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12 hours ago

Though the Mississippi river winds so wide and free
Its saltwater carries taint, for all to see
Polluting our precious drinking water supply
As we all sadly watch her going dry
A symbol of our fragile lives and times
Of how soon the future too can die

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Denise Gutzmer
12 hours ago

Saltwater intrusion along the #MississippiRiver is contaminating drinking water and threatening water infrastructure as #drought reduces the river's flow. President Biden approved the emergency declaration for four #Louisiana counties.

1 day ago

US Army Corps of Engineers
New Orleans District

Saltwater wedge creeping up the Mississippi River due to low freshwater flow. Already affecting Lower Plaquemines Parish, making water too salty to safely drink.
Expected to reach other municipal intakes:
Belle Chasse, 13 October
S Bernard Parish 19 Oct
Algiers LA 22 Oct
Jeff Parish W Bank 24 Oct
New Orleans proper 28 Oct
Jeff Parish E Bank 29 Oct

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Flipboard Science Desk
2 days ago

New Orleans braces for drinking water emergency from drought-stricken Mississippi River.

NBC News reports: "Lingering drought conditions have kept the Mississippi River at abnormally low levels and significantly weakened its flow, allowing salt water to creep in."

#NewOrleans #Water #MississippiRiver #Drought #Environment #ClimateChange

Denise Gutzmer
2 days ago

The mayor of #NewOrleans signed an emergency declaration over saltwater intrusion in the #MississippiRiver that was affecting water supplies in Plaquemines Parish. An underwater barrier has been constructed to slow movement of the saltwater.
#drought #Louisiana

CelloMom On Cars
4 days ago

Saltwater is intruding into the #MississippiRiver delta today. More river flow can help remedy that, but lots of people upstream need that river water too. Expect the existing #water disputes on this river to soon overtake those on the #ColoradoRiver.

All the deltas are vulnerable, and deltas are where people have settled: Think #Shanghai, #Rotterdam, #Cairo. It doesn't take that much extrapolation to see the trouble looming.

4 days ago

#Saltwater pushing into #MississippiRiver could compromise #Louisiana drinking water

Drinking #water in some parts of Louisiana is facing a risk from the salt water, resulting in the Bayou State’s Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) saying he is only a number of days away from asking for an emergency declaration from the federal government, according to The Associated Press. The river is also experiencing a drought.

Ang Black
5 days ago

Drought sparks drinking water concerns as saltwater creeps up #MississippiRiver

> #Louisiana residents who rely on river for drinking water warned of potential health risks in next few weeks

brad m
6 days ago

#Water is just taken for granted here … so the thought that we might be running out of #water is a difficult concept to understand when it seems like we have water all around us.”
The project is a reminder that even in rainy places that seem most #water-secure – the shores of the #GreatLakes, the #MississippiRiver basin – a reliable supply is not always assured” #aquifers #groundwater #drinkingwater #Chicago #LakeMichigan #Illinois #Michigan #Wisconsin #Minnesota

CelloMom On Cars
6 days ago

"For the second year in a row, #drought has severely weakened the flow of the #MississippiRiver, allowing a mass of #saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico to force its way dozens of miles inland.

The steady creep of that saltwater wedge could threaten #DrinkingWater supplies in multiple #Louisiana communities, undermine #agriculture and prove corrosive to infrastructure."

“This is just another example of what #ClimateChange, drought and #SeaLevelRise can look like.”

6 days ago

Army Corps Of Engineers Struggle To Stop #SaltWater Creeping Up #Drought Weakened #MississippiRiver Basin From The #GulfOfMexico. Plaquemines Parish Already Can Only Use #BottledWater, But #NewOrleans #Louisiana And Many More Communities, Plus #Agriculture, #Wetlands, #wildlife And Industry Threatened Day By Day As Situation Worsens

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An underwater sill barrier is being constructed to block upriver flpw of saltwater in the Mississippi River that is threatening area water supplies. HOW THE SILL WORKS o Because saltwater is heavier than fresh water, the Sill location placed at the bottom of the river to stop the saltwater from traveling farther upriver. [ Saltwater flow Source: Army Corps of Engineers THE TIMES-PICAYUNE
Salt WaTer Flowing Up River Threatening Drinking Water And Livelihoods Along Lower Mississippi Basin .Lake Pontchartrain and New Orleans threatened by the flow of salt water creeping up the Mississippi River from Gulf of Mexico . So-called underwater left built to try to stop a salt water wedge  flow
brad m
6 days ago

“For the 2nd year in a row, #drought has severely weakened the flow of the #MississippiRiver, allowing a mass of #saltwater from the #GulfofMexico to force its way dozens of miles inland
could threaten #drinkingwater supplies in multiple #Louisiana communities, undermine #agriculture and prove corrosive to #infrastructure
“numerous man-made and natural contributors”
“This is just another example of what #climatechange, #drought and #sealevelrise can look like” #water

Denise Gutzmer
1 week ago

The #drought comes as a critical harvest season approaches and farmers across the #Midwest are concerned about water supply and #barge deliveries. Officials and residents along the #MississippiRiver worry about the widespread impacts another decline could bring.

Denise Gutzmer
1 week ago

#Drought expanded in the Midwest, Lower Mississippi Valley, Southwest and Pacific Northwest on the US #DroughtMonitor this week, while easing in #Texas. States along the Gulf Coast remain in the grip of intense #flashdrought. The low #MississippiRiver is hindering navigation along the lower part of the river and is affecting #water supplies below New Orleans.
#Louisiana #Mississippi

The US Drought Monitor shows drought conditions across the US.
The 1-week change map for the US Drought Monitor.
The 5-week change map for the US Drought Monitor.
Denise Gutzmer
1 week ago

Water levels have fallen to near record levels a full month ahead of last year’s low #water stages, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The #MississippiRiver has fallen 15 feet in a month, due to #drought.

1 week ago
A person’s hand is holding a black bicycle up next to a river. A suspension bridge is nearby and across the river is a red sign that reads, Grain Belt Beer
1 week ago

Judge dismisses #pipeline #protest charges against 3 #Native women

Kirsti Marohn
Brainerd, #Minnesota
September 18, 2023 3:45 PM

"Opponents of the #Line3 oil pipeline are celebrating an Aitkin County judge’s decision to dismiss charges against three Native women related to a 2021 protest.

"Activists #WinonaLaDuke, #TaniaAubid and #DawnGoodwin helped lead rallies as #Enbridge began work on a new #OilPipeline across northern Minnesota more than two years ago.

"The charges against them stemmed from a rally on Jan. 9, 2021, when a large group gathered at a pipeline construction site near the #MississippiRiver in Aitkin County. 

"The opponents, who called themselves #WaterProtectors carried signs and walked down a county road. Some Native women danced in jingle dresses, a healing tradition.

"Some group members later moved to another Aitkin County location, where they walked along U.S. Highway 169 and refused to leave a Line 3 construction site.

"LaDuke, Goodwin and Aubid were not arrested on Jan. 9. Authorities charged them weeks later by summons after identifying them in social media posts. They faced gross misdemeanor charges of trespassing and harassment, as well as misdemeanor unlawful assembly and public nuisance.

"A jury trial was scheduled to begin this week. But in a forceful opinion filed Sept. 14, District Court Judge Leslie Metzen dismissed all the charges.

"Metzen’s order noted the government’s historical mistreatment of #Indigenous people.

"'In the last 20 years I have come to a broader understanding of what we, the now dominant culture, did to try to eradicate our indigenous neighbors,' she wrote. 'We moved them by force and power and violence off the land where they lived for thousands of years. To make peace, we signed treaties with them that promised many things they never received.'

"Metzen wrote that she finds it 'within the furtherance of justice' to protect the defendants who were peacefully protesting to protect the land addressed in those treaties.

"She wrote that as respected members of #Anishinaabe tribes, LaDuke, Aubid and Goodwin were exercising their #FreeSpeech rights and #spiritual beliefs, including 'their heartfelt belief that the waters of Minnesota need to be protected from damage that could result from the #pipeline.'

'To criminalize their behavior would be the crime,' she added."

Read more:

#IndigenousNews #LaDuke #StopEnbridge #NoLine3 #Proestors #ClimateActivists #Fascism #WaterIsLife #RespectTheTreaties

1 week ago

#biketooter #MNstodon #cycling Day 7+3 Finished the journey today riding 48 miles from #stpaul MN to home. Passed the great vantage point for Fort Snelling State Park overlooking the #mississippiriver, fall harvest in full operation with a glimpse of what it used to be like. Had #coffee on a bike at Little Joy and arrived home about 1530 local, finished with about 510 miles for the whole 11 day trip. What a great time. I love #cyclinglife life. Tomorrow is cleaning and rest day.

A high view of the mile wide Mississppi River valley near Minneapolis/St. Paul MN USA over looking Fort Snelling State Park.  A bike with a trailer is in front of a low stone wall about 4 fee in height, made of native sandstone.  The river valley is beyond the wall with vast swaths of green vegitation and trees lining the near and far shore, almost 1 mile away.
A large green John Deere harvester is working a field of brown soybeans that covers the entire picture.  A small line of plants lining a ditch is barely visible in the forground, and a line of trees marking the far border of the field can be seen in the distance beind the harvester.  The dust from the chaff from the harvester is blowing away in the wind behind it, and the whole machine appears is surrounded by brown from the dried plants.
A grove of tall pine trees is in the background, with a number of old farm harvesting implements just in front of them.  On the left is a horse drawn single blade cultivator so dark brown it’s almost invisible. To the right is a rusty old grain harvester that looks like a large wagon of complex series of pipes and wheels and conveyors, and to the right of that a horse drawn hay rake consisting of a single metal seat shaped like an old bicycle seat with the tines of the rack behind it appearing like fine wires.  The equipment is half hidden in the shade of the trees.  In the foreground is a bicycle with trailer on the gravel road.
A bicycle is posed in front of a coffee shop with a paper cup of coffee visible on the seat.  An artist is working on a window painting of a halloween scene.  Half completed figures of orange pumpkins and white ghosts are seen.  A ladder for the artist is in front of the windows.
Denise Gutzmer
1 week ago

The bed of the #MississippiRiver is below sea level throughout the entire length of #Louisiana, so when drought reduces the flow of the river, the salty, denser ocean #water can creep further upstream and contaminate municipal water supplies.

Map of the lower part of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, where saltwater is contaminating water supplies.
Denise Gutzmer
1 week ago

Saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico could threaten drinking #water as far north as New Orleans’ French Quarter if no action is taken to stop saltwater from moving up the Mississippi River. However, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will bolster an existing underwater structure to block the movement of the saltwater wedge.
#drought #Louisiana #MississippiRiver

Denise Gutzmer
1 week ago

Barge companies must lighten loads on the #MississippiRiver due to heat and #drought, making it more costly to transport #grain and other goods on the river. The cargo rate from St. Louis downriver is up 77% above the three-year average. The #shipping lane is also narrower, meaning fewer barges can be lashed together.

Richard Rathe
2 weeks ago

Double #Rainbow over the Upper #MississippiRiver at Guttenberg #Iowa


Rainbows over the Upper Mississippi River
Denise Gutzmer
2 weeks ago

"Community leaders along the Mississippi River worried that dry southwestern states will someday try to take the river’s water may soon take their first step toward blocking such a diversion."
#water #drought #MississippiRiver

Denise Gutzmer
3 weeks ago

Low flows on the #MississippiRiver may present difficulties for moving #grain on the river like during the 2022 harvest season. At St. Louis on Sept. 1, the river was -2.83 feet, less than a foot above the lowest reading of -3.53 feet last fall.

1 month ago

In the peaceful shallows of the river.

#MississippiRiver #GreatBlueHeron #Photography #Peaceful

A video montage of a great blue heron standing in shallows near a river bank.
1 month ago
A great blue heron stands close to a log in a river.
Richard Rathe
1 month ago

Three Trumpeter #Swans on the Upper #MississippiRiver (parents with offspring?)

#NaturePhotography #Birds #Iowa

Richard Rathe
1 month ago

#Panoramic View from "Ann's Point" in #PikesPeak State Park #Iowa

#MississippiRiver in the foreground. #WisconsinRiver outlet top right. City of Prairie du Chien in the distance.

#Panorama #NaturePhotography

Mississippi River Panorama
50+ Music
1 month ago

"Ol' Man River" is a #showTune from the 1927 #musical #ShowBoat with music by #JeromeKern and lyrics by #OscarHammersteinII. The song contrasts the struggles and hardships of #AfricanAmericans with the endless, uncaring flow of the #MississippiRiver. It is sung from the point of view of a black #stevedore on a #showboat, and is the most famous song from the show. The song is meant to be performed in a slow tempo.

Wisdom in Space
1 month ago

Neither in this country or in any other have I seen such interesting scenery as that along the Upper Mississippi.
-- Mark Twain

#Quotes #MarkTwain #MississippiRiver

#Photography #Panorama #Pictographs #RockArt #DefianceHouse #LakePowell #Utah

photo by richard rathe
Richard Rathe
2 months ago

#Eagles on the upper #MississippiRiver at Lock and Dam #10 in NE #Iowa 🦅

First pic "mum and dad". Second pic "the kids".

#Birds #BaldEagle #NaturePhotography

Juvenile Eagles
2 months ago

Well, nice that the HUMANS get warnings. What about all the critters who eat fish?!!! You know, #bears, #birds, other #fish, etc., etc.! Humans seem to think they're the only ones who live on planet Earth, it seems...

Citing #PFAS levels, MDH says some people shouldn’t eat fish from #LakeRebecca, part of #MississippiRiver

Krystal Frasier KSTP
Published: July 31, 2023

"State health officials say certain people should now avoid eating fish caught in both Lake Rebecca near the city of Hastings and the Mississippi River from St. Paul’s Ford Dam to Hastings Dam, also known as Pool 2.

"The updated guidance is due to what state officials with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) say is new data showing a mix of pollutants — including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS, or forever chemicals — in the fish.

"According to the agencies, children under the age of 15, people who are or could become pregnant and those who are or plan to breastfeed shouldn’t eat fish caught in those areas.

"Health officials say the update to the fish consumption guidance is only for higher-risk populations and stress that the PFAS risk is based on long-term exposure, not short-term exposure after only a few meals. In addition, anglers can still enjoy fishing at those sites, but on a catch-and-release basis.

"Other areas for fishing include Lake Nokomis, Rogers Lake, Bald Wagle Lake, White Bear Lake and the St. Croix River south of Stillwater.

"Exposure to a few types of PFAS has been linked to some kinds of cancer.

"Previously, the state’s guidance for fish consumption in those same areas was not eating certain kinds of fish due to levels of #mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls, also known as #PCBs."


#Minnesota #WaterIsLife

Denise Gutzmer
2 months ago

The Army Corps of Engineers initiated a drought watch for the Mississippi River and is closely monitoring water levels as #drought persisted. Flooding was an issue in April, but the lack of rain since then has the corps making sure that there is adequate #water in the lock channels for ships to pass.

#MississippiRiver #navigation

Norma Brandsberg
2 months ago

New Orleans Bridges over the Mississippi River, 2nd place winner with almost 1700 entries here:

More art here:

#neworleans #neworleansbridge #mississippi #mississippiriver #sunsets #neworleanslandscape #AYearForArt #art4mom #BuyintoArt

New Orleans Bridges over the Mississippi River, 2nd place winner with almost 1700 entries here:

More art here:
Richard Rathe
3 months ago

"Hard" and "Soft" versions of this #HDR #Infrared view of the upper #MississippiRiver from #PikesPeak State Park in #Iowa.

#NaturePhotography #Photography #InfraredPhotography

Hard #HDR #Infrared view of the upper #MississippiRiver
Soft #HDR #Infrared view of the upper #MississippiRiver
Richard Rathe
3 months ago

#Geography Lesson (and a bit of #Geology as well)…

#Panorama from #PikesPeak in #Iowa looking towards the mouth of the #Wisconsin river as it enters the Mighty #MississippiRiver in the foreground…

"Never covered by ice during the last #IceAge, the area lacks the characteristic glacial deposits known as drift. Its landscape is characterized by steep hills, forested ridges, deeply carved river valleys, and karst geology with spring-fed waterfalls and cold-water trout streams."

"The most impressive area is on the Mississippi, between Pikes Peak State Park, opposite the Wisconsin River down to #Guttenberg Iowa where bluffs lining the river reach their maximum height."

#Photography #NaturePhotography #Mississippi #DriftlessArea

#Panorama from #PikesPeak in #Iowa looking towards the mouth of the #Wisconsin river
Denise Gutzmer
3 months ago

The #MississippiRiver is lower in St. Louis and at about the same level in Memphis than it was in 2022 when barges had to carry lighter loads as the shallow river made navigation difficult.
#Drought is also affecting the #PanamaCanal.

Richard Rathe
3 months ago
Catalpa Tree
Catalpa Tree
Catalpa Tree
Catalpa Tree Canoe on Mississippi River
Anne Jefferson
5 months ago
Bryan Hansel
6 months ago

I love this view from Eagle Point Park in Dubuque, Iowa. That's the Mississippi River and Lock and Dam #11.

#Photography #LandscapePhotography #sunrise #Iowa #MississippiRiver

The view from Eagle Point Park in Dubuque, Iowa of the sun rising over the Mississippi river and Lock and Dam #11.
Debra Martz
6 months ago

Lastyear in May, we were returning on our day cruise on the Creole Queen and watching the clouds in hope that the rains held off until we could dock and walk back to our hotel. We barely made before the sky unleashed the rain!

Mississippi Riverside New Orleans Louisiana by Debra Martz

#NewOrleans #NOLA #MississippiRiver #Clouds #SunRays #photography #PhotographyIsArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #SpringIntoArt #TheArtDistrict #art

Skyline of New Orleans as seen from the Creole Queen paddleboat.  Overhead the sky is filled with clouds and the sun rays are breaking through the middle of them highlighting the city.  By Debra Martz
6 months ago

Xcel Energy to temporarily shut down #Monticello nuclear plant after two radioactive water leaks; company says no threat to public

March 24, 2023

"On Wednesday, the plant's monitoring equipment detected hundreds of gallons worth of radioactive water since the crews made temporary repairs, and that it had reached #groundwater. Officials say the contaminated water, containing the radioactive isotope #tritium, has not yet reached the #MississippiRiver, which runs next to the plant.

"When the leak was first detected back in November, Xcel used a catchment and a pumping strategy to recovered the water containing tritium. They say they've recovered about 30% of that water so far. But over the past couple days, some of that radioactive water was spilling over the catchment, creating a new leak."

#Minnesota #XcelEnergy #Monticello #NoNukes #NoMoreNukes #RethinkNotRestart #NoDumping #Fukushima


A similar process to the one you highlighted at #NiagaraFalls, which I posted about earlier:

In 2020, the Army Corps of Engineers did a periodic "draw down" of the water above St. Anthony #Falls in downtown #Minneapolis, which temporarily made the #MississippiRiver very shallow underneath the historic James J. Hill #StoneArchBridge... allowing curious citizens to walk below the bridge where a raging torrent - or at least millions of gallons of fast-moving water - would normally be.

Rebecca Eilering
8 months ago

Mississippi River from Canton, MO. We were out watching bald eagles there and in Quincy, IL. You see the most around Lock and Dams. #SilentSunday #MississippiRiver

View of the Mississippi River from an overlook in Canton, MO. Looking south. Sky is mostly cloudy with some blue sky.
Fire Breathing Unicorn
9 months ago

I guess I should list my other top interests: I am an avid #rockhound and live in a lovely terminal moraine zone. I spend a lot of time bopping around the #mississippiriver and enjoy #kayaking and #camping and #adventuring as much as I can. I love #photography and post a lot of photos from my wanderings. I also have two amazing #dogs so you'll be seeing them, too!