Tribe Help
2 days ago

Autumn is happening #MonDog

Brindle pit bull smiling in a pumpkin patch
3 days ago
Mike Sheward
3 days ago

Bailey has been distracted by a side quest, no ETA on when the main story will be resumed #mondog

A golden retriever chews on a rope.

Nurse #DaisyDoo reporting in: My mama has finally tested negative for #COVID tonight after 11 days since onset of 😃symptoms. A considerably shorter time than many bouts of bronchitis she's had in the past. However, she understands that continued infections could be very bad so is already scheduled for an #Updated #COVID vaccine n will wear upgraded #N95 masks #SheltieLife #MonDog

Good girl Daisy Doo on her pink quilt.
3 days ago

#mondog ✨💚🍀⚡️🌊🌀

Monday is a gray day at the beach

A very sleepy Mondog here. I think Pixie has the right idea.💡

Have a great rest of your night! 🌃

#Mondog #Monday #DogsOfMastodon #bullypit #Pixie

A fawn red Bullypit mix named Pixie sleeping on a blue blanket on the couch.
3 days ago

My contribution to #Mondog. This is my boy "Waldo" & he is furry. He is sleeping with me because I'm a little fatigued, a side effect of my bivalent COVID-19 booster.

Alex, just zis guy, you know?
3 days ago

She knows exactly what she's doing #mondog

Lena (60lb pit/staffordshire) resting snoot on woody (18lb dachs/shitzu)
Desert Dweller
3 days ago

For #MonDog, a shot of His Ancientness, who says it's seriously time for me to scrap this keyboard and take him out to play. The servant shall obey!

#GermanShepherds #GSD #DogsOfMastodon

An elderly, sable German Shepherd lies on a pile of cushions and blankets, several toys around him and under his paws. He is staring intently at the camera.
S Fraser
3 days ago

I nearly forgot #Mondog #MonDogMonday

A super chilled grooming session.


A cocker spaniel lying on a settee. Her ears are spread out on each side to almost their full size. The dog is staring into the camera.
Austin Philp
3 days ago
4 panel comic
Panel 1: A dog, looking concernedly at a pair of food bowls says "There's still food in your bowl"
Panel 2: A cat, lounging on a cat bed responds "I know. I'll finish it when I'm hungry".
Panel 3: Dog looks confused and more than a little concerned
Panel 4: Dog squints eyes and says "I don't understand."

#MonDog #Dog #DogsOfMastodon #MinPin Harvey loves his naps! Almost as much as he loves his #Mastodon #Family😝💜 #alttxt #alttext

Sr clear red min pin sleeping on his back with a rice bone. He’s bundled in a tan blanket.
3 days ago

Dogs enjoying the big bed on the deck.

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs #Mondog #Mastodog

Phoebe the Insane Bulldog Puppy and Edgar the Dignified Old Boston Terrier just chillin' on a big fluffy dog bed.
3 days ago

#Mondog is now trending across Mastodon

3 days ago
Small brown and white spotted dog looking at the camera, mouth open and tongue out while lying on a bed.
Still Andy Really
3 days ago

Misread the trending #Mondog as Moondog and was disappointed not to learn more about Louis Hardin Jr.

4 days ago

Shelter dog field trip. A day out for Hershey and her ears. #MonDog

A close up of shelter dog Hershey’s face. She is a brown dog with one blue and one brown eye. And very impressive ears.
Hershey has her front paws on a stone wall at the park as she enjoys the view of the valley.
4 days ago

Come on out, the weather is fine!
#Mondog #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #rescuedogs #GreatPyrenees

Amy Fountain
4 days ago

Good morning, friends ☕ ☕ 💞 🐕 🐕 💞

[edited to add crucial emoji opener]

As we get our day started, hopefully we remember to do the fun stuff, like snuffling (and potentially peeing on) things you find along the roadside. <-- if you are a doggo, only. Please.

#Gracie #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #Mondog #FediDogs

Two dogs on leashes prepare for their morning walkies.  They are facing away from the camera looking down a desert road.
Two dogs on leashes have almost immediately headed towards the weeds on the side of the road.  One is snuffling them, the other is peeing on them.
Amici Nybråten
4 days ago

#wholesome #FeelGood #Mondog

A man re-unites with his #dog after several years. The dog lost its way, and had been living on the street, until his friend got a tip...

- Try not to cry happy tears, challenge 🥲

(video starts properly at around 1:40)

The man walks down the street and finds the dog, they both get very emotional, the dog almost more than the human, and the man brings the dog home.
Rob Carlson
4 days ago

Happy #mondog

A Norfolk terrier looking directly at the camera and wearing a pair of sunglasses
Amy Tabb 🇺🇦
4 days ago

Her royal dog highness does not like soft beds. Over the weekend I made a bed cover for 2 crate pads. So far, it looks like this will be acceptable ...
#dogsOfMastodon #MonDog

A Rottweiler dog lies on two kennel mats stacked on top of each other, with a cover made from an old sheet. She looks worried, but that is her default look.
Nayana Mitter
4 days ago

32 years ago yesterday, Nirvana released Nevermind that redefined grunge music. One of my favourite albums ever. Sadly, Rocket wasn’t impressed.
#MusicMonday #Music #Rock #GreatRockAlbums #Grunge #Nirvana #Nevermind #Vinyl #Mondog #DogsofMastodon

4 days ago

Rainwater is the best water.
#Mondog #dogs

Black and tan dog drinking water puddling on a table on a stone patio. Giant mug next to her head
4 days ago
Matt Chambers
4 days ago

Izzy rarely pays attention to what is on the television. One night, however, about three years ago (shortly after she came to live with us) we were watching a PBS show on Arctic wildlife. A portion of the show showed Arctic wolves moving across the tundra and searching for a missing pup. Izzy heard the howls of the wolves and then paid very close attention. #mondog #rescuedogs #dogsofmastodon

a brown and white Springer spaniel stares intently at a television, the screen of which shows Arctic wolves.
4 days ago

#Mondog #Fotomontag #Photomonday #photography #photo #fotografie #foto

Der Nachbar hat seltsame Maulwürfe...

Ein Husky der entspannt vor einem Zaun so in einem selbst gebuddelten Loch liegt, dass es aussieht als wäre seine hintere Körperhälfte verschwunden oder unter der Erde in einem Tunnel aus dem er guckt.
4 days ago

The face. Mug shot. Guilty

#mondog #Mondog

Vakkoinen koira, muotokuva
Sharon Murphy
4 days ago

Cursed is he amongst women! Springsteen the miniature schnauzer looks decidedly unamused (as usual) as the three women he's with (including Kerrie the lurcher) stop to admire themselves in a mirror.

#MonDog #DogsOfMastodon #Lurchers #LurchersOfMastodon
#SchnauzersOfMastodon #Schnauzers

A mother (long brown hair, sunglasses, colourful t-shirt and blue jeans) and daughter (long brown hair, white top and blue ripped jeans) out walking stop to pose for a photo in a large round mirror intended to help a car owner exit his property. 
A large brown and white lurcher dog notices herself in the mirror and seems to pose also, while a small light grey schnauzer just looks grumpy and bored.
The mirror is mounted on a fence with a green field and trees visible behind it.
Lia [she / her] 🏳️‍🌈
4 days ago

PSA: Remember to schedule breaks, naps & time for dreaming!

This #MonDog was presented to you by dachshund Hildegard and her fluffy blanket 💚

#AdoptDontShop #RescueDogs #SelfCare #Nap #Cuddles #VeganDog

Dachshund mix Hildegard is laying on her back. Her head is tilted to the side, so her forehead rests against a blanket in almost the same beige as her fur. Her left ear lays looks like it's standing upwards, but it is resting on the mattress. She is asleep, with her paws in the air.
Glock Enterprises
4 days ago

The Glock family is growing. This chocolate lab pupster, currently 2 weeks old,is going to join us sometime in November. #dogsofmastodon #Mondog

Fribygdas Natteravn
4 days ago



4 days ago

#Mondog eli #Hauvantai
Kuvassa Atte laavulla kolmisen vuotta sitten

Chihuahua Atte laavulla kolmisen vuotta sitten
Gabriel :verified_paw:
4 days ago

Also here is our dog, doing her best attempt at the DOGE pose.

What do you think? Should I create a $COIN with her? I think I'll call it $RUG because she can't be trusted.


Photo showing Finnish lapphund lying on a rug looking sidedays at the camera, similar pose as the famous doge shiba.
Karsten Johansson
6 days ago

@fstateaudio @mara He'll be a star on #Mondog! But of course, super nice that you got in there before #Caterday. 🙂

Karsten Johansson
1 week ago

@CryptoJones Of course the dog with such an awesome expression is very Mastodon friendly.

You should post that one on #Mondog (Monday, of course).

1 week ago

Me: after a weekend of hosting guests and a wedding I finally have a quiet night to myself

Sudo: hey so guess what, I made a new friend in the yard who smells funny and now I smell funny

A quick bath with some homemade de-skunker and dog shampoo has her happy as a wet clam

#MonDog #DogsOfMastodon

Sudo, a female german shepherd mix, sitting down in the living room after a bath
1 week ago

Get in dingoes, we're doing this #PeerTube thing. I put something together quickly and it's pretty late so forgive me for the quality. I'll take a few days to figure this thing out. I think I already messed up the tags yay. I think I'll keep a backup of the videos on Youtube.

First things first, I need to figure out how to follow myself and maybe boost my own posts.

#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Corgi #CorgisOfMastodon #Mastodogs #DogsOfFediverse
#FediDogs #Mondog

Boots Chantilly
1 week ago

Now, Toutou, our hairy little terrier, has claimed the silken pillow. #MonDog #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon

1 week ago

Miss Winnie shows her #MonDog face. She *means business*. "There will be fetching today!"

A sugar-faced Golden Retriever lies in the grass with a disc in her mouth and a serious expression, ready for a fetch.
Mike Sheward
2 weeks ago

Rosie is a new hire and you are her assigned onboarding buddy. Please continue to do your job while teaching her how to do hers. K thx. #mondog

A chihuahua gremlin staring at you
Nayana Mitter
2 weeks ago

Remembering legendary guitarist and singer Jimi Hendrix who left us on this day in 1970 at the age of 27.
#MusicMonday #Music #Rock #Vinyl #jimihendrix #AreYouExperienced
#Mondog #DogsofMastodon

2 weeks ago

Guess whose birthday it is!!! #dogsofmastodon #mondog #goldenretriever

Evie the golden retriever wearing a pink “birthday girl” bandana

Kiwi on my desk in the office, keeping watch as I work. 😀

#MonDog #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon

A black toy poodle, facing away from the camera, with traces of gray in her fur keeps watch from a pillow on a desktop.
Sarena Ulibarri
2 weeks ago

I’m off to an early start on this #MonDog #Monday but this pup says it’s still snoozing time.

#DogsOfMastodon #corgi

A corgi lying sideways on a couch, body and feet propped up by pillows, head slumped onto the couch, looking super lazy.
2 weeks ago

Today’s #Mondog contribution: Luna stretching on the grass earlier this summer. I just liked how fluffy she looked. #goldenretriever #DogsofMastodon #dogs #photography

Golden retriever stretching on the grass. She’s on her side, and you can see her chest and belly. The grass is very green.
Jon Roach
2 weeks ago

The elaborate chocolador in sleepia-toned dreamland. #MonDog #DogsOfMastodon #labrador

Sepia-toned close up of a sleeping Labrador with face and three feet showing.
2 weeks ago

Phoebe the Insane Bulldog Puppy has gotten big. 5 months old, she loves to lick your hands or feet, and then, after some amount of that, move on to the apparently more satisfying chewing on your hands or feet.

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs #Mondog #Mastodog

Phoebe the Insane Bulldog Puppy licking my wife's feet, with her tongue between my wife's toes.
2 weeks ago

I know, #Mondog is almost over. Don’t be sad, there will be another one next week.

Evvy the white deaf Bull Terrier looks worried while hanging out on the couch with me.
2 weeks ago #mondog #adoptdontshop Fall is here with the absolutely adorable Pumpkin

2 weeks ago

she do the police in different voices #MonDog #bordercollie #dogsofmastodon

Standing on a brown leather sofa in the sunlight, a black and white border collie, ears pricked, makes up her mind to bark.
A black and white border collie stands on a brown sofa with her ears back, glaring at her person, whom she is about to bark at.
A black and white border collie, standing on a leather sofa, has her head thrown back barking at her person. The bark is imperious and demanding.
A black and white border collie stands on a brown sofa ending a demand-bark with an irate head-tilt.
Mandu 🥟
2 weeks ago

When you'd rather be doing anything else but put up with their shenanigans because you love them #mondog

a furry white dog with a bunch of little mermaid and princess stickers stuck to its front fur and face. two girls sitting next to the dogs are putting more stickers on him.
Bill Minarik
2 weeks ago

#opal, #calcite: both outstanding. Why can't they just be friends?
#mincup23 #MonDog #catsOfMastodon

Cat and Dog staring at each other, cat on the dog's bed, dog on the carpet.
mhr :donor:
3 weeks ago

the #mondog is almost melting

3 weeks ago

In memory of Beauregard who passed early this morning...
We rescued him when he was about a year & a half on Dec 22, 2012. He was a proud, stubborn, independent, opinionated, intuitively very smart, loyal & loving dog. He lived a long life, gave us joy & many wonderful memories. RIP Beauregard. Mark your territory & keep watch over your new home in heaven. 🙏 😭
#Mondog #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #rescuedogs #GreatPyrenees

Tim Zöller
3 weeks ago

It's not her pillow, but who am I to take it away? 🤷‍♀️

#mondog #dogsofmastodon

A dalmatian laying on a carpet, her head on a yellow pillow with a white pattern. She looks cute.
Mandu 🥟
3 weeks ago

When your best friend shows you a fun new activity to do together

dog rolling around in the grass.  little girl kneels down next to dog and watches for a couple seconds, then starts rolling around in the grass mimicking the dog.

We had really nice weather over the weekend and not too hot so we were able to take our disabled doggo out to his favorite park. He had a great time greeting all the people and other dogs that went by on the path.

#MonDog #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #FediDogs #SeniorDogs #CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel #Cavalier #park #DegenerativeMyelopathy #als

Picture of a tricolor cavalier king charles spaniel in his wheelchair at the park with a man sitting on a bench next to him reaching down to pet him. There is a picnic table on the grass in the background.
Picture taken from the back of a tricolor cavalier king charles spaniel lying on the grass next to a paved path. His head is turned around looking at the camera. His wheelchair is to the right and a water bowl to his left. There is an expanse of grass and a lake in the background, with boats lined up on shore. A woman is sitting on a blanket on the grass in the background off to the left.
3 weeks ago
Small brown and white dog looking at the camera with kind of a puzzled look on her face.
4 weeks ago

A #Mondog from the dunes this morning. #gsp #DogsOfMastodon

Dog running towards camera through marram grass with ears flapping under a blue sky
Mandu 🥟
1 month ago

Find the DOG!

#FindTheDog #mondog

pathway through park grass, trees in background, bench on the right of path, tall gass behind the bench. dog somewhere
1 month ago

Lisko from Finland: What? You want to go through this door? But why? #Mondog #dogsofmastodon #dogs

1 month ago

Olive the Scotty is jumping at the chance to wish you a happy #Mondog!

Olive the black fluffy Scottish Terrier goes vertical as she gets ready to jump in the air while playing outside.
The Flight Attendant
1 month ago

Happy #InternationalDogDay from my fluffy best friend, Gidget! She sends everyone kisses! #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #dog #dogs #cute #mondog #shihTzu

Black and white shih tzu dog with two purple hair bows sitting in front of beautiful purple iris flowers in full bloom
Katrina Katrinka :donor:
1 month ago


Since you're new and like animal pics, I'd recommend you follow #Caturday and/or #MonDog.

Mike Sheward
1 month ago

Bailey is going over the AWS bill and trying to figure out why Cloudtrail got so damn expensive last month #mondog #dogsofmastodon

My dog looking sleepy in glasses
Wanda Pickett
1 month ago

#Mondog picture of Pepper in full coat when he was a young lad.
#DogsOfMastodon #Havanese #PetPhotography #Dog #Photography

A black and white Havanese in full coat trotting across a lush, green lawn.
Mandu 🥟
1 month ago

Furry rocker

newborn in onesie and pacifier in mouth laying on chest of a brown lab on the couch. dog is panting and the baby is rocking up and down from the motion.
Giovanni Idili
1 month ago

Jake the #mondog is back among the #dogsofmastodon 🐶

Jake the black labradoodle dog laying down with a curious face and expressive eyes
1 month ago

My two wire fox terriers. The big boy Koji, 10 years old, is on the sofa. The little princess Tokyo, 2 years old, is perched on the arm of the leather chair in a "sleeping Snoopy" position.

#Mondog #dogsofmastodon

My two wire fox terriers. The big boy Koji, 10 years old, is on the sofa. The little princess Tokyo, 2 years old, is perched on the arm of the leather chair.
Behind the chair is a bookcase, zebra plant and curtains in front of a French window
Domando Al Lobo
1 month ago

🇪🇸 Luego me preguntan que si creo en el amor (CTO).

🇬🇧 Do you still believe in love? Yes, I do.

#Mondog #DogsOfMastodon #Dogs #Perros

Vídeo. Un chico de pelo corto moreno con barba trabaja en un portátil y una pantalla en casa. Un perro o perra canela de tamaño mediano está sentado en sus piernas y le mira con amor, con el morro cerca de su cara. Cuando él le mira pone la cabeza en su regazo. En todo momento mueve la cola. Muy tierna la escena.