Swede’s Photographs
5 hours ago

Moon 20230609

I took this at about 6 A.M. this morning.

June 9
Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 65%

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #moon

There is a bit of an amber hue to the moon in this photo.  The illuminated side faces left.
Jessica Reisman
9 hours ago

The moon, la luna. #moon #photography

Astroland 🔭
12 hours ago
13 hours ago

Supporting this #disabled #bipolar man today, could in theory one day send him to the #moon, so help him in this life on #earth today, You can share your love via, #Payapl or #Venmo
Thank You.

Dave Rogers
13 hours ago

This morning’s moon. #Olympus #EM1X #moon #photography

15 hours ago

Share the Nights
By Rachel Bingaman

#trees #painting #art #mastoart #moon

Rather simplistic painting of two pink trees and a purple tree on pink hills. The sky is coloured yellow, pink and purple, and there is a big white moon with some yellow on it.
23 hours ago
Bright blue sky. In the bottom left the top of an old gum tree obscures a few whispy, white clouds. In the top right, half a faint pale blue moon hangs in the sky.
1 day ago

The #databending practice continues. (Oh no, I've destroyed the moon!)
#GlitchArt #Moon
(the audio track for the original image sounded like the worst helicopter ever and I somehow made it even worse while creating this image 😂)

A photo of the full moon that has been glitched to look a bit like it is evaporating.
Stephen Braham
1 day ago

Meanwhile, more hints (after similar in the recent NASA Advisory Committee meeting) that #NASA is worried about Elon's rocket: #Space #Moon

Corey S Powell
1 day ago

Earth has a newly discovered quasi-moon, 2023 FW13, that orbits the Sun in rhythm with us. It's small ("between a boxcar and a large Winnebago"), but an intriguing target for future exploration. #space #astronomy #moon

The newly discovered #asteroid 2023 FW13 (a=1.00 au; see MPEC G10) seems to be a quasi-satellite of the Earth. A preliminary simulation with @tony873004's orbit simulator shows it in this configuration for several centuries at least.
History of Art
1 day ago

Längmatte at Moonset (1919) by German #expressionist artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner has its origins in what the artist referred to as a “madly beautiful” experience of nature. Kirchner printed this woodcut from several blocks, each inked in a different color, which he placed precisely next to and on top of one another in such a way that the colors overlap.

#art #arthistory #expressionism #landscape #moon

The artwork created in extravagant colors depicts the mountain landscape across the Längmatte, with the Altein massif on one side and the Tinzenhorn in the background.
Swede’s Photographs
1 day ago

Good morning. 🌙🌙🌙

It has rained every day for about three days. My grass is looking really green this morning. The electricity went out for a few hours last night. Because we have a standby generator, we had to endure a full minute without power. 😂 Getting the generator was one of our better choices albeit, a relatively minor one.

One of my better life's choices was marrying my wife. My wife makes me a better person. There are very few "my choices" anymore, they are our choices.

When around grandchildren, nieces, nephews in their early teens, I find a way to tell them about how the choices they make will in the now will affect their future choices.

“People took what they wanted, they clutched at coincidences, the few there were, and made a life from them. . .. Choices are made in brief seconds and paid for in the time that remains.” - Paolo Giordano, The Solitude of Prime Numbers

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #choices #moon #Venus

This is an iPhone photograph of Venus and the Moon. I edited the photograph with Lightroom, so it is a bit more colorful than the original photo.  The moon is a crescent of light which lights up the dark surrounding sky. There was a light overcast of clouds, so they are vaguely visible in shades of purple that radiate from light to dark shades.  Venus sits near the lower right corner of the frame, a smaller explosion of light.
Astroland 🔭
2 days ago
Dave Rogers
2 days ago
2 days ago

David Scott does the feather hammer experiment on the #moon

During #Apollo 15, astronaut David Scott dropped a feather (in his left hand) and a hammer (in his right) to show that objects, regardless of mass, fall at the same rate in a vacuum.

(old but gold)

Metin Seven
2 days ago

From the ar(t)chive: album cover artwork concept for the Dutch music artist Spinvis.

#art #artwork #illustration #illustrator #album #cover #CoverArt #astronaut #space #astronomy #music #moon #stars #MastoArt #FediArt

Stylized 3D artwork featuring an astronaut standing on top of a small moon.
2 days ago
2 days ago

Late Tuesday night smoky Moon. The pictures are great. The reasons are terrible.

June 7, 2023, 1:28 am. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

#Moon #astronomy #astrophotography #naturephotography #michigan #puremichigan #fire #fires #wildfire #wildfires #smoke #canadianfires

A large reddish waning Moon with the upper left side receding.
Spaceflight 🚀
2 days ago

@galaxy_map do you know where the #Marble data comes from (#Mars, #Moon etc.) ?

2 days ago

"Houston, We Have a Dust Problem: Future Moon Landings Could Jeopardize Spacecraft"
"An increasing number of lunar landers are expected to reach the Moon in the coming years, but scientists are worried about their impact on orbiting spacecraft."

"With enough Moon landings in the future, a cloud of pesky lunar dust particles could get in the way of orbiting spacecraft."

#Dust #Mondlandung #Mond #Moon #Raumfahrt #Spaceflight #Staub


Drawing it Wrong
2 days ago

Here are the WIPs!

Also, for more information about this zine, you can check out the link here:

Leftovers are still opened till 15 June so if this tickles your fancy, this is your last chance to get your hand on cute bunny merch and a zine filled with amazing art!!
#WIP #Sketch #MastoArt #CreativeToots #ArtistsOnMastodon #Zine #YearOfTheRabbit #MidAutumnFestival #Moon #Mooncake #OC #DigitalArt #ClipStudioPaint #DrewThisWrongsuethink

Flat colours of the piece I did for the Buncha Buns! zine.
Lineart of the piece I did for the Buncha Buns! zine.
Rough sketch of the piece I did for the Buncha Buns! zine.
Drawing it Wrong
2 days ago

We can finally post our full pages so here’s is my contribution for the @bunchabunszine, which is a bunny-themed zine for the #YearOfTheRabbit!

This is a re-imagining of the story of Chang-Er where she is an #Astronaut who lands on the #Moon and finds herself being invited to participate in a mid-autumn festival celebration held by a small bunny family!
#CreativeToots #MastoArt #ArtistsonMastodon #Zine #Mooncake #MidAutumnFestival #OC #ClipStudioPaint #DigitalArt #DrewThisWrongsuethink

Chang-er (as an astronaut) participating in a mid-autumn festival celebration with a small family of rabbits who live on the moon. They sit at her feet drinking tea and sharing a mooncake.
N.A. Ferrell
2 days ago

It's a bit smoky in Brooklyn, New York today. But on the bright side, the Moon was an interesting shade of red last night. Tsuki ga kirei desu ne indeed...

(How could I pass up a natural opportunity to share my history of the phrase tsuki ga kirei?)

#nyc #haze #moon #history #japan

The Moon through tree branches. I took this the other evening as the Moon was approaching full. Can you detect the Man in the Moon, the Lady in the Moon, and the Rabbit in the Moon? I can.

#photography #Moon

Astroland 🔭
3 days ago
Phase of the Moon
3 days ago
🌖 The #moon is waning gibbous
Haus der Astronomie
3 days ago

16 klare Nächte in Folge und kein Ende in Sicht...

#Astronomie #Astronomy #Mond #Moon #DailyMoon #MoonHour #ObserveTheMoon

Zeitserie der Mondphasen an 16 aufeinanderfolgenden Nächten von der schmalen zunehmenden Sichel bis zum abnehmenden Mond
Gemma Sarracenia
3 days ago

Just wondered if I still had the pic of the caterpillar whose "pupils" look like the phases of the moon, and yes.
#gardening #insects #moon

Probably some cutworm that I fell in love with and let keep eating my garden away, like the sucker I am.
The Deer Whisperer 🦌⚓
3 days ago

The "Strawberry Moon" above Seattle, Washington:

#Photography #Moon #Seattle #WashingtonState

photo by Tim Reagan

The moon over Seattle
The Deer Whisperer 🦌⚓
3 days ago

Full Moon rises above Mt Rainier and Bonney Lake, Washington:

#Photography #Moon #MtRainier #WashingtonState

photo by Jack Darling

The moon rising from behind Mt Rainier.
Mr. Tengu 👺
3 days ago

After astrological calculations and a 3-year wait for the right moment, photographer Leonardo Sens took this #photography

#brazil #moon

Marco Peuschel
3 days ago

Der #Mond erreicht kommende Nacht um 01:07 MESZ sein #Perigäum, die kürzeste Entfernung zur #Erde. Geozentrische Entfernung 364861,33 km (57,20498 Erdradien). Scheinbarer Durchmesser 32'45,00". #Mondphase k=-0,8900. #Astrodon #Astronomie #Moon

Astroland 🔭
4 days ago

Maanfoto van de dag: Layers of "B". Fotoinfo:,_2023 #astronomie #astronomy #sterrenkunde #space #maan #moon #lpod

4 days ago

Moon can't be made of cheese #orangemoon #moon

4 days ago

Sunday night's smoky Strawberry Moon, one day past full.

1 am, June 5, 2023. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

#Moon #strawberrymoon #astronomy #astrophotography #naturephotography #michigan #puremichigan

A dark red apparently full Moon fills most of the frame.
4 days ago

"Impact cratering happens on every solid body in the Solar System. In fact, it is the dominant process affecting the surfaces on most extraterrestrial bodies today.

On Earth, however, such craters are often lost over time by active geological processes, but elsewhere in the Solar System there are some truly majestic examples of impact craters preserved for all to see.

Here, we pick our highlights of what the Solar System has to offer." #space #craters #science #astronomy #SolarSystem #geology #astrogeology #exogeology #Moon #Mars #Ganymede #Ceres #Venus

5 incredible craters that will make you fall in love with the grandeur of our Solar System

Chain of impact craters Enki Catena on Ganymede. Photo: NASA/JPL/Brown University
Lars Fiedler
4 days ago

Saturday was a real moonday. I would like to share one take out of the complete nightly moon safari I did here, on this very photo Monday. Well, before I take the trouble to put more flat jokes and puns here - voilà.

#moon #fullmoon #nature #beauty #mood #FotoMontag #photomonday #paperg

:nikon: :darktable:

The nearly black and white landscape format take shows the full moon. The upper half of the moon covers two thirds of the picture. The lower half of the moon is covered by a cloud that is all black. The background is also black, some vague clouds can be guessed and put a kind of softly shining framing to the moon.

AI disclaimer: Using my work, its meta data, written or derived description to create media with or train AI based systems is prohibited.
Bosque Bill
4 days ago

Moonrise over Cookes Peak & Round Mountain
City of Rocks State Park, NM

It's been a few years so I don't really remember, but I may have cranked the knobs in Photoshop for this image. Still, looks cool, huh? Sort of alien landscapey.

#Moon #MoonMonday #MoonDay #landscape #photo #StatePark #NewMexico

A full moon is rising above desert mountains. It is in a clear light blue sky surrounded by high clouds. The far mountain peak, on the left, is a dark cone; the nearer a light brown; the foreground is dark.
5 days ago
Moonshine in a dark,cloudy sky over rooftop silhouettes
5 days ago

月の掛け軸。 #写真 #moon #photography

kernpanik 🐾
5 days ago

Good ol' #Moon. 🌝

#photography #architecture #Dresden #Fujifilm #FujifilmXT2 #Fujinon #XF150to600
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

The moon rises behind a modern glass-and-steel office tower.
kernpanik 🐾
5 days ago

The #Moon rises.

#photography #architecture #Fujifilm #FujifilmXT2
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

The #Moon rises behind an office tower.
Megalithic Portal (Andy B)
6 days ago

Standing stones on the isle of #Gigha This one has been moved and re-erected since #prehistoric times but it's interesting that the top of the stone is angled at about the same angle as the setting #moon. Also amazing views of #Jura. #StandingStoneSunday More on our page:

Cnoc nan Gobhar Stone, island of Gigha
Bruno Philipe
6 days ago

I don't think I've seen the moon quite this full in a long time, so I took the Nikon and my super-telephoto to give it a snap. And boy, did it deliver!

Sensor-shift OIS plus lens OIS means I could take this photo handheld, at 500mm, with ISO 100, 1/250s, and ƒ/8.

Just superb stuff.

#photography #astrophotography #moon #fullmoon

The full moon against a pitch-black sky.
6 days ago

Today's Strawberry Moon
100% Illuminated

📷 Canon 70D - Sigma 150-600mm Contermporary Lens - ISO 640 - Aperture: f/13 - Shutter Speed: 1/400 sec

#photo #photography #moon #lunar #luna #FullMoon #StrawberryMoon #Canon70D #Sigma600mmContemporary

Today's Strawberry Moon
100% Illuminated
6 days ago

Full moon through the palm fronds tonight #moon #fullmoon #photography

The full moon is peeking through palm fronds. Some lighting shines on the leaves from below.

One more iPhone photo of the strawberry moon.

#moon #fullmoon #StrawberryMoon

Red full moon above dark trees
Richard Bloomfield
6 days ago

The strawberry moon is looking beautiful across the water in Donegal this evening!
#StrawberryMoon #Moon #MoonShot #Donegal

Pink coloured moon, reflected across the top of water at night
Combustible Lemon
6 days ago

Bit of a #moon tonight, lads

A poorly-taken picture of the moon over Stratford
6 days ago

New Day
By Vesna Delevska

#art #nature #trees #moon #painting #mastoart

Painting of a black tree with a big bright white, yellow and orange coloured moon in the background. The tree is in the right in the painting and has bright blue leaves.  The branches bend over to the left in te painting. The tree is standing at the shore of water. The water has the bright white and yellow of the moon refelected in it, and is further coloured dark. The sky is coloured brown, red, orange and yellow.
☆⋆Okie Space Queen
1 week ago

The full #moon in #June is called the Strawberry Moon because it's time to enjoy strawberries.


1 week ago

Not quite a Full Moon yet
99% Illuminated

📷 Canon70D - Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lens - ISO: 640 - Aperture: f/13 - Shutter Speed 1/640 sec

#photo #photography #moon #lunar #luna #WaxingGibbous #Darktable #Canon70D #Sigma600mmContemporary

Not quite a Full Moon yet
99% Illuminated
1 week ago

Lights in the #NightSky. There was an Int’l #Space Station flyover after #sunset so as an experiment I sent up my #drone & took some long exposures as it approached, which I then stacked into one - hence the gaps. As it happened the ISS path (left) nearly paralleled the flight path of a jet headed into IAH (right). Also, from the drone, a photo of the rising (near) full #moon. And earlier, while making run for Vzlan food, a #photo of lights (& moon) at a nearby food truck court.


Color photo taken from a drone of the western sky after sunset, with a band of orange glow on the horizon and deep blue skies above that. On the ground below are the many lights of suburban streets and houses. In the sky are two, near parallel sets of streaks, each punctuated with gaps. The streaks on the left were made by light reflected from the International Space Station as it approached in its earth orbit. The brighter streaks on the right were made by a (much lower altitude) jet approaching a nearby airport.
Color photo taken from a drone of the nearly full moon set in deep blue night skies. On the ground below are the many lights of suburban streets and houses.
Color photo looking up at strings of glowing yellow lights radiating from the top of a large wooden pole. The upper part of the pole is unpainted and the lower part is red. The nearly full moon can be seen in the dark blue sky among the lights.
1 week ago

NZ Folks. Nearly-full moonrise any minute now if you have a horizon view that way.
#moon #moooooooooon #MoonMoonMoon 🌕

Swede’s Photographs
1 week ago

Moon 20230602

June 2
Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 97%

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #moon

Sharon Gascoigne
1 week ago

My husband had to wait for 6 years to capture this view of #TheNeedles.

Taken as the #moon set at 4.30 am last summer. This shot is only possible a couple of times each year. He almost had it in 2016 but it was slightly too breezy and the telephoto lens couldn't keep in focus.

It causes controversy as some think it's fake, I promise you that it is not. It involved much research, persistence and luck with the weather! It's the cover shot on our 2024 calendar #IsleofWight #photography

Two huge chalk stacks with a red and white striped lighthouse at the end. The setting full moon appears to be balancing on top of the lighthouse. The colour of the sea and sky is a muted blue, almost a denim like colour owing the sun being on the verge of rising.
Swede’s Photographs
1 week ago

Moon 20230601

June 1
Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 91%

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #moon

Comfortably Numb🦋
1 week ago

Dusted off my amateur very basic telescope I haven't used in years. Considering this pic is taken by pressing my phone to the telescope's eyepiece I like the result.

#moon #astronomy #telescope #photography

Moon, you can clearly see the surface
Basic reflective telescope

⚪ Ein "Gute Nacht" ...
🟤 A "Good Night" ... Favorite
📷 by Artist: #YierWang in Loc.: #Guangzhou China 🇨🇳 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Moon #Bridge #Goodnight 🌙 #Photography #Fotografie ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo of a curved old bridge in China at night. The lighting under the bridge is reflected in the water and appears like a crescent moon.
1 week ago

Moon. 🌙

This is my new painting. I hope that you like it! Every support for my work is very appreciated.

#art #painting #illustration #fantasyart #digitalart #landscapeart #arttoots #artistsonmasto #myart #nightsky #moon #aglyra #landscapepainting

Digital painting of a landscape with mountains water and the nightsky. There are orange blue clouds and a big moon. The centered moon is surrounded with lines and stars. There are also little bright and shining stars in the water and on the path of the mountains.
Mark Maguire
1 week ago

Not quite a Moon in June, just about 4 hours short of that. #Moon #Summertime #LongSummerDays #GrandAuldStretch #Moonrise #Mastodaoine #Bealtaine

Blue cloudless sky. The nearly full Moon in the middle of the image. At the bottom of the photo, the tops of evergreen trees.
☆⋆Okie Space Queen
1 week ago

Tuesday with Monday vibes?

Yeah me too.

The star near the #moon tonight is Spica, the brightest star in the constellation #Virgo.

Digital representation of the sky looking South after sunset and the moon is nearby the star Spica. The star Arcturus is labeled and higher than the moon.
Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

China launches new crew for space station, with eye to putting astronauts on moon before 2030.

The AP reports:

#Space #China #Astronauts #Moon

IT News
2 weeks ago

A Japanese-Made Moon Lander Crashed Because a Crater Confused Its Software - Last month Japanese startup ispace tried to become the first private company to la... - #moon

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
2 weeks ago

Finally catching up on season 3 of #ForAllMandkind. I've missed this show so much. Gotta love that #Moon hotel throwback!

#moon #moonphotography (📷 by my husband)

A photo of the crescent moon
Somersetlass 🇺🇦💙
2 weeks ago

Such a beautiful sky this evening, which my phone camera can't begin to do justice to. A barn owl was screeching and a few bats fluttering around - perfect.

A deep blue sky shading to golden over the rooftops. A blurry crescent moon and Venus.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
2 weeks ago

Many people imagine professional astronomers hunched over a #telescope and taking notes. We no longer work that way, as light captured by the telescope is registered by complex instruments. But sometimes it's fun to use your eyes!

I took this pic a few years ago, when we removed one of the instruments of ESO's Very Large Telescope in #Chile. A screen was temporarily attached in its place, and we used it to project the #Moon and show it to everyone at the observatory

#astronomy #astrodon #space

A photograph of a huge telescope looking up to the blue twilight sky. At its side, facing the viewer, there's a rectangular screen where a large crescent Moon is being projected by the telescope.
Wonder of Science
3 weeks ago

Stunning timelapse of Earth rising over the Moon captured by lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya. ©JAXA/NHK

#moon #earth #japan #space

3 weeks ago
The faintest sliver of moon in a dusk filled sky. Photo taken by Michelle Joy Gallagher Soffe
The Deer Whisperer 🦌⚓
3 weeks ago

Jupiter just before disappearing behind the Moon last night in Seattle, Washington:

#Photography #Occultation #Moon #Jupiter #Seattle #WashingtonState

photo by Steve Rice

Jupiter just before disappearing behind the Moon

"#Artemis2 crew begins 1st moon mission training in 50 years" by @spacedotcom (mirror bot) / @howellspace - After initial publicity tour since April 3 crew announcement, now training on #SLS/#Orion systems and flight scenarios. #Artemis🚀 #NASA🇺🇸 #Moon🌕 #space

3 weeks ago

月の掛け軸。 #写真 #moon #photography

Good to have it confirmed.
#Moon #Humour
Catch you later, #Mastodon

A road sign above a set of traffic lights saying "Moon" and pointing to the right.  The moon is actually directly adjacent to the sign.
3 weeks ago

Italian photographer Stefano Zanarell traveled to the iconic Arc de Triomphe on an evening with a bright full moon. Speculating that the celestial body would precisely position itself with the architectural aperture, he waited. #architecture #moon #photography

A bright full moon is aligned perfectly in the middle of the Arc de Triomphe as a busy street is lit by cars below.
AkaSci 🛰️
4 weeks ago

FYI, there will be a Lunar occultation of Jupiter early Wednesday morning, May 17, 2023.
From the U.S. East Coast, the thin crescent moon will appear to pass in front of Jupiter, between 6:15 and 10:00 a.m. EDT.
Note that the Sun will have risen, hence proper equipment will be needed to observe it.
Observers on the west coast will have better views with darker skies.|1.8761958308614055|dec|10.412431394058537|fov|40
Check out for occultation times at your location.
#Jupiter #Moon #Occultation

Graphic of Lunar occultation of Jupiter
The Deer Whisperer 🦌⚓
1 month ago

Spectacularly detailed photo of the Moon. Zoom in!

#Photography #Moon

photo by Andrew McCarthy

The Moon

Unnamed woodblock print by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi from the book “Tsuki hyakushi” (One Hundred Aspects of the Moon). The book depicts various aspects of the moon, drawing upon Japanese and Chinese anecdotes, historical events, and mythology. The final book printing was in 1892, the year Tsuki printed this and the year he died.

#Art #Japan #Japanese #JapaneseCulture #Moon #Fire #Illustration #FireFighter #Woodcut #Tokyo

Looking at the back of someone in a full-body multi-piece outfit with a large black/white brick pattern, blotchy red Japanese writing in a block on their back, and a hood with a circular symbol and some blotchy Japanese writing. The person has one arm dangling with fingers semi-closed and one arm placed atop a light post of sort with flowing ribbons a cube light and a sphere light. There appears to be blood splatter coming from them. They’re looking at a wall of flames in the background, with one roof top behind them. On the roof are two shadowy figures on all fours and one shadowy figure standing on the peak holding a banner post with a flag.
1 month ago
Painting of a black cat, seen from the back, sitting in a tree, watching the the white moon. The tree is coloured in black and white and has a lot of branches and no leaves. The background of the painting is purple.
Brie Mmm
1 month ago

I'm not very proud of the image, but for running like mad across the fields with tripod (the pre-choosen location turned out to be covered in high vegetation) and subsequent cloning out seventeen transmission cables, I have decided to show it anyway.

#photography #moon #castle #Będzin

Sharon Gascoigne
1 month ago

Last night's full moon as it rose over Bembridge Lifeboat Station.

It was lovely and calm down on the beach as we watched the #moon emerge from the low cloud. This photo taken by my husband does it far more justice than my wobbly video that I posted last night!

#Moonrise #Bembridge #IsleofWight #Photography

A deep blue image, taken just as night fell, A calm sea, the moon large in the sky as it has just risen over the horizon. It's casting a reflection over the sea. There is a red buoy floating in the water in front of a large lifeboat station which sits on a bridge like structure.
A relaxing and tranquil image.
Jon Keegan
1 month ago

I have a newsletter called @Beautifulpublicdata where I write about interesting visual datasets collected by government agencies. This week I wrote about NASA's fascinating collection of 842 pounds of rocks and soil we brought back from the Moon to be photographed and catalogued in meticulous detail: #NASA #moon