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17 hours ago New RockShox Judy Silver fork forming rings of oil around the right stanchion only after every ride. Mechanic says it’s normal for a new fork to squeeze out a bit of oil like this at first. Thoughts? #Bicycling #Biking #Cycling #MountainBikers #MountainBiking

New RockShox Judy Silver fork forming rings of oil around the right stanchion only after every ride. Mechanic says it's normal for a new fork to squeeze out a bit of oil like this at first. Thoughts?
Cycling Europe
1 day ago I know some of you can hit some crazy features so this might not look like much, but I hit a small jump for the first time today and I am kind of proud of myself for it. #Bicycling #Biking #Cycling #MountainBikers #MountainBiking

I know some of you can hit some crazy features so this might not look like much, but I hit a small jump for the first time today and I am kind of proud of myself for it.
2 days ago

Mountain Biking thoughts from me on Wheels, Tires, Stems, Bars and the end of my time riding a hardtail Niner Air9 RDO. ...with bonus comments on Road wheels and Di2 shifting.

#mountainbiking #mtb #cycling. #industrynine #enve #maxxis

Franz Graf
3 days ago

Next level! After my success yesterday, I tried a route that I didn't do since ages as it is quite steep.
~15km to the 🗻
~5.5km asphalt with ~7% incline
~3.5-4km gravel with an average incline of 17%!!

The sweat wasn't dripping but RUNNING from my face, my shirt completely soaked and I just tried to go as slow as possible.

Heck this WAS demanding. But I did it with just a single 2min drinking pause.

#mtb #mountainbike #mountainbiking #cycling #selfie #mountains #alps #alpen #bayern

A young man in outdoor gear stands atop a mountain, wearing a large grey and black helmet and a backpack. He is smiling brightly at the camera, with a pair of glasses on and his hair blowing in the wind. He is enjoying the breathtaking view of the world around him, with trees and other mountains in the background. The sky is a vibrant blue, adding to the beauty of the scene. The man looks proud and content, as he takes in his surroundings and the feeling of accomplishment from reaching the summit. He looks as if he is about to embark on a grand adventure, ready to take on whatever challenge the mountain may bring.
Franz Graf
3 days ago
Franz Graf
4 days ago

Yes!! I just tried #cycling a local #mountain. It is one of my standard tracks with ~450m elevation.

A year ago and with my old #mtb, I couldn't do it without resting during the ascent - and it always took me ~50-60min.

Today I did the 450m in about 45min, without rest and I didn't feel devastated! 💪Seems I did a lot of #training that pays off (together with the new bike).

#mountainbike #mountainbiking #cycling #selfie

Me, carrying my blue mountainbike on the left shoulder. I'm wearing a grey helmet, I'm smiling happily. I am wearing a cycling tricot, in the background there are trees.
T. J. Bombadil
5 days ago

I had some help today in my course marshalling duties at the mountain bike race. Introducing Marshal 3.1. Her strengths include bell ringing, number recording, and general enthusiasm. #Colorado #mountainbiking #league

Girl in red safety vest holding cowbell standing by the side of the road.
Girl in red safety vest seating forward in folding chair holding cowbell, ready to cheer.
Franz Graf
5 days ago

From last week's mountain biking trip - I just wanted to share that vista with you. I never saw this panorama from this side.
Wherever you look: Mountains, mountains, mountains. Some rare houses and only mountains. THIS feels wild.

#mountains #berge #mountainbiking #outdoors #austria #tirol #wandern #alps #alpen

Cycling Europe
6 days ago This has been stripped and I can no longer secure the balance screw in it. It looks like I need to replace the silver part. The balance screw pushes against to apply pressure to the spring. Any ideas on what it is called? 2007 Gary Fisher Wahoo. Thanks for the help. #Bicycling #Biking #Cycling #MountainBikers #MountainBiking

This has been stripped and I can no longer secure the balance screw in it. It looks like I need to replace the silver part. The balance screw pushes against to apply pressure to the spring. Any ideas on what it is called? 2007 Gary Fisher Wahoo. Thanks for the help.
matt clark
6 days ago

Went for a ride and front tire was leaking. Took the bike to the shop and they said "When was the last time you added sealant to the tires?" uh ... when I bought the bike 4 years ago, obviously? #mountainbiking

John Gordon
1 week ago

Pray for my ridiculous 2010 Scalpel XC racing machine. Took it in for a stuck brake piston and mech says it creaks like me before CrossFit.

I don’t want to keep shoveling money at it but it’s so much fun to ride…


John Gordon
1 week ago


When you are moving fast downhill with level pedals do you “drop your heels”?

Franz Graf
2 weeks ago

Redoing an #introduction after a couple of months:
Hello, I'm Franz from Germany. I'm here to share my outdoor adventures: #hiking, #mountainbiking, and the enchanting beauty of #nature through my #photography. The essence of my journey is about capturing the #positivity and inspiration nature offers to me. Together, let's traverse trails, conquer #mountains, and find serenity in the wild. Let's embark on this adventure of exploration and appreciation for the great #outdoors!

Franz Graf
2 weeks ago

I'm back from my #mtb tour!
91km, close to 1000m elevation gain
I don't feel OK - I FEEL GREAT! I'm not deadly exhausted or so. It was just a wonderful day! Just going at a constant, convenient pace, the right clothing, enough to eat and drink, and aaaall the #landscape and #mountains around.
Man, this is life! This is freedom!
Yesterday I struggled if I could make it - obviously I very underestimated my #cycling endurance. 🥰

#cycling #alps #alpen #mountainbiking #outdoors

This photograph captures the grandeur of the outdoors with a stunning mountain range set against a beautiful blue sky. The snowcapped peaks of the mountain are surrounded by lush green trees that seem to fill the entire landscape. A few clouds dot the sky, adding to the drama of the scene. The bright sunlight shines through the trees and illuminates the vibrant colors of the landscape. The picture is a perfect example of the beauty of nature and the serenity of the outdoors. It is a reminder of the wonders of the natural world and the beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places.
This image depicts a man wearing a helmet and standing in front of a mountain. The man is wearing a grey jacket and a black bicycle helmet. He is standing on a grassy incline, with a bright blue sky above him. The man has a pleasant expression on his face, as if he is smiling. He is also wearing a black backpack. The mountain in the background is rocky and covered in trees, with tufts of clouds in the air. The man appears to be enjoying the outdoors and taking in the scenery. He is standing with his arms at his side, looking as if he is about to embark on an adventure.
John Gordon
2 weeks ago

As I bend my trashed prescription glasses into alignment again I move sport glasses up the priority list.

Mountain biking and prescription glasses are a bad fit.

#singletrack #mountainBiking

4 weeks ago

"None of these seemed good for a person with a 55-year-old body and a well-seasoned frontal cortex, someone for whom “full send” sounds more like a FedEx shipping option than a recreational choice." —Tom Vanderbilt for Outside Magazine.

#longreads #biking #mountainbiking

I want to buy a saddlebag to be mounted on my mountainbike. I am thinking of buying the Topeak Backloader X. (the 15 liter version)

Has anyone experience with this item. Tips/comments why I should or should not buy this one are welcome.

#biketouring #bikepacking #BikeTooter #mtb #mountainbiking #mountainbike


August 24, 2023 - Day 236 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 256

Game: Shred! 2 - ft Sam Pilgrim

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Dec 18, 2018
Library Date: Aug 9, 2023
Unplayed: 15d
Playtime: 19m

Shred! 2 - ft Sam Pilgrim is a 2.5D mountain bike game. I'm not sure simulator quite fits.

Firstly, I don't know who Sam Pilgrim is, and I don't really care to find out. I assume he's the mountain biker you play in-game.

I got an email for a 5-game bundle from Fanatical a couple of weeks ago, and as I wanted one game in the bundle, and $8.00 for 5 games was cheaper than that game on its own, I bought the bundle.

I have a terrible sense of balance which means that riding a bike is a chore, and pulling stunts or tricks is utterly impossible.

Riding a skateboard (or anything with small wheels) is a non-event. Yet I lost countless hours to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, & 3 (even 4, to a degree).

I also got invited to the Rider's Republic beta, enjoyed it enough to buy the game when it went on sale. In both the THPS games and RR, I've managed to pull some pretty wild stunts and had fun while doing it.

None of that mattered in Shred 2. Shred 2 wants you to pull technically correct tricks... perfectly timed. Fail? Start the level over.

I started a lot of the tutorial levels over. The restart level button on the controller is the Y button, which meant I started more than a few levels over because I hit the wrong button.

When I started playing THPS2, I found it incredibly frustrating, but the risk/reward balance was just enough to keep me in the "One more try" loop, and I kept improving.

This was less of a loop, and more of a grind, and it just didn't feel like fun.

It actually felt a bit like OlliOlli World, but without the sense of humour that underlies that game.

Oddly enough, the closest comparison I can make is Forza Horizon to Forza Motorsport. I own Forza Horizon 1 through 5. I've sunk countless hours into Forza Horizon, and I'll tell anyone who'll listen how it converted me to playing arcade racers.

I also own Forza Motorsport 7. I think I've raced three laps, if that. Forza Motorsport is technically demanding, requiring focus and discipline, and understanding the technical limitations of your car and the track.

Forza Horizon, I just press the accelerator on the controller and steer the car, and have a lot of fun.

Shred 2 feels like Forza Motorsport. If I had excellent hand eye coordination, and the ability to repeat the same bio-mechanical movements over and over, I might be able to enjoy it; unfortunately, I don't and I can't.

For me, Shred! 2 - ft Sam Pilgrim is:

2: Meh

#Shred2 #MountainBiking #SportSim #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

1 month ago

Today was often wet, which was fine as we were staying in the same accommodation as yesterday. And above #Strontian, there's a good place for some easy #mountainBiking, with a rocky path, a #singleTrack one and great views.

Tomorrow due to be dryer, we'll be off to #Glencoe by the road and #ferry - which accepts only #foot passengers and #cyclists at present!

#cycling #Scotland #MTB

Steep-ish and rocky and wet and muddy... yummy!
View of the glen
Dryish and rocky
Steve Loughran
2 months ago

World #mtb #mountainbiking championships making superb use of drone cameras. Wet though. Not a day I'd enjoy cycling in the highlands-brings back memories of past trips.

2 months ago

NZ GETS GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE at the UCI world champs!!!

Mind you, you won't hear a word about it in the NZ media, because its women's mountain biking world champs, and they only give a rats about track cycling (that almost no one rides in NZ).

Well done to Erice Van Leuven (Gold) from Lower Hutt, Poppy Lane (Silver) from Mt Maunganui and Sacha Earnest (Bronze) from Auckland.

#UCI #UCIWorldChamps #MTB #MTBDownhill #Cycling #MountainBiking #WorldCyclingChampionships

My cousin Loren and his partner Jen have run Dakota Cyclery in #Medora #Northdakota for many years, offering #bike tours on the #MaahDaahHey trail through the #badlands.
They are one-of-a- kind people, and take care of #MountainBike 'ers and cyclists who come to ride the famous trail from all over the world. It was great for us to spend time with them yesterday on our trip across ND. Tell them Cousin Darren sent you.

#biketours #mountainbiking

Dakota Cyclery, Mountain Bike Adventures on a sign hanging on a historic wooden street front. Several bikes are parked outside. A sign says Bike Service. Blue sky overhead.
kernpanik 🐾
2 months ago

It breaks my heart to see the forests in central #Rhodes on fire. I explored the island on the back of my mountain bike some years ago and enjoyed its stunningly beautiful nature.

#Rhodos #Greece #MountainBiking #Hiking
(photos: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

A cross on top of a mountain that is surrounded by forest.
Mountains covered in pine trees.
A landscape covered in pine trees under a blue sky.
An abandoned red 1970s Volkswagen transporter under a large olive tree.
Stephen Shankland
2 months ago

Absolutely obsessed with the Rough-Stuff Fellowship. The grit on view is impressive. I feel like such a feeb with my hydraulic brakes, sealed bearings, suspension, fat tires, low gears, and tire sealant.
#MountainBiking #grit #UK

3 months ago

Today hasn't been the most productive day for me. Up late. Had toast for breakfast. Watched some mountain bike YouTube videos. Configured a new Orbea Wild e-bike I want to buy next year. Watched some review videos for We Are One wheels and Industry 9 Hydra hubs.

Then spent 30 minutes tracking down a bug in Tap Forms and actually fixed it.

Now time to go outside and ride my mountain bike.

#SummerFun #MountainBiking

Photo of me behind my mountain bike in front of a green mountain and blue lake. Barrier Lake Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada
Urs Enzler 🐉
3 months ago

Today‘s lunch location.
A lot of Sahara dust in the air.

John Gordon
4 months ago

8y ago I bought a used 26” Cannondale Scalpel Lefty XC racing bike with a slightly too small frame.

I was a novice mountain biker. When I told my mentors the bike was trying to throw me head first they scoffed.

8y later I know I was right. Trust your experience!

I do like that ornery bike though. I ride it often on blue trails where my modern bike is overkill. It punishes mistakes harshly so helps me improve.

#bikes #singletrack #MountainBiking

Nate Shore 🌎
4 months ago

Mountain biking tips 3 "L"s #haiku:

Look ahead on trail
Lean bike, twist hips cornering
Light hands, heavy feat

#mountains #nature #mountainbike #cycling #biking #mtb #MountainBiking #mountain #yyc #alberta #canada #naturephotography #biketooter #biketoot #photography #landscapephotography #poetry

Mountain biking climbing trail in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta near Turtle Mountain
Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
5 months ago

Quite surprised to learn that the trails at Cuyuna are already open this weekend. I will have to make sure my bike is ready for a ride this week.

I REALLY need to get back onto my bike as much as possible.

#CuyunaLakesMTB #Cuyuna #Minnesota #MountainBiking

Richard Rutter
7 months ago

Just found a photo I took of my brother 30 years ago! Troll tights ✅ oversize polystyrene helmet ✅ Alpinestars alloy MTB ✅ massive fun ✅ @duncehat #mountainbiking #1990s #photos

Black and white photo of a grinning young white man on a mountain bike in mid-air, on a trail through woodland.
Aner :vim:
7 months ago

Guess I've been on here long enough to do an #introduction I'm Chris, and I live in #Bermuda

I'm married with two kids, a son and a daughter.

My hobbies include #mountainbiking #gaming (including #TTRPG #DnD and #MagicTheGathering) and #spearfishing.

I work currently as an #IaaS Support Engineer at a #cloud and #datacentre provider. I do everything from setting up virtual environments, and orchestration through #SaltStack to #DevOps and managing our #Networking and #Switching platform.

Stephen Shankland
8 months ago

Sunset mountain bike ride tonight. Some SF Bay Area smog, but mostly a very nice sky. Out of shape so it was tough riding, especially the super steep ascent I had to take because the storms closed the route I would have preferred.
#MountainBIking #California #Sunset #Photography #Oakland

A view over San Francisco Bay Area hills over the bay toward the East Bay with purple coastal hills rising under an orange sky.
Sean Kelleher
9 months ago

However you like to enjoy the #forest, #hiking #hikingaus #camping #picnic #mountainbiking #trailbiking #4wd #swimming #fishing: TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME. Picked all this up on a 5.5 km hike!

Supermarket carrier bag stuffed full of other people’s rubbish.
Graham Lea
9 months ago

Time for an #introduction post!

I'm Graham, I live in #Sydney, #Australia, on Dharawal country.

I've been working in #Tech since 2000, including 13 years at successful #fintech #startup #Tyro, from when they had 1 customer to just before they IPO'd. (Full resume:

I'm now working as the founder of Archium, a #SoftwareArchitecture knowledge base (aka #ServiceCatalog) that helps teams building & operating #DistributedSystems / #microservices by helping them maintain detailed and up-to-date architecture #documentation and #diagrams. (

I'm a little too passionate about climate change and politics, but am not partisan. I like to say my politics lean towards empathy.

Some hashtags I follow and will sometimes toot/boost (besides those above):
#Technology / #Software / #SoftwareDevelopment / #Programming / #Code / #Observability / #Kotlin / #webdev / #OpenSource
#AI / #ML / #DataScience
#ProductManagement / #ProdMgmt / #Leadership
#UX / #UxDesign
#MountainBiking / #MTB
#ScienceFiction / #ScifFi / #DoctorWho
#ClimateChange / #ClimateAction / #ClimateCrisis / #Renewables / #GreenEnergy / #Sustainability
#COVID19 / #CovidIsNotOver

Ira F. Cummings
9 months ago

My Trailforks yearly wrap-up (maybe this is the first year that they did this?):

#trailforks #mtb #mountainbiking

Yearly stats from my 2022 usage
Jake 🇺🇸 🇵🇱
9 months ago

#introduction I'm a family man still raising two daughters. My career has been in IT and IT-related services (see bio).

I love #travelling #climbing #mountainbiking #skiing #scubadiving #fitness #nature #astronomy #astrophotograhy #Nikon gear, #Celestron #music #Ovation, #Gibson, and #MartinGuitars

Note: I rotate my own photo(s) here from time to time...

Cycling For Mind
10 months ago

I don't know if buying a mountain bike at the age of 42 is a sign of a mid-life crisis but at least it's better than buying a sports car 🙂. I decided to go for a budget Fuji Nevada 29 1.7 that was on sale for €387 as I wasn't sure how much I would like mountain biking. I can't compare it to more expensive bikes but I was surprised by how well it handles. Fairly decent hydraulic brakes as well.

#BikeTooter #Cycling #CyclingLife #mtb #MountainBiking

Mountain bike leaning against a bench seat besides a gravel road  that stretches off into the distance in a scenic bog landscape.
10 months ago

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