3 hours ago

Spent a couple of days in the mountains at a knitting retreat with @Pufferfish and others. Lovely hiking with llamas and a beautiful view at the ranch where we stayed. #knitting #retreat #mountains #llamas

View of sky, clouds, mountains, ranch
Llama close-up. Llama has dark emo coloring around the eyes
Llama on lead. Pale llama with dark eye circles
Jason Coward
5 hours ago

Autumnal Equinox at Twilight Peak

📆 Sep 23, 2023
📷 ISO 800, 1/200 s, f/16, 50mm

#photography #landscape #nature #mountains #colorado #nikon #captureonepro #sanjuanmountains

Well, I lost about 5 kg of body weight in a single day while consuming 5+ litres of liquid and quite a bit of food! So me and backpack together lost 11+ kg yesterday!!

Mountain hike #9: ascending Kizilnura (3267m), 42km track and 2100m elevation gain, ~21 hours on the trail. Tried special mountain sneakers for the first time, and they are pretty nice upgrade over $8 ones :)

Was not all that hard, but sleep deprivation beforehand and being out of shape a bit after 3-week break in hiking made me enjoy not as much as I could

#hiking #mountains

Andrew Briscoe
6 hours ago

Enchantments Backpacking: Day 1

Big if, but if this trip marks the end of backpacking season, I’m satisfied. After setting up my tent at Upper Snow Lake, I couldn’t resist the steep climb up to Lake Viviane to get a glimpse of the Core Enchantments. Incredible! I had psyched myself up for this trip but it’s much better. Spending tomorrow in the core. So excited!

#Backpacking #PNW #WashingtonState #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Landscape #LandscapePhotography

Lake Viviane in the Core Enchantments zone of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington State. Rock cliffs reflect in this alpine lake. A few tall green trees are around the lake but mostly rock surrounds the lake. The water is clear and ice cold. Gray clouds above.
An unknown peak reflects in Nada Lake in the Snow Peak section of the Enchantments. The peak is very rocky. Tall green trees surround the lake. Gray skies above.
The view of Upper Snow Lake from my camp in the Enchantments. The lake is surrounded by a steep sandy bank. Rocky mountains surround some of the lake behind the sand. Gray skies.
Section of the Snow Lakes trail leading up to the Core Enchantments. The trail traverses steep rock slabs. Some tall green trees are behind the rock slabs. Very cloudy gray skies.
George Steffanos
7 hours ago

🧵 1/5
40 years ago today: The climb up Pleasant Pond Mountain from the shelter was the worst section of trail I had hiked in a while, but nothing could bring me down today. I just plugged on up and took the side trail to the open summit and a sort of roaming 360-degree view.

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#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #Maine #nature #mountains #forest #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails #hikingtrails

We are atop a mountain, looking out over the tops of spruce and fir trees running down the mountainside sloping down ahead of us. The green predominantly spruce and fir forest stretches out as far as we can see. Directly ahead is a wide, flattish valley with a couple of small ponds amid the forest. Beyond that rises a single mountain. A few gray cliffs along the side facing us and near the top break up its forested flanks. Other mountains rise in the background. The sky is a hazy bright white. A mix of sun and clouds is creating patches of bright sunlight and shade across the scene.
erik goetze
9 hours ago

"The curious sub-alpine trees abridge the distance between I and I"

Tap for second image with detail.

Part of my dualism series. Dualism is the view that mind and matter are fundamentally different kinds of thing.

Copyright 2023 by erik goetze


Painting with many fine brush strokes in green, orange, purple, and white
Detail of painting
Franz Graf
13 hours ago

From last week's mountain biking trip - I just wanted to share that vista with you. I never saw this panorama from this side.
Wherever you look: Mountains, mountains, mountains. Some rare houses and only mountains. THIS feels wild.

#mountains #berge #mountainbiking #outdoors #austria #tirol #wandern #alps #alpen

Franz Graf
14 hours ago

Some parts of the #trail I visited yesterday while #hiking or.. Scouting more or less.
I so enjoyed it! And all the time I thought which times would be good to come back: Autumn with great colors? Early winter when water starts freezing? Winter with snow?
Okay, given the narrow path and steep meadows, I'd probably avoid winter. But all the other times seem good.

I hope you enjoy it, too! 😊

#hikingadventures #nature #outdoor #mountains #bavaria #bayern #wandern #berge #alpen #alps

15 hours ago
Ein Foto der Dresdnerhütte auf 2.308m in den Stubaier Alpen unterhalb des Stubaier Gletschers. Man sieht links die Hütte vor dem Bergen und rechts eine kleine Hütte und eine Bergkapelle
Ein Ortsschild in den Stubaier Alpen auf dem Gelände der Dresdner Hütte. Es zeigt den Ortsausgang von Dresden an und zeigt die Richtung und Entfernung (509 Kilometer) nach Dresden.
Jason Coward
20 hours ago

Though the color change has not yet kicked into full gear, Molas Pass was still gorgeous today.

📆 Sep 23, 2023
📷 ISO 1250, 1/640 s, f/20, 48mm

#photography #landscape #nature #outdoors #mountains #colorado #nikon #captureonepro

Matthew Clover
22 hours ago

Ok, here’s something: I have a list that has all of my outdoorsy people I follow here. In the weekends it tends to blow up…I leave for a run and three hours later there are 45+ new posts. With exceptions for this of you recovering from surgery/injury, y’all are supposed to be in the mountains, not in social media!

Ok, this is all in jest…mostly…😄

#trailrunning #hiking #mountains #weekend

Franz Graf
1 day ago

Just a quick #photo from today's #hike into the #mountains. Gosh I'm so very glad I overcame my procrastination and made it out on the trail.

I could finally explore this trail that I wanted to see since last year. And I guess I'll go there more often!
More clips will follow.

#hiking #wandern #landscape #landscapephotography #photography #nature #karwendel #bayern #berge #montagne

A stunning outdoor mountain landscape is illuminated by the bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds floating above. A winding gravel path leads through the thick and lush vegetation, while tall trees stand tall amongst the landscape. The path takes a slight incline as it winds up the side of the mountain, with smaller trees surrounding the area, making for a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. In the foreground, a small patch of grass is illuminated by the sun, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. This tranquil scene is perfect for a hike, or just for admiring the beauty of nature.
Franz Graf
1 day ago

4/4: The sun did set behind the next #mountains right when I came to the car. - Not an issue at all, it wouldn't go dark immediately. But I just felt ways safer that way. I wouldn't have felt comfortable if I would have had to go that narrow, slippery path while knowing that sunset is near ...
Anyways - all was cool. No super photos, but I know that this trail will see me again! - And I did beat my #procrastination

Jason Coward
1 day ago

Squaretop Mountain from Blanco Basin (2016)

📆 Sep 25, 2016
📷 ISO 200, 1/640 s, f/7.1, 70mm
📸 Nikon D5300, DX 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6

#photography #landscape #mountains #autumn #fallcolors #colorado #nikon #captureonepro

1 day ago

Pen y Gaer, Llanaelhaearn, coming into sunshine. The summit hosts an Iron Age hillfort.

#wales #cymru #mountains #hillfort #drone #eryri #archaeology

Pen y Gaer hillfort in a drone aerial image.
Pen y Gaer, seen against the sunlit waters of Bae Ceredigion in the distance.
George Steffanos
1 day ago

🧵 1/4
40 years ago today: The AT followed the Arnold Trail for almost two miles. It crossed a flat, very boggy area surrounding the inlet stream for Middle Carry Pond but stayed well to the north and out of sight of the pond itself.

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We are standing on the shore of a very large lake. The sky is a soft deep blue with fluffy clouds. The lake is an even deeper blue, a fresh breeze is chopping its surface, small waves are breaking along the shore. Dry weather has left much lakebed exposed, creating a shoreline of light gray gravel, rocks and boulders. There is a great deal of bleached white driftwood piled up at the normal waterline up against the edge of a lush forest. The trees are mostly dusky green conifers, with a scattering of hardwoods turning gold with autumn. The very distant far shore is also wooded, with small mountains rising in the background.
1 day ago

Fiederepass (Grenze zwischen Deutschland und Österreich) in der Nähe des Kleinwalsertals (fotografiert im September 2023)


Fiedere Pass (border between Germany and Austria) near #Kleinwalsertal (picture taken in September 2023)

#Berge #Landschaft #Fotografie #Alpen #Wandern #Mountains #Landscape #Photography #Alps #Hiking

Berglandschaft mit steilen, grünen Wiesen und felsigen Bergspitzen, die zum Teil in Wolken verschwinden. Ein schmaler Pfad führt in Serpentinen bergaufwärts. Ein zweiter Pfad führt den Hang entlang zum Betrachter.


Alpine landscape with steep, green meadows and rocky mountain peaks, some of which disappear into clouds. A narrow path leads uphill in serpentines. A second path leads along the slope to the viewer.
El Perro Negro
2 days ago

Busy preparing my kit for next Thursday and the start of our week long holiday to the Picos de Europa, including another visit to the marvellous, Refugio Jermoso (photo). I love this area, it's wild and the summits are not easy.

#mountains #Spain #Walking #Hiking #landscape #landscapephotography

A small mountain refuge sits on a grassy shelf to the right. Behind lie some grey rocky peaks
Dr. Adam Steer
2 days ago

A nearly forgotten artwork - benstjordstinden from fløya, acrylic on canvas made for steinerskolen Tromsø julemarked. No idea whose wall it sits on (if anyones!) I hope it is being enjoyed 🏔️❤️🙏

#mountains #art #tromsø

Tomasz Susuł
2 days ago

Her Majesty Annapurna.
#Photo taken during ABC #trek in Nepal.

#photography #Mountains #landscape #LandscapePhotography #Himalaya

Annapurna lit by the setting sun and partially covered by clouds. The angular light highlights the slopes beautifully.
3 days ago

The road to my art retreat in the North Country.

#adirondacks #highway #mountains #roadtrip

A photograph through the window of our truck. Distant mountains come into view as we round the crest of a turn.

Typography reads: 
Head out on the highway,
Looking for adventure
4 days ago
Ein schmaler Grat führt über zerklüftete, leicht begrünte Felsen, steil abfallend rechts hat es im mittleren Teil grünes  Wiesengelände, rechts davon weitere Berghänge, z.T. bewaldet. 
Im mittleren Teil ist der blauer Sämtiser-See sichtbar. Dahinter erheben sich weitere Bergspitzen, ein schmales weisses Wolkenband darüber, und ein sehr blauer Himmel.
Anton van Tetering
5 days ago

Aiguille Verte and Aiguille du Dru today with some fresh snow. #mountains #geology #alps #chamonix #mountaineering #snow #France #alpes #montblanc

6 days ago

I was looking through old default wallpapers in different Linux distros. This one, shipped with #Fedora 24, caught my attention, since it felt somewhat familiar...

After a second look, I realized why: The place where I live is almost visible in the picture, hidden behind a hill 😀

Some #mountains in the background: Mürtschenstock, Fronalpstock, Rautispitz, Glärnisch, Bös Fulen, Tödi, Schärhorn, Druesberg.

Picture: "Paisaje", CC0 by Diego Estrada.

In the foreground: Green meadows, forested hills, and an old shed. In the background: Snowy mountains. The lighting of the picture gives it a beautiful atmosphere.
Andrew Briscoe
6 days ago

Mount Jefferson Backpacking: Wrap

Here are some more photos. Woke up Sunday morning to the smell of smoke, which is concerning when you don’t have internet and don’t know if it is from far away or a new fire nearby. I really enjoyed my adventure exploring off-trail, I can’t wait to do some more. May be able to do that in the Enchantments this coming weekend, if rain and smoke hold off a bit more. 🤞🏼

#Backpacking #PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains

Mount Jefferson overlooking Russell Lake. The large mountain is mostly rock and sand with a few glaciers near the peak. The lake has a marsh on the left side and tall green trees on the back side in between the lake and the mountain. Mostly blue sky with a hint of light clouds.
Park Butte reflecting in Scout Lake in Jefferson Park. The trees and butte on the opposite side of the lake are almost perfectly reflecting in the glassy water. Light blue sky with white clouds on the far right side.
Alpine meadow on the south side of Mount Jefferson. The grassy meadow is surrounded by tall green trees. Forest covered hills in the distance. Three Fingered Jack is partially obscured by trees on the left side. Bluish gray cloudy skies.
Trails through an alpine meadow in the heart of Jefferson Park. Dirt trails through grass. Some of the vegetation is starting to turn fall colors of red and yellow. Tall green trees around the meadow with a mostly blue sky.
Michael ヘビ Steinwandter
6 days ago

Still hard to believe, but #10YearsAgo we climbed the highest mountain of the European #Alps: #MontBlanc (4808m)

In a two-day ascent, we started from Nid d'Aigle (2365m) up the adventurous path until the Refuge du Goûter (3835m).

I did not sleep well, started at 4:00 up to the summit, in full moon, so no headlamp needed. While some climbers suffered (puking...), we could enjoy every step, even if it was very cold (but crystal-clear air).

Nonstop descent of 2500m 😎

#MountainMonday #Mountains

View down from the adventurous and steep ascent to Mont Blanc. This part, the Grand Couloir (namely the grand mountain gorge) was snow-covered and therefore kept falling rocks in place.
Sunset at the new Refuge du Goûter at 3835m elevation.
Ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc (4808m) over Grande and Petite Bosse, the highest mountain of the European Alps and the European Union.
My shadow is cast on the top of Mount Blanc, in crystal-clear and very cold air. The panoramic view down to the other mountains was unbelievable.
Michael Russell
6 days ago

A panorama of the Tatoosh Range from up on Mazama Ridge at Mount Rainier National Park back in 2013. Hard for me to believe this evening was 10 years ago!

For #MountainMonday
#Mountains #MountRainierNationalPark #WashingtonState #Panorama #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Photography #Photo

Andrew Briscoe
1 week ago

Mount Jefferson Backpacking: Day 2

Stayed off the mountain and explored Jefferson Park today. Visited Park and Rock Lakes, which I hadn’t been to. Also Scout, Russell, and Bays Lakes. This is a permit area. You pretty much can’t camp here or at any of the major lakes in Jefferson Wilderness and not have a ranger check your permit. They’re easy to get. This park full of alpine meadows. It’s so special.

#Backpacking #PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Sunrise

Mount Jefferson overlooking an alpine meadow covered in light green grass. Trees are scattered throughout the meadow with some white burnt trees at the base of the mountain. The rocky mountain has a few glaciers. Lightish blue sky.
Trees reflecting in Bays Lake. The small lake has somewhat clear water with hills of rock and tall green trees lining the shoreline. One of the many lakes in Jefferson Park. Blue sky.
Park Butte reflecting in Russell Lake in Jefferson Park. The butte rises above a hill made of living and dead trees. Dark blue sky.
The Pacific Crest Trail rounds a corner to the left through what’s left of a heavily burnt forest. The trees are decimated with burnt trunks and stumps for miles. The horizon has a beautiful sunrise with purple, red, orange, green, and blue.
Andrew Briscoe
1 week ago

Mount Jefferson Backpacking: Day 1

I made it up to 8,300 feet on Mountain Jefferson, which is the highest I’ve been standing on Earth. A little challenging but I had a great time and the views were beautiful. Camped near Shale Lake and explored the area. Very quiet here because most thru hikers are in Washington or California. Have only seen 3 people and they were all headed up Jefferson.

#Backpacking #PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Sunrise

Looking south from high up on Mount Jefferson. Several mountains can be seen in the distance including Three Fingered Jack (right) and I believe Mount Washington and some or all of the three sisters (left side). I believe North and South Cinder Peaks are middle right. Partially cloudy blue sky. Many hills in the foreground.
Pond north of Shake Lake. Partially dried up, this pond is a good water source for this heading up Mount Jefferson. Water is partially clear, we can see mud and rocks on the bottom. Tall green trees on the other side of the pond. Blue sky with a hint of clouds. The pond is surrounded by mud and rocks.
Shake Lake. Mount Jefferson looks over the small lake that is surrounded by tall green trees and meadows. The mountain peak is bare rock with a few small patches of snow. The water in the lake is murky. Blue sky.
Sunrise behind tall green trees. The colors of the sky start with purple and move up to red, orange, and pink. A prominent tree in the foreground stands above the others.
Franz Graf
1 week ago

I'm back from my #mtb tour!
91km, close to 1000m elevation gain
I don't feel OK - I FEEL GREAT! I'm not deadly exhausted or so. It was just a wonderful day! Just going at a constant, convenient pace, the right clothing, enough to eat and drink, and aaaall the #landscape and #mountains around.
Man, this is life! This is freedom!
Yesterday I struggled if I could make it - obviously I very underestimated my #cycling endurance. 🥰

#cycling #alps #alpen #mountainbiking #outdoors

This photograph captures the grandeur of the outdoors with a stunning mountain range set against a beautiful blue sky. The snowcapped peaks of the mountain are surrounded by lush green trees that seem to fill the entire landscape. A few clouds dot the sky, adding to the drama of the scene. The bright sunlight shines through the trees and illuminates the vibrant colors of the landscape. The picture is a perfect example of the beauty of nature and the serenity of the outdoors. It is a reminder of the wonders of the natural world and the beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places.
This image depicts a man wearing a helmet and standing in front of a mountain. The man is wearing a grey jacket and a black bicycle helmet. He is standing on a grassy incline, with a bright blue sky above him. The man has a pleasant expression on his face, as if he is smiling. He is also wearing a black backpack. The mountain in the background is rocky and covered in trees, with tufts of clouds in the air. The man appears to be enjoying the outdoors and taking in the scenery. He is standing with his arms at his side, looking as if he is about to embark on an adventure.
Marlene Breitenstein Art
1 week ago

☁ This puffball of cloud appeared over the grassy ridge of a cow pasture, a mile high in elevation, in the Apennine mountains of Italy. It grew so slowly, it felt just like the long, lazy summer day it appeared, characterized by gentle breezes in the valley’s sea of wildflowers, and the occasional distant mooing of the cattle.

📸 in Piano Grande

🎨 More of my photos, art and adventures at #BreitensteinArt

#photography #clouds #mountains #cows #peaceful #dramatic #LandscapePhotograpy #sky #Italy

Photo of a large, round cloud against a blue sky, peeking over a sloping mountain pasture, dotted with cows that look very small, from the distance.
Mrs K Husky
1 week ago

It's thanks to these people that we are lucky to have the Bearded vulture gracing our mountains in the Sierra Nevada. You have to be lucky to see them here, but it's such a buzz when you do ❤ Enjoy the lovely short video and article about the work being done. #birds #vultures #conservation #spain #andalucia #mountains

A picture taken of the title of the video link. It shows a Bearded vulture flying through the clouds above trees.
Gocha :prami:
1 week ago

Bieszczady during the sunset.

#sunset #bieszczady #mountains #landscape #gory #hike

Birgit Moldenhauer Art
2 weeks ago

"Yangze River" is a painting of a river scenery in traditional Chinese free style technique with ink on rice paper.

Chinese landscape painting, in general, is the famous paintings art that take landscapes as themes, treats the natural mountains and rivers as major description objects.

#ChinesePainting #Ink #ChineseArt #ArtMatters #Landscape #Mountains #AYearForArt #China #River #BuyIntoArt

chinese ink painting, river with 3 boats, mountains in background and hills with trees besides the river
Bosque Bill
2 weeks ago

Tall Tree along the River
Rio de los Piõs, NM
[tall slender image - click to see]

The view from my campsite last month in far northern New Mexico. A beautiful little, tree-lined river in a small canyon. Birds singing and trout jumping.

#TreeTuesday #ThickTrunkTuesday #photo #landscape #mountains #NewMexico

A very tall evergreen tree stands out from similar trees behind along a creek; blue sky; grassy bank and shrubs on this side of the creek.
Marlene Breitenstein Art
2 weeks ago

🏔️On the way from Italy back to Germany, we traveled through Grimselpass in Switzerland, where I shot this view of snowy Lauteraarhorn-Schreckhorn (and Hienderstock on the right).

🎨 More nature, art, adventures at #BreitensteinArt

#photography #mountains #clouds #landscape #bnw #BlackAndWhite #BlackAndWhitePhotography #Switzerland #MonochromeMonday #snow

Photograph of several textured and rocky mountain slopes in the foreground, receding back to a peak (or close group of peaks) that is taller than the rest, and streaked with snow. A wispy cloud adorns the sky right above it.
Michael Russell
2 weeks ago

After direct sunlight had left Mount Shuksan, this band of purple and blue known as the "Belt of Venus" rose in the sky. Photo made from Kulshan Ridge in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington State, USA.

For #MountainMonday
#Mountains #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #NorthCascades #Washington #USA #photo #Photography

Belt of Venus (purple/blue hues in the sky) also known as the earth's shadow - rises in the sky above Mount Shuksan after sunset.