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2 days ago

A quotation from Chamfort, Nicolas:

The nobility, say nobles, serves as intermediary between king and people. True, just as the hound serves as intermediary between hunter and hares.
[«La noblesse, disent les nobles, est une intermédiaire entre le roi et le peuple…» Oui, comme le chien de chasse est un intermédiaire entre le chasseur et les lièvres.]

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

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Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
3 days ago

#Monarchy #Death #Tax

🚨 King’s estate collecting assets of the dead is ‘bizarre feudal remnant’

The Mayor of Grt Manchester Andy Burnham, is calling for a public consultation over the way the King’s estate collects money from people who die with no will or next of kin, calling it “a bizarre remnant of feudal #Britain.

The Duchy of Lancaster has been secretly using the funds, known as bona vacantia, to renovate properties owned by the King and rented out for profit.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham calls the way the king’s estate the Duchy of Lancaster, collects money from people who die with no will or next of kin, calling it “a bizarre remnant of feudal Britain”.
4 days ago

Sometimes, you can shame people into action.

But still…

“There been no suggestion from the king’s estate that it plans to cease collecting bona vacantia or change how it is spent.”

Which is probably the more significant issue.

#Monarchy #CostOfTheMonarchy #KingCharlesIII

SubtleBlade ⚔️
5 days ago

'I thought I knew #royal #greed – but #KingCharles profiting from the assets of the dead is a disgusting new low

For decades, parliament has been far too lenient about the #RoyalFamily’s finances. This avaricious practice needs to end
#TaxDodgingParasites #Monarchy #RoyalFamily #RoyalLies

SubtleBlade ⚔️
5 days ago

How #RoyalEstates use #BonaVacantia to collect money from dead people

Latin term meaning ‘vacant goods’ relates to people who die without a will or known heirs
#TaxDodgingParasites #Monarchy #RoyalFamily #Greed

Maude Nificent
5 days ago

#RoyalFamily #KingCharles #Monarchy
Those who are impressed (or unimpressed) by recent revelations of how king chuck benefits from #BonaVacantia money, this book might be interesting:
“And What Do You Do; What The Royal Family Don’t Want You To Know”.

5 days ago

In other words, he suggests that between the end of the war of the Austrian succession in 1748 and the storming of the Bastille in 1789, the French population underwent a series of convulsions, some as molten as others were icy, which resulted in a subtle but powerful molecular shift. After 500 years of rigidity, “it made anything seem possible”.

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Jesus Margar
5 days ago
NotImpressed #FBPE
6 days ago


UK Monarchy to be precise ...

"Financial assets known as bona vacantia, owned by people who died without a will or known next of kin, are collected by the duchy. Over the last 10 years, it has collected more than £60m in the funds."
To anybody who praises the royals, I always say: "Nah, they're parasites" Indeed they are ...

Tofu Musubi
6 days ago

“Police in #Nepal on Thursday (Nov 23) used rattan sticks, tear gas and water cannon to scatter thousands of #protesters demanding the restoration of the monarchy abolished 15 years ago.
The "Citizens' Campaign" protesters say governments in place since the #monarchy was scrapped, as part of a deal ending a Maoist insurgency, have failed to live up to commitments to develop one of the world’s poorest countries.”

Ollie Francis
2 weeks ago

£8m on portraits of the king seems an awful lot when we could just as easily print one out on the colour photocopier

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zenlan :coffefied:
2 weeks ago

While Police in London are stealing the property of the homeless, the King bestows awards to soup kitchens. What a time to be alive. #UK #London #UKGov #Sunak #police #poverty #austerity #monarchy

Nemes Content
3 weeks ago

Never debate Canada's Relationship with the British monarchy on Twitter dot com. worst decision in my life!

#king #monarchy #uk #canada

🦋 Benjamin West - 🐒🌻
3 weeks ago

It's time to end the idea that it's normal to have a King or a Monarch. 👀

I mean...the ugly poetry that is him sitting in that gold chair with the cape and crown and talking about the cost of living... it's over.

#KingsSpeech #Monarchy #KingCharles #CancelTheMonarchy #CancelTheKing #inequity #injustice

His Royal Highness King Charles the 2nd sits on his ornate throne with a crown and cape that make him look like a comical super villain or the most out of touch human alive. Either way it's both sad and disgusting.
M. Grégoire
3 weeks ago

@Independent I'll bet it's cheaper for the King to open Parliament at #Westminster than for the President of the US to give the State of the Union address.

The fact is, the head of state in the UK could be chosen differently than by hereditary descent, but there would still be a need to perform the functions of the head of state, including ceremonial ones.

#ukpol #monarchy

3 weeks ago

It would seem that because I oppose the 'core British value' of the #monarchy and support transition to a #republic, the #Tory government in Westminster consider me an #extremist.

For the record, I also oppose the disUK's FPTP #political system, and support free votes (with supermajority) on #Scotland becoming an #independent nation and a #united #Ireland.

#ToryDictatorship #dictatorship #ToryCorruption

As a citizen of Valencia and grandson of a Republican, and even if I wasn’t both those things, I am less impressed with the notion of Hereditary Monarchy.
But I don't hold any ill will toward the people currently in the roles. Academically, I find it interesting that Princess Leonor will be the first hereditary Queen of Spain since Isabella II in 1868.
#Spain #Valencia #España #Monarchy #Rey #Reina

Don Ray
1 month ago

#spain #españa #monarchy #monarquía

The American Revolution, despite failing miserably with “all men are created equal,” did succeed at eliminating the monarchy.

Spain has twice done away with the monarchy, only to have it restored. Today, Leonor, heir to the throne, turns 18. She’s getting a lot of favorable press, and the rising political right seems to love their kings and queens. Good times for the monarchy…

The photo, from Valencia (April 2022) shows a dissenting view.

Black graffiti on a green wall:

3° República Ya!

3rd Republic Now!
1 month ago

Today’s playlist is for the monarchists, pour one out for the rich bitch who had a million hats and managed to not be a terrible person.

#music #playlist #queen #uk #monarchy

New Episode! “Richelieu and Louis XIII, France’s Dynamic Duo?” These two men are quite important and deserve to be better known. Join me as I discuss the Just king and the famed Red Eminence! #history #France #monarchy #podcast

Louis XIII and Richelieu
maeve harris
2 months ago

#Thailand court denies bail to prominent #humanrights attorney, charged with offending the #monarchy. He has been sentenced to 4 years in prison under the lese majeste law, the 1st of 14 cases (!) he will face

Craig Aaen Stockdale
2 months ago

Thrilled to be invited to speak as part of Republic’s Members’ Day about the newly reinvigorated Norwegian campaign to end the #monarchy.

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

I was thinking yesterday that we in the #US could return the favor of being inspired by another nation's #revolution, thus once again inspiring others around the world to #revolt, by doing (much the same) to our #oligarchs and their minions (#politicians, #media, #military, #police, etc) as the #French did to their #monarchy.

It would probably need to be done slowly; on a more individual/group level, not institutional.

I'm just thinking: Is there any other way, really?

#Rhetorical question.

2 months ago

21 September 1792: #Monarchy is Abolished in #France

The way this was such a FUCK IT WE BALL moment cause they did it while #Austria and #Prussia were inching toward #Paris and they weren’t sure they were gonna last the season but they declared themselves a #republic anyway just to see how it felt to achieve the Enlightenment Dream

21 September 1792: Monarchy is Abolished in France

The way this was such a FUCK IT WE BALL moment cause they did it while Austria and Prussia were inching toward Paris and they weren’t sure they were gonna last the season but they declared themselves a republic anyway just to see how it felt to achieve the Enlightenment Dream
Anne Fausto Sterling
2 months ago

A crown branded onto bodies links British monarchy to slave trade...King Charles III has not apologized for his predecessors’ role in the slave trade, as Dutch King Willem-Alexander did in the summer. #reparations #slavery #monarchy #greatbritain

2 months ago

Karla Adam: A crown branded onto bodies links British monarchy to slave trade

"A crown resembling the iconic St. Edward’s headpiece from British coronations sat atop the letters S and C, apparently a stylized reference to the slave-trading South Sea Company. The accompanying text, written in 1715, declared that this was 'the Mark henceforward, to be put upon the Bodys of the Negros to be sold & Dipos’d of in the Spanish West Indies,' under a contract between Britain’s late Queen Anne and Spain’s King Philip V."

#britishempire #monarchy #slavery #slavetrade

Accept Uncertainty
2 months ago

Archival evidence of the British monarchy's direct involvement in the slave trade; including a shocking image of the South Sea Company brand that was burnt into the skin of the victims.

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Thailand Watch
2 months ago

“A…pro-democracy activist has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for a speech he delivered during protests calling for reform of #Thailand’s…#monarchy. #ArnonNampa, a #HumanRights #lawyer, was at the forefront of a [2020] protest movement…when 100s of 1000s…many of them young students, took to the streets to call for democratic changes... The sentence…is the first of 14 lese-majesty cases he faces. He is requesting bail while he appeals...” | Guardian #LèseMajesté #112

Anna Anthro
2 months ago

“One of Thailand's most prominent political activists, #arnonnampa has been sentenced to four years in prison under the country's much-criticised royal defamation, or lese-majeste law.

He was convicted by a court in #bangkok over comments he made during a protest in October 2020.

#thailand lese-majeste law forbids anyone from insulting the #monarchy on pain of harsh jail sentences.” #HumanRightsLaw

Passed Wonder
2 months ago

🎵 "Everybody needs good #neighbours
With a little understanding
You can find the perfect blend…"🎶

HTs #SignsOfTheTimes #SongLyrics #Monarchy #london #photography #NotMyKing #KingCharlesIII

Cropped view of a house window in a white wall, with a yellow 'NOT MY KING' sign prominently visible. King Charles III 2023 Union Jack bunting crosses in front of the shot
Andrew 🚲
2 months ago

saw these Regal tins of shortbread cookies on sale in the Impulse Buy Gauntlet at the grocery store today. #monarchy #KingOfCanada

two tins of shortbread at the grocery store. one has the late QE II and the other has our new King Charles III on the cover. clearance priced to move.
SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 months ago

Let’s hear it for #England’s #royals – and centuries of #incompetence, #criminality and #failure

We’re often told the current crop lack the dignity that #monarchy deserves. But what about the #losers, #adulterers and #delusional brutes who came before

Knowledge Zone
2 months ago

#OnThisDay French Revolution: Anniversary of Proclamation of the abolition of the #Monarchy (1792) by the National Convention of France.

Birth Anniversary of H. G. Wells (1866) - often called a "father of science fiction".

Today is International Day of #Peace and World #AlzheimersDay.

Mitex Leo :verified_bv:
2 months ago

The UAE has its own flourishing democracy, where its people are content and thriving. Let's avoid trying to impose external political ideologies on them and instead, encourage respect and appreciation for the UAE's unique culture and governance. Let's also remind our friends in the West to approach international relations with sensitivity and respect for diverse cultures.

#culture #democracy #politics #west #america #islam #europe #monarchy #BeKind #BeRespectful #Fediverse #uae #usa #ksa

An interview with the President of UAE
Preston MacDougall
2 months ago

@SocraticEthics It's not surprising it took the #UnitedKingdom so long to declare the #Wagner mercenaries a terrorist organization. The #ChainOfCommand that such approvals need to navigate is VERYT long and convoluted in a #monarchy , what with all the Ministers, Viscounts, Earls, Dukes and Duchesses, Kings and Queens and whatnot! 🤷‍♂️

“The #royal spin doctors had the opportunity to censor any pictures from the #coronation before they could be replayed on the day … And the royal spin doctors dictated which clips of the footage could be shown in future broadcasts in what they called with an Orwellian phrase: ‘a perpetuity edit’.”

#monarchy #KingCharles #TheFirm #censorship #UnitedKingdomOfGreatBritainAndNorthernIreland

SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 months ago

#British TV ‘allowed #monarchy to #censor coverage of king’s #coronation

Royal spin doctors imposed ‘extraordinary restrictions’ on covering #KingCharlesIII’s accession, says ex-head of Sky News

Studio 8502 :verified:
3 months ago

Look, I don’t particularly care if we get rid of the #monarchy or not, but any plan to do so that gives even the potential of handing more power to Tories is a total non-starter.

4 months ago

@ChrisMayLA6 The waste of our money is bad enough but the real evil of the monarchy is it’s embodiment of a system of class and hereditary privilege and power. #monarchy #inheritedwealth

Tim Newman
4 months ago

Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian etc what are we currently in? Other than an absolute mess that is.

Charlian? #uk #britain #monarchy

4 months ago

Joe Biden Wants You to Kill and Die for the #Saudi #Monarchy

Over just the past few years, the Saudi government has assassinated a Washington Post journalist and US resident; dragged the United States into a ghastly, years-long war on a neighboring country that has further shredded US global standing; and repeatedly humiliated and threatened the US president while cozying up to his leading global rivals — all while imposing Medieval levels of repression against women

A debate in Thailand about a law banning criticism of the monarchy has become the main obstacle to forming a new government.Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Lo has more ...
Law that criminalises criticism of Thai royals becomes main hurdle to forming new government
Tim Richards
4 months ago

I wonder when we stopped putting up statues to dead monarchs here in Australia.

I haven't seen any later than King George V (this one is in Brisbane, and there's one in Melbourne as well).

Can't recall seeing King George VI or Queen Elizabeth II as statues, though I suppose there might be some somewhere. And certainly King Edward VIII was there too briefly to score one!

#Monarchy #Statues #Memorial

Statue of King George V on horseback in front of Brisbane's City Hall, with a palm tree and tall buildings beyond.
4 months ago

There is one thing we surely do not need: to give ultra rich land owners and monarchs more money, while the cost of living drives many more people into poverty, to food banks or straight up suicide!

In a time of national crisis in the UK we must stand up against the idea of feeding the rich while letting everyone else suffer.

#uk #monarchy #costoflivingcrisis

You may be interested to know that the #CrownEstates #windfarm boom that has seen its profits escalate considerably has prompted a halving of the proportion paid to the #Monarchy from 25% down to 12%....

the increased share of the profits going to the Treasury will be used (in #KingCharles words) for ' the wider public good'....

Where that money goes is anyone's guess, but don't expect it to fund #NHS or #teachers pay, just yet...

Meanwhile elite wage #inflation continues apace:

The CEO of Crown Estates has received a pay rise over the last three years that from his arrival in the role has seen his pay triple!!!

But, hey, nothing to see here.

Of course, there's lots of 'justification' trotted out to counter criticism, but it just suggests as so often (at the least) #KingCharles has a tin ear for #politics & more seriously, whatever the pious words the #monarchy is detached from our reality!

4 months ago

No Commonwealth Games in Victoria is an issue?

How about...

No Commonwealth
No Monarchy
No Billionaires

#Victoria #monarchy #inequality #socialjustice

Simon Brooke
5 months ago

The argument for #monarchy, @thecommongreen, -- the ONLY argument for monarchy -- is that in medieval times, peaceful transfer of power from one regime to the next was extremely difficult, as Scotland has reason to know.

We no longer live in medieval times.

5 months ago

🗣 The IHC and CETAPS have joined efforts to organise an interdisciplinary conference dedicated to the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The call for papers is ongoing.


#histodons #CFP #QueenElizabeth #Monarchy #ContemporaryHistory #Britain

5 months ago

Well done @patrickharvie for putting it so well:

"A genuinely extraordinary attempt to lavish your money, our money, on some of the wealthiest people, not just in this country, but some of the wealthiest people in the world"

#NotMyKing #Scotland #republic #monarchy #royalty #KingCharles #Charles

Peter Nimmo
5 months ago

Today there's a strange ceremony taking place at St Giles in #Edinburgh, arguably the mother church of #Presbyterians across the world. #KingCharlesIII will be presented with a #crown in a not-quite #Coronation ceremony for #Scotland. The #FirstMinister, a #Muslim and #Republican and leader of an #independence party, will read from the #Bible; the leaders of his coalition party will be at an anti #monarchy demonstration instead. #BBC's James Cook has a go at explaining!

Bob Jamieson
5 months ago

Normal Island News
Bloke called Charles having second coronation in a year
The people of Scotland are said to be ecstatic.
You might remember the bloke called Charles who borrowed £300 million from you (that he still hasn’t repaid) so he could put a hat on his head to cheer him up after his mother died. Well, Charles loved that day so much, he’s doing it all again in a place called “Scotland” which is located somewhere north of Middle Earth.

#NormalIslandNews #monarchy

The King of Zulus in South Africa is denying that he's been poisoned.That's after a royal aide said suspected poisoning was behind his visit to a hospital, i...
Zulu king denies poisoning: Eswatini hospital visit was check-up
Miro Collas
5 months ago

Crown estate enjoys huge rise in profits thanks to offshore wind | Crown estate | The Guardian

"Earlier this year King Charles asked for the profits from Britain’s growing fleet of offshore windfarms to be used for the “wider public good” rather than as extra funding for the monarchy."

And people say the monarchy live off taxpayer money - which is rubbish.

#CrownEstate #Monarchy #UK

Donald Roy
6 months ago


No doubt some would say that such attitudes in the #British #monarchy would be a justification for the #US #Declaration of #Independence - originalism lives!

🧡Karen a woke Karen 🧡
6 months ago

Should never have got as far as Ofcom. A discussion about diversity and the Monarchy and the gammons can't cope with the truth. Yes, the balcony was very white . . .

#racism #monarchy

6 months ago

Activists in bid to end #monarchy lobbying #Scottish Parliament

Campaigners preparing to seek parliamentary support for abolishing exemptions in Scottish law which have been made for the #royalfamily.

They should have no special privileges. None.

Boots Chantilly
7 months ago

I'm not even going to get into all the racism/colonialism/thievery/genocide/nauseating levels of entitlement/general criminality--I seriously wonder, do they honestly not know how completely, utterly, absolutely RIDICULOUS they look??? #SMDH #Monarchy #JustStopAlready

Photo of King Charles in his giant hat, golden pope dress, and with all his stolen jewels, looking like a seriously depressed 400 yr old Cryptkeeper.
Aral Balkan
7 months ago


All hail Charles the Turd!

#uk #monarchy

Aral Balkan
7 months ago

“According to a recent poll, more than 70 percent of Britons under the age of 50 are indifferent to the coronation. Even so, a staggering 250 million pounds ($315m) of magicked-up taxpayer money will be spent on this single day even as thousands of nurses, doctors, teachers and other key public workers have been told for months there is no money in the coffers to offer them a meaningful pay rise.”

#monarchy #uk #inequality #letThemEatCake

Well, now we know Snoke's origins. #starwars #monarchy

King Charles and Snoke
Jeremy Bornstein
7 months ago

If your response to the British #monarchy is approximately anything other than repulsion or horror, I'm not sure that we are the same species. At minimum, the family's wealth should be repossessed by the countries that they've been stealing it from, and they should never appear in the news again until the end of time.

Also feel free to ask me my opinion about the Catholic Church.

Like bread. Or Christ! 😂

📷 CNN18 (India)

#coronation #UK #Britain #Monarchy vs. #republicans

youtube clip thumbnail shows a scene from the coronation with a large charles in crown superimposed.

The title block says "A KING HAS RISEN
Tom Jowitt
7 months ago

Australia treating the coronation with the respect it deserves: on a tiny screen in the side bar surrounded by betting odds.

No way it was going in the main bar when South's are playing.

#Coronation #monarchy #stormvsouths

A photo of the inside of a sports bar. On a tiny screen in the distance is the coronation.
Aral Balkan
7 months ago

British democracy is arresting people protesting the crowning of a king.


#coronation #uk #monarchy #democracy #policeState #notMyKing

7 months ago

A salute to British humor re: #royals, given the opportunity of some king's coronation:

Image from The Guardian.

#coronation #monarchy #serious #humor

7 months ago

Arrested for peaceful demonstration against the monarchy:

"Head of UK’s leading anti-monarchy group arrested at coronation protest"

#Monarchy #Coronation #AntiMonarchism #CharlesWidsor

Fen C
7 months ago

Just in case anyone's unclear as to my position on this anachronistic bullsh:t pageantry.


#uk #ukpolitics #constitution #monarchy

Charles III (image of him).

Fen C
7 months ago

"You can shove your Coronation up your arse. You can shove your Coronation up your arse".

#uk #ukpolitics #monarchy #coronation

Louise Locock
7 months ago

Oh. 'The historian David Starkey has claimed Rishi Sunak has not engaged with the coronation because he is “not fully grounded in our culture”.' Shocking thing to say.
#Coronation #Monarchy

Dr Robert N. Winter
7 months ago

One I saw elsewhere.

> Not a lot of people know this, but all the music for English coronations is written in the key that corresponds to the first name of the monarch. So Charles III's service will be entirely in C major, Elizabeth II's was in E major, George V's was in G major etc etc

> It's a tradition thought to date back to the Anglo-Saxon king Aflat

#Humour #Music #Coronation #Monarchy

🧡Karen a woke Karen 🧡
7 months ago

Indeed. At our expense.

#Monarchy #NotMyKing

Private Eye Magazine: Historic Souvenir Issue.

Yorkshire Bylines
7 months ago

Allegiance, annoyance and abracadabra: monarchy in the 21st century. Why has such a row broken out over the ‘oath of allegiance?’ Chartered psychologist and historian Dr Pam Jarvis reflects

#Coronation #Monarchy #PledgeofAllegiance

Grant Denkinson
7 months ago

If you, like me, would prefer not to have the #monarchy in UK you may be interested in #Republic