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#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by Best Ponies:

#female #stuffed_belly #telekinesis #big_belly #multiple_prey #swallowing #neck_bulge #open_mouth #stomach_noise #huge_belly

Twilight meet Violet Drop from Nurses Take Over! (Twipred, force-fed, willing slimeball prey)

Any support will help me a LOT. ^^ Patreon
Want to Join the discord? here’s the link:

i hate to do this while i already have owed stuff but commissions are open and somewhat necessary, as i don't have the clothes right now for funeral stuff. i take ko-fi, cashapp (preferred), and paypal. i don't have a commission sheet as of now but i'm also open to discussing prices to work with you. i'll post some random pieces so you can get a feel for my art style. nsfw, kink, lolisho, and a bunch of other stuff are available and open for discussion, i'm not going to be as strict on my 'won't do' list with these for obvious reasons. i will tel you, however, if i don't have experience in what you're wanting so you can make the choice.

#commission #commissions #art #artist #AethyArt #AethyArtist #loli #lolicon #shota #shotacon #furry #kink #kinky #KinkArt #FurryArt #pony #mlp #MyLittlePony #MLPFIM #anime #sketch #rgrk

its orbit!!!! 🔜 ANW
7 hours ago

hi my name is orbit! im a lesbian non-binary dragon #otherkin! ​:therian:​ im a #furryartist and i also make things like #dnd maps as well. i occasionally post nsfw art so no minors please!! 🔞 im a big fan of furry history and old school art too and love to see 80s and 90s zines illustration and old con photos! ​:dragnaww:​
other things i like
​:drgn_cup_mlem:​ : #yuri #dolls #bjd #sff #mlp #ttrpgs #dragon #areomorph #planedragon #introduction

10 hours ago

Haven't posted this here so gonna change that, drawing of bat made by @ShamziWhite@Twitter (NSFW Warning!)

#mlp #pony #oc #art

A drawing of my vampire unicorn pony, looking by the side at you with a tired appearance but with a smile and extended wing.

One more ASL comic strip about making supplies for the winter. Link: #mlp #mlpfim

Graphic Policy
14 hours ago

My Little Pony #19 preview. We're approaching the eleventh hour and Zipp and Pipp are still switched! #comics #comicbooks #mlp #mylittlepony

15 hours ago

I cannot help thinking about Starlight Glimmer when I saw the title of this music, which is literally an unequal sign...

≠ / one eleven

#takumi3 #rhythmgame #starlightglimmer #mylittlepony #mlp #friendshipismagic #mlpg4 #cartoon

A screenshot from "The Maud Couple" ("My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" Season 8 Episode 3). Notice the "banning equal sign" icon in the right of the picture.
The cover image of the music "≠" by one eleven.
23 hours ago

Frasier and Niles Crane as My Little Ponies. Incredibly niche content......

#art #frasier #mlp #MyLittlePony :sharesloved:

Frasier and Niles Crane depicted as My Little Ponies. Frasier is a brown unicorn with red eyes and hooves and a dark brown mane and tail. His cutie mark is a therapist couch with a radio tower behind it. Niles is a dark grey unicorn with blue eyes and golden hooves. His mane and tail are blonde. His cutie mark is a brain with several papers behind it. They are having tea. Frasier sips his teacup smugly, whereas Niles has angrily slammed his down onto the table, evidently angered by something Frasier has said.
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#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by Moncatto:

#oc_only #bone #unknown_prey #moaning #big_penis #tentacle_tongue #pegasus #skull #tongue_out #ball_bulge

Commissioned by ScarletSound, thank you so much!
My links here!

[Twitter (NSFW)]( | [Twitter (SFW)]( | [My prices](/profiles/Moncatto/commission) | [Commissions situation / Queue](

Violet Rose
1 day ago

I made a series of teeny beanies for PCH '22, using brushed yarn for the manes and tails. Tiny Pipp here is sporting an acrylic/wool blend, heat-styled to hold its curls. The biggest drawback to the yarn is, it doesn't like to wrap tightly around her ear, so likes to float 😅

#mastoart #mlp #pony #plushie #art #commission #g5 #pipppetals #pipp

A palm-sized plush of Pipp Petals from MLP G5 with beady eyes and soft, flowing hair
Purple Creativity
1 day ago

Quest for friendship RETOLD - Chapter 3 - Page 54

New page each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

#mlp #mylittlepony #QuestForFriendship #QFF #comic #fancomic

RJ Sketch!
2 days ago

Reference sheet for my last character for this round, an MLP Earth Pony Stallion named Bud Blaze! I repurposed and redesigned my old Clydesdale, Bud Licht, for this role! I also took a bit from my thoroughbred, Killian.

He was really fun to work on!

#NSFW #FurryArt #MLPArt #MLP #MyLittlePony

Hints at drug use. SFW Reference sheet of a male My Little Pony Earth Pony, both quadruped (feral) and anthropomorphic
RJ! 🦄🎨
2 days ago

Reference sheet for my last character for this round, an MLP Earth Pony Stallion named Bud Blaze! I repurposed and redesigned my old Clydesdale, Bud Licht, for this role! I also took a bit from my thoroughbred, Killian.

He was really fun to work on!

#NSFW #FurryArt #MLPArt #MLP #MyLittlePony

Hints at drug use. SFW Reference sheet of a male My Little Pony Earth Pony, both quadruped (feral) and anthropomorphic
RJ! 🦄🎨
2 days ago

Reference sheet for my last character for this round, an MLP Earth Pony Stallion named Bud Blaze! I repurposed and redesigned my old Clydesdale, Bud Licht, for this role! I also took a bit from my thoroughbred, Killian.

He was really fun to work on!

#FurryArt #MLPArt #MLP #MyLittlePony

Hints at drug use. SFW Reference sheet of a male My Little Pony Earth Pony, both quadruped (feral) and anthropomorphic

3 days left to join my #patreon and get a #free bonus #sketch #doodle of your character for the holidays/end of year as a thank you. (Can be sfw or nsfw!)

Become a Wild Elemental at

#FurryArt #CommisionsOpen #SketchRequest #MastoArt #CreativeToots (can also draw #MLP !)

Advert that shows a selection of sketches of anthro/furry characters. Text reads "WildElement Studios Limited Time Patreon Special Offer - all new and current patrons with a successful payment Dec 1-5 will get a free bonus character drawing for the holidays if ref is provided!"
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#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by Snowy Comet:

#vore #sproutprey #abdominal_bulge #suggestive #horn_markings #floppy_ears #pony #hoof_on_belly #standing #looking_at_someone

Colored by [polofastter](/profiles/Polo%2Bfastter)! Original sketch by [Lightning Bolty](/profiles/Lightning%2BBolty): >>3247882


Izzy had had enough of Sprout being racist toward her for being a unicorn, even post-reunification, so she took this matter of vigilante jus...

I gave my pony Wolf a new changeling boyfriend :3c I think he likes him

#mlp #feral #nsfw

Shooting Star :dra_c_u:
2 days ago

Man, this guy's drip is INSANE
I tried my hand at painting again, it's always lots of fun, I'll have to get into it more seriously at some point, trying stuff this different from my usual is hella refreshing
#mlp #g5 #hitch

4 days left to join my #patreon and get a #free bonus #sketch #doodle of your character for the holidays/end of year as a thank you. (Can be sfw or nsfw!)

Become a Wild Elemental at

#FurryArt #CommisionsOpen #SketchRequest #MastoArt #CreativeToots (can also draw #MLP !)

Advert that shows a selection of sketches of anthro/furry characters. Text reads "WildElement Studios Limited Time Patreon Special Offer - all new and current patrons with a successful payment Dec 1-5 will get a free bonus character drawing for the holidays if ref is provided!"
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3 days ago

#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by Snowy Comet:

#abdominal_bulge #story_included #confused #vore_sequence #belly #izzypred #absurd_resolution #looking_at_each_other #unshorn_fetlocks #hoof_on_belly

Colored version: >>3248596s


Izzy had had enough of Sprout being racist toward her for being a unicorn, even post-reunification, so she took this matter of vigilante justice into her own capable hooves... or should we say, into her own capable *s...
New instances have been added to Fedi Ponies!
What? Federated instant messaging? Worry not, a list will be coming soon!

#MLP #MLPFiM #PoniesOnFediverse

3 days ago

I'm on a #mlp related instance. So I had to generate a song about #BestPony obviously. #TwilightSparkle #BookHorse

3 days ago

It would make more sense for Misty to have her old hair here, but I haven't drawn her new design yet, so I decided that logic is not important at the moment xD

This is the print and sticker for KoFi ( memberships at 10€ or above this month!

#art #mlp #mlpart

misty from my little pony looking hapilly at her cutie mark surrounded by sparkly lights and butterflys
Grembop babu
4 days ago

a pice of art that took me ages to make, i love how it came out. SFW

#mlp #MLP4 #princesscelestia #twilightspakle #littlespace #pacifier #mylittlepony #sfw #abdl #abdlart #art

princess celestia and twilight sparkle are in celestia's room, twilight is sucking on a pink pacifier while playing with wooden blocks she stacked into a castle shape. celestia is brushing twilights mane holding a brush with magic. twilight is wearing a loose tshirt with clouds on the sleeves and a sun on the shoulder, her toy smarty pants is next to her.
4 days ago

For anyone who throws $9 at my face, I will draw your OC exactly like this.

DM to claim

Boost if you want

#mlp #pony #commission #drawing

Potato chibi YCH
$9 USD
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4 days ago

#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by Snowy Comet:

#slim #gradient_legs #long_tail #race_swap #_make_your_mark #eating #concave_belly #eaten_alive #female #vore

Opaline is the bigger pony here! Where is Sunny putting her? And did Sunny's tail just grow a little?




4 days ago

🐞"be Prepared" of king Metamorphosis 😈
#mlp #mlpau #mlpart #mlpchangeling #mlpchrysalis

:velvetahegao: Vorepone
5 days ago

#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by CryoWolf9:

#3d #vore #big_penis #big_nipples #g4 #balls #breasts #anthro #impossibly_large_penis #fetish


Reach out to me via discord or twitter.

Discord: bluevoir

See more like this here: http://subs...

Sky Splash
6 days ago

I just published a #modpack on inspired by the old X-PonyCraft Vanilla

Here is finally
PonyCraft a New Generation Vanilla

#mlp #minecraft

Kruszynka :dra_c_u:
6 days ago
Starsong Dusk
1 week ago

Entry number 2 into the #ProjectStargazer series, this painting illustrates the moment that Starsong Dusk decided to become an explorer. She was always fascinated with the universe beyond her planet, devouring books and information about space and the different phenomena within it. It is something that I share with her directly, a love of the stars and the universe beyond.

Starsong eventually broke free of the bonds of her planet, and now explores the galaxy commanding the Element of Magic [J3F-T3V]. From a precocious youth to captain, she is achieving her goals as an explorer and discoverer of the unknown.

Follow the story at and please check out my DeviantArt profile (linked in my bio) for lots more pony art!

#art #mastoart #mlp #mylittlepony #unicorn #moon #stargazer #elitedangerous #astrobiology, #exploration, #krita #digitalpainting #pony #alttext

A young unicorn pony looks up into the starlit sky at a bright point of light, wonder in her eyes. The moon shines brightly over a mist filled valley ringed with mountains as the pony stands on a grassy outcropping. A single bright star stands out over the night sky, drawing the eye of the viewer and the pony alike.
1 week ago

An eepy pone for @ayveestars ✨☁️

#drawing #pony #art #mlp

Emerald Star sleeping on a pillow of which has his cutiemark (haha reference)
Maxim Lebedev
1 week ago

...А затем, злодейка Гугл Хром сделала из Тяжело Раненной Рэрити предмет, с которой кошмарная злодейка Найтджек "скоротала недельку". 🌚

#Steam #TabletopSimulator #games #MyLittlePony #MLP

Цепочка из карт пони девочки-пегаса "Гугл Хром", шипа "Превратить в предмет" и пони девочки-единорога "Тяжело Раненная Рэрити".
Maxim Lebedev
1 week ago

Я зашиперил алкоголика с его верным злым рабом Гуглом Хромом. А чего добились вы?

#Steam #TabletopSimulator #games #MyLittlePony #MLP

Карта пони-единорога мужского пола «Братан Снейлз» (Снейлс, Универ).
Свойство: «Принеси пивка (Поиск): Вы можете найти в Сбросе карт Пони или Шипа нужную карту и сыграть её. Если она останется в руке по окончании Вашего хода, сбросьте её.»
Цитата: «"ПЕЙ! ПЕЙ! ПЕЙ! ПЕЙ!" Заорал Снейлз, подняв тем самым целый хор. Остальные жеребцы также к нему присоединились,  а в скорее с ним были и несколько кобылок. Запустышка она или нет, Снейлз должен был признать - эта кобылка умела ПИТЬ. - Пьяные Пони Пинают Пиньяту»
Карта шипа между персонажами «Ваш Верный Раб» (Смена Ключевого Слова).
Свойство: «Добавляя эту карту, Вы можете выбрать одну карту Пони из тех, к которым она присоединяется. До конца текущего хода этой карте Пони будет присвоено ключевое слово "Злодей".»
Цитата: «"Тебе не нужны эти цепи, так ведь?" - спросил король Сомбра с понимающей ухмылкой. Слова вырвались из меня совершенно естественно. "Конечно нет, Хозяин." - Сумеречный Кристалл»
Карта пони-пегаса женского пола «Гугл Хром» (ОС, Браузер, Гугл Хром).
Свойство: «Проверь страничку (Специальное Свойствао): Вы можете взять 3 карты из колоды Шипа и/или Пони, затем сбросьте 2 карты из своей руки.»
Цитата: «"Нет... НЕТ!" плакала Интернет Эксплоуэр, её копыта беспомощно стучали по холодной сентябрьской земле. Но уже было слишком поздно, новый браузер уже был создан, та, которой под силу сбросить её с сажиженного трона. - Восстание Гугл-Империи»
Daily Dose of Pony :bh_c_us:
1 week ago

Yesterday was CMC day! We've got an article for you on another video by felicitea about the CMC trying to get out of school for the day! Maybe a DDP day will get me a day off work...

Regardless, go check this fun video out!

#mlp #brony #cmc #cmcday #cutiemarkcrusaders #applebloom #sweetiebelle #scootaloo

Violet Rose
1 week ago

Many thanks to both for giving me a chance to make a #Fluttergoth AND for being so patient when I decided to try a zillion new things that all took forever 😆
Body pattern by Photos by Dosenmais

#mastoart #mlp #pony #plushie #art #commission #goth

A plushie Fluttershy from My Little Pony, frowning and wearing her "gothy" outfit from the episode Fake It Til You Make It
Zebra North
2 weeks ago

Segmentation fault? But it was just working a minute ago... 💻🦓 #mlp #furry #zebra by Kostyak

A My Little Pony zebra wearing pink and white striped programming socks, sitting in the dark, looking at his laptop, and crying.
Starsong Dusk
2 weeks ago

And finally, she's finished! Been meaning to work on my backgrounds, and #ProjectStargazer is proving quite adept at just that! I spent about 6 hours on this piece, and I anticipate many more like it to come! Everything I draw ends up on my DeviantArt profile at and I stream art Friday nights on Twitch at

This piece was inspired 2-fold, first by an experience I had while playing Elite Dangerous, and the second by the amazing music of Skyshard Melody. You can find more of her work at

Thank you so much for checking out my art, I really hope you like it. Celestia, Luna, and Tymora bless!

#pony #mlp #EliteDangerous #krita #art #mastoart #digitalpainting #alttext #skyshard #skyshardmelody #StarsongDusk

A unicorn pony with a blue coat and long silver mane looks out over an exoplanet ridge line, with misty mountains in the distance. Grasses blow at her feet and a ringed gas giant redolent in blues greens and purples dominates the sky, an aurora visible on it's upper bands. Stars dot the sky and the pony looks out in wonder at the new world before her.
Sophie :verified_root:​
2 weeks ago

"I'll always be here for you"

gift art for @iRaven

#mlp #mlpoc #brony #art #digitalart #unicorn

my ponysona Technomancer, a purpleish grey unicorn with a gradient purple mane, hetrochromatic purple/blue eyes, and glasses hugging Xeno (iRaven), a blue unicorn with a gradient blue mane
Amy New
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Visste dere at det tilsynelatende er umulig å kjøpe litt "Friendship is Magic"-generasjon My Little Pony? Det går altså an å kjøpe minifigurer, men jeg finner ikke ponnier.

The struggle is real.

#mlp #snartjul

Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Rainbow Dash are walking on a rainbow. 

Picture stolen via Google from
Light :dra_s_u:
2 weeks ago

#mlp #art

Moondancer bust with flowers
2 weeks ago

They say that true fashion should wear you but what happens when you're not quite up to it's standard? This hat was made for a bewitching and buxom beauty so why not loosen that plain form of yours a little and embrace the fabulosity within that's just waiting to burst from those rags of yours~

Comm for CluClyde on twitter!

#Fat #Butt #Belly #TF #WeightGain #TFTG #MLP #Rarity #BBW

Light :dra_s_u:
2 weeks ago

Integrity and Loyalty

Zipp and Rainbow Dash
2 weeks ago

Drew a little cyberpunk princewhateverer badge for 2024 con season. Hope yall like it!

#mlp #mylittlepony #mlpfanart

Crystal :dra_c_us:
3 weeks ago

Some gift art for my friend Middy on PLounge.

#mlp #mlpart

A shark pony (Middy) jumping out of the ocean.
Starsong Dusk
3 weeks ago

WIP from my stream tonight, ended up having to quit as I went an hour longer than I was intending to, lol!

#ProjectStargazer is a multi-pronged concept that I've been working on that aims to have me do two things artistically- my first comic, and painting landscapes.

Set in the Elite universe, the project follows a crew of ponies on the HMS Element of Magic [J3F-T3V] as they explore the far reaches of the galaxy well beyond the reach of most other intelligent species.

We're still in the conceptual process, but another step was made as this is yet another piece done completely in digital work, with no traditional art as a base.

#mlp #mlppfim #elite #art #mastoart #pony #unicorn #WIP #alttext #krita #digitalpainting #StarsongDusk #Space #illustration

A petite unicorn with a blue coat and long silver hair overlooks a background not yet put in, but it has a gradiant of white to dark blue from bottom to top. Her hair is windblown as she looks off a cliff into a space that is as yet incomplete.
3 weeks ago


#mlp #pony

3 weeks ago

It's pony time with this commission for NovaSquirrel from 2021

#art #furryart #mlp

Nova's character Sherbet riding in a minecart in a glowing crystal cave. She is minty green with a light pink mane
1 month ago

I made this plushie a while ago, I updated her mane pattern and I'm quite happy with how it turned out!
I made her before Galacon and she found her forever home there ^^

#mlp #mlpplush

5 photos of a small handmade Pinkie Pie plush
Purple Creativity
1 month ago

Quest for friendship RETOLD - Page 39
The end of the chapter

New page each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
#mlp #mylittlepony #QuestForFriendship #QFF #comic #fancomic

[ commissions ]

1. Furry, Pony, Humans full-size 20$
2. Add-ons:
2.1 NSFW +70%
2.2 Second character +50%
2.3 Detailed background +2$
2.4 Fetishes +150% (allowed: watersports, pegging and same. Disallow: farts, pooping and same)
3. Allow only crypto payments.

50% prepaid

#pony #MLP #furry #brony #arts #commissions

Scraton :chk_c_u:
1 month ago

I adore this lil' gal💜

She will be cherished. Got a new addition to the family of crochet animals.

But this is no ordinary animal... this is a party one at that baby!

Custom made Vinyl/PON-3 by Jagoda12345 on Vinted.

#mlp #crochet

1 month ago

Day 16 of MidPrem's OCtober prompts - Flight Path

I give you angry ponies.

#mlp #mlpart #oc #oc_tober #angrybirds

a slingshot hurls a angry, gray pony head (ala angry birds) toward a tower made of wooden blocks with a screaming pony
2 months ago

Well, it's October, have you been bat yet?
Art by:
#mlp #art #notmyart

A drawing of my vampire pony standing on a bipedal pose with his tongue out.
Daily Dose of Pony
2 months ago

Have you seen this amazing animation by Vilord Studio? It portraits an epic battle between scary Shadow Wolf against... Trixie? It surely is worth a watch!

#mlp #brony #animation #fandom

Megan Huang
2 months ago

out yesterday wherever comics are sold! my My Little Pony 17 cover! (cover b!)

#mylittlepony #mlp #idwpublishing

🆕 #mbpoli poll: PROBE decided+leaning: #NDP 49% | #PC 38% | #MLP 9% | #GPM 2% | Sep 7-18 live-agent + IVR phone n=1000

Overmare Studios
2 months ago

At Galacon, we revealed part of our plans involved overhauling our map of Ponyville, turning it into a much denser and more open-world valley for players to explore.

So have a first look at our in-progress prototype Ponyville.

#Overmare #AshesofEquestria #Pony #MLP #Brony

Prototype Ponyville map as part of our overhaul to the game. Work done by Averdance, our open world designer.
Calls for translators to help getting Fedi Ponies localized into your own tongue! Currently we have content available in English, French, Polish (@Polak23), Russian (@Ponywka), Hebrew (@Shadow_Glider), Orthodox Chinese (Taiwan) (Sprinkled Frosting) and Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) (Bauhinia Inkwell). If you don't see your own language available here, feel free to submit your take on the translations!
Contact me, @fauli1221 or @interru for more information. If you have ideas to improve Fedi Ponies, we're all ears!
#mlp #mylittlepony

🌟 Lucky 🌟
2 months ago

Pinkie likes to jump amongst rainbow skies and chalky clouds, if you didn't know! 🌈🩷🧁

#Pinkie_Pie #MLP #MLPFiM #MyLittlePony #DigitalArt #LuckyScribbles

Pinkie Pie jumping in front of a rainbow-colored sky with chalky textured clouds floating by.
3 months ago

She's finished now. I might get her translucent part of the mane with a few pencil strokes. But at the moment I'm busy with other stuff and I'm also being lazy.

I've included a transparent PNG version to show how will the mane interact with backgrounds.

#PrincessLuna #MyLittlePony #FanArt #PencilArt #MLP #MyLittlePonyG4 #MLPG4

All my MLP Pencil portraits:

Garbage Data :raccoon:
3 months ago

#MLP #YTP clip I've had saved for a while
Original YTP may have been deleted. I can't seem to find its source.

A clip of Princess Celestia instructing Twilight Sparkle from S3E01 of MLP:FIM, edited with sentence mixing.
Celestia: I need your help finding a way to take a shit.
Twilight: You want me to help you take a shit?
Celestia: I'm constipated.
Twilight: How do I begin?
Celestia: By finding laxatives.
[Laxative banner ad appears.]
Celestia: I have every confidence you will succeed.

Commissions for @CozyConOnline are open at ! Select the live event section for these and I'd extra love to do some #90s/ #Arcade themed stuff, though not required~

Accepting #anthro, #mythical, #MLP, etc!

#FurryArt #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Advert that shows examples and price guide for commissions. (Can find the same info in text at the form link.)
Anthro art of short sloth character and a yellow cougar with a long braid, both in 90s style outfits, in front of arcade games.
gabbo wafrn guy
3 months ago
metal gear 1 codec call. its the old general saying something to snake. its a small badly made edit. it strikes the word snake and instead it writes NINTENDO in something that obviously has been written with the finger on a phone. The text now says: Nintendo, all autism is wonderful. Dont be hard on yourself
3 months ago

Princess Cadence vibing, thriving and contemplating the destruction of her enemies.

#mlp #mylittlepony

Takiro 🎨
3 months ago
A drawing of a blue anthropomorphic fox dressed as the character Link from the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. The fox looks more than skeptical, sitting on a way to small pony unicorn. The feral unicorn is yellow with brown mane and tail. It is dressed like the horse Epona from the same game but looks like a Pony from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The Cutie Mark is covered with a Note with a Trifoce on it, an important symbol from the Game.
The pony looks tired and annoyed but confident.
In the sketched Background Death Mounten and Kakariko are indicated.
4 months ago

And it's finally done! This new #PencilArt of #PrincessCelestia's face/bust is finally done!

#Digital #DigitalArt #ClipStudioPaint #Sketch #Pencil #MLP #MyLittlePony

Full resolution here:

The part that took me longer was the crown and the necklace. I hope you can see the details here!

Full picture with white background.
Full picture with transparent background.
Full lineart.
Pencil hand drawn sketch.
Sophie :verified_root:​
4 months ago

hi everyone, i'm sophie (or marie, or fluttershy)

i'm a pony artist, as well as a beginning programmer

you can checkout my website here, as well as the WIP replacement (its far better, though missing things) here
#introduction #mlp

a light blue unicorn stallion with a cyan and purple mane, two purple ear piercings and purple eyes sitting and holding a transgender pride flag
a light blue unicorn stallion with a cyan and purple mane, two purple ear piercings and purple eyes being booped by a pony with white and red hoof
a tanish colored unicorn mare with a short blonde mane with turquoise streaks in it with the back being tied into a pony ail with glasses and purple eyes blepping
Trenton Matthews
4 months ago


You could say that this is a introduction '' redo', since there has been a fine instance migration, and that the
#FireFish server I was on awhile back went down.

Anyways,, I'm Trenton Duane Matthews, a blind/visually impaired empath and African Djembe Drummer, who is currently 38 years old, and I love anything and everything technology! I'm a proud fan of
#MLP! (My Little Pony), particularly the #EQG (#Equestria Girls) series of the show. I'm also very big into audio text to speech creations, food of any kind, love remixing music, and like reading fanfiction stories at random. I do not have a particular specific genre.

I am also one of those who absolutely enjoys the Line Messaging platform over every other one, same with KakaoTalk.

See my bio for more.

And with that, I shall quietly Sunset. Have a great rest of your day!

4 months ago

Next up is Fluffshod, my #MLP ponysona. He's a bit of a bully who loves using his size, bulky hooves, and super fluffy faux-fur wings to harmlessly tease others.
His cutie mark can either be interpreted as a blue outlined cloud, or a wad of stuffing.
He was originally going to have big, bulky horseshoes on his hooves, but I'm fine with it either way.
(Art by nemuidarling on Twitter.)

A reference sheet. A cream-colored pegasus plushsuit with gigantic wings and hooves. His wings are tipped with light blue feathers, while his eyes, mane, tail and hooves have darker blues. One pose of the reference sheet shows him sticking out his pink tongue and showing off the zipper running down his back, while another shows him slumped on the ground, showing off a cutie-mark of a blue outlined cloud, or maybe a wad of stuffing.
Princess Cadance :bh_s_u:
5 months ago

#Intro time! Please boost. I'm a #pony fan who stands for a free, open internet made up of many independent sites & platforms. I'm doing my part by having a presence here on the fediverse.

I love cute ponies and pony art, pony fan projects, theorycrafting about the canon of #mlpfim and #mlpg5, and chatting with friendly people. I enjoy #feral-styled #furry creatures, too!

In pony art, I'm an especially big fan of ponies with slim body shapes. So if you're an artist who likes drawing them that way, tell me so I can follow and commission you!

Some other things to know about me:

- I have some kinky interests but left them out of this toot. These are detailed in my bio. Kinky stuff, when I post it, will always have clear content warnings and tags. I might make another intro focused on these.

- I'm #aromantic, #asexual (#aroace for short), and #nonbinary. Very ironic for the pony Princess of Love, I know. Any pronouns are fine. 🩵

#introduction #introductions #mylittlepony #mlp #furry

Screenshot of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic showing Princess Cadance standing and looking sideways at another pony with an open smile.

Derpibooru tags: safe, screencap, fancypants, joe pescolt, princess cadance, alicorn, pony, princess spike (episode), concave belly, cropped, crown, eyelashes, female, folded wings, happy, hoof shoes, jewelry, looking back, looking sideways, mare, open mouth, open smile, peytral, princess shoes, regalia, slim, smiling, solo focus, standing, thin, wings
Princess Cadance :bh_s_u:
5 months ago

Comic by Lightning Bolty of their slim, beautiful alicorn digesting an entire city without gaining even the tiniest smidge of weight. Their metabolism is so fierce, the whole city is just *gone*~

One of my favorite art pieces. Thin predators, especially pony predators, deserve more love. 🧡

Source 1:
Source 2:

#vore #objectvore #massvore #objectstuffing #digestion #noweightgain #mlp #ponies #pony #mylittlepony #furry #furryart #ponyart #mlpart #comic #alicorn #slim #thin #thinpred #feral @vore @furry

4-panel comic of a male pony named Lightning Bolty, who is a tall, slim pegasus with a cybernetic horn, digesting an entire city in his belly without gaining any weight. He start with an enormous belly that loses definition as it digests and its contents are absorbed into his body. In the final frame, he's thin again.

Derpibooru tags: questionable, artist:lightning bolty, oc, oc only, oc:lightning bolty, alicorn, pony, abdominal bulge, absurd resolution, artificial alicorn, artificial horn, belly, belly bed, belly bumps, big belly, black insides, brick, cheek fluff, chest fluff, coat markings, colored, colored wings, comic, concave belly, depth of field, destruction, digestion, digestion without weight gain, ear fluff, face imprint, folded wings, grammar error, hill, hoof fluff, hooves, horn, huge belly, hungry, implied death, impossibly large belly, leg fluff, lighting, long horn, long legs, long mane, long mane male, long tail, looking at self, male, mass vore, multicolored wings, object vore, open mouth, open smile, plank, post-digestion, post-vore, predator, raised hoof, red eyes, road, rubble, ruined city, satisfied, sequence, shading, shadow, sidewalk, signature, slim, smiling, socks (coat markings), solo, spread wings, stallion, sternocleidomastoid, stomach noise, striped mane, striped tail, stuffed, tail, talking, talking to self, tall, teeth, thin, tight belly, two toned wings, unshorn fetlocks, vore, vore sequence, wall of tags, wiggle, wiggling, wing fluff, wings
Princess Cadance :bh_s_u:
5 months ago

I didn't find any MLP/pony groups in the fediverse yet so I created one at and another at!
How to use these:

1. If you want pony-related content to reach you, follow and

2. If you're posting anything pony-related, mention and in your post!

3. Boost this post to help the groups catch on!

Why bother with this? Groups actively broadcast any content that @mentions them to everyone who follows them. They're meant to be more effective than hashtags (which work passively) at spreading content across instances and work across all fediverse software!

Edit: See responses. I created a second group on a different provider,, because looks like it's having issues

#group #groups #pony #ponies #MyLittlePony #MLP #mlpg4 #mlpg5 #mlpfim

Screenshot of Princess Cadance, an alicorn pony, smiling, wearing her full regalia, sitting on a large throne-like chair, and waving to someone off-screen.

Tags from Derpibooru: safe, screencap, princess cadance, alicorn, pony, equestria games (episode), season 4, concave belly, cropped, cute, cutedance, female, hoof shoes, looking sideways, mare, princess shoes, sitting, slim, solo, thin, waving
5 months ago

ALRIGHT an "introduction" post!

I'm Nawn! I
#draw and make #stickers. I mostly draw things like #furries and #mlp stuff! I also do #fanart from time to time!

Stuff I like
- collecting
- collecting
- designing things for my
- the
- and a bunch of other things!

I go in and out of fandoms constantly, is it ADHD? is it something else? I DUNNO, but generally I stick to MLP, Furries and Resident Evil, so if you like any of those things maybe we could be buds!

anyways, im very awkward and really dunno how this works

thank u for reading if u did!

5 months ago

Что такое #BronyFurry

Приветствую тебя, новичок, или не очень.

BronyFurry - это место, где рады тебе и твоим друзьям.
У нас запрещено:
1. Быть токсиком.
2. Быть политиком (топить за всякую полит-херню)
3. Все, что запрещено на территории Российской Федерации

Тут разрешено:
Все остальное

Наша сеть:
#Mastodon: (вы тут)

#brony #furry #mlp #introduction #twitter #twitterexodus

5 months ago

He's so silly, he's so goofy! AAUGH! #MLPDiscord #MLP

It's Discord from My Little Pony! One of my favorite characters ever

Count Regal Inkwell
6 months ago

Happy #prideMonth little gay people on my computer. May it bring you many -- Conquests.

#mlp #art #gay #pride

A picture of a gay smug little horse, featuring the Achilean pride flag... And a couple other pride flags, more stealthily.
Flynn :bh_c_us:
8 months ago

Guess I'm announcing my first YCH here and now!
Some of you might have already seen some of these here and there, mostly on Discord.

🍑 BUTTS! 🍑 Wiggly butts! 🍑

5€ per character, payment through PayPal. Any pony-like species*

#ych #mlp #mylittlepony #art

9 months ago

#Design #Trends
The most popular experience design trends of 2023 · A panoramic view of the current UX design trends and how they have evolved

#ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Accessibility #AccessibleDesign #InclusiveDesign #EmotionalDesign #DataStorytelling #Buttonless #AI #AR #VR #VUI #MLP

10 months ago
sleepy twilight from the my little pony series on a pile of books with a book as a blanket
blanket book tittle says Flat Fuck Friday
10 months ago

Who gave the small evil horse a knife?

#mlp #mlpfanart #cozyglow

cozy glow from the series my little pony holding a knife the same size as herself and sneackering
Ember "Glam" Spur
10 months ago

Heyo! I'm Ember "Glam" Spur. I'm just a queer genderfluid furry who grew up as horse gal, watching cartoons, doing gymnastics and dance, and dealing with trains. Thanks to all that I maintain my love of stuff like #MLP, #trains, fitness, #barbiecore themed co-ords, #transformation visual and written art, and find the world too fun to be forced to commit to present as any one gender though gravitate towards femme because let's be real, masc formal fashion is pretty basic. Shout out to my fellow #Himbo, #Bimbo, and #Thembo out there!

Delilah Dawson
11 months ago

Still getting the hang of things here, but... hi! I'm Delilah.

I write books and comics for all ages in many genres, including #SFF #Horror #Romance #WeirdWestern and #Fantasy.

I also write for #StarWars and #DCComics and in the worlds of #Disney, #StrangerThings and #Minecraft.

I'm known for tweeting writing advice, so maybe I'll do that here, too?

I also love travel, #glutenfree baked goods, the Peacemaker dance, classic #MLP, #plants, #cocktails, and #aquariums.

Luc :verified:
1 year ago
#mlp #cuteposting
source: twibooru [dot] org/9881
Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony wearing a  green and yellow scar and ear muffs (same colors); The pony is smiling, There is snow in the background. Festive/Christmas themed environment

реквест из телеги!!

#mlp #mylittlepony #art

I guess a new #introduction is in order. I joined up last month on a different instance, but after taking some time to explore, I decided to make a new home here.

At the time of writing, I'm a 46 year old trans woman, who enjoys a range of interesting, some of which are in my profile, but i'll list a bunch of others below.

In RL I'm an administrator for a large company's datacenter.

Online I'm just me. Someone who wants to talk about the things happening in her life and the things that interest her. I'm not much for drama and try to avoid it wherever possible.

As for things I like...
#starwars #startrek #startrekprodigy #thedragonprince #mlp #furry #darkhumor #computers #technology #unraid #books #darkromance #lesbianfiction #dragons #disney #theowlhouse #ahsokatano #helluvaboss #fanfic #ao3

That's just off the top of my head. In any case, that's me and that's all I can be.

1 year ago

@Sheril after getting into the #mlp fandom in 2012 I would run into debates over what is "for girls"& "for boys" quite often.

and me being the type to do heavy #research for my trivial online debates, I learned quite a bit about this and found it kind of fascinating how what people THINK has "always been true" usually hasn't been true for very long.

my favorite bit of trivia is that the argument over dress color in #SleepingBeauty was actually #satire on the IRL debate going on at the time.

shot from disney's sleeping beauty of the aftermath of the argument between Flora and Merryweather over whether Aurora's dress should be blue or pink.

the dress now being splashed with both colors as if two people holding different colored paint cans ran into a third person at the same time.
1 year ago

My 3D Pony Commissions are open for the foreseeable future!
Timeframe is roughly 1 month to get commissions delivered, but I'm still accepting them!

Go here for the infos:
And here for the templates:

#brony #mlp #3d

Luc :verified:
1 year ago
Hi everyone, we are plural system of 3 people; although this account is used mostly by Luc, and they wrote this intro:

I started playing around with computers when I was 7, it all started with PowerPoint, then quickly escalated to Macromedia Flash, and Microsoft Visual Basic (probably my first programming language, although I didn't knew what I was doing at the time). I enjoyed created "my" version of every program that was on the computer (Windows XP at the time)

On my teenager times, I went to my local university to do a programming course on PHP websites with MySQL, I became friends with some people and I came across GNU/Linux. That's where I found my passion to free (libre) software. I also had a website at that time! (but other things in life made me stop writing)

It was a surprise that my hobbie and what I was doing for fun turned out to be a good paying job opportunity!.

At the age of 20, I came out as transgender; five years later I refined that decision as gender non-binary.

Along the years, I acquired knowledge on Python, Go, C#, SQL, JavaScript (TypeScript too), and some modern frameworks like React and Svelte. I like both sides of coding: I consider myself full stack.

Other hobbies of mine including watching Cartoons - (I really enjoyed Regular Show, Adventure time), My Little Pony and some TV series.

Play video games (not much lately), watch random streamers on Twitch.

I joined the Fediverse on 2021, but started using it recently at the same time I launched my blog (October 2022), I try my best to write about stuff that I experience to inspire other people.

I used to always keep that information for myself (coding notes, etc) but seeing other people blog about it motivated me to do so as well.

Xe's blog inspired me a lot - xeiaso[dot]net (thanks!)

#introductions #nonbinary #plural #programming #blogging #mlp #furry #transgender
Sco :progress: :flag_mm:
1 year ago

A thread of sneak peaks of the witch show Lauren Faust is trying to develop. It was at #Netflix studios, but was caught up in that purge. Last I heard, she is still pitching it. And it looks great. Good luck to her and her team.

#Animation #cartoons #LaurenFaust #MLP #FiM #SuperBestFriendsForever #DCSuperHeroGirls

A young witch stand on a busy street looking with wonder up at a shop called Magic Pocket. The clothing and architecture looks Victorian. She has a black cat next to her feet, and she is holding a mop.
Raptor :bh_s_u:
1 year ago


Hey all, I go by Raptor. Live in South FL. I'm an aspiring #SourceFilmMaker (#SFM) animator focusing on #MLP fan videos. Also have a love for #TerryPratchett and his #Discworld novels, #JurassicPark, #StarTrek, #StarWars, and most things #geeky. also talk about other stuff.

My #Youtube is

and my #DeviantArt is

Haven't posted to either in awhile due to IRL issues, but hope to get back to making content soon. hopefully.