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#Missing people: Help the #RCMP find Daryl and Shelley Digout

Richmond County District RCMP is asking for the public's assistance in locating 53-year-old Daryl Digout and 48-year-old Shelley Digout.

On June 9, 2023, at approximately 6:45 p.m., Richmond County District RCMP were advised that Daryl and Shelley Digout were missing and were last seen on May 31 on 5132 Rd. in Barra Head.
#NovaScotia #MissingPerson #BarraHead

Poetry News
2 days ago

Dozens of bags found
Human remains in a ravine
Mexico's tragedy

#mexico #violence #missing #remains #haiku #poetry

Poetry News
2 days ago

A chill runs down my spine when I think,
As I read of the poor souls who went missing
The 45 bags in Guadalajara,
Were unearthed, a ghastly reminder of despair
The human remains of call center staff,
Unsolved and forgotten, what a tragic loss
The heavy heart of a nation left to grieve

#guadalajara #mexico #callcenter #missing #poetry

Amadeus Paulussen
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4/5 And not so much about mostly #sitting on a #couch with a bunch of well built but bulky #augmentedreality #divinggoggles on my head trying to make sense of #navigating a beautifully designed but somewhat #limited #visionos to #consume all kinds of things while #missing out on #reallive.

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan
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Benedict Rogers 羅傑斯
4 days ago

When @tomgrundy puts out a tweet like this, I take it seriously. And so I ask - where is #AdamOndeska #missing in #HongKong?

Poetry News
1 week ago

Mexican police searched a ravine
For seven young people, all so serene
But a horror arrived
When forty-five bags were spied
Closely packed with human remains

#mexico #guadalajara #missing #humanremains #limerick #poetry

Paul Chambers
1 week ago
Redkey is described as 5 feet, 1 inch tall with brown hair and brown eyes. She weighs roughly 136 pounds

Hannah RedKey, Missing since 2/7/2023 from Franklin, Ohio. Sex Female, Race, Hispanic.
1 week ago

"I like to see people reunited, I like to see people run to each other, I like the kissing and the crying, I like the impatience, the stories that the mouth can't tell fast enough, the ears that aren't big enough, the eyes that can't take in all of the change, I like the hugging, the bringing together, the end of missing someone." — Jonathan Safran Foer — — — #JonathanSafranFoer #quote #quotes #reunion #miss #missing #hugging #kissing #crying #togetherness

No es cine todo lo que reluce
2 weeks ago

De la mano de Arvi Licensing ya está a la venta en formato físico #Missing, thriller de misterio y suspense de los creadores de #Searching en el que Internet y las redes sociales juegan un papel importante dentro de la historia. Os dejamos un completo reportaje de su edición en #Bluray:

Old Ain't Dead
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#StormReid stars in #Missing about a teen girl who can do 15 things at once with her computer, including find her missing Mom, played by #NiaLong. My #Review of this fast moving #Mystery #Movie is here:

The poster for Missing features a close up of Storm Reid with various computer screens around her.
Old Ain't Dead
2 weeks ago

Today's #Review is of #Missing, a computer screen mystery starring #StormReid and #NiaLong. Everything happens on a computer screen. #Movies

Daniel Henney, Storm Reid, and Nia Long on a computer screen in various open app windows.
Old Ain't Dead
2 weeks ago

Storm Reid searches for her #Missing mom in this fast paced computer screen #movie. It's a sequel to #Searching from a couple of years ago. Here's my #Review

Storm Reid talks on the phone while looking at her computer screen
Missing People Canada
2 weeks ago

US marshals locate 225 missing children in a 10-week man hunt operation - #US #Missing Child #missingperson

United States Marshals were able to locate or recover an astonishing 225 missing children as part of a ten-week man hunt over 16 federal judicial districts called Operation We Will Find You.

One of the highest profile busts included a...

More Info:

2 weeks ago

A cat who had been missing from home for three months wondered into the Association of Dog and Cat Homes conference and sat on the lap of Berni Benstead, manager of Cats Protection!

#GoodNews #Missing #Cat #Clever #Cat

2 weeks ago

Bear the dog managed to dig himself to safety after three days missing down a hole.

#GoodNews #Dogs #Missing #Rescue #Bear #BearOrDog?

Missing Children Minnesota
2 weeks ago

May 25th is Missing Children's Day

#missing #missingchild #missingchildren #missingperson

Cute Calendar
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May 25: Today is International #Missing Children's Day! #holiday #event #observance

Cute Calendar
2 weeks ago

May 25: Today is National #Missing Children's Day! #holiday #event #observance

2 weeks ago

#Netherlands After almost thirty years, the body of a #missing woman from Putten has been identified. Maria van der Zanden (22) went missing in August 1994. A match has now been made with a body found in a reservoir in #Germany that same month.
Van der Zanden went missing after she went cycling on Saturday, August 6, 1994. She was seen by the neighbor, but then disappeared without a trace.
Source: NOS

#news #crime

Missing Children Minnesota
2 weeks ago

Please help Desiray's family in their search for her. Plese share and keep an eye out for her!

#missing #missingperson #missingchildren #missingchild

Stu :att:
3 weeks ago

if you like thriller type movies, go check out #missing on #Netflix !!! Great flick.

David Thomas Jackson
3 weeks ago

From LANCASHIRE POLICE this morning:

#MISSING | This is Shannon Canning.

She’s been reported to us as missing from home and we’re really concerned for her welfare, so are now asking for the public’s help.

Shannon is missing from her home in Lancaster and was last seen in the early hours of Friday morning.

If you can help, please contact Lancashire Police.

Poetry News
3 weeks ago

White daisies, on the walls, in the windows,
Their blooms in a delicate show
Each missing a single petal, a poem in its sorrow
In remembrance of the ones that did not go

#uruguay #dictatorship #missing #remembrance #ode #poetry

Saw this #missing #child alert posted by the father on another site. Just trying to spread the message. #Tucson #Arizona

CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

"The most catastrophic #flooding to affect #Italy in 100 years.

The floods in the #EmiliaRomagna region have claimed nine lives, with many people still reported #missing as of Thursday morning. An estimated 20,000 have been left #homeless in a disaster that caused 23 rivers to burst their banks and 280 #landslides, engulfing 41 cities and towns.

Six months’ worth of #rain fell in two weeks.

“We need to prepare ourselves, this is the #climate crisis,” Randi said."

SXW Designs
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been #missing for a while on here - oops! #moved, trying to play #catchup with my know the #drill

took new #pix around my #apartment. my @Samsung #camera is #thebest!!

#photo #photography #nature #water #reflection #spring #beauty #peaceful #zen #galaxys22ultra #newlife #nextchapter

A Moment of Zen by the Beautiful Pond

Available on iStock by Getty Images:
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RT @thread_ofLOVE: ‼️#MissingPerson ‼️
Chauncy Hinton
Last contact ~4-17-23
Last known location: Sayre, PA
Rumor pinged in TX ~4-17
Hometown Beaumont, MS
Resides Gautier, MS
Contact @GautierPolice

Plz RT.
#CoronationConcert #Texas #MiamiGrandPrix #Succession #Mississippi #Missing #Pennsylvania

1 month ago

A Former NFL Player Persuaded Politicians That His Child ID Kits Help Find Missing Kids. There’s No Evidence They Do.

At least 11 states have agreed to distribute fingerprinting kits sold by Kenny Hansmire’s National Child Identification Program.

Some are spending millions even though similar kits are available for free.

#Children #Kids #Missing #Fingerprinting #Identification #NFL

Missing Children Minnesota
1 month ago

Please help us bring Danielle home! She is missing from North Minneapolis.
#missing #missingkids #northminneapolis #missingchildren #blackandmissing

Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

BBC News - An #Iranian 's search for the truth about her #missing father
By Jiyar Gol

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
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BBC News: Seven bodies found in US search for missing teens, say Oklahoma police BBC News - Seven bodies found in US search for missing teens, say Oklahoma police

Minoru Saba
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@w7voa @mike_vlasman

"U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Monday he has contacted the State Department and the White House to assist in finding a Storrs woman who has gone #missing during a hiking pilgrimage in #Japan."
-Hartford Courant (17 Apr 2023)
#KumanoKodo #熊野古道 #行方不明

2 months ago

Justin Phillips: Black children go #missing at alarmingly high rates. Here’s why you don’t hear about it: In a move that feels long overdue, #California is considering an Ebony Alert system that would notify the public about missing Black youth.

"Researchers at the Columbia Journalism Review, in collaboration with advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day out of New York, studied 3,600 news articles about missing people in the U.S. in 2021. They used the findings — which showed missing Black people receive far less coverage than missing white people — to launch the website Are You Press Worthy, which allows users to see how much press they would receive if they went missing."


This breaks my heart 😥 I hope David is found, may someone recognize him


Via @dantethecomic

"There is a #homeless man that I am friends with named David. He's lived in my neighborhood for over 12 years. He's not violent or dirty. He doesn't do drugs. He has a mental illness that makes him talk nonsense. He is #missing. Probably near Hollywood Presbyterian in LA. HELP US!"

A video describing David and how he went missing from his neighborhood a few weeks ago.
2 months ago

Okay serious toot for a moment.
Missing protestor and if you can share this image please I'd really appreciate it. Amy hasn't been seen since *15th* March.

#missing #woman #trans #Scotland #lgbtqia #UK #SOS

Young trans woman with shoulder length blond hair, missing from the Edinburgh area since the 16th March.
2 months ago

A West Texas zoo has been searching for 14 prairie dogs that disappeared from their exhibit in 2021. It's 2023, and the mystery has yet to be solved.

Read about it here:

#missing #zoo #texas #animal #mystery

Fourteen prairie dogs were reported missing from a West Texas zoo.
2 months ago

“We’ve overlooked the phenomenon of missing boys and that is something that needs to be acknowledged.”

Chiefs at the Assembly of First Nations special assembly last week said missing and murdered Indigenous men and boys can no longer be ignored.

In an interview with, Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller says he is “absolutely willing” to discuss how to move forward on addressing the issue.

#missing #murdered #Indigneous #AFN #cdnpoli

A photo of a woman with dark hair in a red blouse. She is sitting in front of a star blanket and speaking.
Accented Cinema
2 months ago

Review for #Missing
Awesome movie! It's not as emotionally driven as Searching, but the case it presents is more intriguing. It gives you all of the clues you need to solve the case. It's great fun to try (and fail) to get ahead of the movie.

Also, Joaquim de Almeida is great.

2 months ago

Hmm, this #missing hiker #ColdCase can likely be solved using Google Earth and drone surveys. Though, maybe I should avoid getting tangled up in these (the last one was NOT a pleasant experience, and not resolved yet)... Open terrain, very little vegetation; not a large area to search. It is old, however, so you're hoping remains are not covered in dirt/mud. #mysteries

82-23507:  Peter Laan

On November 29, 1982, Peter Laan’s brother reported him missing after not returning from a hiking trip.  Peter had been dropped off by his father at the top of Toland Road in Santa Paula, and was supposed to return from his hike later in the evening.  Peter never returned from his hiking trip.  An extensive multi-day search was conducted by Ventura County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, but Peter was never located.  Peter has not been seen or heard from since.

 If you have any information regarding Peter’s disappearance, no matter how insignificant, please contact the Ventura County Cold Case Unit at (805) 383-8704 or
Rod Hilton
3 months ago

A little too twisty and not as taut as the original masterpiece that is Searching, there are a lot more "why didn't X just do Y?" type questions that this movie raises. That said, I'm an absolute sucker for this format even if they cheated quite a lot. I want more of these.

#Movies #Missing

Not Invisible Act Commission
“A lack of urgency, transparency, and coordination has hampered our country’s efforts to combat #violence against #American #Indian and #Alaska #Native people.
In partnership with the Justice Department and with extensive engagement with #Tribes and other stakeholders, the Interior Department is marshalling our resources to finally address the crisis of violence against Indigenous peoples.” 
— Interior Secretary #Deb #Haaland

#mmiwg2s #missing and #murdered #indigenous #women #girls and #2spirit

If you've ever seen the 2018 film Searching starring John Cho as a dad using the Internet and social media to find his missing daughter and enjoyed it, then you'll enjoy the anthology sequel Missing starring Storm Reid and Nia Long. This new film tells a different story of another missing person case in the same universe and it uses the same technique Searching did in showing everything as seen from laptop, desktop, and mobile phone screens.

#Missing #MissingFilm #StormReid #NiaLong

Movie poster of the film Missing starring Storm Reid and Nia Long.
Melody Cooper
4 months ago

THANK YOU to all of you who boosted this info on this missing girl. Good news! #missing #black #bipoc

4 months ago

If nothing is working anymore in your #nextjs project and you see #Webpack #missing #module #error everywhere, get rid of some folders and reinstall the dependencies:

rm -fR .next node_modules
npm install

I just spend the last couple of hours to find out why my project was not working anymore after installing some dependencies… #cache for the win ❤️

Melody Cooper
4 months ago

FOUND SAFE!!! This child is in danger and I am amplifying this to try to bring her to safety. #blackandmissing #dallas #texas #missing #marshaegreen #blackmastodon #blacklivesmatter

Photo of 14 year old missing Black girl Marshae Green
4 months ago

#VenturaCounty #Missing MISSING:

Kenneth Vroman 60 years. WM 6-02 180 light brown hair hazel eyes last seen wearing a striped blue short sleeve shirt blk sweat pants socks and slippers. Left resd at 5:40 and has dementia. Please contact Sheriff’s Dispatch at 805-654-9511 with any information.

Photo of man missing in Ventura County
5 months ago

It's been brought to my attention that I should have tagged all this (duh) so here, have lots of tags!
#caturday (just because it's a busy tag and I need views on this!)

Universal Hub
5 months ago

Someone left a notebook behind at the Sil in #Allston. Seems important, what they wrote down. It is hanging behind the bar, by the register. This note is attached to it. FWIW, the original note has not been read, except the first line. #Boston #missing

Notepad with notes
More of the notepad
Patrick Stewart ✅
5 months ago

Ok well I think I finally got this #List thing down. I've made 2 lists so far. One for #News and one for #VIPs which are just the users I want to see the most. I've also started to #hide boots from a few of you who boot like it's going out of style. I do worry that I might be #missing some great boots due to some mutes, but I'll just keep playing around with it until it feels right.

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
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Family and police ‘extremely concerned’ for missing cousin, 13, of British Olympian | The Independent

Lyla-Jane Lake, 13, was last seen in Basingstoke on 21 December

Yilin Wang
6 months ago


I am sharing on behalf of a friend. Could everyone please boost? Please also forward to anyone you know in LA

#MissingPerson #Missing

Missing person poster
Arlyssa D. Becenti
6 months ago

This young #Navajo man has been #missing since November 20. He was last seen at the #losangeles airport. #california #indigenous #missingperson

7 months ago

***The Skin Demon Project By MKIII***
In February 1997, three archaeologists disappeared in the natural park near Jokloville while shooting a documentary

a year later their footage was found
-- -- -- --
En février 1996, trois archéologues ont disparu dans le parc naturel près de Jokloville alors qu'ils tournaient un documentaire.

un an plus tard, les enregistrements ont été retrouvés

#MastoArt #pixelfed #sketchbook #GIMP #streetart #90s #missing #project #francais #english

8 months ago

What type of a platform is missing on #Fediverse, what do you wish?

Welcher Typ von einer Plattform fehlt im Fediverse, was wünscht ihr euch?

:boost_ok: #question #poll #wish #platform #boost #missing #wasfehlt #wunsch