9 months ago

Last Saturday was the 7 year anniversary party from #beatstaylove in #schlosskellerdarmstadt & I converted the BSL logo from SVG into 3D in Blender & then into an audio reactive visual with #modv.

The music is taken from #Nogata set, so make sure to check that out!

#nerddisco #threejs #visualart #genart #generative #visuals #art #generativeart #audio #audioreactive #dnb #drumandbass #darmstadt #mastoart

The Beat Stay Love logo in 3D, rotating around the z-axis to the left when the music is quiet and rotating to the right when the music is loud. When the music is loud, there is also a waveform inside the logo and the edged of the logo spread across the whole screen. Also the hue is changed.
11 months ago

🔊 "HighThere - AC130" with 🎆 visuals by @NERDDISCO

🚨 photosensitive viewers 🚨

Model of #ac130 #aircraft #propeller from #blender in #ThreeJS, made #audio #reactive in #modV as "nd-buffer-ac130-001" using 3 propeller layers:

1. Hand-drawn texture; z = 0
2. Texture in white & red; z = .25
3. Displacement texture; z = -.5

2 + 3 are generated based on audio frequency data

#Mastoart #genart

Rotating aircraft propellar, that are changing color and structure if the music is louder.
1 year ago

"Hasky - Comin Straight” with visuals by @NERDDISCO

Check out the full release on SoundCloud:

The visual is called "nd-buffer-landscape-003" and it’s based on two cones in #ThreeJS. We are looking at it from the bottom, no lights. When there is color, you can see the mesh. hue and color intensity is controlled via #modV

🚨 photosensitive viewers 🚨

#visualart #genart #generative #visuals #art #generativeart #bananabassmusic #audio #audioreactive #dnb #drumandbass

Two audio reactive cones. One is in the front, the other more in the back, wireframe texture, scaled to be bigger. When the frequency is high, the cones texture is changed to extrude it. Colors are changing from a green / blue, into purple/pink/red the higher the frequency.
1 year ago

Visual: nd-buffer-landscape-001
Song: HighThere - Forever (feat. MC ZEE)

This #ThreeJS #visual is using a Box (wireframe) as it's base element. Each side is moved towards the center of the Box and can be moved based on #audio input. Using the raw audio buffer, the vertices of each side are changing based on a generated map (color) & displacementMap (height). The final composition happens in #modV.

#genart #audioreactive #offscreencanvas #javascript

A 3D box, all sides are wireframes, the sides are not on the original position, but moved towards the center of the box. When audio is louder, the vertices are extruded based on the waveform data of the audio. The louder, the more colorful.
1 year ago

Last year @2xAA and I did a performance + small talk for "#devfest live 2021" (an online developer conference).

In the video you can see @2xAA doing #chiptune using his two #gameboyadvance in England with visuals from me, controlled remotely from Germany via RTP-MIDI and generated with #modV.

After 19 minutes we explain how this setup works, so feel free to skip the performance if you are interested in the tech stack.

A video of 2xAA playing in front of a wall where visuals are projected on. The visuals are changing based on the music he is playing. He is using two gameboy advance, 2 kaoss pads and a kaoss mixer to create chiptune. Visuals are very colorful, in the rainbow spectrum.