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Disaster Guy In Sevilla
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One of threats that is rising and will continue to rise in next years will be emerging diseases.
Today's case is #Malaria outbreaks in cities of #Africa.
Ey. wait... in cities?
Yes parasite is carried by a invasive species of #Mosquito whose habitat is city and resistant to insecticides.
Something I learned a few years ago when a friend was infected by #NileVirus in #Sevilla
When supply networks are cut off or not available, people store water in ditches or pools. Mosquito larvae breed there

Malaria and invasive mosquito in Africa.
Headlines The New York Times 2023 Sept.29

this is how #mosquito​s see us!!!


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proudly made with #gimp

blood bag in the shape of a manikin (has ?bulges? as arms and legs), hanging on a hook
Colin Purrington
1 week ago

@futurebird Pesticide companies should be legally required to have at least one biologist on staff. From Spartan Mosquito's website I'm not sure they even have a person who took biology in high school. But they all have advanced degrees in scamology. #mississippi #mosquito

Marcus Stensmyr
1 week ago

A little sneak peak from an upcoming paper from the lab! Body shop™'s Pink Grapefruit Body Butter is an effective #mosquito repellent (panels I, J)! Washing your hair with grapefruit scented shampoo, not effective (G, H). #neuroscience #insect #entomology

Mitex Leo :verified:
2 weeks ago

Dengue situation is worsening in Bangladesh 🇧🇩. But the govt. is yet to take any commendable action.

In the past 24 hours, 3,027 dengue patients were admitted to hospitals, as reported by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). This year, dengue has tragically claimed the lives of 846 people, with nearly 173,795 individuals falling ill, marking it as the deadliest year since the first recorded epidemic in 2000.

#dengue #bangladesh #news #health #pandemic #mosquito #bdnews #bangla #বাংলাদেশ

2 weeks ago

I want to #CRISPR and #GMO these things into the compost bin of history. Just like EO Wilson wanted as well.

But this article is just catnip for conspiracy theorists. LOL

"There will be blood: Inside the U.S. Army’s mosquito breeding program"

#mosquito #scicomm #GiftedArticle

2 weeks ago

3am thought:
Is a #mosquito bite really a bite? In Danish it's a sting... Which is it? 🤔

Also: It's outrageously out of proportion that a handful of mosquito bites can ruin a good night's sleep. I am #sleepless and very itchy.

2 weeks ago

Just heard the dread whine of a mosquito. Took a swipe at it, missed it. Tracked it to the corner of the ceiling, willed it to land ... a spider ambled out of a crack in the (wooden) ceiling and attended to it's prey. Excellent outcome. No more mozzie, spider got supper!
#Spider #Mosquito #NoItchyBitesToday

Colin Purrington
2 weeks ago

This Asian tiger mosquito kept landing on my keyboard while I was googling p-Menthane-3,8-diol, a repellent that is marketed under the wholesome name, "oil of lemon eucalyptus." #mosquito #diptera #insect #nature #entomology

Black and white mosquito resting on a wood desk next to a USB cable.
Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

Special mosquitoes are being bred to fight dengue. How the old enemies are now becoming allies.

AP reports:

#Mosquito #Dengue #Disease #Health #Entomology

3 weeks ago

#Mosquito control experiment status: #eucalyptus #lemon oil #repellent works, and doesn't melt plastic like #DEET -- however, need to change clothing between inside and outside, otherwise you fill up any small enclosed spaces with eucalpytus lemon oil and you start choking on the fumes. Yes, my pants were rapidly deployed outside (I put on other pants, don't worry).

Dark Kassandra
3 weeks ago

If you realize that the #mosquito is biting you, but it is too late since it already injected the itchy poison, what do you do?

#Animal #pool

#mosquito #save

3 weeks ago

“Various research teams have predicted massive growth in #tick and #mosquito populations in the decades ahead, with one Canadian study suggesting there could also be a #WestNileVirus infection rate roughly 18 times higher by 2050 as mosquito ranges expand.”

Daniel Dvorkin
3 weeks ago

Tens of millions of #Americans are absolutely convinced that the multiple prosecutions of #Trump et al. are politically motivated, with no basis in actual crimes, and should be thrown out immediately on that basis. Many of them affect to believe that any #prosecution of a former #President should be off the table, because it’s “bad for #democracy” or “like something out of a third-world country” or some other content-free criticism. Most would of course cheerfully see #Biden thrown in prison for no provable #crime—but we know expecting consistency from them is a mug’s game.

Anyway. These people are enemies of the #United #States of #America. We owe their opinions no more consideration than we do the viewpoint of a #malaria-infected #mosquito.

3 weeks ago

The People's Mosquito are at the We Have Ways podcast festival, near Stowe, Buckinghamshire. We are having a great time! Two more days to go. Come along if you like WW2 history! Great speakers, masses of hardware, and lovely folk! #WW2 #history #Stowe #Buckinghamshire #UnitedKigdom #deHavilland #mosquito

3 weeks ago

Fight viruses with viruses?!
Book the scientist Mine Altinli
@BNITM for an exclusive online talk on interactions of insect-specific & 🦟#mosquito-borne viruses like #WestNile & #Dengue & how to leverage these interactions for disease control!

Greenish sharepic with the writing "Book a Scientist", the Leibniz Logo and a photo of the junior researcher ©Mine Altinli.
Colin Purrington
3 weeks ago

Grrrr. Yet another peaceful morning disrupted by the whine of a gas-powered insecticide sprayer. They come to my neighbor's house every two weeks during the summer. I don't understand why this is legal. #insecticides #pollinators #nature #pyrethroids #insecticide #chemicals #pesticides #mosquito #mosquitoes

White van with the text, "Mosquito Shield," parked in front a residence on a suburban street.
Takako 🐀
4 weeks ago

The said male #mosquito.

A digitally zoomed closeup of the male mosquito. It’s a silhouette backlit by some yellow-green leaf of a plant and the growLight. You can see his fuzzy antennas and the proboscis tip shaped like the fleur-de-lis (it has three prongs).
CelloMom On Cars
1 month ago

"#Guatemala on Thursday declared a national health emergency in the face of a #dengue outbreak that has killed 22 and infected thousands so far this year.

The World Health Organization said in April that dengue and other diseases caused by #mosquito-borne viruses are spreading faster and further due to #ClimateChange."

A more robust and diverse #insect population means fewer pests. More #bees, #butterflies and #spiders means fewer #mosquito bites.

“In the wilderness, where there’s more diversity of organisms, you have a better balance. In places where it’s become urbanized, a few species that are extremely dominant create outbreaks and all kinds of unstable circumstances.”

Don’t you dare rake your leaves this fall

1 month ago

Plug and Play gene expression in mosquitoes!
We characterize modifications 5' & 3' UTR of transgenes to create a toolbox for gene expression modulation in #mosquito cell lines.
#transgenic #syntheticbiology #geneexpression

Predictable modulation of transgene expression levels in mosquito cells. 1. Altering the 5' Translation initiation sequences and 3'UTR sequences produce reliable and additive changes in transgene expression

Ithan Creek, PA

I needed to get out, so I did 😊

I spent a lot of time trying to take nice pictures while mosquitoes were hitting on me, although they did not bite thanks to DEET and permethrin-treated shirt 😀 Much better on the water, but on the trail, I basically needed to jog 😅

This creek runs along I-476, but once I am on the water, the freeway noises disappear, and all I can feel is a beautiful creek in the wood😊

#FlyFishing #Fishing #Walking #Hiking #Nature #Outdoor #Mosquito #DEET

This creek runs through suburban woodlands and residential areas. This section is along I-476, and you can hear a lot of noises. But once you start fly fishing, freeway noises disappear, and all you can see is a beautiful stream in the deep wood.
1 month ago

De Havilland Mosquito TT.35. The last 'flourish' of the DH Mosquito was a post-war target tug, converted from the last bomber version built, the Mosquito B.35. This example hangs in the roof of one of the hangars at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, United Kingdom, wearing the classic 'anti-camouflage' of the target tug, silver upper surfaces, with bold yellow and black stripes. The swift Mosquito was an ideal aircraft for towing aerial targets! There is no longer a flying example of the type in Europe, however, The People's Mosquito (a Registered Charity) is now building one! For more details, see #DeHavilland #Mosquito #IWM #Duxford #targettug #avgeek #aviation #TT35 #hangar #ThePeoplesMosquito #TPM #UK #UnitedKingdom #Europe #museum #WW2

Unnamed tributary of Darby Creek, PA

Mosquitos disappeared when I entered this cold tributary 😊

The water temperature was 3˚C (~6˚F) lower than that at its mouth (Darby Creek), where I was surrounded by many mosquitos even with DEET 😉

While it makes sense, it is a bit strange and very refreshing with cold water – I was wearing sandals 😊

Fallfish and Sunfish are active in Darby Creek, and Creek Cubs were found here.

#FlyFishing #Hiking #Walking #Creek #Temperature #Mosquito #Repellent

This tiny tributary is covered by vegetation. This tributary feeds into Darby Creek and has much colder water than Darby Creek. This cold water plays a nice role as a mosquito repellent, once I entered this tributary, mosquitos were gone.
1 month ago

St. Louis encephalitis virus found in Yolo County mosquitoes | The Sacramento Bee #climateChange #mosquito #encephalitis #yoloCounty #CAHealth

1 month ago

#Mosquito (1994) 🦟
A violent massacre caused by human-sized mosquitoes forces the lone survivors to band together in a fight for survival as the mosquitoes continue their onslaught.
#CreatureFeature #FilmsWithBite
#FilmMastodon 🎥 🎬

1 month ago

I had no idea he was such a history buff...#mosquito #trump #tuckercarlson #panamacanal

Akira Sakurai
1 month ago

Observation of the heartbeat of a mosquito that has sucked my blood.
The mosquito's heart is tubular and is located on the dorsal midline of the abdomen.

#dissection #insect #mosquito #biology

Observation of the heartbeat of a mosquito that has sucked my blood.

#dissection #insect #mosquito #biology

robyn ✨
1 month ago

Almost all bites blow up to golfball-sized welts that are super painful. We have no standing water in the garden, no ponds etc, and yet you step outside for even just 30 seconds and there's a cloud around you.

Whatever #Edmonton is doing to control #mosquito population is definitely not working.

All our windows have intact screens, and yet you open the front door for a couple seconds and they come in


🧵 2/x

Mosquito CO2 trap data from the City of Edmonton. The 2023 bars eclipse the 2022 and 2021 bars - levels are about 10x as high as in 2021.
Maja Mielke
2 months ago

I'd rather have them in my #sketchbook than in my bed room...
#mosquito #ink #insect #scientificillustration #penandink #moleskine #MastoArt

Ink illustration of a mosquito with drawing tools lying next to the drawing.
Close-up of ink illustration with ink pen (work in progress)
Underdrawing of the mosquito illustration done with non-photo blue pencil.
2 months ago

pics in collage: top left Achillea millefolium hybrid; these have a long season here and will continue past early frosts. Top right/bottom left Sonchus sp/Sow Thistle; Eurasian agricultural #weed , there are a couple of spp here this is a patch I like to leave as I like their tall stems, bluish leaves and the big bright flowers are much appreciated by #pollinators though the only insect to be seen just after rain at top is a #mosquito !

2 months ago

DH98 Mosquito B.35 This particular Mosquito represents the last bomber variant of the Mosquito, the B.35. Only two RAF Squadrons operated this type, both in the post-war period. However, they had a relatively short Service life as a bomber with many being converted as target tugs, designated TT.35. This Mosquito has since been moved to the RAF Museum's Bomber Hall. There are several Mosquitoes flying in the USA, and The People's Mosquito charity has just completed a set of fuselage moulds in the UK, as they begin to restore one of these beautiful aircraft to flight status. Please see to learn more! #DeHavilland #DH98 #Mosquito #RAF #museum #WW2 #history #targettug #bomber #aircraft #restoration #aviation #photography #aviationphotography #RoyalAirForce #charity #avg #ThePeoplesMosquito #RegisteredCharity

“Scientists have found a naturally occurring strain of #bacteria which can help stop the transmission of #malaria from #mosquitoes to humans…

The bacteria works by secreting a small molecule, known as harmane, which inhibits the early stages of the malaria parasite growing in the #mosquito's gut…

Harmane can either be ingested orally by the mosquito, if mixed with sugar, or absorbed through its cuticle…

Malaria kills a child every minute.”

(HT ‪@rationaldoge‬)

Colin Purrington
2 months ago

I just noticed that the Borough of Media, Pennsylvania, has a fantastic webpage urging residents to stop spraying pyrethroids on their yards (i.e., stop paying companies such as Mosquito Shield and Mosquito Squad to do it). The page also encourages people to report instances of pesticide drift from the target yard into neighboring yards. All towns should adopt a policy like this. #mosquito #mosquitoes #spraying #pesticides #pollinators #bees #insects #pyrethroids #delco #pennsylvania #BeeCityUsa

Sign in lawn advertising for Mosquito Squad. "Mosquitoes eliminated guaranteed" appears along with phone number and website. A red "X" has been added over the sign.
Sterling Ericsson
2 months ago

Mosquitoes and the disease they spread are a concern worldwide, especially in regards to invasive species that bring diseases less common in a region and those species that focus on biting humans.

A consortium of European researchers have come together to target the asian tiger mosquito by using RNA interference and food sources that the larva will take up, preventing their reproduction.

#Mosquito #RNA #RNAi #Europe #Science #Biotech #Biotechnology #Biology #Scicomm

Colin Purrington
3 months ago

My neighbor just had her property fogged by Mosquito Shield, one of those outfits that uses gasoline-powered foggers to coat foliage with insecticides every few weeks. I can always smell it, which means that the chemicals have drifted into my yard and are now killing my insects. Makes my blood boil. Here's my post about pyrethroid sprays in case you can share with friends who are considering signing up for these services. #insects #insecticides #mosquitoes #mosquito #pyrethroids #chemical #pesticides #pollinators #nature

Marcus Stensmyr
3 months ago

On Tuesday I will be on TV here in Sweden to talk about mosquitoes. Annual event, and I feel I say the same thing every time…I need new material! Not sure how many of my #mosquito colleagues have made the transfer from Davy Jones locker to here, but any tips and suggestions for some new and noteworthy findings would be greatly appreciated! Please retoot! #aedes #malaria

A huge water puddle in the middle of residential areas

It doesn’t look like a pond. Paddy field? Not sure as I don’t see any rice growing. Could be a paddy field not in use. Or just flooded due to the heavy rain from yesterday? To me, it looks like a huge mosquito incubator 🤔

#Japan #Japanese #Fukuoka #River #Creek #Water #Rain #PaddyField #Rice #Mosquito

A huge water puddle in the middle of residential areas. Looks like a paddy field not in use.
3 months ago

Ah, that explains the #mosquito bites. Checked the window screens finally, and one screen had detached from one side of the window screen frame. (likely due to the dog... sitting at that window and barking at people, probably pushed it open). Another one looks a little suspicious (sun damage). Looks like I'm going to buy new screen material tomorrow. #windows

robyn ✨
3 months ago

Sweet mother nature it really is #mosquito season in this fair city 🥴

Thought I'd pull some weeds over the lunch break in a shady area... Gonna need stronger Off before I attempt this again.

#yeg #Edmonton

3 months ago

So, since we had a really dry summer last year, I'm collecting water in rain barrels to water the garden and conserve our well-water. However, as I discovered recently, rain barrels can be places where mosquitoes can breed. So I put a thin layer of old olive oil (leftover from soap making) on top. I checked on both rain barrels today -- no #mosquitoes!

"Rain Barrels and Mosquito Pests

While using a rain barrel in the garden is great for water conservation among its other benefits, mosquitoes are a constant threat, as they carry life-threatening diseases. Learning how to control mosquitoes in a rain barrel is just as important to controlling them anywhere else, especially since the pests take advantage of standing water to help carry out their life cycle. Here are some things you can do to minimize their presence:

- Dish soap– Liquid dish soap creates a slick film on the surface of the water. When mosquitoes attempt to land, they drown before they have time to lay eggs. Use natural soap and avoid products with perfume or degreasers, especially if you water your plants with rain water. One or two tablespoons of liquid soap per week is plenty for most rain barrels.

- Mosquito dunks– Also known as mosquito donuts, mosquito dunks are round cakes of Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis), a naturally occurring bacteria that provides mosquito control in rain barrels as it slowly dissolves. However, it is safe for beneficial insects. Be sure the product label indicates the dunks are formulated for ponds because other types, which kill caterpillars, aren’t effective in water. Replace the dunks as needed. Check them after a hard rain.

- Vegetable oil– Oil floats on the surface of the water. If mosquitoes attempt to land, they suffocate in the oil. Use about a quarter cup of oil per week. You can use any type of oil, including olive oil. Horticultural oil or dormant oil are also effective for preventing mosquitoes in rain barrels."

Read more at Gardening Know How: Mosquito Control In Rain Barrels: How To Control Mosquitoes In A Rain Barrel

#NoPesticides #OliveOil #Organic #RainBarrels #Mosquito #MosquitoControl #NaturalPestControl

Colin Purrington
3 months ago

Somebody in Cleveland, Mississippi, sent me some photographs of mosquitoes massed near her front door. Images aren't that clear but I'm wondering whether anyone can help me ID them. They look like Anopheles quadrimaculatus, and that might make sense given rice farming in area. #mosquito #mosquitoes #diptera #Mississippi

Mosquito resting on white wall.
Mosquito resting on white wall.
Large numbers of mosquitoes on a wall near a door.
US health officials have confirmed five cases of locally transmitted malaria in Florida and Texas. It’s the first time the potentially fatal mosquito-spread ...
Malaria contracted in United States for first time in 20 years | Al Jazeera Newsfeed
3 months ago

More concerns about #GE mosquitoes -- especially since they can breed when exposed to #tetracycline

Behind an academic paywall:

Science snipes at #Oxitec transgenic-mosquito trial

by Nidhi Subbaraman

Nature Biotechnology volume 29, pages 9–10 (2011)

"#Oxitec's plans for transgenic #mosquito trials have not been without controversy in the past. They have been criticized by environmental groups, such as Ottawa-based #ETCGroup and #EcoNexus of Oxford, concerned about the risks of releasing an entirely new strain of organism into the environment".

#GM #GeneticEngineering #mosquitoes

David Reamer
5 months ago

Late 1960s Alaska #mosquito postcard. Back notes this specimen was "shot in the spring thaw of 1967." Sender wrote, "made a mistake for not bring his saddle along, they are big enough to ride." #alaskahistory #mosquitoes #alaskastatebird #Alaska

6 months ago

So, how do I plan to solve this?

Well, #Klipper allows for the addition of the #RaspberryPi MCU, which works with my sensor.

I will then once again create the exact same #Mosquito #MQTT server as I had.

#Moonraker will then post this temperature to the server.

If I keep the format and everything identical, my #ESP32 will simply reconnect, and my heating lamps would work again perfectly.

It's just like 03:01 in the morning now, and if I start that now, I probably won't sleep tonight.

@3dprinting #3dprinting

6 months ago

Finally, I installed #Moonrakerz the #API service for #Klipper.

My printer doesn't support a chamber natively, so I used the #EnclosurePlugin from #Octoprint to measure the enclosure temperature. I then modified the source code to take that sensors value and inject it as #Gcode that #Octoprint actually thought my printer was enclosed.

Using the #MQTTPlugin, this state was then communicated to a #Mosquito #MQTT server, which an #ESP32 then read and dimmed my heating lamps with a PID controller to get the enclosure up to 60°C.

The #EnclosurePlugin also controlled the power of my printer, visual lights, and then this sensor.

This is now obviously broken.

@3dprinting #3dprinting

Eva Amsen
6 months ago

I’m at #WCSJ2023 this week. It’s the world conference for science journalists in Medellin. Most of the conference chat is happening on the bird site, so I’m there this week, but I’ll try to remember to share some pictures here.

These are pictures from a visit to a #mosquito #lab that produces and releases mosquitoes with the wolbachia bacteria, because that helps prevent the spread of the dengue virus. Since they started, #dengue cases in #Medellin have gone way down!

Plastic containers with mosquitoes in it
A scientist in a lab coat is flushing a panel of mosquitoes to sort them by size. The bigger insects are female and used to collect eggs
Two scientists next to a computer and a stack of containers. The containers have mosquitoes in them
A scientist showing a piece of paper on which mosquito eggs were collected
Albert Cardona
6 months ago

6 senior + 6 tenure-track faculty positions open at Johns Hopkins in #neuroscience:

Let's hope many insect neuroscientists working in #Drosophila, #mosquito and other critters apply.

Contact Chris Potter of #Anopheles mosquito research fame for an insider view of how it is to run an insect neuro lab there.

#jobs #academia

Alex Wild
7 months ago

Alien floating through space, or mosquito pupa floating through pond water?

We report, you decide.

#Aedes #mosquito #insect #photography

Against a deep blue speckled field floats a strange segmented blobby creature with transparent flippers at the bottom and a pair of horns at the top.
The Conversation Africa
7 months ago

The Kenya Medical Research Institute recently detected an invasive mosquito species in Kenya’s northern region.

This #mosquito, Anopheles stephensi, is native to South Asia and the Middle East.

Anopheles stephensi can breed in cisterns, jerrycans, tyres, open tanks, sewers, overhead tanks, underground tanks and polluted environments.


Sterling Ericsson
7 months ago

Dealing with mosquito-borne diseases also means dealing with mosquitoes and knowing just how their feeding mechanisms function. However, you don't want to test on humans directly and animal models don't have perfect comparisons to human skin tissue.

Now, scientists at Rice and Tulane University have developed bioprinted hydrogels that can mimic and analyze mosquito bites and blood withdrawal.

#Biomaterials #Mosquito #Disease #Medicine #Science #Biology #Scicomm

Colin Purrington
9 months ago

In personal news, I go on trial for slander this summer over a product review I posted on my blog. Wish I could CC John Oliver so that the company, Spartan Mosquito, could get the attention it deserves. #scam #entomology #mosquito #legal #SLAPP #Mississippi

Bianca Nogrady
9 months ago

NSW Health is reporting the first case of #JapaneseEncephalitis in NSW this season, in Lake Cargelligo, and warning people to avoid #mosquito bites and be alert for symptoms.

Colin Purrington
10 months ago