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Alternative Antriebe: Daimler Truck und Toyota wollen in Asien kooperieren

Daimler Truck, Mitsubishi Fuso, Hino und Toyota wollen die Marken Mitsubishi Fuso und Hino Motors fusionieren und gemeinsam alternative Lkw-Antriebe entwickeln.

#alternativeAntriebe #Brennstoffzelle #Daimler #Elektroantrieb #Lkw #Mitsubishi #Toyota #VW #news

Toyota, Hino, Daimler Truck, Mitsubishi Fuso
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Product Line Manager #Mitsubishi Power Americas
#Lake Mary, FL

Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc. in Lake Mary, Florida is looking for a Product Line Manager.


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#usa #InfluencerJob #HiringNow

IT News
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Custom Bluetooth Adapter Brings 1990s Car Phone Back Online - [Jeff Lau]’s Mitsubishi 3000GT comes with all the essential features you’d expect ... - #cellphonehacks #mitsubishi #bluetooth #carhacks #carphone #1g

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The Japanese Ministry of Defense has signed a $2.8 billion deal with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to develop and produce long-range missiles #Japan #Mitsubishi #Missile #Type12

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2/2 Gestern hat sich sogar eine Zeitung aus #Japan in #Gronau, Münster und #Lingen gemeldet. Die kommen am Karfreitag zum #Ostermarsch - und sind natürlich sehr an den Verbindungen zwischen #Urenco und Framatome nach Japan interessiert. Vielleicht nicht allen geläufig: #Mitsubishi Heavy Industries hält 19,5% der Framatome-Anteile ... und Urenco beliefert seit 2017 wieder Japan mit #Uran, auch aus Gronau.

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三菱迷你電動客貨車 續航 150 公里明年印尼投產
相比起其他日本汽車品牌,三菱在轉型電動車的步伐相對較緩慢,不過他們早前宣佈將會在明年於印尼生產商用小型電動車 Minicab-MiEV,這是三菱首次在日本以外生產此款電動 Kei Car,亦會主要供應印尼市場。
The post 三菱迷你電動客貨車 續航 150 公里明年印尼投產 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#車壇動向 #Minicab-MiEV #Mitsubishi #三菱

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To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, here is the most Irish thing I know.

#saintpatricksday #stpatricksday
#mitsubishi #subaru #HondaCivic #horse

In case anyone is wondering why the CLOCK button on their Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump remote isn’t working, it’s because you have to disengage the weekly timer before it will let you change the time.

If the programmers had time to write code to lockout the CLOCK button when the timer is engaged, they had time to write code that would reassess the heat pump state after letting the user change the time whenever they darn well please.

#mitsubishi #heatPumps #designFailure

Closeup photo of the remote control for a Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump.
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@cryptosteve Btw. #lichtblick gehört zu 100 Prozent dem niederländischen Unternehmen #Eneco die wiederum zu 80 Prozent #Mitsubishi sowie 20 Prozent #ChubuElektricPower (beides #Japan) gehören. Das Umfeld von Mitsubishi alleine ist schon beachtlich Natural Gas, Industrial Materials, Petroleum & Chemicals Solution, Mineral Resources, Industrial Infrastructure, Automotive & Mobility, Food Industry, Consumer Industry, Power Solution and Urban Development. Grün geht anders.

Fujitsu, Other Japanese Tech Giants Team Up to Create ‘Japan Metaverse Economic Zone’

#VirtualReality&AugmentedRealityNews #TechnologyNews #japanmetaverse #mitsubishi #metaverse #fujitsu #japan #News

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Mitsubishi advertisement folder: "Scratch open this scratch card and win money!"

*Scratch scratch scratch*

Mitsubishi advertisement folder: "You have a number match! You won $1000 in cash! No purchase necessary! Call us!"

Mitsubishi on the phone: "You won indeed but we won't pay you out! The scratch card is a couple of weeks old."


Jeroen Mulder
3 months ago

Mijn ouders hadden een rijschool in de jaren zeventig en tachtig. Onze lesauto’s waren Mitsubishi’s. Dit type Lancer en later de Colts. Mooi om te zien dat er nog exemplaren rondrijden.

Reportage in #Autoweek #Classics #mitsubishi

4 months ago

Do y'all remember the Mitsubishi Diamante? They were really nice.


Shaun Cuff
4 months ago

We said goodbye to ‘Thumper’ this week, our ageing #Mitsubishi Challenger. With more than 200,000 miles on the clock, failing electrics, metal-moth, an insatiable thirst for fuel, and a growing list of faults, it was time for retirement.

Together we’ve watched many sunsets, eaten copious amounts of fish and chips, supped hot chocolate, and been on lots of adventures. We’ll miss you Thumper!

#4x4 #MitsubishiChallenger #OffRoading #JapaneseImport #PartOfTheFamily

John Nelson
5 months ago

Bit of a naff photo, with a dirty great street lamp post in front of the bus, but thought it worth posting for the collection of cars.

#MidlandFox - EWF488V - #MCW #Metrobus #Ford #Mitsubishi #Vauxhall #Renault #weirdcartwitter #weirdcarmastodon #cars

ZZ Bottom
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#Rossi acknowledge that luck sometimes makes one choose to end a career before death arrives.
Austria2020 #Motogp accident on #youtube

On a personal side;
i made a decision after i had my 1st near death crash, when i was 25, i was in Coma for a few hours and even got the extreme blessing, but after 6 months in Hospital i was safe and ready to come back. Still it took me 5 years to ride a Motorcycle again and i decided by that time that if i had another near death accident i would stop riding forever.
At 47 Years old i had a #Mitsubishi Pajero front wheel passing over my head and that was it. I didn't had any injury, after doing a tac, but muscular pain for 2 days.
I felt it was a miracle that my #Shoei helmet hold the impact and that i had survived.
Just to put in contest; the Car after passing over my head pulled to the right and struck a few parked cars.
So that was it, after riding bikes for well over 30 Years, i went 2 weeks later to pick up the bike, that was on the Police store after being retired from the crash site, still fully functional, i ride it back home and told a cousin that i would offer it to him. He uses it for drag racing up to this day.

You can do what you love most but there are times when you have to pull limits, My relationship with Motorcycles as a rider ended then, but the love, that will never end.

#A mitsubichi pajero suv parked
#The helmet i was using at the time of my near death accident; circa 2005.
John kochinski Motogp Legend American Eagle design
Yamaha FZR 1000 1989 Genesis in gray colors, like the one i owned for over 15 Years.
Cocktail Frog
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Road trip toot #4 Follow along as we lumber our way across the vast #wyoming landscape in The Galloping Burro, our plastic #mitsubishi #mirage with a 9 gallon tank & 200 mile range. We've stopped for gas every 2 hours... Plus our traction control, crash avoidance, and cruise control failed. But we be rollin and belting out the #roadtrip tunes!

#roadtrip #colorado #wyoming #utah #idaho #rental #enterprise #rentalcars #southwestairlines #flight #cancelled #cancelculture #DrivingHomeforChristmas

We're singing to the song Rich Girl, a Hall and Oats cover, by Lake Street Drive
A semi truck passing a tanker truck at 60 mph on an 80 mph highway cuz that's awesome
Mat (notenoughtech)
5 months ago

One of the perks of my employment isn't only working with pricy robotic arms but also filming and editing robots in motion for our customers.

Here is the current showcase video I'm working on. Featuring #mitsubishi arm and complex dispensing methods.

#robotics #automation #videoediting

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Today in Labor History December 15, 1914: A gas explosion at Mitsubishi Hōjō coal mine, in Kyushu, Japan, killed 687. It was the worst mining disaster in Japanese history. The explosion was caused by a spark igniting methane and coal dust. The blast was so powerful, it sent the cage (shaft elevator) shooting out of the shaft. In Japan, miners’ wives worked with them in the mines. Consequently, 20% of those who died were women.

#LaborHistory #workingclass #union #history #solidarity #working #workers #laborers #mining #minedisaster #mitsubishi #japan #coal

Image is of American news coverage of the disaster. By File: Mitsubishi logo.svg. Evening times-Republican. December 15, 1914El Paso herald., December 15, 1914The daily telegram. December 15, 1914 - File: Mitsubishi logo.svg Evening times-Republican. December 15, 1914El Paso herald., December 15, 1914The daily telegram. December 15, 1914, Public Domain,
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Finally got the courage to 'hack my A/C'. A 20€ kit to program a M5-stamp-pico (the following ones will be less than 10€ each), two 10kOhm resistors, and voilá, I've now got a locally wifi controlled A/C (the original Wifi controls module costed more than 60€, besides instalation).

Open source just rules
#opensource #esphome #homeassistant #mitsubishi

IT News
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The 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a much-improved hybrid SUV - Enlarge / Mitsubishi's plug-in hybrid SUV has been comprehensively rede... - #plug-inhybridelectricsuv #mitsubishioutlanderphev #firstdrive #mitsubishi #newcar #cars

Tech News Worldwide
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The 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a much-improved hybrid SUV

#plug-inhybridelectricSUV #MitsubishiOutlanderPHEV #Firstdrive #Mitsubishi #newcar #Cars

Incident Creator ❎
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@Rjdlandscapes A couple of 2023 #Mitsubishi Outlander VRX PHEVs (already on the road in NZ). 80km is enough range for our regular local journeys, and we can do long range trips in them with a trailer. EVs aren't ready for what we need, particularly given the spotty charger coverage and fragmented billing. Consolidating that alone would do a lot to drive EV adoption in NZ.

Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
6 months ago

CISA warns of several critical vulnerabilities in #Mitsubishi Electric GX Works3 engineering #software, which is widely used in the ICS environment.

#infosec #hacking #cybersecurity #technology

Albert Lee
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It's on #WeirdCarMastodon because it's the first fixed headlight #Mitsubishi GTO I've ever seen in person. Sounded like heavy machinery departing the place

6 months ago

I bought a #PHEV a couple of years ago. Only because I needed a car and my mechanic was selling one - not because I was particularly sold on the idea of a PHEV. Not sorry I got it. It is great fun to drive (six levels of regen. braking) and all local trips are almost 100% electric. #Outlander #Mitsubishi

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Tijd om te zien of ik in staat ben om een multiriem te vervangen in mijn auto. Ik ben wel een beetje handig maar over auto's en mechaniek is mijn kennis best beperkt, en mijn ervaring nog beperkter...
Wat uitleg van een vriend en een youtube filmpje verder er uiteindelijk gewoon aan begonnen.
Ging vlotter dan gedacht! #FeelgoodFriday
#JeKanMeerDanJeDenkt #DoeHetZelf #auto #mitsubishi #colt

Foto van de oude multiriem
Foto van de nieuwe multiriem na het vervangen
IT News
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Probing CAN Bus for EV Battery Info - The widespread adoption of the CAN bus (and OBD-II) in automobiles was largely a w... - #transportationhacks #information #mitsubishi #battery #can-bus #citroen #display #c-zero #i-miev #car #obd

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Looking for a good deal on a #used #mitsubishi

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30 neue Modelle, fünf gemeinsame Plattformen: Die japanisch-französische Allianz am Automarkt verstärkt laut einem Bericht das Tempo bei der Entwicklung von Elektro-Pkw.
Agenturbericht: Renault, Nissan und Mitsubishi starten offenbar Milliardenoffensive für E-Autos
#Renault #Nissan #Mitsubishi #Elektroautos #Renault-Modelle #Nissan-Modelle #Mitsubishi-Modelle #Unternehmen
SPIEGEL Online (inoffiziell)
1 year ago
30 neue Modelle, fünf gemeinsame Plattformen: Die japanisch-französische Allianz am Automarkt verstärkt laut einem Bericht das Tempo bei der Entwicklung von Elektro-Pkw.
Agenturbericht: Renault, Nissan und Mitsubishi starten offenbar Milliardenoffensive für E-Autos
#Renault #Nissan #Mitsubishi #Elektroautos #Renault-Modelle #Nissan-Modelle #Mitsubishi-Modelle
In Japan ist erstmals eine Autofähre erfolgreich autonom gefahren. Laut Mitsubishi das erste Schiff seiner Art in dieser Größe.
Autonome Schifffahrt: Mitsubishi lässt Autofähre vollautonom fahren
1 year ago

Whoops. Folks, remember to check your filters on your air handlers (these are from one of my #mitsubishi #minisplits)

Im Zuge der Aufklärung des Abgasbetrugs ermittelt die Staatsanwaltschaft nun gegen Mitarbeiter des früheren PSA-Konzerns wegen Steuergeräten von Continental.
Ermittlungen gegen PSA: Abgasbetrug auch bei Mitsubishi, Peugeot und Citroën?
me·ta·phil, der
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Vor Jahren machte mich ein autobegeisterter Bekannter mal darauf aufmerksam, dass ein #Anagramm von #Mitsubishi


ist und ich muss heute noch jedes Mal kichern 🤭

Mitsubishi geht mit dem Antriebskonzept seines Plug-in-Hybrids Eclipse Cross technisch einen anderen Weg als viele Konkurrenten. Was hat der Kunde davon?
Test Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: Eigenwilliger Plug-in-Hybrid mit Schnellladung
Das SUV bekommt zusammen mit einem kleinen Facelift einen Plug-in-Hybrid, der anders aufgebaut ist als bei der Konkurrenz üblich.
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: PHEV mit Schnellladung im Fahrbericht
Ein Trio aus Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Peugeot iOn & Citroën C-Zero kündigte ab 2009 das Zeitalter der Elektromobilität an. Es hätte bessere Apologeten geben können.
Applaus den Gründervätern: Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Peugeot iOn & Citroën C-Zero
Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
3 years ago

Who would have thought that in my lifetime I’d see both the entry and exit of #Mitsubishi in the UK and European car markets? #MMC