Astronauten im Weltraum dank ARISS. STEM(MINT)-Bildung und Gemeinschaftsstärkung. Internationale Kooperation und Amateurfunk auf dem Mond als Zukunftsvisionen. Schulen können sich bewerben, Lizenzanforderungen beachten. #HamRadio #ARISS #Raumfahrt #nasa #amateurfunk #funk #iss #weltraum #mint #stem #ariss #bildung

House Panther :verified:
4 days ago

I know we are all very busy just making ends meet and this makes us tired to the point of exhaustion. Sometimes the last thing we want to do is learn something new. I encourage everyone who is able to, to learn a #linux distro like #mint. The neat thing about Linux is that when you learn it, you learn what your computer is doing, why, how, and when.

Mastering your computer means that you are less likely to get taken advantage of by corporations. This is huge.

4 days ago

So what to do after #GivingTuesday2023 💸?

#SongOfTheDay for that: A lady, a guitar and:

🎵🦋⏯ #thebeatles

Someone in our team said it just right: #GIVINGtuesDAY is ANY #tuesday ...or more often.

WE support phantastic initiatives from super #affordable (!) #STEM & #MINT #education for #schools to AWSOME campaigns for off grid energy in disaster zones:


#WEAIDfamily #humanitarian #givingtuesdayde #kindness #gutenachrichten #news

Stephen Crosby
4 days ago

@adam12 yeah I'm sure they'd like me to make the switch #mint

5 days ago
5 days ago


Using #OpenCollective was something someone suggested a while back, and since I want to stay out of the corporate proprietary ecosystem as much as possible, I figured why not. Imagine my surprise a while back when I realized #inxi had actually gotten some donations there!

I don't know what the big donation was for, but I do know that some companies use inxi for end user issue debugging, at least one gaming company does. As do several big distros, like #Mint, #Manjaro, #Garuda etc

5 days ago

Unter meinen debian-basierten Systemen schnurrt nun #nala :

UA. geht ein Update dadurch nun viel schneller.

#apt #debian #ubuntu #mint #linux

5 days ago

Haben die Menschen Angst, die künstliche Intelligenz könnte intelligenter sein als sie selbst? Dann sollten sie anfangen in Punkto natürlicher Intelligenz aufzurüsten.
Wenn die Neonazis Angst vor dem Bevölkerungsaustausch haben, könnten sie Recht behalten, aber völlig anders als sie glauben.

Übrigends Kenntnisse in #MINT schützen.

Vidar Karlsen
6 days ago

Testing Warpinator 1.6.4 on #FreeBSD
Warpinator is an airdrop-like file sharing app made by the good folks over at #Linux #Mint
Works like a charm receiving files from a #Windows10 peer running Winpinator.

Incoming file waiting for approval
File received
1 week ago

I had an old laptop with an AMD E2-7110 in it. It struggled with Win10, let alone running much for apps/video.

Yesterday I slapped #Mint #Linux on it. The difference in performance is remarkable. The laptop is actually quite useful now.

I haven't messed with Linux in 20 years. Install was easy peasy, no faffing around with finding drivers and such. I'm quite pleased.

Agenda du Libre
1 week ago

Ramonville Saint-Agne: Logiciels libres ! essayez la liberté !, Le jeudi 30 novembre 2023 de 18h30 à 22h00. #linux #gnu::Linux #debian #opensuse #mint #ubuntu #logicielsLibres #culte #ateliers #maisonDesAssociations

Roblexx - Carlos
1 week ago

Hoy para mi #ViernesDeEscritorio os dejo una imagen que habla por si sola... El planeta se rompe... va siendo hora de que dejemos de pelearnos entre nosotr@s, por que no solo es la tierra la que se abre. #MalditasGuerras Sigo con #GNULinux #Mint 21.2

1 week ago

mfbw24 - Jetzt anmelden und Early Bird sichern (bis 22.12.2023)!

Weiterbilden und Netzwerken - komm zur meccanica feminale 2024

27.02. - 02.03.24 | Campus Vaihingen Uni Stuttgart | Schwerpunktthema "Energie & Umwelt"

#mfbw24 #MINT #Vaihingen

1 week ago

mfbw24 early bird tickets (until 22.12.2023)

Training and networking - come to the meccanica feminale 2024

27.02. - 02.03.24 | Campus Vaihingen University of Stuttgart | Special topic "Energy & Environment"

#mfbw24 #MINT #Vaihingen

Adam Dalliance
1 week ago

Did You Know: These days, they don't let you run software on your computer. They make you run your software on a virtual computer that lives inside your computer instead!

But, when Ubuntu upgrades and tries to force you to use a Snap version of Firefox like that, you can just go to getfirefox . com and download a proper version that runs on your computer instead of running it on a virtual machine on your computer.

"sudo snap remove firefox" takes quite a while to run because Snap is bloated overly abstracted bullshit, but when it does finally finish you can also do "sudo apt remove firefox" and then make a shortcut in whatever menu system you use to the version you downloaded yourself.

Of course this won't prevent all the other packages on your system running on snap or let you remove snap from the machine entirely.

To fix that you can make a note to install Mint or Debian instead after the weekend when I have time.

#ubuntu #snap #firefox #mint #debian

In wenigen Tagen ist es soweit: Am 26.11.2023 um 12 Uhr treffen sich die jungen Hacker*innen wieder!

Ihr wolltet schon immer mal eine eigene Website bauen?
Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig!

Anmeldung unter:

Schaut vorbei! Wir freuen uns auf euch!

#mint #jugendarbeit #flensburg

1 week ago

Nächster Termin für unseren Präsidenten Friedrich Hubert Esser heute!

Zu Gast bei der HWK Düsseldorf, die den #MINT-Forum zu Bildung und Beruf ausrichtet zum Thema

"#KI - Jobkiller oder Heilsbringer?"

Die Veranstaltung ist hybrid - jetzt anmelden und online teilnehmen!

Zum Einwahllink:

BIBB-Präsident Friedrich Hubert Esser
1 week ago

Using a 1L bottle with 2 holes about 2cm bellow the top is helping to feed the plants in the #IKEA #Växer system with constant access to water and nutrients.

I believe that was the main reason most people who bought the units failed to enjoy it and had to resell it at low cost or simply keep it in storage unit they throw them away.

Good for me since I bought all but one unit from the French web site LebonCoin at a fraction of the price of what they were sold by IKEA.

On this unit, I have 4 #tomato plants, 1 #parsley, one giant #mint and 2 #radishes. It's consuming about 1L per day as tomatoes starting to grow, and maybe have to give more water and nutrients to help producing more in the coming weeks.

These little guys are helping me more than my medication to calm down and relax from the daily stress and troubles from horrifying news these days.

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #Hydroponics #GrowYourOwn #Plants #Krydda

CoderDojo Wien
1 week ago

CoderDojo am 24. November in Wien, Link siehe Bio 👩‍💻👨‍💻

#wienxtra #coding #kids #youth #mint #wien #vienna #programmieren #kinder #jugendliche #ehremamt #volunteer #digital #girlscode #boyscode

Das Video zeigt, wie durch einen Sourcecode in der Programmiersprache Java gescrolled wird.
Firefly III
1 week ago

In a few hours the bot will announce what I just released: #Mint support in the new release of the Firefly III data importer.

Thanks to @obeyaron, @BobRobertsonXI and some people who emailed me, I got some example exports and was able to add an example configuration to the repository!

This should make it pretty easy to migrate to the personal finance app my mom is the most proud of: Firefly III

Blabla Linux 🇧🇪♻️💻🐧🇫🇷
1 week ago

Et une clé #USB de #réemploi @Emmabuntus à faire 👍
Il y aura de l' #Emmabuntus, du #DebianFacile et du Linux #Mint 👍
En 32 bits, 64 bits et UEFI 🙂
En FR et OEM 😉
En MONO partition ou avec /Home séparé 😲

Herbert Hertramph
1 week ago

Toolbox "Naturwissenschaftlicher Unterricht digital" v. 2023

112 Seiten



#feiLZ #MINT

2 weeks ago

I was going to try a couple of different options to replace Mint and I started by installing YNAB. And now that i had to set that one up, i don't feel like doing that with another one lol.
And i know the best way to be in control of my data would be to do an excel sheet.. but i like an app because it's convenient and i can update my expenses on the go.
#Mint #YNAB

Srishti Sethi
2 weeks ago

How #MinT, a machine translation service for #wikipedia is doing ⬇️

It relies on open-source NMT and data models released by projects such as Meta's #NoLanguageLeftBehind and supports languages often overlooked by others.

#Translation #LanguageDiversity

2 weeks ago

if you used #mint, what financial tracker have you migrated to? I went to #simplifi. I tried #monarch but some of my accounts, like my bank, couldn't load in. plus it was more expensive.

Mathias Magdowski
2 weeks ago

Technisch einfach aber trotzdem populär waren auch unsere #Morse-Geräte als letzte der 12 #MINT-Stationen.

Das lag auch an unserem #Medizintechnik-Studenten Niklas, der die Station betreut hat. Die #IGS_Regine_Hildebrandt möchte jetzt auch eine eigene Morse-Station nachbauen.

Zwischendurch gab es für alle Schüler*innen und Lehrkräfte noch eine kurze Laborführung inklusive einer Demonstration in unserer imposanten #EMV-#Absorberhalle

Vielen Dank an @schalli für das Foto und die Koordination.

Mathias Magdowski
2 weeks ago

Am letzten Donnerstag besuchten uns knapp 50 Kinder einer 4. Klasse der Evangelischen Grundschule & einer 8. Klasse der IGS Regine Hildebrandt aus Magdeburg zu einem MINT-Aktionsvormittag im Rahmen der Werkstatt Medienbildung von Netzwerk Medienkompetenz und der Landeszentrale politische Bildung.

An der 1. #MINT-Station von OTTOS Zukunftslabor konnten die Kids einen #LEGO_SPIKE-Roboter grafisch programmieren und dann allein eine bestimmte Strecke, z.B. ein Rechteck, abfahren lassen.

Dainius Happy
2 weeks ago

### How to install Go [golang] on Ubuntu Linux - nixCraft

#golang #ubuntu #mint

📷 Dom's Pizza

For @Alice

#Photography #Mint #Italian

close up detail of a box sign on a beige, textured, cement-block storefront wall. the logo illustration shows a stereotypical italian pizza chef tossing dough, smiling. at left, a wedge of green, smooth cement-block wall.
2 weeks ago

Call for lectures via

"Dozentinnen gesucht für die informatica feminale Baden-Württemberg

Sie sind Informatikerin in der Wirtschaft oder Forschung? Fachfrau in einem IT-nahen Feld oder geben Social Skill Kurse? Oder Sie machen etwas ganz anderes und haben Lust, Ihre Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen an Frauen aus dem MINT Bereich weiterzugeben?

Reichen Sie Ihren Beitrag ein bei der informatica feminale"

#ifbw24 #Informatik #MINT #Freiburg

Tobias Laabs :mastodon:
2 weeks ago


Ich mag mich irren, aber es geht doch gar nicht darum etwas zu retten, sondern einfach darum gparted auszuführen, um eine USB HD zu konfigurieren.

Allerdings kann da auch ein LiveSystem helfen. Völlig richtig.

Mir ging es darum zu sagen:"Mit #mint wäre das nicht passiert!". 🤣🤣🤣

#linux #LinuxMint


2 weeks ago

Software Not Detecting Fluidsynth #2204 #mint

2 weeks ago

A simple, small-scale #LEGO #colorimeter with a light-emitting diode (#LED) used as detector (unfortunately #NOpenAccess):
#DIYbio #lab #instruments #STEM #MINT #education

Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

So, if you are still looking for a replacement for #Intuit #Mint, I have found both Empower (free) and Fidelity FullView (free for customers) successfully connected all my accounts and work just like Mint.

2 weeks ago

If you use #Mint for your personal finance, you probably know by now that it's shutting down. I've switched to #PocketSmith (it's not free) and have "30 day free trials" to share if you'd like to check it out. (If you end up subscribing, I get 2 months added to my subscription.)

I'm finding it a little less intuitive than Mint and have had trouble syncing one of my banks, but otherwise I'm finding it a good replacement for Mint for what I need.

Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

This is a great spreadsheet someone put together of #Intuit #Mint alternatives

2 weeks ago

Zum Titelthema des aktuellen #Mint Magazins jetzt etwas #DeathMetal aus den späten 80ern #Obituary #SlowlyWeRot #Metal #Rock #nowplaying #vinylrecords #vinyl

Vinyl Schallplatte der US Death Metal Band „Obituary“ auf einem Plattenspieler.
3 weeks ago

Our household time budget did not include “find another personal finance solution and completely migrate to it in the first weeks of your newborn’s life”, but here we are thanks to #Intuit shutting down #Mint.

Out of everything I tried – Monarch, Lunch Money, Rocket Money, Copilot, Personal Capital (before it became Empower), and more – only #Quicken #Simplifi connects to all 18 of my accounts. It provides the features I used in Mint: transaction tracking and reports. Refund tracker is a bonus.

Michael Labowicz
3 weeks ago

@matth3w have you checked out #mint or #popOS?

hansamann 🔥❄️🚀
3 weeks ago

At home, the brand new #calliope3 is waiting for me... Cannot wait to see what new stuff is possible. #steam #mint #education #kids #sap

Calliope 3 Kids education board
Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
3 weeks ago is closing/merging with #CreditKarma

Maybe time to switch to #Empower since it is a more similar app

I've been using Mint forever. I guess we deserve it because I never gave Mint a cent.

Mozilla propose un dépôt Debian pour @FirefoxNightly (pour commencer), un changement plus important qu'il n'y paraît #Linux #Mint #Ubuntu #snap, à lire sur NextINpact

Rocky Lhotka 🍂 🤘🖖
4 weeks ago

Here is the #IntuitMint FAQ for moving to #CreditKarma. The email I just got seems to indicate that *some* features from #mint will be available, but not budgeting.

I may wait a bit and see if they manage to provide enough features for me to be happy, since I'm (personally) less concerned with budgeting than I am with tracking transactions, investments, assets, etc.

4 weeks ago



- Betriebssystem #Linux #Mint mit XFCE-Desktop
- #Typora zum Schreiben in Markdown
- OpenBoard für das Zeichnen auf dem #Smartboard
- XFCE-Screenshot-Tool, aktivierbar mit Shortcut
- #Espanso für schnelle Textersetzungen und häufig benötigte Textbausteine

⇒ weiter mit „Desaster beim ersten Versuch“ ...

#Mint shutting down is great news for #YNAB. 😎💰

After researching and trying *many* different personal finance & budgeting apps, YNAB is the only one that made sense to my visual-designer brain and successfully relieved much day-to-day financial anxiety.

I’m now a big fan of YNAB (the service and the company) and longtime paid customer. I also ♥️ their training materials!

Use my referral link, and I think we both get free something:

Sean Boots
1 month ago

I am ...pretty bummed that Mint is getting discontinued before Canada rolled out open banking. 😓 Signed up in 2012, it feels like the end of an era: #mint #intuit #cdnpoli

Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
1 month ago

So I installed some OSS and signed for some free #Mint alternatives. #Empower seems to be the closest fit to Mint

Empower Net Worth screen
Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
1 month ago

Oh man. I've been using #Intuit #Mint _forever_. I hope my data transfers over.

Rocky Lhotka 🍂 🤘🖖
1 month ago

Apparently #intuit #mint is shutting down. I used #quicken before, but it was expensive, slow, awkward and not remotely modern, which is why I switched.

The thing is, I need *something* that does expense/income tracking and reporting, imports bank and other transactions, basic budgeting, net worth tracking, etc.

So what is the modern alternative?

David Bisset
1 month ago

RIP to #Mint, a 15 year old financial app (web before phones) that I fuzzly remember as an early startup I was rooting for.

Oh, you liked our app did you? Used it for 10 years to manage your finances did you? Well FUCK YOU, and that's a message from Capitalism"

#Enshittification #Mint

1 month ago

If you were using #Mint and are looking for an alternative now that Intuit is killing it, highly recommend you check out #QuickenSimplifi. Been a customer since day 1 and the product is awesome. And their biz model isn't selling your data!

Horst Thieme
1 month ago

🚀 #MINT / #STEM Baukasten für Kids - eine Frage an die #FediEltern: Eben den Elektrobaukasten von Kosmos für meine Jungs (5 und 6) geklickt. Der ist eigentlich ab 8 - also sind wir viel zu früh dran.

❓ Aber gibt es geeignetere Sets? Mit Bordmitteln daheim komme ich nicht weiter mit der Befriedigung der Interessen...

❓ Habt Ihr Vorschläge und Ideen? Auch was Materialien angeht, um Technik kindgerecht erklären zu können? Gibt es gute Seiten? :BoostOK:

Der Elektrobaukasten für Kinder ab 8 Jahren von Kosmos: Easy Elektro-Start.
Nick @ The Linux Experiment
1 month ago

#Mint starts working on #Wayland, #Fedora 39 is delayed twice, and YouTube’s Adblock blocker is contested in the EU:

This is this week’s #Linux and #OpenSource news video:

1 month ago

Kennt jemand ein Programm oder eine Umgebung, in der man schnell Daten visualisieren kann?
#unterricht #mint #physik #chemieunterricht

Z. B. möchte ich eine Messreihe von x-y-Werten schnell in ein Koordinatensystem plotten.
Ohne den ganzen Aufwand, den man bei einer Tabellenkalkulation braucht.

Am besten für #linux
#mermaid xychart-beta wäre ein Kandidat, ist aber in #typora noch nicht enthalten.

Freue mich über Tipps.

Thomas Rigby
1 month ago

I use #linux #Mint already but I need to reinstall because of Reasons™. Should I use this as an opportunity to switch to #popos...?

Zicoxy3 -
1 month ago

Mi recorrido en gnu/linux

Hoy voy a contar mi experiencia con gnu/linux.Como

#Blog #Personal #Fedora #linux #Mint #ubuntu

Andreas vom Zwenkauer See
1 month ago

Frage an die Linux-Experten: ich arbeite mit #Linux #Mint, soweit so gut. Ich habe aber auch eine Schnurlos-Tastatur von Cherry mit programmierbaren Tasten - so eine:

Nun möchte ich die Befele "STRG-C" + STRG-V" wieder belegen. Allerdings klappt das nicht da ich den Befehl dafür nicht habe.
Meine Frage nun : was ist der Consolen-Befehl für die beiden obigen Tastenkombinationen ???

(und nein, die Tastenkombination eintragen klappt nicht ) :-)

Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

The rule is intended to replace the status quo for data sharing, which is giving your banking password to third parties who go and scrape that data on your behalf. This is a tactic that comparison sites and financial dashboards have used since 2006, when #Mint pioneered it:

A lot's happened since 2006. It's past time for American bank customers to have the right to access and share their data, so they can leave rotten banks and go to better ones.


1 month ago


The #Ubuntu drive to force me to use #snap, even going so far as actively removing the possibility of opting-out of using snap-based browsers...

In the end it drove me away from Ubuntu #Linux. It's absurd. 🤷​

I used to be a sad #Ubuntu user, now I'm a happy #Mint user with a lot of #Flatpak installations.

Matthias Kirschner
1 month ago

This weekend in Brussels for Youth Hacking 4 Freedom #YH4F was amazing. I am sure you will hear the names of our winners in future again. Read more here:

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #STEM #MINT

2 months ago

On Sunday I posted about the 2021 First Nations Australians $2 coin set. When writing it up, I noticed that the orientation of the handprint on the military service coin, and the colours of the flag did not seem to match the rest of the coin. I found out a little more why and updated the post: (TL;DR: It's not an 'error' and doesn't make your coin more valuable) #Numismatics #CoinCollecting #Mint #MintError #Indigenous #FirstNations #Australia #TwoDollars

An inner circle featuring a black hand-print in the centre, surrounded by three rows of dots in the colours of the Defence Forces Tri-Service Flag. This is surrounded in an outer circle by Aboriginal & Military artifacts. Script: Latin Lettering: INDIGENOUS MILITARY SERVICE C Designer: Chern’ee Sutton
The Australian Aboriginal Flag design is represented on the coin with the black and red fields printed over a relief pattern of miniature flags. The centre of the coin has been left print-free allowing the gold of the coin’s alloy to shine through as a unique representation of the central yellow sun motif. Script: Latin Lettering: AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL FLAG 1971 (Upside Down) AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL FLAG 2021 Designer: H. Thomas
Matthias Kirschner
2 months ago
Nick @ The Linux Experiment
2 months ago

Here is this week’s #Linux and #OpenSource news video!

In this one, we have a web version of Photoshop available to everyone (well, everyone who pays for it), we have Linux #Mint Debian Edition 6, plus more details about the Cosmic desktop, more work on the open source NVK driver for Nvidia, and more!

Linux Is Best
2 months ago

If you want to add Mint's apps, there is a PPA for that too.

Thanks to the good folks at @omgubuntu for pointing that out.

#Mint #Ubuntu #Linux

Linux Is Best
2 months ago

Ubuntu Cinnamon can easily be styled to look just like Mint.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) Daily Build

Ubuntu Cinnamon 20.04.5 LTS

I personally remove the snaps, add flatpak, and that's it. Once you've styled it, you wouldn't know the difference.

#Mint #LinuxMint #MintLinux #Linux #Cinnamon

3 months ago

If you use linux mint and it bothers you that the default file manager icon does not match the rest of the app icons inherited from moka I've made colorized moka file-manager icons that inherit everything else from Mint-Y and its accent colors.

#linux #mint #linuxmint #nemo

3 months ago

Been checking out the recently released Linux Mint LMDE 6 "Faye" BETA edition:

No interest in using the #Ubuntu release, but this latest LMDE based on #Debian 12 Bookworm feels very solid and polished already.

I usually just use #Debian, but the additions and utilities by the #Mint team all feel like an enhancement to the overall Debian experience. The #Cinnamon DE is pretty nice to use too.

Well worth checking out.

#Linux #LinuxMint #LMDE #FOSS #OpenSource #OS

3 months ago

Since I have to man things outside, made myself some #guava leaf and #mint tea. High in #antioxidants. Had to trim both anyway. Have plenty of boiling water out here...

Large white cup with slightly greenish liquid in it.
Vorinstanz :mastodon:
3 months ago

#Linux #Mint: Das bessere Windows? | c't 3003 | heise online

Linux Mint: Das bessere Windows? | c't 3003

> Linux Mint gilt als etwas konservativ, ist aber extrem gerade bei Windows-Umsteigern sehr beliebt... #opensource

Symbolbild zu Linux Mint
James Jefferies
3 months ago

Got an old MacBook Air which was virtually unusable running macOS - thought there might have been a fault with the SSD or something.

Installed #linux #mint on it and it is usable again.. pondering whether to try setting up a full dev environment on there to see how it performs for rails dev 🙃🤓

So, I guess I finally should make the #introduction post -- no, really. Especially, today is the last day of my current vacation, so now or never.

#German 🇩🇪 of #Ukrainian 🇺🇦 origin, born and grew up in #Ukraine, now residing and researching in #Czechia 🇨🇿 .

[If you can speak German 🇩🇪 with me, please do this - I had no chance to learn the language in my family because of damned #soviet #communist rule and its nationalistic repressions, but I really intend to combat this issue.]

#Scientist . More precisely, #chemist ⚗️ (#Electrochemistry, #Nanoscience, Coordination Chemistry of 3d metals, #Quantum Chemistry calculations ⚛️). #PhD in Physical Chemistry.

#Cisgender #heterosexual #white #male. #Married, no #kids, a #dog.

Voluntarily #Lutheran ✝️ .

#Linuxoid. #Mint, #RaspberryPiOS. #Debian in anamnesis; Fedora/CentOS - in primordial times. #Android on #rugged #smartphones. High performance computing on desktops (#Orca, #CP2K).

#Paranoid. Enthusiastic about #XMPP, #Jami and similar privacy-aware stuff, as well as about reviving of some unfairly forgotten technologies like #Gopher and #RSS (yes, I intentionally put them in one line - maybe a bit sarcastically, but still sadly).

Eventually writing on #Python 🐍 . Enthusiast of modern #Fortran, but so far without extra time to seriously involve, unfortunately. Some #Arduino and #RaspberryPi #GPIO stuff.

#DYI at home 🛠️ .

#Gothic music.

#Filmphotography 🎞️ and #photography 📷 in general. #Biking 🚲 (currently without a bike -- left in Ukraine), #hiking ⛺ , #rafting 🛶 (proudly with travels along 10 rivers in UA on a rubber boat with a friend), #stargazing 🔭 🌌 (currently suspended - the #telescope left in UA, the #binocular donated to Territorial Defense Forces of #Kyiv).

Eventual #DX #radio 📻 (I really believe #AM radio is to be saved as a safety and anti-censorship measure).

A partially related pic for visual pleasure and attention attraction.

A black and white street photo showing buildings on Albertov district, Prague New Town.
Jeff Sikes
4 months ago

Over the past few weeks, I tried to put some dusty laptops back into circulation. Added #Ubuntu to a Surface Pro, #PopOS on an old HP Laptop, and #Mint on an old work laptop.

I ended up with #Lubuntu on the old HP laptop, and it still barely had enough room to run. But it did!

4 months ago

Hat hier jemand ein #VPN von #Proton unter #Linux am Laufen? Sofern ich mal eine Verbindung bekomme, ist das halbwegs stabil aber ich bekomme nach Start der App für mehrere Minuten nicht mal einen Login, geschweige denn einen Connect.
VPN Pro Account mit aktuellem
#Mint auf einem #Microsoft #Surface.

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
4 months ago

Time for this week's #Linux and #OpenSource News video!

In this one, we have #ChromeOS finally graduating to a "real" Linux distro status, we have #Mint giving details about the next release, and discussing their choice of #Ubuntu as a base, and we have #GNOME planning some changes to the Activities button (that I sort of like, but it's not perfect).

Let's take a look!

Adam Fields
5 months ago

Cascatelli with fresh peas, pea and spring onion purée, and mint. I made this usually once a year when the fresh shelling peas come in, and it’s delightful. #dinner #cooking #pasta #peas #mint

5 months ago

#Introduction she/her, #MINT background

Ich liebe #Reisen, #Tauchen, gutes #Essen und #Kochen, bin #serienjunkie und lese gerne #Bücher. Sport ist nicht so meins, hab mich aber mittlerweile mit #Pilates, #Yoga angefreundet.

so. i have successfully reinstalled #mint.

i booted it once. it worked fine

i edited the fstab to include my home drive

i installed my keymap

i rebooted

and now it is impossible to start my display manager at all. it just does nothing. i am command-line only

at what point do i just… i don't even know what the next step is here. like i already DID the reinstall. what else could i possibly do?????

hello tech support? i need some help with my #mint please i am so fucking lost. i broke it and i don’t even know WHAT broke

i did an upgrade and now xfce has new and improved windows. in the sense that the windows no longer have frames, and cannot be moved or resized or tabbed through… so i installed gnome and gnome just puts me in a “something went wrong” screen with the only possible option being to log out. so i installed fluxbox and fluxbox works and has windows, but any gnome or xfce related tools, such as a terminal, don’t have window decorations either, so that’s no improvement.

i have NO IDEA what is going on. i am back in xfce and if i try to go into the window manager settings nothing happens, it just doesn’t open.

so something is clearly missing or broken but i don’t know WHAT???

how do i even find out what is going wrong here

(please do not tell me to just go back to my system snapshot or to do any other things i did not ask about. i am asking how to find out what broke and how to fix it in my current install. thank you)

Devin Prater :blind:
9 months ago

More on Mint. So, delightfully, when I booted up the VM today, Orca started on login, and after login too. So after you turn it on, it comes on again. That's very, very nice. Not only does that tell you when your computer is ready to go, it lets you set what DE you start with and such.

#accessibility #Mint #Linux #foss

Devin Prater :blind:
9 months ago

So, on the [Linux Mint homepage](, there's a downloads link. Whenever I press Enter on it, it expands, but when I arrow down, there's just the collapsed Project link. Even when I just press Enter on the Download link and press Tab, the thing just collapses and I'm put on the Project link. I remember finding a way around that, but a user hopeful about Linux and ready to try it will probably think "Wow if their website is like this, I don't wanna know what their distro is like."

#accessibility #foss #linux #mint