3 days ago

Moebius linework study with Copic fineliner. Quite challenging to keep up with his style but I learned a lot attempting it

#drawing #moebius #ink

A black fineliner drawing of a group of people firing energy at a gigantic crystal. Original by the artist Moebius
Roman ALAN
1 week ago

I shall now take a risk with tonight's theme and try to pass off reversed vocals as an entirely new language –

Brian Eno, Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, "Tzima N'Arki" (1978)

As a huge Eno geek, I think the track is brilliant. (In Russell Mills' book "More Dark Than Shark", the lyrics are printed in mirrored characters, like "Jabberwocky".)

#JukeboxFridayNight #TheSignsTheyAreAChangin
#Bilingual #Eno #Moebius #Roedelius

Dave Fischer
2 weeks ago

A Motruche, from La Faune de Mars by #Moebius. #art

A drawing of a strange creature like an ostrich with a dozen heads.
Mr. Completely
2 weeks ago

Marie Dakar - short story by #Moebius (1991) - first time in English with full, restored color. Restoration work by the mighty Moebius scholar/collector /u/DanTeShim on Reddit.

A free associative #surrealist dream sequence moving into Hermetic/Tarot symbolism in the second half. The recurring number 22 is the number of Greater Arcana in the #tarot & paths between sephiroth in the Kabalistic tree of life, symbolizing the journey of the soul.

#MastoArt #illustration

With the title Marie Dakar, a surrealist page of comics in 3 panels - two small and one large. The first two show a figure in the desert declaiming "The Sandman has come and gone! He's gonna wake up all the lizards!" and the text "...and the race goes on". The large panel shows a bizarre scene with many human figures flying around a creature like a cross between a snake and a jointed insect. The figures are saying things like "I've come to clear my mind" and "I want my crown" and "everything must be calculated"
Comic Crusaders
2 weeks ago

Arriving for the first time in English, Dark Horse Books presents Mœbius Library: The Major. This latest volume in the MŒbius Library series toys with one of its most famous characters. Mœbius Library: The Major features writing and art by legendary creator Jean “Mœbius” Giraud, translation by Diana Schutz, and lettering by...
#dark horse #comics #moebius

Donald Rex Jr
2 weeks ago
Tribute painting of Moebius' Arzach  from 1993.
Bill Tribble
2 weeks ago

New album out now!. It's a tribute to French artist Moebius and his masterwork the Airtight Garage 😃

Le Garage Hermétique

Grab a copy on Bandcamp, or stream:

#ecstaticdance #dancelovers #ecstaticdj #bitwig #microtuning #newmusic #ableton #moebius

Mike Taylor Lives
1 month ago

@darjr I assume part of the inspiration is the art of #Moebius in #HeavyMetal / #MetalHurlant.

1 month ago

Tried out Minecraft Legends for New Game Night last week. Lots of fun so far. Love the #Moebius aesthetics to the look of the game. Another home run by #Mojang. I will try and get a video review out in several weeks. Catch new games nights, usually Saturdays at 7pm CDT, at #Twitch #Minecraft

Rescuing a village in Minecraft Legends.
Mia Alm
2 months ago

A Moebius drawing with a bit of a sunday vibe

#BD #Moebius #scifi

Moebius drawing - landscape with lake and egg-like objects
Coralie Mercier
2 months ago

I filmed a time lapse! That’s why I took so few photos!

Here’s the video process of the #moebius #gouache #painting I made in November 2019 🤩

#art #TimeLapse #VideoProcess

Time lapse of painting in gouache a night scene where people sit around a fire in the desert in front of a tall dune, their tents, under a starry sky.
Coralie Mercier
2 months ago

I thought I had photo-documented the process but nope! I probably was fully in the flow. There are only the two.
It’s a #gouache #painting after #moebius that I made in November 2019.
I love it 😍
I remember thinking I wouldn’t manage to paint it, so was mighty pleased how it turned out!

Sketch in pencil on an art book. There are three paint tubes visible next to a mixing palette.
Final piece representing a group of people around a fire at night in the desert in front of a large dune and their camp, under a starry sky.
Coralie Mercier
2 months ago

#art tutorial (not)

How to #paint a #moebius scene in two steps:

Step 1: sketch (21:42)
Step 2: et voilà (23:15)

Collage of two photos. Sketch on a page with masking tape for the margins. Threes tubes os gouache are visible next to the mixing palette. The second photo is the painting done and tape removed.
Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 months ago

Let me share with you my folly: impulsive decision to do #knit a moebius-type scarf + a cable not long enough for that idea + me packing as many stitches as i can = finger cramps. Finally realized I can use a third needle to stand in as my active knitting needle instead so I don't long-term abuse the joints of these poor cable needles. As usual, all yarn is my own #handspun.

My favourite scarf is my very first completed project but it wasn't quite a true Moebius in that it was a long flat piece twisted once before i joined the two ends so the twist is always a little flat. I'm looking forward to a twisty piece since after all, all moebius circles are pieces with one edge.

Cat Bordhi herself have done a couple of video tutorials for a Moebius cast on, but i prefer static text guides with illustrations for stuff I've done before, so here's the one for Interweave:

#HandSpunYarn #Knitting #Moebius #Handicraft

My moebius scarf in progress. You can see the initial rows are in deep blue-green, and now I'm knitting a red-brown row. Yarn is in light sport weight, roughly.
A closer look of the current arrangement with the third needle in between the two cable needles, and all of them (plus the live stitches) perched on a ball of yarn.
jbz :catjam:
2 months ago

🧑‍💻 Moebius-style 3D Rendering
— Useless Game Dev

#Moebius #Indiegames #Indiedev #Gamedev

Uma ilustração de Moebius para a série "Le voyage d'Hermes". Série de ilustrações que acompanharam o lançamento do perfume Voyage, da Hermès, criado pelo perfumista Jean-Claude Ellena em 2010. A impressão original foi de 3100 exemplares. #moebius #art #artist

Ilustração do desenhista francês Moebius, mostra um viajante sentado em posição de meditação em uma garça gigante que voa passando por cima de um rio com vários barcos onde há vários cais do lado direito da imagem. Do lado esquerdo vê-se que o rio acaba em uma abundante cachoeira, mas os barcos no rio parecem não ser afetados pela correnteza. Dando ao conjunto uma noção de leveza ao mesmo tempo em que mostra a força da natureza.
3 months ago

Made this landscape, inspired by Moebius, in Blender as a little exercise in scatter things on a plane with geometry nodes. Nothing advanced, but I like the look I got from it. Bet there are ways to get less rocks far away from the camera but I save that for another day : ) #moebius #landscape #blender #3d

a large yellow gem is floating up and down in the air above a blue desert landscape with small rocks on the ground. Inspired by the artist Moebius.
Mr. Completely
3 months ago

Between 1980 and 85, Alejandro Jodorowski and Jean Giraud aka #Moebius co-created The Incal - one of the greatest and most influential works of #SFF, of #comics, and of #psychedelic culture all in one.

Jodo was a film director (Holy Mountain, El Topo), psychedelic-surrealist avant-garde visionary and esoteric initiate. Moebius was already known as one of the greatest artists to work in comics, a title that The Incal helped cement. Together they created a masterpiece.

five seated figures are connected mentally to a radiant white star shap
enormous underwater green spheres are connected by tubes; whales and enormous jellyfish swim by. In the foreground are triangular craft with people in them.
In two panels, a man and woman sit facing each other underneath a diamond shape. In the first, they appear connected by a line of psychic energy. In the second, that line has expanded to create a radiant portal shape.
Ana Tudor 🐯
3 months ago

GRUB is giving me a massive headache today😵😵‍💫, so here are a few things I made on #CodePen
that should now work in Chromium 111+ as a result of support for trigonometric functions dropping.

First up: Animated Möbius strip using CSS mathematical functions

#css #webDev #coding #maths #geometry #3D #trigonometry #moebius

Animated gif. Shows a Möbius strip made up of loosely-spaced rectangular segments each rotating by half a turn around the strip axis, then by another half a turn to get into the initial position. The animation is staggered so that when the last strip finishes one iteration the first strip begins the next iteration.
Mr. Completely
3 months ago

We saw Quantumania last night and enjoyed it far more that most seem to. The superhero elements were secondary to me compared to the gonzo surrealist #SFF setting. I'm a sucker for #moebius inspired "deep sci fi" design with super weird aliens and environments. These are wonderfully done and so stylized the Uncanny Valley doesn't apply. The tone was mostly very light/fun and occasionally hilarious. Thought it was the movie Love & Thunder failed so badly at being. High grade lowbrow visual candy

after seeing this*, i wanted my own trolley!

so i intended to do something with the #multiverse and the implied question of #determinism and as visualization of such is rather laborious, lazy as i am, i somehow ended up with a #moebius trolley

#philosophy #ethics #trolley #meme #memes #mamema


the trolley from the classical trolley thought experiment, caught in a moebius loop. in one direction many victims in the other one victim, in the middle of the loop, the person with the switch shruggs.
Donald Rex Jr
4 months ago

Arzach by Michael Zulli 1992

#comics #Moebius #comicbook

Michael Zulli plate from Legends of Moebius 1992
Mr. Completely
4 months ago

Le Rocher (The Rock) - Moebius
Poster print, 70x50cm

From Stuart Ng Books
I highly recommend this small business. They have a great selection of imported and domestic #comic and #illustration art at a variety of price points from entry level to rare high end collector items. Good personal customer service.

#MastoArt #comicart #moebius

A large poster spread out on a blanket. The image is of a human figure in a cloak and hat flying away from the viewer on the back of a white winged animal. They are approaching a towering mountain outcrop with red glowing windows cut into it
Donald Rex Jr
4 months ago

Sergio Aragones plate from the Legends of Arzach Gallery Portfolio #5 1992.

#comics #comicbooks #Moebius #art

As a slimly monster approaches Arzach calls his mighty flying mount, but she shakes her head no. 
As the monster slime reaches them she reveals her hatching eggs.
4 months ago

Starloser 💀

#moebius #comics #art

A skeleton sitting on a bench dressed in a tall hat, and leather flying suit. An empty box on their lap.
Mr. Completely
4 months ago

ORH, The eternal light
By Moebius

From The Incal, by Moebius and Jodorowski - a masterpiece of #ScienceFiction you can probably read for free from your library

#MastoArt #illustraton #ComicArt #moebius #sff

A male face with long flowing beard and hair, with stars on his brow, all rendered in gold, with an air of sublime majesty
Mr. Completely
4 months ago

Illustration by Moebius

The great master deep in his trick bag
#MastoArt #illustraton #comicart #moebius

A psychedelic vision of blue and green hyper space with human figures and an orange Escher-esque square floating in the middle


Hi! My name is Yona. It’s great to see you here 💜

I am a human girl living on this swiftly tilting planet with my lovely partner @model_subject and a very silly cat named Archer. I’m trans and I exist and I try every day to express the joy this brings me. :blob_cat_heart:​

Sometimes I also drink coffee, code, dream, work on music, play games, grow hot peppers, yearn, take selfies, and try to understand my life and the world I live in. I probably have too many hobbies, but I’m always finding something new to consume my interest. I love seeing what you are all interested in too!

I’m here to build community, and create a real alternative to the capitalist hellscape that dominates our lives. Let’s create a space together where we are all free to be our true unapologetic selves :heart_transgender:​

#trans #transgender #transJoy #pixelArt #illustrativeArt #generativeArt #moebius #typescript #python #gameDev #godot #chillwave #vapourwave #ambient #logicPro #photography #hotPeppers

(cw: selfie, eye contact)

a girl standing in her doorway and smiling. she is wearing a teal hoodie and a pink top.
Ben Towle
5 months ago

Pick up from one of the Mandarake's in Nakano Broadway in Tokyo. Not *cheap* but for sure a steal vs what I've seen it priced at in the U.S.—if you can even find a copy.

#Moebius #xp

Mr. Completely
6 months ago

The grand master #Moebius aka Jean Giraud aka Gir

#Comics have produced many great visual artists, and I'll post examples of their work from time to time. But none are greater than Moebius. He fused elevated, perfected technique with limitless freedom of imagination, a deep if esoteric humanism and a constant drive towards the spiritual.

Anyone who still believes comics can't be "real art" is a fool and Moebius is a big part of the reason why.


A blue-green wave breaks impossibly high against a golden-tan sky, catapulting a figure into midair. A distant winged figure passes above
Duncan Batey
6 months ago

Annnd relax #moebius #stars

A rotating segmented 3D moebius strip of stars
thomas 🌸
6 months ago

I just solved a two year old mystery! A few years ago, I saw a pink book in a documentary about the making of Prometheus and couldn't identify it. A couple months back I literally found a couple of Moebius graphic novels someone was giving away. It just dawned on me that this was the book from the documentary and that Ridley Scott was using Mobius as inspiration. I'm sure many people already knew this, but I found it interesting to finally solve the mystery. #ridleyscott #prometheus #moebius

The book on the drafting desk of Ridley Scott, in a documentary about the making of Prometheus.
My copies of a couple amazing street-finds of Moebius books.
The mystery is solved, this is the book on the desk of Ridley Scott during that interview.
Bill Tribble
6 months ago

A couple of latent twins of mine - from Moebius space! Finally making some progress on getting a cartoony look in his style. Which do you prefer?
#stablediffusion #midjourney #moebius #aiart  #scifiart

Video selfie of man becoming woman and cartoon hero
Coralie Mercier
7 months ago

On this day (yesterday) in 2019, I painted what I think is my best work to date ♥️ based on artwork from the versatile and talented #Moebius

I made a time lapse video as I painted. I really marvel at how quickly it comes together in the accelerated account of time!

#art #mastoart #TraditionalArt #gouache #sketchbook #KoalieArtTank #fanart

Painting representing a group of nomads gathered at night around a fire in the desert, at the foot of a dune. The night is starry. The people cast long shadows on the dark terracotta sand on which they sit cross-legged. Behind them in the background are tents and dromedaries.
Time lapse focused on my hand,  painting on a postcard-sized art book. I used gouache. The painting quickly comes together in the accelerated version !
Firehorseart lives!
7 months ago

An #illustration and some more hashtags.

For many years I was an active member of both #scifi and #comics fandom, which feeds into my #drawing style.

Here's a card design I made for a friend who I initially met at a UK #sff #Eastercon, when I used to gopher (steward) events.

My friend's card is a nod to #sciencefiction themes in the #Moebius #comicbooks as well as modern GPS systems.

Two figures look down from a bubble-shaped spacecraft, floating in the air. They are looking for Andy's house but are lost. One comments "It all looked easier on Google Maps!
Drawn in the style of Moebius comic books. 
Ink and watercolour on paper. (c) srfirehorseart (2007)
Joaquín Baldwin
7 months ago

Might as well post some of my art so this place doesn't stay empty during these early days.

"Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!"

This pangram (a sentence using every letter of the alphabet) is so much more bad-ass than the stupid "quick brown fox" that I had to illustrate it. A tribute to master Jean Giraud (aka Moebius).

#illustration #moebius #digitalArt #fantasyart

A tiny white cat offers a dead dove as a tribute to an enormous cat made from black quartz with glowing yellow eyes. In the middle of dilapidated ruins, with an orange moon lighting the distant mountains and clouds.
Reinder Dijkhuis Does Art
7 months ago

I did the current interests thing but here are some lower-level innterests:
"Let's play a game, to help newcomers make connections: name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."
These are my bubbling-under #hashtags:


Dave Fischer
1 year ago

#moebius - La Faune de Mars

Coralie Mercier
1 year ago

#artimprovement #art

“Voyage d’Hermes” after #moebius

In this traditional (watercolour, 25x40 cm) vs digital exercise, it’s not obvious which works better but I prefer digital.

Both done in January 2018.

Watercolour painting of a character soaring at the top of waves as a bird flies by in the golden light
Digital painting of a character soaring at the top of waves as a bird flies by in the golden light