🎨 By Peter
17 hours ago

The third art piece of three landscapes I've finished in the last week also has a strong influence in the style of John Constable. This digital piece, done in oil on canvas style, is titled 'Setting Sun'. :)
(6300x8262pixels master)

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An art canvas of a setting sun scene over English countryside with a large tree foreground, lake, cloudy and light mist in the air (C)P.Gamble Art
🎨 By Peter
2 days ago

Posting for #SilentSunday (even though it's now Monday morning here in Adelaide, lol..)
Another new piece, completed two days ago, simply titled 'Countryside'. A digital piece done in a style similar to John Constable with a strong emphasis on the use of greens & a dark palette, Oil on Canvas styled. :)
(6600x8502pixels master)

#Landscape #Landscapes #Art #Artist #Arte #Artwork #DigitalArt #Australia #Adelaide #Inspirational #Wallart #Prints #Canvas #Canvases #MastodonArt #Nature #MastoArt #ArtMatters #FediArt #ArtCollector #Paintings #Painting #Gifts #GiftIdeas #MothersDay #Christmas #Birthday #Present #ArtBooster #UniqueArt #AbstractArt #BuyIntoArt #FediGiftShop #AYearForArt #CreativeToots #Color #Colorful #Classic #Classical #Countryside

Art canvas of a wet dirt road farmer's track and English countryside with a touch of mist in the air (C)P.Gamble Art
L. Falkenstrom
3 days ago

Har kanske inte undgått någon, men i morgon är det mors dag.

#Music #danish #Peterbelli #mothersday

6 days ago

Here's a teaser for this month's Twice Is Nice picture, featuring Carla Yaeger from "Attack On Titan", available from my Fantia, Fanbox or Patreon. It's a special occasion: as it's my 100th Exclusive picture, during the month of May 2023 it will available to all supporters at any level.
Please support my work at:, or
#AttackOnTitan #AOT #milf #mothersday

Morgan Makes
1 week ago

Now that I've given it to its intended recipient, I can share the pendant I made for my sister for her first mother's day! She calls my nephew her little monkey (and they both like Curious George) so I made her a little monkey 🐒
(Copper with liver of sulfur)
#jewelry #metalWorking #mothersDay #jewelryMaking

A necklace with a copper pendant shaped like a monkey and a dark patina on all but the face and ear, so those areas are the natural light brown of copper and the rest is a darker brown like monkey fur. It's the silhouette of a baby monkey from the side, walking on all fours with its tail up and wrapped around the jump ring that attaches it to the necklace cord. Except for the much longer tail, it looks kind of like Curious George.
Cameron Mulder
1 week ago

Tonight’s Bob’s Burgers might be the best Mother’s Day episode of any tv series. The show is just so good and this was one of the best. #tv #bobsburgers #mothersday

Joanne Freeman
1 week ago

Given that we're between Mother's Day and Father's Day -- I'm sending energy to people whose parents' mental and/or physical health is compromised.

It's so very hard.
We have to remember that it matters...

#mothersday #fathersday #parents #healthcare

Quinn Blueheart
2 weeks ago

Moms love spies, right?

"Cum Soaked Carpeting is a Free Amenity at This Hotel"

PS: The lawyers told us we needed more truth in advertising.
#QBlueheart @dark_zatanna #MothersDay

Woman in pink dress, black body harness, and boots stomping on flowers by am ornate rug. Source: Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels:
pabloscloud :gay_flag:
2 weeks ago

Ok, so.. please boost for a more precise result ;)

If you were to decide whatever or not fathers day and mothers day should be one day like "parents day" would you do that? Nobody would know it was you.

Only vote if you dont have both a mother and a father or you aren't straight (for others vote on the poll above)

#MothersDay #FathersDay

pabloscloud :gay_flag:
2 weeks ago

Ok, so.. please boost for a more precise result ;)

If you were to decide whatever or not fathers day and mothers day should be one day like "parents day" would you do that? Nobody would know it was you.

Only vote if you still have a mother and a father and you are straight (for others vote on the poll below)

#MothersDay #FathersDay
2 weeks ago

যারা সোশাল মিডিয়ায় ভুয়ো খবরের প্রচার সম্পর্কে যথেষ্ট ওয়াকিবহাল, তারাও আন্তর্জাতিক মাতৃ দিবসের শুভেচ্ছা জানাচ্ছে। লিখছেন নিত্য নন্দ #MothersDay @bengali_convo

Sandra Gibbons
2 weeks ago

My 6yo made this rock art. It’s a drawing of our chocolate lab mix, Bella, who passed away a year ago. My son drew her in a “memory bubble.”

The other side is the memory bubble filled in blue for when we “don’t want to see the memory.”

Children are such highly intelligent and creative beings.

#parenting #mothersday #life #kids

A smooth, round gray stone is decorated with art depicting a brown dog inside a wavy blue bubble outline. The stone sits on a worn window ledge with peeling white paint.
Adam Fields
2 weeks ago

Mother’s Day dinner, first soft shell crabs of the season, with quick seared tuna steak (rare in the middle), roasted asparagus, and parboiled roasted fingerling potatoes. Served with lemon garlic cream sauce. Happy Mother’s Day! #dinner #cooking #softshellcrabs #tuna #spring #asparagus #mothersday

Quinn Blueheart
2 weeks ago

How do spies celebrate #MothersDay?
...with a lot of persuasion!
...You did remember to bring flowers, right?
#QBlueheart @dark_zatanna #Erotica

Woman in long dress, long gloves holding a gun at a table. Source: Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels:
J 🌟
2 weeks ago

A not-so-nice post about #MothersDay. Not everyone has a mother to celebrate. #jnxblog

Luc Daigle
2 weeks ago

Check out this tree stump mushroom my step-Father carved with a chainsaw for Kim on Mother's Day 😍
#chainsawart #chainsawartist #mushroomart #mothersday

2 weeks ago

"I believe that mothering can be done in all sorts of ways, not simply by those biologically related. I have been mothered by friends and parents of friends. I have seen childless friends mother their animals and their communities. Motherhood is about so much more than biology; it’s about the feminine energy we bring to a space, and how we show up for other people in the ways mothers have traditionally done."
An aside from #blurt's #mothersday Mom story roundup.

LeAnn Kelley
2 weeks ago

I had an amazing #MothersDay over the weekend! I got to spend time with my amazeballz hubby & kids! I hope all everyone else who celebrated the day had a wonderful day.
My daughter drew me some awesome pictures & I also got the new #ZeldaTearsOfKingdom!!! It is AMAZING!!!!
#MothersDay2023 #Family #Kids #Art #IvyTheArtist #Flowers #Cards #Artwork #amwriting #LeAnnKelley #Iryvalya #Volnyri #Love #Book #happy #photooftheday #picoftheday #Elves #Fantasy #Fairies #IndieAuthor #Read #Writing

Poetry News
2 weeks ago

O mothers, you are strength and grace
Blessed with infinite love and grace
Moms for Liberty shall not hide
An extremism for which we cannot abide
Your love should be ever celebrated
Not limited or restricted
Happy mother's day to those who care
Not to those with hate that they share

#mothersday #mompower #lovenothate #ode #poetry

2 weeks ago

I posted a short new video about the LEGO Store build last week for Mother's Day! #lego #afol #MothersDay

Dr. Dani Sanchez
2 weeks ago

Join me this Wednesday @ 6pm EST/5pm CST when #MusComEnt celebrates #MothersDay with “Freaky Friday” (1976) Available on Disney+ ( and here (

Amplify Chaos 🔸️
2 weeks ago

So nice of them 😆

2 weeks ago

Madonna Reflects on Motherhood & ‘Radical’ Female Role Models for Mother’s Day

Check it out! 👇

#Pop #MothersDay #MusicNews #Music

Well I missed this insane post by Trump on my travel day yesterday. Sweet baby jesus what a fucking nutjob.

#trump #mothersday #wtf #politics

2 weeks ago

When I was around seven years old, I was watching a movie with my mom. The scene was a couple eating at an outdoor café. People were crossing in front of them, walking on the sidewalk.

"Those nobodies keep blocking everything," I complained.
"Those aren't nobodies," my mom said, "They're the stars of different movies we're just not watching right now."

Thanks, Mom.


How yesterday’s 6-ish-hour drive from LA to PHX became a 12-hour adventure in alternatives.

Interstate 10 was closed—completely—by two different fatality accidents.

The 1st was at Palm Springs. Took us an hour to crawl to Cabazon, where we bailed to give @SheilaDee some retail therapy.

The 2nd was west of the 303, causing a detour at the Palo Verde station, then single lane residential areas.

While we were inconvenienced, some families had a terrible #MothersDay.

Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH
2 weeks ago

Are you ready to make this Mother's Day extra special? As programmers, we have the power to add a touch of magic to important dates like Mother's Day. Let's dive into some exciting R code that will help you find the next Mother's Day with ease and simplicity. 🎉 📆

Happy coding and Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there! 🌷

#MothersDay #CodingMagic #RProgramming #r #rstats #datetime #date #time #posix #posixct #posixlt


Quinn Blueheart
2 weeks ago

Mothers come in all flavors and some are downright naughty dominants!

Check out this thirsty read by #QBlueheart on "the Mommy Bullies."

2 weeks ago

Shout out to all those who find holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day a little challenging.

It can me tough navigating your own emotions at a time when it seems like everyone else is celebrating.

I hope you find peace.

#MothersDay #Parenting #Adulting

Thinking for You
6 different bouquets of flowers representing some of those who find Mother’s Day a challenging holiday
2 weeks ago

#SevenOnSunday #houseplant edition + #MothersDay edition! Happy Mother's Day to all: here's to all who have nurtured and raised us- whether they were birth mothers, adoptive or foster mothers, grandmothers, big sisters, aunts, house mothers, Great Earth Mother or any kind of mother! and may we all find in ourselves the spirit of nurturing and encouraging for one another, our fellow species and planet! plant details in replies @plants #florespondence #IndoorGardening #succulents #tropicals

Photo collage in seven panels, framed in blue green fading to muted yellow and yellow green top and bottom, with a cross of hot pink in centre.
Top left close up view on pollen sacs of a tiny white flower which is mostly barely in focus or blurred behind the stamens. Right a wider view of same flower on a branched stem with many small buds.
Centre two views of tiny whitish/translucent flowers, with green-brow stripes down each petal, one view shows 2 flowers in front of a dark grey smooth stone, the other in front of blurred green foliage and light background. 
Large panel bottom left, and bottom right, 2 views of a decent sized cactus flower, on right it is just opening and is pale coral with green stripes on outer petals and sepals and hint of red in centre,bthe body is medium green with modest tufts of wool and several long spines on each aereole . In left photo, flower is wider open and has faded to palest pink with deep red visible in centre and masses of yellow stamens. 
Just above that cactus on right (3rd from top) is a smaller cactus- blue grey green withjust one thickish bendy spine from each aereole at the end of partly flattened tubercles (sort of artichokey). It has two whitish flowers, large for its size, rising from the top, centre, not much opened, with green-brown markings  on outside of outer petals.
same as first image, but with text added that says Happy Mother's Day  in pale green and light pink in a loose, light hearted font, stretched wider than tall and outlined thinly in black. A thin black line also frames the collage, just inside the coloured frame borders.
Jason Stiff
2 weeks ago

On Mother's Day, I'm thinking of my Mom, who passed away on 11/13/2020, and my Grandma Vivian Stiff, who passed exactly one month before Mom. I'm remembering back when life was much happier and less painful...

#California #Chico #Montana #Bozeman #familyiseverything #family #Mom #Grandma #ILoveYou #IMissYou #MothersDay #Sunday

Sci-Fi Girl
2 weeks ago

Here's a #song for #MothersDay! 💖 (Sorry its a little late. 🙃)

(What other tags do we use for #music here? 🤔 )

#Folk #FolkMusic #IndieFolk #AlelaDiane

#DJ5ciFiGirl #5ciFiGirl

"The Eddie Show" 😎
2 weeks ago

▶️ Now that #MothersDay has passed:

Mom and Sister were arguing in the early 2000s after a family lunch. They were 65/40. It was one of those loud, cutting-all-ties, Southern Hillbilly last-word contests. Mom screamed,

"You were an accident. I love you just the same, but you were an accident."

What Sister knew in that moment that Mom didn't know she knew is that Dad had already told her he questioned her paternity.

She and I share the family homestead, and I remembered that day Sunday.

Boots Chantilly
2 weeks ago

A gift finer than diamonds. #MothersDay

Cartoon! Drawing of young woman speaking to shopgirl at makeup counter in department store. She says FOR MOTHERS’ DAY, MY MOM WOULD LIKE THE ACTIVISM OF HER YOUTH TO NOT BE FOR NOTHING.

Well, if we're doing photos with our mothers. Here we are circa 1972 or so. This was someone else's house, but we lived with this family for a few years on and off. I mean it's me and my mama, but we are in the house of a family we lived with in Illinois.


A black and white photo of a white mother and daughter. Mama has red hair and mine is dark. I'm about 5. We are sitting at a table with a quilted cloth wearing floral blouses.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
2 weeks ago


#MothersDay bonus: My older daughter called and also told me I’m the best momma EVER. I think the two of them coordinated on their messaging. I’ll take it!

2 weeks ago

Last night I closed the henhouse door, and let the cats into the fully enclosed chook yard to catch mice. Then I forgot about them all and went to bed. This (late) morning I shambled to the kitchen for coffee ... and a chorus of outraged meowing and bokking.

Happy Mother's Day!

Good thing I don't have any actual children.

#MothersDay #MadParentingSkillz

Mapo Dofu
2 weeks ago

My wife requested Hainanese Chicken w/ rice for #MothersDay dinner tonight.

Made this recipe, and I'm pretty sure I nailed it:

#cooking #recipes

Rep. Ritchie Torres
2 weeks ago

I would not be where I am today were it not for my mother, who sacrificed so that I could reach my fullest potential.

I am proudly a product of my mother’s love. Happy #MothersDay, mom.

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 weeks ago

Note to self: It’s kinda hard to surprise your mother with her most favouritest food ever when she’s over and wobbling around the kitchen and grabs hold of a gourd and starts chattering about how they’re her most favouritist food. Ever.

So, I did what every good daughter would do. I put her mother to work and got her to make her Mother’s Day surprise.

(Yes! Cardamummy action shots!)

#InMyKitchen #OnMyPlate #Food #HomeCooking #KeralanFood #vegetables #IndianFood #MothersDay #Mastonom

My Cardamummy cleaning out the seeds and membrane from a bitter melon. There are a couple of bitter melons on the cutting board and the seeds are being collected in a blue and white bowl.
Cored and sliced bitter melon and onions in a steel bowl.
Action shot of Cardamummy stir frying the bitter melon in a wok.
The finished dish. Lots of brown bits and crispy bits. It's a melange of dark green, yellowy green and browns. NUM.

Celebrating all the divine feminine motherly energy today. 💖 ✨ 💫
#happymothersday #mothersday #14may

Tony Corsentino
2 weeks ago

She has flowers from me on her table today.

Even though I didn’t know her until I was 40.

Even though this day does not celebrate her.

#MothersDay #BirthMothers #Adoption

Side by side photos of my birth mother and me, each at age 17, highlighting our physical resemblance
Steve Herman
2 weeks ago

President Biden adds he got the first lady an orchid for #MothersDay. (via pooler Catherine Lucey).

Tucker Teague
2 weeks ago

Took the family to a local nursery for Mother’s Day after a family breakfast. Beautiful day. Car full of plants. 🍅🫛🫑🫐🌶️🥕🧅🌱👩‍🌾🧑‍🌾🏡🌸🌹🪻🪴🧄

Happy Mother's Day to the folks who are mothers or miss their mothers or anywhere in between. I've shared this one before but it still felt apropos.

The figure in the doorway is based on a photo my grandfather took long ago where my grandmother is half visible in the doorway. The house is local and unconnected to family but the two came together here.

Prints here:

#MothersDay #MotherHood #DigitalArt #Painting #MastoArt #CreativeToots #MarkOnArt

Digital art painting of a small cottage with a rusty tin roof. The cottage is white with red trim. There are two doors facing the front each with windows beside. One door has a simple porch in front of it. In the open doorway you can see the figure of a woman who is only visible from the waist down.
Kristin Henry
2 weeks ago

Today, I've drawn an abstract sunflower for Mothers day.

And that wraps up this week of daily hand drawn Generative art. They're now all posted for my supporters on Ko-fi and Patreon:

I'll be starting new posts tomorrow.

#inkyDays #ink #drawing #art #GenerativeArt #flowers #MothersDay

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The pattern is an abstract sunflower and my glass dipping pen is next to the sketchbook.
2 weeks ago

There are all kinds of galaxies out there, just as there are all kinds of moms. Some would love a rose made of two entwined galaxies, others might prefer a lightsaber (or a galaxy seen edge-on). You can't go wrong with both! Happy #MothersDay!

Kat ♾️
2 weeks ago

Happy Mothers’ Day to ALL the mamas out there! 💗💕🩷

#MothersDay #moms

Gif: orange flowers in a purple vase with the words, “Happy Mother’s Day!”
Michelle Markel
2 weeks ago

Our ancestors crawled out of the sea, so you might say the ocean mothered us all. Here is a pic from the gorgeous kids book, "How The Sea Came To Be" by Jennifer Berne with #illustrations by the talented Amanda Hall. Info on her research and process is on the website of the publisher: Eerdmans Books For Young Readers #kidlit #ChildrensLiterature #Books #Bookstodon #MothersDay

On a blue black background representing the sea, numerous squiggly blue and red creatures float and swim.
Jen Madriaga
2 weeks ago

#MothersDay brunch at Kōän with John and Hayden. Nice to be back home today. ❤️

Horror Movies Past
2 weeks ago

"My mother isn't quite herself today!"- Norman Bates
#horrorfilms #horrorcomedy #MothersDay

Norman Bates of Psycho
The Conversation U.S.
2 weeks ago

From Tupac to Jay-Z, many rap artists have set pen to paper to pay homage to the women who gave them life.

We spoke with A.D. Carson, a rapper in his own right and scholar who studies hip-hop and how it shapes society, to share his thoughts on the most influential rap songs about #mothers, including newer tracks.

#rapmusic #music #history #mothersday

2 weeks ago

#JoiningIn with #3goodthings as inspired by Ian Thistlewaite. 1. it’s Mother’s Day. My husband got me a small cake 🍰💕 2. My son and daughter in law are coming to visit 💕. 3. Sunshine is bursting through the clouds. I’ll take it. #JoinIn @3goodthings #MothersDay #HappyMothersDay2023 #FamilyTime #EnjoyYourDay

📳 Artist: #MyDogSighs in City: #southsea "Phone your mum (she worries)" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Muttertag #Mother #MothersDay 💐

Streetartwall. On a white street wall is sprayed a black and white cartoon male with a rectangular head, two legs with different sized round feet and an outstretched hand.
In the background is sprayed a three-colored heart of blue, red and yellow. On it is a lettering "Phone your mum (she worries)".
Info: The mural unfortunately no longer exists, the wall was destroyed.
Erin Conroy
2 weeks ago

If you can't choose whether to become a mom, with all its risks, #MothersDay is a cruel joke.

States enacting abortion restrictions increased their maternal mortality rate by 38%.

States with the toughest abortion laws have the weakest maternal supports.

Two of the women in the Turnaway Study DIED from giving birth after they were denied abortions.

What did you learn about the lives of women who were denied abortions after five years of follow-up conversations?

We see a couple of areas where their lives dramatically diverge in outcomes [from women who got abortions]. The first is health. Consistent with the medical literature, carrying a pregnancy to term and delivering a child is much more physically risky than having an abortion, even a later abortion. We see much more severe physical health complications from birth, including most tragically, two women who died after delivery — one died of an infection and one died of a very common pregnancy complication.
What impact did being denied an abortion have on families who already had children?

I think it's often surprising to people who don't think about abortion very much that people who seek abortions are often already parents. Sixty percent of people nationally who have abortions are already mothers, and they give as a reason for wanting to have an abortion that they need to take care of the kids they already have. And when we look at the well-being of those existing children, we see differences based on whether their mom received or was denied an abortion for their subsequent pregnancy. So those kids whose mothers were denied abortions are less likely to achieve developmental milestones such as language and gross motor, fine motor skills.

What does this research add to the discussion of Roe v. Wade?

The Turnaway Study was not designed with this moment in mind, because in my worst nightmares, I did not imagine that we would see an end of Roe so quickly. But what The Turnaway Study shows is that people who become pregnant and are unable to get a safe, legal abortion in their state, those that carry the pregnancy to term will experience long-term physical health and economic harm. We haven't become a more generous country that supports
Chart of abortion bans & pending bans by state, with larger states represented by larger bubbles.
Dave Troy :toad:
2 weeks ago

Like many people, I have two parents. My father is an electrical engineer who taught me all about computers, language, math, and music.

My mother was trained in information science, and is an entrepreneur, publisher, writer, educator and consummate networker.

She taught me how to forge my own path in the world, to develop a unique voice, do what fulfills me, and become whatever I want — based on my inherent curiosity and values.

Strong women are the best role models! #mothersday

Gernot Wagner
2 weeks ago

There I am thinking I'm the photo model my wife's zeroing in on.

Oh, and that "Every Mother Counts" race shirt? She founded that org:
#NYC #MothersDay #EveryMomCounts

Self-portrait with Christy Turlington

This is one of my favorite old photos of me when my kids were little but behind the smile I was hiding postpartum depression. I’m posting it today for #SilentSunday and #MothersDay to let anyone else out there know if you’re suffering in silence, you’re not alone. please talk to your doctor - there is help 💛 (if your doctor doesn’t listen or dismisses you (as happened to me even as a doctor myself), find a different doctor)

A woman with brown hair and sunglasses standing outside with an infant in a front carrier and her arms around 2 other young children at her side. She is smiling
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
2 weeks ago

#3GoodThings @3goodthings

1. My youngest daughter called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. And told me that I am the BEST mom ever and she's so happy we have a great mother-daughter relationship. I got teary.
2. Made Mother's Day lemon scones for Zoom High Tea with faraway friends. #MothersDay
3. My husband is feeding me coffee and spoiling me (like he does every day).

Eight wedges of scones that fit together in a circular pattern. Photo taken when they were hot out of the oven. Yum!
2 weeks ago

Today, please celebrate that special someone (or someones) in your life that took the time to "mother" you.

Mothers are known for sage advice; so consider this motherly advice today from the mothers and mother figures at Project N95.

#MothersDay #Mothersday2023 #MaskUp

Chris Pirillo
2 weeks ago

since it's also george lucas's birthday today, this is the best mother's day image in the galaxy ~ #starwars #mothersday