Tim Riemann
2 weeks ago

Wow, coole Version von Jogeir Liljedahls "Guitar Slinger" von #lft #Amiga #Module

2 weeks ago

Hallöchen meine #Mastonauten, ich hoffe der #Montag ist bei euch mit Samtpfoten unterwegs 👍

Ich habe mir letztens einen #Grip für meinen New #3DS XL bestellt und weder dieser, noch irgendeiner den ich gefunden habe, hatte einen Schlitz für #Module.

Also voll das Geraffel, wenn man Mal das #Spiel wechseln muss ...

Doch selbst ist der Sven, habe mir einen Schlitz reingesäbelt und siehe da, Comfort ist hergestellt.

Gewinnt keinen Preis aber funzt.

#Nintendo #SvenDerBaumeister #shareYourGames

Auf dem Bild halte ich mit meiner Hand den im Griff befindlichen 3DS und man sieht das Modul durch meinen erstellten Schutz Hervorlinsen.
thomas 🌸
3 weeks ago

Let's say you're building a Deno module, and it has some main programmatic functionally under mod.ts.

What should the executable file name of a #Deno module be named?

#code #opensource #cli #terminal #bin #module #programming #package

Marek Gluza
3 weeks ago

Juan-Pablo Ortega form #NTU recommended a GTM by Serre. I was aware of its existence but somehow assumed that it would be harder. Maybe I'll go for that instead?

Anyway, I like in Isaacs book that it exposes what aspects of linear #vectorspace make #GroupTheory tick. Also it was really fun reading Schur-Frobenius theorem yesterday, there the #module framework came to shine. I appreciate that.

What's more trouble for me is that the notation is sometimes not introduces certain things or I'm used to \(f(x)\) as opposed to \(xf\) 🤷‍♂️. Im getting used to inline definitions made in passing but suddenly later coming into play.

Marek Gluza
4 weeks ago

I'm trying to educate myself in graduate level #mathematics and picked up this book by Isaacs on #GroupTheory characters. I managed to just so survive the first chapter which is a dense write up on #vectorspace #module theory. I'm able to read on, chapter 2 and 3 were still possible, but are there better entries into representations and characters?

Appreciate advice on:
1. easier but more specific exposition of central results?
2. advantages of developing everything in the A-module framework?
3. which chapters are key for subsequent developments?
4. which theorems are the ultimate highlights and which are 'just' key to the particular question at hand?
5. What's particularly worthwhile in the presentation approach taken in this book?

Book cover of 'Charecter theory of finite groups' by Martin Isaacs. In the background a person in a t-shirt that includes 'Same hell different devils'. The picture cuts out the remainder of the t-shirt as I don't endorse violence against animals.
1 month ago

Phoca Google AdSense Easy module version 4.0.1 (Joomla 4) has been released.

#phoca #joomla #extension #module #adsense

1 month ago

Good mornings!
Better get some coffee ☕️ - busy weekend ahead 🐝

Today: While the morning is yellow the night will be Red. Find me in Red Box at Culture Box for a Mystic Tales showcase.

➡️➡️ Playtime 22-01 and in a b2b2b from 5-end. Hit me up for guest list.

Saturday: time to head back at Module for some bouncy times.
➡️➡️ I'll be on Kiosk duty from 00-03

Also: does anyone need the free bed in pic 4? 😀 140×200

#culturebox #module #rave #copenhagen #dj

TSM at Work
1 month ago

Sometimes, you choose not to use someone else’s #terraform #module because it comes with its own totally separate #learningcurve. Given that this is for an arrangement of #infrastructure that is very unlikely to change, I’m okay with that decision.

Dani (:cxx: modules addict)
2 months ago

This is a thing now: #clang 16.0 passes my module test suite for the {fmt} library 🎉

With some additions to the primary interface unit related to the C++ standard library, it compiles the BMI and runs the test in the MSYS2 environment, too.

It looks like *importing* user-defined literals dosn't work yet: the namespace is visible, but 'operator""_cf ' isn't. This test is disabled for now.

#fmt #module #cpp

log of clang 16.0 passing the modules testsuite of the {fmt} library

Finally got around to finish off my first four Dragonlance mini modules. The first One is out now. It’s called DL-01 Solace Egg Hunt. Playtime is 60-90 minutes. Great for an extended lunch or for playing with kids. You Can grab it off
#DnD #5e #Dragonlance #module #adventure

Michael Furtak
2 months ago

Looks like info about the successor to my favorite #eurorack #module of 2022 is starting to come out:

The Vhikk was basically unavailable after its first run, as far as I know, which was a real shame. It sounds like the Vhikk X will see more production 🤞

I’m trying to watch more movies again, general fun and/or good, bonus points if they’re inspiring to a GM looking for ideas!
(Can’t improv if I don’t have a background)

What would you suggest?

To help with reach: #ttrpg #DMing #FilmStudies #movies #action #adventure #module #osr

3 months ago

@devinprater Here's another one, if you haven't already heard it. Not my remix, but its a cool #midi file I happen to find in my collection. Made for the #Roland #SC-88 #sound #module, as rendered by the Roland Sound canvas VA software #synthesizer.

3 months ago

Coming soon for #HonorAndIntrigue #swashbuckling #ttrpg The Sea Hag's Price is an #adventure #module that will take the Heroes on adventure to a place they've likely never been before: the ocean floor!

The cover depicts a striped mermaid sitting with her back against a thermal vent beneath the sea, her hair also seems to be made of steam.
time belongs wasted
3 months ago

Was wird bleiben, wenn eines Tages diese #KI dann auch uns als "#Verbraucher" nicht mehr brauchen wird? Wenn sämtliche "#Kreativen", die alle einzig noch dieser Möglichkeiten nur geharrt hatten, um Defizite an eigener Fertigkeit zu kompensieren, all ihr Geld dahinein gesteckt haben werden, immer neue #Module nachzukaufen, und wir "Rest", die bis dahin noch allgemein #Kunstbegeisterungsfähigen, aber die Lust auf all solchen #phantasiegeborenen #Blödsinn schön langsam werden verloren haben ... ?

Dem Eindruck nach in Japan. Links, der Teil einer Häuserfassade (Vorderfront), unten, hell erleuchtet, große Schaufenster eines Ladengeschäftes, stößt im Eck auf eine unverputzte Ziegel-Rückfront. 6 Etagen sind abgebildet; die Häuser sind wahrscheinlich aber höher. An der Rückfront sind durchwegs Klimaanlagen außen angebracht. Nur vor dieser: Ein (mosaik-)gepflasterter Gehsteig, lediglich 2 mtr. breit, mit eng stehenden Pollern an der Bordkante. Dort stehen zudem zur Abholung bereitgestellte Mistkübel und Müllsäcke. Etliche große, teils leere, Pappkartons verstellen den Gehsteig zusätzlich. 

Ein dürres Bäumchen in einem Kübel bei der Wand; auch aus einem Mauersims wachst ein wildes Gewächs heraus. Eine eher primitive permanente Sonnenmarkise ist (an ziemlich sinnloser Stelle) über Fenstern der dritten Etage an jener rückwärtigen Fassade angebracht. Es ist Abend, der Asphalt auf dem Platz schwarz, die Läden haben schon zugesperrt (an einem sind die Rollläden herunten). Die meisten Fenster in den Häusern sind erleuchtet. Alles ist eher ein Hinterhof, als ein Platz, wo man Läden vermuten würde. Dominiert aber ist das Bild von zahllosen erleuchteten Lichtreklame-Tafeln. Diese sind teils Fenster überdeckend angebracht, teils sind die Gestelle brutal direkt vor den Fenstern verankert. Soweit es Wohnungen sein sollen, erscheinen sie in ihrer Großzügigkeit für japanische Verhältnisse außerdem recht unwahrscheinlich.

I am still working on making Evil Ruins from 1984 playable. I have this habit of really digging into a module I like to iron out the bumps and make running it easier.

It's not the worst I have seen so far (one of my projects is X9 The Savage Coast), but I notice that Role Aids really needed a better editor.

I mean, I already mentioned the maps not fitting the text, but there are issues beyond that...

#ttrpg #module

evil altar in black and white, statue of demonic looking being, priest and two knights standing in front of it
Rajeev Kumar
3 months ago

Last week I was looking to build an OAuth login for Mastodon in Drupal and found a module named 'social_auth_mastodon' -- but it lacks updates to match up with the latest Drupal versions, and its parent module 'social_auth'.

So thought, let's do it and push the first draft into the 4.0.x-dev branch --

I am trying to add some additional functionalities now to let the end user provide the instance URL -- will see how it goes.

#Drupal #Mastodon #OAuth #SocialAuthMastodon #Module #OpenSource

Emmett Lalish
3 months ago

And now uses gltf-transform by @donmccurdy and gl-matrix by @tojiro and it's even installable!

Our #npm package, manifold-3d, is now a proper #es6 #module, has much faster I/O, and handles multi-material meshes.

3 months ago


I am relieved to report that the Meadowphysics #module
is safely installed (complete re-racking notwithstanding, to get to a 5A connector), the rack has booted with no obvious smell of burning or loud bangs, so I think that's done, for now.

#Eurorack #ModularSynth

Waiting now for the Offworld/switch USB adapter so I can plug the grid in and see what's what.

Meanwhile, I may go and do the weekly Tesco Trot, I seem to be low on turnips...

J.V. West
4 months ago
4 months ago

If nothing is working anymore in your #nextjs project and you see #Webpack #missing #module #error everywhere, get rid of some folders and reinstall the dependencies:

rm -fR .next node_modules
npm install

I just spend the last couple of hours to find out why my project was not working anymore after installing some dependencies… #cache for the win ❤️

Josef Adamčík
4 months ago

Just published Chrismous Forever as our contribution to the "Winter Has Come Mausritter Game Jam" #mausritter #ttrpg #pnp #module #adventure @mausritter

4 months ago
A printable reference titled haodt-module Cheat Sheet
David Sandilands
4 months ago

Well as it goes you wait ages for a bus then two come at once
@puppet PEADM moves to version 3.11 which supports extra logging for the retrieve_and_upload function. There were no issues with 3.10 if you have already downloaded it.

#puppet #release #module

Two identical busses arriving at a bus stop with the caption you wait ages for a bus then two come along at once
Asbjørn Ulsberg
4 months ago

I have no idea when I actually produced “First Techno Attempt” as the date on the file says December 2nd 1997, which is wrong as by then I had produced a lot of songs that I would have considered to be “techno”.

I believe I mostly completed this late in 1995 and only added the choir intro in 1996, which explains signing the song as PoC, because while I created this song originally, I still went by the handle “PCi”.

To best fit with the chronology and development of my music abilities, I therefore date “First Techno Attempt” to November 28th 1995.

Regarding the song’s title, please don’t mind that the song isn’t in the “techno” genre by any stretch of the imagination. To me and most of my friends back in the mid 1990’s, “techno” was just a synonym for “electronic music”.

I remember being quite happy about this song back when I produced it, and I quite like it to this day as well.

#demoscene #music #screamtracker3 #st3 #s3m #tracker #module

Scream Tracker 3 playing the song "First Techno Attempt" by Power of Creation aka. Bitbear aka. Asbjørn Ulsberg.
Knowledge Zone
5 months ago

#QuizOfTheDay:#Lunar #Module is a small craft used for travelling between the moon's surface and an orbiting #Spacecraft.

What is the name of the Lunar Module that served as the crewed lunar lander of Apollo 11, which was the first mission to land humans on the Moon.

A. Altair
B. Starship
C. Eagle
D. Gemini

Dani (:cxx: modules addict)
5 months ago

Is there a #gcc #cpp #cplusplus #module compiler implementer out there by happenstance?
If so, you might want to look at this issue:

Nicolas Delsaux
5 months ago

L'article n'est pas vraiment surprenant pour moi, mais il annonce clairement pourquoi la plupart du temps les microservices sont une mauvaise idée. Et ça vaut toujours la peine de le rappeler. #architecture #microservices #module #critique #réflexion

Asbjørn Ulsberg
5 months ago

The horribly named chiptune "Fat Ma's Death", produced in early February 1996, was my first attempt at creating something more mellow and harmonic. As noted in the song's sample text:

"PoC created this sorrow-filled song. I'm not good in making names for my songs, so "Fat Ma's Death" was only thing I could come up with! The name has nothing to do with a experience I've had!"

With its many different parts and harmonies, it was the longest and most varied song I had created so far, tracking in at 1 minute and 45 seconds before looping.

#demoscene #oldschool #chip #music #chiptune #chipmusic #amiga #protracker #protracker2 #tracker #module #mod #mellow #song #ballad

Amiga ProTracker 2 playing the chiptune "Fat Ma's Death" by Bitbear.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
5 months ago

My first attempt at a cover song was of Europe's epic "The Final Countdown", which since I first heard it in 1986, thought had one of the best synth lead melodies ever written.

Produced as a 4-channel chiptune, I remember struggling with both the chords and timing. It didn't end up as a perfect chip rendition of the original, but being a musically untrained 15-year old when I made it in early February 1996, I think it came out okay.

#demoscene #oldschool #chip #music #chiptune #chipmusic #amiga #protracker #protracker2 #tracker #module #mod #europe #thefinalcountdown #finalcountdown #cover

Amiga ProTracker 2 playing the chiptune "Final Countdown" by Bitbear.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
5 months ago

This unconventional 3-channel chiptune was created with Scream Tracker 3 in February 1996. Shared and published, not for pride, but for brevity.

#demoscene #music #chiptune #chip #tune #chipmusic #screamtracker3 #st3 #s3m #tracker #module #mod #3channel #oldschool

Scream Tracker 3 playing the chip tune "Can't Move That Block" by Bitbear.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
5 months ago

In this happy S3M produced in late January 1996, I used more chip-sounding samples again. Combined with the limit of 3 channels (just like on the C64), and sizing in at less than 9 kB, I think "Stop The Violence!" properly qualifies as a chip-tune.

#demoscene #music #chiptune #chip #tune #chipmusic #screamtracker3 #st3 #s3m #tracker #module #mod #3ch #oldschool

ScreamTracker 3 playing the chip-tune "Stop The Violence!" by Bitbear.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
5 months ago

Sound-wise, "Chip Fabric" isn't very chippy, but with a file size of less than 10 kB, it's within the limits of what one would consider a "chip tune" back when I produced this as a 15-year old in January 1996. It's also a very short tune of only 22 seconds, looped.

I remember being quite proud of this one, and the blurb I wrote in the sample text is proof of my over-the-top confidence:

"Another chip by PoC. I'm like an industrial Chip Fabric! 5 chips has been produced on my P60 in the last week! I must be special...?(NOT!)"

Never mind that while translating the Norwegian word "fabrikk" to English, I was clueless to the fact that "fabric" means "cloth" and not "factory". I still think the name "Chip Fabric" has a cool sound to it.

#demoscene #oldschool #chip #music #chiptune #chipmusic #amiga #protracker #protracker2 #tracker #module #mod

Amiga ProTracker 2 playing the chip tune "Chip Fabric" by Bitbear.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
5 months ago

After "Tiny Chip’s Revenge", I was on a chip production spree and made a few dozen chip tunes over a few weeks.

“Crossed Heart” is a two-channel chip tune that isn’t much to listen to, but it was a fun challenge to only have two of the usual four channels available.

#demoscene #oldschool #music #tracker #module #protracker #amiga #2channel

Amiga ProTracker playing the 2-channel chip tune "Crossed Heart" by Power of Creation, aka. Bitbear.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
6 months ago

By late 1995 I was mostly tracking in Scream Tracker 3 and "Tiny Chip's Revenge" was my first chip tune produced as an S3M.

The track was produced during Christmas of 1995 for a diskmag called "Ultramag #1", but I have no idea what happened to it, who was going to make it, or whether it was ever made.

Unreleased as it seemingly were, I entered the 10k chip tune into the Solskogen 2017 Oldskool Music Competition under the name "Ferris III Y.O." as a nod of admiration and pull of leg to @ferristootsnow only being 3 years old when it was produced. As noted in the file info of the Solskogen entry:

"The sole thing I achieve is proving how awesome he is and how lame I am, though. I’m quite certain Ferris could make better music than this when he was 15 years old. So infinite amounts of love and respect to Ferris!"

And I still stand firmly by those words. :)

(Sorry for Mastodon murdering the sound quality.)

#demoscene #oldschool #music #tracker #module #screamtracker3 #msdos

Scream Tracker 3 playing the chip tune "Tiny Chip's Revenge" by Bitbear.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
6 months ago

“The Floote Ride” was the fourth tracker module I produced, and the first one I feel somewhat content with. Also produced as a 15 year old, on December 14th, 1995.

#amiga #protracker #music #tracker #module #oldschool #demoscene

Amiga ProTracker playing the tracker module "The Floote Ride" by Bitbear.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
6 months ago

"Psyko Infarnation" was the third tracker module I produced with Amiga ProTracker as a 15 year old in December 1995.

I think I got the samples from a Pinball Fantasies module, but I'm not sure.

#amiga #protracker #music #tracker #module #oldschool #demoscene

Amiga ProTracker playing the tracker module "Psyko Infarnation" by Bitbear.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
6 months ago

"Cool Interpreter" was the second tracker module I produced as a coop with my friend Fulgore aka. Puma, back when we both were 15 years old, in November 1995.

#amiga #protracker #music #tracker #module #oldschool #demoscene

Amiga ProTracker playing the tracker module "Cool Interpreter" by PCi and Fulgore of Ultimate.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
6 months ago

"Bebob Renaissance" was the very first tracker module I produced with Amiga ProTracker when I was 15 years old in October 1995. Not something I'm proud of, but it got me into music production and for that I'm grateful.

#amiga #protracker #music #tracker #module #oldschool #demoscene

Amiga ProTracker playing the tracker module "Bebob Renaissance".
1 year ago

You talked about perhaps the most unique album release ever in your last episode. Cycles Per Instruction by the band netcat available as a module for the Linux kernel. The cool thing is the band members themselves created this module. They are all computer programmers besides being musicians. That is so cool 🆒

#music #kernel #linux #module #podcast

Boiling Steam
2 years ago

The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide: #linux #kernel #module #guide

Some pretty new #Pine64 hardware to look at. :) Excited to play with this to explore more radio communication fun. Short video clip taking a look. Next: Linuxing up the Gateway!
#LoRa #Radio #SDR #Communication #IoT #Fun #Hardware #SBC #Gateway #Module #Linux

Die Entwickler des Moduls "Fast Autocomplete" für das CMS Drupal (8.x und 9.x) haben eine als "Moderately Critical" eingestufte Schwachstelle gefixt.
Neue Version verfügbar: Drupal-Modul "Fast Autocomplete" verriet Suchergebnisse
2 years ago


Je nevois pas comment formuler ma recherche sur google, alors la voici :

En #Rust , quelle est l'équivalent de cette syntaxe pour un chemin vers un #module :


heise-Angebot: Bereit für C++20: betterCode() bietet Praxistag und Crashkurs zum C++-Standard

Am 21. Januar findet die Online-Konferenz zum neuen C++-Standard statt, ergänzend gibt es einen Crashkurs und einen Praxistag – nun auch mit Zusatztermin.
Bereit für C++20: betterCode() bietet Praxistag und Crashkurs zum C++-Standard
3 years ago

"Welcome to Modland - probably the largest #module archive in the world. Currently there are 456441 modules online in 374 different formats, old and new! If you're a module freak like us, feel free to download! If you have no idea what a module is, then you're in the wrong place!"