Sami Kelsh is a tired bear
4 hours ago

Do you like moths and/or men? Well, have I ever got a sticker for you! He’s a mothman! He’s a moth AND a man! He’s got a boyfriend who’s also a mothman! If you buy both stickers you can make ‘em kiss!

#mothman #cryptid #cuteart #moth #art #letsgetwhimsical

A sticker of a cinnabar Mothman. He’s got big red eyes and a fluffy black body, with long antennae and red and black wings.
Detail of the cinnabar mothman’s face. He looks happy.
Cinnabar Mothman and his boyfriend, Rosy Maple Mothman, who is a fluffy fellow in shades of yellow and pink.
Diana Nagory
1 day ago

The end of July 2023. My lovely darling son. ... And moth. Now - with color pencils and pastels. #art #sketch #drawing #portrait #boy #beauty #butterfly #moth #pencil #pastels

My Son and Moth
Drawing with Color Pencils, Pastels, Coal.
July 2023
Author: Diana Nagory
H: 297mm
W: 210mm
System Searcher
1 day ago
Barbara Bullock
2 days ago

There was a magnificent silk #moth "resting" on our steel bridge this morning. Turns out it was mating with a second moth that was beneath the bridge. It took them an impressively long time. Note the glorious eyespots on its hindwings.

#moth #nature #Texas #silkmoth

A giant silk moth (Polyphemus moth) appears to be resting on a steel grid bridge that has what appears to be dry leaves under it.
The silk moth is not resting. Instead it is mating with a moth that is below the bridge, which you can barely see because it blends into the leaves.
Amanda Makepeace
2 days ago

Scarlet Tiger moths are now available to adopt! I embellish each one with gold watercolor. ✨

#art #MastoArt #artist #traditionalart #mothsmatter #insect #drawing #artprint #moth #nature #artwork

Pencil drawing of a Scarlet Tiger moth sitting on top of a gold triangle pointing down.
Hand holding a 4x5 inch print of Scarlet Tiger Moth after the gold watercolor as been applied.
3 days ago


I finished a couple doodles.
I hope you like them! Thanks for letting me draw your character!

#art #traditionalart #doodles #moth

Tapir Girl
4 days ago

Update: She caught a moth! #Spider #Moth #WesternMassachusetts

Close-up photo of a black and yellow garden spider in a web, eating a brown moth. The moth and the spider are about the same size.
4 days ago

Our granddaughter took care of the caterpillar until she got this. Seems to be a coffee bee hawkmoth (cephonodes hylas). We set it free and it flew away, hopefully not right into the stomach of a bird or bat. #moth #Bangkok #Thailand

coffee bee hawkmoth (cephonodes hylas)
5 days ago

It was a summer of hummingbird moths for me. I never have seen as many of these as I have this year... though it could just be a matter of looking.

#photography #nature #naturephotography #insect #moth #nikon

A hummingbird clearwing moth feeds on wild bergamot.

Hyles lineata, looking for something to monch before hunkering down until next spring, when it will pupate into a white-lined sphinx #moth.

[image description: a green caterpillar with lateral rows of black-ringed yellow spots and a yellow spike growing from its tail, walking across an asphalt surface]

Zebra Feather
5 days ago

Here’s my #moth character, Shoobal (from my #webcomic #LandWalk), peeling an orange. I’m not sure that he’ll eat the orange, but he seems intent on peeling it, anyway.

#fantasy #fantasyart #DigitalArt #procreate #MastoArt

An anthropomorphic moth (Shoobal) sitting on a branch and peeling an orange
6 days ago
Amanda Makepeace
1 week ago

My little Snowberry Clearwing friend came back. This is a still from a video. The video is up in my Instagram Stories. 🌿🖤

#moth #insects #nature #naturephotography #mothsmatter

Snowberry Clearwing moth hovering above purple butterfly bush flowers.
Amanda Makepeace
1 week ago

New smol moth friend, it’s a White-roped Glaphyria moth. 🤎

#nature #moth #insects #photography

Tiny moth next to my finger. Wings closed might be the width of my index fingernail.
Small yellow/orange moth with wavy bands of white on the wings.
Myr the Moth
1 week ago
Myr the Moth
1 week ago
Bosque Bill
1 week ago

"Cop Car" Moth
Rio Grande National Forest, CO

Well, that's what a local called it—Gnophaelia vermiculata if you want to be all scientific about it. The flower is Black-tipped Ragwort. Found at about 10K feet elevation. I sometimes forget how important moths are to pollination.

#FlowerFriday #insect #moth #pollinator #photo #Colorado

A black moth with white markings sits on a cluster of yellow flowers; plain dark background.
Ele Willoughby, PhD
1 week ago

The #SciArtSeptember prompt is bird-like, so I made this #linocut hummingbird clearwing moth (Hermaris thysbe) seeking pollen from cherry blossoms! The olive-headed burgundy moth has transparent wings (though colour can be variable). It beats its wings rapidly to hover above flowers, like a hummingbird, meaning it is often confused with a hummingbird or bee.


#printmaking #moth #sciart #cherryBlossom #hummingbirdClearwing #hawkmoth #MastoArt

My linocut print of a hovering hummingbird clearwing moth above a branch of cherry blossoms on ivory Japanese kozo paper, 8” x 8”. The moth has an olive coloured head, burgundy back and wings (with transparent windows), black elsewhere including  eye, and antennae. The branch is brown with pink/purple and white blossoms.
Myr the Moth
2 weeks ago
Paula Borchardt
2 weeks ago

We finally saw 2 Sphinx moth larvae in our Tucson AZ yard this past week. Usually we see more, earlier in the season. Possibly delayed due to our record-hot summer? I drew this for my Perpetual Journal.

#SciArt #SciArtSeptember #art #illustration #watercolor #painting #sketchbook #NatureJournal #NatureJournaling #PerpetualJournal #Tucson #SonoranDesert #NativePlants #biodiversity #environment #ecosystem #ecology #nature #ClimateChange #Summer #insect #arthropod #entomology #moth #caterpillar

My Perpetual Journal watercolor, pen & colored pencil art of a bright green Sphinx moth larva, hanging on the branch of a Desert Willow, chomping on leaves.
A Person
2 weeks ago

Never was a cornflake girl
Hanging with the rasin girls...

I don't know who this guy is, hanging out with the #MonarchButterflies, trying to blend in..

#bug #photography #butterfly #moth.

Weirdo Bug Guy
2 weeks ago
A crimson-speckled moth on a stalk dotted with dried flowers. They are white, with yellow, black and red dots and round, black eyes.
A young mantis hanging upside down from a dry thorny plant and facing the camera. They are light brown with mottled forelegs.
A butterfly standing on elongated leaves. Their abdomen and wings are striped white and orange.
A butterfly on a dry stalk. Their wings are a pale orange, mostly from the light shining through and revealing the inside of their wings. Their eye is like a bright white marble with small brownish dots.
Kai Klostermann
2 weeks ago

She's trying to hide under my computer and I have to start to work 🥹 :blobfoxfloofcute:

#pets #moth

A moth that puts its head under a laptop. The body is still fully visible.

Hyles lineata (white-lined sphinx moth / hummingbird moth) feeding on a Cleome serrulata inflorescence (Rocky Mountain beeplant). (Photo: Central Nevada, 9/7/2023.)

#Moth #Entomology #Insects #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

A large moth hovering over a fuchsia colored cluster of flowers. The moth is predominantly colored in black and tan stripes and has a large light red batch at the base of each wing. The moth never lands on the flower but feeds from the flower through a very long proboscis.
A large moth hovering over a fuchsia colored cluster of flowers. The moth is predominantly colored in black and tan stripes and has a large light red batch at the base of each wing. The moth never lands on the flower but feeds from the flower through a very long proboscis.
A large moth hovering over a fuchsia colored cluster of flowers. The moth is predominantly colored in black and tan stripes and has a large light red batch at the base of each wing. The moth never lands on the flower but feeds from the flower through a very long proboscis.
A large moth hovering over a fuchsia colored cluster of flowers. The moth is predominantly colored in black and tan stripes and has a large light red batch at the base of each wing. The moth never lands on the flower but feeds from the flower through a very long proboscis.
2 weeks ago

This absolute unit of a #moth joined us at home last night. What a beauty. I think she (?) had a baby moth with her but I'm not sure if that's a thing.

A surprisingly colorful moth.
Words :vivaldi_blue:
3 weeks ago

The late summer weather brought out a host of butterflies, plus - much to my delight - this wonderful hummingbird hawk moth. I've not seen many of them this year so it was great to have the camera handy when this one came into the garden.
#insects #moth #Mothstodon #photography #nature

large hawk moth hovering near a purple buddleia flower with its tongue extended towards the flower
large hawk moth hovering near a purple buddleia flower with its tongue extended towards the flower
large hawk moth hovering near a purple buddleia flower with its tongue extended towards the flower
3 weeks ago

Das waren sie. Die vorerst letzten #Metal on the Hill #MotH in Graz. Geil wars. 🤘

Crowdsurfing bei den Apokalyptischen Reitern in den Kasematten
Metalfans vor dem Eingang zu den Kasematten
Metalfans im Kreis, bauen einen Becherturm
Sängerin der Burning Witches
Deb Oppermann
3 weeks ago

I was very excited to see this beautiful lime green Luna Moth, Actias Luna, Nearctic saturniid, at the cottage at Key River Ontario Canada. It is a rare sight as this gorgeous, nocturnal and very large adult moth lives for only seven days! It mates, reproduces and dies in a week. It has no mouth and doesn't eat.
See it here
#InsectSaturday #insect #moth #LunaMoth #wildlife #animal #BuyIntoArt #artforsale #GiftIdeas #nature #NatureMastodon #Ontario #fediverse #macro

Large Luna Moth on rock
3 weeks ago

A new species for me: caterpillars of the Milkweed Tussock/Tiger Moth.
Looks like this moth is moving further north because there's just more milkweed now that people plant it.
#moth #nature #NaturePhotography

Three caterpillars chewing on a leaf. They have yellow bodies densely covered with black and some white stiff bristles.
Matt Fossen
3 weeks ago

Completed drawing. Hyles lineata. #Entomology #SciArt #EntomologyArt #Lepidoptera #Moth #Insect

Digital drawing of a white-lined sphinx moth.
Csepp 🌢
4 weeks ago

More indoors #naturePhotography featuring a #moth and a #waspSpider .
cc: #spider #theDarkroom

Close-up of a small moth (the kind that goes into your food) resting on a mirror.  It looks as if it was on the surface of a flat lake.
A wasp spider descending from a wooden windowsill.
1 month ago

Just a little Mothman dropping in to say hello. How's everyone keeping?
#mothman #cryptid #folklore #moth #legend #creature #monster #sticker #stickerart #illustration

A vinyl sticker featuring a happy waving black and red mothman
Matt Fossen
1 month ago

Today's specimen photos: a Belted Grass-Veneer moth (Euchromius ocellea) and a small wasp of undetermined ID. #Entomology #Insects #Photography #InsectPhotography #wasp #moth

Side view of a small brown moth with light orange stripes and black spots.
Side view of a very small wasp with a light brown thorax and dark abdomen and head.
Stan Carey
1 month ago

Was startled by the size and speed of this caterpillar, which turned out to be an Elephant Hawkmoth. I forgot to add something for scale, but I'd say it was at least 8–9 cm long

The beautiful adult is pictured here in a lovely book I copy-edited years ago, Heather Greer's "On Your Doorstep: Moths and Butterflies of Connemara"

#mothstodon #moth #moths #caterpillar #NaturePhotography #wildlife #IrishWildlife #Galway #nature

A large, thick, grey-brown caterpillar on paving stone. Its narrow head is extended on the left, with several pairs of shiny false eye-spots visible below the head. A small horn projects from the tail. The caterpillar's main body has a series of thin bands of small, irregular, square-like shapes, the overall effect being like intricate brickwork – a living, pulsing pillar!
On the right: 3 photos, one of the caterpillar beside a 2 euro coin, the others of the adult moth: a big, furry, olive-green moth with bright pink bands and underbelly.

On the left, this text, slightly abridged:
Elephant Hawkmoth. Deilephila elpenor. Forewing: 30–33mm. After the Poplar Hawkmoth, the Elephant Hawkmoth is the most frequently recorded of the hawkmoths in Ireland, and it occurs all over Connemara. There is also a Small Elephant Hawkmoth, also with yellow and pink-red markings; it is much less common but occurs in coastal areas. We rarely see the smaller relative, whereas we see the Elephant Hawkmoth quite often. The Elephant has a row of red rectangular markings along its body; the Small Elephant has solid red on its back.

The Elephant Hawkmoth is a really magnificent creature: large, colourful, almost frightening in its beauty. Its caterpillar is large too, as large as the Death's Head Hawkmoth's. The name actually comes from the larva, with its partly grey, projecting head and mouth parts. It can quite often be seen on roads and paths, seeking a pupation site. Larval foodplants include willowherbs and bedstraws, and in Connemara include non-native species, notably Fuchsia magellanica and Himalayan Balsam. The photos are of the Elephant Hawkmoth on Fuchsia, and they show how wonderfully camouflaged the moth is on that shrub. It flies from mid-May to early August, and is most abundant in July. Watch out for large, late-stage caterpillars in August or September.
1 month ago

#Moth or #butterfly
Royal fort gardens, Bristol

Small dusty brown moth/butterfly with pale yellow spot on each lower outer wing and pale yellow bar on lower inner wing. Sitting on pink follow

Found this lovely, little waxed sphinx #moth on my car today in a perfect position for a photo :3

A close up shot of a waxed sphinx moth resting on a car. Perfectly symmetrically spread wings show off its mosaic pattern of gray, white, dark brown coloration with the rear edges looking frayed like a tassled rug.
Amanda Makepeace
1 month ago

Embellishing prints for next week’s art show!

#art #mastoart #artwork #artist #nature #drawing #insects #moth

Hand holding a color pencil over the bottom left corner of a print showing a Hawkmoth. Text on print reads: Among the Ferns 1/100
Amanda Makepeace
1 month ago

It may not be perfect but I’ll take it! I’ve been trying to photograph this Snowberry Clearwing for over a week. 🖤

#moth #insect #nature #garden #flowers #naturephotography #photo

A yellow and black moth of the family Sphingidae. This moth is sometimes called "hummingbird moth" or "flying lobster".  Seen here enjoying the purple flowers of a Butterfly Bush.
Bryan Wright
1 month ago

An unidentified moth with a luxurious sedimentary cloak wrapped around its shoulders.

The image also features the @futurebird -mandated photobombing ant, without which it would incur a 10% "missing ant" fee.

#moth #mothstodon #lepidoptera #insects #hymenoptera #ants #photography

A moth, in shades of brown, clings to a horizontal blade of grass. The moth is vertical, with its back to us. Its wings look like a warm winter cloak wrapped around its shoulders. The cloak is patterned in bands of dark and light, like sedimentary stone. The moth's head just peeps out from the top of this enormous cloak, letting its long multi-segmented antennae droop down over its shoulders.

A small black ant hangs upside-down beside the moth, possibly seeking its autograph.
1 month ago

@nature @plants
Another 'exciting' weekend at work, another late #SixOnSaturday It's definitely #LateSummer now! We had a few 'hot' days this week, plus rain and a #frost warning!
Bonus #dragonfly lots of them this year, contributing to probably our lowest mosquito season ever and a Lophocampa maculata #caterpillar the Spotted Tussock #Moth -much flashier at this stage!
#insects #pollinators #Alberta #flowers #florespondence #BloomScrolling

Photo collage in 6 square panels, 3 across the top, 3 bottom. Framed in violet in centre blending to pale yellow green top and bottom.
Top left: clusters of the fuzzy flower heads of an Asian Sawwort- individual heads vaguely like thistle flower heads, narrow with small violet florets poking out of whitish fuzz. A small bumblebee with orange band on back end sits on one flower cluster. Centre: a small deep red dragonfly with translucent wings (with hints of red highlights/spots) catches the sun sitting on a bare branch end. Right:a very small black bee with fine white stripes and an underneath all yellow with pollen sits on lavender coloured Aster flower head with many narrow ray flowers. Bottom left and right: a narrow stem with pointed green leaves and a number of tubular, flaring flowers coming from leaf axils. Flowers are deep violet on the outside of the tubes, opening out to a deep gem blue, with lighter guide lines visible inside. Centre: a long haired caterpillar, deep yellow in the middle , black on both ends, with random clusters of longer white hairs coming from each end.
1 month ago

The caterpillar of the Luna Moth (Actias luna) needed a helping hand to get off an ATV trail. The moth has a wingspan of up to 10 cm.
I only found the moth once, 10 years ago. The cats though regularly.

#InsektenSamstag #InsectSaturday #moth #macro

An orange caterpillar on its way across a gravel path. It has small yellow dots on the body and is covered with stiff bristles.
A large green moth with feathery antennae resting on the branch of a spruce tree. The body is delta shaped with a brown leading edge. The wings taper to a long narrow tail.
Jon Sullivan
1 month ago

Something's up this month with caterpillars of the NZ magpie moth, mokarakara (Nyctemera annulata) in Ōtautahi-Christchurch, #NZ.

These are the black hairy caterpillars that eat our groundsels (Senecio species).

Since 2007 I've been consistently recording every one of these I find. I've already seen more caterpillars this August so far than in all other Augusts put together. Their spring is starting way early.

#ClimateChange? Time will tell.
#moth #caterpillar #nature

A photo of a black, hairy caterpillar with orange strips and blue spots.
A photo of a black, hairy caterpillar with orange strips and blue spots.
A photo of a native NZ plant, 
pahokoraka , typically found on riverbeds and rocky outcrops but now also at home on human-created gravels like this carpark. On it are several black NZ magpie moth (mokarakara) caterpillars.
A photo of a hand holding a leaf with a black hairy caterpillar.

Not a great vid but had to post as I adore hummingbird moths

#hummingbirdMoth #moth #notherncalifornia

1 month ago

Hi #bugstodon i found this #moth on my front door (Vienna, Austria), i can’t figure out what kind it is, any ideas? #insects #invertebrates #id

2 months ago

#Butterflies can remember where things are over sizeable spaces

August 7, 2023, University of Bristol

"Heliconius butterflies are capable of spatial learning, scientists have discovered.

"The results provide the first experimental evidence of spatial learning in any butterfly or #moth species.

The findings, published today in Current Biology, also suggest Heliconius butterflies may be able to learn spatial information at large scales, consistent with the apparent importance of long-range spatial learning for traplining, which involves foraging within a home range of a few hundred square metres.

"Spatial learning is known in insects, but much of the research has focused on #ant and #bee species which live socially in a communal nest. This study provides the first direct evidence of spatial learning in butterflies or moths, and suggests that complex learning skills, such as the use of spatial information, may be more common in insects than previously thought."

Full article:

#SpatialLearning #Insects #Nature

Javed Ahmed
2 months ago

Today on #wildlife (and yes, 'urban' wildlife is wildlife too) which share our homes with us, are actually beneficial, but which we are blissfully oblivious about, we meet the painted meal #moth (Pyralis pictalis) - finger-tip for size comparision in pic. no. 2.

These tiny moths (15-34 mm.) complete their entire life-cycle inside of our homes, with their caterpillars feeding on the eggs of #bedbugs - that's right! Free pest control!


#bugs #bugstodon #insects #mothstodon #moths

2 months ago

'S e Atlas Moth a th' air an lèomann seo. Tha esan gu math aibheiseach!

#gaidhlig #leomann #tailand #aisia #asia #thailand #atlasmoth #biastag #moth

A rust coloured moth with its wings spread (photo taken from the top) with symmetrical markings on both side of varying colours, mostly greyush white and blacks
A frontal view of the moth's face, with large fern like antennae, large black eyes
A comparison photo of said moth next to a hand, both measuring about the same length, wingtip to wingtip, wrist to middle finger
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

A moth? with a curly tongue on a zinnia.

#bloomscrolling #moth #moths #bug #insects

An insect on a pink zinnia flower, it could be a type o fmoth, it has a curly tongue and a fur covered body.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

Another stinging caterpillar, a saddleback caterpillar (Acharia stimulea), showing off its fine green livery while waiting for a fairy knight (in spine-proof armor) to ride it into battle.

#moth #moths #mothstodon #lepidoptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A caterpillar crawls along a branch. The edges of the caterpillar's are brown, but most of the body is guacamole green, in a pattern that makes the caterpillar look like it's wearing green livery.  The body is edged with spikes of spines, like bottle brushes.  Similar spikes sprout from head and tail, like bunny ears. The spines look like porcupine quills.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

A spiny oak slug caterpillar (Euclea delphinii). Oak slug caterpillars have stinging spines that are very painful.

When I was a toddler I tried to pet a similar caterpillar (a packsaddle). The pain hit my arm like a hammer. My brain learned the lesson the spines evolved to teach: I'm still reluctant to touch any kind of caterpillar.

#moth #mothstodon #moths #lepidoptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A short, oval caterpillar sits on a green leaf. The caterpillar's body is pistachio green. Yellow spikes like bottle brushes stick out from its sides and from two ridges running down the creature's back. Spikes at the front stick out farther, like antennae. Each ridge has two blood-red spots along its length.

It does not look cuddly.
✨ Pepper Raccoon ✨
2 months ago

✨🦋 My acrylic moth plaquettes are up for Patreon pre-order only, TODAY! 🦋✨

I only have 50 of these available, so slide on over and join up to snag the links!

#MastoArt #NZTwits #NZ #Art #Lepidoptera #moth

A flat lay of two moth acrylic artworks with holographic stars, with gold hanging chains adorned with star charms.
An acrylic artwork of an Atlas Moth with holographic stars, with gold hanging chains adorned with star charms.
An acrylic artwork of a Luna Moth, adorned with holographic stars, with gold hanging chains adorned with star charms.
2 months ago

Well my phone camera really sucks but I can occationally get a good photo lol. Also Ihaven't seen a nice moth for a few days but I spotted this fellow hiding here.

#mothtodon #moth #photo #photography #mothADay

(sens for bug)

A large beige moth with stripy legs that looks like a tiger moth probably. It has brown and black spots and vaguely resembles a furry piece of wood. Also it is cute.
Colin Purrington
2 months ago

Here's a lesser maple spanworm from last weekend's moth night. BugGuide says that the Latin binomial, Macaria pustularia, references the puss-like markings along the forewing. #moth #moths #mothtodon #mothing #lepidoptera #insects #entomology #nature #NationalMothWeek

White, partially translucent moth that has four yellow marks on the leading edge of each forewing.
2 months ago

Jersey Tiger moth - flying around my garden just now. What you can't see from this photo is the bright orange colours under the wings which are really striking in flight.

#Mothstadon #Mothstodon #Moth #nature #NaturePhotography

Large moth with striking pattern, black with yellow stripes, flat on, resting on a black plastic drainpipe.
Large moth with striking pattern, black with yellow stripes, side-on, resting on a black plastic drainpipe.
Ben Grimace
2 months ago

@thisismissem all the folks at #Moth and @mammoth (tried to tag Moth but failed)

2 months ago

My work buddy today a Polyphemus Moth. It was on the path and looking a bit sorry for itself. I thought it was dead but when I picked it up it wrapped its feet around my fingers and gave me a little squeeze. It’s just so gorgeous the antennae is so dang hairy as are the legs. #moth #insects

A moth sitting in my hand. It’s almost as big as my hand with a stripe across its outstretched wings and an oval spot on either side. The antenna are an inch long and pointing at a 45 degree angle. The legs are like pipe cleaners and very hairy.
2 months ago

Found a female Luna moth today.

#hiking #butterfly #moth #insect #nature

Lime green moth with two sets of giant wings.
2 months ago

Long Dash Skipper (Polites mystic) butterfly and Hummingbird Clearwing (Hemaris thysbe) moth close-ups

#insects #butterfly #moth #closeup

A tiny Long Dash Skipper (Polites mystic) butterfly on a Milkweed flower.
A Hummingbird Clearwing (Hemaris thysbe) moth in flight with wings spread wide.
The moth feeds on nectar from a Milkweed flower in the shade and flies  in the sunshine itself.