Antonio Páez
6 hours ago

@Ward1wilson @cameronkroetsch

If there is a true mobility revolution, it is electric cycling: good for health, good for road safety, good for the environment compared to all alternatives but walking - and with more options for all ages!

How is it possible that Hamilton does not have an e-bike incentive program? It does not surprise from the Province, but in Ontario only Toronto has something in place.

#mobility #transportation #sustainability #cycling #ebike #Hamont

is it weird that letting myself use a cane is making my old hip injury feel better? that internalised abelism messed me up good

#abelism #mobility #crippunk

I’m a Salisbury City councillor with special interests in #sustainableliving, #activetravel and RCT evidence-based #nutrition. I believe we should be moving away from car-centric living and embracing more community-focussed #multimodal #mobility and reviewing government dietary recommendations which after more than 40 years show links to #MetabolicDiseases like #t2diabetes #CVD #alzheimers and #nafld. #cycling #ebikes #parkandride #publictransport #lchf #ketogenicdiet #publichealth

1 day ago

"I hope that one day my legs will be a portable walker."
So yeah, that's how today's going 🤣🫡
#Disability #Mobility #Accessibility

Jan Adriaenssens
1 day ago

I just bought the poster “Der Gartenparkplatz” from Valeriu Kurtu.

It’s one of those images that periodically pops up on social media to protest the use of our streets, parks and squares for parking.

And apparently you can buy the poster directly from the illustrator. What a great way to support them!

#parking #publicspace #mobility #urbanism #urbanplanning

Illustration of a cartoon where a man is camping on an empty parking spot in a grey parking area. He put his camper on a grass field and he is growing tomatoes and sunflowers. The police have just arrived and are writing him a ticket.
Henrik Bortels
1 day ago

Endlich autonomes Fahren mit #Level3, also freihändig. Aber: #Mercedes benötigt für den neuen #DrivePilot den Stau. Warum? Weil es nur bis 60 km/h funktioniert. Kann man sich nicht ausdenken. #autokorrektur #change #mobility #ChangeMobility

3 days ago

New apartments have bike racks out front, good start I guess, is there a secure lockup for tenants/owners too? #perth #urbanism #mobility #cycling

Bicycle hoops outside secure parking of new apartments
Gemma-Leigh Garner
3 days ago

For example, exercises that involve heavy lifting or twisting motions should be avoided as they can put strain on the lower back muscles and lead to further pain.

Read more 👉

#AlleviatePain #ImproveFlexibility #SimpleExercises #Flexibility #LowerBackPain #Mobility

3 days ago

Some goes to the museum to see dinosaurs, others go to the “bike café”

Ping @CCitiesOrg

#Berlin #mobilitaetswende #mobility

4 days ago

"We find that high rates of rural intergenerational #mobility are principally driven by the outcomes of boys growing up in rural communities with a predominance of two-parent households and marital stability"

4 days ago

Bless my walker ♿♿
#Disability #Mobility #Accessibility

Alex Kmoch
4 days ago

Today we are at the New Mobility Congress #KNM in Łódź, Poland, with our Interreg Baltic Sea Region #HyTruck project.
Discussion on standards and #spatial modelling in support of the #green transformation towards zero-emission transport. Our part is especially developing a spatial planning toolkit based on #geospatial open source technologies like @postgis @geoserver @gdal and the other usual suspects. #hydrogen #mobility #hrs

5 days ago

From everyone's help yesterday, I made it to the grocery store to lessen the load of tomorrow's deal-chasing.

I purchased:
[x] caramel macchiato creamer
[x] 30% off bone-in skin-on chicken thighs (#Flavour)
[x] ready-to-bake cookies, which were well worth the convenience

Thanks so much to the @actuallyautistic #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD #Disability #Mobility #Accessibility communities & for all your help 🥰

Spoons: 1/5
Cookies: 8/24

P.S. This cookie placement is YEARS in the making.

A light blue Pillsbury Cookie Dough package for chocolate chip cookies. The package boasts that you can "eat or bake" and the package makes 24 cookies.
A Nordic Ware cookie sheet with 8 baked chocolate chip cookies on it.
6 days ago

Anybody have tips for grocery shopping with a walker? I'm terrified of the super clunky electric scooters at the stores and I don't want to look like I'm stealing. I've just toughed it out for the last month (when I started grocery shopping on a regular basis) but I can barely get down the stairs in my own house right now. Flyers refresh on Thursday and I need to come through for my family before the stores run out of stock of the deepest sale items.
#Accessibility #Disability #Mobility

6 days ago

I'm not drunk, I was just optimistic about not needing my walker today when I got out of the car. #Disability #Mobility

brad m
6 days ago

So much #carcentric #carbrain #truth in this 🎯#victimblaming #satire

“Do I honestly have to spell it out for you? The only appropriate time and place to ride a #bike is a time beyond time and a place beyond place, where the space-time continuum is bent so strangely you are both everywhere and nowhere, eternal and nonexistent” #cycling #bicycling #bicycle #safesstreets #trafficcalming #mobility #transportatiion #motonormativity

brad m
6 days ago

“There are plenty of reasons to switch from a car to an #ebike. #Ebikes are #ecofriendly, efficient, take up less room than a car, can carry cargo and lower the physical barrier to entry compared to a traditional #bike"
#bicycle #cargobike #cycling #bicycling #mobility #transportation

Good question: #Ebike rebates: Are you taking advantage of your city or state programs?
"If you’re interested, it’s smart to check your local area for pending or existing legislation”

Trufi Association
6 days ago

🚴‍♂️ Join us this Thursday for a deep dive into the world of active mobility! 🚶‍♀️ Don't miss out on insights from experts Taylor Reich and Carlosfelipe Pardo. Discover the impact of data in shaping our cities. Register now:

#opensource #sustainabletransport #transportation #ActiveTransport #Cycling #Walking #CommuteByBike #MobilityAsAService #mapping #Multimodality #mobility #OpenStreetMap #VGI #GTFS #GBFS #multimodal #webinar

6 days ago
1 week ago

This is the second video I post from Moveblocks youtube channel. The reason is me being royally impressed with the unique approach she has to mobility, movements and overall fitness. She is fun, challenging and the exercises are excellent. The movements consists of mini-flows, one or several sequences put together in creative ways that you likely haven't come across yet. These mini-flows will test and improve your strength, stability, coordination, balance, mobility, range of motion and flexibility. From isometric to dynamic its all good stuff, the range of all these mobility drills are vast (does not repeat itself). Yes these video-workouts can be a bit complicated on first go, but after you've done a workout a couple of times you've learn the sequences. You'll feel like a ninja afterwards hihi 😉 Highly recommended channel.

#Mobility #Workout #Moveblocks #Fitness

Luuk van der Meer
1 week ago

Hello Mastodon! #introduction 👋 I am Lucas (call me Luuk) from The Netherlands 🇳🇱 Starting my #PhD research at Uni Salzburg, Department of Geoinformatics, in Austria 🇦🇹 It's about human-centric #datascience for #sustainable #mobility planning. How does the way we design streets influence our perceptions of accessibility, and how can we measure this? 🌆 Happy to share thoughts and learn a lot. I also develop #FOSS #software in #rstats and #python 💻 And I like to ride #bikes #cycling 🚲

1 week ago

Australian ‘Moto-normativity’

Paris was "once clogged with traffic, mayor Anne Hidalgo has waged a war on cars in recent years – including the removal of thousands of parking spots, the introduction of hundreds of bike lanes, planting of thousands of trees and pedestrianisation of certain streets."

"Redesigning our streets for more bikes, pedestrians and non-car uses are logical answers to stubborn societal problems such as poor physical and mental health, road safety, traffic and even loneliness.The car-based urban system cannot sustain itself over the next 100 years."
#roads #cars #SUV #sprawl #traffic #infrastructure #pollution #FossilFuel #mobility #pedestrians #cycling #climate

Cycling in Australia with matching car-centric environment
Jan Adriaenssens
1 week ago

This XKCD-comic is rightfully making rounds online.

My personal opinion in this series would be:

“Our cities already have more than enough space suited for bikes. Too bad that space is currently assigned to cars.”

#urbanplanning #bikes #urbanism #urbanmobility #mobility

Comic on “typical urban planking opinion progression”.
1 week ago

Barrière de #StGilles is one of the most infamous places in terms of #mobility in #Brussels. A complete makeover is coming up: #trams will cross the roundabout instead of going around, safer pedestrian crossings, some green, no more traffic lights or cobblestones. Detailed plans are available here:

Photo of the Barrière de St-Gilles roundabout in Brussels
1 week ago

Underinvestment in affordable housing may impede socioeconomic mobility among disadvantaged non-Hispanic White and Hispanic/Latino children. #NICHDImpact #AffordableHousing #SES #Mobility

Antonio Santos 🇵🇹
1 week ago

Cork city has had its first car-free afternoon for more than 20 years, with all vehicles - apart from buses and taxis - banned from the city centre. People were encouraged to walk or use public transport in the city centre between noon & 6.30 pm. #Mobility #Ireland #sustainability

1 week ago

We welcome Dr Xiaoli Wang Director and statistician Ms Yonghong Liu from #Beijing CDC. They will be working with Dr Shengjie Lai and his team exploring #disease and #mobility data to better predict the spread of #pandemics.

Photo of WorldPop team welcoming Dr Xiaoli Wang Director and Ms Yonghong Liu (centre).
Trufi Association
1 week ago

Active mobility is the future, and data is driving the way. Join our webinar with experts Taylor Reich and Carlosfelipe Pardo to explore the intersection of walking, cycling, and data.

#opendata #opensource #sustainabletransport #transportation #ActiveTransport #ActiveMobility #Cycling #Walking #CommuteByBike #digitaldevelopment #Multimodality #mobility #populartransport #OpenStreetMap #VGI

David Bureš
1 week ago

This is great: all bus stops in my home region have this sign that includes not only some fare information, but, more importantly, a QR code in the bottom right. When you scan it, it shows you all the buses that go through that particular stop, along with their delays.

#mobility #publictransport

TU München
2 weeks ago

Congrats to Tanja Niels who was awarded the Carl Pirath Prize 2023 for her dissertation titled "Integrated Intersection Control for Automated and #ConnectedVehicles, #Pedestrians and #Cyclists" (in German): 👏

#TrafficEngineering #Mobility

📷J. Bergmeister

2 weeks ago

#European Mobility Week raising awareness on sustainable #urban #mobility - National Transport Authority #Ireland

Promoting behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public #transport, and other clean, intelligent transport solutions
#EU #Europe #urbanism

Gaël Le Bris
2 weeks ago

Join us next week in Cape May! @VTOLsociety put together a great program packed with presentations from top SMEs & panels with thought AAM leaders. I'll be moderating the panel sessions on AAM Operations at #Airports. Bonus: you'll get a tour of the legendary FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center! 🚁🔋 #aviation #mobility #vertiports

2 weeks ago

Standing in front of the dairy shelves I could overhear two gentlemen discussing 'turtle' and 'rabbit' - I briefly wondered what that might have been about.
Something personal 🔞 perhaps? 😉
Surely not in the supermarket.
Breeding them? Stamps maybe?
When I finished my shopping and walked outside I spotted them and it clicked - they were both riding mobility scooters!
(which have two speeds - turtle and rabbit)

#Rabbit #Turtle #Scooters #Elderly #Mobility #Shopping

Martin Loidl
2 weeks ago

I learned a lot about #mobility and #liveability in a #sustainability context from this recent paper by Rui & Othengrafen:

Screenshot of Table 1 in the paper.
alexdp 🏴‍☠️
2 weeks ago the culture around #transport is so blind and idiotic! I have never driven a car and I'm sure doing so will give you an incurable brain #disease. We should melt every last able-bodied person's car to put trams on every street and build a complete #international #HSR system. It's blatantly obvious,but fucking #burger culture still taints the minds of all us poor westerners. #transit #mobility #bike #biking #cycling #trains #rail #public #collective #free #cars #auto #autos

Gaël Le Bris
2 weeks ago

Congratulations, MCO & Brightline! #Orlando International is now the first true U.S. #multiport: More about multimodal #airport facilities in our upcoming #ACRP
#research report from Project 10-33 on the future of airport access... Stay tuned! ✈️🚄

#AirTravel #aviation #mobility #multimodality #STEM #transportation

Gaël Le Bris
2 weeks ago

Generating power at #airports makes a lot of sense for facilitating the #EnergyTransition of #transportation but also for enhancing community #resilience. We talked about these opportunities during a recent NASEM/TRB webinar: 🚁🛩️✈️🔋

#airports #AirTravel #aviation #ClimateAction #electricity #infrastructure #mobility #transportation

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

"The priority should not be to replace every car with its electric equivalent but rather to rethink #mobility in general.

"Placing so much focus on the automobile and even now the electric automobile is not the way that we solve our mobility problems, but rather it's time to invest in #transit, in #cycling, in walkable cities, to get people out of #cars altogether," they said."

#EV #biketooter

JW prince of CPH
2 weeks ago

I was just now, literally minutes ago, talking to a friend about rethinking #mobility & lamenting how "mobility" tends to be mis-interpreted as "cars & their infrastructure as we know it".

I'm not saying Pontevedra is the holy grail or any such thing - but every one of these five takeaways contradict a sticky belief about changing literally anything about our current #car-centered mobility model.

#traffic #transportation #politics #economy

Michael Szell
2 weeks ago

🥳 Our review on Sidewalk Networks is out!

Walking* is the most important mode of urban transport AND has a fundamental social function, yet its infrastructure is completely understudied, especially compared to road networks. Given how ideal cities should become car-free (from a human-centric perspective), there should be MUCH more research on this topic. We outline state of the art and future challenges.

#walking #networks #mobility

Fig. 1. (A) The “primal” and “dual” representations of real urban road infrastructure are illustrated. Neither of these representations is more “correct”, and each can serve a purpose depending on context. “Decision” points are highlighted in the primal representation, and also “no routing decision” points where placing a node is not needed. Essentially, the condition to place a node boils down to the that node having more than two connections, 
. (B) Examples of existing sidewalk data in a variety of forms: curb lines (Singapore), sidewalk polygons (Bogota, Colombia and Washington, DC), and sidewalk center lines (Boston). (C) The primal model of sidewalk networks under common urban design patterns. Sidewalk nodes (orange) tend to have degree 
, regardless of the configuration and degree of the underlying street network (blue).
Fig. 6. Multimodal network representation of Barcelona, Spain, with four layers of transport infrastructure (pedestrian, bicycle, road, and metro networks), with data from the Open Data BCN portal for the sidewalk geometries, bicycle paths and metro lines, and OpenStreetMap for the road layer (via OSMnx Boeing, 2017).
Gernot Wagner
2 weeks ago

Global clean-energy race, Königsdorf (aka remote Bavarian village) edition

By far the largest challenge: #AutoKorrektur. The bus for those last 30min? Once every 2 hours. The result: ~160 people in the audience, >80 cars; 6 took the shuttle bus
#climate #cars #EV #mobility

Solar panels, check
Heat pump, check
EV charger, check
Horse farm next to church steeple, solar panels on roof
The bus for those last few miles? Every two hours
Sternenhimmel der Menschheit, Nantesuch
David Emmett
2 weeks ago

On my personal blog, I wrote about how robotaxis represent the enshittification of mobility. They represent a spectacular failure of imagination on the part of Silicon Valley techbros, whose only answer to every question is 'just add software!'. Invariably, the wrong answer.

I point out that 15-minute cities actually benefit people who want to drive, by removing unwilling drivers from the roads.

#RoboTaxis #Cruise #WayMo #mobility #15MinuteCities

2 weeks ago


➡️ 6 km bike ride
*️⃣ #animalflow class (1h)
➡️ 6 km bike ride

I hope I will be able to edit some animal flow footage into gifs. I'm a beginner and at some point my brain struggled with the required coordination.

I am also a bit concerned about how bad my performance was while recording 🙈!

#fitness #mobility #fitodon

David Bureš
2 weeks ago

When I first heard about the abominable public transport situation in the US from a teacher in high school who came from New Jersey, I thought she was joking

My home town of 15000 people gets:
- 5 trains every hour (unless it’s the beginning or end of the workday, then it’s 7)
- Bus to and from the closest major city every 15 MINUTES
- 6 buses/day to each major city around
- 4 buses/day to the regional capital
- 1-2 buses/hour servicing EACH small village around


3 weeks ago

#UK Department for #Transport: #Rural #mobility fund evaluation: interim report

A summary of the fund scheme interim evaluation findings, including lessons learnt and initial outcomes on demand responsive transport performance.
#Urbanism #England #Travel

Front cover of the Rural Mobility Fund Evaluation: Interim Report.
The minibus is coloured green and blue.
3 weeks ago

La prossima settimana, il 20 Settembre si svolge l'interessante iniziativa del Giretto d'Italia. Perchè non partecipare insieme ad alcuni colleghi? #mobilita #sostenibilita #mobility

TU Braunschweig
3 weeks ago

Gehört dem autonomen Fahren die Zukunft? Darüber spricht Niedersachsens Wissenschaftsminister Falko Mohrs am 20. September im Haus der Wissenschaft mit Prof. Anne Paschke, Prof. Thomas Vietor & Prof. Roman Henze von der #TUBraunschweig. Anmeldung bis zum 19. September

Tab Combs
3 weeks ago

I'm so incredibly honored to be working with one of the teams selected for the inaugural #CommunityConnectors program!

Please read more about the program and how our team--a partnership between the Merrick-Moore CDC and #UNC researchers--plans to use this support to help remove barriers to safe #mobility in #DurhamNC 👇

Huge thanks to #SmartGrowthAmerica, #AmericaWalks, #NUMO & #EquitableCities for supporting our work

#Infrastructure #MobilityJustice #SafeStreetsForAll

Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
3 weeks ago

In relation to the mantra of #pedestrianisation against #commerce and #retail
someone sent me this article on "Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning" that proves otherwise.

Using a unique transaction dataset containing the estimates of sales volumes for stores across Spain and combine it with data from #OpenStreetMap they found that "pedestrianization increases retail stores' sales volumes."

#cities #activetravel #mobility

Screenshot of the article's front page: "Street pedestrianization in urban districts: Economic impacts in Spanish cities"
Carlos Cámara-Menoyo
3 weeks ago

A court ruling would force Barcelona city council to dismantle one of their last #superblocks alleging that a Modification of the Masterplan should have been required "given that the function of the street is changed", which seems to be to "give access to its buildings and connect with the basic traffic routes".

Without being a jurist, I consider this sentence to be problematic for several reasons.

#urban #mobility #activetravel

3 weeks ago

Loved this podcast from @TheWarOnCars about the #BikeBus concept. Encouraging independence through #mobility and it has big potential to increase community acceptance of #ActiveTransit.

The War on Cars: Back to School with the Bike Bus

Episode webpage:

4 weeks ago

Where can I get my e-bike motor repaired?

We found one specialist Ebike Motor Centre) who can help with certain brands and mid-motors, but who says it's a complex space in which to operate:

#ebikes #maintenance #electricbikes #technology #mobility

Madame Q
4 weeks ago

@EU_Commission Cant' wait for the Europen Tax System and european train that disable people can access.

European Commission
4 weeks ago

Unlocking a more inclusive EU.

We're making this vision a reality.

Today’s proposal introduces:

♿ The European #Disability Card: Issued by national authorities, it will complement existing certificates and ensure that disabled people get the treatment they are entitled to.

🚗 The Enhanced European Parking Card: Replacing national parking cards, it will guarantee parking rights in all #EU countries, enabling independent #mobility.



A mock-up of the two proposed cards for people with disabilities:

- The European Disability Card is a light-blue card with: on top of it, the country identification, the name of the card, and a grey version of the EU logo; below it, the space for a photo and personal details. 

- The Enhanced European Parking Card for persons with disabilities is a yellow-and-blue card with personal data on the left and the card's name on the right.

In the background, a white-and-blue striped background with European stars.
1 month ago

We have arrived at #IAA ! Check out our Smart City Cube at our booth near Meta (Königsplatz, Munich).

#v2x #mobility #iaa #munich #tradeFair #automotive #zeroiee #teamZERO

Trade fair boot with sun shields, chairs, a table and our Smart City Cube.

UK Rail Operator Lumo launches virtual train tour to improve accessibility - The interactive tour was created by Ocean 3D to help passengers who want to plan ahead before travelling. #axschat #mobility #accessibility

1 month ago

"**Why is Animal Flow good for you?**
Any form of mobility work is good for you – especially if you do calisthenics or bodyweight training. Animal Flow is particularly good because it moves your own bodyweight through all natural patterns and angles. The emphasis on flowing movement gives our bodies a welcome release from the static, sedentary nature of modern lifestyles."

#animalflow #mobility #fitness

Sebastian Laube
1 month ago

Autos werden immer teurer, hässlicher und unpraktischer. Eigentlich tut die Autoindustrie schon ziemlich viel für autofreie Städte, oder?

#Mobility #Autokorrektur #Autofrei

oh since I did the shopping!

here's is two rollators I consider my best bet, and I guess I might as well link my throne where I put one on

(both links are amazon, sorry, this is how #DisabilityLifestyle is tho, its annoynig and weird weird.)

anyway this one is lightweight *and* has a chair

this one is lightweigt

#disabled #disability #mobility #accessibility

Gernot Wagner
1 month ago

One outcome of our unmitigated #SUV obsession: #NYC Ubers are engaged in weight-based warfare, the bigger the better. That might be bad for traffic, pedestrians, the planet, but passengers want it, right? Right?!

Well, wait 10min outside #Bellevue hospital and watch one of these #SUVs pull up after the other. The result: this poor chap in a wheelchair can't get home. Impossible to get into one of these SUVs, and regular cars are hard to find.

#urbanism #transit #mobility #climate

Wheelchair user struggling to get into an SUV
Wheelchair user still waiting 10min later to find a ride home
1 month ago

I've had Achilles tendonitis for months, and in the last week or so, I thought I would start stretching. It's almost gone; maybe there is something to stretching after all.

#fitness #health #mobility #Stretching

Darcy R
1 month ago

Is it City policy to try to maintain active transportation lanes in construction zone or close and pave them for SUVs?

The sidewalk across the street is open here but which sidewalk is open keeps switching across the street as you go down SPR.

#yegwalk #mobility #activetransportation #accessibility

Sidewalk closed sign in the foreground. The sidewalk is then paved over and orange pylons mark a vehicle lane where the sidewalk was.
Baloo Uriza
1 month ago

We need more bike lanes. It's not just people who are already #bicycling asking for this, either. #Mobility #Urbanism

European Commission
1 month ago

⚡ We are shifting to zero-emission mobility.
📱 What if we could also shift to digital #mobility?

The digital driving licence we proposed in March will make driving in the #EU simpler and safer.

It will be:
🏍 Valid across country borders
🚗 Accessible from your phone and other digital devices
🚙 Easier to replace, renew, or exchange online

Our proposal will also include new measures to boost road safety, including a zero-tolerance rule on drink driving.


A road on the human-made isthmus connecting the ancient part of Nessebar, Bulgaria, with the modern one on the mainland. Standing in the middle of this road is a wooden windmill. In the background the ancient part of the city.
An aerial view of a road to Bergheggi, Italy. The road follows the edge of a white high cliff overlooking the sea. In the background a beach and a city surrounded by mountains.
A photo of a winding road to Porto Moniz Bay. The road develops across a steep hill and is surrounded by some buildings. In the background the view of the North Atlantic Ocean.
A photo of a winding road near the Tunnels of Karamanlis in Athens, Greece. The road follows the edge of the coast with its Mediterranean shrubland biome. The shape creates a water inlet that fades into a dark blue.
Ruth Mottram
2 months ago

Integrated transport and cycle networks is such a beautiful and simple idea*. Who needs a car?

Off on a shelter tour by train and bike ...

*yes I know it doesn't always work perfectly, but when it does it's marvellous

#cycling #cycleinfra #rail #integratedTransport #mobility

Photo of a black bike fully laden with panniers in a specific train carriage. Through the window a whole line of parked bikes at the station can be seen
Emilie K. M. Murphy
2 months ago

Hi folks - another #introduction from me as I've migrated to hcommons - hello to my fellow humanists and #histodons

I'm an #earlymodern historian at the University of York in the UK. Currently attempting to write a short book which uses Samuel Purchas's four volume Purchas His Pilgrimes as a case-study to argue that travel writing is only fully understood if we listen to it. #sound #audiation #travel #mobility

My other main research focus in recent years has been #multilingualism and #transnationalism in English Convents in Exile - which I'll be returning to soon. #nuntastic

More anon!

Ben Sunshine
2 months ago

#verkehrswende #paris #mobility #bycycle @fedibikes_de #fahrradwege

Paris, hat auch nicht immer ideale Ecken. Aber liebe Schweiz (vorallem du #zurich) liebes #stuttgart, so baut man Fahrradwege und kennzeichnet sie durchgehend! :blobcataww:

Fahrradweg zwischen zwei Bäumen als separater Streifen neben der Strasse.
Grosszügiger Fahrradüberquerung an einer Ampel in Paris. Mit zwei Spuren!

Streets around the CTICC in the #CapeTown CBD have been pedestrianised to form a fan park for the #NetballWorldCup2023.

Makes for a brilliant atmosphere and a great advertisement for the benefits of remaking #StreetsForPeople.

#mobility #cities #PublicSpace #SouthAfrica

Three women dressed in colourful sports gear smile and pose in front of a giant  papier-mâché style figure of a woman’s head dressed in colourful flowers and striking make-up
Two teams play netball on a street surface decorated in bright orange colours .surrounded by some casual spectators.
A woman poses with an entertainer on stilts who is dressed in a striking outfit and bright read headgear.
A woman dressed in striking traditional South African colours dances in the street next to a person carrying a large number of South African flags.
2 months ago

I would like to see this compared to other larger cities:
#infographic on London traffic by mode and hour of day in 2022


#dataviz #traffic #mobility #London

The barchart shows: 1. People walking and cycling make up more than two-thirds of all observed travel activity in the City. 2. A third of all travel movements take place in the four "peak" hours: 8.00 & 9.00, 17.00 & 18.00.

A 2023 map of every high speed railway in the US, complete with stations and service frequencies 😎

#USA #Railway #Mobility #dataisbeautiful

P.S. Damn this went through the roof. Thank you 🙏

I know it's in German but maybe you are interested in my weekly newsletter 👉 and Podcast. It also features a massive link-list for the best articles of the week when it comes to #tech #mobility #AI and #sustainability - Mainly from global sources!

A blank map of the USA
2 months ago

Heya! This is my #introduction

Living in the Ruhr region #ruhrgebiet, in the very West of #germany.

I work as a #TechnicalWriter and create/edit instruction manuals.

I enjoy my workouts in the #gym and since I live #carfree, #cycling is a regular thing. I like the entire topic of #mobility, with #transit, #trains, #urbanism, and #maps. #Sustainability is relevant, I'm a #vegetarian since 2005.

But then I love #tech, and #smarthome stuff, enjoy #languages, and #politics too.

long haired male riding a mastodon
Megan Lynch (she/her)
2 months ago

Batec Hybrid 2 front drive.

After-market e-assist addition to wheelchair


S°15: Traffic in #utrecht. This is what moving people looks like.

Next time you hear "But not everyone can cycle!", this is the silent "distopia" they are trying really hard to prevent.

#biketoot #cycling #bikeporn #cycling #mobility #betterbybike #traffic #commuting #utopia

Evelyn in Montreal
3 months ago

My husband and I started e-biking just last July and even though I’m not at my ideal weight and suffer from osteoarthritis we now cycle everyday and even do much of our groceries on two wheels 🚲
I’m sharing this picture to encourage all of you who may once have cycled that whatever your age (I’m 70), weight and physical condition (with few exceptions) you can get back on a bike and actually enjoy the breeze on your face 😃
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Lady in front of her e bike in a parking lot.

@gerrymcgovern you summed up the whole #Lithium - #BatteryElectric #mobility absurdity well...