Steven Lawson Photography
8 hours ago

It's the last day of September and our bushes are alive with late-brood Red Admiral butterflies and day-flying moths like the Silver-Y. Check out the chequerboard eye on the Red Admiral.
#photography #insects #butterflies #moths

Portrait format colour image of a Red Admiral butterfly resting on a bush, showing the amazing chequerboard construction of its eye
Portrait format colour image showing a Red Admiral butterfly with its long proboscis reaching down into buddleia flowers in search of pollen. The buddleia was trimmed hard in late summer, resulting in a second bloom in September.
Portrait format colour image showing the intricate, delicate forewing patterns, including the white 'Y' shape that give the migratory Silver-Y moth its name
Profile picture shows the Silver-Y moth searching for food on a buddleia. The wings of this little guy were beating furiously fast, even with a 1/2000sec shutter speed they are blurred!
Doc Rat
2 days ago

Moth hole surgery. Doc Rat DR4285. #DocRat #ComicStrip #Comic #Cartoon #Medical #Furry #surgery #moths

Mary C Legg
3 days ago

Lewes Wave, Scopula immorata Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/8 1/125 iso: 400 Srbsko, Czech Republic 5/26/2009 #MothsMattr #geometidae #Waves #Moths #Lepidoptera #insects #invertebrates #Macro #Grasslands #canon

Sylvia Wright
6 days ago

Xerces Society has merch! Get shopping! ... Photo for attn is mine, of White-lined Sphinx Moth (Hyles lineata) sipping nectar from Salvia 'Black and Blue.' Sept 13, 2023. We've had quite an outbreak of these big, busy moths this year in n. Calif. #Lepidoptera #butterflies #dragonflies #moths

A fat, wide moth with tan, white, black and pink stripes and blotches sips  nectar from a blue-black flower
Ele Willoughby, PhD
1 week ago

For the #SciArtSeptember prompt nocturnal my linocut print of an eclipse of moths! Isn’t that a great #termOfVenery for a group of #moths? It’s the moon at lunar eclipse in oranges and brown against a very dark sky behind 5 Ontario moths: the gorgeous green Luna moth (Actias luna), the yellow and purplish-pink Imperial moth (Eacles imperialis), …


#linocut #printmaking #sciArt #moon #entomology #insects #MastoArt

My linocut print of moon at lunar eclipse in oranges and brown against a very dark sky behind 5 moths: the gorgeous green Luna moth (Actias luna), the yellow and purplish-pink Imperial moth (Eacles imperialis), the Five-spotted Hawk Moth in brown with orange spots (Manduca quinquemaculata), the red-orange, black and cream Virgin Tiger Moth (Apantesis virgo), and the black and white White Underwing (Catocala relicta).

In white it reads “An eclipse of” above and “moths” below. I designed the typefaces to suggest the meaning of the words. "Eclipse" is full of crescent moon shapes. "Moths" is written in moth shapes.
Doc Rat
1 week ago

The youngest old moth. Doc Rat golden oldie DR2527 #DocRat #ComicStrip #Comic #Cartoon #Medical #Furry #geriatrics #moths First published 20160517

Mary C Legg
1 week ago

Bedstraw Hawk-moth, Hyles gallii Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/4 1/320 iso: 400 Srbsko, Czech Republic 6/5/2010
#mothsMatter #Sphingidae #hawkmoths #moths #macro #insects #invertebrates #grasslands

Imagery by Rihilism
1 week ago

This appears to be a white-lined sphinx moth (Hyles lineata) hanging out next to one of my sweet peppers. They are often referred to as hummingbird moths due to their size (wingspan 2-3") and their ability to hover while feeding.

Personally, I couldn't help but think of Mothra when I saw this one.

#moths #Lepidoptera #pollinators #insects #InsectPhotography #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt
#photography #AltText @Dr_Brian_Pet

Closeup image of a white-lined sphinx moth clinging to the stem of a sweet pepper plant. This moth species has brown, tan, and white markings in intricate patterns on its body, head, and wings along with large eyes and flat, thick antennae.
Claudia Zahn
1 week ago

@sciencebase @SteelFolk
Do you think their appearance depends on their food? This species definitely eats #Missoni shirts. 😆
#moths #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer #Video #Science

2 weeks ago


I've managed to avoid anything related to Russell Brand, apart from 1 movie, for the last couple of decades. So I suppose that I should thank you for the forewarning, although I expect that that's not quite what you wanted to hear. (-:

Instead, I am watching a moth vainly ascending my study window trying to get in, because I have the light on. It's dark in the wee small hours, again. I think that I'll switch the light off.


kernpanik 🐾
2 weeks ago


(Some more photos of the same specimen.)

#photography #nature #wildlife #insects #moths
(photos: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

A cute insect, drinking nectar from a flower.
A cute insect, drinking nectar from a flower.
kernpanik 🐾
2 weeks ago

A hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum), spotted in #Dresden, Germany, 18-Sep-2023.

#photography #nature #wildlife #insects #moths
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

A cute flying insect, drinking nectar from a flower.
2 weeks ago

The caterpillar of the goat moth (cossus cossus) which lives three to five years under the bark of willows and other trees before it pupates. This one has a length of nine centimeters.

#insectsaturday #insektensamstag #caterpillars #raupen #moths #Weidenbohrer

dark red caterpillar with black head and dark brown stripe on it's back
J.K. Ullrich
2 weeks ago

#Butterfly populations in the #UK reached their highest levels since 2019, but have declined overall in the past decade.

Between July and August, citizen scientists recorded more than 1.5 million #butterflies and day-flying #moths, supporting Butterfly #Conservation research. The data revealed shifts in species distribution: although some had flourished since last few counts, overall butterfly numbers continued to drop.

#ClimateChange has impacted the #insects ' fortunes. They struggled through recent #drought, while 2023's rainy #summer likely contributed to their resurgence. But habitat loss remains the #pollinators ' biggest threat.

Read the full #news story from @BBCWorld. #Environment #ClimateCrisis #Science

Colin Purrington
2 weeks ago

I wish lawnmowers blasted little jets of air to spook moths and such before the blades of doom arrive. I might try attaching something that does that, like cowcatchers and life-guards on trains. There are sooo many small moths, especially crambids, in my lawn. #nature #insects #lawns #moths

Video of a battery-powered lawnmower in action.
2 weeks ago

Just seen this amazing Pale Tussock Moth caterpillar on my small crabapple tree. Beautiful!
#Moths #Lepidoptera #Wildlife #Nottinghamshire

Bright yellow caterpillar with a halo of yellowhairs feeding on a russet coloured crabapple leaf.
Bright yellow caterpillar with a halo of yellowhairs feeding on a russet coloured crabapple leaf. You can see the segments clearly banded in black.
Jordan Sissel
2 weeks ago

Important Manduca sexta update! Growth level MEDIUM. I'd say about 40-50mm long (~2 inches).

COMING SOON: LARGE WORM. #insects #moths #photography

A large green caterpillar munches on a fuzzy, green nicotiana leaf. This large, green caterpillar has seven diagonal white streaks on the side of its body and several markings which resemble eyes. Its namesake horn ("hornworm") has a thorny shape and pokes out of its rear side in the out-of-focus end of the caterpillar.
Mary C Legg
2 weeks ago

Burren Green, Calamia tridens Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/4 1/160 iso: 600 Srbsko, Czech Republic 7/29/2009 #mothsMatter #moths #Noctuidae #Lepidoptera #insects #invertebrates #Macro #grasslands

Entomological Soc. of America
2 weeks ago

Arthropod Photo of the Week: September 13, 2023
Cecropia moth
Hyalophora cecropia
Lepidoptera: Saturniidae
By Steve Long, Florida, USA
#entomology #insects #photography #moths

Closeup of large moth perched on the bark of a tree. The both has its wings spread wide. Its body is fuzzy with rusty red hair and alternating white and red stripes on its abdomen. The wings are a grayish brown in base color, with a prominent spot of white and red bordered by black in the middle of each wing section (right and left, forewing and hindwing). Near the edges of each wing is a red and white stripe running the length of the wing, with mottled gray and black spots and stripes near the very edge.
2 weeks ago

A genus Avatha moth spotted at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore, on 7 May 2023. If I recall correctly, I brushed past it and startled it into flying off and landing, which was how I spotted it.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Moths #Lepidoptera

A triangular shaped moth, dark brown on the half of the body near the head, light brown on the other half. A few dark patches are on the wings.
Resolviendo la incógnita
3 weeks ago

Los gusanos de seda (Bombyx mori) son totalmente dependientes de los humanos. No pueden sobrevivir por su cuenta y, tras la metamorfosis, ni vuelan ni se camuflan.#moths #polillas #naturaleza #nature 📷Ash Bowie

3 weeks ago

This vibrantly colored Calico Paint Caterpillar caught my eye; it is the larval stage of the Brown-hooded Owlet Moth #moths #caterpillar

A black, yellow, and red caterpillar is wrapped around the stem of a plant revealing a very stripy underside
Side profile of a caterpillar climbing down a stem with a yellow stripe and red stripe running down its' body
Mary C Legg
3 weeks ago

Slender Scotch Burnet, Zygaena loti Canon 400D EF 100 2.8 f/4.5 1/100 iso: 400 Millovice, Czech Republic 6/22/2010 #mothsMatter #moths #Zygaenidae #lepidoptera #grasslands #insects #invertebrates #macro

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
3 weeks ago

@FaithfullJohn I'd be all over that if moth experts took up the idea 😄

#moths #mothtodon

Soh Kam Yung
4 weeks ago

Moths are also fascinating to shoot.

"There are about 160,000 species of moths known to science. Compare that to 17,500 species of butterflies.

Moths vary enormously in their size, what they like to eat, how they reproduce and how they live their lives."

#Nature #Biology #Moths

Albert Cardona
1 month ago

James W. Truman featured in the New Yorker. A warm, lovely piece on his career studying insect metamorphosis, from moths to flies and mosquitoes, and the role and impact of hormones on insect development and behaviour—motivated by his latest work mapping the fate of neurons from larva to adult through pupal stages, and addressing an old question: do associative memories persist through metamorphosis?

The paper:
“Metamorphosis of memory circuits in Drosophila reveals a strategy for evolving a larval brain” Truman et al. 2023

#neuroscience #entomology #metamorphosis #insects #ecdyzone #Drosophila #moths #mosquitoes #NewYorker

A cartoon featuring a larva and an adult fly, colored in green and magenta, respectively, observed by two scientists that themselves have fly heads.
Roger Ward
1 month ago

For those who enjoyed the list of some names of UK moths I posted a couple of weeks ago, here's another 16 of the species I have recorded since then.

Bright Line Brown Eye
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Smoky Wainscott
Dark Spectacle
Dusky Thorn
Elephant Hawk
Large Yellow Underwing
Mother of Pearl
Single Dotted Wave
Small Square Spot
The Clay
Dingy Footman
Lime Spec Pug
Rusty Dot Wave
Square Spot Rustic
Small Waved Umber

#Moths #Language #English
I generally follow back

Stefan Bartsch
1 month ago

Got my film back from the lab. I tested my rescued Kodak Retinette 2B during the #cccamp23 and did some #longtimeexposure. Here i made some on the harbour. However, this result really surprised me and it is one of my favorites. The orange squiggly lines that are all over the place are probably from moths. The LEDs were bright and the angle correct enough to reflect the light. I didn't expect that the #moths had so much impact on the #Analogfilm . #Adox Color Mission was used

(The other explanation could also be that the shutter didn't close correctly and when i picked up my tripod i accidently still 'painted' the light? Not sure what exactly happend here)

Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

#Butterflies can remember where things are over sizeable spaces

Long-term #SpatialMemory across large spatial scales in #Heliconius butterflies: Priscila Moura et al.

"Spatial learning is known in #insects, but much of the research has focused on #ants, #bees which live socially. This study provides the first direct evidence of spatial learning in butterflies or #moths, and suggests that complex learning skills may be more common in insects"

Heliconius butterfly sitting on a person's hand
Stan Carey
1 month ago

Was startled by the size and speed of this caterpillar, which turned out to be an Elephant Hawkmoth. I forgot to add something for scale, but I'd say it was at least 8–9 cm long

The beautiful adult is pictured here in a lovely book I copy-edited years ago, Heather Greer's "On Your Doorstep: Moths and Butterflies of Connemara"

#mothstodon #moth #moths #caterpillar #NaturePhotography #wildlife #IrishWildlife #Galway #nature

A large, thick, grey-brown caterpillar on paving stone. Its narrow head is extended on the left, with several pairs of shiny false eye-spots visible below the head. A small horn projects from the tail. The caterpillar's main body has a series of thin bands of small, irregular, square-like shapes, the overall effect being like intricate brickwork – a living, pulsing pillar!
On the right: 3 photos, one of the caterpillar beside a 2 euro coin, the others of the adult moth: a big, furry, olive-green moth with bright pink bands and underbelly.

On the left, this text, slightly abridged:
Elephant Hawkmoth. Deilephila elpenor. Forewing: 30–33mm. After the Poplar Hawkmoth, the Elephant Hawkmoth is the most frequently recorded of the hawkmoths in Ireland, and it occurs all over Connemara. There is also a Small Elephant Hawkmoth, also with yellow and pink-red markings; it is much less common but occurs in coastal areas. We rarely see the smaller relative, whereas we see the Elephant Hawkmoth quite often. The Elephant has a row of red rectangular markings along its body; the Small Elephant has solid red on its back.

The Elephant Hawkmoth is a really magnificent creature: large, colourful, almost frightening in its beauty. Its caterpillar is large too, as large as the Death's Head Hawkmoth's. The name actually comes from the larva, with its partly grey, projecting head and mouth parts. It can quite often be seen on roads and paths, seeking a pupation site. Larval foodplants include willowherbs and bedstraws, and in Connemara include non-native species, notably Fuchsia magellanica and Himalayan Balsam. The photos are of the Elephant Hawkmoth on Fuchsia, and they show how wonderfully camouflaged the moth is on that shrub. It flies from mid-May to early August, and is most abundant in July. Watch out for large, late-stage caterpillars in August or September.
Entomological Soc. of America
1 month ago

Arthropod Photo of the Week: August 23, 2023
Moth with trace of wing beats
Unknown species
Lepidoptera: Unknown family
By Geoff McIlleron, Western Cape, South Africa
#entomology #insects #photography #moths

Closeup of a moth in flight against a black background, with a photographic effect in which the blur of the moth’s flight motion is traced above it in a ghostly, hazy yellow-gray color. The moth is dark brownish gray with feathery antennae and a bright reddish eye visible to the viewer.
Lee Fife
1 month ago

Met this guy in the garden today. They were moving fast! Was hard to keep up and get a headshot ...

Perhaps a Salt Marsh Moth?

#Colorado #garden #moths #mothstodon

a furry caterpillar. It has long white hairs, a multi-colored segmented body, and a head with horns and bright colors!
Nick Barber
1 month ago

Found this achemon sphinx moth (Eumorpha achemon) in an outdoor stairwell on campus yesterday, near our pollinator garden. #mothstodon #moths #mothsmatter #pollinators #inaturalist #Sphingidae #lepidoptera #lepidoptodon

An achemon sphinx moth, tan with dark brown patches and wavy lines and n it’s wings, hangs onto a finger.
1 month ago

There are several species referred to as "hummingbird moths" due to their large size and hovering flight patterns. These are two North American examples - a Snowberry Clearwing and a White-Lined Sphinx.

#Insects #Moths #Pollinators #Mothtodon

A moth with translucent wings and a body resembling a large furry bumblebee hovering before a light purple bee balm flower.
A large moth with a thick body and wings with a black, beige, white, and pink pattern hovering and feeding on lavender flowers.
Ross Mounce
1 month ago

Chinese insects do not disappoint! Checkout this Eastern Death’s Head hawkmoth I found whilst going around Shanghai Botanical Garden yesterday. It’s really large, maybe 8cm long?

#mothstodon #moths #inaturalist

Large hawk moth with a distinctive “death head” mask markings on the back of the head
Roger Ward
1 month ago

For those who like the names of some of our UK moths, here's a small subset of ones I have recorded in the past few weeks:
Nut Tree Tussock
Pebble Prominent
Clouded Brindle
Plumed Fan Foot
Uncertain (yes, there's a moth called the Uncertain)
Shuttle Shaped Dart
Flounced Rustic
Rosy Tabby
Four-Spotted Footman
Langmaid's Yellow Underwing
Maiden's Blush
Small Blood Vein
Marbled Orchard Tortrix
Pale Mottled Willow
Slender Pug
Toadflax Brocade
#Moths #Language #English

Grant Gulovsen
1 month ago

Spotted at the end of our street a few minutes ago - a Luna Moth - #Mothstodon - #moths - #insects - #entomology

Top of a Luna moth on a plant
Luna moth on a plant showing pink colorations
Edward Philips
1 month ago

Morning all. Today's moth is the Magpie Moth, but nothing crow about. xx

#moths #nature #butterfly #wallart

Magpie moth
1 month ago

i love the snowberry clearwing shrimp, uh i mean moth

#bugs #insects #moths

a large yellow and black hummingbird moth feeding on a light purple bee balm flower. they have a fuzzy yellow head and clear wings

here's another video of the Hummingbird Moth from last night. Slightly better quality.

#hummingbirdMoth #moths

Hummingbird moth flitting from flower to flower in low light
2 months ago

so i saw the hummingbird clearwing first and was ecstatic... but then i saw the snowberry clearwing and absolutely could not handle myself. it looks like a dang pokemon! like its little face is too sweet to be real. i am obsessed with these beautiful little bugs. cannot believe i got to see two different kinds of hummingbird moth after never even seeing one before!

#bugs #insects #moths

a pale greenish yellow moth approaches a light purple bee balm flower with proboscis extended. its front legs reaching out towards the flower. its plump body is somewhat elongated and tapered at the end (like a shrimp) and tipped in a bristly paddle like tail (resembling a shrimp tail). its midsection and tip of tail are black while the rest of its body is yellow giving it a bit of bee coloration. its wings are kind of small for its body and are clear ringed with brown. it has a somewhat pointed nose that its proboscis extends from.
same moth but now it is closer in to the flower, its wings frozen in time really showing off how clear they are. its little front legs are bent now showing how it is grabbing on to the petals in order to take a deep drink from deep inside their tube shape
the same moth with wings flapping downward as it begins to push off from the flower. here its face is even more visible showing off its white chin, black eye band, and greenish yellow fur covering its head and back
2 months ago

i don't know how to properly convey how much i love this little sky shrimp. one of the absolute coolest animals i've ever seen. a real life fairy basically!

#bugs #insects #moths #HummingbirdClearwing

a large moth approaches a light purple bee balm flower with proboscis outstretched a bit but curled at the end. they have large wings that are clear in the center and ringed in a deep red orange. their legs hang down and curl backwards a bit lookin pretty shrimlike and then they have a stout little body (also shrimplike) tipped in a bristly tail of what look like little black hairs. their back is covered lighter yellow orange fur and on their head are two black antennae that widen out as they extend outward
Javed Ahmed
2 months ago

While their exact origin has long being lost to the sands of time, this dainty little moth has been unwittingly distributed across the world, including #england, where surprise, surprise, the first of its kind was caught, and described!

Image no 1. 📸 6 OCT 2022 (21:19 hrs.)

Image no. 2 📸 23 SEP 2022 (03:04 hrs.)

Inside my house, at Govandi (East), #mumbai.

#moths #mothstodon #mothsmatter #wildlife #urbanwildlife

Javed Ahmed
2 months ago

Today on #wildlife (and yes, 'urban' wildlife is wildlife too) which share our homes with us, are actually beneficial, but which we are blissfully oblivious about, we meet the painted meal #moth (Pyralis pictalis) - finger-tip for size comparision in pic. no. 2.

These tiny moths (15-34 mm.) complete their entire life-cycle inside of our homes, with their caterpillars feeding on the eggs of #bedbugs - that's right! Free pest control!


#bugs #bugstodon #insects #mothstodon #moths

Harry Rutherford
2 months ago

“What big ears you have!”
“All the better to smell you with.”

#moths #mothstodon #lepidoptera #insects

A head-on photograph of a brown moth with round black eyes, a little snub ‘nose’ (actually its labial palps), and enormous feathery antennae which give the impression of huge ears. It is holding onto the end of a pen.
Tom Shaw
2 months ago

A moth? with a curly tongue on a zinnia.

#bloomscrolling #moth #moths #bug #insects

An insect on a pink zinnia flower, it could be a type o fmoth, it has a curly tongue and a fur covered body.
2 months ago

I came across this beautiful sheep moth sleeping while berry picking yesterday. #entomology #butterflies #moths

A moth hangs on the underside of a leaf. Its wings are a beautiful pattern of brown, yellow, pink and black. It has a fuzzy yellow head and antennae that look like feathers.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

Another stinging caterpillar, a saddleback caterpillar (Acharia stimulea), showing off its fine green livery while waiting for a fairy knight (in spine-proof armor) to ride it into battle.

#moth #moths #mothstodon #lepidoptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A caterpillar crawls along a branch. The edges of the caterpillar's are brown, but most of the body is guacamole green, in a pattern that makes the caterpillar look like it's wearing green livery.  The body is edged with spikes of spines, like bottle brushes.  Similar spikes sprout from head and tail, like bunny ears. The spines look like porcupine quills.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

A spiny oak slug caterpillar (Euclea delphinii). Oak slug caterpillars have stinging spines that are very painful.

When I was a toddler I tried to pet a similar caterpillar (a packsaddle). The pain hit my arm like a hammer. My brain learned the lesson the spines evolved to teach: I'm still reluctant to touch any kind of caterpillar.

#moth #mothstodon #moths #lepidoptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A short, oval caterpillar sits on a green leaf. The caterpillar's body is pistachio green. Yellow spikes like bottle brushes stick out from its sides and from two ridges running down the creature's back. Spikes at the front stick out farther, like antennae. Each ridge has two blood-red spots along its length.

It does not look cuddly.
Colin Purrington
2 months ago

Here's a lesser maple spanworm from last weekend's moth night. BugGuide says that the Latin binomial, Macaria pustularia, references the puss-like markings along the forewing. #moth #moths #mothtodon #mothing #lepidoptera #insects #entomology #nature #NationalMothWeek

White, partially translucent moth that has four yellow marks on the leading edge of each forewing.
2 months ago

rescued an utterly beautiful pandorus sphinx moth that had trapped itself inside the garage today :blobaww:

#bugs #lepidoptera #moths #mothstodon #sphingidae #sphinxmoth

a sphinx month on op's hand
sphinx moth on op's hand
Mary C Legg
2 months ago

Light Emerald, Campaea margaritaria Canon 5D2 Sigma 105 2.8 f/5 1/400 iso:100 Dobrichovice, Czech Republic 8/11/2019 #MothsMatter #moths #Lepidoptera #insects #invertebrates #macro #grasslands

2 months ago

I just has to lend assistance to an elephant hawk moth who got 'trapped' next to an open door because the window next to it was inexplicable more interesting.
#moths #lepidoptera #sillysod

2 months ago

A 'big-headed' caterpillar from the genus Carea (family Nolidae) spotted at Thomson Nature Park, Singapore, on 28 March 2023. It 'headbutted' the ant in the first photo to make it go away. :-) Of course, its actual head is normal size, and found underneath the large green bulge.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Moths #Lepidoptera

A brown caterpillar with a huge green bulge at the front of the body. Its reddish head sits under the bulge, protected by it.
Same description as first image.
Same description as first image.
Same description as first image.
Helen Clayton
3 months ago

A few more pics from my Okehampton-Chagford #SlowWays walk. I found this lovely boggy meadow. It felt like a secret place, totally surrounded by trees. I’d like to go back & explore more. Lots of devil’s-bit scabious, which seemed to attract the six-spot burnet moth. In the margin of another field was this hogweed bejewelled with red soldier beetles. Also seen (but too rubbish photo) was a roe deer & fawn!
#florespondence #moths #insects

A damp meadow - a sea of long grass in tones of green. It is enclosed by trees on all sides. The sky is thick with clouds but the occasional glimpse of something blue behind.
A pincushion-like lilac blue devil’s-bit scabious flower. Round unopened flower heads behind and a background of green grasses.
A devil’s bit scabious flower bent over to the right. A small moth is feeding on the flower. It has black wings with crimson spots.
Umbrella-like clusters of creamy-white flowers with small red beetles on almost every cluster.
Amanda Makepeace
3 months ago

I had a new moth visitor today. A female Orangestriped Oakworm, Anisota senatoria. 🧡

#moths #insects #mothsmatter #naturephotography #photo

Yellow-orange to yellow-brown moth; forewing has a white cell spot and varying amounts of scattered black specks
David Bradley
3 months ago

This fluffy little fella is a Brown-tail moth. The female has a fluffy brown tail which she used to cover her eggs as she lays them. Those two huge "combs" are antennae.

The moth's scientific name is Euproctis chrysorrhoea, which translates as: "The Lady in red singer talks out of his backside"

#moths #mothtodon

#teamMoth #lepidoptera #mothsMatter #entomology

Face-on view of a fluffy Brown-tail moth showing its large feather-like antennae
Amanda Makepeace
3 months ago

Mini prints of my Death’s-head Moth are now available!

The first time I saw one of these moths was in the movie The Silence of the Lambs. I was a freshmen in high school. Did you know about them before or after?

#art #prints #mastoart #artwork #artist #traditionalart #drawing #moths #insects

Small art prints of a detailed pencil drawing of a Death’s-head Hawkmoth
Redrawn Hell Human
3 months ago

A MOMENTOUS DAY!!!! There is a LUNA MOTH at the porch light!!!!!!!! 🤩 #moths #merfs #moffs

Luna moth from the back
Luna moth from the side
Luna moth from the back, with slightly tattered/nibbled wing.
Luna moth from the side close up, showing fluffy white underside.
Cormacs Coast
3 months ago

A White Ermine moth (Spilosoma lubricipeda)
County Clare, Ireland. Walking tours

#wildatlanticway #moths #whiteerminemoth #Ireland